Wisdom is a vital ingredient for effectively operating your Countries or Governments in a peaceful and civilized manner. There are rules of engagement to live by that will help you to manage and govern your Nation. These rules are spelled out in great detail in the Bible. The Bible is not just a book of laws or rules for Christians or the Church only to live by, but it is composed of both Laws and Commandments that are profitable for all of mankind including all Governments and Rulers to govern themselves by. The answers and mysteries that have been revealed here will make perfect sense when they are read from the King James Version of the Bible. It will be specific and also very clear so listen, read, and learn something new.


12-26-2014 The only way for you to survive in the New Year is to restructure some things and to reform and reorganize your budgets as a sensible governing authority.


12-21-2014 Temporary change may calm things down for a moment, but only lasting change makes a permanent difference. If there is no real change, then there won't be any real and lasting solution to those problems.


12-19-2014 Whenever positive change is produced in government, it causes positive change to flow throughout the land.


12-18-2014 It is the moral job and duty of all nations and every government to seek after peace with all nations out of good faith and good deeds wherever it is possible.


12-17-2014 It is mandatory for a government to clear itself of corrupt people in order to remove the stain of corruption from its image. Sometimes a government can seek to protect corrupt ones in its ranks to its own hurt, but that causes the people not to trust you when you do that as a supposedly trusted governmental body. Purge yourself of the corrupt ones, and you will regain the trust and confidence of the people.


12-16-2014 A day of reckoning, because of corruption and bad policies, always comes. Failed policies and policies inspired by bad motives always comes to an end.


12-15-2014 Real and lasting solutions will come to you as a government, but it is the solutions that you apply that will cause stability in the land instead of mass chaos, fear, protests, and riots, because the people won't keep quiet.


12-14-2014 As a government on any level, you cannot continue to allow injustices to go forth unnoticed and unchecked, and still expect clergy and community leaders to bail you out to calm tensions down in the streets and in communities and cities all over a nation every time things get heated. You just cannot expect those things from them, especially when you have no real concrete plans to provide effective and lasting change that is fair and non-biased to all people. It is not fair to clergy and community leaders to put their lives at risk to help you out, and then you continue to allow the same things to transpire over, and over again.


12-13-2014 Fighting against other nations and stirring up strife among the nations is not going to fix your problems at home in your own nation. Going to war should only be for defensive purposes and not for aggression against another nation just because you have the military might and the ability to do so. There are many nations that are banking on war to be the answer to their dilemma, but the peaceful process is much safer for all of humanity. Any major modern day wars have the ability to end the world as we know it, because of the threat of nuclear weapons that many nations now possess and plan on using them in the event of a war with major powers that have them too.


12-12-2014 Broken systems of government makes people lose confidence in their governments, and once confidence is lost, it is hard to get people to trust you again.


12-11-2014 Many courts and what they call justice systems around the world needs to be reformed, because they only benefit one side. In many cases, things are already predetermined and prejudged before you get there based upon a rogue and illegal set of guidelines that are designed to benefit a certain people group. Only a few select favorites ever benefit from that system while another side is severely and wrongly punished based upon a flawed system that shows bias to certain people groups that meet a certain criteria. It is not real justice if it is predetermined and only fair to one party while being unfair and unjust to another. Under the current system, many people do not even stand a chance to a fair and impartial hearing or trial, because it was set up to benefit only one party while damaging and severely crucifying another. Today across the world, what they call justice is not real justice. It is a system of revenge, and in most cases hate, evil, discrimination, and retaliation based upon ungodly laws that were prescribed by a few and not the masses and the will of the people. Most laws that have been passed and still are passed today are not based on any moral standards or any kind of godly conviction in the heart of the people that pass them, and most of them are designed to put people in bondage and not for their true safety, freedom, and protection. That is a catalysts for corruption and evil, and it has only led to mass riots, rebellions, protests, insurrections, and demonstrations against governments, chaos, and mass confusion around the world. See Isaiah 10:1-4, Habakkuk 1:1-4, Amos 9:8, and Isaiah 1:2-3 & 4-31.


12-10-2014 Now a days it is not a shock when governments are found to be in error. It is more of a shock to people when they fix the error of their ways, because that is not expected. Governments have been involved in cover-ups and have been corrupt for so long as the norm, that correction actually shocks people that righteousness is still possible among the nations.


12-9-2014 When an honest effort is made to do righteousness in a nation, then you will have the Lord backing you up.


12-8-2014 When an offense is removed from a government or a nation, then healing can take place and wounds and scars can be healed.


12-7-2014 Corruption destroys governments and nations, but integrity builds nations and governments.


12-6-2014 If a federal or national government shows signs of corruption, then every level of government under them will show signs of being corrupt, because the highest level of government in a land sets the standards for the lower levels to follow.


12-5-2014 a wrong cannot be made right with a bunch of talking, but a wrong is only made right when it is actually addressed and made right in a way that is fair and just to everyone involved.


12-4-2014 If a government cannot be righteous and fair to its own people, then it cannot rightfully expect its people to be fair to it, because they are constantly sending the wrong messages and setting the wrong examples for its citizens to follow. Whatever a government does, the people of the land will do the same things.


12-3-2014 A state or a national government that gets the input of all of its people and not just the opinions and ideas of a few higher class citizens, a few ultra-rich, and from major corporations only, is a government that will be firmly established and backed up by its people on all fronts.


12-1-2014 Protect your borders and protect your citizens.


11-30-2014 Free trade agreements with other nations are only good if your own citizens are taken care of first and not hurt by such agreements that can only benefit a few people at the top, in government and big corporations. Big corporations save money and make more money while the government benefits from more tax dollars from increased revenues, but that should not be the case at the loss of millions of jobs and lower wages for the hard working citizens of your country.


11-29-2014 Whenever a nation is out of order and in chaos, there is always going to be an instruction from the Lord that if followed, will turn things around for the better.


11-28-2014 If a government is to see change in the land, they must first change, and send a different message in the land. When a nation is violent, hostile, aggressive, and oppressive towards other nations, then the people of that nation will be violent, because that is the message that they are automatically sending to their people whenever they act a certain way on the world scene. As a nation, you cannot have double standards and think that it won't boomerang back on you in due season and in process of time. See Isaiah 10:1-7.


11-27-2014 You cannot say that you want peace, but you still pass laws that amount to more corruption.


11-26-2014 Whenever a government oppresses its people long enough, it leads to mass protests, violence, riots, rebellions, overthrows, and chaos, but whenever a government purges itself of corruption, racism, evil, profiling, targeting certain races and people groups to exalt the agenda of a few, then it will find itself a new and stable footing that would bring forth peace and prosperity to all of its citizens, and that is the difference between a strong nation and a weak nation. A nation's strengths and its weaknesses is determined by its people and judged by its own people.


11-25-2014 Real anointed faith based prayer in government can change a lot of things for the better.


11-24-2014 Peace does not come by war, although war is necessary at certain times to keep chaos from spreading any further and destabilizing the world and the nations around a tyrant.


11-23-2014 Corrupt and bias polices destroys a nation, but righteous and just policies revives its soul.


11-20-2014 Corrupt policies tear down a nation, but righteous policies restores it foundations.


11-19-2014 Bad policies incite riots and protests, but the right policies installed in a compromise restores calm and peace and order.


11-18-2014 Being proactive versus reactive in government and business prevents a lot of things.


11-17-2014 Talk about change and reforms does not change a nations, but actual implementations of those reforms are what transforms and changes a nation. Many nations are falling apart at the seams, because politicians have been doing a lot of talking for years and not doing nothing but running their mouths and feeding off the taxpayers’ dime and getting paid to do absolutely nothing at all. Stealing from the public! Wow!


11-16-2014 When you treat people fairly in a nation, then a nation can move forward with harmony and peace, but now a days what people call justice is not justice at all, it is appeasement. Real justice only exist for a few select people in all nations, while the mass majority of the people suffer injustices, persecution, being labeled and discriminated against, and all other sorts of evils and inequalities that exists in pretty much all nations on earth. No race or ethnic group should be left out and singled out for persecution, harassment, and ethnic cleansing under no circumstances, and no nation has a right to violently invade another nation or land to take their territory, spoil their goods, take their property and equipment, and violently snatch their resources for their own gain without being held accountable by the majority of civilized nations and world governments, world unions, and world organizations as a whole, and as a community. Look at a good example of accountability in Judges Chapters 19-21.


