In this year of 5784/2024, a lot of people will experience sudden restoration in many areas of their lives. If you have been through a battle or battles after battles nonstop for months, years, or long seasons, this is your year to experience the supernatural hand of God repairing your life. The Lord’s hand will sovereignly do some things for his people this year, and it has already started for some even before 5784 started, but it will begin to intensify all the more as 5784 and 2024 continues.

Sudden Restoration of Health

Some of you that were down in your health and were being fought in your health will suddenly find yourself totally healed with no more afflictions, symptoms, or signs of sickness or disease. Some of you will go and get tested and will come back with a miracle in your health. See Jeremiah 30:17, Jeremiah 33:6, Isaiah 38:1-5, and then Isaiah 39:1. There will be some cures for certain ailments, sicknesses, and diseases that will come forth out of certain nations, but the Lord will be the one behind them discovering the cure. It won’t be ordinary with this. I really see these breakthroughs strongly coming forth from India, some nations in Africa, and from Cuba with Cuba leading the way, and a lot of these things will be shared with the world. God will show up in the natural to bring about these things. See Jeremiah 33:6 and Ezekiel 47:12.


Sudden Recovery From Addictions and Bondages

There will be some people that were battling some heavy addictions, even drug addictions and strong sexual addictions that were destroying their lives, that will suddenly find themselves free from those addictions and bondages. They won’t be able to explain it other than it was God’s sovereign hand of intervention either because of his mercy or because people prayed for them and interceded on their behalf. Some will get free, because curses, spells, and witchcraft will be broken from over their lives that secretly had them in that condition to disgrace them, but the Lord will save them and deliver them. Some will automatically get free when their attacker, that witch or that wizard that put something on them, suddenly dies. Some people’s lives enter certain things because of no fault of their own, but certain words were spoken over them, evil decrees were spoken and released over their lives, or enchantments and sorceries were enacted and activated in their lives by evil people, spiritual authorities, or by parental figures or grandparents operating loosely with their tongues to enact and empower curses, but in this season of sudden restoration, many curses will be suddenly broken as the Lord chooses to restore and to have mercy upon people. See Luke 13:11-16, Acts 10:38, Hebrews 13:8, and 1 John 3:8.


