While this year is filled with many wonders and it is a year of the turn, it is also a year to advance and to precede with caution. There will be some booby traps and landmines along the way from the carnage of the enemy, but you will take your territory and status back. This is a year that is filled with many blessings, some open blessings and some are hidden blessings that are yet for you to discover. In some cases blessings will be hidden in plain sight just for you. This is not a year for you to back up or back down, but to keep on plowing ahead, because this year is about your future. The fear and intimidation tactics of the enemy will break earlier in the year as the Spring time arrives. This will be around the same time that the Lord will be rekindling his vision within you and reminding you about the vision and purpose that he has called you to. You will find a new resolve, and you will find new ways going forward that will break the forces of Leviathan to pieces. This is a year early on where the Lord will deal with Jezebel in an open way in the churches and in the eyes of the nations as he crushes that ancient spirit of the witch that has been contending for your life and destiny as you have been contending for the faith. This is also a season and a time for you to stay far away from certain areas as possible that the Lord will alert you to at times. You’re safest to be as far away as possible from oceans, rivers, lakes, and bodies of water, even some creeks. This is not to overly alarm anyone, but you’re safest to be as far away as possible from military bases, small or big, no matter where you live in the world when, if, and where that is possible. There is a shift coming in the trucking industry as artificial intelligence begins to streamline things with that industry. New technologies with helpful and great solutions will come on the scene starting this year through God’s people. The Kingdom of God people will be on full display as those witty inventions that they have been sitting on for years comes to fruition finally after a seemingly long wait, but it will be because it is the appointed time for those things to come to the forefront of things. The answers and the responses to many disasters will come to the world through God’s people. They will come through people that God has reserved for these times. These will be your modern day Josephs, Esthers, Daniels, Deborahs type of people that will come forth with the anointing and insight like that of the children of Issachar. Wisdom will be front and center in this hour, and knowledge of many new things will come forth and be taught to this generation for a time such as this. The Kingdom of God will get stronger and stronger as the world cries out for solutions to the problems and many disasters that they see. They will see that it was a huge mistake to try to isolate and cut Christians out of the places of governance, influence, power, and the workplaces, because they will soon see that there is a blessing in them and wise counsel, answers, and solutions are hidden within them by God for them and their dilemmas that they will be facing. Cultural arts will come to the forefront in this season again, but not as before. It will be very different this time, and there will be something that God is doing in that. Things coming from the skies will catch the attention of most, because a lot of things won’t be able to be ignored. The first of this year and the beginning was about demining what the enemy left behind as booby traps, but the Spring is about advancing slowly and cautiously, but picking up steam and momentum. By the middle of the year, you will see that there has been a clearing away of many things that has been blocking your destiny road and path forward. The trees, debris, and booby traps will have been cleared out of your way for you to go into places that once was designed to keep you out or stop your advances. New banking rules will open up banking to some new people that were once red lined or considered credit risks. Technological expansions will make those things possible as some kind of reform to the current credit systems and credit ratings systems comes to the forefront to make things more fair and balanced. While you will see famine and some shortages in the world, herein again the answers and solutions will lie with the people of God and your Josephs type of people that are chosen with visions from God for these times. A lot of responsibilities that have been traditionally on government will shift back to the churches or shift to the churches in a new shift, and God’s wealth transfer will help them to take on some new things that otherwise would not have been possible. God will help his people in this season and throughout this year, and he will help you individually this year. He will position his people and certain ministries to help people and nations rebuild, recover, and regain their footing from many tragedies and calamities of various sorts, even from some disasters of various kinds. This will be a year where you will see things in a new way as the Lord helps you to maneuver through what you see. This is also a year to have patience and not to rush into nothing, but to allow the Lord to work and to open up the right doors for you. You have been given a new weapon of faith this year. Use it as you advance with caution and faith, and you will succeed according to the perfect will of God.

I started writing this on 1-17-2023 and finished and released it on 3-1-2023. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2023 AND 5783 on the Hebrew calendar, but could also span into several other years as well.