Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2024 Archives

7-9-2024 The Lord says, be careful not to let people try to pimp your gift for their own personal gain. The Lord says, guard the gifts that I have placed within you, and guard the anointing that I have placed within you and upon your life. What I placed in you is precious and it is not to be merchandised or undervalued, says the Lord! You are the steward of the gifts and those talents and skills that I have placed within you, so steward it well, declares the Spirit of The Living God! 


7-8-2024 The Lord says, don’t just focus on yourself, but know that your destiny is also about many others. Joseph’s destiny was about many others, and your destiny has a similar weight to it, says the Lord!


7-7-2024 The Lord says, I saw them when they did it, and I heard them when they planned it against you, but I need you to give them and those things over to me in prayer, and allow me permission to deal with them and all those things accordingly, says the Lord! Do not try to fight what does not belong to you to fight, because it is bigger than you, and vengeance is mine, declares the Lord!


7-6-2024 The Lord God is saying, I will meet you at the point of your faith. Do not underestimate how I respond to the power of your faith. Your faith is precious to me, and I do not ignore genuine faith when I see it before me in operation, declares the Lord!


7-5-2024 The Lord says, I can show you better than I can tell you. I will show you that I am with you, and I will also show them that I am with you and that my hand is upon your life for good and not for evil, says the Lord! I can show you better than I can tell you, proclaims the Lord!


7-4-2024 The Lord says, I heard you when you prayed the first time. I am removing the blinders and the scales off of the eyes of the people and the bewitchment that has been upon many people will break and will now be lifted, says the Lord! They will see how they aligned with evil, and they will say, “How could I have aligned myself with such wickedness and not have seen it for what it was and is,” and they will be astonished at what they aligned with and will turn to speak against it in a bold manner and without fear, says the Lord! The Lord says, there will be a shift and a cracking of evil alliances and evil networks that were aligned against my will, my people, and Heaven to stop my purposes and plans, but I will bring many disruptions to their false and misguided narratives in my rebuke as I continue to upset the norm and to shake nations and their evil systems and systems of evil, wickedness, and corruption, declares the Lord!


7-3-2024 The Lord says, my hand is upon your life, and my right hand is holding you up and keeping you from falling. I am a God that is mindful of my people at all times, especially those that put their trust in me. Those are the ones that know and see what I can do, and they know what I am capable of doing, says the Lord!


7-2-2024 The Lord is saying, it is going to end in something good for you, and not something bad, negative, and evil. Though there be some among you that want to see things end on a negative and evil note for you, the Lord says, that will never be your portion. They will be sadly disappointed at how I bless you, restore you, and give you a testimony, says the Lord! See Job 5:12-13 and Psalm 17:1-15, mainly Verse 13.


7-1-2024 The Lord says, the enemy that has been trying to cut you off will be cut off. You will not be cut off, says the Lord!

6-30-2024 The Lord says, wherever there is a rich spiritual heritage in a place, you will always have to deal with a counterfeit that tries to overthrow it or subdue it. But the Lord says, I am giving you a weapon in this season to unstop all the wells that the contending enemies have tried to stop up and subdue in your life. You will have my help and my wisdom in this season to be able to undo those heavy burdens and to break and destroy those yokes and to loose those bands of wickedness that have tried to destroy you, says the Lord! This is a season where the fountains are going to flow for you even perpetually, and I will use you to restore old wells and to open up new wells. You will also be used to close and seal off evil and demonic portals being used for evil purposes and open up new portals to Heaven in those places so that the people and those places can once again stand and live up under an open Heaven wherein the heavens will no longer be as brass above them, declares the Lord! 


6-29-2024 The Lord says, I am removing the blockages, barriers, and restrictions that have been placed upon your life by the enemy, by various entities, situations, and circumstances. You will be free to flow in this season in a new way that you have not experienced before or in a long time, says God! I overturn the evil tables meeting over your life for wickedness and evil plans, and I thwart it and destroy it even before it gets off the ground good, says the Lord! Look at Isaiah 57:14 and Isaiah 40:1-6.


6-28-2024 The Lord says, the shaking is releasing a strong wave of my power and my glory upon your life and the lives of my people in a way that was not ever seen before in times past. My power will be so strong upon your life that you will smell my presence as a fragrance upon your life. I smear you in a fresh anointing today and in this season, says the Lord!


