When a New Year comes in, sometimes what you see is not always good, happy, cheerful, and merry, on certain things, but sometimes what you see is downright grievous and troubling, and this is one of those years. While everything is not all bad, let me tell you what the Lord has allowed me to see, because this is a year of souls and lives being harvested. This Year will be a year to pray, because this Year will be linked with a lot of deaths. I did not just see deaths from one thing, and would not just be from pandemics, but it would also come from outbreaks of various sorts, diseases, sicknesses, and some would be unexplainable deaths. I also see many deaths linked to wars, famines, floods, boating tragedies, car and traffic fatalities, shootings of various sorts, stabbings, riots, prison breaks, cartel massacres, plane crashes, train wrecks, things with buses and school buses, high speed chases ending in significant loss of life, and so many other ways, means, and areas. Some murder suspects will continue to lie and claim that they are innocent all the way up in court, and then they are going to drop dead in the court room, and it will be a form of God’s judgment for some of them for the gruesome evil that they have done. Some fake ministers of the Gospel that are actually working for Satan and some which are ritualists will suffer the same fate. They will drop dead in the pulpit for playing with God and tampering with souls, lives, and destinies, and you will see a lot of these things in the news, or you will know about them in your communities as they happen. The fear of the Lord will be heavily in the earth and in the Body of Christ. This will be a year to pray like no other. “23” is the number of death. However, another side of that number also relates to “life.” Pay attention to these patterns in the Scriptures to better understand and know what I am saying to you prophetically. See Romans 6:23, Genesis 7:23, 2 Chronicles 20:23, Genesis 4:23, Genesis 18:23, and Psalm 55:23. There are many more, but the Lord will show you more of those patterns from the Scriptures yourself, and you can also see it in society. The intensity and the magnitude and the frequency of the storms and the earthquakes and the disasters and where they are happening will be something to pay attention to and will be a cause for concern for some.


The rise of artificial intelligence and its integration in more and more things, not just your popular electronics, will penetrate society. Just like a cell phone signal can be transmitted from country to country or city to city and you not see it like some form of magic and you ask no questions as to how, many other things will be able to be transmitted that same way in an invisible way that cause things to happen. In some cases, it will come to the light that they have already been doing it. Many things like diseases and certain sicknesses will be found being transported in this manner, even certain thoughts. Anything that is spiritual or of spirit form can be transported already, but the technological means to do so through the artificial intelligence will speed things up. Pandemics will be able to spread by the signals that are assigned to it through artificial intelligence. Entire populations will be able to be fully controlled, managed, and manipulated through those means of artificial intelligence, because they will work with the brain cells of people by sending a signal to it just like a cat scan. Some of the more extremes will even allow for some sick patients to get healed at home through telehealth by artificial intelligence. These will be just some of the fake miracles of the Antichrist that certain people will see to get them to believe upon him. Certain electronic glasses that works with artificial intelligence and witchcraft will be used to transmit images, scenes, and certain illusions to get people to believe what they see and to believe a lie. Some of the most dangerous forms of artificial intelligence is when it is mixed with the practices of sorcery by technological means to bewitch, control, and deceive the people.


Watch Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. In Africa, watch Madagascar. Madagascar will surprise you this year. There will be a stirring in Moldova this year. It will be like the pot is being shaken up there a little bit. Some of the smaller nations will teach some bigger nations a big lesson about messing.