11-14-2014 Whenever a nation or an alliance takes shortcuts in finishing the fight in a necessary war of liberation or peace keeping and pulls out prematurely, it finds itself going back to those same lands and nations over and over again, until the mission is complete. Any nation as a government is responsible for any nation's recovery that it invades or goes to war against, because part of their internal afflictions and problems come from their own actions in their land, and you cannot just run and abandon your mission and responsibilities to that nation just because it is not popular in your own land. If you cause a conflict, you have to fix a conflict, and stick with mission until it is completed, even the security and rebuilding part and phase of that mission.


11-13-2014 It is people that build a nation and not governments and businesses, because there would be no government or businesses or infrastructure without there being people in them to work those sectors, so the people that you serve are important.


11-12-2014 You should never do a deal with other nations and governments that are going to hurt your own citizens in the process.


11-11-2014 Exercise restraint and wisdom when it comes to dealing with protesters, says the Lord!


11-10-2014 How you treat your people will determine how the Lord will treat you as a government, and it will determine how things will go in your nation, your state, prefecture, or province, in your county, region, or territory, in your city, town, or village, or in your community or neighborhood.


11-9-2014 The Lord says I am watching you governments to see if any of you are going to do things my way, and follow the way of righteousness when it comes to dealing with your people.


11-6-2014 A runaway government will continue a rift and continue to disconnect with the people instead of draw close to them to help them. A runaway government want all they can get from the people, but never gives anything back to them in return and keeps on asking for more and more and putting more and more burdens and more and more taxes on the backs of their people.


11-5-2014 A runaway government does not respect the wishes, appeals, and desires of all people within their borders, but instead they discriminate and cater only to a few good buddies.


11-4-2014 A runaway government brings destruction and crises to a people, but a government that is accountable brings peace and prosperity to the land and its people.


11-3-2014 When a government is embattled in the eyes of its people, it is because it has been in battle against its own people and citizens, and instead of working for them, they are busy working against them.


11-2-2014 Use wisdom, but exercise restraint, says the Lord!


10-31-2014 The word of the Lord for you governments is “be still and know that I am God. You have exhausted all of your means, and many problems still exists within your borders, but be still and know that I am God, says the Lord!”


10-30-2014 You have to have a righteous strategy as a government to deal with all matters at hand and that are coming. You do have to be fair in how you administer that righteous strategy without violating human rights in the process.


10-29-2014 As a government you have to make sure that you are not oppressing and suppressing your people just because you hold power over them.


10-28-2014 You cannot bring your emotions and your personal feelings to the table as the leader of a nation unless you overthrow justice and railroad any due process without impartiality, any bias, and without any form of prejudice. You must rely on facts and not solely on personal convictions, because your emotions and personal convictions on a matter just might be wrong.


10-27-2014 Sometimes you have to take precautionary measures, but it is all wrong whenever you try to force people to do things by a strong hand.


10-26-2014 Humans don't exist without a Bossman in the heavens. In other words, you cannot continue to do what you want to the other humans under your watch and reign and not be judged for it; Colossians 4:1 and Ephesians 6:9.


10-25-2014 As a government you must look out for your own citizens first above all else. You have failed in your duties when you look out for everybody else around the world and brag about it, but you fail to look after your own citizens.


10-24-2014 It is good when a government is creative enough to look for other legal and just ways to raise revenues other than constantly raising taxes and placing a huge tax burden on its citizens every time that something comes up and goes wrong. Unwise management at the top leads to corruption and resources being overly wasted. Unwise management never prepares for the future at all, or they prepare inaccurately based on unrealistic expectations, and more often than not they under prepare. The wrong leaders and mangers in office and in certain key financial positions can wreck an economy and ruin a nation.


10-22-2014 It is never a good option to lie to the people and make bogus promises just to get in office only to turn out corrupt in the end and in the long run.


10-21-2014 A government that is on the wrong track are experts at passing laws and finding solutions to punish people and to destroy lives, properties, and families, but there are completely blind and in many cases incapable of really passing laws and finding working solutions that help and benefit all people and not just a few select perfect people (so they think) at the top that don't need any help. The wrong people in office and at the top ruling a nation creates a dysfunctional government, and a dysfunctional government creates a dysfunctional nation, a dysfunctional people, and a dysfunctional economy because of their dysfunctional way of thinking, ideologies, and logic. When backwards thinking people are installed key areas of government, then it takes a nation, or a state, or province or prefecture backwards in time instead of forward. Either a government is moving towards a positive future or it is moving backwards towards the dark ages of destruction and is in danger of falling off of a catastrophic clip.


10-20-2014 The wrong leadership in a troubled season can take a nation down, but the right leadership can take a nation forward to faring well in troubled times.


10-19-2014 Your economy cannot be ruled by greed and deception, because those two ingredients leads to corruption and decay.


10-18-2014 You should never promise your citizens or other nations something that you do not have the authority or capacity to fulfill.


10-17-2014 Forcing your citizens to do something is always a catastrophic mistake, because now you are doing something that the Lord does not even do with people. He give people a free choice to make whatever decision that they want to make after he tells them the facts. You cannot run a nation, a state, a province, a territory, a prefecture, a county, a town, a city, or a village like a pastor as a President, King, Queen, Governor, Mayor, or any other type of Head of State, because you are not their pastor or spiritual advisor. The people did not elect you to be their pastor, they elected you or accepted you as their politician. You are also not God, and you are not to try and take God's place in the hearts and minds of people; see Acts 12:20-23. If you wanted to be a pastor, then you should not have run for a political office.


10-16-2014 Things are about to really shake heavily in the earth, but the governments that are righteous and walking in righteousness will fare pretty well and be able to weather the storms.


10-15-2014 Trouble don't just go away by ignoring it and prolonging the time for you to deal with it, but trouble goes away whenever you deal with it in a wise and righteous manner and by being fair, just, and equal.


10-14-2014 Wrong moves and wrong decisions made by a nation even if they are only symbolic can take a nation down quickly, but the right moves and decisions can take it a lot further and lift it up. 10-13-2014 Riots and protests are not prevented by the use of force, but riots and protests are only successfully prevented by righteous, fair, just, and equally governing to all people and not just about you looking out for a few favorites in a clique or a certain race, ethnicity, or a select people group. Some of these mass riots and protests come from a few selfish people at the top that are motivated by money, greed, power, fame, influence, and what benefits them, and they can care less about the rest and if they are overtaxed, overworked, and overburdened. There is a generation upon the earth now that don't care about losing their lives in the process, because they already feel like they are oppressed and living in Hell on earth, so death scares does not move them. They feel and think like Patrick Henry that once said, “Give me liberty or give me death” so death does not scare them enough to stop them. Corruption and unrighteous governing for so long is what have led to the overthrow of many governments and the ousting of their leaders, and many more things like that will just keep on happening, until governments around the world makes some honest and diligent changes to what they are doing and have been doing for so long. 10-12-2014 Governments and nations will be shaken in this hour in such a major way, but it is those nations that will learn to listen and that turn to the Lord that will survive the massive shaking and the massive things to come. Some nations and governments will not survive if they don't turn to the Lord and continue on in pride, many things will catch those nations by surprise. 10-11-2014 When running a deficit and getting a nation in debt now becomes a way of living and it is no priority to get out of debt, then a nation deteriorates and decays, because of its bad habits. This same statement applies to municipalities and local, county, parish, state, province, or prefecture level governments. 10-10-2014 If you don't have a clear and direct answer for the people as a government, then it is best not to lie and make something up only to have them to find out the truth later on after you done lied to them and it leads to mass riots, chaos, confusion, turmoil, and strife. You have to learn how to say, “I don't have a clear and direct answer for you right now, but as soon as I do, I will give it to you.” Secondly, do not let anyone or any people group pressure you into lying or trying to make a cover up.


10-9-2014 It is not a good idea for any nation to lure or encourage another nation to go into war and combat against another nation and then don't have their back and let them get their butts kicked. That is just not good and not sane thinking and good practices. That means that you've got blood on your hands.


10-8-2014 Many times a world war can be prevented in most cases if when a conflict starts in a region it is kept at a regional and prevented ahead of time from spreading any further until the threat can be diminished. However, if nations are afraid to act or if they wait too long to respond or don't react at all, then nations will fall and you give an adversary more power, more territory, more resources, and more manpower to engulf effectively making them to be a power house, then that will make them much harder to defeat and those kinds of actions will eventually drag the whole world into war and those chain of events will spread to all nations if left unchecked and not fully put in check. Sometimes a nation is forced to fight while the threat is still small and manageable, but if they fall to do so because they are too scared of losing money, lives, and equipment, and they let it grow out of control, then the loss of life, money, and resources will be much greater, even on a catastrophic scale. There is a greater cost to waiting to deal with a known threat to the world, because you give your adversaries a chance to get even stronger to the point that they are no longer able to be contained, managed, and maintained. Failing to act comes at a much greater cost later. A great war is only conducted where a great threat from an enemy exists.