6-27-2024 The Lord says, I am allowing things to be exposed at the roots and at the foundations, but there is a counter of what I am allowing that is rooted in witchcraft as a copycat that is not of me, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will cause there to be a distinction that my people will know the difference and not follow an evil voice that is not rooted and grounded in me, says the Lord!


6-26-2024 The Lord says, it is necessary for me to recalibrate some things in your life, in your midst, in your background, in my church, in governments, in nations, in the economy, in circumstances, in schools, in colleges and universities, in militaries, and in neighborhoods and communities. There will be no place where my hand will not touch and shake things up and set things back in their proper place and order according to my hand. My recalibration process requires shaking and some shifting in order for things to come back into the intended purpose that I have for them, says the Lord! Know that I am in the midst of things even when you don’t think so, says the Lord! The Lord says further, the idols must come down and the barriers must be broken and the stumbling blocks must be removed out of the way of my people that the wicked has put in place intentionally to try to hinder my people and stop my plans and alter the things that have gone forth out of my mouth. Systems will continue to shake and collapse. Yea, many things will even shake and collapse at the foundations because those foundations are not of me, says the Lord, and it is I, the Lord, that do shake all those things, declares the High and Holy One that sits upon the circle of the earth. I sit high and look low and my eyes behold the ways of the sons of men, and I will not turn a blind eye.


6-25-2024 The Lord says, in this season I will cause you to brush up on your skills, brush up on your knowledge, brush up on your prayer, and refamiliarize yourself with some things that I once taught you in times past all over again so that you do not forget the basics and the foundations that I have built you upon. It is essential for you to revisit some things that I showed you, told you, and that you wrote in that vision book that I gave unto you. It is essentials that you revisit some of the prophecies that I gave you in times past, and you will see clearly what you should be doing and what you should be focusing on in this season of your life. I have not called you to fail, but I have called you to prevail, and I have called you for a specific purpose, and I have given you a specific assignment and mandate for the times, which are now. Let it come forth now what I have deposited in you for these times, says the Lord!


6-24-2024 The Lord says, there are many things that you do not know, and I did not allow you to know those things before the time, because you would not have been able to handle those things. But now, this is a season of maturity where I can trust you now to handle many of those things due to your spiritual growth, maturity, and development, and I will now bring them forth, says the Lord!


6-23-2024 The Lord says, what you don’t see has sometimes seen you, but my eyes watch over all things. I see the things that you don’t see, yea, even the hidden things, and I have made a way for you to escape evil and to be protected, says the Lord!


6-22-2024 The Lord God says, any arrow fired at you gets me involved, and I will not let you do down, but I will disgrace the senders of such and fire back at them in your defense, says God! See Psalm 64:7.


6-21-2024 The Lord says, set not your mind on many things, I do override them. I have done it already, says the Lord! By my power I have decided to override them in their efforts against your life, because my power supersedes all other authorities and powers in the earth and in the universe. I am the highest power of all powers, and I say to you, set not your mind on things that I have already overpowered, subdued, and broken, declares the Most High God!


6-21-2024 (Reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the website) The Lord says, many of you are dealing with foundational issues and foundational powers that have tried to interfere in your life and destiny at key points in your life to try to stop my plans in your life, and this has caused you shame and embarrassment, but if you will pray and ask me to break those things and to reveal what is at the foundations that you do not see or know about, those things that you are not aware of, then I will shine a light on the hidden things of darkness that has plagued your life and your family for many years and ages. This is a season for you to break many things and to uproot things at the foundations, says the Lord!


6-20-2024 Never underestimate engaging the power of prayer on a holy altar simply because it can achieve some earth-shaking results and clear the second heaven evil and demonic clusters above you that seek to block or hinder your prayers. Powerful prayers move mountains and obstacles out of your way. The Lord says, pray even when you don’t feel like praying, because it can move my hand to favor you.


6-19-2024 The Lord says, they pitched it for one thing, but I will show what it really is. I will show you the real thing, but don’t get nervous once the truth is revealed. Just submit that thing to me. Ask me to handle it according to my righteous judgment, says the Lord!


