2022 and 5782 will be the Year of a defining moment in many different ways. This will be a year where it will be a defining moment for governments where they will have to decide if they are going to go the right way or a different way altogether towards the left. They will have to decide if they are going to abandon God or draw closer to him as a nation. In many cases, a nation will not be fully defined by its government, but it will be more so defined by its people and the will of the people. The people will define ‘Resilience and Determination,’ or ‘Cowardice and Retreat.’ This is a year where people, governments, and the nations will be heavily in the valley of decision and key decisions. Defining decisions will have to be made. Some will make decisions based upon what they think is right, but it will lead to some pretty catastrophic consequences for their nations and their peoples. This is a season where the Lord is bringing his tribes and the tribes of the earth into formation and alignment for the things ahead. He will cause his people to sovereignly align with his will in their hearts even if they do not fully or completely understand all that the Lord is doing at any given time in their personal lives, or around them, or in the land. The Lord will uplift his people and give them strength and a boldness like no other, and he will give his people victory out of what seemed like something that burned to ashes, and they will rebuild what God had started and intended to be built. They will be the restorers of justice and the restorers of the old waste places and the repairers of the breach and the broken down walls and the broken foundations of many generations, and the Lord will be the light and the hope and the strength of his people. This is a double year, but this is also a quadruple year. The Lord is calling his people to higher heights and to rule in the high places and to uplift his name in the streets, in the parks, and everywhere. He is calling for his people to interact with more people for the sake of winning them over, and the revival that was trying to be put out will continue to shine, and to flame and grow all the more even as more of his people encounter people one on one for a time of renewal, hope, and refreshing. The Lord is giving a second window of opportunity, and he is blowing a second wind. This second wind will be a powerful blow of his breath and it will lead to an even more powerful outpouring of his Spirit, not just on people, but on the nations, even on some governments. He will reveal himself to many and even many governments one way or another. They will have a choice as to align with him and be on his side and receive the blessing or to reject him and to face an onslaught of his judgment. The Lord says, I have held certain things back, and in my mercy I have not released the full brunt of what was in my hand upon the nations, particularly the disobedient ones, but I have stayed the hand of the fullness of what could have come, says the Lord! I will go after the evildoers, but I will be a just reward and a positive recompense to the righteous ones that fear my name, says the Lord! I am a rewarder of those that do diligently seek after me, and I will not turn away those that sincerely seek me and seek my face, says the Lord, but I will be kind to all as such call upon my name in Spirit and in truth, says the Lord! 2022 and 5782 will be defined by the collapse of many governments and world systems. This year will also be defined by two’s, doubles, twins, four’s, and the double of the double. Yes, this will be a double season mixed with that of a quadruple season or a season of 4’s, so you will see things coming in patterns of Two’s and Four’s. You will see your long awaited harvests and rewards coming forth from the hand of the Lord. The Lord says, I am putting a separation between my people that are truly serving me and the world, but yet I will not fully abandon the world, but I will use my people, my chosen ones, as a light and as an influence to the world, and my glory will be seen mightily this year in the midst of all things. What may look like a trying time to the world will be a blessing in disguise to many, including to my people, declares the Lord! The Lord is saying, I am commanding my people to come out, and I will break you out of your old cycles and into new cycles, new cycles of healing, new cycles of breakthroughs, new cycles of restoration, and new cycles of financial flows and increase. I will take the grave clothes off of many of you that have seemed locked up, blocked in, and bound by circumstances for a long time where it seemed as if there was no hope. I will yet get glory from your life says the Lord, and you will see how I will move in your life and have compassion upon you and not forsake you or ignore you any longer. There was always a set time for me to move in your life and on your behalf. Now is come that set time, says the Lord, so watch for my favor. Watch for my uplifting, and watch for my mighty realignment in your life, because I have determined to do a new thing. Forget the things of old. That was yesterday. Today is a new day. It is a new dawn in your life. Behold, I do a new thing, and in that new thing I will move you forward as I break the stagnation off of you, says the Lord! Your days of tiredness and fatigue are over, and new strength and fresh strength is what I declare over your life, says the Lord! And I will bring you into that new thing that I have for you that I was always preparing for you behind the scenes. You endured all the pressure and the shaking, and I have seen your faithfulness to me even when times were hard, uncertain, and tough for you, and now I will rise you up to the place you need to be, and I will cause others to see you in a new light, but this new light that they will see you in will be from the elevated place of my glory and promotion in your life, declares the Lord God! You did not bow, so now I will exalt you and elevate you and push you up. I will push you up even higher and even further, says the Lord! The rest of this word is sealed due to the sensitive nature of certain things and certain parts of it, but this is a year where the Lord will be focusing on his people.

(I started writing this word out on 9-5-2021, and I have completed it on this day of 11-11-2021. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2022 and 5782, but could also span into several other years as well. The more sensitive things will remain sealed and private, which has been documented, but too sensitive to release publicly.