This section is designed to show and reveal some strategic prophecies and prophecies for nations that the Lord is releasing or about to do in this hour, in this season, or in the days ahead. These prophecies are designed to be watched with trust news agencies, local, national, and international ones so that you can watch and see when these prophecies written here are being fulfilled. You will see all of them in the news at the appointed times, so watch!

11-30-2022 In many nations, watch the youths, because they will lead many of the new movements to overthrow oppressions and tyranny, and if they try to mass kill them off, then they will kill off their future, but the Lord is saying that the youth will have a powerful voice in many places of the world, and they will be the driving force behind righteous movements and movements of righteous indignation as the nations of the world shakes. 


11-30-2022 By the time the 2024 presidential elections come in the United States and a few other places in the world, some of the choices or what is being pumped up by the media as prime choices or frontrunners won't even be around, and some won't be in the earth at all is what the Lord has shown me.


11-6-2022 A lot of water is coming for some places. I see walls of water, even waves of water that is coming unexpectedly in some places.


11-6-2022 The influence of a great one that has had his grips on a particular powerful Western nation for more than a decade will wane so that the nation can heal, recover, advance, and move forward.

9-28-2022 The problem they will have is the "One, Two punch," and getting hit back to back twice.


9-28-2022 They will say in some places that we have never seen water this high before in our lifetime.


9-28-2022 They will say we have never seen anything like this in our entire lives.


8-25-2022 After a long and rare lull in activities in some places, they are not going to like what they see coming from the oceans.


5-16-2022 Strange signs in sun and an unusual increase in solar flares will get the attentions of key people and nations, because it will be signaling something that is disturbing in its trends.


4-16-2022 I see several States within the United States having to activate their national guard in certain areas because of the uptick in violence as many of the law enforcement agencies will be overwhelmed and have their hands full.


3-16-2022 A major telecom company in the United States will suddenly collapse sending shockwaves through the economy. As far as everyone knew, it will one day seem as if it is healthy and has passed the stress test, but due to some hidden issues, it will suddenly collapse leaving customers, investors, and the government scrambling for a fix and an emergency buyer to take them over.


3-14-2022 A new wave will be huge and will be even stronger and longer lasting.


3-14-2022 Today, I bless the Nation of Uganda. There is a people there that the Lord is raising up that will bless him and serve him mightily, and their voice will be heard very strongly in the nations. This is a season of fulfillment for you, Uganda.


2-14-2022 Several nations that has enjoyed the luxury of never seeing war or not ever seeing much war at all will see war in the days ahead.


2-6-2022 I see a massive tsunami, and this tsunami will be called the "Mother of All Tsunamis," because of the intensity of it, the height of the waves, and how far it reaches inland away from the immediate coasts. It will also be famous because of how many different nations that it will affect and have some kind of impact on. Even some ships in the ocean will be greatly affected by this one. It will be the largest one yet and one that will have an impact for many months or years on. This one will baffle scientists and the experts, because of the nature of this monster and beast of a tsunami. In some cases, I saw entire islands that just disappeared into the sea. This will be like the master of all tsunamis, and this particular one will be one for the record books, and this one will scare people, and it will even scare the people and the experts that usually monitor and study these things. The math and the rating will not make any sense on this one. It will leave the professionals and the experts astonished and completely baffled by its data and ripple waves effects. Some will never want to go back on the oceans again under any circumstances after this one, and it will cause a lot of loss of life in its wake and aftermath. Some navies will even be affected by this one. Many people, experts, and world militaries will say that I have never seen one like this before in all of my life, and there will be some experts and professionals that have more than 50 years of experience in studying and dealing with these types of events, and they will even say that this one is beyond me, and this will be a new milestone for the earth, and it will be a major turning point and harbinger for the earth.


2-6-2022 There will be much shaking in this season, and in some places there will be very strong and intense earthquakes such as never have been seen or experienced before.


1-22-2022 They will say, "Nobody asked for this war, but yet it has come to us on our shores."


1-2-2022 They will say, "There is no way that a wave from off of the ocean should have made it that far inland," because it won't be a normal wave or even a normal tsunami wave, but that one will be one for the record books.


1-1-2022 South Africa, I hear the Lord saying that it is time for you to realign yourself with some new nations that are aligned with my covenant and Kingdom and disconnect yourself from an alignment that would bring you down.