6-18-2024 The Lord says, I am just in the process of reforming things before your eyes and tearing down evil foundations and evil structures that have been allowed to continue without my blessing or without my approval for far too long. Wickedness will not be able to continue that gets in the way of my covenant plans and the Gospel in the earth. For my salvation will go forth indeed throughout all the earth and no one or system or nation will be able to stop it, says the Lord!


6-17-2024 The Lord says, you will have the answers you need in going forward in a way that glorifies me and positions you for right things at the right time.


6-16-2024 The Lord says, when I allow foundations to be shaken in your life, it is because I am re-establishing my original order, plan, and purpose in your life. I am bringing you back to a place in me where you will once again be fruitful, productive, energetic, and on fire for my glory, says the Lord. I will not allow any wicked and evil foundations to stand or to take root in your life, says the Lord!


6-15-2024 The Lord says, I am teaching you many things in this season by hand and from experience. Pay close attention to what I am showing you, training you, and telling you in this season, because you will see, know, and understand how to get the upper hand on many things that have overcome others, declares the Lord!


6-14-2024 The Lord says, be patient, and allow me to show you my thoughts. Pray and allow me to give you access to see what I have in my hand. You need me more than ever in this hour. As you pursue me and pray, you will see my power in this generation as the days of old, says the Lord!


6-13-2024 The Lord God says, having the proper understanding will save you some embarrassment. If you don’t know all the facts, then don’t jump to conclusions or assume anything that could make you look like a fool and appear to be unwise. Let all things play out and take its time and its necessary course, says the Lord!


6-12-2024 The Lord says, be vigilant, be alert, beware, and be sober-minded asap; for this is a season for you to keep your eyes wide open, and do not succumb to distractions aimed at taking your focus. Awaken to the nudging of my Spirit. Get before me in prayer. Ask me to intervene in the situations surrounding your borders and within your nation. Allow me to take control of those things that are beyond you and beyond your reach and control, and I will show you great and mighty things and things that you have not imagined or seen, says the Lord! Be the gatekeepers and the watchmen on the wall and the intercessors that I need you to be now as many things shake and are tested, says the Lord!


6-11-2024 The Lord says, give me the time, and give me your heart and mind. As you spend time with me in my presence, I will reveal secrets and mysteries to you that you long to know. I am bringing you into a place of maturity free of anger so that you can handle some of the secrets that you have been praying to know, says the Lord! Some things you are still not ready to handle, because the anger in you will cause you to handle things the wrong way, your own way versus my way. I need you to come to a greater place of maturity so that you remain calm as certain things in your life that remain a mystery can come forth to you to bring you into a time of clarity versus obscurity and darkness. It is your season for your light to spring forth and for healing and restoration to come forth in your life. This will require you to trust me in this season and to lean not to your own understanding, declares the Lord of Hosts, The Mighty God!


6-10-2024 I look well to you, says the Lord. As you call upon me, I will incline my ears to your requests and not forsake you nor turn you away. I love you, and am there for you. I have always been there for you, and this time is no different, declares the Lord! Cherish your moments with me as I delight in the time that you spend with me in my presence. I smile upon you every time that you sing to me and call my name. It makes me happy. I bring you into a time of rewards, says the Lord, and the rivers of my pleasure will flow in your life, declares the Holy One of God!


6-9-2024 The Lord says, I will show you another side of the greater creativity that I put within you. I will bring it forth in this season in a way that you have never seen it before. Just when you think that you have seen and mastered all the gifts within you, yet there is more to come for you from me, declares the Lord!


6-8-2024 The Lord says, ask me for my power that trumps all wicked and evil powers, and I will give it to you. For those of you that already has my power active and activated in your life, ask me for another measure and level of my power to deal with those strange powers and warfare that have been around you. As evil increases in the earth, there is yet another measure and level of my power available to my people, says the Lord! See Psalm 110:3.


6-7-2024 The Lord says, I am doing many things intentionally in this season to get the attention of cities, towns, villages, and nations so they will hear me and seek me and turn from their wicked ways. There are some things that I am allowing to come in some measure so that the people will turn back to me and turn away from their idols. This is a moment of truth and a turning point season, says the Lord! The Lord says, they will say, these times are critical and crucial, but it is a turning point, and they are at a crossroads. Many are in the valley of decision, declares the Lord!


