This section is designed to show and reveal to you some very strategic things that the Lord is doing and is releasing and about to do in this hour. Read and be blessed. These prophecies are designed to be watched with the news, local, national, and international news agencies so that you can watch and see when these prophecies written here are being fulfilled. You will see all of these prophecies come to pass, and you will see all of them in the news, so watch!

12-22-2020 The last one was concocted by man's doing, but this new one will be a judgment of God and will come forth as another plague.

12-18-2020 They will declare victory over a situation, but it will be declared prematurely, and they will say we have finally won and put the past behind us, but the Lord says I have another great surprise coming for them, because I have heard the consistent prayers of my people. Even many of them that was against my covenant plan will turn and say, “There is a God, and now I know he exists for real.” I will turn things and shift things, but it won't be by the efforts of man, but it will be by my intervention in those matters, declares the Lord!

12-11-2020 Another new plague is coming. It will look similar to COVID-19, but it will be much more deadly in nature, and the current vaccines being pushed out won't even work on it to stop it. They will say, “I thought the vaccines would work on this thing,” because at first it will look like it is just another strain of COVID-19, but when they look a little closer, they will see that it is much different than anything that they have ever seen before, even when it is compared to other previous coronaviruses in times past in different nations and regions of the World. This too will be a World shaker, and it will be unlike no other.

11-13-2020 This new third party that will arise with notoriety and influence in the United States will force politicians to work together across the aisle and even remove the aisle altogether, because they will be in the middle and not emphatically on neither of the party's side per se, but they will be that righteous voice and conscience to hold the two accountable and will use wisdom and common sense approaches to things.

10-30-2020 They will have to explain once again why the polls were wrong when it comes to the 2020 Presidential elections in the United States.

8-31-2020 The shark bites will become more of a major concern in many waters in various places of the World, even in some places that are not known to have or to see sharks in their waters. There will be some occurrences where sharks will even be found to be in fresh water rivers far away from the salt water habitations of the ocean, which will be a cause for alarm, and the experts will try to figure out what is driving such a phenomenon. They will say this is strange and very rare for them to be this far inland.

8-29-2020 It won't be safe to go to the beaches in many places around the World for a season. There will be various reasons for concerns that will be the driving force behind this.

8-20-2020 Many places in the world will have to deal with much longer monsoon seasons to the point that many scientists and weather experts will say, “When will it stop? This is not normal.” Many places in the world that do not normally see any monsoon rains will begin to see them, even some areas that are known to be dry areas. I see also where many more records will be broken.

8-20-2020 I see where some places in the United States and various places of the world will be under about 5 feet of water, mainly from torrential rains, and I see this is going to be widespread in many places for a season.

7-29-2020 Intense lightning will become a problem in places and nations in the world for a season, and the results will stay in the news for a season.

7-13-2020 The death of a major leader in the democratic party in the United States in the days ahead will leave their base scrambling and searching for a quick solution to try to patch some things up in leadership within the party.

7-1-2020 Agreements that have been made with Russia, China, and the European Union by previous government administrations in Certain Western nations concerning sovereignty will come to the light as a shocker. People and investigators will be astonished and shocked at the level of corruption that has festered by high level government officials, which was being covered up and hidden for a long time, but in this season the covers will come off, and there will be another fight to prevent such measures from coming to pass.

7-1-2020 The collapse of many governments will be inevitable in this season due to some unforeseen circumstances. Some will be on the federal levels in nations, while others will be on some state and local levels.

6-16-2020 Don't put those coats, sweaters, jackets, and long sleeve shirts and blouses up just yet, because there will be some places in the world in the middle of the blazing hot summer that will have some unbelievably cold days, some even near freezing and some will experience snow, but it will be for a sign that represents two things; 1) It will represent the coldness in the hearts of men and; 2) it will represent a shift in that nation, city, or place, even in the governmental realm and economic shifts among many other types of shifts that will take place when that sign is manifested for those areas.

6-16-2020 Many places, cities, and nations will have to deal with much stronger and monster size storms, and they will have to deal with the reality of storm surges reaching much further inland from hurricanes or tropical systems than it has ever done in times past. It will even reach to historic levels in some places that will make international news and people won't be able to even believe the sight of their eyes.

5-11-2020 New cases of outrage is going to cause things to boil over in many nations, cities, and states in the days ahead.

5-1-2020 They will see the fire fall from heaven, but they will have no explanation for it, and it will be called a very weird phenomenon.

5-1-2020 More besides China will have to give an answer for the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak, but some Western Nations, G-20 Nations, will also have to give an account as it will come out that some of them had a hand in sponsoring laboratory events in China for experimental research. This will be the shocker of the nations.

4-30-2020 Several major Generals in the Body of Christ will leave here and transition and pass away. Some were preparing to lead post-COVID-19, but the Lord says they have taken the Body of Christ as far as they can go. Some will not pass because of COVID-19, but it will be the Lord taking them out of the earth. Some will be in honor while others may be in dishonor, because what the Lord has shown me for some that they have deceived the Body of Christ and held them in bondage long enough, and now it is time for a transition to new leadership and a passing of a mantle to another generation as Moses did with Joshua. Some will pass not because they did something wrong, but it is because it is their time of transition and passing of the torch to a new generation that the Lord has ordained for this hour. The Body of Christ will be in transition during this time even greater than it is now. The Lord says, some have faithfully served their purpose and they will be transitioning to a heavenly mission. (This is something that we need to keep in our prayers, because the Body will have to get used to new emerging leadership that has always been there, but it is just their time to be elevated by the hand of the Lord. It will be a sad time, but also a time of rejoicing for the home going of some great ones. I usually don't seek to post such words, but the Lord kept pressing me to post it, because this will be a sign marker for the Body of Christ symbolizing a new era of leadership and a new era altogether. Keep in mind that these will be notable leaders, in which most are famous to the Television World and the Internet World and some of them will shock for a minute.)

4-21-2020 Governments will learn a hard lesson in the near and far days ahead.

4-7-2020 They will say it is in the food, and they will say that it is in the water, and then there will be a period of confusion, because for a season they won't be able to pinpoint exactly where it is coming from, because it will be in many things. Those that are the faithful of God will be shielded from many of these things to come.

3-27-2020 There are some nations that have not been truthful in reporting the actual number of deaths and infections from the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, but in the near days ahead they will be forced to tell the world and their own nations the truth, because it will come out, and I see a large wave of whistleblowers that will come forth to tell the truth and reveal the true story.

3-23-2020 They will catch on the truck. They will catch it before it gets off the truck to keep it from spreading and contaminating stuff.

2-3-2020 In a dream, I saw where there was some situation overseas involving United States troops where the situation was so serious that it required them to call up reserves and even some from the Inactive Ready Reserves to deal with that situation. I could see troops in formation at a base and being called up from everywhere and even some that were volunteering to fight where it was pass their time of being called back into active duty. This was like a great war of some kind overseas somewhere.

2-3-2020 The waters shall rise up and come from the North, and they will say that this is not normal and this is rare as the flood overtakes.

1-1-2020 Sea level rise expectations that the experts thought would be 50 years out will have heavy impact in 2020 in some places shocking and surprising many. Climate change in some areas will completely shock the scientists, climatologists, the meteorologists, and the experts.

1-1-2020 The Year 2020 will be marked by many political upheavals and unrest in many nations and some nations will continue to see their government toppled. Some nations will try time and time again to form a new government, but for a season those things will not come to fruition and in other cases, they will collapse and falter. The Lord has said that this is a time to keep your eyes on the nations and watch what new alliances are forming and watch what is going on with the strategic balances of power. This is a time to watch what new wars will be sparked and why and for what cause. These are events and things that will reveal clues as to what is actually forming in the earth and coming together. It is a time for the seasoned eyes to be aware and not to give much sleep to those eagle eyes of a watchman that God has placed on the walls to reveal what is coming in the land, yea even in many lands, declares the Father God!



12-20-2019 It will be found out in the near days ahead that a certain political party in the United States was taking orders of resistance to the current administration from abroad from other nations.

12-4-2019 Europe will shake in this season. The Lord says, I have chosen Europe for the place of my shaking, and I will shake things up there a little bit, but in the end I will get my glory and those that are chosen to be sheep nations will be set apart from those that are goat nations, whether openly or in secret, declares the Lord! Watch for the shaking declares the Lord!

8-31-2019 It will not be uncommon for some storms that will form over land and over the ocean to have winds equivalent to what would be category 10 strength if it existed, because the winds from some of these things will be over 300 miles per hour. When you see the first of these events, then it will represent a new era and the ending of an old era. Some will say it is because of climate change, but it will be for a clear sign of the time and the shifting of a time frame and era.

8-31-2019 In the days ahead there will be some kind of major and severe storm that will target Washington, DC, and will represent a major turning point in the nation here in the United States.

8-31-2019 It will be found out that over a million people died in Russia due to some kind of thermal nuclear fallout event that was covered up.

7-28-2019 The battle of the Navies (World Navies) is coming. There is a war coming on the high seas involving power giants in the coming days. It will be a clash of those that want to compete with their latest cutting edge technology. The nations have been building up and preparing for this time, and there will be a shift from military drills to military actions.

7-13-2019 Some coastal cities will have to move their cities further back inland and build on higher and stable ground due to rapidly rising sea levels that are threatening to permanently inundate them on a regular basis as those cities sink into the sea and become vulnerable to constant flooding. Some cities will have to move their border and city proper back for miles inland just to avoid the wash outs and coastal erosion that will be happening. I see several cities like this around the world in the coming days ahead.

7-13-2019 There will be large protests around the world that will break over privacy concerns and over privacy violations. These protests will affect many nations as the people demand governments to safeguard their data and privacy, especially from the tech giants. These chains of events will lead to several key people being prosecuted for crimes against humanity to some degree in their malicious intents towards others in the privacy matters.

6-18-2019 I see many more military ships from many different nations heading to the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf region in the days ahead.

6-4-2019 A major earthquake will hit Europe that will notably affect many nations there in the days ahead.

3-8-2019 There is a voice of righteousness that will arise within the Democratic Party in the United States that will say, “We don't agree with abortion and we don't agree with your extreme policies that only stroke more hatred and division in our nation,” and this thing will cause a major rift within the party as rank and file members split over certain decisions and policies that seeks to divide a nation versus build it, but that voice will arise and there will be quite a few that join that voice. It will be the voice of those that have Christian roots and values that says, “We were not raised like that to align ourselves with infanticide and many other immoral practices that are being forced down our throats,” and they will rebel against a tide of evil that was trying to raise its ugly head in a nation in critical times. The news will report it as “There is a rebellion in our ranks.”

1-24-2019 The invasion of some nations around the world is imminent.

1-9-2019 I heard the Lord say, the next batch of power couples are now being released. I had them hidden for a season until now to protect them and to grow them and develop them to be able to stand and now you will begin to see what I had in hiding and in waiting all this time, declares the Lord!

1-4-2019 They have said, “If this gets out, we are through,” but the very things that they said and were trying to hide from the public are the very things that will be openly exposed.

1-1-2019 A major attack in Europe will set the world on edge.

1-1-2019 A new type of governing system will take root in the nations that will catch the eyes and the attention of many and raise some eyebrows.



12-4-2018 Many places and nations that sit on or around the equator or just below the equator that are normally hot year round or some that usually are tropical places with warm climates that do not normally get snow or have never seen snow at all before will get some snow and they will get a whole heap of it too. This will be a sign from the Lord that things are shifting in this world and things are now shifting in your nations. Many will say this is rare. Some will say this is impossible, yet while others will say this is not supposed to be happening here in our land. It will strike fear in the hearts of many, but yet others will enjoy their own version of winter in wonderland. This will be a major sign of a significant shift in the earth. At that time, watch how nations shift and watch how governments throughout the earth will shift. You will remember I told you this and you will say in your own heart, “Another crazy prophecy fulfilled.” Sometimes the Lord does these things just to get you to believe.

11-29-2018 Foreign troops will have to deploy in Ukraine.

11-29-2018 The Year 2019 will bring many Hot Spot wars to deal with.

11-29-2018 Hot spots wars coming in 2019.

11-16-2018 Something major in the form of some tragedies is coming that will force the nations to come together and to work together on many security areas and for their own national security.

11-8-2018 Several key races in Midterm elections in the United States will come under scrutiny and with a closer look will be found to contain fraud and outright cheating throwing many of those key races into a challenge which can lead to a do over in some instances, because some of those races were not legitimately won, but they were illegally taken for political gain and power.

11-8-2018 The United States is entering a time of shaking and testing for a season, but I also see that Western Nations as a whole will also be tested with these shakings and testing as the domino effect hits them.

11-2-2018 I can tell you right now that there is about to be a shift in a whole lot of nations to restore order and righteousness rule according common sense and fairness, and in some cases, there will even be some invasions and the special forces will be sent in to overthrow some of those clowns that are just being plain fools in the days ahead, but they asked for it first and they are the ones that started it by oppressing their own people, and persecuting Christians, other religions, and minorities in their lands.

9-7-2018 There will be many earthquakes in areas that are not on fault lines, and in areas that have never seen or have never experienced earthquakes before. This will baffle scientists and seismologists, but it will be a clear sign of the latter day shaking or the shaking of the end times. Nothing will be out of reach and nothing will be out of the question, in this hour. Many places around the world that has never seen any earthquakes will see them and many other places that have never seen or rarely seen hurricanes and typhoons, and tornadoes, even floods, will start to see them, because of the latter day shaking and series of events. A lot of people will say, “I have never seen or experienced anything like this in my entire lifetime.” What is very rare for some places will become a common occurrence. As the evil, wickedness, lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, and darkness increases in the earth, so will these kinds of events.

8-27-2018 An event in the United States is going to cause the military to temporarily have to step in to bring about a peaceful resolve.

8-7-2018 As the Lord was showing me some things in a vision, I heard him say these words; “And their temples shall crumble, collapse, and fall, some by quakes and some by other means.” He is showing me and telling me that these are idol temples or temples used for idolatry and to worship idol gods. Then he said, “They will suddenly shake and wonder why did not their gods deliver them from such massive destruction and save their temples and many will be perplexed and be very confused, because everything that they have trusted in and hoped in all of their lives have come to a sudden and an abrupt end.” He went on to reveal that this will cause many of them in many nations to turn to him and to seek the Lord Jesus as their God. One woe is passed!

7-27-2018 There will be some Muslim nations in the days ahead that will openly and boldly declare that they are no longer a Muslim nation anymore. Watch for it in the news! You will see it in due time! 

7-23-2018 I heard the Lord say, the great waters are coming. Many nations will see great waters of a major flood, especially a lot of nations in the Middle East, but I also see a lot of major cities around the world that will experience these things. These levels of water that I see coming are a form of Judgment, and it won't be like nothing that has ever been seen before. See Psalm 36:6, Ezekiel 26:18-19, Psalm 32:6, Psalm 144:7 and then also Psalm 18:16.

7-23-2018 The Lord says, nations are getting ready to shake like never before, and it won't be no light shaking either.

7-9-2018 The Lord says, sometimes it will look like nations are not going to comply and come into alignment with my will. It will look like they are being hard hearted, stubborn, defiant and rebellious, but I will cause something to happen to spook them, and they will willingly, and gladly, and very quickly, come in compliance with my will. Watch for it in the nations, declares the Lord! When I ordained something to happen in an allotted time frame, my word will be sure and nothing and no demonic principality will be able to stop it, says the Lord! 

6-18-2018 Coups and attempted coups will be possible in certain western nations in the not too distant future and these things will be shocking to watch in the news and nobody would be expecting such things from a western based society, because it is unheard of and out of the Norm. It will become a possibility in some western nations for the military to step in, because of political and government corruption in more than one area that would lead to such a thing. However, these things would be temporary and short lived, but somewhat necessary in some cases to restore order and the rule of law wherein things got a little lawless. (That is the scenario that no one is hoping for, but will become a reality at some point and time.)

5-22-2018 It will be found out that some nations created viruses and diseases as a form of population control, especially in nations where abortion has come under fire from public outrage and anger as tax payer dollars were used to fund many such things for years, even decades, in some cases.

5-9-2018 It will come out in the United States that some judges in the judicial system were actually on the payroll of other nations and were being funded by them to rule in the favor of people from those nations. This will also be found out in some other nations too.

5-8-2018 I see a Coup d’état coming in Iran.

2-12-2018 The Lord says, I will vex the nations and I will deal heavily with those goat nations that do not fear me, says the Lord!

2-12-2018 I heard the Lord say the words “The repositioning of military assets” and then he showed me that many nations of the world are repositioning their military hardware, equipment, and assets, and they are preparing for what they think is coming, but what is actually coming will be a huge surprise to many nations and will totally catch many of them off guard and unaware. The Lord says, what they prepared for is not what is coming or at least what many trained for is not what will happen and what will happen many will not be able to handle. The Lord says, there is a great secret that they did not know about that they will see when it is suddenly upon them.

2-10-2018 I see where the judgment of the Lord is coming down on dirty money and dirty organizations that only exists to funnel money in rogue causes. There are some foundations that only exists for the purpose of money laundering, hiding money, and to fund causes such as riots, violent protests, abortions, civil unrest in governments, genocide, and many other evils, but their evil deeds not only will be openly exposed, but also their donors and sponsors will be exposed as well. Judgment will drop on them like a hammer heavily pounding a nail. Their money will dry up in this season and will change hands and come into righteous hands.

2-9-2018 A greater and a much wider Middle East war and conflict is coming.

1-20-2018 There is a time coming in the United States of mass indictments and mass prosecutions, mainly from more than one of the previous administrations on the federal levels, in which, some will even trickle down to state levels. This will also have a ricocheting and domino type of effect on several other key nations as a result which is in some way tied into all of this. In other words, this will lead to indictments and prosecutions in several other nations as well. It will also come to the light that other nations had to some degree infiltrated the Government of the United States in some levels. This will go far pass the normal interference level.

1-5-2018 The Lord says, a mighty shaking will come to the land that will turn many people back to me. This is an event that will have an effect on many nations of the world, and the impact of this thing will be felt worldwide.