5783 and 2023 will be the time of the exposure and the breaking up of many major crime rings, and you will see a lot of people go down and be busted in such wicked operations. This will be a bad year for crime bosses, crime families, crime networks, crime syndicates, drug rings, crime rings, cartels, hardened gangsters, and tainted and corrupt forces in places of power. God will render heavy judgments on witches and wizards and those practicing the dark arts from magic to sorcery, juju, witchcraft, voodoo, hoodoo, necromancy-those that are communicating with the dead and relaying messages from the dead. This will be a tough time for those that are into legalism and questionable practices among God’s people from evil forms of kabbalah to witchcraft and sorcery in the churches as they disguise themselves as the children of God, deacons, elders, pastors, missionaries, apostles, and prophets, but they are evil ones from the dark side. This is the reason for God’s judgment beginning heavily this year in the Houses of God. The Lord will separate those dark and fake ones from those of his that are real and are real apostles, real prophets, real teachers of the Word of God, and real warriors for Christ. There will be an obvious distinction between the two very different sides. You will continue to see a stirring and a shifting in denominations and church splits where there will be remnants that love God that won’t no longer tolerate nor allow the practices and the policies of Jezebel, Balaam, Homosexuality, and Antichrist agendas of apostate leadership and apostate headquarters within their ranks. It will be a great shaking as light decides not to be a mixture and not to agree and align itself anymore with compromise, evil, and a lack of honesty, integrity, and morals. This is a year for you to look at yourself and examine yourself. Judge the fruit in your own life and do a little self-examination. This will be a time for you to reflect and to seek the Lord on what changes you need to make in your life to make things better and to inquire what rough edges are still on you that still needs to come off of you, but some of you already know what those things are. This will be a time to turn away from idols and bad things in your life and turn wholeheartedly towards God. The shaking of the nations will help many to make that choice easily, as they see some of the things coming upon the earth and happening in the nations and among the nations from battles to disasters and sudden calamities for some, but you will see the light of God’s glorious leadership in some sit on the thrones of nations for such a time as this, and it won’t just be Christians, but you will see more Jews ascending the thrones of seats of power to become heads of state in fulfillment of End Times Prophecies that will be coming into play full circle. However, the people and the voices that God uses as leaders and as prophets in this hour and season won’t all be Christians and Jews, but there will be others that are not affiliated with the Church or the Jews, but yet God will use them in their capacity to speak to certain issues and ills in society and the world, and their voice will be like a heavy weight hammer breaking the rock into pieces. Even now, I hear the Lord saying, I will speak through whomsoever I will and whoever I chose to use and to speak through. In this year, your light will shine.


The Lord says, I am shoring up my people and making their foundations strong so that they will be able to withstand any test of time in the hour of my patience. This will be a season of rewards for many, and the harvest will not be stingy, but it will be plentiful and bountiful. I will send a plentiful rain into the lives of my people, and my people will not be ashamed. Though times in the world will continue to get dark for some places, I have a few secrets and a few lights hidden among my people that will shine as an even brighter light in the darkness that will serve as a beacon of hope to those that are lost and in despair. Your greatness will shine, says the Lord, and your greatness will shine even brighter in the dark times that are unfolding upon the earth. I have hidden answers, solutions, counsel, and wisdom in my people for this hour to bring to the table to keep certain areas, certain regions, certain towns, and certain cities afloat, and I will raise my people up to sit in the high places of the nations to steer the ship that the world has tried to crash and burn. They will say, it is a time of my Josephs and my Esthers, and so shall it be, for I will put many of my people on the thrones of nations and in the seats of power. What the enemy meant for evil will turn out to be for the good of my people, says the Lord! New mantles of wisdom, counsel, and might will fall upon my people, and a new mantle of prophecy will go forth that will be incredibly precise, accurate, and bullseye on the target. This will be a year and a season for a lot of my people to launch businesses and to employ others and pay them well. This will be a time for many of my people to launch those powerful prophetic ministries that I have hidden within them and to launch those powerful and mighty evangelistic ministries that I have hidden in them for now and for these times. Do not underestimate what I am doing in these times and in this season and in this year and beyond, says the Lord! My people will speak to certain things, and those things will shift and align with the way that I intend for it to go, so they will see a greater power and a greater authority in my people as an apostolic prophetic commanding voice to the nations, says the Lord! Get ready to go up, because my angels have showed up, declares the Spirit of God!

(I started writing this word on October 3, 2022. I completed it 11-15-2022. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2023 AND 5783, but could also span into several other years as well.)