6-6-2024 The Lord is reiterating that you should not be focusing on the distractions sent to get you off course and offtrack with what I have spoken over your life and said to you in what you should do. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled off of your task and the assignment that I gave you, but be sure to continue the mission. Do not allow the trolls, the brethren, family members, your colleagues, your classmates, or anyone else or any other group to distract you from the things that I have called you to do. Some of them cannot see right now how what I have told you to do and called you to do is going to even benefit them, so they allow their flesh to get in the way, so I have put a shield there to protect you and them from themselves and the things that they know not of that could bring harm to them. I, the Lord, hold all things in my hands, and I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you, and you have to know and trust that I am ordering your steps in all things. Your instructions and your path will become clearer as you continue to seek me and press in deeper to me. Just know that my shed blood is covering and protecting your life and destiny, declares the Lord God!


6-5-2024 The Lord God says, stick with the assignments that I have given you and stay focused. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the noise and the trolls which comes to distract to get you off course and addressing them. Leave those workers of iniquity to me to deal with them, and do not be taken by the ways of the evildoers that are on the other side. Stay the course and run the race, says the Lord!


6-4-2024 The Lord says, you cannot eat from every pasture, but you will have to trust me to lead you, to feed you, and to guide you in this season in a methodical way that keeps you away from all harm, hurt, wickedness, evil, and danger. Apply my blood over the doorposts of your house and over your lives daily, and apply it over your food as you pray over it before you eat it, and I will shield you and protect you from many things to come that is aimed at hurting people and aimed at destroying lives. Be assured that my eyes are upon you for good, and my eyes are upon the nations. I see everything, says the Lord!


6-3-2024 The Lord says, this season will reveal what is for show or what it the real deal. The fire is trying the works of people in this season to see what sort of work it is, whether it is truly for me or for themselves and vainglory, declares the Lord! Look at 1 Corinthians 3:13-23.


6-2-2024 The Lord says, this season will call for an extraordinary discernment and ability to see beyond what is going on to the root cause of the issues. Allow me to open your eyes to a greater level of sight and a greater level of ability to see and to discern things on another level. There are a lot recruiters and the voice of those that are trying to recruit you to their causes, but remain steadfast to my causes and remain focused, says the Lord!


6-1-2024 The Lord says, in the month of June, those walls of resistance will come down, and the strange opposition that has been opposing your life and destiny will suddenly dissipate and disappear. You will run afresh and anew with the mandate of the Kingdom that I have given you, and I will surround you with warriors in this season that will truly have your back and bring the mockers that hated you to shame, because they do not fear me, says the Lord! Just know that my judgment fire has been released in the earth, declares the Lord!

5-31-2024 The Lord says, get ready for a victory in the face of what looks like evil or a defeat. I hold all keys to all things, and I know what I am doing in all things in your midst and in your life. Just trust me and trust the process, says the Spirit of the Living God! 


5-30-2024 The Lord says, I will do what I do to reverse the evil clouds hovering over the nations that is seeking to swallow up my people. I will now move in a different way, says the Lord!


5-29-2024 The Lord says, do not be picky and choosy about things, but allow me to open your eyes to what is right for you and what I have for you that I already know will work for you and is a perfect and a good fit for you. Don’t try to fill in the blanks and make up the difference, but trust my hand and say yes to my plan, and in due time you will understand why I led you the way that I led you. It was for your protection and benefit and to get you into the place that I have for you, says the Lord! Certain events along the way and on your path were necessary for your growth and development, and they were not for your demise at all. That is why you are still here, but I needed to make you strong and tough to prepare you for these times and the days and times ahead, because the kind of people that you will be helping and leading and feeding will be the kinds that will need to draw that kind of resilient faith and strength from you. I made you to be the type that does not quit or give up, even when the battle is strong against you. Through this, I am teaching you how to endure while building up your muscle of endurance. That is a contagious thing, and it spreads onto others around you and the ones that you come in contact with. They see your strength, you determination, and your faith, and I allow them to see it so that they can draw those unique abilities and characteristics from you. Through you I am teaching them how to stand and how to have true faith, declares the Lord!


5-28-2024 The Lord says, they went to consult concerning you, but because they did not consult me but went another way and went to a different source to inquire, I will deal with them accordingly and in my own timing, says the Lord!


