Wisdom is a vital ingredient for effectively operating your Countries or Governments in a peaceful and civilized manner. There are rules of engagement to live by that will help you to manage and govern your Nation. These rules are spelled out in great detail in the Bible. The Bible is not just a book of laws or rules for Christians or the Church only to live by, but it is composed of both Laws and Commandments that are profitable for all of mankind including all Governments and Rulers to govern themselves by. The answers and mysteries that have been revealed here will make perfect sense when they are read from the King James Version of the Bible. It will be specific and also very clear so listen, read, and learn something new.


12-31-2015 The economy and security are the main two things that the people of your nation are judging your performance by.


12-30-2015 Economic prosperity and dealing with security threats should be the top priority for your government.


12-29-2015 Security threats in your nation cannot be allowed to continue. Protecting all of your citizens should be your top priority without compromise whether people like it or not.


12-28-2015 It is better to make more friends as a nation than it is for you to create even more enemies.


12-27-2015 Sometimes being in an alliance can help protect your country from being harassed and invaded by other aggressive countries, and it could also impact your nation economically and be very beneficial, but ultimately you need to be in an alliance with the Lord, because he is the builder and the maker of all things that will help to keep your country stable and able.


12-26-2015 When you help other nations in times of their need, you will get help from other nations when and if you really need it.


12-25-2015 Sometimes it is in your best interests to help other nations before their problems spill over your borders.


12-24-2015 It is crazy for any nation to think that they won't need any other nation ever. Every nation's economy is somehow tied into the global economy. Whenever a nation begins to fully isolate themselves, then they fall on economic hard times.


12-23-2015 It is never a good idea to cozy up to other people and nations that hate your nation under any circumstances, because if you play with a snake, eventually it will bite you.


12-22-2015 Diplomatic channels with nations that threaten war should never be cut off or exhausted lest a lot of people risk getting hurt and nations on both sides risk being destroyed.


12-21-2015 Right principles alone is nothing if they are never implemented.


12-20-2015 Having good ethics and righteous morals alone is not good enough, but you must implement those things in order to be effective.


12-19-2015 The right process involves a government walking in righteousness and doing what it knows is the right thing to do.


12-18-2015 If what you are doing is causing more conflict and chaos than good, then it is common sense that it is time to switch course.


12-17-2015 When you have run out of answers, usually the right answers are the ones that you have ignored and deemed not logical, feasible, or credible.


12-16-2015 Having righteous and moral standards can save a government many more headaches in the long run and in the short-term.


12-15-2015 A government cannot rightfully require accountability and full transparency of its people when they are not fully transparent, covering up scandals, hiding back certain e-mails of the guilty, delaying the release of findings on investigations of known questionable scandals and things of public interests. If a government has something to hide from its own people and citizens, then they cannot preach to their people to be fully transparent and open, because that is hypocrisy if you don't follow suit.


12-14-2015 Accountability helps stem the tide or protects, chaos, confusion, and riots.


12-13-2015 When a government does not want any accountability, that is how you know that they are heavily involved in scandals, corruption, and cover-ups. When a government fights to keep people out of their business too much, then it's because they have done something wrong already.


12-12-2015 Every level of government must be fully accountable to other governing bodies within the overall governmental structure in order to have the proper checks and balances in place to avoid corruption, cover-ups, and scandals of every sort.


12-11-2015 The path is not always going to be popular with the mass majority of the people, but you have to do what is right based on the knowledge that you have of certain things and situations that could present a threat to your nation.


12-10-2015 Knowing right from wrong, but not doing right, is just as bad as not knowing the truth at all. If you know better, then you do better for your people.


12-9-2015 Some politicians can hold extremist views, and all it does is further divides the nation and leads to further chaos. You can see this in many nations around the world today. The answer is to not put any more people like that in office, no matter what their party affiliation is, but put clear headed sensible people in office that can bridge the gap between all races in a responsible way.


12-8-2015 A nation is only as strong as the unity of its citizens, and if a government seeks only to divide its citizens by strife and keep them divided into categories, then that nation becomes weaker and weaker. Through unity it is made strong.


12-7-2015 An honest and sincere approach is the only way to go when it comes to being transparent with your citizens.


12-6-2015 The safety of your own citizens have to be a top priority before you try to change and police the world.


12-5-2015 It is the responsibility of every government on every level to be transparent, truthful, forth coming, open, and completely honest when it comes to informing its own citizens about terrorist threats and all other security threats, so that the people can be vigilant, prepared, and know how to properly cover those situations in prayer, because prayer does help you governments to thwart many things, and it also causes things to be exposed and revealed in a timely manner, in order to prevent some things that could cause a massive amount of innocent lives to be destroyed.


12-4-2015 If your economy is constantly on the verge of always collapsing, then you have the wrong leadership in place, and changes have to be made to stabilize the country and its economy. The wrong advisors on your team can cause a catastrophic nightmare for you that is hard to recover from.


12-3-2015 It is the responsibility of every government to protect their citizens from any and all forms of terrorism and evil.


12-2-2015 Integrity builds a nation, but a lack of integrity tears it down.


12-1-2015 It is childish of a nation to end diplomacy and all forms of communication and to stop talking to one another like little kids, and these are the kinds of so called leaders that we have in our world today leading, but at the same time setting many bad examples to follow. No communication at all never fixes any nation or international problems in today's world.


11-30-2015 It is a choice for a nation to choose a path to war, contentions, and strife, or to choose a path that leads to peace, economic prosperity, and stability.


11-29-2015 Politics without character is a recipe for disaster, and having the wrong people in office, especially the higher levels of government, can present a security threat to a nation and its territories, states, provinces, prefectures, counties, parishes, cities, towns, villages, etc.


11-28-2015 Unity only comes when people work together.


11-27-2015 An effective coalition has to have the same goals and views. You cannot be successful with divided interests. An effective alliance has to be on one accord period. You cannot have one member doing their own thing and not submitting to one vision, plan, and road map for the overall alliance, unless it costs unsustainable damage to the whole coalition. You cannot have a member of the alliance that is only in it for the benefits for themselves, but they are not bringing anything to the table to help benefit the alliance. There has to be a set of rules and standards for all to govern themselves by.


11-26-2015 There is no United Nations when the Nations sitting at the table are divided and have very different views, motives, values, priorities, and agendas, and a stalemate along with divided interests means that nothing ever gets done, rendering the institution as ineffective due to the power struggles of the powerful nations at the top. Whenever a World Body of any sort comes together for a common cause, if the pride, selfishness, and egos of other nations are not let go, it hinders the progress of all nations in the world on a collective basis and is a waste of time.


11-25-2015 Point #1) It is a proven fact that when major world powers start talking about cutting back military forces and budgets and then start to go ahead with it that hostilities around the world increases, and terrorist groups and rogue nations with their militaries multiply at exponential rates to try and take their place on the world scene. Point #2) As a nuclear power and as a nation, you always have to think about the billions of other souls on the planet whose lives are at stake before you think about launching a nuclear warhead on other nations and triggering a global nuclear war. You should also never pick a fight with other nations because you are counting on your mighty nuclear arsenal to bail you out, because other countries always have new, hidden, and secretive weapons and technology that you may not know about and that they have not made known to you or the public, such as nuke neutralizing technology to stop your nukes and make them disintegrate in mid-air before they ever leave your territory good. Foolish assumptions and miscalculations count cost you your nation and billions of lives, so it is always best to keep a cool head on things and draw back from the brink, and never underestimate the power of other nations that you consider to be your enemies, because you don't know what weapons they are holding that you don't know about yet. No country ever knows one hundred percent of another country's secrets, even with all of their intelligence and spying capabilities.


11-24-2015 At some point and time as a government, if things are not working how you were doing things, then it is clearly obvious that you have to do something different and come with a different approach to things.


11-23-2015 Peace in the world begins when a few world leaders stop acting like some gangsters towards one another and stop letting their pride get in the way and taking it out on their citizens by making them suffer because of their pride and ego being hurt by other world leaders.


11-22-2015 The way to defeat terrorism in your nations is; 1) get rid of all the corruption and hypocrisy out of your governments; 2) create and develop some good paying jobs that do not require any degrees of a high magnitude and provide the proper training for those jobs; 3) get rid of systems of racism, discrimination, and isolation out of your societies, governments, and private sector, because many people are blocked out of any good paying careers and isolated, which opens up the doors for them to be easily recruited by gangs, thugs, and terrorists; 4) get rid of job blocking for felons and house blocking for former sex offenders and those that may have been rehabilitated and trying to go straight, but a system of discrimination in main stream society and government is still blocking them from prospering legally and getting gainful employment, and all that drives high numbers without end to gangs, terrorists, cartels, and the criminal elements, because of poverty, endless suffering, and discrimination that is fueling such things and; 5) revise harsh laws and reform the criminal justice system, and throw out laws that are designed to make it hard for people and that have high rates of pushing people into the criminal life, because if they cannot find jobs or jobs that pay sufficient to live off of, then worldwide problems will continue to exist no matter how many bombs you drop and how many ground troops you use. In a society that appears heartless, cold hearted, and not too forgiving towards people that are poor or that may have made some real serious mistakes in their lives, that will continue to push those kinds of people to some organizations that they see as a brotherhood that shows them love and respect while the rest of the world shows them isolation and a cold shoulder. If these changes are made with an honest effort, you will see change on the world scene over time, because right now too many people are still isolated, hated, rejected, disrespected, ostracized, discriminated against, bullied, and left no other answers or alternatives to survive on in a legal sense, so it leads to these world issues. These things have to be addressed in all nations, and drugs also have to be rooted out and not overlooked in the process. If you have governments and politicians fighting to legalize drugs of various sorts because they want their cut of the profits, or because they want to be able to legally use them themselves, then that sends the wrong message, and that kind of corruption and hypocrisy also has to be rooted out of the system, because people of influence in high levels of leadership that send the wrong messages to people in society, especially our young folks, leads to the domino effect. Then you have young people saying, “well our politicians are doing it”, and the actions and views of our political and government leaders to justify why they are doing certain things in their own lives that are not so good.


11-21-2015 Sometimes what other leaders in your advisory panel or in the government around or outside of the government in your nation may be saying is right, but you may not like what they are saying, because of how they are saying it, and they may appear to come off as rather rude and arrogant, but right and wise advice is always right no matter who is saying it and how they are saying it. Pride would keep you from accepting right wisdom and advice, but humility in you will receive what is right when it is needed and save the nation from destruction.


11-20-2015 It is morally wrong of any nation to take in refugees and house, clothe, and feed them when you won't even do that for your own citizens, and you have thousands to a couple million or more citizens and veterans homeless on your streets with no food to eat and nowhere to go, and that are constantly subject to all kinds of catastrophic weather conditions from bitter freezing cold temperatures to thunderstorms, floods, and excessive heat conditions in the summer. It is somewhat hypocritical when a nation turns a blind eye daily to the needs of their own citizens, but are so quick to embrace strangers and give them work visas and jobs with no problem while their own citizens can't find jobs or decent paying jobs with decent working conditions, because illegal and unjust laws have been passed to discriminate and block people from getting any work, especially former inmates or those that have a record or anything on their record, or when all the decent paying jobs requires you to have several years of college to get, after getting in more student loan debt than one person can pay back in their entire working lifetime. A nation is broken when they along with their smart leaders cannot see these simple and basic things. It is even more corrupt when the leaders of a nation do more to fight for foreign rights of strangers than to fight for justice and integrity for their own citizens.


