It will be a time of massive restructuring. This will be a time of severe shaking, and the nations will be severely shaken. The parks in the United States of America and in many places of the world will be filled with the people of God crying out for God to have mercy. It will be a time of intense flooding in many places of the world, and in many places there will be a great deep. The winds will blow in the land and throughout the nations. The winds, even the great winds will blow naturally. They will blow spiritually and even prophetically. They will blow financially and economically to signify a change. In some nations it will even mean drastic changes. Many things will be happening all at once in nations and all over the world simultaneously, and governments will scramble to keep up with the pace of events. They will try to explain to the people what is going on, but the unrest among the people will continue to mount and to grow as they realize that they are being lied to by certain governments. The Great transition of social media; it will be the mass exodus of people from these platforms, especially when the people find out that they are mainly being used for intelligence agencies around the world. Many will wake up and realize that it is not in their best interest to be on those kinds of platforms, because they are pawns and guinea pigs to be spied on. 2021 is a year that the idols will come down worldwide left and right, and people will rejoice to see symbols of oppression and evil come down. Some will come down by diplomacy and negotiations, while others will be brought down by the hand of God and by lightning and earthquakes and by other means. You will see many major idols, statues, and famous landmarks hit by lightning and even destroyed as a sign of things to come. The Lord says, their idols and the symbols of their pride will crumble. Some idols and statues will come down to prepare the way for the image of the Beast to be put in their places in due time. See Revelation 13:11-15 and Daniel 3:1-15. There will be some kind of new strategy that will come forth dubbed ‘Cluster Buster’ that will be used to help to defeat outbreaks in some areas. The word ‘Cluster’ will be back in the spotlight and used a lot this year in almost everything from storms to groups of people to outbreaks and in governmental terms, even in schools. I see masses of people being rounded up. I see witches and wizards being accused and rounded up in many nations, even some being rounded up to be burned with fire. This will be a year and a season even expanding into many years of uncovering corruption, conspiracies, colluding, plots, schemes, and fraud all the way up to the highest levels in many nations even to the highest levels of governments and previous government administrations. Voter fraud will be uncovered as a way of life for certain political parties even from many years and decades ago as patterns of corruption. Many new news agencies will arise and many old news agencies will fade away and lose their notoriety and some will even lose their credentials. However, they will try to merge as many News Giants as possible into one. I see Great War, major war on the horizon. China will be a thorn in the flesh of many nations, and they will attempt an attack of some sort that will ruffle nations. In this season and year, the caldron will boil over, and there will be splash ups and spill overs everywhere. I see some kind of major attack or strike on Europe. In some nations, I see troops coming in from the outside. For some nations, this will be a year to guard against nuclear attacks, and terror in their midst will come forth and be exposed, but not before some actually hit their targets, major targets. A coup is not out of the question in some nations from silent coups to all-out coups, even among G20 nations, as some of these nations get shaken. I even heard the words, “A coup for a coup.” This will be a season for the prophets to speak and speak loudly and boldly, but stay hidden for a season. In many places, it will be for your own safety and protection. There are two clouds that I see that need to past over first. One is a cloud of evil, and the other is the cloud of the indignation of the Lord as there will be a blowback, a major pushback, even one that will embarrass the nations in their evil plots against their own people and against the populations, even against some of the same ones that have served them. The fear of the Lord will be in the land, and the sword of the Lord will be in the nations this year in the form of Judgment and punishment, and they will say, “Where is his mercy,” and his answer to some of them will be that, “You are not serving me.” Things will unfold at a rapid pace. This year will be known as a year of rapid pace and accelerations. Some things will be overturned and some things will be cemented and locked in stone this year. New ways of doing business will come forth this year. North Carolina will be an important state to watch in the United States, because many exciting things will come out of it. The Lord says, my favor will be on this state and in that place. Zimbabwe will be the nation to watch this year, because it will be liberated and many powerful and exciting things will emerge from this place, even from the leadership realm. The Lord says, watch the nations, because I will be doing many exciting and mindboggling things in them, even in the midst of the shaking and realignments. I even see some fractured alliances among the mighty nations, and I see a total realignment of nations that will emerge to form a new alliance, because they will say that “the old model is no longer conducive for where we are and where we are going so there was a need for changes.”