10-7-2014 It is never good as a nation to isolate yourself and to go backwards, but interaction with others can lead to your greater good and betterment.


10-6-2014 A nation prospers when there are laws passed to help to promote businesses in their native land, but when laws are on the books that are designed to limit businesses and to hinder their growth, then an economy in that nation will struggle because of those laws. Some laws on the books need to be repelled.


10-5-2014 The Lord says when you give terrorists free air time and air play in the media, you actually empower them and strengthen their hands and give them the fame and attention that they really want, crave, and need, but when you deny them that level of attention, then you are cutting off their power and their strength to remain powerful and effective, because they still continue to terrorize through the media and that is really what they want. When families make pleas to those that are terrorists, concerning sparing a loved one, then that actually puts their life in imminent danger to be harmed in many cases, because that kind of event sets them off and makes them mad, because they have no heart in them to start with. You cannot make a devil turn into a good angel all of a sudden. See 1 Timothy 4:1-2.


10-3-2014 It is always in the best interests of any nation to exhaust all avenues for peace first, before you result war.


10-2-2014 Your trust is in the hands of your people as a government. If you do them wrong, they won't trust you, but if you do them right, they'll trust you.


10-1-2014 It is highly dangerous for a fella as a leader of a nation to threaten World War 3 and to threaten nuclear war, because such an individual is banking on what they have in their arsenal only, and not considering that other nuclear nations have secret weapons in their own arsenal to neutralize, stop, and destroy every single nuke in the air and under the water before it even gets off good. It is dangerous to bank on a one sided opinion. During World War Two, Adolf Hitler had a pretty sizeable and strong army with some of the most modern and powerful equipment in his arsenal at that time. He got lifted up in pride and decided to take territory based upon what he thought he had that was more powerful than other nations. He actually counted other nations completely out, and he overestimated his so called arsenal, tactics, and abilities. He had good strategies and tactics in mind that he used called the Blitzkrieg or lightning warfare, which was designed to quickly overwhelm an enemy in battle, but what he did not count on was that other nations has better strategies, much more manpower, much better equipment, and some secret weapons that he did not know about or consider. The blind factor always will mess a person up in the end, because you cannot see everything, and you don't know everything. Many times it is wise to hold your peace versus trying to pick a fight based upon assumptions and some serious miscalculations that could lead to a catastrophic and fatal mistake that you cannot recover from. There are many things that you did not factor in, because you don't know about them. All of a Countries weapons and defenses are not in one place, and all of a Country's secrets are not revealed, no matter how transparent they say they are. A lot of times it is just a setup, and you are being lured into a trap and a setup for your downfall if you bite the bait. It is always better to take the way of peace if you can.


9-30-2014 As a nation it is prudent to have more reserves than you normally would have, because of the emergency and strategic times that we are living in. It is wise to have something to fall back on, than to ignore the times and not be prepared for a catastrophe. There are many nations in distress today, because they did not see or foresee the things that were coming, so therefore they did not plan for them. It is wise to plan ahead and store up, than to not plan for the future and deplete everything that you have and have to live at the mercy of the times.


9-29-2014 The Lord says it is best to overestimate a threat and be over prepared to deal with it than it is to underestimate a threat or an emergency, and not be fully equipped to deal with it.


9-28-2014 Gun control for citizens is a bad idea, especially whenever governments cannot even secure their own borders, and they cannot even guarantee the ability to protect their own citizens one hundred percent without them being slaughtered and killed and becoming the victims of genocide. Maybe if they had a way to protect themselves, many would still be alive today. In some nations, people fall victim to slaughter by the hands of their own governments.


9-26-2014 It is a good idea to stand for peace as a nation the best as you can, and war should only be a last result, not a first option. See Luke 14:31-32.


9-25-2014 It is in your best interest as a nation to protect your citizens at all costs.


9-24-2014 When you do right as a nation God's covering will remain over you, but when you continue to do wrong, then his covering is lifted from you.


9-21-2014 When lines of defense fold you are subject to attack, and when a covering is lifted you are subject to invasion. A fortified defense and a proper covering covers you from the evil that lurks in the darkness of this world as a nation. Blessed is the nation that has natural defenses and a solid prayer covering from the Saints of God.


9-19-2014 What brings unity in a nation is fairness, equality, and equal and impartial opportunities alike for everyone. Favorite cliques destroy nations.


9-17-2014 As a leader you should seek to unify a nation, not keep it divided by politics and isolate a group along party lines because of their party affiliation.


9-16-2014 Whenever you seek to do right by the people of your nation, then you will receive the mercy of the Lord against all of your adversaries. See Psalm 21:7-13.


9-15-2014 The nation that has the Lord as their God will be blessed. When you is Lord of a nation you can see the different between the ones that reject him; Psalm 33:12, Psalm 144:15, and Psalm 146:5. Without the Lord Jesus, a nation will just fall apart and crumble and fall into the sea.


9-13-2014 A lot of smaller nations are controlled by bigger or more stronger and powerful nations, and they tell them what to do, and they don't have any say so whatsoever, and they frequently gets bullied and bossed around by the stronger, more powerful, and bigger nations. If you as a nation does not want to be controlled or bossed around by the bigger, more stronger, and powerful nations, then it is in your best interests not to let your country fall into the abyss financially, economically, socially, and ethnically with racial tensions and sectarian divides. If you are ruling in power as a certain race or ethnic group, then it is common that you need to share the power and wealth with other races and ethnicities to stay in power or you will soon fall trying to control the masses based upon greed and corruption. You need those other ethnic groups and races, especially in these latter days, to stay in power and to maintain a balance, so that you do not get overran by terrorists and other countless evils of life that lurks in the darkness. When you don't take care of your own financial and economic affairs, and you take money from other nations, then you automatically put yourself in a position to be told what to do, when to do, and totally controlled by them; see Proverbs 23:6-9.


9-12-2014 Everybody in government will not always agree with you, but whether there is agreement or not, you still have to do what is right.


9-11-2014 As a nation you have to be careful who you align with, and many times it is not always good to align with what is popular. Many times the right thing to do is to align with something that is not so popular, but it is right.


9-10-2014 When a nation has policies to divide other nations, then it always runs the risk of being divided at home on their own soil.


9-9-2014 In politics you can't always play it safe to avoid persecution, but the needs of the citizens and the immediate needs of the nation comes first. You are trying to stay free of the blame game, but righteousness must always come first. That is why the Lord God put you there in a high place of position and authority. He did it so that you could make a difference and do some things right and make some things right that were messed up.


9-8-2014 If a government oppresses its own citizens, then it is pretty obvious that it will try to oppress its neighbors and has ambitions to oppress and control the whole world. If a nation is not rebuked by the civilized world, then the Ancient of Days will rebuke them by the elements of famine and natural disasters as a form of judgment; see Daniel 7:1-8 & 9-22.


9-7-2014 Your first priority as a government is to make sure that your people are safe and protected first, before you venture out to try to help other nations.


9-6-2014 As a nation if you can handle certain threats diplomatically, then handle it diplomatically first, but all security threats that cannot be dealt with in a diplomatic way have to be dealt with militarily. You have to meet military threats with military action and not just by diplomatic means alone. A military problem has to be dealt with a military solution and response. If someone invades your country with military forces, then you have to respond militarily. A rogue nation will test you with little breaches here and there in your airspace and little border incursions first to test your lines of defense, your willingness to fight, and to test your resolve. If your airspace is threatened more than twice in one week, then you are being tested for an invasion. One time may be a mistake, but repeated attempts have to be dealt with and shot out the air as an act of defense to deal with an act of defiance to destabilize your country. When a nation threatens multiple of its neighbors repeatedly, then it is pulling and picking for a war, and you have to give it to them to stop them after warnings and diplomacy have failed bottom line.


9-4-2014 Some nations today cannot even exist without some form of alliance and protection in today's time, because other stronger or bigger nations or terrorists plan to attack them and take their territory and their resources. It is even more dangerous for nations to be divided and taking a vote to split in these times, because they have secret foes waiting to invade them and tell them what to do and to control them versus them being in control of their own affairs like they think they will be.


