After spending time with God, he told me to answer some specific questions that were in your minds, or that you've been saying, or praying. He told me to answer some of the questions and concerns that Heaven has been hearing through prayers and statements spoken by his people. Some have more than one answer listed; at least one or more of those listed will be your exact answer. I will answer them with words and with Scriptures. If a question or an answer does not apply to you, don't get offended, just keep believing God for your answers to show up and they will come forth by the Spirit of the Living God.


12-26-2014 You must get rid of fear, because it is of the devil, and it did not come from God. See 2 Timothy 1:7. Fear is an evil spirit that has torment associated with it. See 1 John 4:18. When you don't get rid of fear you give it permission to bring to pass evil things in your life that you fear. See Job 3:25. When you operate in fear, the Lord wants to know, why are you submitting to a different master?, because fear is of the devil, and faith is of the Lord. You cannot submit to two masters. See Matthew 6:24. It is either the devil or the Lord, faith or fear. You choose. What most people don't know is that fear is punishable by Hell's fire, because it is not a product or design of our heavenly Father. See Revelation 21:7-8, and then Proverbs 28:1. When you look at Revelation 21:8, you will see that fear is at the top of the list. 

12-21-2014 Whenever you make time for anything else before God, and decide to short change God, it works against you. Exodus 20:3. 

12-19-2014 Joy is your portion in this life. See Ecclesiastes 2:10. 

12-18-2014 Joy shall be upon your head. See Isaiah 51:11. 

12-17-2014 The Lord is not the one that is making you sad; it is all those false prophets that you are listening to. See Ezekiel 13:22 and John 16:22. It is always God's will for you to have joy. 

12-16-2014 If you are feeling a little cold in your relationship with the Lord, then you need to ask him to restore the joy of your salvation. See Psalm 51:12. 

12-15-2014 The Lord has anointed you with the oil of gladness above everybody else, so that is why you would be so full of joy and not sad, even when trials are going on in your life. A trial should not be able to take your smile when you live and operate in faith. The world cannot take away your joy. See Psalm 45:7. 

12-14-2014 The Lord has anointed you with the oil of gladness, so be happy and filled with joy. See Hebrews 1:9. 

12-13-2014 There is an oil of joy for you when you are mourning. See Isaiah 61:1-3, specifically verse 3. The garment of praise also cures your spirit of heaviness, so go ahead and praise him. 

12-12-2014 When you are meek, you will increase in joy in the Lord. See Isaiah 29:19. 

12-11-2014 When you get a good word spoken unto you, it produces joy inside of you that will come out of your mouth. See Proverbs 15:23. 

12-10-2014 The Lord is still looking for the sons of God to shout for joy. See Job 38:7. 

12-9-2014 When you know the Lord takes pleasure in you prospering, you will shout for joy. See Psalm 35:27. 

12-8-2014 When you do what the Lord has called and purposed you to do, you will enter into the joy of the Lord versus having the grief of this world on your shoulders. See Matthew 25:13-23. 

12-7-2014 The joy of the Lord is your strength. See Nehemiah 8:10. 

12-6-2014 Joy is one of the fruit of the spirit so you should have joy. See Galatians 5:22-23. 

12-5-2014 Joy in the Holy Ghost is a part of God's Kingdom plan for your life; see Romans 14:17. 

12-4-2014 You are to live joyfully with your spouse that you love, because it is your portion in life. See Ecclesiastes 9:9. 

12-3-2014 When the Lord answers you in the joy of your heart, it is because he has given you the good life. See Ecclesiastes 5:18-20. 

12-1-2014 No man has a right to take away your joy. See John 16:22. 

11-30-2014 The commandments of God and his words spoken to you are designed for his joy to be in you and for you to be filled with his joy. See John 15:10-11. Let your cup also run over with his joy. 

11-29-2014 David gave the Lord a special sacrificial offering to stop a plague from devouring the people of that nation. The right offering given to the Lord will stop a plague from going forth in an entire nation. See 1 Chronicles 21:9-28. This kind of offering will stop deadly pandemic outbreaks in its tracks. 

11-28-2014 It is what Mary Magdalene did that got Jesus attention and it got her brother Lazarus raised from the dead. See Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 7:37-50, and John 11:2. 

11-27-2014 You cannot give God glory without giving him an offering. 1 Chronicles 16:29 and Psalms 96:8. 

11-26-2014 Cornelius' giving of alms got God's attention and as a result the Lord sent an angel to him with some instructions, and it got his entire family saved as a result of his obedience in giving mixed with his prayers. See Acts 10:1-48. The Lord will see to it that givers and their entire families are saved. 

11-25-2014 Solomon gave a significant offering that got God's attention and caused him to show up and talk to him the same night. See 1 Kings 3:4-15. There are certain things that you do to get God to move in your life. The Bible is filled with principles and promises, and it is the principles that you follow and do that activates and releases those promises. A cell phone does not do you any good if it is not activated, because you still can't use it and make calls. So it is with the promises of God in the Bible, it does you no good if you don't know how to activate the promises that you see, and how to get God to move in your life. Many people sit on the sidelines and watch the players, but they never enter the game themselves, but tend to complain in life about why they are not winning. 

11-24-2014 Noah gave the Lord an offering to remove a curse. You can do the same thing. See Genesis 8:20-22. What Noah did was prophesied by his Father Lamech in Genesis 5:28-29 and his actions removed the curse brought on by the sin and disobedience of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden; see Genesis 3:17-19. What curse or generational curse do you need broken off of your life that you see still lingering around after many years and many generations. 

11-23-2014 Sometimes you may be wondering why you are getting your butt kicked in life in so many battles even after you have heard from God, but many of life battles are not won until you give the Lord a proper offering to work with, so that he can work on your behalf. It is not that you are paying the Lord for his services, but it is all about you honoring him with your substance and when you do that, it now opens up the door for you to win in a desperate battle of your life. Please read Judges 20:18-48 and you see the children of Israel lost in the first two battles after the Lord told them to go up to fight, but in Verse 26, it was the offering that made the difference to win against their enemies that were beating their butts, and they fasted too. Many people have prayed and fasted for years, but have gotten no results, because they have not mixed their fasting and praying with their giving. See Proverbs 3:9-10. Some strongholds in your life requires a different ingredient to take down the enemy of your soul in a particular area of your life. The Bible is filled with many mysteries and secret principles that if you do them and operate in them, it yields a different result, and that is the reason why some people gets their prayers and answers in specific matters while others don't. It is a matter of honoring the Lord not just with lip service of the mouth, but with the power of a seed and a right seed, because the seed has to be right or it won't work. The wrong seed angers God. See also Malachi 1:6-14, Hebrews 11:4, and Genesis 4:1-7, and Malachi 3:3-5. A combination of prayer, fasting, and giving the right offering will get you results. See Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29, and Isaiah 58:6-9.

11-20-2014 You have to be very careful that you don't get so spiritually desperate that you run to try and get a word from any and everybody that is called a prophet or some spiritualist, because some these sources are demonic and not from God, and the Lord does not expect for you to try to figure out every detail of your life. The wrong word from the wrong source can mess you up for a lifetime. When you fear the Lord you want try to go after other sources that are strange to his Spirit. If it is not the Spirit of God, then you don't need to fool with it. Some people have done these things in life, and now they some strange things following their lives, and they end up with a series of misfortunes and calamities following their lives. See Leviticus 19:31, Isaiah 8:19, and now read Isaiah 8:10-20. 

11-19-2014 When you fear the Lord it will cause you to do things faithfully and with a perfect heart. See 2 Chronicles 19:9. 

