This section is designed to show and reveal some strategic prophecies and prophecies for nations that the Lord is releasing or about to do in this hour, in this season, or in the days ahead. These prophecies are designed to be watched with trust news agencies, local, national, and international ones so that you can watch and see when these prophecies written here are being fulfilled. You will see all of them in the news at the appointed times, so watch!

8-2-2023 The war in the Middle East will be very terrible, because it will affect very many nations.


8-1-2023 The war in Europe will be the worst one.


6-16-2023 When NATO troops descend on Ukraine, then you will know that the real war has started, and all of what you have seen thus far has been practice and a warm up. (I am posting this on 6-16-2023, but it came to me again on 6-13-2023. There was similar prophecy in the archives given to me several years ago on this wise long before there was a war, but now these things are unfolding.)


5-21-2023 I see a transition coming in Cameroon.


4-5-2023 There is coming a time where the earliest category 5 hurricane will be seen in the Atlantic Basin with catastrophic land impacts. They will say that this is highly unusual for this time of the year. This particular storm that will come will be the strongest one yet on record and in history with more torrential rainfall than any of its predecessors and with one of the largest wind fields on record. It will be one for the history books in the likes never seen before in world history. This storm will represent a greater “End Times” shift. And there is coming a time where the weather officials will say that this is just one of many. In the times ahead, I see parades of category 5 hurricanes like the parades of atmospheric rivers that has been hitting in the West Coast, USA.


2-18-2023 As I sat quiet in the presence of the Lord, I heard the words, Warm water tsunami. Then it was revealed that a massive tsunami will hit in a place where there are very warm waters, but it will come fast and unexpectedly for some and it will be widespread.


1-17-2023 The Lord would say, Watch France! Watch France! Keep your eyes on France! Keep your eyes on France, because of what will come out of there.


1-17-2023 A lot of ancient biblical prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled will not be fulfilled by the current leader or leaders, especially some surrounding Israel, but a sudden change of leadership that will put different leaders in that will carry those things will materialize and then things will happen quickly. Some of the current leaders of nations will die leading to a leadership shift. Watch and pray!


1-2-2023 It has been said that it never rains in Southern California, but due to a ‘Pattern shift’ in the weather, it will be raining more frequently and on a regular basis more often in Southern California in the United States.


1-2-2023 NATO will start to position certain assets to deter China in a global strategy shift.


1-2-2023 Another major Afghanistan war is coming.