I thank you Lord that my businesses are very successful. I thank you that I have all resources and all sufficiency in all areas of my businesses and no resources for my businesses are held back or held up by any satanic, demonic, or evil forces in the natural or in the spirit realm, in the name of Jesus! I thank you that there is no weapon formed against me or my businesses that shall be able to prosper. Every lie and every hindering spirit against me and my businesses are stopped now and are bound right now, in Jesus name. I thank you Lord that all those who owe me money, merchandise, or supplies will get convicted in their hearts and pay me now. I thank you that all those who want free services from me will become convicted in their hearts and be fully ready to pay my prices. I thank you that the anointing to prosper and to be very successful is upon my businesses right now and every day. I thank you that every principality of failure, poverty, lack, insufficiency, and debt that has been assigned to me or my businesses to work through other people will go back to the pit of Hell from which it came. I thank you Lord that I have angels assigned to me to protect me and my businesses. I thank you that they have been assigned to bring forth prosperity, excellence, and abundance into my life and into my businesses through excellent customers and wonderful people. I pray that there will be a standard of no nonsense over my life and over my businesses and that people around me and those that I come in contact with will take me and my businesses serious, and they will recognize the excellence and professionalism that exists and surrounds my life and my businesses. I decree that the Lord oversees my businesses and my life, in Jesus name.