11-18-2014 Whenever you refuse to change in life, it proves that you don't fear God, and you automatically invite affliction to come into your life. See Psalm 55:19. The way to avoid any unnecessary afflictions in your life is to change as the Lord requires of you. If you love the Lord, you will keep his commandments, or life itself will afflict you and it won't necessarily be the Lord doing it directly. See also John 14:15 & 21-24 and John 15:9-10. 

11-17-2014 When you fear the Lord your days on earth will be prolonged. A lot of young folks do not fear the Lord in this generation, and they are checking up out of here at an early age, but this madness has to stop, and we have to teach them again. See Proverbs 10:27. 

11-16-2014 Whenever you fear the Lord, you won't reject his knowledge, nor his counsel, nor his correction when he sends it to you. See Proverbs 1:29-30. Sometimes some people just don't fear the Lord like they say they do, or like they think they do. 

11-14-2014 When you fear the Lord it extends your time on earth. See Proverbs 19:23. 

11-13-2014 When you fear the Lord you will live a clean and pure life. See Psalms 19:9. 

11-12-2014 When you fear the Lord you will hate what the Lord hates. See Proverbs 8:13. 

11-11-2014 When you fear the Lord that will be the beginning of him imparting wisdom into your life. See Proverbs 9:10 and Psalm 111:10. 

11-10-2014 When you fear the Lord that will be the beginning of him imparting knowledge to you. See Proverbs 1:7. 

11-9-2014 When you are not humble and truthful, you actually create your own trials and it is not the devil attacking you. See James 4:1-17 and 1 Peter 5:5-11. 

11-6-2014 It is the Spirit of your Father in Heaven that speaks in you. See Matthew 10:20. 

11-5-2014 The Lord will complete what he has begun in you, and he'll perform it. Philippians 1:6. 

11-4-2014 The Lord is willing in you to do of his good pleasure. See Philippians 2:13. 

11-3-2014 The Lord is the one at work in you producing his will. See Ephesians 2:13. 

11-2-2014 The Lord says it is already in you. See Philemon 1:3-6, specifically Verse 6. There are good things in you already. 

10-31-2014 This is a season of him building you up. The Father is building you up in this season. See Psalms 102:13-16 & 17-22 and Acts 20:32. 

10-30-2014 It is when you go to sleep that the Lord can work his process in your life and do many Holy things in your life, and in many of those things he does not need you watching the entire process step by step as it unfolds. Some of you need to get delivered from having to know every detail of how the Lord is going to do everything in your life. Go to sleep. See Genesis 2:18 & 21-24, Genesis 15:12-21, and Genesis 28:10-22. 

10-29-2014 The Lord need you to watch. You have to know when it is a time to watch and not to sleep. See Matthew 26:36-46, Mark 14:32-42, and Luke 22:39-46. 

10-28-2014 You are commanded to watch. See Matthew 24:42-43, Mark 13:33-37, and Luke 21:36. 

10-27-2014 The Lord is the one that makes you a watchman to give warning to his people. See Ezekiel 3:17 and Ezekiel 33:7. 

10-26-2014 A lot of times you will see in the Scriptures how creative God’s people were. Uzziah made engines for war or likened unto cannons or weapons of war. See 2 Chronicles 26:14-15 and Ezekiel 26:9. 

10-25-2014 They had pavement even back in the days of King Solomon. See 2 Chronicles 7:3. 

10-24-2014 People can obviously see when you are happy or not under a certain wise leader; see 2 Chronicles 9:7. 

10-22-2014 The Bible is one way that the gospel has been published among all nations as Jesus spoke about in Mark 13:10. 

10-21-2014 A major key to your prosperity is you not trying to justify your sins and not covering them up, because if you justify them when you know you are wrong and seek to cover them up, then you won't prosper. See Proverbs 28:13. 

10-20-2014 When you say things that are contrary to God's word and his promises over your life you will have to give an account of those things to the Lord in the Day of Judgment, so watch what you say and speak; see Matthew 12:34-37. 

10-19-2014 You have to watch what you say; see Psalms 141:3. 

10-18-2014 Never promise people something that you yourself do not have the capacity or the necessary authority as an individual to deliver. Sometimes the Lord will test the motives of your heart to see if they be pure in all things. See Hebrews 4:12. 

10-17-2014 Sometimes you can cause unnecessary storms, troubles, and afflictions to come your way in life by your own actions, and it is not God's fault, it is not the devil's fault, and it is not man's fault, but your own; see Psalms 107:17; don't be no fool. Not changing when the Lord tells you to change causes more affliction in your life than anything; see Psalms 55:19; it is better for you to change when the Lord is leading you and telling you to change than to try to remain the same against all odds and against his will. The Lord wants to see his people free of all afflictions, and he brings his word first to tell you how to get free. 

10-16-2014 When you build an altar unto the Lord it will cause him to show up and talk to you the same day. See Judges 6:24-28, Genesis 8:20-22 & 9:1-17, Genesis 12:7-8, and Genesis 22:9-18 to name a few. 

10-15-2014 Sometimes in life you may find yourself taking on somebody else's fight (not talking about Kingdom corporate battle, but a battle for an individual) and it has you burnt out, tired, whipped, and weary, because you're too busy trying to fight their own battles for them and your own battles too. Sometimes people are slick and they will sit back and let you fight their battles for them and you'll be getting your butt kicked while they just laugh at you and stop helping you fight altogether and you are the one fighting for them. Don't you be no dummy! Let people fight their own battles. Many times it is difficult for you to run two households anyhow, and they want to always cry up in your ears, but you have responsibilities of your own that has to be addressed, so don't let them stick their foot out and trip you up because they are too lazy to fight their own battles.  See Galatians 6:5. Sometimes the Lord may lead you to help someone but not take over their whole fight, or you may feel compelled to help someone, but it is not his will for you to take over their whole fight. You cannot pass another person's test for them. God will not have you to get in the way of someone else's faith fight. Sometimes you can try to get in the way of what God intended for someone else's growth and development, and you cannot deliver them from their test, lest you get some too for yourself. 

10-14-2014 You have to walk in wisdom with those that are without so that you can redeem the times, because it is the latter days. See Colossians 4:5.

10-13-2014 The Lord can hearken unto a righteous leader and heal the people; see 2 Chronicles 30:20. 

10-12-2014 You have to redeem the times because the days are evil; see Ephesians 5:14-16 and Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. 

10-11-2014 The Lord says I am your redeemer and I have redeemed you by my blood according to the richness of my grace and you are accepted in the beloved; Ephesians 1:4-7. 

10-10-2014 Sometimes you may feel like you're living under a curse, but the Lord says you just need to renew your mind and tap into the redeeming power of the curse breaker. The Lord says the curse exists in your mind, because you have not renewed your mind to the fact that he has already fully delivered you and made a way for you to be blessed only; see Galatians 3:13-14. 

10-9-2014 The Holy Spirit will teach you all things; go take a look at See 1 John 2:27. 

10-8-2014 Through the unction of the Holy Spirit you can know all things. See 1 John 2:20. 

10-7-2014 The Holy spirit will also show you things to come, and He shows you what the Father have so that He can give you a glimpse of what the Father wants to give you. Look at John 16:13-15 and Daniel 7:18 & 27. 

10-6-2014 The Holy Spirit is your comforter, but He is also your teacher. See John 14:26. His job is also to call all things that the Heavenly Father said back to your remembrance. 

10-5-2014 The Holy Spirit is your access pass to the Father in Heaven; see Ephesians 2:18 and Romans 8:26-28. 

10-3-2014 When you are called, you will see your calling. The Bible says “for you see your calling.” See 1 Corinthians 1:26. 

10-2-2014 When you feel condemned, God is greater than your heart; see 1 John 3:19-22 and Romans 8:1-4. 