11-19-2015 Whenever a government is attempting to be run by one person only with no checks and balances, then it is no longer a legitimate government, but it has become a dictatorship. Even in the Bible, a king had prime ministers like Joseph and Daniel and a team of godly and wise advisors that could give them wise and godly counsel, even the heathen kings operated according to this system, but an Antichrist system run by that type of a person always seeks to do his own will. See Daniel 11:36-39 and then Daniel 11:16. Every day a leader has to be accountable to others and surrender him or herself to God, and say not my will, but yours be done Lord, because you can do your own will but that will not mean that God will be with you in all that you do. If your will goes against the Bible, at the end of the day, you will have to give an account to God for your actions and that process begins in the earth long before a judgement day.


11-18-2015 It takes the wisdom of God to run a nation, because without it, you won't be able to see that you are making mistakes.


11-17-2015 It takes more than kind words and promises to run a nation.


11-16-2015 Whenever a political leader thinks that he or she is doing right when they may be doing things wrong and making bad decisions, it is kind of hard to get them to see straight and make the right and necessary decisions.


11-15-2015 The Lord says, I had Nehemiah build a wall to protect a city and a nation; secure your borders, says the Lord!


11-14-2015 Secure borders is a must if you are to avoid damage and great carnage. Some stuff is just a matter of some nations using common sense if nothing else at the moment.


11-13-2015 Corruption causes nations to sink and crumble, but justice causes nations to rise and prevail.


11-12-2015 Rigged elections turns the masses of the people against you, and it will eventually lead to protests and an overthrow, so a major calamity can be avoided by always doing things the right way without all the craftiness.


11-11-2015 Constant corruption brings a nation down and corrupt leaders oftentimes depend on blind voters that don't see the corruption to keep putting them and their corrupt clique back in office over and over again to keep on being corrupt and stealing the money and doing backyard business deals with lobbyists and other nations that are corrupt just like them. Corruption must be purged at all levels of government to restore a nation back to a state of full prosperity that blesses all instead of oppresses all, and only benefit a few at the top inner circle of friends, pals, and buddies, which amounts to being a legalized cartel in high places.


11-10-2015 If a nation is to get back on the right track, there first has to be a change of doctrine from the current way of thinking that has railroaded the nation in the first place.


11-9-2015 Under wicked leaders, sin and sinners flourish, and every form of sin, evil, and wickedness are endorsed, promoted, and condoned to the point that judgment hits the land, but when righteous leaders are in authority, the land will be at peace. Take a look at Proverbs 29:1-2 and Proverbs 14:31-34.


11-8-2015 The thing that I require of the nations is to be fair and to do justly, says the Lord!


11-7-2015 The Lord is calling the nations to repentance and to reform many laws and rectify many things that amount to injustices that have hurt many people.


11-6-2015 I heard the Lord clearly say for nations and cities, especially Capitol cities or seats of power or of strategic influence, that have been experiencing constant disasters, floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, even severe storms of a heavy magnitude, and calamities of all sorts, you need to check your policies and laws, and overturn and throw out unjust laws that cause grievousness and that create injustice, especially for poor or righteous people. I heard the Lord say clearly that many of these things would constantly continue until the people of those regions judge themselves and produce real change. What you allow, permit, or condone in your area, nation, state or province, and within your borders that is unjust attracts the judgments of God versus his blessings. See Isaiah 10:1-8, Daniel 7:25-28, Isaiah 29:1-6, and Isaiah 28:1-3 and Isaiah 28:17-23.


11-5-2015 Working with other nations on some key and common issues could improve your chances of peace and stability in your own nation.


11-4-2015 Prophets belong in the King's palaces, The White House, in Congress, in the upper and lower levels of parliaments, and in the most Royal ruling places of the earth to give them direction, counsel from the Lord, and his wisdom. See 1 Kings 18:3, Daniel 6:1-3, Daniel 1:3-21, Genesis 41:39-44, and Psalm 105:14-22.


11-3-2015 Governmental structures that rely upon the Nehemiah type of anointing knows that at certain times and in certain seasons, that it is time to build a wall to protect a nation from being vulnerable from creeping enemies that lie in wait and lurks in the darkness to bring mischief across your border. A Nehemiah type government will build a wall in perilous and vulnerable times to protect a land, a city, and a nation. See Nehemiah 2:4-20 & Nehemiah 7:1-3.


11-2-2015 A solid governmental realm consists of those that are gifted, talented, and wise. You need your Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego type people to assist with a Daniel in the governmental realm, so that no mysteries or problems will arise that would bog down and cripple the government and keep it from functioning. They are vital to the functioning of the government. See Daniel 1:3-7 & 17-21 and Daniel 6:1-3.


11-1-2015 Key people that the Lord has raised up to enter the governmental realm in this day like unto to Daniel, Joseph, and Obadiah are key and vital for governments all over the world to be able to function in a proper way. Without them, things tends to be chaotic and dysfunctional, because people are placed in those key positions that have education, but they do not have the wisdom of God to lead, and that cannot just be substituted by just any old body. See 1 Chronicles 12:32. Not all leaders have the wisdom of God in them to lead.


10-31-2015 When a nation blesses its people with righteous governing, then it releases a respect for governmental authority that blesses a nation.


10-30-2015 When world leaders show hypocrisy by holding high level meetings and talks with one another, but at the same time planning wars and conflicts against one another, then it makes the people not trust their leaders on the world stage. The answer is not to be double tongued and don't be a hypocrite. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


10-29-2015 Strong leaders change nations for the best, but weak leaders push their nations further into a hole.


10-28-2015 Weak leaders are unreliable, but strong leaders go above and beyond the call of duty.


10-27-2015 Irresponsible leaders start wars, but responsible leaders look for ways to end them peacefully and in a responsible manner.


10-26-2015 The world can be a better place if all the big boy nations did not try to rule the world.


10-25-2015 When a government is distracted by word events, then it ignores its own citizens, and the needs of its own nation.


10-24-2015 When a nation is corrupt, only the poor people gets prosecuted, charged, and indicted, but the people at the top and in power gets off the hook, even for treason and high level crimes against humanity.


10-23-2015 Corrupt politicians makes a nation look bad, and it makes a nation look even worse when they can openly and publicly get away with it without being touched, so everyone can see that the laws of the land are only for the poor and middle class, but not for the privileged, cartel folks, and crime bosses that are in politics to make sure that their groups get representation and a say in how the nation should be run to benefit them and their groups. That is why their lobbyists are spending billions of dollars to bribe other colleagues in parliaments and congresses around the world to make their voice to be heard and their corrupt laws to be passed to further fatten their pockets, and they spend even more in campaign ads to damage the reputation of anybody that dares to stand in their way as an adversary or an outspoken critic of theirs. It is all about the money to them, and for them that is the name of the game. A lot of times, the good and decent people that are righteous with good hearts and pure motives never run for any kind of political office, and the ones that do get persecuted in the worst way, and become a target of ridicule before they even get started good.


10-22-2015 An Antichrist government always does their own will and don't care a hill of beans about what the people think or need, because they are motivated by greed and backyard deals that pads their own pockets and feeds their own self interests. They are not open to real public opinion, but they only push their own will. See Daniel 11:3 and Daniel 11:16-45. An Antichrist government is a runaway government that is not accountable to the people or anyone, because they are corrupt, and they make all the rules for everyone, but they don't live by any rules, or they break them all, and live openly above the law, and dare anyone to touch them. They usually are quick to try and silence their enemies or anyone that speaks out against them for their oppressive and corrupt ways. They usually try to isolate them, set them up, and frame them for some kind of crime to get rid of them and make them publicly look bad so silence them, and some nations, their lives may actually literally be in grave danger. It is always in the best interests of any nation to purge themselves of any and all corruption from the national level to the local level, so that all people can prosper besides the dictator and his crew and inner circle of buddies.


10-21-2015 A government is broken and is a runaway government when it just keeps on adding more and more problems and sending money to foreign countries at the expense of constantly fining their own people and raising taxes on them to fulfill a world vision. When a government cannot see to do nothing but raise taxes, then that kind of government will soon collapse. A lot of social programs that are being funded by tax payer dollars are foolish, while others don't even work. The way to lower the tax burden is to quit voting for wrong thinkers, and get rid of those foolish programs that should not have ever been funded with national tax dollars in the first place, like organizations that perform abortions and murder innocent and defenseless little babies in the womb all with tax payer money, and charge those leaders with murder for funding mass genocide and murder, even ethnic cleansing to a large extent.


10-20-2015 Constantly raising taxes, penalties, and fees on your citizens that are already overburdened will turn the people of your nation against you, because they will clearly see that you do not have their best interest at heart, but are motivated by greed and selfishness with evil motives and intents.


10-19-2015 Your citizens will have your back and rally behind you when they see that you have the nation's best interests in your heart.


10-18-2015 You have to do right by God and the people of your nation.


10-17-2015 As a leader in any capacity in government, if the only way you know how to pay the government bills is to do so by always raising taxes on the people, your own citizens, then you are not the person for the job. You have to be a creative leader and think creative. You can increase the tax on overseas shipments as a tariff for those countries wanting to do business in your nation. Your government can create more businesses that fund government operations versus looking to the people for every dime and dollar to come in.


10-16-2015 A nation thrives when it is built off the agreement of the people as a whole, but it suffers greatly when one man or one group of people tries to control the whole show without consideration of others and how they feel.


10-15-2015 It is always in your best interests as a nation to take care of your homeland first before you try to go after helping other nations.


10-14-2015 When more money goes into building bombs and constructing missiles than it goes towards improving the quality of life for your citizens, then a fallout of some sort is inevitable sooner or later if changes are not made to how a nation is run by its government.


10-13-2015 As a nation, you should help other nations that are worthy of your help when it is in your power to do so, but not before making sure that your nation is helped and taken care of first.


10-12-2015 The security of your own country has to be greater than that of your allies.


10-11-2015 Your own national policy has to be stronger than your foreign policy.


10-10-2015 While you may not agree with the policies of another nation and how they run their nation, that does not mean run to war against them. How are you handling things in your own nation?


10-9-2015 The policies of wicked men start wars and destroys lives by the millions, but righteous men seeks the way of peace, especially when it is possible. Righteous people do not have double standards because they are not double minded and wavering back and forth like a ship tossed in the waves of the ocean. See James 1:5-8. In high levels of leadership, you cannot afford to waver back and forth, or the wicked man of politics in other nations will play you and take you for a joke and will seek to run all over you, because they will view you a punk and call your bluff.


10-8-2015 A nation or a leader that has no regard for human lives does not need to rise to power and does not need to be in power. The world is much more dangerous when leaders come to power that have a heart to slaughter people by the thousands and create refugees by the thousands and millions for their own selfish gain. Nations and leaders like that fuels global instability and take the world backwards, and without any proper checks and balances by the majority of other nations in the world, the world drifts much closer to all-out war.


10-7-2015 Building bridges with other nations instead of tearing them down is always in the best interests of your own nation.


10-6-2015 Building strong infrastructure may cost more in the short-term, but they will last a lot longer by several years in the long-term. Sound infrastructure holds up during storms and many other natural disasters. Cheap infrastructure falls apart at the slightest test of pressure.


10-5-2015 There are some disasters that would never happen in a nation if they would not depart from righteousness. Deviating from God's original plans and standards for living brings judgment whether you believe it or not. Everything that is happening in the earth is not a direct result of climate change. The world did not have climate change issues in the days of Noah, but a flood still came to destroy the earth because man had become violent and evil and corruption was rampant. See Genesis 6:5-13 and then Genesis Chapters 7-8.