This is an Overlap Season. This is a very strong season of “2’s” and “4’s” simply meaning that you will see patterns of the number “2” and the number “4” in everything. You will also see it in patterns of 44, 242, 422, 224, 24, 42, 424, 22, 222, 2202, 2204, 248, 842, 844, 822, 228, 828, etc. The number “8” is two sets of “4’s.” You will just see these patterns. In a season like this, you will see strong patterns of the double and the double of the double. You will see a lot of twins and quadruplets, even when some people are not expecting it simply because that is the kind of season that we are in, and it is an all at once season. Some families will plan to have their kids over time and space them out, but they will get pregnant, and on the day of delivery it will be a sudden surprise of twins (2), quadruplets (4), and some of them just might see octuplets (8) wherein their families will come all at once. I am just telling you what I hear and see even if you do not receive it. However, you will see cases of this in the news. Mark my words on that. Some people will experience their incomes double or more than double. Some people will see their incomes quadruple. Some people will expand this year from one business to 2 or 4 businesses. Some people will experience 4 streams of income and revenues or possibly 8 streams. This will have a trickledown effect on the states, prefectures, and provinces, where the economy is booming and more people begin to move into those areas for greater and better opportunities. Some states will find their populations continue to increase and double or more than double in what will appear to look like an overnight thing due to various reasons and circumstances happening in other places that are creating bad climates in those places. There will be sudden prosperity to hit some places, cities, states, provinces, and prefectures, and it will come in waves, and they will have to figure out how to build reliable and decent roads and infrastructure quicker than the housing boom and commercial real estate development boom in some areas. New ideas will come to the table to facilitate these things. While some areas will experience decline, other areas will enjoy riding the wave of success and prosperity as the hindrances, stumbling blocks to success, and the bureaucracy is removed from out of the way, and old laws are repelled and new laws are passed and implemented to streamline things. In some areas, cities, states, prefectures, provinces, and nations, there will be more jobs than people to work them so they will be glad for immigration and people relocating to fill positions and to advance in sudden opportunities. They will say, “We did not plan for this level of growth, let alone sudden growth.” Some places in cities and certain communities that were blighted will see sudden new life and sudden restoration and will again be booming as people, and more so the children of God, begin to bring their visions to the table and begin to rebuild the old waste places. The youths will be glad for it, and a lot of them will want to get involved and do something positive by helping out. It is already in a lot of their hearts to want to fulfill a purpose and destiny, and God has put it in their hearts to help build his End Times vision and plans. There will be a breed of youths that will arise and restore and clean the parks as parks are renewed and rebuilt again, and those ones will say, “We are not going to tear down and vandalize places, but we are going to help to clean them, rebuild them, and help to restore them.” There will be very strong movements of God among the youths, even worldwide, and they will have plenty of wisdom, and they will be a force to be reckoned with. A lot of governments in certain areas will be shocked at the sudden turnaround among the youths where many will not want to be a part of the gangs or involved in thuggery, but they will instead opt to turn their hearts to Jesus. When the governments see this new sweep and wave of salvations and change in the hearts of the youths, they will want to put money behind them and invest in them and invest in several new projects to feed the sudden wave of changes that will begin to unfold and come in quite a few areas. ‘Revitalizationwill be a key word that you will hear a lot this year and beyond as the ‘Surprises of God’ takes place in the land and unfold in a lot of nations. Churches and the people of God will be key to this movement among the youth even as they express themselves in a positive way. There will even be many deliverances among the youths. The Lord has not forgotten about the youths. There will be some youths in some nations where the governments will say, “We are trying to do this war and tear down our enemies, but our youths are steadily being positive and doing positive things and trying to rebuild.” The Baby Boomers generation will be calling for more wars, but the younger generations will be saying, “Restore.”  This will be a season for you to get many lost or stolen things back, even those things that people had tampered with known or unbeknownst to you. Things will be hanging in the balance in the world and in a lot of nations where things could take a turn for the worse, or they could take a turn for the better, but the youths will be key in making things turn in a more favorable way in many nations, lands, places, and cities, even in schools, colleges, and universities. Campus ministries will expand as a greater voice begins to arise and vastly outnumber the ones that wants to embrace and promote leaders. Also, in many areas when it comes to elections, even the presidential elections, those that were once counted out, considered to be not an option, or were considered to be the underdogs, will suddenly begin to gain traction and will come from the back to the forefront as they make some necessary changes and critique some things and follow the patterns and movements of God. Those particular ones that seek to win over the hearts of the youths in sincerity, and not with lies and empty promises, will be the ones that will gain favor, a boost, and traction from the help of the youths and younger minds, because the face of politics in many areas and nations will now suddenly change as new people peek interests and take hope in something better as the move of God begins to sweep the nations and in places where there has been chaos. Where there has been chaos, a silver lining will come forth as the visions of God in the hearts and minds of people come forth within the nations. The Lord has given the people his wisdom that they cannot gainsay or resist.


Notes: 4:46 AM 7-26-2023 Unprecedented cold cases will be solved, because new people will be brought in, and a fresh set of eyes will see what old eyes could not see or did not want to see or refused to see, because of a coordinated coverup.


This is a season and a year where the Lord is going to deal with the hackers, the stalkers, the watchers, the gainsayers, the naysayers, the soothsayers, the workers of iniquity, the witchcraft workers, the spellcasters, those that do rituals and seances, and those that work magic, sorcery, practice necromancy, and operate in divination. The hand of the Lord will be heavily against them, and such ones will experience the backhand of the anointing as the angels of the Lord slap them this year and even in this season. Yet even among some of them, an olive branch will be extended to them to repent. If they take it, then it may go well with them. If they refuse, then that will be their end, and they will be finished and will expire out of the land of the living as the judgment of God goes after the evil within nations that caused afflictions, poverty, and problems.


The Lord says, the vision will come forth. The Lord says, the vision that they tried to keep you from, block, hinder, or stop altogether is the vison that will come forth for you, even beginning this year. The Lord says, what they were using as a trap, or leverage against you to keep you tamed, on a leash, or trapped, will be broken to pieces as I disrupt and frustrate their plans against you on every side. The Lord says, I know what I have called you to do and what I have purposed for your life, and I will not allow those things to be hindered or disrupted or put on hold in your life any longer. I will move whoever or whatever out of your way so that my plans can come forth with full steam and momentum. It will be forward movement in your life as I cause you by my hand to leave the delay and the stagnation behind that were deliberately caused by others or entities that were trying to stop you and stop my plan from being birthed in the earth and in the Kingdom of God through you.