10-1-2014 Can you please the Lord without faith? No; look at Hebrews 11:6 and Deuteronomy 32:20. 

9-30-2014 Does the Lord have pleasure in someone that draw back? No, He does not; see Hebrews 10:38-39. 

9-29-2014 They are not going to be able to perform the evil and the mischief against you so just relax; see Psalm 21:11. 

9-28-2014 There always comes a time when the Lord cleans up his own house; see Zephaniah 1:2-9 and 1 Peter 4:17-19. 

9-26-2014 Whenever you make the mistake of putting too much people in your personal business, that is where you are tripping yourself up; see 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and then Micah 7:5-7. 

9-25-2014 Your pastor isn't your God, but he points you back to the will of God by equipping you and feeding you with a lot of knowledge and understanding so you can prosper in all things in life. Go study Jeremiah 3:15, Ephesians 4:11-16, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, and 2 Peter 1:19-21. 

9-24-2014 Sometimes you may not like your wilderness life experience, because you don't understand it, but when you understand it, it is not that bad when you're passing through it. Jesus was tested and proven in the wilderness, but he also defeated the devil in the wilderness with his words; see Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-14. For the children of Israel the wilderness was a place of supernatural provision with the Lord supplying for their needs; see Deuteronomy 8:15-16; the wilderness was a place for Elijah to hear from God; 1 Kings 19:4-18; for David it was a place of training, perseverance, and equipping; see 1 Samuel 22:1-7; the wilderness became a place of abundance for Jehoshaphat and all of Israel; look at 2 Chronicles 20:20-25. Don't you despise your wilderness, because your wilderness might be your place of provision, blessings, and promotion; see Psalm 65:9-13 & 13. It is your place of protection; see Revelation 12:1-14 & 15-17. 

9-21-2014 His strength is in the clouds so a cloudy day can prove to bless when you know the Lord is in the mix; look at Psalm 68:34. 

9-19-2014 If they suggest that you go to a wizard or a person with a familiar spirit or physic, then that person is not of God and has no word in them; see Isaiah 8:19-20. 

9-17-2014 Sometimes you feel like you feel (depressed and defeated), because of the thoughts, wishes, loose words, and negative prayers (praying against you and not for you) of others over your life, which amounts to witchcraft. There are many times that your dreams are also affected by these things, and you will have evil dreams because the witchcraft prayers and enchantments of others that don't like you for whatever reason. Witches and other evil doers still exists to this very day, and those are the kinds of things that they still practice, but their main targets are people that are vulnerable and weak, tired and weary, people that have the door opened to the enemy in their lives through sin, deception, and other unclean and unholy living, and they also target leaders and spiritual leaders and those in authority in the world and in the church. However, there is a promise from God to deliver you and others from these things, but you must also do your part by keeping the door closed to the enemy in your life. There are many evils that cannot touch you if you abide by the rules, forsake sin, and stop straddling the fence and playing with the fine lines of Hell. Even on another note, once that spirit is cut off, that Jezebel spirit won't be able to challenge you anymore. Here are your promises; look at Micah 5:9-12, Nahum 3:4-6, and 2 Kings 9:22; the spirit of Jezebel is always associated with witchcrafts, fornication, and adultery; see Revelation 2:18-24 & 29, 2 Kings 9:30-37, and 1 Kings 19:1-4; the prophet suffered depression and a suicidal spirit, because of that evil spirit of witchcraft that was coming from the spirit of Jezebel; see 1 Kings 21:23-25, and 1 Kings 21:1-29. 

9-16-2014 Even the dragons were commanded to praise God; see Psalm 148:7. 

9-15-2014 What was Joseph's position under Pharaoh? He was the governor; see Genesis 42:6 and Genesis 45:26. 

9-13-2014 He promised to show you things to come; look at John 16:13-15 and Isaiah 44:7.

9-12-2014 If it is something that you can control, handle, and manage, then go ahead and handle it, but if it is beyond your reach and out of your control, then it is the Lord's job. There are some battles that you don't even need to fight. All you have to do is show up to the battlefield, and the Lord will fight them for you. See 2 Chronicles 20:17 & 22-25 and then Exodus 14:8-14. 

9-11-2014 Can a Kingdom or nation divided against itself stand? No; see Matthew 12:25 and Amos 3:3. 

9-10-2014 What happens to the wicked and the nations that forget God? Read Psalm 9:17 and look around the world today. See 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9, 1 Peter 4:17-18, 2 Peter 3:1-18, Isaiah 1:28, and Jude 1:14-15. 

9-9-2014 Does the Lord laugh at you and mock you whenever calamity hits your life after you reject his counsel and his wisdom when he tells you to do something, but you don't do it. Yes; see Proverbs 1:22-27. It is always best to obey the Lord before he does Proverbs 1:28-33. 

9-8-2014 It is dangerous for you to answer to folks that the Lord did not tell you to answer to; see Isaiah 39:1-8. You only need to be concerned about answering to him (The Lord); see Matthew 10:24-28. 

9-7-2014 Is the Lord looking for a man to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for the land? Yep; see Ezekiel 22:30. Is it true if you break a prayer hedge or a hedge of protection that the Lord has you standing in the gap and covering someone else in a strategic season that you will get attacked and bitten by the same warfare that he had you shielding others from? Yep so don't get weary in covering them; see Ecclesiastes 10:8 & 11, Amos 9:3, Job 26:13, Isaiah 45:7, and Isaiah 54:16-17; the Lord create the devil so when you obey the Lord you don't have nothing to worry about because you are protected and no weapon formed against you shall prosper, but when you don't obey the Lord, then that is when the devil gets to harass you like Job; see Job 1:6-8 and Job 2:1-3; the Lord is the devil's Bossman. Your problems start when you don't obey God, but your problems will end when you start to obey him again and that's real. 

9-6-2014 The purpose of getting counsel is to prevent you from making a wrong move or making a major mistake. See Proverbs 11:14, Proverbs 12:15, Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 19:20-21, Proverbs 20:18, Proverbs 24:6, and Ecclesiastes 8:2. Counsel is designed for you to get it first before you do something major versus after the fact after you done messed up. It is a lot harder to fix a problem after the fact than it is to prevent one from even happening in your life beforehand. 

9-4-2014 What are the primary purposes of having shepherds (pastors) in your life? See Jeremiah 3:15-16, Jeremiah 23:4-5, Isaiah 30:20-24, Hebrews 13:17, Hebrews 13:7, and then also Hebrews 6:10-12; you increase and multiply when you are under the right set of pastors or leaders, receive their words, obey their teachings, sow into their lives; see Galatians 6:6 & 10, 1 Corinthians 9:7-11 & 13-14, Number 18:1-8 & 9-32, and Ezekiel 44:30, and Genesis 14:18-20, and also pray for them. 

9-3-2014 Was Jeremiah the prophet also a pastor? Yes; see Jeremiah 17:16. 

9-2-2014 If you are in the will of God for your life and you are a voice for God, then in due time your voice will be heard, and you will be discovered. Your life purpose will get you discovered and uncovered. There is always a day of your showing; see Luke 1:76-80. You don't have to call attention to yourself and show yourself off, because the Lord will show you off to his people and to the audience that you are called to at the appointed times. 

9-1-2014 Are there such things as treasures of snow and treasures of hail in the Lord's arsenal? Yep; see Job 38:22-23. 

8-31-2014 Does the Lord have an armory and weapons? Yep; see Jeremiah 50:25. 

8-30-2014 Does the Lord charge interest if I don't pay my tithes on time? Yes; see Leviticus 27:31, Malachi 3:8? Yep they sure will; see also Malachi 3:10-12; He said bring all not some or what you can do. 

