In the time to come, America will have its first real pure black president that comes from a family where he had an actual black daddy and black mother. This man will have solutions in him to fix problems and not come up with solutions that only seeks to punish others and divide America. He will be balanced in his thinking, and he will be blessed with wisdom for all matters like Solomon. This man will be a spiritual man that will enjoy broad support from all races, even broad support from across political aisles because what is hidden within him is that of a balancer. He gets along well with everyone and choose to see the good in others more so than faultfinding. God has a wild card stacked in his decks and a good surprise, one for the record books. It won’t be the decoy, but it will be a pure breed from the hand of the Lord. His run will be discussed and talked about behind closed doors, and he will be able to do what others before him have not done which is balance the national budget, zero out the national deficit, and create a prosperous diverse economy that has never been seen before. Many people and many nations will watch from a far and will say that is not possible but it is only wishful thinking, but it will be like a miracle in motion, because the wisdom of God in him to do judgment like Solomon will shine forth. This man will come forth because of the prayers of the Saints and the cries of the people of the land that are being oppressed. Surprisingly, many people will get behind him, because they will want to see the nation healed and be restored so that the domino effect can take root. God will tell this man who to appoint to key posts in his administration, and they will be the ones that God chose to be in those positions to run the nation as an effective nation to get things back on the right course. He will enjoy broad support from all age groups, especially among the youths, because they will feel like he can relate to them and understand where they are coming from, even with the latest cool technology and hip talk. That’s what’s up! The restoration and the revival that will hit the nation will have a domino effect on the nations of the world, because this man will be anointed for these times. There are things that the Lord has placed within this man that has not been seen yet in his life within the political spectrum, but the Lord will bring them out of him. There are things and ideas and wisdom in him concerning matters that will work and work well for everyone that he has never talked about publicly or privately, and has not shared with anyone, but they are in his heart, because the Lord has put them there. He even said to himself, “Where is this coming from and why are such thoughts there within me,” and the answer is because God has called this man to the highest office in the land, and it will be what he has ordered for such a time as this. Those that naturally would resist him from political parties will hold their peace and sit back and say let’s see, because they will see that his intentions is not to divide, but to heal the land called America. Some will say this will never work, but half the way through his term, they will say I was wrong and this man is beneficial for all of us. Many will rise during this man’s tenure from poverty to prosperity and fulfill great Kingdom destinies as the hand of the Lord will be mighty upon him, and you will see the major difference between a cursed land and having a blessed land that is at rest and healing under his tenure. God has given him a watchful eye that his policies will not only bless America, but it will lift other nations as the domino effect will take place as things trickle down.

Written 8-17-2022 at 10:45 AM-11:15 AM, Released 8-17-2022