10-4-2015 Right motives in the right leaders can move a nation and the world forward, but wicked motives mixed with the wrong leaders in positions of power and influence can destroy a nation and destroy the entire world.


10-3-2015 You have to maintain your integrity as a good leader, and not get sucked into the games, snares, and traps of evil and wicked leaders with other motives.


10-2-2015 If you are running for a political office, you don't want to show signs of jealousy and animosity towards another candidate that is running. By doing so, you are already showing the people that you are not trustworthy and that you are not easy to get along with, so in essence, you hurt yourself in the long run. You always want to conduct yourself in a professional manner to show people that you are qualified for the job that you are seeking. You can't be impatient as a leader. Attitude and persona is everything.


10-1-2015 Whenever big boy nations start undermining international laws concerning other nations, then it paves the way for many other nations to do the same.


9-30-2015 You should never lie to your people in attempts to deceive them just to have an excuse to go to war with another nation.


9-29-2015 When you do your best to deal righteously, then the Lord will make sure that he does his best to back you up.


9-28-2015 Governmental polices that come against God's church in a nation to destroy it, causes that government to collapse and be destroyed instead. It even shows up in the data, in the economy, and in the stock markets of the world.


9-27-2015 In government, when your people are pleased, then the nation moves forward and it prospers.


9-26-2015 When it comes to war, some battles and wars are unavoidable, but you should exhaust all avenues of diplomacy and peace before you go marching to war. See Luke 14:31-32.


9-25-2015 Every nation has a responsibility to avoid war at all costs, and war should only be used as a last resort option and not as a bullying tool of an empire. Nobody or no nation should have to constantly live under the threat of war.


9-24-2015 A government cannot continue to ignore the needs of the people of its own nation and remain strong. Many try to do so, and then you see them in the news with riots, chaos, confusion, and then an overthrow, and nations have to learn from the mistakes of other nations and make some necessary changes to benefit all the people of their nation, and not a sect.


9-23-2015 If your focus is on the world before your own nation, then you have been unfaithful to your nation, and it is time to turn your focus back to your nation and helping your own people get established so that the nation is strong enough to help other nations.


9-22-2015 In all that you do, your nation comes first before the rest of the world. Many leaders today got it backwards. They are putting the world first while neglecting their duties towards their own nation.


9-21-2015 If you know things are not quite right with the economy, instead of falsifying data and misleading the people, you need to prepare the people for turbulent times, so that they can fare well during the turbulence until things settle off. People will have more respect for their leaders when they tell the truth versus if they lie to them and they end up snared as a result of those lies. See Amos 8:4-5 & 6-10, Hosea 12:7, and Amos 5:8-20.


9-20-2015 When the intents of government are wrong, then it causes a meltdown and a breakdown in that nation, which usually leads to a total collapse of that system and its government, followed by the collapse of that nation and the breakdown of its society. Whenever a nation falls, then outside forces always come in and further oppress the people in that land. When enough people care, then a nation can turn around for good and for the better.


9-19-2015 It is time for government realignments all over the world, and it is time for them to align with the righteous causes of the Lord, and as they do, they will be spared and preserved in the time of tribulation.


9-18-2015 If the focus of your government is destroying the world to control other nations and people while neglecting your own citizens in your own nation, then the end of that mission is failure, because the nations are not yours to control. They belong to God, and the people of each land has a right to control their own land, and different life cultures are there, because God made everybody so diverse in nature, and he did not intend for everybody to be the same and act the same.


9-17-2015 You must do your part as a nation to simmer down the taste of war, especially with the many other things coming in the earth every day, such as natural disasters. You have to be united and prepared to deal with them versus causing even more problems with man-made destructions.


9-16-2015 Any politician has to love their nation above party affiliation and even above all special interest causes, and must vote in the best interest of the nation security of their own nation above all else.


9-15-2015 A nation is healed when its politicians are healed and whole and sound in their thinking.


9-14-2015 What you say as a candidate for a political office can ruin you long before you get started. You can go back later on and dress it all up and try to fix what you said, but in the long run, they will remember what you said that stuck with them. Certain words that you speak tends to stand out more than the rest, and those words and your past actions on certain policies can make you or break you.


9-13-2015 What is your future plan to take care the elderly in your nation? What are your future plans to create good jobs and a great future for the younger generation? What are your plans to be creative to generate other streams of income to fund all these things other than more taxes on your citizens? Are your plans sustainable? You have to be able to generate creative streams of income other than taxes on your citizens to be able to fund things for the future, especially if the majority of your citizens are middle class to low income families.


9-12-2015 The agreement of your citizens as a whole makes a strong government, but nations collapse without the agreement and backing of the majority of its citizens, and when the citizens don't agree with the policies of that government.


9-11-2015 A government cannot survive if it looks at its own citizens and almost every nation on earth as enemies, but a government strives when it becomes a partner to its citizens and the nations abroad for righteous causes.


9-10-2015 You shouldn't make promises that you can't keep, and you should never promise something to the people that is harmful to your state or nation.


9-9-2015 If your nation cannot survive an economic meltdown, then you need to figure out why, and fix it. Sometimes you may have to pause with funding new programs, duplicate programs, and programs that don't work and build up your financial reserves as a backup, set aside extra funds to reduce high deficits, quit fighting all kinds of wars, conflicts, and battles that are completely unnecessary, eliminate foreign policies that are too costly to sustain and maintain, cut back on foreign bribes disguised as foreign aid that is design to buy nations loyalty, stop funding the Militaries of other nations and putting that extra tax burden on the backs of your own citizens, cut out totally free trade agreements because there should be at least a small fee, and downsize on the number of nonessential government employee positions. You cannot fund everything for other nations. You have to allow them and their own citizens to carry their own loads where it is highly possible.


9-8-2015 You have to ask yourself as a country, will your nation survive in the next ten years at the current rate of debt and high deficits that you are piling on. If your answer is no, or I don't know, then you are heading for a sudden crash, and you need to make some serious changes in order to successfully stay afloat in the days ahead.


9-7-2015 Can your government sustain a market crash? If not, then you have to ask yourself why not, and what can we do to fix that.


9-6-2015 High deficits and a lot of debt for the wrong reasons eventually will lead to a meltdown in a nation over time, because other major issues and needs in that nation are neglected and overlooked until it is too late and peril is upon you. Funding of sinful and foolish things will lead to a destructive end for key infrastructure and other issues in the long run if changes are not made and implemented. Once you make those changes, you have to stick with maintaining them. You also have to have realistic and obtainable and sustainable goals, methods, and standards. It is all good to dream big and think big and want the best for your country, but are the things that you are proposing doable and able to be sustained over the long haul is what you have to ask yourself.


9-5-2015 Whenever a government seeks to harm or damage their own citizens and other nations abroad, then the Lord will contend with these nations by fire, and the whip of the nations will bring things back into its proper alignment and righteous order.


9-4-2015 Bad leaders get their countries in unnecessary wars and conflicts, but leaders that are wise knows how to steer their countries back from the brink of disaster and destruction. It is not a matter of if you are tough or strong as a leader and if you can win a war, but it is about what is in the best interest of your nation and its people. It is about the prosperity of your nation as a whole and not just militarily. At the end of the day it is all about did you meet the needs and expectations of the people of your nation, or did you just do a bunch of things for show and vainglory. Many leaders today struggle with their ego and if someone is making them look bad, but good leaders have a heart for the greater good of all of their people and not just some or a few select elite special ones. When the poor in your land don't have to cry no more, then you have done your job. Building billion dollars bomb while you have disease, afflictions, poverty, sickness, and tons of poor people on the brink of disaster in your land is not in your best interest, and it is a major tragedy. Corruption and greed takes nations down, but fairness and justice takes a nation up.


9-3-2015 Fomenting unrest in other nations only causes afflictions, conflicts, and unrest in your own nation. You reap what you sow. See Galatians 6:7-8. If you knew better, you would do better.


9-2-2015 Even though you have to have job sustainability in your nation when it comes to migrants, you still have to treat those migrants (the strangers) with respect and human dignity, because they are humans.


9-1-2015 You cannot afford for national security to be jeopardized by no one. If one person is allowed to do that and get away with it, then it sends a message to all officials that it is okay to do that and be involved in public corruption, the thing that everyone else on a smaller level gets arrested for. If you let the people at the top off, then the rest of them will think it is okay and begin to follow suit in corruption. Corruption at the federal level spreads quickly to the state, province, prefecture, and local levels.


8-31-2015 You should never trust certain countries to the point that it jeopardizes your national security.


8-30-2015 Trying to handle and manage a crisis after the fact that it has already started without having planned ahead is a lot harder to manage if you had planned beforehand and trained for that scenario just in case so you would know how to handle it. It is always wise and prudent to plan ahead.


8-29-2015 The best way to handle a crisis is to prepare for one by training. Planning ahead can give you the right strategies later.


8-28-2015 In order to have stability in government and in a nation, you must have effective long-term planning and short-term planning, and quick and feasible implementations on both the long-term and short-term things that are on the agenda at the necessary and appropriate times.


8-27-2015 Stability in other nations is also in your best interest as a nation, because instability and lawlessness spreads like a wildfire.


8-26-2015 The idea of the last days is for one nation and for one power to try to control all nations, but the conflict comes from many nations wanting to be that one nation that rules all the world, and they are fighting against one another for influence and complete control. They understand that the new world order is established by the highest bidder and will go to the one that is willing to commit the most resources and to establish their power, financially, economically, socially, and militarily, and even in the space realm and to the uttermost parts of the earth. All conflicts in the earth are birthed out of a power struggle to rule and control the world. These are Biblical times, and a one world government is really what the nations will find themselves fighting for and falling into that trap. The idea is for many to relinquish their power, give up their seats of power to a one world ruling authority of influence, and sell their nations sovereignty.


8-25-2015 It is actually dangerous for any nation to be completely tied into other nations economically, militarily, and in some cases socially, because when one starts to fall, then they will bring everybody connected to them down with them like the domino effect.


8-24-2015 When a government, a nation, or an agency fail to keep up with the times and upgrade their technologies and capabilities, then they become ineffective and fall behind the power curve in life and in that generation. The answer to a lot of problems is to upgrade your technology and capabilities, and keep up with the times.


8-23-2015 Countries are destabilized by massive immigration, violence, wars, famines, lack of jobs, and many other things, but they are stabilized again with strong leaders that are ordained by God to lead a nation and turn things around.


8-22-2015 When an economy begins to crash, if a nation has too high of a debt level, then there is no buffer zone against any recession or economy failure. It is in the best interest of any nation to cut debt levels as much as they can, while creating job growth and sustaining it and securing the amount of people crossing its border to overload its system and stress its job markets. You have to have a sustainable plan with debt and with immigration.


8-21-2015 Governments create programs that are designed to try and fix a problem, but effective governments get out and talk to the people and then makes ways to help people that actually works. Many politicians think that more programs and promises are what will get them elected, but many people have wised up to realize that problems do not get fixed with more of the same, but they get fixed hands on.


8-20-2015 There is actually a need to reduce many big governments just to have a sustainable budget for many years to come. Many programs funded by governments are not sustainable over the long-term, and it is not necessary to fund everything on a governmental level. A government cannot continue to tax the same citizens over and over again on top of taxes and put every new program on the backs of its citizens and try to tax for every new program and idea.