5-27-2024 The Lord says, some nations and some people that are coming against my people are not just coming up against my people in and of themselves, but I am causing them to do that so I can smite and destroy those ones that are coming against my people. Go see Psalm 2:1-12, Ezekiel Chapters 38-39, Isaiah 34:1-8, Isaiah 29:1-8, Joel 3:1-12, and Isaiah 66:14-21.


5-26-2024 The Lord says, if you open up a vault that should not be opened, then do not be surprise at the evil that could come out of it that you will open up to your life. Once I close a door and seal off a vault to your past or someone else’s past, then do not try to reopen and unseal what I have permanently closed lest you get the evil of those days coming back to haunt you and to destroy you. Don’t allow your curiosity to derail you in your common sense or spiritual thinking, says the Lord! Those things that are sealed must remain sealed which I have sealed, and the things that I have unsealed must be unsealed and even revealed in its appointed times and seasons according my purposes and my hand in due season, says the Lord! Be careful with being too anxious about things, declares the Lord!


5-25-2024 The Lord says, pay very close attention to your prayers and what you are saying, because many things that you are and were praying for are about to come to pass in your life according to my will for your life, says the Lord! Keep up with what you were asking for in prayer simply because a time will suddenly come where each of things will come to pass for you just as you prayed according to my will, declares the Lord!


5-24-2024 The Lord says, your assignment will be different from the next person so quit comparing yourself and your purpose and what I called you to do to others. They have their own purpose, calling, destiny, and assignment to fulfill, and I will lead them a different way than I will lead you. I will direct you according to my will so do not concern yourself with how I will lead the next person. Stay focused on that which I have ordained for your life, and do not be led astray by the temptation to turn away from that which I instructed you to do by the swaying and the opinions of man that would like to make you a clone of themselves. I created you with a unique purpose in mind that cannot be duplicated, imitated, or cloned, says the Lord!


5-23-2024 The Lord says, don’t miss your window of opportunity. Follow the cloud of how I am leading you and feeding you, because I am leading you in the way that I need you to go versus where you want to go, says the Lord! I am leading you in the way of the needful thing, says the Lord!


5-22-2024 A lot of you have been thinking that the Lord has forgotten you, because it looked like there was no real movement in your life, but the Lord is saying, I have not forgotten you. I have set times and even appointed times for everything, and I will remember you as I did with Joseph in the dungeon. I had an exact time for Joseph to be visited to come forth and to rule in the nation of Egypt during his times. Likewise, with you and for my people, I have had a set time and an appointed time for many things to happen for you and for my hand to bring you into. I am visiting you now in this season for my plans for your life, says the Lord!


5-21-2024 The Lord God says, do not be deceived, I am there with you in all things. The voice of deception would want you to believe that I have left you so that you would be duped into serving the enemy of your soul and destiny, but I have never left you, and I am right there for you. Even of old, I have said that I am even married to the backslider. I am that voice of reasoning in their lives steadily telling them to get back on track and to do the right things. I am there in the midst to steer my children on a right path and to guide you with mine eye in the right way that is of me and not of the adversary. I know how to recover that which is mine and that which belongs to me, says the Lord!


5-20-2024 The Lord says, as things begin to crumble in the world, I am putting things back together again in my Kingdom and for my people. I am restoring things and repairing the breaches that have been made. The Lord says, I am bringing all things back together again in alignment for a recalibrated End Times assignment, says the Lord God!


5-19-2024 The Lord God is saying, don’t be shallow, but be deep. For some of you, they have been saying that your waters are very shallow, and therefore we can easily overthrow them and overtake them. The Lord God says, refuel and refill yourself in my word, so that you can be deep with the waters of life that cannot be overthrown and overtaken. My Word in your heart is a stronghold that cannot be overthrown or broken down, but it is your solid wall of defense, says the Lord! I am your defense and stronghold, says the Lord! The Lord says, they want you to be weakened and vulnerable like Samson, but instead I will make you much stronger than him and use you to carry away their gates upon your shoulders.


5-19-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section of the website.) The Lord says, some of them did not just come into your life, but some of them were sent to spy on you and to keep tabs on you. Let this be your moment of truth.