9-3-2014 As a leader of a nation or in any government capacity, you cannot operate in fear or hesitation, or show signs of cowardice or weariness openly. Although you may feel that way at times, you cannot afford to let it show to your nation or even to the other nations that are watching you, because nations are not watching you for good, but they are watching you for evil to plan attacks against your nation, and this same things holds true for the Parliament or the Congress of a nation. You just cannot afford to look weak or to be openly divided and showing signs of weariness, because that is a security threat. A lot of nations got attacked, overrun, and invaded all because they showed signs of weariness, divisions, and softness openly and on Television for all of these other aggressive rogue nations and terrorist groups to see. It is an even bigger security threat to get on Television and tell all of the nation's secrets and faults, because your enemies are watching these things as well, so they learn perfectly just how to attack you and hit you where it hurts at an opportune time. You just cannot do those kinds of things. Some things are too sensitive to put on Television, because the wrong information released is a major security threat to your nation.


9-2-2014 When big, strong, powerful, and influential nations send out the wrong message by wrong policies, many other nations usually follow their lead, whether right or wrong. If an influential nation bomb, invades another nation, or takes land, then you have a multitude of other nations around the world that will attempt to do the same thing making the world an even more dangerous place instead of a place of peace.


9-1-2014 It is highly and significantly wrong for a group of nations or an alliance to promise another nation that they are going to help them, but then don't show up for battle in the time of war when it is now time to help them instead of abandon them. Usually nations like that get overrun because they have revealed their bluffing and their weakness, and their words are taken as hot air. It is a security threat to any nation to make a bunch of tough threats that you never carry out. Never say anything that you don't plan to make good on, or your words and threats will be tested in the worst way.


8-31-2014 If you as a nation are going to send your young men, and in some cases women, into military combat, at least make sure that they have the best possible training and equipping that there is, and that they have the most modern and up to date equipment that there can be to fight against a well-equipped enemy. It is your moral duty to do those things so that they can at least stand a chance to survive on the battle field by being properly trained, equipped, and prepared so that they don't foolishly die due to a lack of sufficient training and a lack of decent military equipment, or a lack of preparedness. You don't send soldiers out with BB guns against an enemy army that has missiles.


8-30-2014 Just because a nation or government has a policy or doctrine in place for foreign affairs and internal affairs does not mean that policy is right, fair, and correct, because a lot of countries can have twisted policies towards others and towards their own citizens.


8-29-2014 It is wrong of any nation or group of nations to coax a specific nation or a specific group of nations to break their peace, trade, and alliance with old partners, but then not come fully to their rescue when they are under attack from former alliances turned aggressors. It would have been better for you to have left them alone than for you to stir up strife and disharmony among neighbors that were at peace with themselves, especially if you know that you have no plans and strategies to fully help them and liberate them to the fullest extent.


8-28-2014 Many governments and nations have hired themselves out and have sold their sovereignty out to stronger, bigger, and powerful nations for resources, arms, favors, and acceptance to the hurt of the soul of their own nation for the long term.


8-26-2014 If you are going to regain the trust of your people, you are going to have to acknowledge the errors of your past and correct those mistakes, so that they can see those reforms and know that you are serious about making some things work in a new way.


8-25-2014 A government cannot continue to lie to its people and expect its citizens to trust them. A government that hides things and lies repeatedly, and cover things up from the public will never be trusted as a credible and trustworthy source or organization. The corruption of many agencies and organizations have destroyed the trust of many to the point that many question their real motives for their existence and operations.


8-24-2014 Many nations today stand on the brink of total disaster and total devastation, because they are divided within and they have dangerous rifts between themselves. There are many nations today that never would have been conquered or invaded if they would have settled their differences with one another peacefully and without the shedding of blood. It is in the best interests of any nation to treat all of their citizens fairly and equally without regards to race, ethnicity, creed, religion, language, or preferences and not just say it in the language and wording of a national constitution but don't do it, show it, or demonstrate it. Racial wounds and ethnic tensions can only be healed by fairness and equality for all. Divisions spurring from racial or ethnic tensions and economic and social disparity are one of the biggest security threats to any nation, and history has proven over time that these things cause mighty nations and empires to fall if they are not fairly addressed and dealt with in the proper manner and within a speedy time frame. Whenever you have a certain race, group, or political party that seeks to hold onto all the power and use that power and influence to oppress and dominate others, then it becomes a major security threat to the existence of that nation, land, kingdom, or empire. Everybody should be able to afford their own houses and be able to drive nice and decent cars without being watched, oppressed, and unfairly targeted or discriminated against because of their race, their religious faith, or their ethnicity. Wrong governmental policies that are not only wrong but unjust, unfair, and unequal and only cater to a few select people groups are also a major security threat, and until all of those things are addressed and dealt with properly and without impartiality, then they remain a viable security threat to the existence of any nation or territory. Whenever you have unjust and unfair laws that have been passed to benefit a few and oppress a majority, then that is a major security threat to that government. The threat of a coup de tat, only exist and thrives in an oppressive and unfair governmental regime with oppressive and burdensome and worrisome policies. Correct and proper reforms are always necessary to remain a nation by the will and the blessings of the people and not by governmental or military force. Laws that are passed and enforced on the basis of corruption, inequality, prejudice, and racial or ethnic bias are always a threat to the integrity of any nation.


8-23-2014 Sometimes you don't have months and years to plan, but you have to move on those pressing things right away and hit it right then lest it comes back to haunt you mightily later.


8-20-2014 It is never good for a nation to be divided, because enemy forces on the outside are always looking to invade, take advantage of a bad, divided, and unique situation, and catch you off guard. It is up to you to be wise and vigilant as a nation.


8-18-2014 Intervention for humanitarian purposes is always good, especially when it is doable and going to save lives in the process.


8-17-2014 It is in the best interests of many nations to intervene in places like Iraq, Syria, and many other African nations with the approval of those governments to help them out, because if you do not intervene, then a bitter root will continue to grow until it turns into a big old tree that overshadows the whole world and affects every nation at the neck. It is always better to fix a problem while it is small than to let it grow severely until it is out of control. You either fight now and fix it now, or fight and fix it later where it is on a world war level with many alliances. Now or later? That is the question that many will have to ask themselves, but you cannot afford to wait until later. Later will be much too late.


8-15-2014 It is never a good idea for governments to promote the idea of separation and segregation in nations and in communities just because you are of a different race or a different ethnicity or religion, because those kinds of policies are actually teaching people to live divided and not to trust one another instead of learning to dwell in peace together. Wars and conflicts increase when you are divided, but peace and harmony prevails when you are unified.


8-14-2014 Sometimes as a government you have to work with the governments of other nations that you may not really like or care for too much, for the sake of a common goal and core interests.


8-13-2014 Typically sanctions on a nation only hurt the actual people of a nation and a few businesses, but it never directly affects the actual heads of state or the actual people that there is a problem with in general, so the problem continues, because sanctions are put on the wrong people, which in most cases has nothing at all to do with the real time issue that are happening between the wars of the governments of nations. The people at the bottom that are innocent and has nothing to do with anything suffers the most, because if you sanction companies and corporations, those people are the ones that are going to lose their jobs and struggle to the point that they are not able to pay their own bills. Sanctions do more than cripple the big businesses at the top, but they hurt the little man and the poorest of people the most, because they have to take pay cuts or lose their employment due to corporate downsizing or permanent closings due to sanctions placed on the companies or businesses that they work for. Sanctions was designed to put pressure on the leaders, people's, and businessmen to try to get them to turn against their government and conspire to rise up against them, but that puts those people's lives in grave danger and jeopardy from that government. It is not in the best interest of any nation or group to try to deliberately hurt the economy of another nation. All governmental policies are not morally right. What I have observed for many years is that nations that seek to destroy another nation in attempts to hurt them ends up getting plagued or destroyed by increased natural disasters, storms, turmoil, outbreaks, epidemics, and economic troubles of their own. Therefore sanctions are meaningless and immoral, because they never seem to directly affect the troublemakers at the top that causing the rift anyhow. Only the innocent and good are the ones to suffer to say the least.


8-11-2014 Can a leader do something to cause the judgment of God on that nation to be turned around? Study out 1 Chronicles 21:15-29, 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, and 2 Chronicles 32:1-23.


8-10-2014 The answer to getting some judgments turned around for your nation is for the leadership at the top and all the people to declare a national day of repentance and then repent openly and then the Lord will heal their land. Look at 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 and Joel 2:15-32.