1-1-2018 There will be a continuation of a toppling of many governments in many nations around the world as the people are fed up with corruption, oppression, over taxation, and wickedness from their governments that they feel only serve themselves. Shaking is coming to many national governments is what I see.

1-1-2018 The United States of America will end up fighting a brief war to some degree against a former ally that pits themselves against them in the coming days. The rest of this prophecy is sealed, because it is much too sensitive to make it all public.



12-9-2017 There will be a huge meteor that will hit Russia that will cause some major problems and cause a lot of damage, and there will be significant loss of life when this happens. This meteor will be huge.

11-25-2017 Reports will come out how false government data and false reports over the years have damaged so many lives by using fake statistics.

10-14-2017 I see where the Iraqi armies and its allies and the armies of some surrounding nations will suffer some very embarrassing defeats and heavy loss of life if it pursues an attack against the citizens of the north of the country. They must not make the wrong moves if they want to remain stable.

10-12-2017 I see many major events that are coming around the world that will cause many that don't believe in the Bible to suddenly start believing in the Bible because of the proof of what is written and what they will be seeing.

10-12-2017 Germany, I see some kind of huge wall of water heading your way that will flow through your borders. Prepare yourself now for later and the times to come.

10-12-2017 I see where some major events will happen in the Northern areas of the United States in the Cities and it will lead to a lot of people relocating to several southern cities permanently for the long-term out of the abundance of caution. I see where some southern cities will not even have enough real estate and houses built to handle the great and sudden influx of people coming into those areas.

9-19-2017 I see where both China and Russia will lead the world in having some major disasters or what they call natural disasters, and weather events.

6-28-2017 There is something so major about to happen and is coming in the United States, that it will unite all people to come together to stand up against it. That is what the Spirit of God revealed to me. I heard the Lord say, “Much sooner than later.”

6-7-2017 There is a major wave of cleansing and purging coming within the governments of the nations, and within congress and parliaments, with many of them resigning, falling, and some sadly passing away, some suddenly and even unexpectedly. I heard and saw all these things coming while I was in the presence of the Lord and looking at things in the Spirit that he was showing me, or telling me by his Spirit. Then, I heard the words, “Sooner than later.” The Lord says, I will break their evil alliances.

4-23-2017 Major governmental shifts are coming in many different nations around the world. Watch for some major shifts. You will see it in abundance in the news over the next several months to years. A serious wave will start this year that will lead into the next several years.

4-21-2017 I see National Guard troops on the streets of several American cities for some form of protection in the coming days. Not limited to, but I mainly see a concentration of this in at least two states. These are things I see in the Spirit. Watch for it in the news!

4-21-2017 I see the Mediterranean Sea full of all kinds of naval ships from many different countries.

2-17-2017 I see that there will be some kind of reformation and realignment of nations within NATO.I also see the USA forming some new Alliances with other nations too. 

2-7-2017 I see several amphibious assault ships loaded down with tanks and heavy armor preparing for a real mission. I see this in the Spirit.

2-6-2017 I see a mighty army assembling and getting together. See 2 Kings 6:8-12. These are the days of huge armies. See Isaiah 21:6-17, Ezekiel 33:1-7, and Habakkuk 2:1-3, and Isaiah 62:6-7.

2-4-2017 I already see where he is now moving to shake the Churches to remove the corruption and regather the flock of his pasture that were scattered and stopped going to the house of God altogether, because of all the corruption and perversion that they see. A lot of his people have been out of the four walls of the church, isolated, and scattered, but I see a very big gathering, but mainly beyond the four walls in the parks and communities. I see many churches that will begin to permanently go out in the parks and among the neighborhoods of the cities like Jesus and will be used of God to compel them to come and to bring in the harvest. 

2-2-2017 Concerning violence and rioting in the streets; I did hear the Lord say that fire is coming from Heaven to deal with these types of situations in a unique way that puts the fear of God back into the hearts of men. Secondly, I hear the Lord say, these things are only a decoy and a distraction to the coming revival in the nations and in this nation that has already started, but a huge wave is now coming that is much bigger than anything that we have ever seen before, and it will bring up and bring forth in the USA States of California and Texas, and the nation of Malaysia. Earlier, I heard the Lord clearly say these words for me to speak, California, I have not forgotten you. I will visit you,” says the Lord! “Texas, I have not forgotten you. I will visit you,” says the Lord! In many cases and in many places, the Lord has already been moving or has started to move in those places. The Lord also said to me that the fear in the media was being used in a way that is causing people to draw close to him or to even be drawn to him for safety, refuge, solace, comfort, and security. 

1-6-2017 The Lord is going to set things in order in many nations, but it won't be by the hands of man. It will be by his hand.

1-5-2017 In some areas, there will be much more higher snow totals than what they were forecasting and expecting and in some areas, it will not only break regional records, but it will even break national records for the most snow ever in that nation in the history of that nation since records began. They will declare a state of emergency in many areas that are well equipped to deal with snow on higher levels, but not on the magnitude that I see coming, and many will even say, “I will be glad when winter leaves and spring and summer comes.” Snow represents cold, and the hearts of many nations are cold right now and that level of snow will be a reflection of the coldness that is going on in those nations in several places. Some will say it is an effect of global warming, but clearly it will be a sign of the state of that nation.

1-1-2017 There will be three main types of investigative probes in 2017. There will be probes of abuse of power. Probes of fraud, and probes of corruption, especially in governments and in the corporate world all around the world. China will lead the way followed by the USA and Russia in those things, but each nation mentioned and all nations will be uniquely different in their approach to things. Watch the news.


11-22-2016 (Reposted from the Prayer watches section on 11-21-2016) In 2017, some media outlets will rebel against those lying narratives that they were being manipulated and blackmailed into selling to the public, and the truth will be coming out on that. While others I see there is coming a completed collapse of what they call mainstream media, and I see the rise of many new news organizations that will report in a truthful manner no matter how hurtful or how serious it might be. 

11-14-2016 I also see a time of Judicial cleansing in the USA and around the world that will be about cleansing the judicial system of corruption and those that are surrogate plants of strategic and powerful people of influence.

11-14-2016 I see several pretty sizable counter protests coming in the USA that will be out in full support of President Elect-Trump.

11-6-2016 This week will hold a major West Coast surprise from the West Coast of the United States, and they will say that they did not see it coming, and it will shock and even surprise many, including the officials in the high places of this nation, the United States of America.

10-14-2016 I see several (quite a few) more whistle blowers coming out in the USA, Germany, and many other nations with some shocking details about their governments. Some things will be quite shocking. Some of them will be people that are close to key and strategic people in high levels of power, kind of like Judas was to Jesus, but in these cases, it will be for the sakes of saving their nation like Queen Esther was used to her people.

9-10-2016 Savings and loans industry will be the next industry to shake and some corporate folks also will be exposed for mishandling 401K savings money and will be indicted. Watch for it in the news in the coming days; see Matthew 10:26-27, Luke 12:2-3, Mark 4:22-23, Luke 8:17, and Amos 3:7.

8-16-2016 We are entering a season and a time where you will start to see a lot of the chaos and confusion that have been surrounding the election cycles and the processes come to an end to some extent in election cycles and processes around the world. Many things will be made very clear and will not be looked at as some controversy, but will be looked upon by the facts.

8-3-2016 I see a strange weather pattern that will stretch from the Atlantic Ocean all the way over the USA state of Texas and close to the West Coast of the United States that will set in place over that area that will bring tropical moisture and some torrential downpours that will make news because of the significant amount of rain that it will dump and have a significant impact on the rivers flowing south into the Gulf of Mexico. When we see that beginning to happen, that will signify a lot of shifting in the United States and a lot of transformation to come even in the governmental realm. This will be a sign from God.

8-3-2016 In many places around the world you will begin to see landslide elections. They won't even be close, but a lot of races will be won by an overwhelming majority and by a landslide. (Not saying this for one particular nation, but watch all the races in all the nations where they hold fair and real elections).

7-21-2016 A strange twist is coming soon in USA elections on the democratic side. Watch for it.

6-29-2016 The Lord has shown me that the banking industry is about to be the next industry to shake, and pretty heavily too. What I see is pretty tough for some. (Whenever banks, systems, or industries are being shaken, it is always because of undercover fraud and corruption.)

6-23-2016 They will say, “I did not see all of this attached with such a decision. How could all of this had happened with such a drastic and hasty decision?”

6-21-2016 I see a pretty major economic collapse coming in the days ahead.

6-11-2016 I see the fall and collapse of many big box retailers and big box stores, and it will be as it happened suddenly just out of nowhere for a lot of them. In other words, what I see is that this was not a part of their outlook and sales forecast.

6-11-2016 Something very big is going to happen in the United States. Something big and very major is going to hit the whole world and it is something that is coming quickly. We'll know when we see it. The Spirit of God said, “Something big and something major is coming.”

5-18-2016 A lot of American and Western based companies that have ran to move their operations and base of business to foreign countries are going to have a lot of their assets, companies, properties, and buildings seized and liquidated by the same foreign governments that appear to be friendly towards them now. I can see that this will result in them losing a lot of money, even billions and in some cases, trillions of dollars in assets and things. I see lots of frozen accounts in this whole process too. Some companies will see in the near future before all of this happen that it is best for them to stay where they are in their own respective countries and nations.

5-14-2016 I see the rise of at least two new political parties in the United States of America that will rise to prominence in the days to come after it is all said and done. This could change the way people are elected to office in the future.

4-17-2016 I see where a miscalculation of some kind will lead to a skirmish among some nations and lead to a war. (Cannot just go into any further details at this time simply because of the sensitivity of this particular matter, and sometimes that is the case because of what I see and who all is involved and what it will lead to that is not so good, but I know. I also see more than one event like this.)

4-16-2016 Japan was hit with a second earthquake yesterday that was even stronger than the powerful and strong one that they had the day before. What this is signifying to us as a whole is that we have just entered a strong ‘season of the two’ again. Now in a season of the two, almost everything seems to be doubled or in patterns of two's. In the current American politics, you have two parties, Democrats and Republicans. Both have crazy and chaotic races and both are talking of having some kind of contested conventions in the summer to decide a nominee to official run for president on behalf of their respective party. However, this summer will throw a surprising twist for both parties. Now, in your country and in your personal life, you will see how things will ever so seemingly begin to appear in patterns of two's. That is actually good news for the Saints of God, because in a Season of the two that means a double portion anointing for you. It also means you will get double blessings, double insight, or double the breakthrough. If you were expecting one check, somehow you’ll end up with two of them. If you were driving one car, you'll end up with two cars. It is also a season where a lot of singles find their mates, and the two of them get married and live a blessed life. Genesis Chapter 24 shows you what a coming together of the two in marriage by the hand of God looks like, but read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Matthew 18:19-20, and Isaiah 34:16 to better understand how the Lord gathers them together in a covenant. For the world, this event was a sign of the double edge sword, which represents a double judgment coming on all the nations of the world like when we entered the last season of the two when the two towers fell on 9-11-2001, that was when we entered the first real wave of the season of the two, and technically we have never left it since then, but it comes in like waves of water upon the beach, and before one wave can finish coming in on the shoreline, another one is riding on top of it before it finishes which is usually bigger than the wave or waves before it, especially during a high tide. I can tell you that overall, this is a good season, which will require you to look beyond the current things going on in the world and around you to see all the treasures hidden underneath the rubble of life's trouble and dark times upon the earth. Read Isaiah 60:1-11 and Isaiah 45:1-3. You are the light baby, and the glory of the Lord is attached and attracted to that light. 

4-15-2016 the Lord gave me a word for prayer watches two days ago on the 13th and it read as follows; “

4-13-2016 Pray for the nations of the world today as the shaking intensifies all the more. I heard the Lord say, the heat is being turned up. Now when he first gave me that word, I could really see that it included a lot more sizable and notable earthquakes around the world. I could also see the massive shaking of world governments exposing and rooting out corruption, scandals, and fraud. I could also see in the realm of the Spirit that there would be entire systems in the earth fail, mostly unrighteous and evil systems and wicked structures. I could also see some shaking coming in the churches, also including the fall of many religious structures. I even heard the Lord say to me, a remnant and a residue that are righteous will remain. Yet these are all glorious times for the Saints of the Lord that believe and trust in his name, the name of Jesus.”

4-15-2016 I see many massive protests here in the United States and around the world in a sizable manner that has never been seen before of its like or its kind. I'm talking history making sizes all over the world, because of the sheer number of people involved and taking part in these things. I see many other things associated with these things in which it would be wise to pray about these things beforehand and then just to minimize the effects of those things that I see coming, many of them much too sensitive to mention here. But God!

4-1-2016 In the USA, 2016 elections race for the president, there is a nice big surprise coming in that race on the Democrats side, but there is also going to be some surprising things at the last minute coming to shake up some things on the republican side too.

3-1-2016 The Year of 2017 will usher in a time of mass prosecutions around the world of corrupt government officials, and you will see this in pretty much every nation to some degree.

1-26-2016 I see the sudden rise of massive militaries in the earth. Some militaries of certain nations will even grow exponentially.

1-7-2016 I heard the Lord say there will be a major time of shaking in the cities; as I looked up into the Spirit realm, I saw that it was mainly the major cities of the world and not just within one particular nation only.

1-1-2016 There is coming a major shift in the world, especially in the financial realm and with major world currencies.



10-18-2015 The world will witness a sudden rise and resurgence of a much stronger Great Britain on the world scene where their power, influence, and strength on the world stage will once again be a force to be reckoned to bring about stability and a balance in the world.

10-18-2015 There will be a sudden surprise by Arab Coalitions in the Middle East that will further stir the flames of fire.

10-15-2015 There will be a sudden turn of events in the Middle East that will shake many things up and involve many nations of the world, even greater than what you have seen up to this point. I also see a major explosion there.

9-30-2015 There is coming a major shakeup in government and politics of the United States of America.

9-30-2015 There will be arms races all over the Middle East, and from there it will spread to many nations all over the world.

6-28-2015 The Lord says that the U.S.A. State of South Carolina is a beginner state for fires of revival to spread. There shall be salvations spreading from the coasts to the mountains in that state, and then I heard the Lord say this fire will even now begin to spread from the coasts to the mountains, and from coast to coast in this nation, and will quickly spread to the other nations of the world. This that is coming is bigger than anything that has ever been seen or that ever has been in the history of man.

6-16-2015 I see them paratroopers coming down out the skies. Watch for it in the news. Watch the world scene.

6-10-2015 I just heard the Lord say that there are several nations that are operating land, air, and naval blockades against the rebels that they are fighting against or in some form of standoff or conflict with, but the Lord says they are not getting their weapons above the ground, but they are getting their weapons and resupplies through extensive and large tunnels networks that run for miles and miles. I literally heard the Lord saying “highways underneath the ground.” There are a complete system of highways underneath the ground that trucks, missiles, pieces of artillery, and heavy weapons can freely travel through from nation to nation under the borders of those neighboring countries.

6-9-2015 I see several additional countries joining an existing military alliance. I see several new Asian and African nations joining this old alliance.

5-25-2015 The world will see floods on levels that no one could have ever imagined that are on what will be referred to as catastrophic levels and of biblical proportions. I see the rivers of the world in many places rising to levels that have never been seen before or recorded before in the history of man. What I see that is coming has never been seen on that level before. Study Acts 13:41 and Habakkuk 1:5.

5-9-2015 There will be an increase in storms that develop out of the blue and just out of nowhere with little or no warning and with no time to evacuate. They will suddenly just catch many people off guard, and to include meteorologists.

4-24-2015 I also see nuclear arms races developing almost worldwide among the nations.

4-24-2015 Several former Soviet Satellite States (countries) will also be found to have nuclear weapons with nuclear capabilities, and these revelations will come to light very suddenly seemingly out of nowhere.

4-24-2015 New major Chechen war with Russia brewing in the balance, but this time it will be bigger than anything ever fought with plenty of help from the outside of its borders. I heard the words overrun. I also heard more than one battle within Russia simultaneously.

4-14-2015 In a major power struggle between the states and the federal government, you will see many state governments begin to openly challenge their federal government structures. You will begin to see this happening not only in the USA, but all over the world as many internal forces seek to decentralize power in a controlling state (nation).

3-16-2015 I see a major earthquake coming to the Middle East. This will be a prophetic shifting point when this happens.

2-26-2015 I see several ships of a military nature being dispatched in and around the Middle East. I see a major and escalated showdown coming. (See Daniel 11:30)

2-26-2015 There will be some world leaders that will be found guilty of having strategic ties to terrorism and extremism, and it will be a very sad day in the earth.

1-27-2015 As I look into the Spirit, I see tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of troops, mainly from European nations that are getting ready to go to war in the European theater to fight against a common foe. I see several major European nations getting ready to enter this battle (in many cases not by their own choice, but they were sucked in against their will to defend some core values that they hold, and if they did not, they were going to be attacked too). I also heard the words Euro-troops.

1-25-2015 We are entering a time of strategic arrests in law enforcement all over the world wherein certain ones have used their positions and status to breach records, use their positions for personal gain, and in many cases take bribes to pervert justice. This will be something that is wide scale before it is all said and done. (Being pushed by some form of New World Order initiative that is coming from the United Nations level) 

1-16-2015 This is a heavy season of folks being caught embezzling funds and money in the banking industry and major corporations and even in governments.

1-11-2015 It is a time for the Lord to walk through the earth and bring some necessary judgments in the land, and you'll see them, because they will be pretty obvious. Look at Isaiah 42:13-15.

1-1-2015 Some major banks are set to collapse around the world. 


12-12-2014 I see in the Spirit where there is some major regrouping that is going on around the world with the protesters, and they will come back with a vengeance and a stronger show of force to get their message across to the whole world.

12-12-2014 The Lord has revealed that it won't be business as usual this Christmas, but there is some kind of shake up that is coming. He did not say what it was, and he did not say that he would be the one that is doing it, but we will watch to see what comes and we will know then at that time. Just relaying what I hear.