8-19-2015 As a politician or a leader in government, you don't want to just say a bunch of stuff that sounds good and looks good, but you also want to do good and pass policies that makes a difference and that can benefit the greater good of all people to the best of your ability.


8-18-2015 You don't want to do anything as a leader that would come back to haunt you later on down the line.


8-17-2015 It is important for a nation to purge itself of corruption, and not just let people in the high places go unpunished just because of their high level position or authority if they severely breaks the law and the codes of ethics that they were sworn in to uphold.


8-16-2015 God brings a nation and a society to its knees by shaking them, and shaking things up, but the way out of it is to be humble in the face of adversity.


8-15-2015 The way out of the shaking is to submit to the order of the Kingdom Church in your government and ruling authority.


8-14-2015 The Lord says he will continue to shake nations that mistreat his Church.


8-13-2015 Nations that mistreat God's church comes under swift judgment, and their economies crash and their stock markets suffer dramatically, but nations that submit to God's power and align with the Church prospers and overcome valleys and bad places in their nation's history.


8-12-2015 No nation can sustain high deficits and runaway spending without balancing things out and properly managing their finances.


8-11-2015 No nation can sustain an influx of terrorism and violence without dealing with it once and for all, and not just overlooking it and hoping it will go away.


8-10-2015 No nation can sustain an influx of migrants when you don't have enough jobs to sustain them all, especially when your own citizens don't have jobs or cannot find any.


8-9-2015 The blessing that is on the church has the ability to move your government and nation forward.


8-8-2015 Many things in your nation will turn around for good again when you do right by the church and compensate them for the damage that you caused them in your quest to control them and stop them.


8-7-2015 A government was not designed not to be advised to some extent by the church of Jesus Christ. The blessing is on the church for the government, and when a government does right by the church, it prospers, and that whole nation prospers, but when a government abandons the church and correct moral ethics, then a nation and a government will be torn down at the fabrics, and there will be an obvious breach for everyone to see, including all nations. There are some righteous and moral principles that are never meant to be abandoned just to please a few immoral folks. Just because people choose to live a certain way does not mean that the government needs to try to endorse them and support them. That is their own choice, and should not be the choice and selection of a government.


8-6-2015 If a government tries to suppress the church, force churches to conform to their ways, make churches tear down their crosses, then that is the reason why your economy is bad and in a constant free fall. You are being judged for your actions and maybe the rest of the nations will stand up to you as a whole, because your reckless actions are adversely affecting them and wrecking the world economy. The church was put there to be a blessing to your nation, and when they are messed with, you will have floods, storms, disasters of every sort, plagues, earthquakes, tsunamis, insurgencies, and every kind of problem in the natural, until it eventually leads to the collapse of your government, because Jesus must be Lord of your government and nation, or your nation and government will eventually perish. Study the history books. Every nation that has rejected him thus far are the ones that have major problems, including the ones that I listed above.


8-5-2015 Government is vital to the stability of a nation and its regions, but corruption in high places kills off any government, and if the corrupt ones are allowed to continue in office after office with corrupt dealings and with their corrupt motives unpunished, then not only does that send the wrong message, but it causes the people to rebel against their government and leaders, and such things can be catastrophic in nature, especially when you have other nations watching and enemy armies waiting to invade your nation and take advantage of the chaos and division.


8-4-2015 The government can do many nice things, but it cannot attempt to take the place of the church in a society and try to play the role of the church. Everything has its place, and every section has to play their own lane.


8-3-2015 Whenever you put more of a focus on foreign policy than tending to your own nation, then your country will begin to crumble and fall apart, because you are more focused on abroad.


8-2-2015 Wise, careful, and thoughtful planning has a solution to a problem before it ever arises. Governments have to be proactive versus reactive.


8-1-2015 There is no need to keep on trying policies that have already failed. It is time for a new strategy when all else fails.


7-31-2015 Procedures and policies cannot be the same as rogue governments, unless you want to be considered to be a rogue government too.


7-30-2015 Government has its place in society, but government cannot be the only answer and solution to all problems. You have to know your place. It gets expensive trying to do more than what is required of you as a government on the international, federal, state, province, prefecture, parish, county, city, town, local, or regional level.


7-29-2015 Sometimes you might see a problem in society, but that does not mean that the government should always be the one to try to step in and fix everything. Some things needs to be addressed and fixed by the private sector, by churches, and by the cities and communities where the heart of the problem lies. A government was not designed to fix everything, and a government cannot be god in society. A government solution is not always the best solution to pending problems and issues, especially on the social front. In some cases, matters get worse when governments step in and try to fix a problem that is out of their league. Too much government overreach and too much government interventions leads to higher deficits and huge tax bills to lay a further burden on the shoulders of tax payers to foot the bill for all these additional social and civil programs, in which half of them don't even work, or only benefit a select few that may advance while the mass majority just slide through the cracks, but the overall cost of the problem is not worth it for the small amount of folks that actually benefits from it. Governments do have to partner with churches, organizations, and the private sector.


7-28-2015 No country should put all their trust in an alliance. You have to fortify your own nation for yourself.


7-27-2015 Alliances can be important, but they must be righteous alliances that stand for the right purposes, and they are not to take the place of your own national security or economic stability.


7-26-2015 Wrong advisors on your team that are not seeing correctly on foreign affairs and world matters can led a nation into shipwreck. A nation needs wise counselors and right advisors that are righteous with pure motives.


7-25-2015 Martial law actually creates open rebellion and resistance against the government, and you can openly see that in every nation that has tried such tactics.


7-24-2015 Martial law does not fix every problem, and it only creates more chaos from the general public because a government decides to take away the people's freedoms.


7-23-2015 There is no real hope for a nation outside of that nation trusting in God, the real God, Jesus. A government without him can't see afar off and keeps failing, but one with him, keeps on prospering and progressing.


7-22-2015 Ignorance in politics is not an option, and if fools get in office, then they mess up a nation, other nations, a state, a region, and the whole world depending on the level of their influence. There must be integrity in the political arena, especially with young folks watching for potential role models.


7-21-2015 Roads and bridges are important to economic development and prosperity, so therefore they must be in good condition in order to attract the best companies to your region or nation.


7-20-2015 When you rely on your congress, legislature, parliament, or any governing body of elected officials to back you up, then you cannot go wrong, but if you try to “go it alone” as one man without any checks and balances, then that could lead to a major and very catastrophic failure and mistake that can ruin a nation or the state or territory that you govern, manage, and oversee.


7-19-2015 If you compromise on a deal that is designed to only benefit one side, then it will come back to haunt you and bite you in the end. You cannot make a real deal with snakes anyhow.


7-18-2015 Deal or no deal, the ball is in your court, and it is your call now.


7-17-2015 When governments make bad decisions, it costs everybody in that nation or territory that they govern or rule, and with strategic nations, it could cost the whole world when bad decisions are made. When right and righteous decisions are made based upon good moral convictions by leaders in high places, it has the ability to release the blessing of God on that entire nation or region that is being governed by righteous leadership with good moral convictions in their decision making processes. This is a season where God and nations are calling for righteous leadership to come forth and to take the helms of the ship and steer a nation or region in the right direction.


7-16-2015 Pursuing a wrong course as a leader may not always be pretty obvious at first, but you must have a strong conviction from the Lord to steer you in the right direction. You have to know the difference between your inner conviction and God's, so that you don't get in trouble in life. Siding with enemies will be your downfall, but siding with God and his will in life will keep you afloat and keep you from falling.


7-15-2015 Wrong leadership in high places could crash a nation or a state, but the right leaders can turn a nation around and cause things to flourish and prosper.


7-14-2015 Powerful leaders are not those in life that suppress a people up under their leadership in order to control them, but powerful leaders are those that liberate people and cause as many as possible to excel under their leadership.


7-13-2015 Godly leaders make godly decisions, but unrighteous leaders make unrighteous decisions. How you are judged in life as a leader depends on the types of decisions that you have made or have been making as a consistent pattern.


7-12-2015 Real strong powerful positive leaders do not just walk among party lines and stay locked into party principles, but good leaders know how to cross the isles of division and bring everybody together for the good of a common cause. Good leaders know that partisan principles divide a nation, but putting the nation or a state first over party principles will unite a nation and push it forward.


7-11-2015 Real leaders know how to cross the great divide and bridge racial and ethnic gaps.


7-10-2015 Real leadership unites people and brings people together, not divides and isolates. Real leadership takes a nation, a state, a prefecture, a province, a territory, a county, a parish, a city, a town, a village, or a region in the right direction. Real strong leaders know how to bring people together from all parties, all walks of life, and from all races, and unite for a good common cause. Are you that real leader for today, or do you lack the skills to make that happen, because that is the kind of leadership that the world is calling for today to resolve many long standing issues for the greater good of all people and not just a select few.


7-9-2015 When you notice a party is not serious about negotiating, then you do not waste any more time trying to pursue a deal with those that have gimmicks in mind and tricks up their sleeves, because it is pretty obvious that they are only buying some time to get over on you.


7-8-2015 If you rush to get a deal that is not solid and not verifiable, then you are setting yourself up for a catastrophic failure in the end.


7-7-2015 It is best not to make a deal that is going to cripple you later. If it is not very favorable across the board, then don't do it.


7-6-2015 It is not a good idea to overrun, overthrow, and invade another country if you can help it, because you open that country up to sectarian violence, terrorism of every sort, and all kinds of untold evils that comes upon that land, and some of those things can carry on for years, even decades if not properly dealt with. Countries are left unstable and volatile by invasions and rebel insurgencies, which eventually will spill over to neighboring countries and have an effect on the whole world and its economies.


7-5-2015 Your nation's future is predicated on you relying on God and trusting him for your supply lines. Jesus Christ is the real God, and he is your only way out, and he is your future.


7-4-2015 Prayer and faith alone do not fix a nation's problems and issues, but prayer and faith also works with the leaders of that nation obedience to God and by honoring Him. If they abandon God and start to openly sin against Him and abandon His godly principles and traditions, then judgment is inevitable a lot of times. Judgment comes for the purpose of correction to get a nation, its leaders, and its people back on track with God, and to put the fear of God back in their hearts and in the land. Ignoring God and his commandments is catastrophic in nature and is never a good option. As a matter of fact, it should never be an option. His blessings and His hedge of protection are often lifted for a season to let you see what it is like without Him. A lot of times nations and governments want the Church and Kingdom people to pray to stop or to prevent the judgment of God from happening, but not because they want to repent and that they are truly sorry for rejecting God and telling Him to talk to the hand, but God does whatever He needs to do, especially when He does not see any true or godly repentance.


7-3-2015 As a nation, your support line does not only come from the people in the land that support you, but your main support lines come from God, the Lord of Hosts, the Most High God himself, and when He is abandoned as your real covering, then it won't be long before all Hell breaks loose in your nation, except you repent by turning away from your evil and sins as a nation and openly turning back to God. If you abandon his way as a nation publicly, then you must come back to him and confess him openly and even publicly and boldly for all to know it. Then and only then will you be able to see his new covering and mantle of protection descending upon your nation and land.


7-2-2015 As a government, if you don't take the initiative to make things better in your nation, then things won't get any better. You win the trust of the people by performing the duties of what they have appointed you to do.


7-1-2015 You cannot make a deal work that is not supposed to work under its current conditions and proposals, so if the other party is not willing to bend to meet your best efforts halfway, then there is no need to further waste any more time on something that was destined to fail from the start. If you entered the negotiating table in good faith and with good will and intents, then you have done your part, and it is not on you. Now if your motives and intents were bad and deceptive, then it is on you when things fail. In all things, you have to seek to be fair without compromising the national security of your nation.