8-28-2014 Can the Lord divinely protect you when you are preaching the Gospel? Yes; see Acts 18:9-10 and Matthew 10:26-30, and Luke 21:18.

8-26-2014 Delayed obedience is disobedience and partial obedience is disobedience. It is your full obedience to the Lord that brings the blessing; see Isaiah 1:19, Job 36:11, and Deuteronomy 28:1-13, and Leviticus 26:3-13. Some people never walk in the fullness of the blessing because, they never obey the Lord, or they never fully obey the Lord in all that He is asking them to do; see Hebrews 2:1-4 and Hebrews 12:24-29. 

8-25-2014 You said, “Lord what am I doing wrong and where am I missing it at?” And you asked for specific answers, and now you are in a season where the Lord is speaking to you and giving you those specific answers. See Isaiah 58:1-14 and Isaiah 59:1-21, Isaiah 60:1-22, Isaiah 61:1-11, Isaiah 62:1-12, Isaiah 63:1-19, Isaiah 64:1-4, 1 Corinthians 2:9, Proverbs 8:17-21, Proverbs 8:12, and Deuteronomy 8:18. 8-24-2014 Divide and conquer is the strategy of the devil; see Matthew 12:25. 

8-23-2014 When your offering is not right, the Lord will not receive it, and nothing will happen for you, because you are robbing him in not just the tithes, but offerings. He said tithes and offerings, because some people just stop at the tithes; see Malachi 3:8, Malachi 3:3, Genesis 4:3-7, and Hebrews 11:4. You want a miracle from the Lord, but you are coming before him with empty hands; see Exodus 23:15-30, Deuteronomy 16:16-17, and 2 Corinthians 8:11-15. What you have in your hand releases your miracle; see 1 Kings 17:8-16, 2 Kings 4:1-2, and Luke 8:1-3. 

8-18-2014 Can the Lord fire a Pastor? Yes; see Ezekiel 34:10. 

8-15-2014 Is it possible for evil not to touch you? Yes it is very possible if you believe; see 1 John 5:18, Ecclesiastes 8:5, Luke 21:18, Matthew 10:30, Proverbs 19:23, Job 5:19-25, Psalm 91:5-16, and Isaiah 54:14-15 & 17; divine protection is real. 

8-14-2014 Is there anything about breast feeding in the Bible? Yes; see Song of Solomon 8:1, Psalm 22:9, Joel 2:16, Isaiah 28:9, Isaiah 66:11, Job 3:12, Luke 11:27, Luke 23:29, Genesis 21:7, 1 Kings 3:21, Lamentations 4:3-4, Matthew 24:19, Mark 13:17, Luke 21:23, 1 Samuel 1:23, Psalms 8:2, Matthew 21:16, Isaiah 11:8, and Isaiah 49:15. After hearing from God, the Lord told me to address this issue of breast feeding in the Church and in the world once and for all from a balanced approach so that women are not kicked out of churches or public places for breast feeding their children. First of all, let me say this, the Lord chose this subject for me, and I didn't choose it for myself. I prayed and asked the Lord what did he want me to address today in this section, and He said breast feeding, and I'm like Wow! Really? He said the reason that I want you to address it is because it is still a major point of contention in the world and in the church with the ladies that desire to do so. A lot of my people and Elders don't know that such things are in my Word, so show it to them in abundance, so He gave me all of the Scriptures above that you see. I did not know anything about this subject before until today, so I promise you that it was not me, but it was the Lord. I had no knowledge of this stuff beforehand, and it would have been an uncomfortable subject in the natural for me to address in and of myself, so it is the Lord. It is okay to breast feed your baby if you so choose to do so, but the balance is that you don't need to walk around with your whole breast hanging out for all people to see, especially men. You do have to be considerate of men and how they feel, because that might turn them on to see those breasts hanging out all over the place and giving them a peep show, because some of those jokers, in the world and in the church, still struggle with lust demons, and some of them are even hooked on pornography, so you have to be mindful of that. It don't help them to see you fully exposed. Besides, you don't have to be fully exposed to breast feed your baby. Women of old knew to take one of those little baby blankets and cover the remainder of their breasts so that it was not exposed for others to see. That is just the virtuous thing to do. The women of the world and of this generation wants to let everything just hang out, but you women in the church know that we hold standards, and we walk in an orderly and decent fashion without calling too much attention to ourselves, or being provocative in our actions or our dress codes. You are the light of the world so you should be an example to the women of the world. A lot of the women of the world want other men, especially married men to see their stuff, because they desire to take your husband or man from you, and if you listen to their modern day lyrics in their songs, that is what they rap about, and that is what they sing about, and that is what today's movies mainly promote, adultery and fornication. You have to be wise and be decent, and be a light, and not blend in and look like the rest of the women of the world that intentionally dress in a provocative and demeaning manner. Usually the root of that type of behavior is a low self-esteem, and they want some attention, and they want to be accepted and fit in, because they have been rejected and neglected most of their lives, and they want men to notice them, married or not. Women in the Kingdom of God, you do not want men to identify you and label you as a Ho (whore) like the rest of the women in the world that they call that, because of any kind of provocative dress codes. You don't want no one to look at you as a slut and call you those kind of names, so always be mindful of how you dress and how you carry yourself as a woman of God, and don't follow the world lest you get a bad rep. I am going to give you an assignment to open your eyes, and this is deep and this is strong; I want you to do an Internet search and type in these words “women in tight and revealing clothes” and see what comes up, and you'll see how the world identifies you and categorize you when you dress and look a certain way. Just look at the site titles, but don't you click on any of those sites. I just want you to see for yourself how you get labeled when you dress a certain way. Whenever you see the titles that come up when you do a Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or Google search, if you say that does not define who I am, then stop fitting that dress code, and you won't be mislabeled and identified with the wrong crowd. I speak these to you as a man of God and a father in the faith, or to those of you that see me as your big brother in the faith, because I know most of you precious daughters of God don't know these things, and I am watching over you so that you don't damage your life and reputation in any kind of way that would make you look or appear to others as unholy or not saved if you are. Thank God this subject is over, because it would not have been a subject of my choosing. Well, I guess that is what I get for praying and asking the Lord, because not only did he cover the whole breast feeding part, but he also touched on dress codes, and this is not to put anybody in any type of bondage on how you dress, but what I am saying is that you must use wisdom on how you dress and carry yourself at all times. Some stuff is only for you and your husband to see if you are married, and for your husband in the future to see if you are single and desire to be married at some point and time in life. I hope this has blessed you, because it was deep. 

8-13-2014 Does the Lord have the power to stop the floods? Yep, it just depends on if man repents or not, or if they continue on in evil; see Ezekiel 31:15 and Proverbs 8:29. 

8-11-2014 Can a leader do something wrong or evil that offends the Lord and their own actions cause the judgment of God to come on a whole nation and the people of that nation be plagued as a result of their sins? Yes, a lot of that is still happening today, even though you in your own individual life can be covered by the grace of God to protect you. Take a look at 1 Chronicles 21:1-30. 

8-10-2014 What was a Prophet called before time in Israel? A Seer; look at 1 Samuel 9:9. 

8-9-2014 Can meat help your health? Yes; see Acts 27:33-36.

8-8-2014 Did King David make instruments? Yep, he sure did; see 2 Chronicles 7:6.

8-7-2014 Does God get angry with the wicked? Yep; look at Psalm 7:11 and stop by that store and fill your tank with that spiritual knowledge. 

8-6-2014 You should not say that you are sick, because the Lord will heal you; see Isaiah 33:24; say this; Isaiah 53:4-5 and 1 Peter 2:21-24. 