12-5-2014 Massive!!!!!!! Massive protests! Protests around the world will begin to swell by the thousands, even hundreds of thousands, even as millions upon millions take to the streets in outrage to protest various grievances from corruptions to evil and unjust killings and brutality. The ranks will swell greatly and in some places exponentially. Hey there! Watch the news buddy if you do not believe me hero!

12-4-2014 I see many explosive protests breaking out all over the world, in which some will spill over into chaos and violence. I can also see in the spirit where people have reached a boiling point, and a red line has been crossed. The world has entered a very dangerous time and period. You will see many more governments fall and fail, and many will be overthrown completely. You will start to see many governmental systems and agencies fall, fail, and totally collapse, not just because of protests, but also due to economic troubles and economic recessions and meltdowns that will begin to take root and span the globe. Many natural disasters that are coming will also play a role in those sudden collapses and failures. The heavy rains will decimate a lot of nations. Some of those rains are going to be catastrophic rains and great deeps that will scare the Hell out of men in many parts of the world, and they won't know quite how to handle it.

11-19-2014 It will be said “it is amazing how one little small city could have such spillover to the whole world.” This thing is quickly approaching and will have a strong lasting effect for at least eight months.

11-9-2014 There is a fast approaching season wherein they will have to call for reinforcements and backup constantly.

10-26-2014 It will be found out and will be discovered that many tragedies were created by the government of a land to create fear so they could continue to keep the people under their control, because they feared losing control over the population.

10-22-2014 Economic collapse will come to many nations as the global economy begins to shake once again. What I see coming next on the world scene is Woe! 

10-1-2014 Many nations that just foolish thought that they could just sit things out and sit on the side lines and not fight in any war or battle will suddenly find themselves getting sucked into a battle, a conflict, and a war somewhere in the world as many of them will get violently attacked by enemy forces, forcing them to fight or fold. Many that had no plans of war will be forced to fight as war and conflict visits their door steps. (Fullness of times) This will be sooner than later.

9-11-2014 Many nations that thought that they would not have to put troops on the ground will most certainly have to put massive amounts of troops on the ground as the war from the air will come down to the ground.

9-10-2014 There is a major shakeup coming in elections in November in the United States, but I also see many major shakeups coming in elections all over the world. (It won't be what they were expecting)

8-15-2014 A lot of areas in the earth that has been in a period of extreme drought conditions will go from extreme drought to extreme flooding to the likes that man has never seen or have ever experienced before. I see a major shift coming that will confound man. See Isaiah 41:18 and Isaiah 43:19-20.

8-12-2014 Many of you have been seeing torrential rainfall and powerful floods, and I hate to tell you what I see around the world that is coming fast, but I see many more historic level and record level floods, some on catastrophic levels as the cities of the nations and entire nations are being baptized into the end time judgments coming in the land. Many of you need to get flood insurance if you don't have none just in case and don't get caught off guard. Don't drive, ride, or walk through flooded streets, because the street underneath may not be there, and you need to do your best to avoid hidden dangers so that you can live a long time. Don't put your life at risk trying to save material things if they are in harm's way, but the God we serve can give you more stuff, but you only get one life on this side of eternity, so don't be a fool. The world will get used to seeing and hearing the words and statements that these are record breaking floods, floods of Biblical proportions, catastrophic floods, and historic floods. I have always had these flood dreams since I was a little boy, but now a days when I have them, I see them in the news within a day or two, exactly what I saw in that dream. Sometimes it can be scary, but it is a gift so that I can warn people ahead of time what is coming. I don't always know the name of the city or the nation, but what I see is always accurate.

8-11-2014 A lot of law enforcement all over the world will be arrested, tried, and prosecuted for excessive wiretapping in a new world order under new laws coming forth from a world body that will take on more of a global oversight. (I see this coming sooner than later.) These things will be considered crimes against humanity for a season, but the same body will be guilty of doing the same things.

8-6-2014 There will be a lot of talk about the two witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11 in the news and also on social media in the coming days, weeks, and months surrounding many events in the Jewish nation (Israel).

8-6-2014 They thought they had several years, decades, and centuries before they saw significant sea level rises in many places around the world, but I say unto you that many places around the world will experience significant sea level rise in a matter of some weeks, months, and a year or two. Watch the news.

7-28-2014 Every nation on earth will be forced to secure their borders, because of various threats from terrorists, rising sea levels, wars, and other things that will challenge their borders.

7-27-2014 Many federal agencies worldwide will investigate price gouging and price fixing on apartments and houses, and it will come out that many were over charging people and current prices on the market will have to be adjusted.

7-23-2014 We are entering into a time where the will and the voice of the people of the nations will get stronger and stronger, and that collective voice will contend with corrupt and rogue governments all the more.

7-22-2014 The Lord says it's time for the mediator nations to arise, and these mediator nations will negotiate calm and peace in many hot spots and hostile nations in the world. In this new wave of mediator nations, it is not going to be the traditional key player type of famous world renown big nations, but it will those small quiet nations that many people have never heard of that shall arise to the occasion and be able to mediate and broker a deal among warring nations and warring factions. In this hour you will see the not so popular nations and those that have little or hardly no notoriety.

6-25-2014 A wider war in the Middle East is coming.........

6-25-2014 A wider war in the Asia is coming.........

6-25-2014 A wider war in Europe is coming.........

6-25-2014 I see thousands of military aircraft taking to the skies in various parts of the world on bombing campaigns. If you watch the news in the days to come you will see that what is written is right.

5-24-2014 On the continent of Africa, African nations will have to take full control of their own conflicts and problems in the days to come as a unified body, because Western Nations will pull out all troops, logistics, and support to deal with the problems, conflicts, wars, natural disasters, and domestic problems on their own doorsteps and in their own respective nations and within their own borders. There is a short window for unity and preparation that is opened now in the Heavens.

5-24-2014 There are some nations that didn't prepare for war in time and massive war will catch them off guard and by surprise. They didn't build their defenses in time and they will pay a huge cost for their negligence and ignorance for the times that we have just entered into, because massive wars are coming even at the same time as massive famines and huge natural disasters of catastrophic proportions will be plaguing the planet.

5-24-2014 There is coming a powerful leader that will stand up out of the European Union that will rally the nations of the continent of Europe to be unified as one, and he shall begin to push more for a one strong unified army and begin to build a massive army that will have huge military might and reach in the days to come. (Watch for the signs; for the sign will be obvious and quite clear.)

5-24-2014 I see thousands of military aircraft taking to the skies in some form of an attack that is coming..........

5-24-2014 There will be the formation of a new world body and union that will replace and take the place of the current United Nations as they will discuss it being dissolved due to the brokenness and dysfunction of the current organization that no longer works and won't be able to service the current needs of the nations as it currently stands. Some nations will be booted out and later reconciled.

3-17-2014 The people of South Florida has been chosen by God for a sign to be revealed this summer. (Don't write the ministry asking me what it is, because he did not say and I just wrote what I heard. We will know what it is when we see it at that time.) 

3-17-2014 The people of India has been chosen by God for a sign to be revealed this summer.(Don't write the ministry asking me what it is, because he did not say and I just wrote what I heard. We will know what it is when we see it at that time.)

3-17-2014 The people of South Africa has been chosen by God for a sign to be revealed this summer. In this one I do see that it is the southern part of the continent of Africa and just the nation of South Africa. (Don't write the ministry asking me what it is, because he did not say, and I just wrote what I heard. We will know what it is when we see it at that time.)

3-12-2014 I hear the Lord saying this is Europe's war. Europe will build up armies and build them up very fast. There will arise, a strong leader out of Europe with some courage and some backbone that will rally troops and give a new meaning to a united and strong Europe again. (Be on the watch) 

3-1-2014 There is a world leader that if he is not stopped when he makes a specific move in the near future that he will not just stop at one nation, but his plans will be to try and just topple many nations all at once while he is on a role if he is not resisted and stopped. (MAJOR PRAYER ALERT) Many nations have been underestimating this guy and the power of his ambition and the power of their might, militarily. I really see four nations that are underestimated strongholds that have takeover the world ambitions. If I tell you that I see it you can bank on it.

3-1-2014 it will become a common thing to see people raised from the dead or come back to life in America and all over the world on a regular basis. It will be a regular occurrence.

3-1-2014 What Christians are doing now and have been doing for so many years by influencing harsh and cruel laws to punish people for their sins of immorality is going to cause those that are left behind during the great tribulation to pay for their actions and to be hated of all men during that time, and the sinful people that hated being restricted by forced laws that tried to force Christian views and beliefs on them will at that time retaliate against the Christians during the great tribulation that is to come.

2-10-2014 They will say we were unprepared again (OMG)....

2-10-2014 A deal that Western Nations made with Iran will fall through and will prove to be a major snare that was just to buy time for many surprises to come. (All I can tell you is that you need to pray Saints.........) 

2-10-2014 The nations will fight..... The nations will battle, but the Kingdom will stand strong through the fire and the smoke.

2-10-2014 Many of the same problems that nations in the Middle East, Africa, and many other nations have experienced with protesters, rebels, overthrows of government will also begin to affect several other western nations, because of evil and corruption in government. Nations that many thought were solid and sound and that it would never happen will see it too as the end time shaking of the Nations intensify, but the glorious light of the Kingdom of God shall shine brightly in the midst of the darkness, and there will be new governments being birthed and formed to replace the old ones that were corrupt.

2-10-2014 Many nations will feel like there is no turning back and that they are the point of no return. Many nations even now are on the brink.

1-30-2014 You will see a clear sign from God this summer in certain places in the earth where it will snow in the summer time when it is clearly not supposed to snow, and there will also be certain places in the earth that will get snow that never gets snow at all as a sign of that the end times are here in full acceleration.

1-6-2014 How countries are producing record numbers of drones at an alarming rate will be the next major thing to hit the news and gain the attention of major news outlets all over the world.

1-1-2014 This is a season, a time, and a year in which you will see corruption leave many governments.

1-1-2014 There will be a shift in governmental policies that kick you when you are down and threaten you in a merciless manner when you have nothing to pay. A righteous generation has been raised up and is set to take the stage in this season. Their actions will also reverse the curse of many generations.



12-21-2013 This is a season in which those that sit in high places and strategic places of authority will be exposed for data breaches and using their positions to leak very sensitive and private data and information concerning others to people inquiring about them, and it will be found out that they broke the law in doing what they did, and many years of fraudulent behavior will lead to them being fully prosecuted in this season. Many people from various agencies shared a lot of secret data and private information with others about other people that they knew to their close relatives and friends to the point that it was normal in them breaking the law and the code of ethics which they signed up too. It will be found that many people used their positions of power and influence to abuse their authority by infringing on other people's rights for self-gratification or self-gain. 2014will be a heavy hammer dropping.

12-18-2013 The nations of the world know that a major all-out war is coming in the world so they have been secretly preparing for war in a quiet manner, while some in a more open manner. The war of the ages is coming, but being right with Jesus Christ is your fire insurance when things go up in a fire ball.

11-16-2013 You will see many telecommunications companies exposed for unprecedented levels of fraud, including data fraud and spyware planting fraud. Then you will see the next wave of fraud exposed with big insurance companies all over the world, and this will have a devastating effect on the global economy. 

10-25-2013 High levels of corruption in governments of nations being exposed will set off a war of words that will cause some nations to completely sever ties with another on a permanent basis even after being allies with one another for quite some time.

10-16-2013 Extreme corruption will be revealed in the governments of the world. Fraud and corruption of great magnitudes will be seen in the Federal and national level governments, including on the state and province levels. A new and righteous generation is arising that seeks to restore justice and equity to the high places of government and many elements of greed and corruption will be rooted out. It will also be found that many leaders of nations and their congress members or parliaments took bribes to pervert justice and were paid to pervert judgment and to pass certain laws for their own personal gain and not in the best interests of the people or the nations in which they live. The Lord said “they have forced my hand and I will get involved now, because too many people have cried out to me because of the corruption, the oppression, and the evil in the land.”

8-31-2013 The flood waters shall rise to unprecedented levels in many places around the world that have never been seen before, and the waters will test foundations in many strategic places. (Torrential rainfalls will be the new norms in many places as a part of the end time shaking of the last days.)

8-10-2013 And the missiles shall fly in abundance all over the world and the nations shall do battle (OMG).

7-15-2013 As I look around the world I see in the spirit a season of massive protests that will last for several weeks for various reasons from social injustices to demonstrations by the people against their governments due to being disenfranchised by all the corruption, cover ups, lies, and scandals that are going on; I literally see these kinds of large scale and massive protests breaking out in almost every nation on the face of the planet, even as we have entered into a new and a dangerous season.

6-28-2013 I see a mass exodus of government workers across many nations even as many will not want to be a part of any kind of corrupt policies or any unjust laws and practices that they will see that are designed to destroy people by the masses. Many will refuse to come into agreement with darkness and align with evil and evil practices that are devised in the darkness.

6-20-2013 Throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014 you are about to witness the fall and the total collapse of many different governments around the world on all levels at an alarming rate that will shock you and that will rock the earth at its very core and foundation. Things are now about to shake in the earth on an unprecedented level and scale that will put fear in the heart of men like never before. We have just entered another dispensation and a new realm of the end times that we have not been here ever before in history, and the faith of the Saints will be the only winning key and the predetermining factor to us all overcoming in the last days. Go and look at the news and follow these things around the world. It is almost as if there is a big vacuum cleaner sucking up all the resources from governments in this hour, and things are now starting to dry up, get slimmer, and dissipate, but the Kingdom people will know what to do and the Kingdom will stand even though other systems will be failing all around it, even as the governments of the nations are being shifted back upon his (the Lord Jesus) shoulders. (Look at Isaiah 9:6-7, Luke 21:22-26, Isaiah 2:1-21, Isaiah 24:13-18, Haggai 2:6-9, and Hebrews 12:25-29) You will say that this Ministry Ensign to the Nations told you so...... Entire nations will be brought to their knees in humility again in this hour, because this is an hour of his power. (Look at Psalm 110:3-7,Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 42:13-16 Isaiah 63:1-4 & 5-7, and Isaiah 33:6-24)

6-3-2013 You will see some nations get judged in this hour and some nations will be spared by the mercy of God. You will see the abundance of rain fall on certain cities, yet other cities will not be touched. You will see the winds come down out of the high clouds and affect certain regions, while yet other regions will be spared and untouched.

4-25-2013 I hear the Lord saying sudden collapse of evil structure and systems ruling in the earth realm; they are now entering into a time of sudden judgment that is upon them.

4-22-2013 And the nations shall shake and the harvest will surely come in; the time is really, really winding down so rapidly on the prophetic time clock of God.

4-15-2013 For many places in various parts of the earth I hear sudden judgment, sudden wars, sudden destruction; sudden storms, sudden shaking, sudden famine, and sudden prosperity for the obedient ones.

4-15-2013 This is a season that many wayward daughters and wayward sons of God will come back into the Kingdom of God due to the awful shaking that is about to hit the earth starting now. This is a season wherein things are being unsealed and many things are being exposed, uncovered, and revealed.

3-1-2013 You will now begin to see evil principalities that have been ruling certain strategic nations fall and things will now begin to crumble at the seams as there will be a shift into something totally new.

2-6-2013 The time is coming soon when the Lord will rebuke and destroy all who seek to destroy the earth by war, evil, and violence; see Revelation 11:18, Isaiah 2:3-5, Micah 4:2-4, Isaiah 12:17-14, and Psalm 46:9.

1-28-2013 There is something very big coming that will affect all nations.

1-20-2013 They are tracking your every move, but what they don't know is that they're being tracked themselves.

1-11-2013 The Guns of the future for law enforcement and the military will be controlled by a chip and that gun won't even fire unless it is authorized by someone higher up in the ranks of their respective government and guns in general will be able to be completely controlled by the government through a chip and a laser that will work by satellite technology and even bullets will have a microchip embedded inside of it to tell it not detonate unless it has been pre-authorized and that is the gun control of the future. They will be able to control all of your old guns will a new jamming type of technology that will be able to make the older guns freeze up so that it won't be able to fire because of a new metal jamming technology.

1-10-2013 I see strong winds and fast moving storms; I even see quite a few stronger than normal and way above average quakes and shakes. (I'm talking the Record setters and record breakers) Whenever the world shakes off of its axis then super storms form and all of these super cells in response to the atmosphere in an uproar and chaos and the elements will respond forcefully even with an attitude and the winds will be violent and the waves will be furious and smite the earth with a vengeance and the heavens will vomit torrential downpours upon an already filled land out of anger to the sin that goes unchallenged in the atmosphere and the waves will cop a real attitude with the seashores of the earth and go over all of their boundaries; see Isaiah 24:1-20 & 21, Psalm 82:5, Isaiah 29:6-8, and Isaiah 28:1-29; all of the elements of the earth are mad right now; see 1 Samuel 12:16-18 and Exodus 9:13-35. Fire and an overflow of water is a judgment of God; see Genesis 19:24-25 & 28-29, Hebrews 3:1-7, Genesis 6:11-13, Genesis 7:4 & 10-24, Psalm 36:6, and Ezekiel 26:19. Genesis 9:13-17 reveals that a Bow or what we call a rainbow in the clouds of the sky was for the purpose of letting man know that he would not destroy the entire world again by water, but he did not say certain areas of certain nations at a time, so we must remain humble even as a nation or a region; serving the wrong gods or idols brings forth these horrific judgments when he comes through to cut down the thrones of iniquity; see Nahum 1:2-8 and Psalm 29:10.

1-8-2013 They won't be shaking booty in the clubs no more or doing the cupid shuffle on the dance floor because of all the shaking of the Lord and they'll be too afraid of what's on High and those things that will be coming in the earth; see Ecclesiastes 12:1-5, Isaiah 2:11-21, Isaiah 24:10-18,and Ezekiel 26:13-14. They decided not to come when he was calling them out of those clubs and those dark places but they will be glad to come running in this season; many that were taken captive against their own will to serve as sex slaves and prostitutes will even get delivered and rescued in this season.