6-30-2015 The right leadership with some faith and prayer can turn a failing nation and its economy around.


6-29-2015 Unwise leadership gets a nation into debt, and debt sinks a nation, but wise leadership can bring a nation back from the brink of the abyss.


6-28-2015 Sometimes the experts cannot bail you out with their advice, but it is the knowledge of everyday people that are in the mix that will rescue you.


6-27-2015 Security of national borders lie within the power of your own nation, and not within the power of an alliance that may not share your unique concerns as a nation. Border security will help prevent terrorist attacks.


6-26-2015 No country under any circumstances can just have open borders without any checks and balances, or the economy will just shut down due to an overload of workers with less jobs to sustain that type of problem, and on top of that open borders are a major security threat and a major security loophole.


6-25-2015 Sometimes as a politician, it is not a good idea for you to say exactly what or how your constituents feel, especially when what they feel or how they feel is not quite morally right. Ultimately, you are going to take the wrap for them, because people are going to look at it as that being your view too, even if that is not how you think or feel.


6-24-2015 A well thought out course that is in line with being the right thing to do will cause a nation and its governmental bodies to align with favor and blessings from God.


6-23-2015 The world becomes that much more dangerous abroad for any nation, when you do more and more to create more enemies than you do to make friends and create allies.


6-22-2015 A government cannot make right decisions when they are only looking at one side of the equation and not consider all of the facts that exists on both sides of the coin.


6-21-2015 The first step to gun or arms control is to get them out of the hands of rebels, terrorists, and cartels worldwide first in every nation and be able to stop all nations from using tax payer dollars to freely give weapons and arms out to rebels, thugs, and those gang bangers worldwide. If you are not able to do that part first, then there is no need to talk to your citizens about gun control or have access to weapons, because there would still be a back door open to get there on the black markets of the world. In many places, terrorists and rebels have been getting their weapons and gun stockpiles from overrunning military bases in the countries that they have invaded, so you would have to disarm all Militaries worldwide to prevent that from happening, and that is not going to happen, so people have a right to defend and protect themselves from the evils in the world that no government has the real resources or capabilities or manpower to protect them from, because they only come when they are called and respond after the fact that something has already happened. Some groups around the world knows how to make their own weapons, so that presents another problem to arms and gun control, because the people will start making their own weapons anyhow, so some things are better left up to the people versus a government mandate in a world that is getting more and more dangerous every day. Some people would be alive today, maybe if they did have means to defend themselves against terrorists, rebels, and thugs.


6-20-2015 As long as there are terrorists and evils in the world, then citizens should always have a right to bear arms for their own safety and protection, because the government is never there to stop, prevent, or protect people from being killed. They only come when they are called, and they only respond after the fact that something bad or tragic has already happened, and law enforcement cannot be everywhere at the same time to prevent it all. In some cities, they don't even come when they are called, because they are afraid that they will make a mistake and be arrested and prosecuted. It is wrong thinking to try to disarm people of their guns when such evils in our world still exists. Many people around the world, especially Christians and other minority groups have been slaughtered, because they had no means to protect themselves from the villains, the terrorists, and those thugs that wanted to kill them out of hatred. If guns are banned from decent citizens, the thugs and terrorists will still have theirs in any nation, because they get them in an underground market or black market which usually are sold to them by rogue nations looking to sell arms to make money because of sanctions placed on them by other countries. Most of the weapons that are on the streets in every nation got there by illegal black market means, and there is no way to ever fully stop the flow of arms, because rogue nations and even what they call civilized nations help keep them out there, even as they give free weapons to rebels all over the world to overthrow their governments by their policies because they don't like their governments in those nations. You cannot have double standards, a double tongue, and secret motives in government, and you should never use tragic situations as a platform to push your agenda, and if you can be so concerned about mass shooting here and want to do something about it, then we would stand for the same things and try to stop it in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, and every other country in the world, and we would definitely stop giving free guns to rebels to shoot and kill innocent people and to overthrow their governments. That message of hate towards their own governments has been spreading to all nations as a result of those bad policies and it is even affecting the same nations that came up with such foreign policies. You reap what you sow. If you sow discord among the nations, then you reap it at home in your nation. See Galatians 6:7.


6-19-2015 Governments holds the key to being oppressors and those that put you in slavery or bondage, or they hold the keys to bringing a nation, including all of its people into a time of prosperity and healing. Some more oppressive governments fight more to take more of your rights away from you in the name of protection when they are not even capable of protecting their own citizens.


6-18-2015 Real diplomacy listens and considers the concerns of both sides and both parties and not just demand their own way because they have the money, resources, military might, and capabilities to crush the other party that they are talking to.


6-17-2015 Real diplomacy seeks to be fair and not to take advantage of others just because you have the edge over them and the upper hand on them.


6-16-2015 Real diplomacy begins with level heads.


6-15-2015 World war three is not going to fix any one nations' problems, but the only thing that it would do is destroy a lot of lives and make the world a disaster and harder to live in for those few that may remain, so it is in the best interest of all parties to stand down and remain peaceful and cool on that nuclear stuff and nuclear talks.


6-14-2015 Nations should avoid having excessive amounts of war games too close to rivals if they don't plan on going to war against those rivals, because that kind of activity will only stir the flames and make matters worse and will eventually lead to all-out war and combat sooner or later. Every nation should take a step back militarily and think about their actions, because in many cases those other rivals are not scared by your war games and military hardware, because they have got some too that is just as powerful, and in many cases they are holding some secret weapons just like you.


6-13-2015 In order to get things turned around in your country, you first have to stop blaming other nations and alliances for all of your problems and financial woes. Playing the scapegoat card and the blame game only backfires back into your face over the course of time, and eventually those tactics are brought to nothing, because people will see your true face for who you really are and the weak and helpless strategies that you have been using to seduce them and openly deceive them. Real problems get fixed when real people use their heads and bring forth realistic and workable strategies versus more tricks, lies, games, and schemes to cover up the real scheme of things and what is really going on. A lot of times, if you really check with the people of the land, they will let you know that they are not fooled or deceived by slick tactics, and they can really see what is going on in their nation and land. Opinion polls never seem to ask the real people and the mass majority of the people how they really feel about matters, but that is the data that you falsely rely on to keep things going, but that position and take on things only keep things going in the wrong direction. If you really want to fix things, you would ask for the help and the opinions of everyday people in your land, because they are the ones that really make the economy, the society, and the communities work on a daily basis. A nation cannot run and operate successfully without the average, every day, ordinary people that makes it all happen. All Governments and all fortune 500 companies rely on those people to succeed and to make those profits and gains.


6-12-2015 In every nation, you have nation builders and nations destroyers, but you must never allow the nation destroyers to reign, or else they will tear up everything.


6-11-2015 Building trust with other nations first begins with you building trust with your own people in your own nation.


6-10-2015 If you consistently pursue wrong policies as a government, then you open up your nation or state to be infiltrated by others with bad intents, and infiltrations of such a manner eventually leads to a collapse or a sudden downfall.


6-9-2015 Strife on the world scene forces certain nations to align with other nations in a military alliance for their own protection, security, and safety. It may even be in the best interest of some nations to do that to keep from getting invaded.


6-8-2015 Wicked and rogue nations get along perfectly with other nations that are rogue and wicked, and righteous nations get along with other righteous nations. The thing that determines if a nation is righteous or wicked is based upon the kind of laws they write and the kinds of policies that they prescribe and enforce against their own people. See Isaiah 10:1-4.


6-7-2015 Nations that depends solely on other countries for their intelligence, security, and resources are already overrun, defeated, and invaded. If you have failed in those three areas that I just mentioned above, then you're dealing with many security threats. If you fix those three areas above, then you will shore up your long-term and short-term security for your nation.


6-6-2015 Don't waste your time, resources, money, energy, and manpower on deals and negotiations that are destined to fail. Many nations are guilty of doing this to buy some time to work a more deceitful strategy. See Daniel 11:27.


6-5-2015 It is a wise thing to support a war and help fight it within the borders of another country, especially when it has the potential to spread rapidly to your nation, than to wait around foolishly and do nothing and let them overrun that nation and head to your nation next. If a nation is allowed to invade other countries and annex their territory and claim it as their own and it goes unchecked by the world and the world does nothing at all to resist them, stop them, and push them back, then that type of aggression will continue until they rule the entire world. That is fact based upon history and the histories of empires, Kingdoms, and dynasties.


6-4-2015 There are some nations that have seen decades of war and many wars were fought back to back over an extended period of time. These nations have to ask themselves what can be done differently to make peace and reconcile differences. In many cases, reconciliation starts along ethnic lines.


6-3-2015 Sometimes in governmental positions, the law can be broken trying to enforce the laws, but that constitutes corruption in the land, and you cannot enforce the law by breaking it at the same time. It would be in any government's best interest to purge and cleanse itself from lawbreakers and corruption that can lead to an overthrow, protests, violence, or any other such uproars in the land. Wise leaders do not tolerate and overlook corruption, evil, and scandals. See Proverbs 20:26.


6-2-2015 Being short sighted as a government can cause you many long range and long term problems in the land, because you cannot properly prepare for what you don't see, what you don't expect, and what you don't anticipate will happen.


6-1-2015 Governments are not exempt from prayer, and where there is no real prayer being made in Jesus name, you will witness a nation fall apart from the top down to the very fabrics and soul of that nation. Every nation has to humble themselves under the mighty hand of almighty God and mean it in this hour to be saved and preserved from utter destruction, because some things that are coming are not just another phase or just another bad phase or season that you are going through. It will take the help of the Lord to come out of many things as a nation, and it is not just going to be automatic, and some things are not going to stop just because you want them to stop, but many events coming will take prayer and faith through Jesus to stop it. Read Psalm 33:12.


5-31-2015 War is not the only option, but when the pressures of deception are on, a lot of nations are prone to mistakes, because they are not open to other options because they want it all their way.


5-30-2015 Whenever nations see war as their only option or solution, then the whole world stands on the brink of extinction to a large extent. Many nations have been marching to war blindly, while many others have been preparing for the next major world war, and no one seems to care about what will become of the world and it’s after effects. Selfish leaders do not care about using nuclear weapons on humanity, because they themselves have a suicidal spirit and do not care if they live or die, but the truth is that there are so many nuclear weapons spaced out around the world that no nation would escape the effects of it and come out on top. If one nation launched a nuclear weapon, then several other nations will also retaliate likewise with nuclear weapons on those same nations, so it is best for all the trigger happy nations of the world to take a step back and consider their actions, that they too will not survive a nuclear war as a nation, and all nations keep secret sights that the others don't know about under any form of previous treaty or accord that was signed to be accountable to. No one nation is completely honest about its dealings militarily or otherwise. I say to all nations hold your fire and don't be so quick to jump the gun, because there is always the surprise factor or equation that you don't know about, did not consider, and are not prepared for. Every nation has secrets that are not known and that the media does not know about, so don't kid yourself. War of any kind should be a last resort. In the event of a conventional war, at least some factions will more than likely cheat and attempt to use nuclear weapons first to their own demise. Nobody wins when the nations act like fools and little childish children.


5-29-2015 When you build your economy off of trade and total codependency with other nations, then when their economy buckles, then yours will contract and also suffer in the process, so you want to be diverse in your dealings if you must deal abroad, and do not put all of your eggs in one nest.