8-8-2014 Sometimes as the leader of a nation you have to make some hard choices for your own nation and sometimes for the other nations of the world in the name of keeping order and peace and preventing genocide and ethnic cleansing in other hot spots of the world, and your decisions may not always be popular with the people as a whole, but it is the right thing to do and the responsible thing to do from your stand point as a president, prime minister, premier, or King or queen of a nation, especially when you know all of the facts, the upper hand knowledge, foreknowledge, and intelligence the rest of the people of your nations does not know and cannot know, because it is sensitive information that cannot be released or revealed ahead of time to protect the integrity of operations to save lives. You are always on the right path before God when you don't turn a blind eye to things that are pressing and very unique situations developing that could lead to catastrophic events in the short-term and long-term, especially when you have the power to do so and the ball is in your court and the cards are in your hands, and all of the necessary resources at your disposal.


8-8-2014 There are two types of change that results from any kind of governmental leadership; there is change that betters a nation and a society of people that promotes unity, prosperity for all, and peace with its neighbors, and then there is change that makes the people radical, divided, isolated, and hard hearted. Not every political leader today has the right motives and the right ingredients for a healthy nation, province, state, or prefecture.


8-7-2014 A nation has a moral obligation to defend and protect its citizens from invading forces, threats, terrorism, and any other kinds of national emergencies of the unforeseen. A nation that doesn't protect its own citizens will eventually fall and the government will collapse, falter, and crumble.


8-6-2014 It is not the peoples of the nations that are against each other, but it is the governments of nations that is fighting it out with each other and battling at the top for money, influence, and power to see which nationally run cartel and gangsters are going to rule the world and control all the people, the land, and the world's resources. The mass majority of actual peoples within each nation is cool with the peoples of other nations and don't have a problem with them individually. The leaders of nations apparently have to prove how hard and how gangster they are or something. I guess? None feel that they are going to let the other ones punk them. So many modern day leaders feel that they have to prove their manhood, their might, and their toughness. They need prayer; see 1 Timothy 2:1-8.


8-5-2014 The Lord says to you nations and states that you have to respect one another's borders and landmarks, and don't try to alter the ancient landmarks and borders of old; see Proverbs 23:10, Job 24:2, Proverbs 22:28, Deuteronomy 19:14, and Deuteronomy 27:17.


8-2-2014 When you put devilish leaders in office, then devilish laws get passed, and you end up with devilish policies. Whenever you put righteous people in office, then righteous, fair, and just policies get put in place and righteous laws get passed.


7-31-2014 When dealing diplomatically with nations, you cannot have doctrine that permits one country to do something that you deem is illegal and immoral for another country. What is fair for one is fair for all, and what is unjust for one ought to be unjust for all. You cannot be double tongued and double minded and have double standards and hypocritical policies as any legitimate standing body or nation.


7-29-2014 It is not in the best interests of any part of any nation to try to succeed from within a sovereign nation, because you will come under attack, and you will get invaded by stronger rebels, forces, or nations that were waiting to take full advantage of a power vacuum in the land, and discontentment, and division in your country.


7-28-2014 It is a good idea to secure your borders now as a nation as many changes are coming in the earth, and unsecured borders will not be in your best interests, because it will definitely present a major challenge from storms, sea level rise, and invasions.


7-27-2014 It takes counsel and understanding for a nation to have good success, but things don't go so well when the Lord is abandoned. See Deuteronomy 32:28-36, Isaiah 1:1-31, Isaiah 2:4, and Amos 9:6-15.


7-23-2014 A government cannot gain the trust of the people by lying to its citizens and deceiving them, concerning national events and threats and worldwide threats and plots. You actually drive a greater wedge between the government and the people by downplaying certain matters to avoid panic, fear, and chaos. That approach does not work and that approach has led to protests, chaos, and riots around the world in almost every nation, because the people are smart enough to know when they are being lied to and deceived. Bold face lies and deception is what has fueled the riots, protests, chaos, and sudden overthrows of governments around the world. They rebel against the corruption, greed, constant deceptions, and lies. Most governments of today thinks that it is a better policy to tell lies in an attempt to deceive the people than to tell the truth. Even diplomatic negotiations are fundamentally flawed, because both sides sitting at the table is comfortable telling lies and lying to one another trying to deceive each other. Take a look at Daniel 11:27, Daniel 11:23, and 2 Timothy 3:13.


7-22-2014 The leaders of a nation will either take a nation forward or backwards into the abyss. Some nations’ mindset is still in the past. New leaders with fresh ideas can take a country forward, but old mindsets will reveal more of the same old corruption, lies, deception, and trickery of the past to enslave its citizens.


7-20-2014 It is not in the best interest of any nation or government to fund or sponsor terrorism, rebels, separatists, or any other types of people group that is rising up against their government and leaders, unless you end up reaping the exact same harvest in your own land, nation, and government. If you sow rebellion, you will reap rebellion; see Galatians 6:7-8.


12-25-2013 The time is coming where a nation won't be able to use nuclear war as a threat to try to control other nations. As a matter of fact it is not even wise for you to do so as a nation lest you also get burnt in the fire, because the same nations that you are threatening also has nukes now a days and won't hesitate to use them in retaliation if you launch the first strike, so all the acting like a little child with terroristic threats needs to cease, and it is time for all nations to act like responsible adults instead of bad toddlers that are throwing a temper tantrum when they can't have their way. The threat of fools destroying the world has never been greater, and in many nations violent thugs and gangsters with no common sense whatsoever run them, but it is time for righteous governing to return so that lives are not destroyed and the earth can be preserved.


10-25-2013 Anytime that a nation write laws to force their citizens to do something that is impartial for some, and only benefits a few select others, then that amounts to an attempt to steal the freedoms of its own people, for the sake of creating total government control in a socialist type of society. Anytime that anything is made mandatory in life, then a people is no longer free, and they have lost their own freedom in general, and they have lost their right and their freedom to choose, and that goes against democracy. Laws like that cripples the people, but benefits and advances the government only, really amounts to another world dictatorship in what was supposed to be a free society. Laws like that are not only unrighteous and unjust, but they are also unfair, and they are illegal in the eyesight of God, and in the eyes of the world body. See Isaiah 10:1-7. Eventually those things would be properly prosecuted as hate crimes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity at the appropriate times under world law, and under a one world government that is coming whether folks want it or not, because it was prophesied in the Bible. Go and Look at Revelation 17:16-17 & 18, Isaiah 54:16, and Isaiah 45:7. Every empire has an end when they begin to oppress and repress their own people through subtle acts of aggression, because it is written in the world history books, and it is written in the history of the Bible. Putting you in bondage for self-gain or the personal gain of a few is man’s will. See Daniel 11:3, Daniel 11:36, and Daniel 11:20-36. God’s will for your life is for you to have total freedom, and free will to make your own choices, right or wrong. See Deuteronomy 30:14-20. Some people in life are actually positioning themselves to be on the wrong side of history, and on the wrong side of God.


10-25-2013 Whenever a nation or a group of nations has ambitions to control the world and to take over the world to enslave a multitude of people under the crutches of slavery and oppression, it leads to a world war due to acts of aggression in attempts to build a modern day empire like what was written afore time in the history books. The signs of this kind of aggression are that they seek to cut off entire nations through carefully crafted policies, and many times not even intentionally starting out with that approach, until after they see just how much power that they do hold, that gives them the upper hand advantage. See Isaiah 10:5-7, Daniel 11:41-45, and Isaiah 10:8-27. Some things, even many things are going to happen simply because it was prophesied in the Bible.


8-10-2013 Unstable nations destabilize other nations, and unstable nations destabilize entire regions. Failed economies within a nation destabilize the regional economy and the global economy. The more nations that become destabilized, the more unstable and crippled that the global economy will become, and it will have devastating consequences on every nation to some extent and it could cause catastrophic problems on the poorer and weaker and the most vulnerable nations. It is in the best interests of all nations to help to make sure that weaker and more vulnerable nations are lifted back on track out of a time of instability and vulnerability.


7-26-2013 When diplomacy fails then bombs prevails, and nations go to war against one another. Many nations today find themselves preparing to go to war, or find themselves already engulfed in war and inflamed in its perils. While countless billions and trillions of dollars are consumed on settling differences between bitter rivals, many humanitarian and common sense issues go on without ever being addressed, because the proper funding is not there because it is being consumed by war. Something is very terribly wrong with a government that can never come out of war and that can never seem to find an exit to end wars and aggressions on their part at the cost of their own tax paying citizens that bear the brunt of their fist fight with the other nations or territories. The citizens pay the real cost of a war and the soldiers that comes from everyday families pay one of the heaviest costs by losing their lives and limbs behind a bunch of foolishness between governments that want to prove whose the hardest of the two or who is the best and who have the elite resources and the most powerful armed forces. The nations of today's world look for anything and the smallest of excuses to justify going to war against another nation, and that is morally wrong simply because the innocent are the ones that really suffer by being uprooted and killed and more often than not innocent civilians are the ones that are caught up in the crossfire.