1-7-2013 With all the different budget shortfalls in motion it will be revealed just how many people were the cheated or even became the victims of scams and fraud by the governments just because they did not have all of the money to make good on all of their promises. Many people are being cheated out of their just due rewards because of fraud going on with budget shortfalls due to corruption and overspending in other areas. It will be found out that they are being dishonest about a lot of stuff. 

1-4-2013 In this hour and time the craftiness of governments will be exposed and while they were investigating the Lord was investigating them and why they have turned so far away from him and don't even know it.




12-29-2012 I see strong winds and dark clouds and much rain, but wait I also see a treasure at the end of the rainbow; strange skies leads to a big surprise, but everything is not all bad that I see...

12-28-2012 There will be many government scandals and many government conspiracies that will be revealed, exposed, and uncovered in 2013 that will rock nations once they are uncovered and exposed and it will shock many people to know and to see the depth of corruption in the many different branches of the governments of the nations on the local, province or state, and the federal or national levels.

12-10-2012 I see where they are some people that are about to go through some things because they failed to implement the Word of the Lord in their lives that would have prevented some things and they will wish that they had listened to the voice of the Lord and followed the Word of the Lord that was designed to protect them in an evil time and this season will reveal that. I also see that many things will fare very well with a people that did take the Lord serious and the Words that he had spoken to them and they did implement them in their lives and those same Words will reward them many times over in this season.

11-21-2012 A new wave of the next millionaires are now being released in the earth that have been given new and creative ideas by the Lord to prosper and all of these in this wave are all Kingdom millionaires that I see.

11-19-2012 The United States of America is about to expand and expand greatly and add some new territory.

11-19-2012 The Lord is going to judge land grabs in this season and I see many Governments and major Corporations that will be judged for snatching land away from people and not compensating them at all for it or not properly compensating them for their properties, lands, and houses, especially the poor. Watch the news both world and local news and you will see all these things.

10-25-2012 Sometimes the Lord will just show you things and it will just overshadow you with what you see and what I see is that many of you that were not getting any water will see the abundance of waters coming in to those dry places.

9-17-2012 And the tanks shall role and the birds (jets) shall fly; not again...... Yep again, this is what I see....... now watch the nations and see which ones it will be.......... Things are really going to escalate after the 2nd week of November, 2012..... You ain't seen nothing yet. (Some things are so sensitive in nature that I can't really even fully say everything that I see coming on this website; therefore certain prophecies are recorded, sealed, and documented for the times to come and the days ahead and in the near future.)

9-6-2012 I prophetically declare and decree that many people that were missing for a long time or that were missing for several years will be found and some of them will even be found alive; they will also find the remains of many people that were missing for several years in the coming days.

8-27-2012 Things are about to shake like never before in the land; you will begin to see the fall and shaking of many more Governments even in countries, places, and lands that they even foolishly thought that they were untouchable. You see shaking in the Governments of the land, shaking in the Churches, and you will see economic and even financial shaking of which many people will not be ready for; you will also begin to see a whole lot of natural shaking from the earth around the world even in places that earthquakes are also considered to be rare and even impossible for that region; make no mistake about it that there is no place on earth that is out of reach and exempt from the shaking, and this latter day shaking is the Lord setting some things back in order.

8-6-2012 This is a season where many nations and governments will be exposed for an excessive amount of wire tapping into the phones and internet of their own citizens to spy on them for no real reason and it shall come out in the news how many of the phone that were tapped you can hear a click about 5 to 7 seconds into every call so that they ease drop on every call and overhear the conversations of their very own citizens and as the world rushes towards a one world government, at some point out in the future it will become an international crime and will be considered to be unlawful. (At this point the Lord will be done caught up his saints; see 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18 and 2 Kings 6:12 & Matthew 10:26-27. (Part 2) There are an excessive amount of cell phone call drops for two reasons #1) because of an overload of cell phone calls and that present day satellites are not able to handle because of #2) excessive wiretapping that helped pushed the current satellite networks over the limit and excessive power usage will crash power grids all over the world until they switch to the new technology that was hidden and kept secret until this hour and moment in time.

8-6-2012 Many things that are being done by certain nations will be declared illegal and will be considered a crime under a one world body and there will be many national leaders in various nations that will be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity under a new world order and a new world system and there will come a point that all Hell will break loose on earth at that time, but the Saints of the Most High will be caught up with him at that time. (A look into the future)There are many surprising things coming in the coming days ahead.

8-6-2012 There will be many things discovered with certain governments and the secret things that they were planning on a massive scale that will be revealed and exposed to be more that meet the eyes, but nothing should surprise you in the hour that we are in upon the earth, but God...... (A serious look into the future)

8-6-2012 Some things hidden and kept secret by governments and secret societies will now be forced to come abroad and be known to all because of the serious nature of the problem, but the Lord will protect his people and all that comes to him and trust in him. (Explore Luke 21:25-28 for your learning)

7-31-2012 The Lord has shown me that this will be a very significant time of shaking in the earth and in the world and you will also see the financial markets of the world begin to shake in an unprecedented way; this is also a season that he is humbling the world and also bringing down the high looks of men and tearing down the spirit of pride and deception; look at Isaiah 2:7-22 and Isaiah 13:1-14. The Lord says this is a season that I am going to answer by fire and rebuke; go and look at Isaiah 66:15-24.

7-22-2012 Let me be very clear these storms that are coming are not going to be coming because of any spiritual warfare in the earth, these storms that will be coming in this next season are direct judgments of God in earth for all of the blood-shed, corruption, and violence that has plagued the land and man has not judged himself. These will be cleansing storms that represent purification. This is not a season for man to be prideful or lifted up in pride, but this is a season for man to be humble and to judge himself and clean out his heart.

7-21-2012 Torrential rainfalls will increase all the more across the earth.

7-21-2012 The world cannot even begin to imagine or fathom the power and magnitude of the storms that are coming; many of these powerful storms will be on an unprecedented scale and magnitude. You will hear many people saying “this is rare and I never seen anything like this before in my life.” They will say “the aftermath of some of these storms look like a war zone.”

6-23-2012 There were so many that were done wrong in recent elections around the world, but this is a season that the Lord is going to vindicate you and give you another chance to redeem yourself before people; I do see many more special elections this year all around the world, so do watch for your turn again in the coming days ahead, declares The Most High God!

6-23-2012 Election fraud will be exposed all over the whole world in this season.

5-20-2012 There will be some places in the earth that will get more than 40 inches of rain all at once that will lead to some catastrophic flooding of a huge nature.

5-16-2012 Some of you haven't been getting any rain at all or you have been getting very little, but when you do get rain you are going to get a big ole' flood; that is what is coming for a lot of you in dry areas and areas of severe drought and famine. You are going to get so much water that it is going to make the news headlines and it will be on world news.

5-7-2012 We are now entering a season of strange storms and some strange occurrences and some strange signs from the Heavens; watch the language of the Heavens in this season. This season will baffle many people in life including meteorologists and scientists and politicians.

4-30-2012 The corruption level in the corporate world and in Governments are so high that in this season and in this hour you will an unprecedented amount of scandals, embezzlements, and corruption on all levels exposed and brought to the light and you will see unprecedented action taken for things that have been a long time covered up.

4-17-2012 You will see the full harvest coming in now in this season, says the Lord!

4-8-2012 As the Governments of Nations fall, fail, and crumble, many civil and social programs that will help people will come out of the realm of the Church in this hour, even many, many rehabilitation programs will be coming through the Churches as the Government switches back to being upon his shoulder in the earth again through his own people and from out of the hand of the wicked and corrupted and perverted Governments of the land. (See Isaiah 9:6-7, Psalm 22:28, psalm 103:19, and Daniel 7:9-14, 18, 21-22, 25-27)

4-8-2012 Many of those in the Ministry will be economically and supernaturally empowered by God in this season to be very successful financial through the Corporations and Businesses that the Lord has given them so that they can fund their own Ministries and Visions out of their own personal resources versus waiting on the people of God and begging the people of God to give to your Ministry when they don't have a clue or a revelation of giving to the works of the Ministry to advance the Gospel; God is going to give it to the ones that are sowers and it is the sowers that will be harvest growers. Many leaders that are in Ministry shall and will grow to obtain philanthropy status as well as the ones that have been giving and have a heart to give.

3-25-2012 I looking at some more heavy level catastrophic floods in the earth that will be affecting various Nations and in some States; I am seeing the super-abundance of waters in the Spirit again and many areas will be baptized by these flood waters and all of these cleansing waters that are coming to purify the land of its filth and violent bloodshed. (See Genesis 6:5-7 & 11-13) Major flood waters always means a judgment in which purification and cleansing takes place, but restoration and some revival always follows. Watch what the Lord does in Nations like Australia and just how the saving power of God through evangelism will take place there and in many other Nations. He said he would not destroy the entire earth anymore by a flood, but he did not say a Nation or a state would not be affected.

3-20-2012 There's a Nation that is going to get beat down pretty badly and it is not a Western or Middle Eastern Nation, but they have been flexing their military muscle lately in a very strange and daring way, and the Lord is going to be behind the breaking of this haughty Nation. Just keep on watching the news in the coming days and you'll see exactly what particular Nation I am talking about.

3-17-2012 Things are really about to heat up in the earth now with crime and with storms in the earth; things have already been somewhat heated, but you watch this time frame and into summer how really heated that some things are going to get here and abroad and all over the world, but at the same time of this violence and confusion you will have many people that will be coming to know the Lord and giving their life to him totally; salvation is about to increase all the more friends.

3-4-2012 Many places that were in severe drought is going to come out of the drought status altogether, but many places may not like the overflow of waters that are coming to get them out of that state and condition, but a whole lot of water is coming. Many places may not agree with how the water gets there, but it will be enough to remove the drought suddenly. I see many places that there will be sudden drought removal. You should always be careful what you pray for, because the abundance of many people's prayers will all get answered at the same time in a due season and the result is overflow. I see a whole lot of flashfloods for many different places. Watch Somalia and the Horn of Africa.

2-16-2012 Many missing people that were reported missing will be found in this season.

2-14-2012 There will be certain people in the Churches that will be judged this year, because they are teaching against God and all of their teachings are contrary to the Lord! They have been teaching their own feelings or opinion over the word of truth and they have been even teaching a twisted doctrine. You will see several Ministers, false Prophets, and certain Pastors get judged this year openly for not speaking and teaching the truth. (See 2 Peter 3:14-18)

2-11-2012 Some people have done some real mean, hateful, and spiteful stuff to people, but in this season it is going to come into the spotlight. Some Governments have done some real slick, wicked and evil, dirty, and under-handed stuff to some people and other Countries and in this season it will come to the light and it will not be able to be hidden anymore. (See Matthew 10:26-33)

2-8-2012 The war of the ages is coming, but your prayers will minimize the impact that it will have. Nations are being forced to choose what side they will be on right now.

2-6-2012 There will be a major war in the Middle East that will affect many different Nations of the world in a major way as an unintended consequence to some quick actions without fully counting up the overall costs of the associated risk factors.

1-28-2012 There will be a lot more earthquakes says the Lord!

1-3-2012 You will see wave after wave of Anointing hitting the youth in this season and it shall even be seen upon the young Prophets and Prophetess. There will even be a strong Prophetic Mantle on the toddlers and they will be many that will open their mouth to prophesy the many wonderful and marvelous works of the Lord that were previously kept secret that they did not know anything about at all in the natural so that people will know that it is the Lord at work in and through them. You'll see a lot of these events on YouTube, Yahoo, CNN, and many other networks all over the world. Watch for it; watch the TV, but most importantly watch your lane; for these things will surely come to pass.



12-25-2011 The year 2012 will bring with it the complete fall and collapse of many Governments on the State and Province levels.

12-18-2011 There will be two major western Nations that will just kind of go into a period of isolation while Europe just shines in the spotlight on the world scene.

12-18-2011 The U.K. is an important Nation to watch in this season; pay attention to the U.K.

12-8-2011 Watch the oceans in this season...........

11-23-2011 The Lord says pray for the seed of Ishmael, because the seed of Ishmael will be grafted into the Kingdom of God and the two streams will become one and they will see the light, says the Lord! This is a season that Abraham two sons will become as one and I am forming up one new man to stand in the earth clearly and they will stand out as My Body in a united fashion, says the Lord!

11-17-2011 Some voices will be silenced, but many voices will not be silenced at all or ever. There are some voices that have been raised up by God to be an advocate for the poor and for justice that will never be silenced. There are many voices that he have raised up for this hour to speak on behalf of his Kingdom that will never be silenced and they are protected by the Angels, and they also have power and a sword in their hand to defeat all adversaries.

10-21-2011 You will see Angelic intervention in things in the earth and they will intervene to bring closure to a lot of long standing conflicts and even personal problems; you will see this in the Nations and in your personal lives.

10-7-2011 These are the days where the Lord will begin to send Evangelists and Prophets back into the Church, because many Churches have deviated so far from the truth and he need to steer them back on track and they will be received this time around because the answers and truth that they hold and many that are in the Church that are lost will get saved for real and their eyes will now be opened to see the truth where they have sat in darkness for many seasons and years. The light of illumination will now be turned on, says the Lord! (Matthew 10:6 now verses 5-8,Ezekiel 34:4-16)

10-7-2011 These are the days where you will see Apostles sent out by two and Prophets sent out by two or you will see a Combination of a team of a Prophet and an Apostle sent together sent forth by two to minister in the land and in the Churches and in Nations. Yes, those days are here again like in days of old where there was Barnabas and Saul, which was Apostles. (Acts 13:1-5)Here is another; Paul and Silas, (Acts 16:25) Peter and John, (Acts 8:14-17, Acts 3:1 and see also Acts 15:32-41, Luke 10:1, Ezra 5:1-2 & 6:14-15)

9-18-2011 The Lord has released such a unity among his people all over the world and you will see many new faces and many new leaders emerging among the ranks of the Body of Christ that before now they weren't wide scale known. The Lord has reserved some of his best troops for last and the last and final end time waves and you haven't seen nothing yet, and the best is still yet to come worldwide so watch your lane.

8-24-2011 Nations that have took it upon themselves to cause other Nations trouble will now be troubled and their troubles are now just beginning as the tables have turned and the holy and righteous judge of the whole earth that judges in a righteous manner will now judge the whole earth.

8-8-2011 Some of the worst ever thunder and lightning in history will be recorded in this hour and in this season and at this time all over the world. Watch it in the news.

8-8-2011 You will hear a lot in this season about flash floods and you will hear the word or the term flash flood used a lot in this hour. You will see it in the news and weather and it will be showing up a lot in new and even extreme weather patterns, especially in the parched places.

8-7-2011 Many judgments will continue to rain down on the state capitals and the capital cities of the world, because of unjust and secret laws that have been passed to trip up the poor and to devour the poor and many people don't know that these kinds of laws have been passed until they get tripped up by one.

7-31-2011 This is a season where the Lord is going to cut off many people because they won’t obey him. They know what the Lord wants them to do, but they make excuses why they can’t obey him so he is cutting them off and giving their assignment over to someone else that will be quick to obey him. (See 1 Samuel 13:13-14, Matthew 25:28-30) This season is a major season of some pretty major power shifts. Sometimes as a prophet of the Lord you can align yourself with people or someone that the Lord is in the process of cutting off due to their disobedience to him and your heart is aligned with them because you love them, but God is cutting them off because they won't obey him. Prophet Samuel heart was aligned with King Saul because he liked him, but God was cutting him off. See 1 Samuel 15:22-31 & 35, 1 Samuel 16:1 & 11-15, and Zechariah 13:7-9. This is not the season to disobey the Lord or be slow to obey his voice; this is a serious season.

7-25-2011 I see that there will be professional women NBA and NFL teams coming soon.

7-25-2011 New gas stations are coming.

7-25-2011 A Global economic meltdown is coming. There will be a worldwide economy failure at due to the decisions of man.

7-21-2011 In this season there will be many fallen Governments around the world, especially those that have held their own people captive and in bondage.

6-25-2011 (A Notable Prophecy) There will be earthquakes in many places around the world that are not even on fault lines or that is not considered to be on a fault line and nowhere near a fault line. This will be a sign of a shift in the latter harvest of souls. This significant shaking will represent the days of the final harvest before the....... Wow, I hate those mysteries prophet; won’t you just tell us? I will in process of time............

6/12/2011 There are a people that have been fully standing ready to give and to deliver resources in the earth wherever the Lord tells them and they are looking for something to do. That is why when there is a storm or some form of tragedy that you have so many people in line waiting to respond, because they want to look more like Christ; for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son. (John 3:16)

6/12/2011 Manchester and even Manitoba get ready for some water. Brisbane get ready for some water. Glasgow get ready for some pretty serious water.

6/10/2011 ATL get ready. Atlanta and the State of Georgia, USA get ready; because plenty water is coming again and the dry and parched places will be flooded once again.

6/10/2011 Many dry lands will be flooded.

6/10/2011 Many Nations that once had peace and stability in their Governments will be shaken and a lot of what have been taking place in the middle east will now begin to shift some and it will affect many Nations in what is called and considered the west, and many Governments that had considered themselves stable and civilized Nations will call that into question in the near coming days as many of them even begin to experience unrest, revolts, and rebellion against their own Governments. Watch the Nations and watch the news. Many of these events will be caused by corruption, fraud, and waste in the Governments. They will also be flared by inflation, high levels of unemployment, unjust perverted and crooked laws, and high taxes as people are being over-taxed to benefit others. Once again watch the news and you will see this in motion sooner than later; the shaking now shifts global.

5/21/2011 Europe is about to shake in an unprecedented manner. Europe is like a form of first fruit for the rest of the world to follow. Many things will begin in Europe or should I say the E.U.

5/21/2011 Many Nations shall align with a new order.

3/24/2011 The Lord says that my next major move and wave of anointing will flow among the Indians, the Indian people, the Native Americans, and the tribal people around the world. If you are an Indian American or an Indian or tribal person from anywhere in the world get ready; for the Lord says “I am moving upon you now and I shall use you and work both wonders and miracles through you.” the Lord also says that “I am visiting the tribal areas and the tribal regions around the world and I am revealing myself and I am pouring out my spirit among them and upon them, says the Lord!” Get ready for the shift, because it is coming quickly.

