One of the most vital and crucial things that you must first of all understand in the Kingdom of God is how to understand your times and your seasons with the Lord. Understanding your times and seasons will help prevent you from making a lot of mistakes in the future. It will also help prevent you from making wrong turns and unwise decisions in your life. If you understand the season, you will know if it is the right time for you to make a move. If the Lord is telling you and requiring you to move to another city or into a new house, or switch to a new job, then everything will fall right into place, especially provision. You'll see all the right doors opening for you and everything falling into place according to his plan. If you are endeavoring to do something in life that you know that the Lord wants you to do, but it seems as if you are running into all kinds of various walls, road blocks, obstacles, fire, heavy resistance, closed doors, unsurmountable pressure, and a lot of unfavorable conditions, then check your timing of events, and check your seasons. There is a big difference between extreme satanic resistance and opposition from the enemy and that of red flags, road blocks, and protective barriers that are set in place by God to protect you from stepping outside of his will and his timing, even though it could be something that God has in store for you. It just may not be the season or the time for it as of yet. It could be months or years down the line before you actually come into what the Lord has ordained for you, but you will definitely come into prophetic fulfillment. Some people run ahead of their season, not discerning the timing of a thing, then they end up defeated, depleted, weary, and sore distressed. There is a set time and a set season for everything that the Lord has in store for you in life. (Look at Psalm 102:13, Ecclesiastes 3:1, 17, Psalm 105:19-20, and also Galatians 4:1-2) There are some things in life that the Lord will block you from doing to prevent you from making a huge mistake that is going to cost you your future, slow you down, or hinder your progress in him. Some mountains are from the Lord and not from the devil. (See Psalm 30:6-7 and Revelation 3:6-8) If you ever speak to a particular mountain and it doesn't move, then that one that is from the Lord, and you need to go directly to him to see what is going on. It could just very well be your protective road block from him, or just maybe you committed an offense against him that needs to be resolved first, but he will tell you if you ask him. It is not a faith issue on that particular one. You just need to check in with Heaven. When all of the God ordained doors swing wide open and everything is falling into place, you will know at that time that it is your season, and it is your time. Don't try to step out on somebody else's word from the Lord for their lives, but step out on the word he gives to you for you at the appointed time and the right season, and you'll prosper. Do not be afraid when your time and season comes, but be strong, be bold, and of a good courage, and do exactly what the Lord says to you.