8-5-2014 The reason why the Lord says in his word that you shall truly tithe is because He knows that many of his people operate deceitfully and does not fully tithe, and they try to pass off a partial tithe as a full tithe, or they only tithe out of one stream of income, but they have several other streams; see Deuteronomy 14:22-29. He has to say bring ye all, because He knows that you are not bringing it all, but you are comfortable robbing God as if He don't know or see; look at Malachi 3:10, Malachi 3:8-12, Malachi 1:6-14, Luke 11:42, and Matthew 23:23; He said not to leave the other undone, which is the tithing part. If He cannot trust you now with a dime out of every single dollar, then He definitely will not give you a million dollars or more or any major money, because you are a thief and a robber like Judas; see Luke 16:10-11, Malachi 3:8-9, John 10:1, and Nehemiah 13:10-13. 

8-2-2014 Can a person get sick or die from taking the Holy Communion in an unworthy manner? Yes, and this is also the reason why many religious churches have a sick and a shut-in list that is a mile long, or they have several funerals every week, because people were never taught to fully judge and examine themselves first, repent, forgive others, and make sure that they are in right standing with God. Look at 1 Corinthians 11:26-32. 

7-31-2014 Is God in the clothing business? Yep, He sure is; see Matthew 6:30, Luke 12:22-28, and Ezekiel 16:10-14. 

7-28-2014 If you feel that a certain leader doesn't understand you, then it is pretty obvious that they are not the one to be able to help you, so move on from there and find someone that can help you versus wasting their time and yours. You cannot force yourself on somebody like you are crazy, and make nobody understand you. Most of the time you don't even understand yourself. 2 Kings 6:26-27

7-27-2014 When a person is lost and in darkness and not born again, they cannot see nor understand the Kingdom of God and how it operates, and they will not be able to see, understand, or comprehend the mysteries of the Scriptures; see John 3:3-8, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6, John 1:1-5, John 3:17-21, and Isaiah 42:5-7, but when your eyes are enlightened, you see clearly and know the truth, and understand all mysteries; see 1 Corinthians 13:2, Luke 10:21-24, and Matthew 13:1-23. They will say that you don't know and you don't understand, but you know; See Matthew 13:11, Amos 3:7, and Revelation 10:7, but they are the ones that don't understand; see Psalm 82:5, Deuteronomy 32:28-29, and Isaiah 27:11. 

7-23-2014 Is it true that the streets in Heaven is made with gold? Yes, Duhh, our God is not broke. See Revelation 21:21.

7-22-2014 Does the Lord have to sometimes deliver his man of God, woman of God, or servants from the people that they are sent to? Yes, you bet; see Acts 26:16-17, Psalm 18:43-44, and 2 Thessalonians 3:1-16

7-20-2014 Did everybody on earth speak the same language at some point and time in earth's history? Yes; see Genesis 11:1-9 


Can a poor person be wise? Yes; see Ecclesiastes 9:14-16 Does the Bible really talks about dragons? Do they really be praising the Lord? Yep, sho-nuff, and they be getting their praise on too. Them boys really be praising the Lord, so how much more should be praising him all the more is those dragons can do it, Amen. See it for yourself in Psalm 148:7, and then you get your praise on. Give the Lord some praiseeeeeeee. (L.O.L.) 

Are there times when the Lord tells you not to pray for certain people or not to pray about certain things? Yes; see Jeremiah 7:16, Jeremiah 11:14, Jeremiah 14:11, and John 17:9 He is praying for you but not the world. It is very rare that the Lord will say to you not to pray for certain people or not to pray about certain things, a person has to be totally contrary to God in every little things both small and great and sold out to do wickedness, but he loves his people. 

A lot of times when a new leader comes into your life the voice of that old leader decreases in your life and takes a back seat because the Lord does not allow you to have two voices or two Pastors speaking into your life at the same time because it would cause confusion, chaos, and many times there may be a difference of opinion between the two in some cases; see John 3:27-30 and John 1:35-37 You cannot have but one head, because anything with two heads is a monster and that is division and confusion.

Does the earth have a mouth? Yes; see Numbers 16:30-34 and Number 26:9-10, Deuteronomy 11:6, and Revelation 12:13-16 Does Hell have a mouth? Yes; see Isaiah 5:11-14 & Psalm 69:15. Can you go to Hell for drinking wine and Alcohol? Yes, you bet; see Isaiah 5:11-14 & 22-25, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:16-21, Isaiah 28:1-29, Proverbs 20:1, and Proverbs 31:1-9 

How do I know if the Lord is calling me into Ministry? Don't worry he will tell you; See Exodus 3:1-31 and Jeremiah 1:4-10. 

Change is something that is necessary and when you decide not to change in life then you are automatically signing up for afflictions to come into your life. See Psalm 55:19. When you sin or if you decide to do something wrong in life and you don't repent or you don't have any remorse at all about it does not mean that judgment or rebuke is not going to come to you just because nothing has happened to you yet. Many times in life and in the Kingdom of God and in the earth Judgment is delayed for a season to give people some time to repent, but judgment always comes on an evil work. See Ecclesiastes 8:11 and Revelation 2:19-29 Delayed judgment always fools people, so if you are in some mess you had better quit now and repent. Sometimes it is years later before some things ever catch up with some folks, but every dog has his day and every sow has her moment. Take a look at Proverbs 26:10-12 and 2 Peter 2:22. 

Does a dog have a spirit and do all dogs go to heaven or is that a myth? A dog does have a spirit and all animals, but the Bible says the spirit of a beast goes downward to the earth; it didn't say Hell, it said to the earth. Read it for yourself in the book of Ecclesiastes 3:21. 

Is there such a thing as animal cruelty in the Bible and does the Lord expect for you to take care of all your pets? Yes he does, he even blesses your pets when you begin to live right and also obey his commandments. See also Deuteronomy 28:1-4 & 11. 

I have people that owe me money, but they won't pay me at all; You need think about whom do you owe money to first and then go and pay them, then now you release those people to now pay you. If you never pay people back that you owe money to, or you never pay people at all, then you will reap a harvest of people doing the same things to you on a greater measure. The harvest is always greater than the seed sown. When you don't pay people that you owe, then people that owe you money will not pay you or they will keep ducking and dodging you knowing that they owe you money. If you have a habit of not paying people, then people will have a habit of not paying you. The same principle holds true for entire federal and state or provincial government branches. If the government has a problem with paying people that they owe money to, then they will reap a harvest of loss revenues and people failing to pay them that owe them money. See Galatians 6:7. If you have a bad habit of making people wait on their money, then you will find out very quickly that people will make you wait on your money. If you are always expecting everything free or at a discounted rate, then everybody around you will always expect everything from you to be free or discounted, especially if you are in business. 

Can a person get into the Kingdom of Heaven if they are prejudice? If you are still prejudice and you say that you are a Christian, you won't be getting into Heaven like that, because the Kingdom of Heaven will have all races there. See Revelation 7:9-17. As a matter of fact, you are not even a Christian if you are prejudice or still prejudice. There is no way that you can know Jesus and be in him if you still are harboring hatred, violence, or prejudice in your heart towards any other race at all. You don't know him, because when he comes into your life he cleans up all of the mess and racial prejudice. I don't care what race you are, if you are prejudice, you won't be getting into his Kingdom. I say that will all boldness and with all power and delegated authority given to me by God. Look at 1 John 2:8-11, 1 John 3:7-15, 16-18, Matthew 5:20-24 and Matthew 7:21-23, Luke 6:46-49, John 13:34-35, and Galatians 5:7-26. You don't get into Heaven just because you want to or just because you say that you are a Christian, but you get in you play by Heaven's rules and obey the Commandments of the Lord. 