1-26-2013 National Governments if you let other nations around you governments get overrun by rebels fighters and terrorists factions while you just sit back, wait, and watch without helping them in their calls for assistance, backup, and reinforcements, then what is their war today if they are defeated will be your war tomorrow on your own territory and in your own backyard; these rebels and terrorist factions have one common goal in mind and that is to cut off nations and not just a few of them either; they intend fully to rule and control the whole world with their own laws and vision. You must help and fight today on foreign soil before it gets out of hand and spread to your back door tomorrow. If you don't notice that there are rebels fighting against governments in almost every nation on the earth at the same time and many of them are becoming unified. Act now to prevent something much larger on a larger scale later; Isaiah 10:5-8.


1-26-2013 Jobs needs to be created by the private sector and not the government, because the more jobs that the government create the more burden that falls upon the tax payers directly because all government jobs are tax payer funded with heavy salaries, but the jobs created by the private sector feeds the economy directly and it creates and produces more tax payers and corporate taxes that puts money into the system versus taking it away from the system and private sector jobs is an asset to the economy and the government while government created jobs tax payer funded in most nations is a liability and when government jobs increase and grows so does the liabilities and the tax burden on its citizens increase right along with it in the process. Bigger governments equals bigger burdens and higher taxes that take more and more from the people and leaves their lives with less financial freedom and prosperity.


12-3-2012 Sometimes specific nations, people groups, alliances, and organizations want to immediately stop every conflicts or war from happening, but some conflicts, fights, and wars are necessary and are absolutely justified because there are some injustices there that needs to be fixed, dealt with, and addressed because diplomacy and all diplomatic negotiations failed and there in no other way to get any results but to fight and battle it out to bring about a real change.


9-4-2012 As a politicians if you think that things like moral issues does not matter in society or in the eyes of God, then you had better think again because he is not just overlooking those issues and if a society is too far gone and corrupted morally, spiritually, and even naturally, then it is subject to be judged like in the days of Noah with a flood and as Sodom and Gomorrah. Where you stand will in return determine if you will be able to stand. 2 Chronicles shows you how the Lord chose Kings and how he put one up and put another down based upon if they did righteousness or if they did evil in the land and caused the land to sin and engage in immorality; sure the Lord loves everybody, but he still hates sin and sin calls for judgment in all lands.


6-8-2012 There are many small towns and cities, counties, and states that fought really hard to keep growth out of their areas in times past that now in this season they wished they had let them in because their tax base and revenues are drying up due to the higher costs of living and inflation not to mention the gas prices that are sky high. It is not an option rather or not that you need to grow; you always need to grow and find creative ways to increase your revenues other than always raising the taxes and further crippling your own citizens when every areas needs to be able to pull their own load versus just putting all the wait on the citizens of your area to foot the bill and some things has to take priority over the other things. Law enforcement should always be a major and a top priority or you will become a target for a lawless society and the crime rate will skyrocket. You have to have leaders that fully understand that and they must understand what is a priority and do their duty as a leader that was sworn in to serve the citizens to the best of their ability and all public safety is a must, especially in these days. Sometimes leaders have to be voted out when they can no longer do their jobs. Some stuff is just common sense. County owned businesses and tourist attractions and amusement and theme parks are all ways to generate more revenues as well going out to court and attract new businesses and industries; sometimes you have to go to them with a proposal versus waiting on them to come to you. There are many ways to produce funding so that you don't have too many liabilities and you can have more assets. Put in a water park, something that you can create daily revenues from on a consistent basis and something that you can charge for in the process that people would be willing to pay for just like a fair or a carnival. It takes a different kind of thinking to move a place forward and to get it out of a hole; new ideas bring in some new monies, but old ideas will continue to sink the ship with everybody in it.


6-6-2012 Nations that support rebellion, coups, and division in other nations and the tearing down of governments will also experience the same things in their Country.


5-6-2012 All political leaders that intend to run for an office must understand and embrace technology and must know that technological advances is what it will take to take a Town, City, Region, State, Province, Nation, Territory, and Government forward so that it can prosper, strive, survive, and overcome all obstacles of changing times in the world. Modernization of all things is a vital, necessary, and very important part of economic prosperity and advancement in these times that we are living in and anyone that fails to upgrade or advance with changing times will get left behind. Technology and economic prosperity goes hand in hand with each other.


4-17-2012 Everyone that holds a political office in the land all over the world should maintain professional standards for that office at all times and where you have some that don't or won't, there is always some that will and that live their lives in an honest, godly, and professional fashion that would be willing to represent that office. Anyone in life representing a Nation must always have professional and honest conduct in the sight of all people. See Isaiah 24:9 and also Proverbs 31:4-5.


3-21-2012 If a government would run itself like it run other people, it would be alright and it would make all of the right decisions and choices, but the problem is that they don't do anything that they requires of other people. They have many standards, rules, regulations, and laws that govern other people, but they don't follow any of them for themselves and end up in corruption in the eyes of the people and God. You cannot fight crime with crime and you cannot fight sin with more sin. See Isaiah 10:1-7 & Matthew 23:1-39.


2-12-2012 In all wars, conflicts, state of confusion, and divisions the question must be asked how did we get here? Why are people hostile against us and why don't people like us? What makes a select group of people hate other groups of people around them? What makes other Nations hate other Nations? And what have I contributed or what have we contributed to making all of these other people or Nations dislike us or hate us? Many times in life you will find that people don't just dislike you for no reason at all, but it is always going to be because of either something; 1) that you said to them that made them angry; 2) or something you did to them or someone that they love deeply or care about that angered them in a major way, but either way you take it, many times in life there is something that you can take the blame for in life. Sure you are not going to always be able to please everybody in this life without somebody or some Nation hating on you, but we do have a lot of control over those many situations in our life that we do have power over. There are some people or Nations in life that if you do them wrong or offend them then they won't ever forgive you, because they have a forgiveness problem and many Governments of Nations can be that childish to, but you cannot do anything about those kinds of people. However you should always make an honest attempt to try to calm the storm and make peace with as many people and Nations as you can. It is always in your best interest in life to have more allies than it is for you to have more enemies or should I say a whole world full of enemies that are quickly and fast outnumbering you. See also Luke 14:31-32. Now if someone doesn't want peace or calm, then you need to try and keep your distance from them, and if another Nation does not want any peace but they would rather make war with you, then you might have to break them off a little something, but you should always first seek out for some conditions of peace and a diplomatic solution and you also should fully exhausts all avenues for a peaceful resolution before you go to war. However I can tell you that God will always be on the side of the peacemakers. See Matthew 5:9, Psalm 34:14-17, and Psalm 46:9.


2-3-2012 You do not establish unity by causing division and you do not establish peace by making war. Peace and unity is only established by you making an honest effort to find middle ground and give and take when it comes down to making some compromises. No one Nation is superior to another, but God has made all of us. No one race is superior over another and no one Government is superior over all mankind, but God has made us subject to one another and to need each other. The problem begins when a select group of people or a Nation or a Government thinks that they are better than someone else or superior to another and that is the voice of pride speaking every time, but we have to humble ourselves in the sight of God and love our neighbors as our own selves and do unto others as we want done unto as even as Jesus has taught us to do so. If you don't want your nation to be destroyed by bombs, then you need to think twice about bombing other Nations because the innocent are really the ones that suffer the most; the ones that has nothing to do with either side and that is not taking any sides in a conflict. Ask yourself this question right now; would Jesus bomb people and if so, who has he bombed? I don't see nowhere in the Bible where Jesus blew up anybody. See Luke 9:51-56.


1-28-2012 Governments that are greedy for gain or should I say greedy Governments causes the downfall of a Nation, and greedy Governments makes a Nation poor and brings it into poverty, and all of their citizens become poor and broke. Greed even steals that which does not even belong to them and make haste to justify why they have a right to make it theirs and to take a spoil of their own citizens and people. If you will spoil your own citizens without any kinds of remorse, then you will most definitely spoil other Countries or Nations. See Proverbs 14:34 and Proverbs 29:2.