5-28-2015 You should never have a leader of a nation or military leaders of any sort come out openly and reveal the weaknesses of a nation's military or any alliance, and it is a security threat to any alliance or nation to have weak leaders and weak spokesman speaking on their behalf. It could even cause a nation or an alliance to get attacked for it. You have to have bold, brave, and strong leaders in place with some backbone and stern looks on their faces. Some of them actually need to look a little crazy while being professional at the same time. This also is a deterrence and is for your own safety. If your enemies see your weaknesses, they will be more likely to play you even more and attack you, because they see your vulnerabilities. You cannot come out openly and say what you fear about an enemy. That alone show weakness and a cowardice spirit, and it reveals your fears to an enemy to give that enemy boldness and confidence to come against you all the more. If you show an enemy the cards that you are holding, then you have already revealed your strategy and plans of how you operate for them to study you and prepare a counter strategy then soon an attack to counter your power.


5-27-2015 In the case with many nations in this world today, it is fight now or fight later. It is either you fight now to get things turned around, or you just wait it out until and risk having an even bigger problem that develops and the insurgency grows out of control and you have a bigger fight later on with a whole lot of casualties. Sometimes it is best to attempt to tackle things on a much smaller scale while it is yet manageable and yet sustainable.


5-26-2015 Some fights for certain nations are a real trap, but some fights are necessary for the survival of a nation's existence, and you bring that fight with all your might, and with everything at your disposal without any hesitation. You don't win fights by holding back things in your arsenal for a rainy day when it is your rainy day. If they are already on your land and have invaded your borders, then it is your rainy day, and it is time to give it all you've got.


5-25-2015 War is a trap and a quagmire for some nations, but it is the only hope and the only way out and the only forward for other nations.


5-24-2015 The right reforms can avert a coming storm.


5-23-2015 Reforms are necessary to weather any storms.


5-22-2015 As a government, you have to do right by the people as a whole and not just by a few. History and current world events have proven over time and over and over again that when a government seeks to only cater to a few prominent people and seeks to isolate others and capitalize on divisions, then that government or empire eventually fails, falls, collapses, or are overthrown by rebellions, insurrections, mass confusion, and mass chaos.


5-21-2015 Corruption destroys credibility, and hiding things confirms that there is some corruption going on that you don't want anyone to know about. People will never trust a secretive, always behind closed door deals government.


5-20-2015 Whenever a government starts doing too many things in secret and behind closed doors on all fronts and keeps things hidden from the knowledge of the public, then a quick downfall is inevitable due to corruption. These are the facts of life and history around the world.


5-19-2015 Governments do need prayer, but they need much more than that. They need strategies and plans that work and are effective. When a government only thinks “fix problems by force and punishment”, then that government is on the verge of failing, falling, and collapsing. Real strategies and real solutions help the people and not seek to hurt them even more and further isolate a growing majority with failed policies.


5-18-2015 Knowing how to do, when to do, and what to do, is critical for governments in this hour.


5-17-2015 What you don't expect you cannot prepare for, and what you don't prepare for, you cannot properly deal with. Many things are coming in the earth, and you will need a contingency plan.


5-16-2015 What you subject your people to will bless you or come back to haunt you.


5-15-2015 Strength is not determined by the size of your nation, but true strength is determined by the backing and the support of your people in a mass majority.


5-14-2015 Nations stand strong in the face of adversity when they are being tested when they have a happy people backing them, but they fall and crumble and become a failed state whenever the people are divided and mad at their respective government.


5-13-2015 Nations fall and crumble when they are asleep at the wheel, but nations strive and survive when they are watchful and plan ahead.


5-12-2015 Judge the people right, and they will judge you right and fair.


5-11-2015 Treat your people right and your people will treat you right.


5-10-2015 Lawlessness exists in nations without a strong government, but a strong government is not an oppressive government either. You must have balance.


5-9-2015 If a government doesn't really know what the problem is that is plaguing their nation, then they really can never fix the problem permanently, and that is really why problems never get fixed. It is because the root causes of issues are never addressed or they are not properly addressed, or they are addressed from a judgment punishment standpoint of view versus from a solution that helps the person fix the problem versus punishing them and penalizing them for having a problem and not having the proper means to fix a problem. A lot of laws were passed out of a heart of malice, revenge, based on racial and ethnic bias, and from an oppressive standpoint, and were not given any fair and impartial thoughts. We have plenty of experts in high places that knows how to punish people and penalize them, but there are not a lot of people in those same places that have wisdom to really fix issues and problems that benefits all people and all parties involved, so government becomes a bullying power that has turned into one big old catastrophic hot mess to deal with. More punishment and more penalties are not the ways to solve a major crisis going forward, but real help and solutions that work to benefit everyone and not just take one side are, and it is the only peaceful way forward that will keep a nation from further deteriorating, crumbling, and falling apart. Many other smaller nations have adopted corrupt policies from bigger and more powerful nations which have led to their downfall and hurt among the people of their land. Error produces more error, but right policies will bail a nation out of the brink of disaster.


5-8-2015 When you have the majority of the people depending on you, you can't afford to disappoint the masses, unless it leads to mass confusion and chaos. If you look all around the world in every nation where there is mass chaos, confusion, and riots, you will also see that there are divisions there that are fueled by racism and ethnic tensions that are oftentimes overlooked and not dealt with until it is too late, and terrorist looks to enter countries that are greatly divided by these things to further stir the pot of turmoil and confusion. The best way to fight terrorism is to deal with poverty, discrimination, and racism within your nation, and then their cause of terrorism is permanently defeated because they have no main issues to feed into. They often target people for recruits that are poor with no hope and no future and those that are subject to low paying jobs, so what you allow as minimum wages does matter. They also target those that are isolated and that feel let down and abandoned by their country and deemed an outcast, but if you work towards permanently fixing those things and getting rid of laws that are bias and racially motivated that are designed to suppress people groups, then you fix another problem that keeps out those that intend to cause harm to your land by feeding into the division and injustice.


5-7-2015 Not all advice that you receive as a leader of a state or a nation is going to be good advice that will serve the people well, so to avoid a backlash from the people, you have to make sure that you are surrounded by wise counselors and listen to their voice over the counsel of fools. God has qualified people that He has raised up to speak into your life and give you wise counsel and to help you with those pressing things that are set before you. See 2 Chronicles 10:1-19, Daniel 1:17-20, 1 Chronicles 12:32, Genesis 41:25-57, and Genesis 42:6. There are certain people (Wise men) that the Lord God has raised up for this time and this generation, and they have understanding in the governmental realm. They have supernatural understanding given to them by the Lord to understand the business and economics of government in all aspects. They have wisdom to speak into your lives as wise counselors to do you good and not evil, and the Lord raised them up just for you, because he wants you to do good as a leader. He is not for your downfall, but he wants you to be a successful leader so that the people that you serve can be blessed and be happy, and so that they can prosper and be successful. There are some leaders that tends to recognize wisdom as soon as they hear it and see it, and they want it, and they partake of it.


5-6-2015 When you listen up versus shut people up as a government, you gain a nation to be on your side versus gathering together against you and calling for your ouster due to insensitivity.


5-5-2015 Working with your people versus against your people will help to quiet a rift.


5-4-2015 Strong governments are the result of strong support from the overwhelming majority of the people, but weak governments are the result of only relying on strong support of a few while ignoring the multitudes and isolating them.


5-3-2015 A road map forward does no good if it is never implemented or if it is never properly implemented.


5-2-2015 A road map forward without the wisdom to implement it does you no good at all.


5-1-2015 A new chapter is turning in the earth, and if your government is not ready to deal with the challenges of the day, then it will go under. You must stay advanced and up to par on modern day issues that are relevant with the people that you are trying to reach out to.


4-30-2015 If you are not serious about negotiating with other countries, then you don't need to waste your time, their time, and your diplomats' and their diplomats' time. Some nations enter into long-term negotiations just to buy time to do their little evil deeds and tricks behind the scenes.


4-29-2015 The right method to a crisis is planned beforehand, but critiqued when it is in action. You have to have flexible policies to adjust with the changing times that we are living in as a society.


4-28-2015 Preparing for the storm beforehand causes you to fare better during and after the storm, but trying to respond too late or after the fact takes on a much heavier cost than you could have expected. It is always better to be proactive versus reactive on any level.


4-27-2015 Oftentimes prophets can release words of insight to governments and the proper authorities concerning what is coming, but too many times those words are not heeded or simply ignored. However, God is still faithful to give you the answers that you need to plan and prepare wisely.


4-26-2015 If you know what is coming, you prepare for it now, and don't wait for later.


4-25-2015 You must be fair in negotiations lest you bring a snare upon your own head.


4-24-2015 Sometimes trouble cannot be avoided, so you must have policies in place to deal with trouble when it comes. You cannot just sit back and wait and hope that any trouble or threats will not come, and you must not be reluctant to deal with them when they come. Some governments and nations were reluctant and hesitant too long until their countries got overran by some evil and invading forces. You have to move on some stuff quickly and not remain passive and counterproductive. Nations that just sat on their butts for too long and just allowed things to happen are paying the cost for it now, and it cost a lot more to expel and repel a problem once it has already taken root and dug in. You should never let them take your borders.


4-23-2015 A successful war can never be won by just an air campaign. You cannot win a war by just flying through the air like birds dropping bombs everywhere. A successful war is won by land, sea, and air. Anytime one of those components is missing, then you have a prolonged fight on your hand to no avail.


4-22-2015 You cannot win the masses over with lies and deception, but the truth is the only thing that prevails, besides the mass majority of your citizens know exactly when you are lying to them and covering things up, so you might as well be truthful and not try to hide things, because through a series of mistakes, the truth is going to come out anyhow.


4-21-2015 Sometimes the Lord raises up strong nations to deliver weaker nations. You may be one of those strong nations and that is why they always come to you for help.


4-20-2015 A national government is in danger of collapsing when it no longer has the full support of its states, territories, regions, or provinces. Policies that continue to isolate and punish these levels of government eventually sparks rebellion against leadership at the central command level.


4-19-2015 When a government loses its support, it falls, collapses, and is overthrown. Whenever a government only focus on catering to a small contingent and minority in the land versus seeking to reach out and service and benefit the whole multitude, then it leads to economic failure and collapse, racial and ethnic tensions, moral decay and eventually a sudden collapse. Therefore, it is proven that it is in the best interest of any governing authority to seek to include everybody in a governmental plan that benefits all people.


4-18-2015 Stability comes to a nation only by the correct reforms, but negotiating with terrorists.


4-17-2015 Many people run for an office in government, but when will the government run for the people. In other words, when will the government get things up and running for the people again in their own respective nations without putting all of the focus on their personal political score cards and meddling in the foreign affairs of other nations. Many governments are guilty of neglecting their own citizens while putting the focus on foreign nations and building a political resume for their own impressive future on the world scene. When your own people and citizens become your focus again, then you will see a great turnaround for the better in your land.


4-16-2015 Whenever the wrong people run for a political office and make it into office, then it takes a nation or a state, province, or prefecture down the wrong course and into a path of chaos and mass confusion. Oftentimes, the people that are the most influential, the most appealing, and the most popular to the people are not necessarily the right ones for that office. In today's politics, you can have candidates that knows how to flatter the people with their words and with their unique charm to win their votes, and they will vote for them because they like their flatter and charm and not because they are right for the job that they are seeking in office. Many modern day voters in today's world never look at the candidate's track record and history and how they made decisions in the past, but they are easily won, coached, coaxed, charmed, flattered, and won over by a smile and a simple handshake, so you can see why the nations of the world are so jacked up today. Some countries even hold elections to appease those nations that claim to be democratic, but they rig the votes, and they force people to vote a certain way and for a certain candidate by force, and if they don't, then they face dire consequences for any form of rebellion and disloyalty. Many nations are like that and they are not a true democracy anymore at all, and many millions more are not even allowed to vote and are suppressed in their voting rights and privileges.