Get rid of fear, because fear always produces a harvest that will be unwanted and in most cases not welcomed by you. See Job 3:25, Job 22:10-11. If you fear a flood, then one will come. If you have fear that an earthquake is coming soon, then there will be one. If you are constantly in fear of losing everything that you got, then guess what? You will lose everything that you got. That is why you must get rid of fear, because fear is a tormenting spirit from hell that is designed to get you hell's results for your life here in the earth, but faith is God's answer to coming out of your life problems and concerns in the earth. See 1 John 4:18, 2 Timothy 1:7. 

Satan targets people that are; 1) weak 2) that are vulnerable 3) that won't forgive others 4) people with bad or wrong motives or intentions 5) people with bad habits 6) people that are filled with lust and that have lustful desires and lustful intentions 7) people that filled with sin and sinful intentions whose hearts are led by sin and deceived by sin 8) people that don't know what the bible says 9) people that compromise God's ways, word, and standards 10) people that break God's Commandments, Rules, Laws, and Precepts 11) people that lie 12) and people that steel. 

Demons hide in Weak People and they also hide in people that have the door open through 1) Sin 2) Unbelief 3) Lust 4) Pornography 5) And many other things. If you open up the door to demon spirits through these avenues, then you may be in trouble or troubled by them. If you keep the door closed to these evil things, then you won't have those kinds of encounters with them and they won't affect your children's lives either. Some things were even allowed in through former drug use or former drug activities or prostitution through soul ties from the past that you never have fully dealt with, repented of, or had broken from over your life along with the curses that came along with them. Believing in Jesus is just the first step to breaking these things from over your life and the curses that may be following you from those previous soul ties. There are many people sitting in the Churches that are still bound with some things and struggling with some issues. Full deliverance only comes by the blood of Jesus and knowing what he has done for you, but you have to make sure that you are really in him and not just being religious. 2 Corinthians 13:5 is a good rule) This is a serious subject, especially in the Church. 

Why are some pastors going through so much stuff? 1) Some pastors are going through some things because they have deviated from teaching the truth of God's word. They better thank God that he would challenge them to get their attention and wake them up on this side of eternity versus them blindly continuing down the wrong path and spend eternity in destruction and Hell. Praise God for his intervention and just repent and be restored in whatever area that you need it in. 2) Some pastors are going through things that is no fault of their own, but they are standing for righteousness sake, and they are under satanic assault and attack for preaching this gospel to a sinful world that hates God and mankind and they don't care about anybody but themselves and their misled views. They are in allegiance to the Antichrist and they are God haters. They hate Christians and all good or righteous people. They hate everything good and right, but they love evil. They do everything within their power and means to hinder the gospel and to try and destroy preachers, pastors, and the work of God, but God cannot and will not be stopped or hindered. His will shall always be fully and completely fulfilled at any cost, because he has put it in the hearts of his people, which are brave men and women of God that bear the brunt of these attacks and storms, these are brave pastors that are suffering for the sake of righteousness. 3) They are pastors that are going through some tough stuff just to reach out to you from experience, and God has ordained them to experience some tough stuff just to reach you and minister to you from total experience on how to come out of that thing that you are dealing with, because God delivered them and brought them through it before you ever dreamed of experiencing it. Some storms in life are very uncomfortable, but if you persevere and endure to the end, then you shall be saved in the end baby, so don't be discouraged. Have you ever gone to Church and expected your pastor to confirm something that you really needed confirmed? 

Did you really need your pastor to give you an answer that you desperately needed to know, but the answer didn't come, but in times past, your exact answers always came through them as your pastor and leader, but it didn't come that particular time? Then, he totally answered you through a total different source. 1) It is because he needed you to know that he is your source, not that pastor; 2) It is because God doesn’t want to look for him to answer you the same way every time. He needed you to know that he is your voice and he'll answer you just how he chooses. 3) That pastor could have been distracted that day or off track, because they were dealing with some things or going through something. They are human and flesh just like all men. I know some times we may expect pastors and leaders to be super heroes, but they are made of flesh and bones just like you. They too have their moments, so you need to have mercy on them and pray for them. Help pray them through their storm. Pray that the Lord will bring them through. Pray that God will build them up and use them mightily. Make the devil out of a liar versus persecuting them and talking bad about them and tearing them down. I dare you to be a solution versus being a part of the problem and helping the devil to further divide the Ministry. I dare you to pray for them. I dare you to cover them and keep them covered in prayer. I dare you to declare a fast for them. I dare you to make a difference. I dare you to have a different spirit than everybody else that is talking about them and condemning them and beating them down. I dare you have a different spirit like Joshua and Caleb. You are the strength of the Ministry behind the scenes, because you are chosen to be different. I dare you to still the crowd of people that want to crucify the pastor. I dare you to hold him or her up in prayer. I dare you to help see them through a time of adversity. Some of the greatest leaders are leaders that are leaders behind the scenes that don't need notoriety and the public spotlight and all the credit and accolades for what you are doing to push another man or woman's Ministry, mission, or vision. God will answer you right here on this website, if you put a demand on the Holy Ghost to answer you. Some people know how to get their answers every time, because they place a demand on the Holy Spirit to deliver those answers and the Lord does hear your prayers and answers them. You just need to keep having faith in the Lord and he will deliver. Sometimes people ask for prayer to pray for their divided families, and sometimes God can bring peace in a marriage, but when you're talking about a whole family of extended relatives such as aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins, and all these other folks, that just may not be a reality prayer all the time, but God will give you the grace to cope with people that are hard to get along with at times or all the times. The reason I said that is because some of your family members are not on the same team and you are not going the same places in life and that's where the conflict comes in at. Some of your family members hate God and they hate you. Don't waste your life, time and focus on that, just make sure that you are living right before the Lord and being a light to them in a dark place. Read these scriptures and you'll see from a bible perspective why I said what I just said. See Micah 7:5-6, Matthew 10:34-37, Matthew 10:21, Matthew 12:25, Mark 3:24-25, Luke 11:17, Matthew 24:10, 12, Mark 13:12, Luke 2:16, Genesis 4:1-12, Hebrews 11:4, 1 John 3:11-18. In one case, God told Abraham to get away from his Kin folks, because he had a different destiny for him than the family norm. See Genesis 12:1-4. On another occasion God didn't even talk to Abraham again until after he had separated from lot, because there was strife there between lot's herdsmen and Abraham’s herdsmen. See Genesis 13:1-13, then focus on Verses 14-18. Joseph was separated from his family for a long season, until he got into the place where God wanted him to be, which second in command and commander of an entire nation (Egypt). His brothers did him evil, but the Lord turned it around for God in the end. (See Genesis chapters 37-50) Elisha had to leave his family behind to follow Elisha (1 Kings 19:19-21) Jesus told all his disciples to leave all and follow him. (Matthew 4:17-25, Matthew 19:27-30, Mark 10:28-31, Luke 18:28-30) Focus on him and just learn to pray for the others. Pray that he will send anointed laborers across your family member’s path that can reach them and someone that they will listen too. See Matthew 9:37-38. 

Some Prophetic voices promote and echo nothing but the voice of fear. However, true Prophetic voices; 1) Always gives you specific answers or vital instructions to a way out of destruction or some kind of impending danger 2) May have to tell you the truth that may seem like doom or gloom and hopeless, but hears from God on what to do to avoid danger or death in many cases 3) Provides hope and sounds off the voice of hope 4) Speaks life into a dead situation 5) Sees the real answers as heaven reveals them 6) Shows you the way through the darkness 7) Shows you the blessing out of a messed up looking situation 8) Help propel you into the future 9) Help propel you into your future and destiny 10) echoes the will of God in the earth 11) Echoes the voice of God in the land 12) Points you in the right direction 13) Sees the end from the beginning 14) In most cases, can see months, years, decades, and centuries down the line in the earth and in the heavens as it was revealed to John in the book of revelations and other Prophets and apostles. 