This prophetic writing was started on 9-24-2020 and unfolded over time and is being released on 11-13-2020 as Phase 1. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2021, but could also span into several other years as well. Some more things will be revealed later, but some of the more sensitive things will remain sealed altogether as a private word that has been documented, but too sensitive to release publicly.


I see a major federal law enforcement agency being disbanded in the United States and all of their power at the top and their field agencies, cases, and assignments being transferred up under another federal agency for new oversight. I see people being pulled off of cases for corruption, fraud, and many other things, even money laundering, but what I saw in the Spirit is that this same thing will be a domino effect in many nations around the World. I see the uncovering of a large secret society and all of their works, which are most done in the dark. I see that many things that are unfolding now in the days to come were well thought about and well planned about four years before they begin to unfold. The Lord says, the great winds will blow, even great winds that the world has never seen before in certain areas of the World, and they will break records. Even as you see these things taking place in the natural, there are signs of greater things to come, and there are signs of a shift in the natural and a shift in the Spirit. The winds will increase in many areas, and they will greatly increase in some areas that will be notable and significant. The Lord is clear on that the winds will blow, but these will be prophetic winds and not just normal types of winds. The Lord will blow on nations that are corrupt and out of alignment with his heavenly assignment. He will blow spiritually on his people, and at any given time his people will be able to experience a cold wind, a cold blow on the back of their necks even when no AC is on and there is no fan on, because it will be the Lord breathing on his people, and it will send chills up your spine and on your arms and cause the hairs on your arms and head to stand up and to stand at attention in the presence of the Lord. In this year, the Lord is going to visit many nations, some in blessing and some in judgment. The Lord will visit many of his people this year, but it will be a time of blessing and refreshing. I hear the Lord say, I am rekindling a flame of fire within my people, and they have prayed because of the times, and I will respond with a new fire and new infilling of my Holy Spirit that will fill them with a Holy boldness and a confidence on the inside of them that comes from Heaven so that my people will be able to shake nations. Technology has been used for tracking and hacking, but the Lord is going to allow those things to come into the spotlight and will pull the cover off of that area, especially where the beast and the Antichrist system has used it for their advantage worldwide to gain access to the data of all people, companies, governments, and organizations to know how to better control them. In the midst of a great shaking in the land, the Lord will be the hope of his people. The wise ones for these times are set to be released by the Lord in the midst of the chaos, and they will have answers like Joseph and Daniel did in their times. They will be strategic for these times, even in the darkest places and even among heathen governments that don’t really know the Lord God just as during the times of Daniel and Joseph. The Lord says in this season and in this year, you will need insight by the Spirit of God in order to move forward. Peace within will be your weapon of choice along with praise as I guide you forth in these times. This will not be a time for you to fear, but to advance forth in faith, says the Lord! You have to know that I am with you even in those times when it does not quite look so in the natural, because I am with you, and I am right there in your midst, says the Spirit of the Living God! Your portion is pleasant and sweet in me, says the Lord! I will cause a new technology to come forth that you will be able to use to your advantage, and when you see it you will know it, and it will be a financial breakthrough magnet for you when you use it correctly and for the right purposes, says the Lord! The wealth will be transferred to you through various means to fulfill your latter purpose, but it will come to you and will be activated by my wisdom within you for these times, says the Lord! The words in your mouth in this season and this year will be like fire, and it will set things ablaze, even as the prophetic voice within you come forth. I am sharpening up your swords during this year, and I will make you both sharp and accurate, and you will prophesy accurately with sharpness and precision and even in exact detail. Greater things awaits you this year, even in the midst of the testing of the nations that will be tested and shaken by many different things, says the Lord! There will be the unveiling of how many spies for foreign countries were hidden in the tech industry and disguised in technology, such TV’s, cell phones, and many other Internet connected devices or devices that operate over the airwaves. When they catch them in the act, they will say, “this is the largest scandal that we have ever seen,” because they will find out to the extent that it was deeply embedded. They will say that, “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” but it will come forth suddenly with speed and momentum out of nowhere unlike any of the similar cases in the past.

This prophetic writing was started on 11-13-2020 and unfolded over time and is being released on 12-22-2020 as Phase 2. From the time that this word is released, any of the events listed in this writing may start unfolding, and it is not limited to just the Year of 2021, but could also span into several other years as well. The more sensitive things will remain sealed and private, which has been documented, but too sensitive to release publicly.