4-15-2015 Your peace comes from doing what's right as a government when you know that it is right.


4-14-2015 Sometimes it is not good to run for a second term or to seek multiple terms in high political offices in today's generations as there are many traps waiting for you to snare you in the midst of it all.


4-13-2015 Oftentimes, an attempted mass cover up is the worst thing that you could try to do as a government when you are trying to gain the trust of the people, because the truth is going to eventually come out anyhow.


4-12-2015 Sometimes in government or politics you don't get another chance to do things over or to do it again, so that is why it is best to aim to do things right the first time around.


4-11-2015 The right governmental structure produces prosperity for all, but the wrong governmental structure seeks to cripple all.


4-10-2015 No government should ever seek to completely isolate any people group, because if you cause division within a nation, province, prefecture, or a state, then you are destroying your heritage and the fabric of that land and won't be able to stand.


4-9-2015 Whenever the light is moved or forced out of a community, darkness, evil, and pure wickedness comes to replace it, and the crime rates go up and many dark and sinful things take place in that land. It is in the best interests of any government, nation, or municipality to see to it that Christians stay and are protected so that the angels will stay in those areas to protect those cities, governments, and nations. The angels are only there because of the light, and they work with the forces in the land.


4-8-2015 Trying to negotiate a quick settlement or deal without giving it much thought always proves to be a snare. You have to count up the cost of every move that you make.


4-7-2015 If the only reason you plan to negotiate is to buy some time, but you really do not plan to settle a difference or an urgent matter, then in the end you will ultimately fail.


4-6-2015 When two parties sitting at a negotiating table both have bad motives, then it goes nowhere. See Daniel 11:27.


4-5-2015 Real negotiations never give one side everything that they want.


4-4-2015 In government, if you negotiate with snakes, then those same snakes will come back to bite you in the end.


4-3-2015 When you see the world start shaking around you, do not get discouraged, but align your government with me, and turn to me, says the Lord!


4-2-2015 If you don't see eye to eye with those nations that you are negotiating with, then don't just ignore that and don't ignore your gut feeling, it is what it is. Don't make a fool of yourself.


4-1-2015 It is better to do things righteously as a leader the first time around, than to mess things up by you taking an immoral stance and have to come back again and do things right and fix things. If you miss it, you will be shame faced, but if you follow the Lord's leading you will last a long time.


3-31-2015 When a leader is more focused on foreign affairs than his own country, then things will go lacking on the home front in his own country, because it is not a major priority for that leader. It is unbalance for any nation to send billions and billions of dollars to other countries and world affairs, when the bare minimum is being done in their own country with their budget.


3-30-2015 When there is corruption at the top in government, roads won't get fixed and potholes will be everywhere, bridges won't be maintained, new bridges won't be built, and infrastructure will just sit and decay. The wrong people in office will place a priority on fixing dumb stuff all kinds of foolish social programs and animal care and research over funding the basic necessities of keeping a nation or state moving and an economy with the necessary infrastructure to keep it strong and moving and providing jobs and careers. Wrong leadership places the emphasis on the nonessentials of life and mark that stuff as more important than the things that really are important and that affects the most human lives and the money flow, which is the heart of the economy. Whenever the infrastructure of a nation or state is constantly falling apart and nothing is being done about it, then that is evidence of years of people in high places corrupting themselves and putting the focus on the wrong things while the nation and their states just fall apart while they just look on. Some things cannot wait for a two or three year debate when it should have been addressed and fixed two or three years ago. There are only a few good leaders that are doing their jobs in all nations and states all over the world. Some things are not even important to certain leaders. You can find a way to do some things if you really want to and if you are really concerned about it.


3-29-2015 When alliances are infiltrated, they are broken, destroyed, and made to be ineffective, but when alliances are strengthened, they are made strong and become a formidable force to be reckoned with. Any effective alliance should be strong in order to be a voice to recognize and to reason with.


3-28-2015 Your ability to govern a nation, a state, a province, a prefecture, a territory, a region, or even manage and oversee troops, comes from the hand of God over your mind. You will be much more effective when you rely on his wisdom and his guidance as a leader and don't just ignore that inner unction that comes from him.


3-27-2015 You should never feel like you have to destroy another nation because you feel threatened by their rise in influence, rise in economic power, or out of fear that they will take your place on the world scene. The main root causes of a lot of modern wars is because a nation or a group of nations feel threatened by the sudden rise of other new comers and new world powers and forces on the world scene, and all such things are motived by pure fear and speculation and in some cases guilt from doing many bad dealings on the world stage for so many decades and even centuries, and now you fear that someone is going to be able to contend with you for the spotlight and power grip on things in the world, so you don't want to see them rise, and so you want to block their rise, but all things have an appointed time on the time clock of God.


3-26-2015 Sometimes war is the only option when all else fails, and committed allies and responsible partners get things done.


3-25-2015 Many governments around the world fuel their own sectarian and racists divisions within their own countries by their policies that only show favoritism to a few select loyalist within their parties and ranks. They isolate and seek to destroy anyone else that don't agree with their governing views. There are not too many nations on earth that is exempt from what I just said, because to an extent they all do it, and there really is no such thing right now as a real democracy, because the governing authorities makes all of the rules and policies for everybody like it or not, and the people have no say so over making any laws or policies. Only a few high people run any country and no entire nation of people have anything to do with what laws or policies are passed, and because crooked and corrupt laws and policies have been passed around the world that are designed to target, oppress, and isolate segments of the population, there have been riots, violence, uproars, and mass overthrows of governments around the world in which that will be the fate of many more nations unless real honest and true reforms are made that benefits all citizens. Fair practices and balanced policies that are righteous and beneficial to all segments of the population are the only way for these latter day governments to succeed and survive and be sustained.


3-24-2015 If leadership fails, then a nations fails, but if the leadership succeeds, then a nation prevails.


3-23-2015 You cannot be fearful as a leader of a nation no matter what size nation that you govern, because if you are fearful versus fearless, you will always make incorrect and bad decisions that are based off of miscalculations of your enemies rhetoric that is designed to get inside your mind and put fear in your heart. If other aggressive leaders see you as being weak, a punk, or a coward, then they will rule over you and attempt to put you down and violate your space, but you appear strong and make calculated decisions based off of wisdom and wise counsel, then you will be effective and strong at what you do. When you hesitate on right causes, strong leaders will call your bluff, but when you demonstrate strength on right issues, they will stand down or at least hold their peace at you and be afraid of you, because they think you are crazy or just as crazy as them. Sometimes when you are dealing with aggressive and ruthless leaders, they need to think that you are crazy and unpredictable, because they don't know what you might do, but if they think you are an easy push over, you and your entire nation will always be under threat. When you have certain limits and choking points as to what you will or will not do or how far you will go, then other more aggressive leaders will plan to sidetrack you and take you out. You have to appear strong on the world scene, even if you are a little scared and do have a little common sense. Being too meek and too passive as a leader will cause you and your nation to get your butts kicked in life, especially on the battlefield. You have to have the heart of a fearless warrior.


3-22-2015 Nations are held together by God because of praying Christians, but nations fall and crumble when there is no one to stand in the gap for the Land. See Ezekiel 22:30-31 and 2 Chronicles 7:12-15. The fabric of the land holds together with the Lord factored in, but it falls apart when the Lord is factored out and weeded out, because you take down your hedge of protection when you kick the Lord out. If you don't believe me, then look around at the nations of the world today and look at the problems the ones are having that decide to worship another God and just annihilate any thought of Jesus, the real God, in the land. Just take a look around the world, and you will surely see what I am saying to you.


3-21-2015 God will intervene in many governments in this hour. A little unexplainable heads up, so when certain unexplainable miracles show up, it will be a witness to his glory and many things won't be by chance or coincidence, but they will be on purpose by the hand of the Lord! I heard the Lord Say, “Miracles in government.”


3-20-2015 All people should truly be incorporated and represented in your government if you want true peace and stability in your country or state or province instead of chaos, confusion, riots, distrust, resentments, bitterness, and divisions. Having a balanced government equals peace, harmony, unity, and oneness in the land.


3-19-2015 If more money went into building up your citizens and your nations than towards building bombs that explode, then your economy would explode with great and mighty success.


3-18-2015 A government that does more for other nations than it does for its own citizens is a corrupt organization.


3-17-2015 Give your citizens a second chance, and allow and set policies that do that.


3-16-2015 When you focus and emphasis is on foreign affairs more so than your own national affairs, then you will have trouble at home and on the home front. Your nation chose you to run their nation and not the whole world. You owe to your own nation to make things right at home before you try to run around the world fixing a bunch of life issues and problems elsewhere.


3-15-2015 It is bad economics whenever a nation requires the poorest and the most vulnerable in the land to pay higher taxes and absorb all of the burden while letting the wealthiest people go free without doing much at all when it comes to sharing the burden of the tax load and other responsibilities.


3-14-2015 A strong economy will produce strong people and everyone will benefit from it.


3-13-2015 Economies are built up or destroyed by governments.


3-12-2015 How you rule a nation as a head of state or any level of government will determine how the Lord rules you.


3-11-2015 If a nation still wants war after you have sincerely and honestly tried every form of diplomacy, then light them up. Give them what they are asking for and give them more than what they are expecting if it is necessary.


3-10-2015 The Lord still delivers nations from their enemies when they call upon him and cry out to him. See 2 Chronicles 20:1-30. Maybe the battle is not yours, but the Lord's; see 2 Chronicles 20:15.


3-9-2015 Your best bet is to have a battle plan and a strategy that includes the Lord in all that you do. See Joshua 10:6-11.


3-8-2015 The Lord says I bless an administration or government that keep my moral commandments at the forefront.


3-7-2015 The government that denies me defies me, but the government that embrace me won't have to face me in wrath, says the Lord!


3-6-2015 A redeemed land is one that does not follow a system of corruption, bribery, and oppression, and a government system that avoids those things above is one that will have the full support and the backing of the people.


3-5-2015 Where there are no standards or where there is no standard enforced, then an alliance is meaningless and subject to fall apart.


3-4-2015 Whenever the standards of an alliance are not upheld by individual members, then you should have a clause to release the ones that are not doing their part and not upholding the standards, because it is not fair to the other members that are doing their part and producing their share of resources to make things happen. Every alliance has to not only have standards, goals, and guidelines, but they have to stick with them and uphold the banner.


3-3-2015 War should always be the last resort and not the first option. Diplomacy should always come first as an option, but it doesn't take forever to explore the diplomacy route.


3-2-2015 In any coalition or alliance you cannot have reckless or trigger happy partners and members that are quick to start wars and fights and expect you to run to their defense to defend them. You need responsible parties that know how to fully exhaust all avenues and channels of diplomacy first before they quickly run to war, because they know and understand the cost of going to war.


3-1-2015 Preparing for something the right way takes time, but if you stay prepared at all times with contingency plans for all scenarios, you will never get caught off guard or taken by surprise.


2-28-2015 Some of you are preparing for something you don't quite know what yet, but you find yourself scrambling to make contingency plans for something that should have been in place a decade ago at least. The Lord says build with wisdom and plan with prudence, and things will go a lot smoother in your transition to this new mission.


