You're in a season where the Lord has strategically moved some people out of your life, so that he can bring new and Godly connections into your life, your new circle and arena of fellowship. God has for the past few months been altering your relationships. The one's that he intends for you to keep, he has been strengthening them, and those that he intended for you to disassociate yourself from, they have been fading and fading and fading away. God knows who is right for you. He only wants to know that you love him more, even more than anyone or anybody else. He has been establishing a connection anointing in your life. He has been removing the old and making way for the new. He does not always want to restore all of your old relationships, but he wants to bring new, fresh, kingdom relationships into your life. If the relationships that you had did not survive the fire, then they were not ordained by God. Anything that God puts together can and will survive the fire and the tests of time. What God establishes and ordains is forever. See Ecclesiastes 3:14. You must now trust God in all your relationships and in all of your new endeavors. You must trust where he is taking you to in life. There is a lot of people that have left your life because God had to remove them to protect your destiny, your zeal, your fire, your future, your anointing, and everything that he has purposed and planned for your life. They had to leave. They were ordered and commanded by God to leave. God moved some people out of your life, because they were not a part of your destiny. In other words, they should not be a part of your future. Furthermore, they are not going where you are going, and they cannot go where you are going. Sure they're good people, some of them, but they are not a part of your purpose or your destiny. Anything or anybody that is not a part of your destiny, or that is not going where you are going is a hindrance. Abraham had to first separate from Lot in order for the Lord to speak to him again without distraction, concerning the next instructions for his life purpose and destiny. See Genesis 13:1-12 & 14-18. Abraham had this happen to him many other times in his life, because he was set apart for the Lord's use and will. When he began to walk with God, he had to separate from his family, because God wanted to start a new family, a new race, and a new nation out of him. See Genesis 12:1-2. His new family started with his wife, Sarah. See Genesis 12:4-5. Along the way on his life's journey, he also had to separate from Hagar and Ishmael, his son and servant wife. Look at Genesis 21:5-14. So it is with everyone in your life. He had called for a separation from some things and certain people in your life. Everyone that has been in your life has either been a bridge to you or a burden to you. The bridges will remain, because they help you to crossover in life to another side of God's will and plans for your life. However, the anointing that is on your life will remove the burdens and all the distractions or unproductive relationships. We are in the last hour, and God does not have time to waste anymore. Therefore, he has called, and he has to use you right now in this season to get all of his end time work accomplished. Many were called, but yet so many were unwilling to answer the call. Thanks be to God that he called and chose you, and you have answered the call. See Matthew 22:14 and Romans 11:29.