The Lord says, you were born for these times, and do not make light of that. The Lord says, I have already assigned and ordered people, even at the highest levels, to help you in the vision and to make sure that all that I have spoken to you and given to you in the vision comes to past. Some heavy hitters and some major power brokers are coming into your life in this season by my hand, says the Lord!


This is personal for you; The Lord says, this is a year and a season for you to come forth as pure gold. In spite of your past failures, short comings, flaws, and mishaps, I will restore you and bring you forth to do great things, says the Lord! This is your moment of truth. You have been in my hands and on the potter’s wheel and have been being refined by my hand all this while, and now I am putting my finishing touches on you as a great masterpiece of my work to do my mighty works in the earth. You will be a reformer and one that brings positive change everywhere you go. When you speak, men and people will listen to you and take the words coming out of your mouth very seriously, because they will realize that your words are my words and are coming from my heart through your mouth. They will recognize that the wisdom coming out of you for them is my voice, and it is from me as a gift to them. I will cause you to be admired and to be treasured and valued where you were put to shame and embarrassed, says the Lord! The Lord says, they will be shocked at what I do through you for others and to even be a blessing to them. The Lord says, people will be glad that they know you, because I am changing your story and giving you a new testimony in life. What they said you could not do and would not be able to do is exactly what I will do through you, and I will accomplish my will through you, says the Lord! You are my crown jewel and my prized possession, and I love you says the Lord, because you are indeed the work of my hands and the apple of my eyes. Where they counted you out, they will soon know that I have counted you in and have not cast you away, and I have chosen your life to get my glory through, says the Spirit of the Living God of Glory!


Currency manipulations by major players and key nations will cause panic and volatility in the markets and within the banking industry, which will have a domino effect on other industries, to include the investment industry.


Proxy wars will be a problem in many places of the world where the major power broker nations will fight each other through surrogates and proxies, but each one will fund and sponsor their own sides without a direct clash of each other.


The Lord is going to put a difference between what is the Kingdom of God being built and what is man’s personal empire being built using his name for their own benefit.


The Lord will visit the Democratic Party and many within that party will begin to speak up about many things and begin to say that certain things and certain practices are not right. Some among them will say, “We will not be the party of the occult, and of sin, and of witchcraft among us, and many other things will not be tolerated, because we will not go along with these kinds of things any longer.” The salvation of the Lord will visit the Democratic party, particularly in the United States, in such a powerful way, and many of them will get truly and genuinely born again to the point that some will say, “Is this still the same party that we once knew,” but the Lord will work in the hearts of men, women, and children within this party. He will also visit many among the Republican party in America, and watch how this will shift things in a better and a good direction. It will shock you who will get saved and start openly proclaiming Christ as their Lord and Savior from politicians to celebrities, and they will be sincere and be bold with it. This will add a new fire to the Body of Christ.


The Lord will visit the Nations with his salvation

How the lives of many people change will shock the nation, and even shock the nations, and will have a contagious effect. God will also begin to do a major and mighty work among the Arabs, and he will visit the Muslim nations and pour out his Spirit among them, and many will be converted unto him, and many souls in those nations will begin to confess Jesus as their Lord and Savior and will come to Christ. You will also see a wave among those that are Hindus and even atheists, and secular humanists will be touched by the sweeping power of God and will come to Christ Jesus through shocking turns of events.


Many injustices will be overturned, and some people will be reprimanded and rebuked, while others will be vindicated after suffering for a long time at the hands of others with agendas.


The problem that they will now have with many storms is that they will form close to the coast with little to no warning and rapidly intensify with little or not time to evacuate in some places. Storms forming over the land that are equivalent to inland hurricanes will also become more of a threat due to some weird weather patterns and climatic shifts over the atmosphere.