2-27-2015 Order and structure lays a foundation, but every foundation that is built upon me are the ones that will stand, says the Lord!


2-26-2015 Go forth in boldness and fairness, says the Lord!


2-25-2015 The administration that put Jesus back at the center of their administration, ruling party, and government will see their nations change for the better in this hour, but if you just want to be politically correct, then things will continue to go downhill.


2-24-2015 A corrupt administration is based off of all lies and it is comfortable telling lies whenever it can, and all of its employees will tell lies to try and cover up things. See Proverbs 29:12.


2-23-2015 Corrupt leadership usually prefers corrupt people around them in office, and that leads to a corrupt administration or government on whatever level of government that there could be. See Proverbs 29:12-14.


2-22-2015 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin brings it down. See Proverbs 14:34.


2-21-2015 Nations are restored once the right people take office and have a true heart of love and compassion for their nation. See Proverbs 29:2.


2-20-2015 Nations fall apart when you constantly disenfranchise the people and seek to constantly isolate them and run a country like a cartel instead of an elected or chosen government.


2-19-2015 It is a dangerous stance and a national security threat to any nation to try and make all former enemies your allies. Some nations hold a deep hatred towards you and will never really be true allies no matter what.


2-18-2015 Diplomacy and deals are not a game with other nations, but you must stick by and enforce the rules of law that you agree upon and have put in writing.


2-17-2015 Ceasefires should never be used by warring government factions as a slick way to disguise a regrouping of forces, and it should never be used as a sneaky way to buy time to plan your next strategy and maneuver to attack the enemy under no kind of circumstances. There is no integrity in that.


2-16-2015 A strong government is one that builds strong relationships with the people, not one that oppresses the people for so long until they overthrow them. The backbone of every strong government is the backing of the people with all factions included and not isolated some and excluding others. A wise government seeks to keep everybody unified, and it seeks to bring everybody together so that everyone can partake of the benefits and the blessing of a collective stance.


2-15-2015 Words are the original basis and foundation of any agreement and deal that is made with other parties, but words that are kept and respected and honored are the ones that really matters. Saying you are going to do something, but never doing it is the thing that encourages the people of nations to rebel against a governing authority.


2-14-2015 If a deal is broken and they take your diplomatic efforts for a joke, then it is not no holds barred.


2-13-2015 Battles are won by unity. Sharp divisions cause defeat. One goal, one aim, changes the tides.


2-12-2015 This is a season to stand firm, brave, and bold on all fronts as a unified nation. A nation united conquers all evil.


2-11-2015 You should never let your guards down or underestimate your enemies, but always think ahead and be vigilant.


2-10-2015 Sometimes you can compromise the lives of many innocent people with a little too much diplomacy and too much indecisiveness. Lives are on the lines each and every day that there is a delay. Sometimes, you don't have months, weeks, or days, but your decisions are urgent. What would you tell God if you were to stand before him now as to why certain things happened on your watch, and why did you allow so much innocent blood to be spilled on your watch when he gave you the authority and the power to make a difference?


2-9-2015 Too much diplomacy gives your adversary the edge over you, because it shows your fears, and it reveals your weaknesses. Whenever they can see that you are not willing to go pass a certain limit to stop them from their evils and aggression, then they know that they can continue to have their way and continue to be aggressive, until they eventually invade and conquer you. You have to be careful as a nation how you stress too much that you don't want war, because it reveals your weaknesses to your enemy, and it clearly shows him that you have a breaking point that you are not willing to cross, so they will now push you to the limit and pass just the brink of war. They will force you to fight them in the long run and in the short term, because you have already told them your strategy and what you were willing to do and not willing to do. It works best at times, when you don't reveal your hand nor the cards in your hand, and when you do not reveal what your next play is going to be on the game board, which indeed is not a game in life.


2-8-2015 When diplomacy fails, then you have to do what you have to do, especially when it threatens your national security as a nation.


2-7-2015 A nation of people is happy when they have the Lord for their help. Look at Psalm 146:5 and Psalm 144:15.


2-6-2015 The Lord says I am the real governor among the nations, and I set an order in place for you through my word to follow as guidelines so that you do not walk blind, and when you obey me, you will not walk naked and uncovered, and the Land that I have placed you over will be blessed and will prosper, says the Lord! Take a look at Psalm 22:28 and Psalm 33:12.


2-5-2015 It is unrealistic to think that you don't have enemies as a nation, because you do, but having a deterrence of some sort will stop you from getting invaded. Nations that do not have any viable deterrence are the ones that are getting invaded and are being bullied in the world today.


2-4-2015 Real reforms involve real change, but changes made that are aimed in the wrong direction will take a nation back to the stone ages bringing it to its knees.


2-3-2015 If you wait too late to make the necessary reforms as a government, then you will find yourself in trouble and caught up in a whirlwind of economic chaos.


2-2-2015 A government's credibility is compromised whenever it maintains foolish and immoral policies that further leads to the moral decay of a society.


2-1-2015 Whenever a government supports the wicked privately or openly, it destroys the integrity and credibility of that government.


1-31-2015 A government that builds its people and invest in them builds a strong people.


1-30-2015 Corruption and abuse are inevitable when a government no longer cares about what the people think, and they just do whatever they want to do. God's idea fora government was to bless the people as the people bless the government.


1-29-2015 You should not be known for being a government that gives a person one hundred dollars, but takes back ninety-nine. It is not a good thing to rob and oppress your people and overtax and overburden them. That is the same thing as a strong- armed robbery.


1-28-2015 Huge tax breaks and relief on the poor, the middle class, and the working class be the only thing to save the economies of many struggling nations. When they have more money to spend, it keeps the economy going, because the rich at the top usually hoard up the wealth versus spending it, and only about 1% according to the latest stats actually control about half of the world's wealth. The first groups that I just mention do all the flying commercial airlines, buying the houses and cars, and feed the economies everywhere. If they are broke, then everything from government to the local, national, and international economies will suffer, and even the rich at the top will make less money off of their main stream investments.


1-27-2015 Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, as things start to shake wide scale on another level. Your words of preparation came before this time arrived, so you know what to do to survive the things that are coming in the earth. Now it is time to put into practice what you have learned over the course of time, but all things must be done in a righteous, just, and fair manner where applicable.


1-26-2015 If certain policies are not working, you should try new and better policies. However, you need to make sure that your policies are designed to be fair for all of your citizens and not just a few.


1-25-2015 Your nations should not be governed by outside forces and folks from other countries, but your citizens elected you to run their own nation.


1-24-2015 Your own citizens come first, then allies second.


1-23-2015 Can your allies trust you or rely on you in the time of need or battle, or do you just abandon them when they need you after they have had your back and went to war and battle for you?


1-22-2015 Alliances are proven by what you do and not just by what you say. If you say that you really got your allies' back, especially when they had yours, then it is proven when you show up on the battlefront to help them in their time of need in the face of adversity. Talk is cheap.


1-21-2015 It is in your best interest to help your allies and friends when they need it, because you never know when it is your time that you are going to need them, says the Lord!


1-20-2015 You cannot be friendly with rogue nations.


1-19-2015 It is important that entire nations, states, and territories turn back to the Lord in this hour if they want to see the blessing and see things turned around. Things are going to get a lot worse for nations that ignore the voice of the Lord and that are ashamed of him before the other nations. There are some deals that won't be made until a nation repents and turns back to God. How the nations align in this hour will determine how their economy will fair in this hour. How states, provinces, prefectures, and territories align in this hour will determine who sees my power, says the Lord!


1-18-2015 If there are no jobs, no good paying jobs, not enough good paying jobs, or if there is discrimination that exists when it comes to certain good jobs, then you are creating chaos in the economy to the point of crippling it and shutting it down. The solution is fix all of the above.


1-17-2015 While you do want to take the necessary precautions to keep your nation and state safe, you do not want to take away the freedoms of your citizens and put them in bondage and constant fear.


1-16-2015 Putting your citizens in fear, turning a nation into a police state, and constantly clamping down on freedoms within your borders will only make matters a lot worse than what they are. In fact, it would only encourage more rebellion from within your own borders against what the people would perceive wide scale as a repressive and oppressive system of evil and corruption that seeks a power grab. It is always in your best interest as a nation to think about the end result and the final outcome of things long before you pursue a certain path. One of the worst things a nation can do is create a lot of enemies within its own borders and have several other nations hating on them and seeking their downfall to add to the problem. If you are viewed by outsiders as an evil empire and by your own citizens as a repressive regime, then a nation of such a status days are numbered. Being fair, righteous, and just towards all of your citizens should not be a curse word, but it should be an honor so that you can retain your dignity as a decent and moral nation with all of the right standards instead of all of the wrong motives.


1-15-2015 Valuable Intel can help thwart an attack, but the best standards are to be fortified enough on all fronts that an attack cannot successfully penetrate your lines of defense if it were to come, whether that is a physical attack or a cyber-attack. Yes, you keep the Intel also, but make sure that you are fortified and sure up your lines of defense on all sides and from every angle that there be no vulnerabilities or loopholes for the enemy to come in through.


1-14-2015 New polices deal with new threats and challenges, but old outdated policies allow new things to come to try to topple an unprepared system, so it is wise to update things as time goes on in order to be able to circumvent new challenges in a forever changing new world.


1-13-2015 Government meltdowns only take place when governmental polices fail first because of a lack of fair, just, and righteous policies that benefits everyone.


1-12-2015 True government reform turns the decisions back over to the will of the majority of the people versus a few select ones at the top conspiring together to make all of the rules for everyone to live by and be subject to. Whenever the people of the land are not backing a government anymore, because of bribery and corruption going on, then that is a government that is subject to collapse, fail, and fall sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. Nations all over the world have proven what I have just said to be true and no nation or government is ever exempt or immune from those things. Whenever the mass majority of the people are truly backing a government and they are pleased with it, then it will stand against anything, and that principle applies in any country or on the state or province or prefecture levels, as well as, the local levels of government.


1-11-2015 It is best to build an economy off of trusting God, then trusting in companies to deliver you in the time of trouble. See Isaiah 57:12-13.


1-10-2015 Sometimes alliances can be good and sometimes they can be bad because you have to share the burden that they carry.


1-9-2015 When you have enough of the right people on your side, a nation, or a state can change for the better instead of the worst.


1-8-2015 Too much government and not enough reform is overkill, but the right reforms can turn a government around and put a nation on the right path that is healthy for all citizens.


1-7-2015 Being prepared for life realities and governing from a realistic perspective versus just hoping everything will be okay without you ever taking any necessary or precautionary measures is a bunch of foolishness. Many nations and states are going through some catastrophic times right now because of thinking like that, and as a result of that kind of thinking, they were not prepared for what hit them.


1-6-2015 Many nations suffer financially unnecessarily because they have tied their economies into other nations. Trade with every nation is not wise, because not every nation walks in integrity with finances and economic policies and practices.


1-5-2015 Right economic policies produces prosperity, several new business startups, good paying jobs and careers fields, and a major economic boom in the land.


1-4-2015 Failed economic policies leads to wide scale poverty, economic collapse, recession, and eventually great depression and famine in the land.


1-3-2015 You cannot continue to run a nation in this generation and time off of outdated policies and laws that were passed forty to one hundred plus years ago.


1-2-2015 It is crazy for any government to keep trying failed strategies and policies that does not work.


1-1-2015 A new strategy for a New Year is just what you 12-31-2015 The economy and security are the main two things that the people of your nation are judging your performance by.