1-8-2012 War does not protect economic interests in the world; it actually causes more financial woes to an already fragile world economy. When Governments cannot see any other way other war to solve their problems then the whole world is in trouble due to catastrophic thinking by those in authority, but there is coming a time when every man or women that is in authority will have to give an account of their actions before God. War was never meant to be used for aggression so that you could get your way, but war should only be used purely for defensive only purposes and to defend the land or Nation where you dwell, but the Nations have made it a way of living that brings desolations and ruins in the lands of many Nations. Imagine if the money used to fight wars and to build bombs was used to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and to build houses for the homeless in the world so that we could fully eliminate homelessness, famine, poverty, nakedness, and hunger in the entire world. That can be done if we love our neighbors as ourselves versus beating them up all of the time. The innocent are always the ones that suffer in war at the hands of the world Governments, but it is always the righteousness of God that brings answers.


1-4-2012 The key to a thriving economy in any Nation, State, Province, or Territory is not just having jobs, but creating and having good paying jobs in any given society, because if people don't have enough money to pay their bills or if they are barely able to feed their families then there won't be any excess money for them to spend in the stores or to invest in the free markets of society both of which helps the economy to be both robust and strong. It takes consistent consumer spending to boost all sales and revenues. If sales and revenues is up then the economy is going to be up, but if sales and revenues is down because a people in society doesn't have much money to spend or to buy things then of course the Local, State, Province, Territory, and National economies are going to be weak and slow. Duhhh! The answer to a strong economy is good paying jobs. The only thing that cheap paying jobs does is fatten the pockets of a few rich people and corporate giants, but the spending of the masses and the multitudes is what boosts the National economies and on the Province, Territory, Local, and also State levels. Someone should have paid attention in Business and Economics class. Experts by degree, does not mean that you know how to lead me or we.


12-25-2011 Any Government that will place sanctions and restrictions on their own people and take away the rights and the freedoms of their own citizens is a Government that is on the verge of a major collapse in this season. On the other hand the Government that favors the well-being of its citizens is a Government that shall prosper and have good success in spite the economy or the state of the world. See Proverbs 14:28, 31 & 34-35.


10-9-2011 When a Government ignores the needs and voice of its people, then it will ultimately fail and fall and fully crumble. A Government that only caters to a few rich people and that write laws to benefit the rich and vex the poor and destroy the typical middle class citizens will ultimately come to utter ruin and destruction because they will have the God of the heavens and the Earth against them to judge them and to destroy them. The history of every Government or every Nation that vexes the souls and the lives of their citizens is a fall of catastrophic levels and proportions. You will see in history that every oppressive and greedy empire always came to ruins and a devastating end. You can also see the same exact thing happening now in this generation. This is a generation that is feed up with greed, lies, and all the corruption. There is a right and a wrong side of history to be on at all times in life.


9-11-2011 It is time to rebuild and it is now time to get a new and fresh vision of a unified government of all levels; State, Province, Town, City, Village, Community, Federal, National and even International. You must allow your eyes to see pass the rubble of trouble and the dust and rebuild and move on pass the clouds of smoke and see a fresh and renewed start. Many Nations, Provinces, and States have allowed themselves to become bogged down in troubles and shortages versus allowing themselves to see pass their own storm clouds and be able to recover. New minds bring new and valuable ideas.


8-21-2011 The Lord says many politicians are not voting their heart or my heart on many things, because of some caucus or a party affiliation, but I will turn the hearts of those in governments small and great to favor the things that I have ordained, says the Lord!


2/20/2011 There will be the merger of many different agencies, especially in the area of law enforcement. I see many agencies that will merge to pool and preserve valuable resources.


1/31/2011 Cities that annex the growth around them will come out of recession and financial struggles. When you fight to stay small, the only thing that you are doing is preserving poverty and more budget shortfalls due to a severe lack of revenue and funding. Don't be foolish, you must have growth to be able to maintain and be sustained in a time of inflation and economic turmoil. This word applies to all cities and towns all over the world. Unity builds a stronger and better and more stable community.


1/31/2011 It is not wise and is not in the best interests of any nation to support, finance, or back a coup or overthrow of any government in any nation at all, because you are setting your own nation up for the same thing to happen there. It sends a clear message to all of the people of the nations that if you don't like how your government does business, then overthrow them, and my friend that is the wrong message to be sending out to the nations, so I would urge all respective leaders of all nations to consider your stance and position when it comes to dealing with the nations and the overthrow of their governments. This is not how God works to dethrone a regime anyhow. He has a hand in setting every leader on the throne of their nation based upon the will and the desires of a people whether or not that is good or bad.


11/26/2009 Blessed is the righteous nation. You cannot fight sin with sin and you cannot fight crime with crime. There are many different government agencies that have embraced policies that levy wages from others, especially the poor, and they have embraced unrighteous policies that really amount to them stealing from people. You cannot use crime to fight crime. These agencies that embrace policies of theft are the same ones that are experiencing the greatest budget shortfalls and a drying up of their resources. You cannot use crime to fight crime and you cannot use sin to fight sin. When you steel, it will be stolen from you. When you rob another, you will be robbed; that is Galatians 6:7-8. What you sow is what you will reap. A drying up of resources that are not there is a result of you taking resources from another that did not originally belong to you. Duhhh! Look at Proverbs 14:34 & 29:2 and Psalm 9:16-17.


10/30/2009 When Government Agencies are openly corrupt and they refuse to judge themselves and make the necessary corrections within their organization, then they force the hand of God to bring judgment upon them and to come in and clean up the evil and corruption that are echoed from the cries of the poor. Any time that a state agency, federal, or provincial agency thinks that is okay and acceptable to lie, steal, rob, or cheat others to get what they want, then the Lord's judgment is coming on that agency. Any time that the actions of an agency leads to the oppression of the poor and robbery of the less fortunate, then the Lord will get involved to judge the fat cattle. Warning to all corrupt government agencies, you will be exposed and rooted out. There is no place for any form of corruption in society at all and that is unacceptable behavior. Judgment is coming! See Psalm 12:5, Psalm 82:1-8, Ezekiel 34:20-22, Proverbs 30:14, Isaiah 59:1-21, Isaiah 63:4, Ezekiel 22:29-31, Ezekiel 22:27, Obadiah 1:9-18, Isaiah 10:1-8, Isaiah 54:15-16, Isaiah 42:13-15, Psalm 78:65-66, Ezekiel 7:1-27, Ezekiel 3:17, and Isaiah 26:20-21.


8/10/2009 Annexation is the key to reducing budget short falls and preventing raising taxes in hard economic times, recessions, or severe economic downturns. Annex the growth around your borders, city or town limits, says the Lord! Watch how the Lord feels about cities being in prosperity versus lack. Look at Zechariah 1:17 and Zechariah 7:7.


8/10/2009 The difference between a town or city that does well during a recession or an economic downturn and one that does not is having a vision plan for growth for that municipality. A town or a city that don't have vision plan for growth is one that don't plan on ever growing, or they refuse to grow, and a municipality that just refuses to grow or increase is one that will always keep raising taxes on its people and increasing town or city fees just to make it by staying small. Opportunities for growth can come anywhere in the world, but rather or not that city, town, or village takes the bait when it comes will determine their outcome and how they fair in the future.


5/28/2009 War should always be one of the last resorts in life, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to go to war to prevent a more major catastrophe from happening later on down the line. No one should want to go to war, but sometimes it is necessary and very unavoidable. Some nations will force you into conflict whether you want to or not, because the battle calls for it.


4/14/2009 (Warning for other more powerful nations that are considering sanctions against smaller size countries or Nations) the Lord says that you need to consider your moves as it concerns imposing sanctions against these little countries or any nation to further damage or harm their economy, because what you sow is what you will reap. Many countries are facing recession and hard economic times because they have imposed sanctions against other smaller countries to hurt their economy and economic prosperity. Sanctions don't even hurt the leaders of those rogue nations that you called them, but they hurt the everyday people or the citizens of that nation. They are the ones that suffer the most, while any illegal or gangster leading governments still get things underground or on the black market smuggled in. They still live good and very prosperous while the innocent people of those nations suffer that have nothing to do with the bad leaders of their nations. In a lot of those nations, the citizens don't necessarily agree with the actions of that particular governing authority, but if they speak out against the government in a negative way, they'll be tortured and killed for their responses. The Lord is saying have mercy when it comes to sanctions for the sakes of your own nations and its citizens not to be destroyed by natural disasters and hard economic times, which is a judgment from the Lord for how you treat other people and nations. Your economy will be weakened if you help participate in weakening another countries economy by sanctions. If you destroy the economy of a nation, then your economy will be destroyed. If you destroy another nation with bombs without a righteous cause, then yours will be destroyed the same way or by natural disasters of a horrific magnitude, because a nation must reap what they sow, good or bad. If you yourself do evil, it will be done unto you. The Lord will deal with those bad, rebellious, and dangerous nations himself. Set a new standard in the earth, says the Lord! For my mercy endures forever, says God! See Ezekiel 34:20-22, Psalm 103:17-19, Psalm 33:8-22, Psalm 22:23-28, Psalm 144:15, and Psalm 146:5-10.