The difference between the false Prophets and the real Prophets are; 1) The false promotes fear and will leave you in fear, which fear is from Satan. A perfect example of this can be found in Nehemiah 6:1-14. See also 2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 4:17-18. 2) The real voices of God promotes faith and hope to the people of God and shows the people of the land a way out of their tragic dilemma like Jonah did with Nineveh, which led them to repent and turn to the Lord.  See Jonah 3:1-10. 3) In most cases with the false everything is all about them and the focus is on them, and it is all about money and/or material things, but with the real it is all about doing the will of God from the heart, caring about others, winning souls to Christ, promoting the kingdom of God, and putting all the focus and attention back on Jesus versus yourself, which in return for your obedience to Christ and doing his will, he rewards materially, spiritually, and financially for doing his will without you ever asking him for those things, as he did with Solomon. See 1 Kings 3:5-13. 

Should I go back to my old spouse; We have been divorced for some time now? 1) You have to ask yourself why do I want to go back. If the answer is anything other than because of I love them, then no don't go back, because your motives are wrong. 2) Do you see a change in him or her? In other words, the thing that caused you guys to split and depart in the first place, has that area changed? If there is no obvious change or repentance in their lives and their heart towards you, then don't go back, because you will be going back into the same ole' situation. Then sometimes they may not have been the only problem. You may have been the problem and you need to change, because you are still too selfish and want to have things your way. You like to control things and other people and you need to change. It's easy to point out other people's faults, flaws, and problems, but until you judge your own self and make the necessary changes in your own life and stop making excuses as to why you can't change, then don't go back. You are not ready. You need to quit blaming other people and take responsibility for your own actions. When you change, for the better and stay changed, then you'll see others around you change for the better, but until you identify the root cause of the problem that led to the divorce in the first place, then you are not ready for remarriage at all, so just wait. 

Why does it seem like so many leaders within the Church and the body of Christ are falling? Take a look at Daniel 11:32-35, Daniel 12:1, 7-10, Daniel 8:23-27, Isaiah 32:5-8, Daniel 7:21-22, 25-27, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-13 

Why are so many bad things happening in the earth and all around me? 1) A lot of things are happening because people are not praying and standing in the gap and some things happen due to an increase in sin in the land and turning away from God! See 2 Chronicles 7:12-15. 2) Some things happen because Jesus had already said that they would happen, so did many other Prophets throughout the bible. See Matthew 24:1-39, Luke 21:8-36 Mark 13:7-37, and 2 Timothy 3:1-17. 

Why have my Ministry finances and resources dried up? It seems as if everything has dried up and nothing is flowing! 1) It is because you have cut back on doing what the Lord has originally told you to do. You have even stopped doing altogether what he told you to do, and you have been using the finances to do other things that are real good works except he didn't tell you to do that thing specifically and you just assumed based upon the Word of God that you should be doing missions funding with the Ministry assignment money to the point that all of the Ministry resource money has already been obligated and designated to things that the Lord did not specifically assign or authorized you to do with that money. You made other commitments to man over your already commitments to the Lord and the assignments that he gave to you. There is nothing wrong with sowing into missions and other ministries, but when you do that first before your obedience to what God told you to do with the resources, then it causes drought in your Ministry. Your obedience to God first in what he told you to do is what produces and bring in the overflow of wealth and harvest to sow bountifully into other missions and Ministries from the overflow that is coming into your Ministry, but you still must ask the Lord what he wants you to do with that money and not just do what you assume is best or is a good work or deed, and don't let men manipulate you into doing something that the Lord didn't tell you or sanction you to do. It is his Ministry and it is his money, not yours to decide what to do with it. Money always comes with an assignment. Now this has nothing to do with your own personal sowing and obedience to God in your own personal finances; I'm specifically talking about sowing as a leader and steward of a Ministry that God gave you to manage and to oversee on his behalf. See 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 and Luke 16:10. You must allow the Lord to direct your sowing. Then there are times where he does expect you to know what to do with the overflow without him telling you when and where to sow, but make sure that you do what you know that he wants you to do with the money first, then sow and grow and reap harvest, but you get a guaranteed harvest when you sow where the Lord tells you to sow versus you assuming where to sow and plant seed at, or someone telling this Ministry is good ground just because they want your seed and want you to sow into their Ministry. The Lord will show you where good ground is, but because it is good ground does mean that he wants you to sow there all the time, every time, or at that particular time. If you ask him where should you sow or what to do with the money that comes into your Ministry, into your trust and into your care, then he'll tell you and you position yourself for a guaranteed harvest and overflow of God's abundance and blessings. See Proverbs 3:5-10. 2) The next reason that the resources in a Ministry may dry up is due to sin in the life of that leader or allowing sin in his leaders lives within the Ministry and not corrected them or dealing with that evil. See 1 Samuel 3:10-14, 1 Samuel 2:27-36, Jeremiah 5:21-25 then 26-31 spells out the problem and the Lord's judgment. 3) Having people in your Ministry or life that are prejudice or aligning yourself and Ministry with other Ministries and Ministers that are racist or prejudice; that will stop up the blessing flow in a minute. Take a good look at Matthew 5:19-24, Revelation 5:7-9 and also Revelation 7:9. You can't be racist or prejudice in the kingdom of God; that type of foolishness and nonsense just won't work. 4) Covering up your sins in Ministry and justifying them and just writing them off like it is nothing and not repenting and showing no remorse at all whatsoever. See Proverbs 28:13-14, Proverbs 22:4. 5) The Lord is speaking to you about moving to another geographical location for your Church or your Ministry, but you have not obeyed him or you have delayed moving and you have been found guilty of procrastination. See 1 Kings 17:1-7, 8-10, Psalm 68:6, 18-19. It is already laid up, but you can't get it until you obey God and move. See also Job 36:11-16, Isaiah 1:19-20. 

Can a Church be in a house or in someone's house? Yes it can. There are several accounts of this in the Bible. As a matter of fact, when you are first starting out and you are a new Pastor, it may be economically sound to begin that way until you get enough members, supporters, and partners to the work that the Lord has called you to instead of getting in debt up front and hoping and praying that everybody tithe and give offering to pay the lights, mortgage, rent, or expenses that it would take to run a new found Church or Ministry. You may not even have enough members yet to justify getting a building, but you must do whatever the Lord tells you to do. For some other pastors, the Lord may require you to get a building up front. Many of the early Churches in the New Testament of the bible were in houses. In some countries around the world, Churches have to be in houses because their governments don't embrace Christianity or Churches and they are not allowed to worship openly in a public building. In other countries you can be killed for your faith if you are not a Muslim or of a different belief or religion, so they are forced to meet secretly in their houses just to stay alive. Many Christians in foreign nations are persecuted for their faith and belief in Jesus. In many cases, Christians are killed and Churches are burned down by gangsters of a different religious belief and they are targeted by these thugs every day. It then becomes more profitable to have a Church in a house as a safe haven to ward off unnecessary persecution in a land of terror. Look at the Scriptures below on Bible proof that Churches can be in a house because some people are ignorant and unlearned and need to be taught what the Bible says versus what they think or their opinion. The Bible is always right, but you are not unless you agree with the Bible and what it says. There are no excuses for ignorance. You need to study to show yourself approved unto God, then you may be able to teach the word of God unto to others, but you must get it first before that ever happens in the first place. See 1 Corinthians 16:19, Colossians 4:15, Philemon 1:2, Romans 16:3-5, Acts 28:30-31. 