3/12/2011 Some wars will be forced to end, because of the emergency need to shift both manpower and resources to help deal with recovery efforts around the world on a heavy and unprecedented scale due to disasters on a very catastrophic magnitude. Military forces that were being planned to go into a certain war theater suddenly will be shifted to an emergency rescue or humanitarian cause. They will not have the needed manpower and resources to both successfully wage war and deal with catastrophic events at home in their own countries and around the world. The focus in the earth is now changing and shifting, says the Lord! I also see billions upon billions of dollars in damage all over the world.

3/11/2011 It is not going to be impossible to have rain starting to be measured in feet in several places all over the world. There will be meteorologist and those that predict weather that will broadcast at times that there will be a certain amount of feet of rain versus inches. These huge amounts will be somewhat catastrophic in nature due to the flooding that will be associated with those kinds of major events.

3/2/2011 This shall be a heavy season for law enforcement all over the world as catastrophic spirits are released in the earth in the minds of simple people and people that are easily persuaded to join criminal elements and criminal causes even as there will be many evil alliances that will be forming to overthrow civilized systems of society in an attempt to create a lawless society. I see many long hours being worked to deal with many different issues and constant threats that will be arising all over the world. It will be very necessary to make an appeal for prayer for your agencies from legitimate praying Christians to cover your agencies as you are really up against a wall of evil that seeks to enslave others and to disrupt the whole world and you are dealing with spirits that affect people's minds to influence them to do wrong and bad things. May God be with you all? Specific prayer and targeted prayer is what provide a safe covering for your lives and your agencies, not just a bias general prayer. Don't waste your time praying vain prayers because you don't want to offend other religions. True prayer gets results every time. 

2/26/2011 And the Tanks shall role.... That's what I see. That's all I'm going to say........ And the Jets are going to fly........ Some serious planning by the Nations. I see several invasions..... This is prophetic insight as the eyes of the Lord roam and go to and fro throughout the whole earth through his seers, The Prophets. This is one of the most potent and urgent prophecies that I have ever released. I see the amphibious assault ships at large....

2/20/2011 A word concerning Law Enforcement, the Lord says that I have raised up many Prophetic Investigators and an avenue for many prophets to be a part law enforcement to help them solve unusual cases. They will solve cases by the hand of the Lord through wisdom and prophetic insight. Murder mysteries and hard crime scene cases will be cracked and resolved in a matter of a few minutes versus a matter of many days, weeks, months, and years. This will be a calling and an assignment, as well as, a career, says the Lord!

1/26/2011 There will be many Angelic visitations all over the earth and even the sinners and the heathens are going to see some of them and they are going to be afraid, because it is literally going to scare the Hell out of some them and they will seek out a priest, a preacher, or a prophet that understand spiritual things to help them understand what they have seen and experienced and this will also open a door for them to be witnessed to you and saved so that they too can know Jesus as the Lord and savior of their own lives. You watch what I tell you and you watch your lane. You will even see it in the news. I say that with all boldness, because they won't be able to deny it or to hide it and furthermore, they are going to want answers as to what is going on and they are going to be coming to the church and seeking the Kingdom of God and his anointed people for answers.

1/19/2011 There will be many special elections this year for many different offices around the world. There will be many leaders who hold various political positions that will voluntarily stepdown or resign. There will also be some people that will be indicted on some serious charges that will be removed from office, some will be ousted, and some will leave a vacancy due to other issues like health or life concerns. This is a year for many special elections even as Governments have gotten too big over the course of time to try to fix too many problems that are individual responsibilities or that fall under the jurisdiction of the church or that are moral and personal matters that each person should have to resolve without governmental assistance and intervention. Then there are some things that Governments have been trying to fix in Nations and in people's lives that is God's responsibility.

1/17/2011 There are many people that are in prison that the Lord is going to give them a second chance, because they truly have been reformed, and they have got their heart right with him, so they will be let out of prison early and their sentence will be suspended suddenly. However, there may be many people that don't agree with them being let go again, and some will fight against their release with all of their possible might, strength, and capability, but it will be to no avail, because this thing will be of God and their fight against the plan of God and his mercy will be in vain in a season of the Lord's release and full pardon when he let his captives go free for a second chance in life. He knows the heart, so as for you prisoners that will be released through righteous and political means, make sure that you do what you are supposed to with your second chance, and don't even think about going back to the old way. It's because of you having your heart right that the Lord is going to touch the hearts of the right officials and people in power and cause them to release you. It is because of his mercy versus his judgment. It is his favor for you versus his sword. Be blessed in a new way.



12/30/2010 Many people will be caught off guard and by a surprise catastrophic economic failure in the coming year because of deceiving employment numbers in the news and wrong and deceitful economic outlook, predictions, and forecasts by lying economist and various government officials that intended to mislead the people. In 2011 and beyond, it will seem like the roof have fallen in to many people, but those that put their hope, trust, and faith in the Lord fully overcome and ride the waves of the storm.

12/30/2010 We have just entered a 10 day cycle of strange quakes and shakes around the world.

10/28/2010 Keep your eyes on the skies, says the Lord! (Solar storms, solar patterns, and strange signs from the heavens that just won't make any kinds of sense to the human mind, but in the Kingdom of God we understand.................)

10/28/2010 I see the storm of the century if you want to call it that. It is a storm that will be considered out of season and they will say that this is not supposed to be happening this time of year and it will cause them to extend their prediction season to accommodate these out of the norm storms and weather patterns. When you see this storm it will be a sign to know that a significant turning point has just occurred in the earth and that the whole world has just entered a new season that will usher things into more of a final phase or completed phase of things to come. Watch the news, watch the weather, and watch your lane, because these things are coming quickly, says the Lord! 

9/26/2010 I see many roads flooded over like a river. God said I will answer by a flood.

9/12/2010 I see catastrophic flooding of horrific proportions all around the world unlike anything that was ever seen before in modern times.

7/9/2010 God has raised up an Army that will arise out of the fire that will take the earth by storm with a boldness of the Gospel. These are elite soldiers that are not easily shaken and that are not scared of anything. This mighty army has orders from Heaven to take over and expand the Gospel to all Nations even in perilous times. This army came from a background of the streets and a life of sin and crime, and God has called you to go to the streets, hedges, byways, and highways. They are not afraid to go to neither the hoods nor the back streets and take over more territory for the Kingdom of God. There is a fire in their mouth and they are heavily anointed for purpose. This wave of soldiers was called specifically for the end times and they are charged to go where the regular Church folk and regular Christians are scared to go. This group is going after the Harvest for the Lord at all cost. Death doesn't even scare them or threaten them. They are not afraid to lose their life for the sake of the Gospel, even though the Lord is watching over them and protecting them for an end time cause and purpose. They are harvest catchers for JESUS, these and Chief Commander of the Harvest A.K.A. Lord of the Harvest.

6/27/2010 The Lord says, I am about to move in mighty ways among the Spanish and the Latinos like never before. You will see great and mighty moves of God in this hour among the Spanish and Latino communities around the world, so watch them as I move upon them, says the Lord! This wave will begin with the Spanish and Latinos, says the Lord!

5/28/2010 This will be one of the strangest years yet, because of strange, strong, and highly abnormal or above normal and above human comprehension of what is coming in the weather patterns across the board. I'm talking about in all types of storms, rainfall totals, earth movements, as well as, temperatures.

5/24/2010 There has been a sword of the Lord's Judgment that has been released in the Churches and in the World, and the purpose of this sword is to clean up the mess. This is a third season. (See Zechariah 13:7-9, Isaiah 26:9, 13-21, Isaiah 28:1-29, Isaiah 29:6-24) This is a heavy season of judgment and you shall see a lot of people dying all over the place and all over the world, but yet there will be some blessings flowing to the faithful of God and those that stayed true to him and that trust in his name. The foot of many shall be taken, but there will remain a righteous remnant.

5/5/2010 I heard the Lord say that much more rain shall fall upon the earth and the cities and the capital cities of the land. I actually hear the words saying “the Abundance of Waters shall cover many more places.” The rains shall fall upon many Nations. These are not just average rains, but these are overflowing rains. Those rains are Prophetic. These are the Prophetic rains of the Lord's Abundance.

4/18/2010 Christian music shall go forth in the earth at break neck speeds; even all genres of Christian music shall prosper, even as the Kingdom of God arise in a new, strong, powerful, and shocking manner. You shall see the Kingdom of God take on a new and more powerful role in the earth. You shall also see the Kingdom of God take on a powerful new voice and expression in the earth. You will be glad to be a part of the Kingdom of God in this hour. The Lord is going to even use Christian hip-hop and rap on a shockingly and surprisingly new and greater magnitude, so get ready soldiers to express your gifts and talents all over the world, even as I anoint you a fresh and a new, says the Lord! 

3/28/2010 The Lord says, “Every nation will shake in this hour, and no nation shall be exempt from this level of shaking. This shaking is absolutely necessary to gather the harvest of the end times. The Lord says, “Shake Nations on my behalf.”

1/23/2010 There are some mighty preachers that shall come forth from under the rubble of almighty earthquake, and because of their survival, they will preach with great power to deliver with mighty signs following that shall bring forth salvation and deliverance to many; says the Lord!

1/22/2010 In many Nations, the government will be forced to buy lands and houses and businesses from the people on the coast and in flood plains and natural disaster areas, because it will not even be acceptable for those people to move back into that same old area because of existing threats from mudslides, severe flooding, toxic volcanic ash, or some other form of problem, sickness, illness, or disease that is caused by natural disasters, especially in 2010. Primarily because 2010 is a year of judgment and his judgments are in the earth in a mighty and unprecedented way, whether some believe it or not, and it's only going to intensify all the more in the coming days ahead. (See Isaiah 26:9-12)

1/10/2010 There shall be some major and significant shaking in 2010 on a heavy scale and very unusual magnitude as never ever Seen or heard of before in the history of a nation, even as Nations. This shaking will be felt in four ways. 1) It will be felt naturally as in earthquakes 2) it will be felt economically, even as the Lord brings men to their knees in a humble fashion. 3) It shall be felt militarily, and Nations that have not really ever had a reputation for fighting wars or conflicts will begin to jump into battles, wars, and conflicts. 4) It will be felt spiritually. People will feel some great spiritual battles in their lives and in their own world as things topples over for some, but gets better for others that have been suffering for a while. The tables are turning in this hour, says the Lord!



12/20/2009 I see many great deeps around the earth in terms of flooding. I see many coastal areas around the earth that will experience constant significant flooding. Many people will blame it on global warming, but however there will be these significant floods all over the earth, specifically along the coasts of the Nations and the coastal cities of the Nations. These floods will spark significant protests and call for immediate emergency meetings of a heavy magnitude around the earth, yet there will famine and droughts in many other areas, which was not use to seeing droughts and having famines. There will be gold discovered in the dust of many Nations that were used to drought and famine conditions as there will be an unusual and significant shift.

12/13/2009 Some people of the world are set to fall from their stature in life, just so that they can come to Christ. They will fall in them and in the flesh, but they will get up in Christ, and they shall rise once again, but this time in Christ, so don't count anybody out that has fallen currently or in times past, because God will shock you, and he is going to shock many in this hour and season. Wow! Now you run and tell that!

11/25/2009 You will See many Nations in Europe that will be fully dissolved into one mass union and instead of hearing the names of individual Nations of Europe or being referred to as Europe or called Europe, you will begin to hear the name the European union more and more and this particular nation will begin to pick up the pace of diplomatic affairs in the world, as well as, intervention in many world conflicts and wars; for there is clearly a reform taking place within that nation, declares the Lord! Watch the news!

11/23/2009 The Nations have been secretly aligning and preparing for world war three, and many Nations are openly practicing war games, but many more will be forced to choose sides. The bigger Nations are trying to see where they stand with each other. This is also why many Nations have been reluctant to send more troops to current war theaters. It is because they are preparing for and expecting something bigger to jump off in the coming days, even as Nations struggle with their own economies and financial woes, but the financial woes that are coming in 2010 for a lot of Nations are pale in comparison to what they are seeing and experiencing now. The coming war will be over who controls the land, the world, and the global economy and everybody is taking sides secretly or some openly. New alliances are still forming, declares the Lord!

11/23/2009 You shall even See many countries and Nations dissolving into one another and giving up their own rights and sovereignty to form a bigger and stronger alliance and a new nation, even as the Nations are racing to be one new world government without even knowing what they are doing and exactly what they are signing on to in the days ahead.

11/23/2009 You shall see many small towns, cities, and villages that are in close proximity began to dissolve into one another to form a new city government with a new name to survive economic shortfalls, plagues, and natural disasters. This will enable them to pool resources and have more money and resources together to be stronger to remain strength and a voice in the national spotlight. In other words, it will give them more clout to be one.

11/23/2009 You will see a greater amount of town and city annexations in the coming days. In this season, many shall become one. Even as cities, towns, counties, and metro areas are aligning to become one with each other for more power, say so, and authority. Watch your lane my friend, because you shall surely see all these things that have been revealed come to pass in the days ahead. Some faster than others, but you shall begin to See these things beginning to unfold in a quick and heavy manner from now throughout 2010 and even into 2012. Watch the news both local, national, and the international news agencies, because you will see these prophecies fulfilled and they will undoubtedly come to pass in your time and your generation and on your watch, declares the Lord! 

11/15/2009 the kind of people that the Lord will call and use in this hour will not be people that have been raised in the Church and been in church all of their lives. (Not that he won't use them anymore at all) He will not be using people that have been so perfect and have had a perfect life, but he is going to use some people that have not been perfect. He's going to use some people that have been filthy. He’s going to use some people that have messed up, stumbled, tripped up, and that had fallen. He is going to use some people that was casted out, banished, and kicked out of various churches, synagogues, organizations, and denominations. He is going to use some people that have been redeemed, pardoned, and know that they have received the mercy of the Lord. In this last hour, God is going to use some former thugs, prison inmates, prostitutes, pimps, hustlers, and those who once lived a life of crime and sin. The Lord has always used them, but you will see such a major increase from those how have obtained mercy and forgiveness by the king and the high courts of God. Luke 7:31-50, John 16:1-4, Isaiah 16:4, Jeremiah 30:17-22, Matthew 22:1-14

11/15/2009 The kind of people that the Lord will call and use in this hour will not be people that have been raised in the Church and been in church all of their lives. (Not that he won't use them anymore at all) He will not be using people that have been so perfect and have had a perfect life, but he is going to use some people that have not been perfect. He's going to use some people that have been filthy. He’s going to use some people that have messed up, stumbled, tripped up, and that had fallen. He is going to use some people that was casted out, banished, and kicked out of various churches, synagogues, organizations, and denominations. He is going to use some people that have been redeemed, pardoned, and know that they have received the mercy of the Lord. In this last hour, God is going to use some former thugs, prison inmates, prostitutes, pimps, hustlers, and those who once lived a life of crime and sin. The Lord has always used them, but you will see such a major increase from those how have obtained mercy and forgiveness by the king and the high courts of God. Luke 7:31-50, John 16:1-4, Isaiah 16:4, Jeremiah 30:17-22, Matthew 22:1-14

10/24/2009 Watch the Horn of Africa, says the Lord; for there shall be some unusual activities there that shall shock the Nations, says the Lord! There are about 4 Nations there that shall shock you in the coming days and all of the world's attention shall be focused on the horn of Africa and even much activity shall be centered around the horn of Africa, even as it is revealed by the Lord! 

10/12/2009 You will See many denominations and systems of religion within the church and in the world begin to totally dissolve and disappear from the world scene and the church scene. However new systems and new methods of operations are forming and there shall be new alliances, says the Lord! 

10/6/2009 If you are obeying God, it shall go well with you in this hour is what I'm Seeing. This is what is coming....

10/5/2009 Low level manufacturing companies that want to hire people for pennies and under pay them or cheat them out of their wages will be judged in this season and they will go under. Those that refuse to pay a man wages enough to live off of and feed their families, and those that refuse to provide benefits and other incentives to their people while they are getting rich and maximizing profits. This will start happening soon and they won't even survive through 2010. (James 5:1-11)

10/5/2009 Many governmental agencies that are put in place to enforce certain laws that force people to do something will be dissolved and go under to a severe lack of funding from the top. The funds just won't be available to continue those services due to severe economic turmoil, and greater level natural disasters, as well as, wars being fought all over the globe. Many of you that are reading this don't need to put all of your trust in a particular government Job or career, but you need to take the necessary precautions to have you a back plan in place and another source of income to prevent sudden loss, damage, tragedy, and severe economic hardship, because there's coming an severe economic upheaval. Move on this immediately to secure your future, because if you are thinking that this is not going to happen, you'll get caught off guard with no oil in your lamps. (Matthew 25:1-13) the Year 2010 is full of surprises, but if you prepare yourself now, you'll fare well in spite of the coming storm. Put all of your trust and faith in God (Jesus) and not in your Job, or a government, or man, or material things. Have faith in God. (Mark 11:22, 1 Timothy 6:17) the time is coming that the government will tell you don't put all of your faith and expectation in us, because we can't help you “look to God.” (See also 2 Kings 6:24-33, the answer from the Lord was 2 Kings 7:1-20) for all of my faith people, you are right “God will take care of you,” but he also told Noah to build an ark. He gave him instructions to follow. He showed Joseph that there would be seven years of famine following seven years of prosperity, so he knew he needed to store up for the time to come. He told Moses to tell the children of Israel to put the blood of the lamb upon their door post to prevent tragedy, death, and loss, so make sure that you especially follow instructions and don't be foolish. A revelatory word has nothing to do with your faith. It is what is going to come regardless, but for things to go well with you, you must follow instructions.

9/17/2009 Monitor the Nations, says the Lord! New Nations are forming.

9/13/2009 Warning of imminent destruction and danger in the United States and worldwide is coming, if the brakes are not put on by various groups that are opposing each other and that are threatening to engulf others and innocent people in their violent squabbles. If prayer is not made and restraint is not showed on both sides of various people groups, including political groups, then damage will be imminent, says the Lord! 