5-19-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section of the website.) The Lord is saying, if I did not allow all those things to happen, then you would not be able to see how many people were aligned with the enemy against you, and you would not be able to see how that my hand is solidly upon your life. I let them set the trap so that you could see my hand save you from their trap. My son, my daughter, I am for you and not against you. Truly, no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, but I allowed you to see the weapon that was formed, says Father God, Your Lord! You will continually see the results of me being with you and my hand being on your life, declares the Lord!


5-18-2024 The Lord says, I am moving among all nations. I have moved among the Africans, but I will also move mightily in South, Central, and Latin America, and I will use those of them from those areas all over the world, and many of them will be used to preach my Gospel with a power and with purity all over the nations, says the Spirit of the Lord! These will be some strong places of my outpouring and the people that my power is upon will spread a Holy Ghost fire that will burn in the hearts and bellies of many around the world; for they are my fire carriers, says the Lord! Watch how I move upon them in ways not seen elsewhere while not diminishing how I am moving in other places and among other races and ethnicities, says the Lord! Keep your eyes upon the nations, says the Lord!


5-18-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel And Wisdom section of the website.) The Lord says, I am restoring mantles and bringing restoration among the nations. Let not your hands be slack in this season, but allow my Spirit to move in you in a new way that is strong and that is powerful, and you will not soon forget that I am all powerful, says the Lord of Hosts, the Great God of Glory!


5-17-2024 The Lord says, I will not allow your focus to be overshadowed by things designed to distract you. I will repel those kinds of things so that you can focus on that which I have called you and purposed for you to do. You do your part, and I will do my part to assist you in what I have called you to do, says the Lord! The Lord says, they do not understand you, because you are not wired like them, but you are wired like me, and you are made in my image and in my likeness, says the Lord!


5-16-2024 The Lord God says, my hand is upon you for good, and it will be known, and you and others will see. My power will manifest in your life in such a way that it will not be mistaken that I am the one that is behind it, says the Lord!


5-15-2024 The Lord says, I don’t want a mixture in ministry. I am not pleased when there is a mixture wherein evil practices of the world and abominable things of the dark side are mixed in with the faith and things of my Kingdom. This is why I will bring a sword of judgment in my House. Sorcery, witchcraft, and divination have no place among my people and in my houses of worship and prayer, but there are some among my people that have perverted the right way of doing things. I am moving to clean up the corruption and wickedness that is found in my sanctuaries, declares the Lord!


5-14-2024 The Lord says, you will soon see what I have been working on for you all this while that was hidden from you and kept for you all this while. I will pull the curtains back and reverse the works of the enemy that thought he was craftier than me, but there is no wisdom that is greater than my wisdom that confounds the enemy, says the Lord!


5-13-2024 The Lord says, there is a shift coming by my hand, and it will catch many by surprise, and it will shift things in the direction that I always intended for them to go, says the Lord!


5-12-2024 The Lord says, wickedness has an ending date and my righteous judgment has a beginning date to flush out the reins and the realms of evil in all places. There is an appointed time for everything, says the Spirit of the Living God!


5-11-2024 The Lord says, the way that I am taking you forward monitoring spirits will not be able to see that way or be able to peep into your life, but I will hide you and take you through a secure way that is encrypted from evil eyes on your life, says the Lord!


5-10-2024 The Lord says, come before me and report those things that you have seen and have heard, and let me try them in the courts of Heaven, and I will render a just verdict and a just reward from Heaven. I am the Lord and my power supersedes all other powers, declares the Lord!


5-9-2024 The Lord says, do not fear the perpetrators of evil and wicked devices, because I will wet my sword, and I will thoroughly purge and cleanse the land, says the Lord!


5-8-2024 The Lord says, turn to me with all of your heart and watch what I can and will do for you. Do not underestimate my power, my authority, and my reach, says the Lord!