Why has the money been slowly coming in and has almost stopped for my Church building fund; I know God told me to do this? See Ezra 5:1-2, Ezra 6:14, 2 Samuel 7:1-17, Amos 3:7. 1) It is because you are trying to go around the Ministry of the Prophets. See Hosea 12:10, 13. 2) For some of you, it is because you are not obeying God. You are not following his detailed instructions, or you have deviated from what he originally told you to do. 3) Yet for others, you are moving ahead of the plan of God and the timing of God and that has been coming up in your spirit, but you didn't want to receive that and you are in denial and you don't want to look like a fool to your congregation. 4) What's more important, your pride and reputation or obeying God? 5) The vision that you see is for someone else to do that is under you in Ministry and what's in your heart is their assignment and not yours. 6) You are not walking in integrity with the finances of the Ministry, and you are doing what you want to do with them versus what God is ordering you to do with them, so they are on hold. You must learn to prioritize and put first things first. God does look at your stewardship and your stewardship and money management does count, says the Lord! 7) You are under a satanic attack on your Church or Ministry, but this can be broken by some anointed fervent prayer, says the Lord! One of these statements is your answer. Search your heart and be honest and you will know exactly which one it is, but here's a clue. The one that stood out to you the most and grabbed your attention is your answer, or the one that you are wrestling with is your answer, saith the Lord! Most of the time, the devil is not your problem because the Lord has given you power over him and his works. You also have faith to overcome the adversary. If you have a problem, then you need to go to the Lord for further instructions and stop blaming the devil and bind his tail up. See Luke 10:17-20, Psalm 91:13-16, Matthew 16:18-19, Matthew 18:18-20, and Matthew 12:29-30. Get someone that has faith to agree with you in prayer. 

Why doesn’t my wife trust me anymore? 1) It is because you are a little too friendly with old girl on that Job. You smile up with her and treat her better than you treat your own wife, and even though you have not done anything with her outside of your marriage, you have thought about it and God looks at your heart and your wife can feel those vibes of disloyalty because you guys are one in the spirit. So it was when you guys got married, you became one flesh and one spirit in the eyes of God, and she'll know if you are cheating on her or if you are contemplating doing so. 2) For some of you reading this, you have gone outside of your marriage before and she knows about it, but you never apologized to you her and reassured her that you wouldn't do it again. So she is struggling with forgiving you and she is holding that against you and in her heart. Why doesn’t my husband trust me? You are a little too flirtatious and a little too friendly with too many men. You are always smiling up in every other man face and conversing with them even while they are hitting on you, but yet you are not that friendly with your own husband. You are too inviting and you need to change and honor your husband and God. Get rid of the adulterous thoughts out of your heart and mind. You love praise and compliments too much. You don't respect your husband, but you esteem other men more than him. That's not right I the eyesight of God! See Proverbs 12:4, Proverbs 14:1, Proverbs 31:10-11, and then focus on Verses 12-31. 

Why doesn’t my wife trust me with the money anymore? It is because you have been lying to her about what you have been doing with the money. Some of you have been using your money to buy drugs or you have been giving it to the other women. Either way both of those matters are sin and you need to repent and get right with the Lord! 

How do I know for sure that I’m hearing from God? Don't worry you are hearing his voice. The mere fact that you are asking that question tells me that you are, but you just wanted to be sure and you just needed some more confirmation. The Lord speaks in three primary ways all the time. 1) Through an unction or a gut feeling, wherein you just know something is right or wrong by his leading or that feeling. It will be a first mind unshakable instinct. 2) He speaks by putting something in your heart to do, either for yourself, for him, or for another person. 3) He speaks with a quiet inward, a real low voice that captures your attention that you are almost in a stand still trance. Yet, he can also speak to you in a trance, an open vision, night vision, dreams, tongues, sentences, through a Prophet or another Godly and spiritual person, through reading the bible or another Christian book, through a sign or a billboard, through an inward nudging, or he can just speak to you audibly, which is out loud, as if another human is talking to you. Yet these are some of the ways, but yet there are so many other ways, but you are hearing from God. You know his voice, so don't be afraid, just obey him. 

Why am I not hearing from God anymore? 1) Because you ignored him the last time he spoke to you. 2) You didn't do what he told you to do the last time he spoke to you. You just casted off his words and threw them to the side. There is no need for him to speak to you again until you repent and do the last thing that you were told in complete obedience, not partial obedience. Obeying the Lord is not an option. You'd best to obey God! 

I used to get a word through a Prophet all the time, why don't the Prophet or Prophets speak to me anymore? 1) Because you didn't believe or obey the last word or counsel he gave to you, so the Lord won't release him or give him a fresh or new word for you, until you repent, apologize to him and the Lord, and then obey the first word. 2) You've got some issues and you don't respect his Ministry, so therefore God is not going to give him a word for you if you are against his servant. That's stupid! You can't be expecting to get a word from God through a Prophet but you are at odds with him, that's just foolish to think so! You cannot even partake of a Prophetic blessing or a Prophet's reward if you don't like him, respect him, or receive him. See Matthew 10:40-42, Deuteronomy 18:18-19, Psalm 89:23-24, Psalm 105:14-15, 1 Kings 13:1-6, Numbers 12:1-15, and Numbers 16:1-50. You are cursing your own blessings. 3) The Prophet works for God and not for you. He can and will only obey God in what he speaks to him, not just what you think you ought to hear and want to hear, but what he hears. See Numbers 23:5 and Deuteronomy 18:20. 4) Are you supporting his Ministry or do you expect the Prophet just to cater freely to your needs 24/7 as if you are the only one in the world that he has been assigned to. Wow, now that's a selfish spirit. 5) Some people don't think that the Prophet is supposed to have any free time for himself or his family. 6) God does cater to or bless a lazy spirit. For example, if he gave you some scriptures to look up and you didn't do it, then you just tossed away a direct answer from God concerning your situation and your life. (2 Peter 1:19-21) If you didn't read the last word, take heed to the last word, or took the time to research it out, then God want give you anything new on that situation because your answers lies within the old that you haven't explored yet. That's the reason for the silence. Don't be lazy. God is not going to use a Prophet to baby sit you, only for you to disobey him and cast his valuable words off to the side like some worthless trash. (Matthew 7:6, Proverbs 1:5) 7) God never called you to live by a Prophetic word all the time; he called you to live by faith, so when the Prophet is silent it is because God is requiring you to use your faith. (Hebrews 10:22-23, 35-39. Hebrews 11:1-40, Hebrews 12:1-3) When God is silent, he is requiring you to use your faith. 8) Even though seeking the Prophet for the word of the Lord for your life is a form of seeking God, the Lord did not intend for the Prophet or a pastor to be a substitute for your own personal relationship with him and seeking him for yourself. There is no quick fix all of the time in the kingdom of God. Some things will require you to go through the process of faith, prayer, and waiting. Some things will require that your faith be tested in order to receive what you say that you are believing God for. 9) Sometimes God will tell that Prophet not to call you, email you, write you, or communicate with you because the Lord wants you to come directly to him first in prayer and faith. You won't be able to use the Prophets as a cheat sheet in place of your faith. The word of the Lord won't even be released if it is a faith test for you and you are trying to bypass the Lord in prayer. 10) Wrong motives, for example; if your motives or your heart's intentions are wrong or bad for seeking the Prophet. (Numbers 22:1-14, Hebrews 4:12-13, 1 Corinthians 14:24-25, Amos 3:7, 1 Kings 14:1-18, Matthew 9:4, Psalms 139:1-12, Daniel 2:20-30) 

Why don't some people want to hear the truth anymore? It is because sin has blinded their eyes, but the Scriptures answer this best. See 2 Timothy 4:2-4, 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12, and then 2 Timothy 2:7-9, Matthew 13:13-17.