9/3/2009 Several government factions with all Nations shall fall, fail, crumble, and be dissolved, and all Nations will look closer and closer at a one world order, one world government, and a one world union, even as troubles and natural disasters begin to pick up around the world. Many won't even know or understand what is going on until it is too late. Many forces even right now are fighting for control of world power, influence, and world dominance.

8/6/2009 Things around the world in the next thirty days will begin to fall apart at the seams and Seem to begin to somewhat spiral out of control, but that is not the time to panic or jump to conclusions. It is a time to stand firm as the Nations are being tested and the peoples of the nation are being tested and shaken. As people are being squeezed because of life's pressures, they will begin to try and squeeze others to get some relief. As a seal is being broken in the heavens, with this one the heat and the pressure in the earth is being turned up another notch, so be ready. Stay in prayer and stay in faith, because shaking is now being released on another whole level, says the Lord! 

8/6/2009 Many broken relationships with children will be mended at the wounds and be restored fully in this hour, because it is the fullness of times.

8/6/2009 Even Many broken relationships with former spouses will be restored fully and put back together again, because it is the fullness of times. For many of you, the fight is over, and the answer to your prayers has come.

8/6/2009 Many marriages where you have been arguing and fighting with your spouse for seemingly a long time there will be sudden peace, agreement and a calm. You will just suddenly start to get along with each for no reason other than God's intervention, because it is the fullness of times. You watch what I say come to pass in your own life and marriage. The Lord is at work, and he works his mysteries. 

8/2/2009 A lot of God's people and various churches are being punished in this hour because they refused to upgrade with God and move forward. So their disobedience to remain the same out of ignorance has caused them to wander in the wilderness as Moses and that generation did, and in the days ahead you will begin to see a lot more churches shut down and close down permanently because they won't be able to handle the heat. A lot of the Lord's people are going to end up very surprised, because the Lord is no longer moving that same old way that they refuse to change from and he's over here doing a totally new thing with Joshua and that generation. In other words, they are some new instructions that have already come forth to progress the church into the future, even as the Lord is lifting the church up into the Kingdom in this hour. Many people have not understood the difference, but people will see in quick time. Many churches have struggled with trying to progress and move forward with God, because they don't want to change. They like the old time way, and they sing songs “I want to go back to the old time way” not even realizing that is exactly what the children of Israel told Moses and complained and they died in the wilderness as a result of not changing with the Lord as he was commanding change in the land and among his people. He was shifting a people from bondage and slavery and from under evil task masters and a system of corruption to a system of prosperity and a land that flows with milk and honey. Many leaders don't want to change and many church congregations don't want to change and move forward and they are holding the church in bondage, but the Lord has ordered a cutting away and a permanent shaving of unproductive leaders from with his body. Those that are not bearing fruit and advancing his Kingdom agenda will be cut off from the church and his Kingdom. You shall see much of this in the remainder of 2009 and beyond.

7/3/2009 There will be a total global economic meltdown, says the Lord! 

6/7/2009 Strange signs from the heavens; There will be extremely strange signs in the heavens. Watch the heavens for these signs, says the Lord! It is signifying a removing in the land and in my church, says the Lord! The Lord is about to remove many ministries and churches because their lamp has gone out and they are in his way. They are no longer productive and they have been hindering the move of God in many new areas, and this hindrance is helping to keep the world in bondage to Satan. Many young people and babes in Christ have been abandoned, over looked, aborted, excluded from the vision of the churches, and even slaughtered by the old system of Saul, but God has restored the tabernacle of David. The system of Saul is a rebellious order or a rebellious system that refuses to change and upgrade with the Lord in these times. For the moment is near and even upon us. Many lamps shall be put out and many candlesticks shall be removed, because they are set in their own ways and a way that is not good. The Lord can no longer use them because of their disobedience and hardness of heart, even a blind heart. This is a season of removing one system and order and establishing a new system and a new order which is after righteousness and the heart of God. Watch your lane and scan your sector, because great change is on the horizon in the church and in the world, but it start first at the house of God. (Look at1 Peter 4:17-19, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, Joel 2:1-32, Joel 3:1-21, Psalm 37:30-31)

6/3/2009 Get ready daughters of God. This word is specifically pertaining to you. The Lord says “I am getting ready to release my daughters in this hour on a wild scale, and they shall preach and prophesy. They too shall teach and evangelize and help fulfill my great commission. Sons of God, make room for my daughters. Love and encourage them, says the Lord! They are many women that have gone before these daughters that are now being released, and many women have gone through hell and have been resisted and fought by men, the church, and many leaders, but the Lord always have to have a prophetic witness to signify a new move or a new wave so that his people both men and women will know that it is him. Daughters, the Lord says I’m getting ready to use you too, and to the ones that have been on the scene for a while, the Lord says rest at ease and be at peace because I’m getting ready to use you on a scale like never before Seen, says the Lord! In this hour new witnesses shall come forth to help complete the mission of the fullness of times and complete restitution of all things. Daughters of God, I want to admonish you to not let haughty women of pride with a spirit of rebellion and Jezebel on them to contaminate your pureness, holiness, and righteousness before God. All troops move out, says the Lord! 

5/27/2009 The world wars or wars around the world are set to increase in this season and many Nations that have been at war shall come into a season of rest and peace for a little moment while many other Nations will battle or will be drawn into a mass conflict that is ever growing. 

5/24/2009 The winds will begin to pick up and blow a lot harder and stronger all over the world, not for any earthly explanation except that the Lord said so. You will begin to see the winds just constantly blowing for no apparent reason. However, this will be a for a sign of changing times and shifting seasons in the earth as a whole, and many Governments shall shift to a new system.

5/9/2009 You will See a lot of people that are in ministry, particularly many that Pastor churches, begin to step down and acknowledge that they was not called by God to do that and they will step down and step aside and many will repent here in the earth and be forgiven, rather than to allow pride to keep them doing something that is not the will of God for their lives and something that he didn't call them to do and end up going to hell over it. This will happen and this will shock many people. A lot of people started churches out of anger, or they were offended at the pastor where they were attending church. Some started them in rebellion because they felt they knew more than the pastor, or they felt like they could do a better Job and Satan will always send people around you to feed and encourage your rebellion and to do something that God didn't sanction you to do. “They will say things like child you are anointed. You got more Revelation then the pastor.” Don’t ever allow someone to push you out into something that you know in your own heart that is not God and it is not his will for your life. True indeed you can be anointed, but every person that the Lord anoints is not called to be a pastor. There are several other areas of ministry or callings that you may be anointed to fulfill. You must find out why if you don't know why the anointing is on you, if the Lord has not told you yet. Be still until you know his will. He'll tell you. You shall see this word start being fulfilled very soon.

4/11/2009 People that are not operating by faith in this hour will suffer heavy losses and some will even perish, because if you are trusting in man, Jobs, even doctors, or anybody or anything else other than the Lord Jesus in this hour, your foundation will be greatly shaken in this hour, says the Lord! Many foundations that he did not build are already being shaken and those structures are falling or have already fallen. Any foundation or structure that has been built or established off of dishonesty, lies, greed, corruption, or deception will fall in this hour at a rapid rate and rapid pace, says the Lord! Things that have been hid and kept in darkness will be openly exposed, revealed, and brought to the light. Many hidden things and secrets of men to include government, politics, and secret societies, and private clubs and social organizations and things that they have been plotting and planning in secret will be openly exposed and revealed and brought to the light, even plans and plots to overthrow Governments, even major Governments. These things shall be revealed openly and exposed, says the Lord of hosts! Many shall marvel and even wonder at the news and the hearing of things that has been kept secret until now; for this is the season of my revealing, says the Lord! 

4/11/2009 I also heard the Lord say that many fugitives that have been a long time on the run shall be caught and captured in this hour. Also even many murder mysteries that have baffled police officials, detectives, investigators, Governments, agents, and law enforcement agencies shall suddenly be solved, hidden clues will surface and come forth, even hidden witnesses will surface and come forth with concrete evidence that suddenly provide long awaited breakthroughs in year-old cases. I hear the Lord saying sudden breakthrough in those areas. Make sure that you watch the news for these prophecies to unfold. That's how you know that they are coming to pass. You have to watch and wait and you will see these are authentic prophecies and they will definitely come to pass. Just make sure you are watching for them and don't put your own time frame on these events because the Lord did not give a specific time frame, but I do know that you will start Seeing them unfold very soon! 

3/31/2009 The Lord has shown me that there are many of his people in this hour that are going to suffer greatly because they won't follow instructions or they are just flat out walking in rebellion towards his will for their lives. (Hosea 4:6) the Lord is warning his people of the impending traps of the enemy through his prophets and servants even through the voice of holy spirit, but many of his own people just ignore the warnings, take it lightly, or don't believe it's going to happen, or just flat reject knowledge. It's not that the Lord is not speaking and warning because he is, but are you listening and taking heed to the counsel of the Lord that is coming forth in this hour. (See Deuteronomy 18:18-19, Amos 3:6-7, Proverbs 1:22-33, Matthew 23:34-39, Matthew 10:40-41, Revelation 10:7, Matthew 10:23-27) Many of God's people are sick because they don't know that he is a healer, many are suffering in bad circumstances because of bad, wrong, or deceptive teachings that are purely demonic and designed to keep the Lord's people afflicted, sick, and in poverty. The wrong teaching on money and finances has lead people to take a vow of poverty, live in poverty, and have caused many Christian business men to go under because they thought being poor or staying poor was the will of God and being humble, but teaching like that is purely Satanic and denies the blessings of God and causes you to live under the curse of the law. See Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Galatians 3:1-14, Jeremiah 23:1-4, Ezekiel 34:1-31, Jeremiah 3:15-16, Psalm 115:12-14, Psalm 113:7-8, Psalm 112:1-10, Romans 8:32, 2 Corinthians 8:9-15, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, Malachi 3:6-12, Philippians 4:13-19, 1 Corinthians 16:1-2, Luke 4:18-19, Galatians 6:6-10, 2 Peter 1:2-3, Psalm 103:1-14, Isaiah 53:3-5, Jeremiah 30:17, 1 Peter 2:21-24) The Gospel is good news, not bad news! (Romans 8:8-17) God is able and all powerful, but where is your faith? (Hebrews 11:6, 2 Corinthians 5:7, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18) It is wrong teachings if someone is teaching what they call the gospel that leads you to believe that you are supposed to be poor and sick. That's not the gospel of Jesus Christ. He came to heal, deliver, and set free, not destroy and put you in bondage, that's the devil! (Acts 10:38, Hebrews 13:7-8, John 10:10, Job 2:7, Matthew 8:13-17, Acts 10:38) Jesus is a healer, a deliverer, and a provider, now you run and tell that hero! You've been listening to the wrong voices if you have heard otherwise. Read all the scriptures here that I have listed for you to See much proof from the Bible, not man's opinion and what they think you ought to live or have.

3/26/2009 (Note that this word is not for righteous women of God and women of faith. This word is only to women with the wrong spirit, which is Jezebel, in the world and the church. If the Lord has called you to ministry, then preach, and prophesy if that's what he has called you to do. If you got the call, then preach sister) The Lord is going to openly destroy the spirit of Jezebel in this season. That spirit of Jezebel tries to destroy the prophetic ministry and the true prophets of the Lord and she tries to play down or discredit their ministry, their calling, and their influence. (1 Kings 18:4, 13) She seeks to overthrow God's order and dishonor and disrespect all male authority by any means necessary. Jezebel refuses to submit. Submission is a hard word to her or an unacceptable thing in her eyes. Jezebel Seeks to war against all prophetic authority. She hates the prophets of the Lord, but she caters to and respects and honors false prophets. Jezebel has false prophets in her circle to falsely confirm the words of her teachings and fake prophecies to her deceived followers. (1 Kings 18:19) False prophets often greatly outnumber real true prophets of the Lord. (1 Kings 18:22, 1 John 4:1-3, 1 John 2:18-27) A person deceived don't know that they are deceived, therefore they don't even know that they need to be free and delivered from that kind of deceptive spirit. Jezebel puts herself in the position or the authority of a male and She seeks total control and to control others. This Jezebel also puts herself in the position of a prophet to deceive simple people with her false prophetic lies and Jesus condemned this spirit in Revelation 2:20-29. Jezebel tries to intimidate others and promote fear in the heart of God’s prophets by threats. (1 Kings 19:1-3) Jezebel is also a manipulative and cunning spirit. She works well with an Ahab spirit, which is a weak man that has no backbone that allows her to control him. He willingly lets her control everything, including him and if he don't obey, she threatens to destroy his life and set him up to go to jail or try to trip him up financially. This same spirit teaches married woman to leave their husbands if they can't control them and get them to do what they want them to do versus teaching them to submit and obey the word of God. This is more than manipulation, this is witchcraft. They say leave him and they help them to be disobedient and weak. This spirit tries to weaken the influence of the man in the home and in the family structure. This of course is an unnatural spirit. (1 Kings 21:5-15) then a true prophetic word always comes to released judgment on this Ahab-Jezebel spirit and connection. (1 Kings 21:17-26) Jezebel is a spirit that stirs up strife and trouble. (1 Kings 21:25) She is a challenging and opposing spirit of opposition. She hates and resists all righteousness. She writes letters of deceit or makes false claims and police statements in order to destroy your life. (1 Kings 21:7-11) The Lord always pronounces a judgment against all evil spirit, but particularly Jezebel spirit in this case. These are the written judgments against that Jezebel spirit in this hour that you shall see openly fulfilled. (1 Kings 21:23, 2 Kings 9:1-10, 21-37, Revelation 2:20-23, 1Timothy 2:11-15, 1 Corinthians 14:32-40, Genesis 3:16-17, Isaiah 3:12-26, Isaiah 4:1-4, Ezekiel 13:17-23) These judgments are against these women in the body of Christ and the realms of the church with the wrong spirit or the wrong nature operating in them and on them. This prophecy is not for a righteous woman of God, and it is not against a woman of righteousness and faith, so relax my sisters in Christ, the true daughters of Abraham. There is a clear distinction and contrast written here, but you shall see this thing happen openly. See also; The importance and role of Church Mothers.

3/25/2009 Many religious sectors and a lot of churches and entire denominations will end up going the way of the Antichrist and taking the mark of the beast because they don't know the difference between what is of God, the Lord, Jesus, and what is of Satan, the devil. Many doctrines, teachings, and philosophies are designed to seduce the church and the saints to a crust of bread. Many have already been taking by deception and a strong delusion, but for the true saints, the true believers, it is time to shine as glorious lights as never before. Some of them that are deceived can still be saved, if you will allow the Lord to use you to get the captives free. (Jude 21-25) the mystery of iniquity does already work both in the church and in the world, but God shall separate the sheep from the goats and the wheat from the tares. Look at 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12, Matthew 25:31-34,and Matthew 13:24-30.

3/3/2009 There are many prophets that have held back many of the words and things that the Lord gave them because they were afraid of what their counterparts in ministry and other leaders would think about them, or they figured that the body of Christ wasn't ready to hear that or wouldn’t receive what they had to say in those areas that the Lord had shown unto them, but the Lord says “in this season I shall release my prophets to speak in a rather bold, courageous, and firm manner. Yea, they shall bring forth the mysteries that they have held back that are now ready to be revealed in this hour, says the Lord; for the mysteries are with my servants, the prophets, says the Lord! The word of the Lord to his prophets is; bring forth my word now, says the Lord! Let the apostolic voices arise now, says the Lord, as I am propelling my body into the next dimension and season, as I reveal another realm of my glory, says the Lord! Many of you reading this shall enter a new realm of ministry and you shall see the glory of the Lord descend upon you in a new and powerful and fresh way in this season. You don't know this way and you definitely have now Seen this realm before or the magnitude that the Lord is revealing and talking about here, but you have no choice but to be ready because this season is already upon you now. It is not coming, it’s upon you now, says the spirit of the Lord! For my light shall descend upon you in sudden darkness and you shall shine as glorious lights in the world as never before and you shall serve as reservoirs for a dying and thirsty world, says the Lord! New dimension! I declare new dimensions, says the Lord; look unto me for the next realm that I have prepared for you, says the Lord! 

2/17/2009 We have entered a new season of cosmic disturbances. Watch the heavens (Skies).See Luke 21:25-26

1/14/2009 Those that have wrongfully and illegally breached other people records, vital records, and social security Numbers and other personal important documents, information, and records was be caught, prosecuted, and convicted in this season. Even those that have been involved in identity theft or bringing any kind of personal hurt or damage to others in an unlawful manner will be brought to justice in this hour and this will be by administered by the hand of God in this hour, not by the hands of man.

1/14/2009 Many unjust court cases will be thrown out and many unlawful and unjust and unrighteous convictions will be overturned in this hour.

1-14-2009 This season will also bring in a record number of appeals on court cases and sentences. Many will be granted favor and many will also be granted pardons, even full pardons on the state level and the federal level, says the Lord!

1/14/2009 many people that have been wrongly jailed and unjustly sentenced due to misleading confessions and the wrong information, or due to a mix up of some sort will be exonerated, let go, cases over turned, fully compensated, restitution shall be made, and restoration shall come, says the Lord! There also many people that in jails or prisons for murder, rape, and various other crimes that they did not commit that will be justified, exonerated, and released. I see a multitude of people that are sitting in jails and prisons that are not guilty, but the Lord says I shall release them in this hour and they shall serve me, says the Lord! Psalm 102:13, 17-20, Psalm 105:17-20, Psalm 79:11.