5-7-2024 The Lord is saying, I will yet use you again. Some of you have been feeling stuck and stagnant, and the Lord says I am taking that off of you. I am breaking those yokes that have been around your neck and as a heaviness sitting upon your chest. I will refresh you and yet use you again. For some of you prophets, you have been in a season where you have been feeling dull and where you feel as if your gift has gotten dull, but the Lord is saying to you that I am dusting you off and am making you as a fine polished brass, and I will yet use you again. You will prophesy yet again to the multitudes and before many people as my servant John, and I will yet use you again, declares the Lord! See Revelation 10:11. The Lord says, this is also a season where I am visiting the custodians of the faith, and I am stirring the wells in a new way with them. I am releasing a new fire within them and upon them that will not be quenched, says the Lord! These are the days of visitation and revisitation and even restoration and refreshing for my people and my servants that have endured hard battles in their lives and ministries, even in some businesses, says the Lord! The Lord says, I am also dealing with dominions and thrones in this hour, yea even in this season. Some will be overthrown and torn down and yet others will be restored and raised back up from their ruins, and will contend with and destroy evil thrones and dominions that sought to topple my name and my people within the nations as you, my people, pray, says the Lord!


5-7-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section of the website) For many of you in the area of relationships, the Lord is saying get ready; for the elders will walk with you and will surround you in this season, and this will be by my hand, says the Lord! I will nudge you at certain times, and I will nudge you in some of the strangest and least expected places. Revival and church will break out among my people and the elders that I will randomly gather at the spur of the moment and it will be as church in the park or in the parking lot of a store or at random places and at random times. A fire will be stirred and released upon my people. That fire will get upon the strangers and those that are not my people, and it will touch them, and they will believe upon me and come into my Kingdom, says the Lord! I will do a new thing among you through the relationships that I am bringing around you by my hand and surrounding you with in this season, says the Lord!


5-7-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom section of the website) In this season, evil alterations are being overturned. Satanic manipulations are also being dealt a blow, which will cause many things in the lives of people to be stabilized and even set back in order. A ‘Resurfaced Foundation’ is what I am hearing from the Lord in that regards. The ‘Resurfaced Foundations’ will cause a lot of things to be smooth again. The Lord is dealing with the surface areas, as well as the things that are underneath the surface that are causing sinking and causing other things to buckle. This is something that he is doing individually, in nations, within his Church, within businesses, within cities, towns, and villages, and within society in general. The Lord is smoothing out those rough patches and those things that makes for a bit of a bumpy ride. What I just said has to be received prophetically. You must hear those things by the Spirit and receive them with your inner man to get the full understanding of it and receive the fullness of what was said.


5-6-2024 The Lord says, I will confirm what I need to confirm for you concerning your path, your life, your destiny, your roots, your thoughts, and everything that pertains to you. I do those things just to get your attention and so that you will know that I am always mindful of you.


5-5-2024 The Lord says, when a tribe is troubled, they look at it as an evil omen and a bad sign that spells calamity, but when the heavens are troubled it casts out the evil that is in it. See Revelation 12:7-9, Revelation 12:12, Revelation 13:1-4, and Isaiah 27:1.


5-4-2024 The Lord God says, watch in this season and be very prayerful. Do not let your guard down. Do not allow yourself to become complacent and stagnant, but use the light that I put within you for righteous purposes, all the more as you see the day approaching, declares the Lord!


5-3-2024 The Lord says, there are some battles that I have equipped you to fight by my power bestowed within you and upon your life, but there are also some battles that I must fight for you, because it is my fight. I destroy all evil powers that dare to challenge my power and my authority, says the Lord!


5-2-2024 The Lord says, I am exposing and overturning and overthrowing dark systems in the earth that are portals for the evil one. I am ripping things apart at the seams and dealing with those that have mocked me and my Kingdom and mocked my people. Watch the sudden surprise that I bring upon them, says the Lord!


5-1-2024 The Lord says, I will expose the systems of operations that are behind many of those things that you see in the land and all over the earth. They have said that I do not see them, but I will show them that I indeed do see them, and they will not be able to go beyond my control of what is allowed to be, says the Lord!

4-30-2024 The Lord God says, infiltrators and perpetrators will be found out in this season. I alert you by my Spirit to beware and to keep your eyes wide open to what I am revealing in this hour and season, says the Lord! 


4-29-2024 The Lord God is saying, inside facilitators! Inside facilitators! They are facilitating things from the inside. It is from the inside that they are sponsoring things and bringing in many things from the outside. The Lord says, pray against those inside facilitators and saboteurs, and pray for them to be exposed, found out, and purged. Then you will see a necessary and a needed shift, says the Lord!