These will be times that men and women of God and leaders of churches will have to be able to clearly hear from God and keep a fine-tuned ear of the Spirit, because the Lord has shown me that there would be some church bombings in some places around the world, even in Western Nations. If the Spirit of the Lord says, do not have service today, then don’t meet at the church to have service, because the Lord knows what is in the plans of the enemy. That just might be the day to conduct your services online that day even if you have natural church security that may not detect everything, or if something was planted by the enemy during the night hours. See Matthew 13:25. You should be having strong intercessory prayers anyhow, but in some places some things are going to happen, but intercession and prayers around the clock along with heightened church security at your physical locations will be key to overcoming planned or staged events that may be beyond your natural knowledge or intelligence as to what is really going on and who is behind it. In some places, it may be a hidden hand in being state sponsored, because of movements and evil agendas of some. Your hearing spiritual ears and seeing eyes can be used of the Lord to save a multitude of people’s lives and livelihoods if you pay attention to what the Spirit of God is saying and doing at any given time. If something is not right in your spirit and don’t sit well with you and there is an urgency in your spirit that you can’t get pass, then take heed to that as a red flag. Do not choose to ignore what the Spirit of God is saying in the name of having faith. Yes, you should always have faith and stay in faith, but be sensitive to the voice of God to hear and obey his voice when there is danger lurking around in the darkness. See Matthew 2:12-22 and Psalm 91:6. Not everyone will be happy with your rise and your success, so you will have to raise up prayer warriors and intercessors to deal with the spirit of sabotage and saboteurs. Your prayers will have to shift when you see these things begin to come about in our world. In certain places, you won’t always be able to rely on law enforcement and the military, so it will be your responsibility to have and employ your own church security, both professional and volunteers that can receive some specialized training from the proper officials. Not every place will be the same. It will be essential to raise up prayer altars where people are assigned to pray night and day around the clock. It will be important for intercessors and prophets to be trained in specialized prayer to know how to cancel the plans of the enemy in prayer and to override them and intercept what they are doing and be skilled in warfare prayer to such a degree that they can terminate the evil contracts, evil plans, evil decrees, and evil assignments of the enemy. This year and season will demand a different kind of prayer in order to thwart the attacks of the enemy. The voice of the true prophets will be key to overcoming a lot of things that are planned by the enemy and is on his radar. This will be the strongest hour for the Church, the people of God, and the Kingdom of God as we learn to follow the instructions of the Lord coming directly from him and through the mouth of his key prophets that are set in place by him for these times. See Hosea 12:10, Hosea 12:13, Ezra 5:1-2, Ezra 6:14-15, 2 Chronicles 26:5, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Deuteronomy 18:15 & 18-19, Hebrews 13:17, Zechariah 8:9-17, and Luke 24:25. You will know them when you hear them and see them that they are of the Lord and sent by him for this hour and for these times. The prophets of the Lord will get more bolder and will become even more accurate and proficient in prophecy, the word of knowledge, and the word of wisdom among many other things even as counsel and other spiritual gifts which will also be in operation. You will see God move mightily among them, the evangelists, and among the apostles in heavy ways of healing, deliverances, and demonstration of power, but the Lord is not leaving the pastors out either, the ones that have his heart. There will be profound teachings of the Word of God and increased insight, revelation, and understanding of the secrets and the mysteries of God coming through the teachers of the Word of God, especially those ones that are also prophets. In some parts of the world, it will be a heightened state of emergency, but in the Kingdom of God and among his people, it will be a heightened state of breakthrough, wisdom, discernment, and prosperity. God will have a mighty hand in things happening this year also, and it won’t be just by your own faith and your own strength and natural abilities of gifts, but you will see the BIG GOD in operation and moving among the nations. He will visit his people in many supernatural ways that will be undeniable, and his people will see notable miracles by his hand. The Lord says, tell them that my hands are bigger than theirs. There will be heavy signs and wonders from the Lord and among his people and even through his people, and through ordinary people and not just among the leaders or key leaders. See Mark 16:17-20, Hebrews 8:11-12, Matthew 11:11, Luke 7:28, John 14:12, and 1 John 4:17. This is a season where the Lord is saying, “All will know me from the least to the greatest.” The Lord is saying, wash your face and get ready for a new shine of my glory to come upon you and upon all those that I will connect with you and bring into your presence. See Matthew 6:16-17 and Ecclesiastes 9:8. You will present them to me, and I will in turn introduce myself to them that leaves my glory stain and brightness smeared all over their faces, and they will shine as I beautify the meek with salvation, says the Spirit of the Living God! This is the beginning of something new, and my hand won’t be stopped, says the Lord! There is a lot more that the Lord has told me or showed me, but it will come out in other writings or daily words on the website.

Words for this writing started coming to me from the Lord on 7-26-2023 and I started taking notes. I started writing it out on 9-1-2023 and finished and released it on 9-26-2023. This is the longest, most detailed prophetic writing for a year thus far in over 16 years of doing them, because it is a different kind of season, age, and year. This is not an ordinary year or season, but this time frame belongs to God to do his surprise works in the earth as he sees fit. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2024 and 5784 on the Hebrew calendar, but could also span into several other years as well.