This section is designed to show and reveal some strategic prophecies and prophecies for nations that the Lord is releasing or about to do in this hour, in this season, or in the days ahead. These prophecies are designed to be watched with trust news agencies, local, national, and international ones so that you can watch and see when these prophecies written here are being fulfilled. You will see all of them in the news at the appointed times, so watch!

12-3-2021 A change in leadership in the highest level of government before it is actually time for it in a very powerful and influential Western Nation will cause some upheaval, because they won't like who is taking over the helm of the nation. You have to pray for that person's former colleagues, because that person will have come out of them, which is where of the most outrage, fearmongering, and resistance will be coming from. Yet in the midst of it, there will be one that will be liken unto a modern day Caleb that will still the people and be willing to work closely with that person on legislation and their agenda that will be starkly different than that of their predecessor. This person will be like the elephant in the room simply because they will not be from that person's political party.  

Another strong wave of God's generals will leave the earth and go on to be with the Lord as a mantle is continuing to be passed onto another generation of younger and seasoned leaders that have been prepped by God, and in this season of 2's and 4's, it will seem like it is double than what would be considered normal.

Monster Storms from the ocean and over land will continue to be a problem plaguing the nations and the islands of the seas, and because storms over land will be getting stronger and stronger, it will seem like nothing is out of reach. Strong winds and torrential rains far away from oceans and deep inland will be more common and much more frequent and the flooding will scare the Hell out of many people in areas where they thought they were safe and free from such things. It will seem like there is no difference between some of the strongest tropical systems coming off the ocean and seas and the kind of sudden storms that will form up over land that will have just as high or higher winds and just as much or more torrential downpours associated with them. They will say that it is climate change, and they are right, but it will be the fulfillment of end-times prophecies 'As in the days of Noah.' The collapse of a major sea wall in a popular place in the world will be a major sign of a shift in things to come from the wrath of the oceans in the coming days ahead. Another major sign that will come will be in the form of a monster hurricane that will come over Hispaniola, and as it comes over the high mountains that are known to rip apart and weaken tropical cyclones, those mountains will seemingly have no effect on this particular coming monster storm, which will represent a shift in things to come from the oceans and seas. A shift in the weather patterns again will represent some serious shaking in the nations from all sorts of disasters with catastrophic flooding leading the pack. They will call upon key people in the Body of Christ that are known for intercession to pray through the onslaught of certain of these events that will be taking place. The request will go out for prayer for 24 hours straight to try to break the strength of what will seem like an untamed beast.


8-10-2021 Cameroon, the Lord says, you will overcome the division as it arises, but I will be your strength and not let you be taken by surprises, but you will have heads-up on things before they arise and before they take root, and I will show you how to manage them and deal with them, says the Lord!


8-10-2021 They will light a fuse like a match that will set off an explosion of events in the Middle East and South East Asia and Northern Asia as they insist on pushing the button and pressing the issue beyond just a point of threatening which will lead to major wars and conflicts in those regions.

8-8-2021 time of violence is coming in many cities, small towns, and rural areas of the United States and in many nations of the World for a very heated season where law enforcement won't even have enough resources to contain the violence and will be stretched too thin. In some areas or States, they will have to call in the national guard, but that won't even be enough to help in some areas, because the violence and unrest will be so widespread. I see murders, shootings, violent protests, and even some tanks on the streets in some nations. At first, some will say that the tanks are too heavy handed of a response, but then will soon change their mind after they see how the violence and lawlessness is steadily growing and advancing. This will be in the news all over the world, and it will not be limited to one nation or a group of nations, but it will seem like it is all over the world, and in some parts of the world, the governments in those nations will be overthrown and some of them will collapse. These are praying times so keep these things in your prayers.


7-20-2021 The United States will enter a time of shaking, turmoil, and an uprooting in the land, and for a while it will look like the Lord has forsaken America, but his grace will arise in the land to show the mercy of his plan. 'Shock and Awe' is coming.


7-4-2021 At least seven Western Nations will enter a time of turmoil.

The great rains will sit over certain nations and regions for a season. Some will be harvest rains and prophetic rains, while others will be judgment rains leading to a great deep and a heap.


6-28-2021 For a season, storms, thunders, and lightnings are just going to sit over some regions, just one after another. It will be so notable that it will get national and media attention.

A major NATO war is coming that will present a major challenge to the nations.

Some missiles will hit in various places in the Middle East and in various parts of Africa, but no one will claim that they had anything to do with it.


6-19-2021 I heard the Lord say, 'Record high waters.'


5-10-2021 Europe will be on high alert about many things for a season. 


5-4-2021 The first wave was a wakeup call, but this second wave will be much more powerful and nation shaking among the nations.


4-24-2021 They will say, there is no seismic activity here and neither has there ever been, but suddenly something will wake up under the earth where they are and will be a cause for concern in certain places.

Russia will be surprised in the days ahead by something they will not be expecting, and it will catch them off guard simply because they won't be expecting it.


2-11-2021 Things are going to get so bad within the nations that they will be calling for the same people and church folks to pray and to advise them that they were trying to censor, shut up, cancel, shut down, and ban. Things are going to take a turn suddenly.


1-15-2021 Actions by China will force a new type of military alliance to be formed among Asian Nations and Islands in the Pacific Theater.


1-15-2021 A provocation by Iran will light a match in the Middle East in the days ahead that will burn for many days.


1-15-2021 Actions by Iran will spark a nuclear arms race among nations in the Middle East and will lead to massive military buildups and the drive for more advanced weapons by Middle East Nations that will have a domino effect worldwide to some degree.

 North Korea will be shaken by a very rare and strong earthquake that will have an effect on the entire Korean Peninsula.

 Japan will have to be careful with China in 2021, because they will find themselves getting drawn into something that will shake the area. The Pacific Region will be an area of major concern.