Should a nation use war as a method to fix other war issues and disputes in other nations? As a Nation you should exercise restraint and should not be so easily offended at each other's words, because all nations talk trash and say bad things about another nation. If you bomb a country that is bombing others it still is going to lead to even more deaths, because bombs kill people and destroy vegetation. So either way you take it, it will be choosing the least of two great evils. You are using the same evil method that they are using to fix the same kind of problem. You are using sin to fix sin. You are using crime to fix crime. You are committing war crimes to battle war crimes. The nations must understand that they cannot bomb their way into peace, because war is not peace at all, and it just leads to more and more turmoil, destruction, chaos, division, and desolation than before. Prayer and civilized dialogue and talks between the nations is the only true way to resolve an issue and not just a few nations saying “if you don't do what we say or if you don't do what we want you to do, then we are going to bomb the hell out of you.” My God! Even the Nations are required by God to live by the golden rule of loving their neighbor as their selves. If you don't want your nation to be bombed, blown up, torn apart, or destroyed, then you should not participate in bombing other nations, tearing them up, and destroying lives. You reap what you sow; the bible is very clear on that. I notice that every time another nation goes to war against another nation or bomb and destroy another nation then they have storms and also natural disasters in their own lands and countries in biblical proportions. If you destroy another nation, then your nation will be destroyed by the fires, earthquakes, floods, huge snow storms, a tsunami, hail of golf ball and baseball sizes, as well as, severe and damaging winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and other destructive events and there is a direct correlation between wars and natural disasters. If you don't believe me, then study the nations involved in recent wars and then take a look at the destructive weather events nationwide that they have been experiencing. It is in the news.


The reason why so many people are irate and even cold toward some of these modern governments in some nations, states, territories, and provinces is because they are; 1) They see the corruption and they are tired of it 2) They see the Government mistreating people 3) They see that they are being lied to 4) They see the deceit and the cover ups. The only way to get out of these catastrophic cycles is to make an honest attempt to be more than fair, reasonable, and open and upfront with the people without all the lies, cover ups, and tricks and schemes. People are not dumb, they can see the truth and for those that don't see immediately, eventually their eyes will always get opened and then that causes them to hate you and to be hostile. All political figures and those that hold any position of leadership around the world must walk in integrity and even be truthful at all times, even when the truth hurts, because it hurts even more when the people of the land knows that you are trying to deceive them intentionally even when they know the truth and that kind of behavior shows your dishonesty and it breaks the confidence of the people towards leadership. Righteousness, integrity, truth, and honesty will be the only things that will save Nations and Governments all over the World in this hour. In many countries, you cannot solely blame a president, a king, a queen, or a prime minister for the problems and laws being passed in a land. 1) Most Nations are really ran and governed by a congress, parliament, or some form of a legislative body that passed all the laws of the land. 2) A president or a king or queen has very limited executive powers to make certain laws or things happen. A parliament, a congress, or some form of a legislative body is to be blamed and held accountable for all the laws of the land, because if they all agree with one another or have a majority on an issue, then that is what the law, laws, or the outcome will be. 3) A mayor does not run a town or a city by himself. He has Town or City council members to help pass local town or city government laws or ordinances. Likewise with counties, they have county council members. No one person is to blame. Some states or countries have parishes and that parish has a governor or leader. Even a village in many countries are ran by a local governor that are held accountable by the elders of the land, elders of tribes, and elders that are some form of spiritual leaders, but no one man or person is to blame. 4) Even a dictator or communist regime is powerless without the backing of the military and the elders of the land. Every nation is run by lawyers or rich business men or cartels. The poor or the middle class people of most nations don't have any says so at all, because leaders, legislators, congressmen, and those in power takes bribes from the wealthy or rich companies to pass laws in their favor, so all of the laws in the land are being dictated by special interest groups, oil and insurance companies, and wealthy corporations that hire lobbyists to bribe our law makers with money and gifts everyday to gain their vote and to pervert justice by adding so many restrictions and afflictions to the poor, middle class, and less fortunate. These are laws that only benefit the wealthy, but they oppress and afflict the poor; and if you become a loud voice and too influential, then you'll be offered a well-paid position to silence you and shut you up, so once again the poor and middle class will have no voice again. Many law makers (not all) have sold out to bribes and corruption that they have passed laws to make it legal to receive bribes from lobbyists on behalf of special interest groups and organizations. You have totally become a communist nation or a dictatorship when all of your answers and your only solutions is to find more ways to punish the people, if they do not do what you say, because you keep on passing new laws to afflict people and try to get them to do something that you want them to do versus God really being in control of your nation and living by the bible or even doing things God's way from a moral perspective. God gave man a choice to obey him, his word, and his righteous ways, or not to obey him, his word, and his righteous ways, but he does not force anybody to do anything. He gives them a choice. There may be adverse consequences if you don't obey God, but he still gives you a choice. He is God and has the ability to punish, but man and modern day government has taken on the role to punish and afflict in everything, even in the smallest of matters, leading to a mass break down in a civilized society. True answers to problems and life's issues can only come when you find answers and solutions to benefits all men, not just a few or a majority. Jesus became the answer for all men and their sins. If governments were to operate from that kind of solution and perspective, then all men would benefit from righteous laws that are fair and just for all men not just for the privilege few, leading to injustice, perversion, and corrupt business and government practices and perverted laws. Nations do not need any more crippling oppression and selfish perversions by abusive leadership. Our tax revenues as a Town, Municipality, or City have fallen. It is because a lot of businesses and industries have left the area or have closed down, so your tax base from the commercial property taxes has dwindled under. The answer to that problem is; 1) You need to annex the growth around your area. Annex the over spilled growth around your city or town to increase the tax base revenues. That is an immediate relief, because it is already there. 2) You need to recruit and attract new and more vibrant industries to your town or city. Expand your borders. 3) When new industries come, you don't want to be too overly generous with your tax breaks and tax incentives, because you need all that extra money flowing into your tax base. 4) Plan for growth. You cannot expect to stay small and expect not to be crippled by the rising costs of today's world, higher expenses, higher budgets, inflation, and all the more increasing costs of utilities and cost of living increases. If more is going out, then it is pretty clear and obvious that you need more coming in, Duhhh! 5) Do not waste thousands of dollars on growth and revenue increase studies. Use the talent within your own borders and get ideas and suggestions from the public in your own communities, cities, and towns. It is the will of God to have diplomatic intervention and talks for peace first before you ever go to war with an opposing nation. Anything else violates the laws of the bible, and those Violations have consequences from God. Luke 14:31-32. It is the will of God to have security advisors on your staff to advise you and brief you on security issues and threats, as well as, counsel you on going to war or preparing for possible war. Proverbs 20:18, Proverbs 24:6, and 1 Chronicles 12:32-40. The Nation or Government that has the Lord as their God is a blessed one. Psalm 33:12, Psalm 144:15, and Psalm 146:5. A nation will not be delivered from an enemy or an aggressor by their military might or the strength of their military. Psalm 33:16-22, Deuteronomy 32:28-30, and 2 Chronicles 14:1-13. It actually brings a curse upon a government or a nation that trusts in allies to help defend themselves verses trusting in the Lord to defend and deliver them from their enemies. Isaiah 31:13 and Jeremiah 17:5-8. It brings a curse on a nation when they change their God to a false idol god or gods and turn away from the true and living God, Jesus, the almighty. Jeremiah 2:9-11, Jeremiah 2:12-13, 17-19, and Psalm 9:17-20. If you repent and change your ways back to the Lord as a nation, then will the almighty God heal your land from famines, plagues, and diseases and he will bring full restoration. 2 Chronicles 7:12-14, Hosea 5:15, Hosea 6:1-3, and Acts 3:13-26. Your Nation, Government, or Country can and will be destroyed for allowing sin to be tolerated or accepted in your borders or by passing laws that allow sinful things or activities. Amos 9:8, Romans 1:16-32, Isaiah 10:1-27, and Isaiah 11:1-5, 9-10 & 12. The Lord told me to tell you that righteousness exalts a nation. In other words, righteousness will promote you, but sin will destroy you. See Proverbs 14:34 and Proverbs 29:1-2, and Proverbs 29:12-14.