There is something inside of you. God has put something inside of you. His glory is inside of you. What he has put inside of you is awesome and glorious. It is very powerful. The whole world is waiting on you. They are watching to see what is it that the Lord has put inside of you that will bring him glory. There is something great on the inside of you. The nations are waiting to see his glory in you and through you. That's why it is so important to enter your prophetic destiny. Your prophetic destiny is the thing that God has created you for. It is the purpose that you were born for and it is the very reason that you were sent into the earth to fulfill that very purpose and plan for your life. Your birth was not some untimely accident. You were sent here by God to establish a kingdom cause and purpose in the earth at a particular time frame. You have something inside of you to bring to the table and it is something that will enhance and bless humanity and all of the human race. There is both answers and solutions to other people's problems on the inside of you just waiting to be released and unlocked. When the Lord is speaking to you about purpose and destiny, he puts a deep yearning and hunger in your heart to want to know him more. You will begin to read your bible more than usual and you will want to study more in attempts to find out more about the maker of the heavens and earth. You'll want to discover more about this creator and who he really is. You'll want to know more about this Jesus, because you can't seem to shake off his very name, nature, and thoughts. That's because destiny is calling you. Your purpose in life is calling you. The Lord created many people to do many different things in life and each and every gift, ability, and talent in each person's life is unique and different than any other person. He made us all different. There may be some similarities, but each of us has our own uniqueness and our own identity that has been given to us by the Lord. This one unique difference is what marks us as being us; so go ahead and enter your prophetic destiny. Everybody has one, but they all differ from each other depending on the calling or assignment he has for us, and the grace that also accompanies that calling. (See Romans 11:29) you are called to bless humanity. What's on the inside of you is even beyond just the church. For Benjamin Franklin, his God given purpose and God given destiny was to create electricity, and because of his unique contribution to the world we don't have to have candlelight dinners unless we just want too. For Thomas Edison, it was to create the light bulb and the whole world is benefiting from his idea. For Betty Crocker, it was the cakes and the sweet stuff that we all thank God for because we like the taste of it. I thank the Lord for Betty Crocker. What is it that he has placed on the inside of you to do for him and on his behalf? That particular thing is what just won't leave you alone, because your life long purpose has a voice and it is calling you, and it just will not let you rest until you fulfill it. Some of you say “well I don't know my purpose in life yet”. That's the reason for this letter. He is alerting you to the fact that he wants to reveal it to you now in this season, if you will spend some time with him in prayer and in the bible. That is the voice on the inside of you that you are constantly hearing all of the time. It is the voice of destiny and purpose. Some of you have been wasting a whole lot of time in life doing other things, but now in this season the Lord is releasing you to enter your prophetic destiny. Call upon him while he is near you, nudging you, and wooing you to come closer to him. He needs you to fulfill your destiny and your purpose. Do you know that the Lord actually puts it in a person's heart and mind to desire to join the military and to become a soldier? He puts it in a person's heart to want to join the Red Cross or desire to become a police officer or businessman. He also puts it in a person's heart to want to be the president, prime minister, or the leader of a nation, and then he actually helps them to fulfill that dream and then he gives them their heart's desire. You too were chosen for something big in life. However, not everybody is called to the pulpit or to be a preacher directly, but he has called you to do something in this hour for him; something very specific. He puts it in a person's heart to be a pastor or a preacher, or to teach, or to be an evangelist, or an apostle, or a prophet. He will call you, but are you listening for his voice? He is always talking every day and all of the time, but are you listening, or are you constantly distracted by the daily cares of this life and its problems? You have the problem solving power on the inside of you right now. Whatever he has called you to do in this life has something to do with helping people and solving problems in the earth. That is his perfect will for your life. If you are not called directly to the pulpit to minister, then you are still a preacher no matter what you do and no matter what you're called to do and fulfill in life. Go ahead and enter your prophetic destiny right now. (Look at Philippians 2:13, Philippians 1:6, Philemon 1:6, Ephesians 3:20, Psalm 37:4-5, 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 timothy 1:11, 1 Corinthians 12:4-18, 27-31, Proverbs 16:1,3, 1 Peter 2:5, 9, Titus 2:1-15, Jeremiah 1:4-12, and Isaiah 43:10-12)