1/11/2008 (Notable Prophecy) I see an unusual anointing that has been released upon the body of Christ. I see Apostolic Jurisdictions that has been raised up worldwide. This anointing that I see upon God's people have come to open blind eyes and to remove division from marriages, families, communities, entire churches, and the body of Christ as a whole. I see this same anointing pushing back the forces of darkness and dismantling false authorities in the earth. This strong anointing is even eradicating all manner of sickness and disease and long term illnesses. People that were supposed to die from a deadly disease or some long term chronic illness or with an incurable disease of some sort shall live, says the Lord! It is because of my mercy in this hour, and many that should have gotten punished for some things that they did wrong that demanded judgment within my house shall be fully pardoned, forgiven, and released by me, says the Lord! I declare unto you the season of my mercy! Many will say concerning others ''Lord that's not fair, they deserve to be punished,” but it is a season of my goodness. This is a season where mercy rejoices against my judgment. For I shall spare the sons of Jacob and I shall pardon the sons of God where they have even trespassed against me, says the Lord! Many shall come to repentance in this hour and admit their wrong doings and confess their faults and I shall forgive them before they even finish speaking; for I am seeing them through my son. I see them through the blood spilled out on the mercy seat; for I am a God of covenant and because of the blood of my son, the works of the Christ, I have halted a due judgment among my people, my bride, and my Church. For I will have mercy and not sacrifice in this hour, says the Lord. Who will give ear to this? Who will hearken unto my voice? Who will give ear to this that I am saying, says the Lord! I have spoken it once, yea twice have I declared it unto you my people. Who will listen to my voice in this hour through the prophets? Who will appoint me the time to come before my presence, crying out holy, holy, Lord God you are holy; for truly I am a God of might; for truly dominion belongs to me; for truly I shall show myself to my people in this season, declares the spirit of grace! How long will you halt between two opinions? How long will you not believe that I am able to do this, declares the Lord! If I were hungry I wouldn't tell you; for I own the earth and all of the earth is mine. Who shall hearken unto to me in this matter? Who will humble themselves to seek my face for the time to come? Diverse miracles shall take place and signs will follow my word through my servants, says the Lord! For I have already commanded it. I have already declared it to be so, says the Lord! Who is he that shall stand before me and receive instructions for this hour? For times are shifting and there is a changing of the guards. There is a changing of garments and a shifting of the mantles. For I have declared and spoken; for the mouth of the Lord have spoken it! 

2/20/2008 This is the season of the prophetic and the hour of my apostolic order. Many are running to and fro, but it is I that holds the plans of man. I hold the blueprints of your life in my hands. Many surprising things shall happen in the earth, but my will does not change, but I bring change in the earth, says the Lord! 

2/25/2008 Many Nations are running to and fro and many Nations are preparing for war behind the scenes. Many are secretly preparing for what the world will refer to as world war 3. Keep your eyes on the Nations and pray for the Nations, says the Lord! Many Nations have been flexing their military might and manpower and the world is hostile, but be watchful and vigilant and continue to pray for my intervention in the affairs of men, says the Lord!

3/5/2008 Many places where there have been drought conditions shall See many floods and much rain, an overflow of rain and much water; and many places that have been flooded with great deeps will be dry and parched, says the Lord of hosts!

3/8/2008 New Nations shall be formed out of old Nations literally overnight, says the Lord!

3/16/2008 You shall See many mysteries, cosmic disturbances, and strange things happening in the land, says the Lord!

3/18/2008 There shall be storms in places in the earth that never had storms before, and there shall be rain in places that never had any rain before, especially in areas of tribal regions where there are tribes in the most remote parts of the earth, whereof the people of the land shall say this is rare and unusual, or this never happened before.

4/1/2008 In this hour you shall see large Numbers of Muslim and other religions openly convert to Christianity and boldly confess Christianity.

4/1/2008 These are the days where you shall see preachers of the Lord everywhere preaching the gospel and small town preachers shall rise to great power and dominion and have very strong and powerful ministries.

4/6/2008 The housing Market and builder construction is slow right now and almost at a complete standstill, because developers and investors have taken land and houses from the poor and needy for their own gains, and unless there is repentance and restoration, I cannot move again in that area, declares the Lord! For the sin of that people and the cries of the poor and defenseless is before me and I have heard their cries by reason the oppression, declares the almighty!

4/6/2008 The economy is bad due to corporate greed and ravenous wolves that have preyed upon the flock as a predator, declares the Lord; for greed is sinking your economy, says the Lord and I cannot bless sin, says God, and you have turned your backs on the poor and needy and have not even cared to look upon their distress, but instead you have helped to forward the affliction, so my hand of judgment has been released instead of my hand of blessing, and it will not return until it has fully accomplished that which I please, declares the Lord God of heaven and the earth. (Look at Obadiah 10-18, Nahum 1:6-13, Isaiah 3:14-15, Psalm 12:3-5, Amos 5:6-24, Ezekiel 22:29-31, and 1 Corinthians 11:31)

4/10/2008 The global world economy shall fail and collapse, but there shall be a totally new world economy on the horizon called the Kingdom of God economy that shall arise out of the midst of the trouble and darkness on the earth, and shall be filled with all righteous people that will conduct business practices with Godly and righteous principles and standards. The old economy was sunk by greed, but this new economy shall prosper by righteousness, says the Lord! 

4/15/2008 This year began with storms, quakes, and shakes and confusion, but by the end of 2008 revival shall spread all across the land, says the Lord! 

4/17/2008 This is a season that we are entering into that there shall be many lightning strikes in various places around the world that will draw both national and international concerns.

4/17/2008 It does matter what you believe. I see judgment coming in three areas in this season. 1) I see judgment coming on entire denominations and factions for milking and watering down the word of God; for not believing or preaching the full gospel of Jesus to the saints and the world. They preach forgiveness of sins, but they deny that the Lord is a healer and a deliverer. They also deny the blessings of God and the financial part of the word, thus enslaving multitudes to be kept in bondage. (Ezekiel 34:3-22, Jeremiah 23:1-4) They are holding the truth of God in a lie, but they know better. (Romans 1:18-32) This season is now. 2) The second thing that I see is the judgment of God descending from the heavens falling down upon doctrinal errors and false teachings. See Isaiah 3:12-15, Jeremiah 10:8-15, Matthew 22:29, Matthew 15:3-9, Matthew 15:13-14, 1 John 4:1-6, 1 John 2:12-29, 2 Peter 3:1-18, 2 Peter 1:19-21, 2 Peter 2:1-22, 2 Timothy 3:12-17, 2 Timothy 4:1-5, 2 Timothy 1:8-14. 3) The third thing that I see is judgment coming on those that cause divisions in the body of Christ. They are lead of a different spirit and a different course, the spirit of the Antichrist. (Romans 16:17-20, 1 Corinthians 14:33, 1 Corinthians 11:16-20, 27-34, 1 Corinthians 1:10-13, 1 Corinthians 3:1-23, Zephaniah 1:7-10) These three judgments are upon us.

4/24/2008 There shall be unusually strong manifestations of the presence of God felt, Seen, and experienced in the earth because of the weight of the Lord's glory, as he descends upon the nations of the earth and lights down his holy arm. The whole earth will not be able to deny that it is the presence of the Lord that they're feeling and experiencing in the earth. And the whole earth shall be filled with weight of the glory of the Lord, as the waters covers the seas, as it was prophesied and spoken of by the prophet Isaiah. (Isaiah 11:9, See also Habakkuk 2:14)

5/12/2008 The winds of change are blowing! 

5/12/2008 The people of the land are not hearing my prophets, but after a little shaking's of the land and a few sudden calamities, they will hear me, says the Lord!

5/12/2008 Many people are under a strong delusion because they will not believe the Lord and what he has said that can save them. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-17)

5/13/2008 Many people are trusting in many different things in life and in this world. Some are trusting in other people to deliver them. Some are trusting in Governments, the economy, and other Nations to deliver them, and many are trusting in economic stimulus checks to deliver them from their hardships and that's not enough to permanently fix the financial problems in your life anyhow. Everybody is trusting in something other than the Lord and that's the reason for the shaking's in the land, because the people of the land has turned away from the Lord Jesus (who can save them) unto idol Gods that they trust in to deliver them that cannot saved them. Some even trust in men to deliver them, but only the Lord can heal, save, and deliver you. See Psalm 33:12-22, Isaiah 31:1-9, Psalm 20:1-9, Proverbs 14:26, Psalm 18:49-50, Job 5:8-27, Isaiah 2:7-22, Isaiah 1:2-31, Jeremiah 2:11-37, Hosea 5:15, Hosea 6:1-3, Acts 3:19-21, 2 Chronicles 7:13-16, Job 22:21-30) Turn and repent, says the Lord; why should you be destroyed o' people; for truly I am merciful if you repent and be saved, says the Lord! (See 1 John 1:9, Isaiah 43:9-26, Isaiah 44:6-22, and Isaiah 45:5-25) The shaking across the world will continue until men and a generation repents and returns unto me, says the Lord! Entire Nations, Governments, individuals, armies, people, school systems, businesses, neighborhoods, cities, towns, tribes, and infrastructures are being shaken right now; and in the days ahead I see the intensity of the shaking’s increasing. I see intensified storms and record setting earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms that have never ever been recorded in the history of man on this scale or magnitude in the coming days. A lot of this can be avoided if men would search their hearts and judge themselves. A lot of these storms are because of intense evil and corruption in the earth and violence and immeasurable amounts of bloodshed in the earth, especially among the innocent. The heavens are crying right now over the souls of men, but yet the Lord is still doing some wonderful things in earth for the obedient ones and all that will obey his voice and take heed to this call. Even in the midst of chaos, turmoil, and confusion all over the entire earth, I see that glorious Days lies ahead for the saints and all that do righteousness in the earth, it shall be well with you.

5/26/2008 At the return of Jesus Christ, you will See an abundance of great and horrific storms, lightning strikes, wildfires, massive mud slides, great sink holes, increased flooding on a scary and deep level, about 30 to 100 earthquakes a day around the world, even super gigantic hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons, and hundreds of tornadoes a day around the world at an increase rate to signify his return time frame. Places that never had any of these types of natural disasters will begin to have them. These are all a part of the birth pains of the glorious return of the Lord of Lords and the king of Kings. Many won't believe this, but yet so many will believe and turn unto the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and Lord! Major media groups will reject this even though it will be happening as it is said here and in the Bible, but only a fool will not believe and they see what we are saying happening, but still won't believe. (Look in the Bible for yourself; Matthew 24:3-8,29-44, Mark 13:4-10, 23-37, Luke 21:7-36, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-13, Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:41,Haggai 2:6-9, Amos 3:4-7, Psalm 91:1-16) These signs through natural disasters have already begun and will increase. A lot of these things can be prevented if man will acknowledge his sins, turn away from that evil lifestyle, and serve Jesus Christ before he returns, which is a lot sooner than you expect.

6/8/2008 There is a war against technology. The Lord is planning on using technology in these last days to promote and advance the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and because he has already started using technology to advance his cause, the enemy has been trying to interrupt or interfere with what the Lord is trying to do by attacking software companies, computers, and networks which has been causing unexplainable system glitches, and even making corruptive software. Malicious software and viruses on a heavy scaled magnitude has been released in this war that is designed to overthrow technology and thwart off the plans of God concerning his use of technology. Demonized hackers have been placed on assignment by the devil himself working through humans to destroy your computers so that you will just give up trying to use the Internet. The reason being is because the Lord has put so much ministry, word, deliverance, liberation, and voices for him on the Internet now than any other time ever in human history. See Daniel 11:23-24, Daniel 8:23-25, Isaiah 32:6-7, Daniel 7:15-28) Be careful of what you are downloading on your computer, even from some so called trusted sites. We are living in a day of spyware, tracking cookies, adware, and other things that are also designed to spy on you and steal your personal information to use it for identity theft or financial fraud against your life. This war on technology is connected to and geared at stealing and disarming your finances too. Be alert! For this war will only intensify until the righteousness of God fully prevail in the technology age. If you have a funny feeling about downloading a particular program from the Internet, then don't just ignore that feeling, the Lord is warning you saved or unsaved. God can still warn you though your conscience. If you are saved (Born Again), then you should be able to hear the voice of the Lord telling you no, don't do that.

6/26/2008 You shall See many people in this hour possessed and used of the devil because of the heighten tension of the last days. Many people shall be influenced by evil spirits to try and destabilize Nations and Governments and even some churches, but prevailing prayers of the righteous shall overcome the evil one nationally and internationally on the open war front.

7/16/2008 You shall see the foundations of the Church and God's system (The Government of God) in the earth restored at the foundations in this hour. And you shall see a strong apostolic and prophetic command post as the Lord begins to fully restore and repair all remaining breaches in the foundation concerning his prophets and apostles. (See Ephesians 2:20, Psalms 82:1-5, Amos 9:11, Acts 15:15-18, 1 Corinthians 3:9-23, 1Timothy 6:17-19, Zechariah 8:9) I See Apostles and Prophets taking over and effecting entire lands, countries, and even Governments of Nations. I hear the words apostolic regions. Entire regions shall come under Apostolic Command and prophetic authority, including Governments. I also see civil Governments coming up under Apostolic Oversight and Prophetic Accountability. In other words, they willingly submit themselves to apostolic counsel and direction, and the prophetic word of the Lord that will help steer, guide, and direct their country, civil Governments, as well as, civil organizations that are God's righteous goals and causes that will help advance his Kingdom in the earth.

9/18/2008 The reason for the financial upheaval in the global Markets of the world economies is because of unjust and unlawful practices, oppression of the poor, monies wrongfully taken from the less fortunate and covered up, greed, corporate scandals, and corruption. These things are all being openly exposed and brought to the light in this season. You shall see many things that were hidden from the public and the people of the Nations surface and be made known both publicly and openly. You shall see many more firms, banks, lending companies, large insurance companies, real estate companies, software giants, store chains, policy holders, and major corporations go under in many Nations. Governments will try, but will not be able to deliver these super giants. The cry of the poor has come up before the Lord and he has heard them and the judgments are on. Many companies and corporations shall try to merge with one another to keep from going under, but they will not be successful. Many larger corporations shall try to take over or buy out some of these falling companies and corporations, but many of them shall go under as well because it will be like digesting or devouring a curse. It will be like swallowing a virus that will sink the corporations taking them over due to the corrupt business practices that the failing companies and corporations are infected by. You shall also see many government branches exposed and brought to the light for corruption, especially in the monetary and revenue areas. (See Isaiah 57:12-13, Isaiah 2:7-21, Isaiah 13:11-14, Proverbs 30:14, Proverbs 28:13, Amos 8:4-14, Amos 9:1-15, Psalm 52:1-7, Proverbs 28:8, Proverbs 21:7, Proverbs 28:5, Psalm 12:5) Yet in the midst of all the smoke, chaos, and turmoil, I see an economy rising out of the darkness and shinning bright as a lantern. It is as if I see a tall man taking a torch out of one set of hands and placing it into a new set of hands. These are the hands of people that are righteous that refuse to do business in a shady, dishonest, and corrupt manner. I see a mantle being passed on, and these people will be used to bring both restoration and deliverance in the earth. (Job 14:7-9, Isaiah 45:13, Isaiah 58:12)

9/18/2008 The mercy of God shall be taught heavily in this hour.

10/4/2008 The Seed of Ishmael shall come into the Kingdom of God in this hour at a very rapid and very astonishing rate. Ishmael was a son of Abraham, and God made a promise to him concerning Ishmael, and this will be the fulfillment of that prophetic declaration at a rapid rate. Not all current Muslim are radical extremists and many Muslim will become real true Christians in this hour. Fellow Christians open your hearts to what the Lord is doing and about to do in this hour. He's not just after the Jewish in the Middle East which is the Seed of Isaac, Abraham's other son of promise, but he is also after the Seed of Ishmael because of the blessing conferred upon him by God as he promised Abraham his friend. The war on terror will not be won how they think it's going to be won. It will be won by winning the hearts of man back to the Lord. We are in a historic time of the Lord worldwide. Watch I say watch and you'll see the glory and the hand of the Lord in this hour. Watch the news for fulfillment of prophecy. You'll See what the Lord is saying and doing and he is moving in this hour is very real and serious.

10/16/2008 There is always unusually high warfare in an election year in the united states, but also around the world because there are unseen forces that are battling in the spirit realm for the soul of the nation that will also impact and have an effect on all Nations of the world; therefore the spiritual warfare is high. When this is the case, strange and unexplainable things happen naturally as a result of a spiritual battle. It will take a lot of prayer to ward off evil forces from the land that you can't see with the natural eyes. This is not spooky, it's reality!

10/20/2008 There is a lot of things that were hidden by Governments that shall come out in this season that shall not be able to be hidden anymore, some things because of the serious nature of events. Some things were hidden because the Governments of Nations didn't want to alarm the people or the citizens in their land and country. Some things were hidden by corruption and fraud, but there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed openly in this hour, says the Lord!

12/1/2008 There are many leaders in the body of Christ and within the realms of the church that you are going to have to make a decision to separate yourself from all unrighteous people and leaders within the realms of the church and body of Christ. The Lord is commanding you and forcing you to make a decision to choose sides and who you are aligned with. Many of you are aligned with other leaders that are prejudice, racists, unholy, and that are openly rebelling against God and the Lord is not just over looking these things and as a matter of fact he is calling for a separation so that you do not be partakers of their sins, because if you are then you will fall and be judged right along with them, says the Lord! Separate yourself from all unrighteous, declares the Lord! Why run the risk of being openly judged and losing your ministries and your livelihood due some ungodly alliances when you know better, says the Lord! I am demanding a separation; for I send my sword out before me and it shall bless on the right side and promote, but it shall devour, destroy, and cut off on the left hand. There is a short window to move away from these wicked men that are walking in some evil, then my sword shall be bathed in blood; for iniquity shall not declares my name, says the spirit of the living God; for I shake and I shall yet shake, says the Lord! For I am shaking unholy alliances in this hour in a strong way and my hand of judgment is mighty. Do not be deceived by a slow heart of unbelief and say he's not talking to me; God called me and he needs both me and my ministry. I have thousands that have not bowed the knee to Baal that are standing in line waiting at my commandment to obey me, says the Lord; for it is my grace that enables a man to stand up under my anointing without the weight of my glory crushing him. For my name shall be declared by a pure Seed. Judgment shall go forth in my church and I will accomplish my purpose, declares the holy one! I see many will not take this word serious and cut off the ungodly relationships or be slow to move, but you can't say that you didn't know. The Lord is warning you through this word and if you wonder if he is talking to you, if you are reading this word, then yes he is. I see many that shall be cut off and fall due to disobedience. There are many in high places with strong ministries that will not disconnect with the unrighteous ones that shame my name, but I put one up and bring another one down; for yea, even the mighty have to go through me and they get their power from me, but When I blow it is gone as vanity of the mirror by my wind; for I am holy, but who will hear and hearken unto me. Many may ask if this is God, but I say unto you harden not your hearts. My call is to the obedient ones, says the Lord! See Isaiah 31:1-3, Revelation 18:4-5, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Numbers 16:20-50, Psalm 55:19, Matthew 25:29-33, Psalm 50:16-23, 1 Peter 4:17-18,Psalm 51:10-17, Zechariah 13:7-9, Isaiah 3:9-26, Isaiah 4:1-6, Isaiah 5:1-30, 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, Ezekiel 33:1-11, 12-20, Jeremiah 49:19, Jeremiah 50:44, Psalm 24:3-5, Psalm 15:1-5, Proverbs 8:13, Malachi 2:1-9, Ezekiel 22:26-31, Ezekiel 44:21-24, Jude 22-25, 2 Peter 3:16-14-18, Jude 3-21, and 1 Corinthians 3:10-21.

12/10/2008 There will judgment on unjust gain. Specifically in the area of fraudulent loans with high and unjust interest rates, fees, and penalties. I see specifically with pay day loans, title loans, and any kind of businesses or service that prospers off of other people's misfortunes in life, including tow truck companies and you'll see a lot of these vicious types of businesses go under fast and fall pretty quickly. I even see some Government factions caught up in these types of practices that shall be exposed for corruption. They will fail and be reformed. I also see a multitude of convictions coming forth as this is a season of nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, says the Lord! See Mark 4:22-23, Luke 8:17, Matthew 10:26-27, Luke 12:2-3, Ephesians 5:11-13,1 Corinthians 4:4-5, 1 Corinthians 14:24-25, Amos 3:7, Revelation 10:7, and Hosea 12:10, 13, Obadiah 13-17, Amos 4:1-2, Isaiah 1:21-28, Isaiah 10:1-4, Jeremiah 5:22-29, and then also see Jeremiah 22:13-17, Isaiah 3:14-15, Amos 5:10-15, Job 22:5-11, Job 24:1-25, and then also see Deuteronomy 24:6-7, 17-22, and Exodus 22:21-27.

12/12/2008 There will be more shaking's, and even more shaking's, declares the Lord. Did you not think that I would shake and intervene because of the evil, says the Lord. The magnitude of the shaking will intensify all the more. The purpose of the shaking is to root out corruption, fraud, and dishonest gain from systems of evil, lies, deceit, trickery, and corruption that have infested the land. There will be many that will try and hold on to their positions of power in a corrupt manner, but they will be suddenly crushed by the fury of the Lord, because the Lord is behind the shaking. He is doing the shaking. People have trusted in a system and refuge of lies and those foundations will be shaken and destroyed, and the Lord is bringing a people across the world to their knees and bringing them back to him. They are being forced back to their first love, which is him. Many people in the world has been raised in the church, but they act like they don't know God or they don't remember Jesus, but he remembers you and this is a season wherein he is removing the idols from the land because the people have been caught up in a system of idolatry and off course. His hands upon the Nations to shake them loose from idolatry and bring them back to a sense of reality. It's a shame before heaven that the only way God can get people's attention is to shake them because they allowed themselves to become so far gone that they have forgotten the maker and their creator and have corrupted themselves and shed innocent blood without end. The land can no longer contain the bloodshed, corruption, and defilement, so it is vomiting up the evil in it through storms and natural disasters. It is having an allergic reaction to the evil being imposed upon it. See Genesis 4:1-11, Genesis 6:5-13, Job 22:2-30, Revelation 18:1-24. I See 24 more major shaking around the world in the land and in the civil Governments of the land and involving merchants.

12/12/2008 Delayed judgment gets a lot of people in trouble. God does not release judgment on an evil work immediately. (Ecclesiastes 8:10-11)The reason why he doesn't release judgment immediately is because he wants people to repent, which means to turn away from that evil. See Luke 13:1-5) He gives you both time and space to repent. (Revelation 2:21-23) He doesn't want to judge anybody. (1 Corinthians 11:31-32) He wants all men to be saved. (2 Peter 3:7-9, and1 Timothy 2:1-4) In order to get a Christian not to repent or anyone else, the devil knows that he first has to convince them that they are right about what they did or are doing that is actually wrong according to the Lord and the Bible. If you don't know or think you are wrong, then you want repent, thus activating the righteous judgment on your life, ministry, or business whether Christian or Non-Christian, saved or unsaved, born again or non-born again. God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34, Ecclesiastes 3:17) Somehow Christians think that because they are a Christian that they can get away with doing evil acts and think that God is not going to judge them if they don't repent and change, but that is a big lie and misconception. Look at 1 Peter 4:17-19,Isaiah 3:9-15, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Psalm 55:19, Zechariah 13:8-9, Romans 14:10-13, 16, and 2 Corinthians 5:10-11) Do not let a deceived heart turn you aside from truth in this hour. Do not let your heart become hardened that you won't hear God anymore and what he has to say to you. Do not let Satan lie to you anymore and trick you into staying in sin and staying outside of God’s will. The Lord has more for you and he is calling you out of some things that are not so good for you. You are in some mess and you know it, as a matter of fact you know exactly what I am talking about, but the Lord is saying to you and to his people “come out of that stuff that you are in and don't be caught up; for I long to restore and to love upon, says the Lord! My will is not to punish, my desire is not to destroy; for I love all men, including you. That's I am talking to you through this outreach to save your soul from eternal destruction through my blood that was shed for all men, says the Lord! Accept my grace, accept my strength, accept my peace, and acknowledge my might, declares the Lord; for I am mighty to saved, declares the living God! 

12/12/2008 There are many major corporations that used to give to charity, religious events, and to the work of God in the earth, but they have stopped altogether or have drastically cut back on their gifts and generosity and they are suffering dramatically during the economic downfall. The Lord is saying unto you that if you will resume your charitable gifts to his work and his causes, then he will lift you up out of the economic calamities. How many corporations, companies, and CEO's will get this one? There is your answer. Your troubles started when you withdrew your hand of generosity, then the Lord lifted his hand off of your business. You have the keys to an economic turnaround for your own companies.

12/12/2008 The time is coming that Nations will drop all their interests in the moon and going to the moon because of the problems in the earth that will take their focus and have greater priority.



10/22/2007 We are nearing the end of a time of reformation. What is reformation and what kind of reformation am I talking about? In this time of reformation, you saw and continue to see a lot of people returned or moved back to the place that they grew up at for a divine purpose of God, and to fulfill a great Kingdom work for the Lord. They were richly feed and nurtured by God outwardly in a foreign place, but now they have returned to their birth place for Kingdom business. That’s what happened, but here's what's coming! There will be powerful worldwide ministries raised up in small towns and rural areas for God that will shake all Nations and fill in the gaps with the full gospel of the Kingdom. Salvation, mass healings, new Kingdom converts, deliverances, and the preaching of faith and Kingdom living will go forth in small and rural areas and from there to the Nations, says the Lord! Know that my hand is upon thee and I have favored you for this hour and for such a time as this. Do not fear and do not be afraid, says the Lord, but go forth in that which I have called you to do and have purposed for your life.

10/28/2007 There are many ministers of the gospel that are sick right now and can't get healed because they committed a trespass against God concerning his people. They deliberately stole money from God's people in a slick and cunning way or manipulated God's people out of a lot of money for selfish or personal gain, and God's judgment has come upon them. This did not happen immediately because the Lord was giving them both time and space to repent before he judged them openly. The Bible declares that if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. (See 1 Corinthians 11:27-32) The only reason that he judges you in the earth is so you won't be condemned with the world. The only reason that these ministers are still alive is because God is giving these preachers time to repent and ask for forgiveness. Then he will heal and restore them openly because that is his love and compassion.

11/4/2007 There will be many different Areas, Cities, Resorts, and Entire Islands that will be covered by the Ocean Waters permanently. This is a time when the seas are reclaiming their original boundaries as they were laid out and established by God in the beginning of creation of the earth. Much of the beach erosion will not be able to be reversed because of the violence of the sea waves at a rapid and astonishing rate. There are a lot of land areas on the coast and even inland along rivers that have been filled in by man-made humanistic efforts for convenience and luxury. These areas of land was extended out into the seas and even some low lying areas that was once marsh and wetlands were filled in with sand, gravel, dirt, and concrete, but however the waters will reclaim their territories as the earth is realigning herself by the commandments of Godin the beginning. As fast as, man can try to fix the problem of beach erosion, it will be washed away again and billions of dollars will be wasted trying to save an endless issue. Proverbs 8:22-31, Genesis 1:9-10, Job 38:8-16, Jeremiah 5:22, Luke 21:25-26, Haggai 2:6.

11/5/2007 There shall be notable miracles done by your hands, says the Lord! (Note: if you are saved, born again, and in Christ Jesus, then the Lord is talking to you.)

11/6/2007 There is a resisting force standing against the church in this hour. You shall See many factions of the church fall, yet there will be many that shall stand tall and bright. Many shall be strong and there will be many new factions raised up within the church body as a whole with strategic assignments for the purpose of a new alignment for the glory of God. For the factions that were fallen, the Lord is replacing them with the new. Anything that the Lord did not build, sanction, ordain, or order will fall in this hour and shall not be able to rise again, says the spirit of the living God! 

11/11/2007 There are laws being passed right now all over the world and here in the United States, in which the public will soon find out that will try to hinder, limit, and trip up Christians in their faith around the United States and the world. However, the Lord says that we can pray that these laws will be overturned, thrown out, done away with, and reversed and it will happen, says the Lord! For the heart of the king and your Senators lies in my hands and I have the power to turn them whatsoever way I will, says the Lord; for everything under the heavens is mine, says the Lord God! For I am the Lord!

11/11/2007 There will be 3 states that you will see in the coming days ahead that will dominate the news for heavy corruption being exposed within their state and local Governments concerning many people of high ranking authority and positions. These corruptions will involve many people in government and strategic positions, says the Lord! This season of exposure will also bring to light and uncover several federal branches of government that will be found guilty of fraud, corruption, and criminal activities.

11/11/2007 Many funeral home owners will become millionaires because of the lawlessness of man from increased murders and the death rate in these last days; for this is the latter hour or the latter days. The judgments of God are in the earth. These are pre-tribulation judgments. The Antichrist system will cause many to suffer which is after the working of Satan (See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17)

11/11/2007 There will be many Rich men that will be openly judged by God for their oppression, slavery, and robbery of the poor. They have cheated the poor out of their just wages and many companies shall go under in this hour, says the Lord! And many CEO's and owners of huge corporations will be exposed for corruptions and fraud in this hour at a massive rate. This will be seen in the United States and in many other Nations around the world as the Nations are beginning to shake, says the Lord! Political corruption will be exposed, brought down, and ousted out in many third world countries as it has been labeled by man. For my hand is upon the Nations and my arm is stretched out, says the Lord! (James 5:1-12, Isaiah 2:10-21, Isaiah 5:7-30, Obadiah 15-17,Isaiah 13:9-13, Isaiah 14:24-27, Isaiah 23:9-12, Isaiah 57:12-13)

11/30/2007 There will be all out war and the Nations will fight, says the Lord, but the United States will have a short season of rest and peace after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, says the Lord! All these things are centered around the Nation of Israel, but the conflict will involve the whole world, not just Israel or the Arab Nations. For the mouth of the Lord have spoken it! The Nations are aligning themselves in this season and they are choosing sides and preparing for war, says the Lord! Get ready for major conflict, says the Lord! For I will keep thee in the midst of the fire, says the Lord; and I shall preserve thee and watch over thee to protect thee from all harm, hurt, evil, and danger, says the Lord! Trust in me, believe in me; and as I delivered my people in times of old at the red sea, so will I deliver thee, says the spirit of the living God! 

12/7/2007 Many problems in the earth are man-made and is not directly my hand of judgment, says the Lord!

12/9/2007 The Lord says “my secrets are with the prophets, and that which you don't understand, just know that my mysteries are with the prophets. I say unto the world and to my church that my mysteries and secrets are with the prophets. That which you don't know is with them, says God!”

12/9/2007 (#1 Notation) In this hour the Lord is calling for strategic intercessors to come to the forefront of his churches to lead prayer. He has graced and endowed certain ones with a specific anointing for certain breakthroughs to come forth by way of prayer. These ones that are handpicked by the Lord like David was among the sons of Jesse have an anointing to see things in the spirit. They see what's coming from the enemy and they are anointed to stop it through strategic intercession, says the Lord! Many pastors have overlooked my anointed, those that I have called for my purpose, says the Lord! These same intercessors they See what is in the heart and mind of God and they call it forth and pray it into being, speak it into existence, and declare it to so and therefore it is established, says the Lord! (#2 Notation) the Lord is calling forth strategic prophets in this hour to speak to his people concerning his will, and they shall speak to his people on his behalf. (#3 Notation) the Lord has prophets that you know not of that are very powerful and they have been hidden in various places and countries up until now, but the Lord is saying that they are now released and they shall come forth with a speed and a great momentum and their ministries shall spring forth overnight and suddenly be prospering and being known worldwide literally overnight. This too shall happen suddenly, says the spirit of grace! 

12/12/2007 It is very crucial that you follow instructions in this hour from the Lord spoken through the mouth of his true prophets. There are many deceivers in this hour, but the Lord always has undeniable voices for him. And there are many things coming in this hour around the world and in this nation and you must follow instructions given by his prophets to warn you, prepare you, and enlighten you. For those that do not follow instructions and ignore the warnings of the Lord shall suffer greatly in this hour. Don't ignore his unction in your spirit. This is what the Lord has shownme.

12/18/2007 Many people in this hour will be affected and caught totally off guard by sudden disasters and sudden tragedies and sudden turn of events that will lead to sudden crisis, says the Lord! This is due to a failure to prepare themselves naturally for things to come. Some you can prepare for, but then they are other things that are coming in this hour that you won't be able to prepare for because you had no idea that something like this would ever happen and on that magnitude.

12/18/2007 Many things are being concealed by Governments because they don't want to alarm the people and cause fear and panic, but the spirit of the Lord says ''that there are some things on the horizon”. The word to these Governments is to warn the people so that they can prepare themselves and this will save many people alive, says the Lord! (See Genesis 41:1-57)

12/23/2007 Many parents will pay a huge cost in this hour for not restraining their children for their sins against the Lord and trespasses against others. As it was with Eli not restraining his sons that were sinning against the Lord and causing his people to sin by corruption, so it shall be with these parents in this hour. Look at 1 Samuel 2:12-17, 22-25, 27-36, 1 Samuel 3:11-13, 14-18, and also1 Samuel 4:11-22, Proverbs 13:24, Proverbs 19:18, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs 23:12-14, and also Proverbs 29:15, 17. There is a reason that the Lord said to correct your children and discipline them. It is costing you parents when you don't obey and if your Children are under age, under your care, and under your roof and you just foolishly decide to not do anything about it. If they are older teens and are under your roof then you may need to Seek Godly counsel and advice on how to deal with young adults if you never disciplined them or corrected them while they were young, but you must react now and do your part to make sure that you are honoring the Lord. If you are in ministry, do not have your children serving with you in ministry if you know that they are not right, not saved, and sinning against God, because God's judgment is going to fall on you, as well as, them too. The Lord told me to warn the parents that judgment is coming in that area of parenting and he is going to judge your stewardship. You are stewards over your children. Children are an assignment from the Lord. You are responsible for their destiny and how they turn out. You are responsible for what you allow them to be exposed to in life. Most murders now are committed by teens and 90% of the gangs are teenagers and young children, because their parents are just letting them run wild, but that sin carries a huge price tag and it has a voice that calls for judgment and judgment is coming. You shall see these types of sudden judgments in the church and in the world, even in the lives of politicians and CEOs, and various forms of leadership, even to the least of them. Accountability is coming from on high. Do whatever you got to do to set your house and family in order, as quickly as, possible. Nothing can stop what is coming, but make sure that you are not on the wrong side of the judgment of the Lord that is coming. This requires more than just repentance for the Lord to turn away his wrath, but it requires corrective action put into place, says the Lord. Warning always comes before destruction. Prayers have gone up before God from people that were wronged in an evil way by your children that you have not dealt with at all, or have not dealt with properly, and you thought that it was no big deal and just kind of covered it up. So now God is getting involved to deal with this spirit of rebellion and he is going to clean some things up, including attitudes, declares the spirit of the living God; for this is a season of judgment and a season of purging. Some things have to be purged before the true blessing of the Lord can show up. He judges to restore. If all is well in your family, then pray for others to get it together, says the Lord!

12/28/2007 (Strange Things Happening in the Land #1) There are many criminals that have been hiding out in the land for various crimes and they have said that they will never find me here, but they will be caught suddenly, says the Lord!

12/28/2007 (Strange Things Happening in the Land #2) There will be many murderers that will be caught suddenly, but more strangely there will be many murderers that shall come forth and confess to many unsolved murder mysteries that would have never been solved otherwise because of a lack of evidence, leads, and motives, says the Lord; and you shall know that the hand of the Lord has done this thing, says the Lord!

12/28/2007 (Strange Things happening in the Land #3) Many weather events and patterns will not be able to be foreseen, predicted, or forecast in this hour. Emergency or government officials will not be able to say well a hurricane is coming and is going to cause this much damage or a tornado will cause this or that. As an earthquake cannot be predicted, so will many other weather patterns begin to be the same way, including rainfall and thunderstorms, but and however, these mysteries are with the prophets of the Lord and they will show you the way through an extreme dark hour that is coming upon the earth now in this very hour. Things have been dark before, but I see gross darkness of a thick magnitude that requires a different vision and light to penetrate the darkness rising upon the land.

12/28/2007 (Strange Things Happening in the Land #4) What you think is coming is not what is coming, says the Lord, but however, I am the revealer of truth, says the Lord! What you don’t know I know. What you don't See I See, says the Lord! Seek me! Seek me! And you shall be saved, says the Lord!