4-28-2024 Sometimes it is not coming from the outside, but it is coming from the inside. The Lord says, look within. This word applies to individuals and nations, etc. Your problem is internal and is coming from the inside. I also see where this word applies to schools, colleges, universities, and county and state administrative places, systems, and buildings. The Lord is saying that there is an inside source behind it, an inside saboteur. You don’t have to look far, says the Lord!


4-27-2024 The Lord says, do not fret over anything in the earth. I am all powerful and all knowing and nothing catches me off guard or by surprise. I have authority to override and to control all things that are necessary at any given time, especially when my people pray and when I see faith and expectation in operation, says the Lord! See Luke 18:7-8.


4-26-2024 The Lord says, I have been showing you day by day what my will is for your life and the work that I have now called you to. Do not delay to believe it nor to believe me, says the Lord! There is a clock ticking in the earth, and you have entered a season where everything that I am telling you and leading you to do now in this season is time sensitive, and some things have an expiration date. You must accomplish those things swiftly as I am telling you and leading you, declares the Lord!


4-25-2024 The Lord says, watch how I move now, not later. Get in the flow of my movement, says the Lord!


4-24-2024 The Lord is saying, do not get offended at the process that you are going through and walking through in life even if you do not understand every aspect of it. There are many different components to life and to the journey that you are on, and all things will prepare you for what I have for you that will have a lasting impact and effect on your life, your purpose, and your destiny, says the Lord! Continue to trust me, and do not lose hope and sight of what I have called you to do and purposed for your life, declares the Most High God!


4-23-2024 The Lord says, I am speeding up your course and bringing you into a time of acceleration for my purposes and for my will and plan for your life. Do not let the pace overthrow you nor confuse you. It comes with my peace. The speed is for the timing of things that must connect and meet at certain points and junctures in your life. I have you right on course for these times. This is your nitro cycle, and all the right chemistry will come together for you in this season, declares the Spirit of the Living God!


4-22-2024 The Lord says, you cannot fix what you don’t know about. Seek me for answers and seek me for truth. Ask me to reveal the secrets and the mysteries that have surrounded many things in your life, and I will bring you into a time of clarity and understanding in many things so that you can move forward in peace. Ask me to remove any spiritual blindness from your life, and ask me to help you to see in your blind spot. Everyone has a blind spot and there are things in your blind spot that you need me to show you so ask me, declares the Lord!


4-21-2024 The Lord says, it is done. Take no other thought. Rest in knowing that it is already done, declares the Living God!


4-20-2024 The Lord says, as things are shifting and changing, I am catching you up in a new wind of my Spirit and a new wind of my glory that will blow you into the things that I have for you now that I will no longer allow to be delayed. This is your moment of truth, declares the Lord!


4-19-2024 The Lord God is saying, do not panic, access has been granted, and you will enter into a new realm in this season, declares the Lord!


4-18-2024 The Lord says, some of you are going into new lands trying to reap the harvest there, but the Lord is saying, you must sow into that land in order to reap the harvest there that is fully ripe. You are wanting people there to sow into you and what you are doing, but the Lord says, there is a principle that you must first sow into that land. Get before me and ask me what do I need to do and sow and invest in that land where you are planting in, says the Lord! See Genesis 24:12-14. There is an instruction today waiting on you in the presence of the Lord.


4-17-2024 The Lord God says, systems and orders are being shaken, but fear not and be not dismayed, I am in the midst of the shaking and reshaping of all things. You are my beloved and I will protect you in the midst of the shaking. Your harvest will be shaken loose in the midst of the shaking, and this will be a time of a major advancement for you, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will shake up and overturn the wrong policies that have tried to hinder, limit, and stop my people, and the sudden breakthrough will come for you. Follow the leading of my Spirit  without leaning to your own understanding and without questioning nothing, and I will plug you into some things, and I will open the right doors for you at the exact right time, and you will elevate and prosper right on time. That which I have you working on will come into the spotlight at the exact right time and will prosper you and will bless a multitude of people and humanity. For you are one that I have called to sit at tables and to bring something major to the table that will shift things in the right direction and turn things around again openly, says the Lord!


4-16-2024 The Lord is saying to the world on today, brace for impact, but he is saying to his people, I have you covered in the impact. Just trust me in the process, says the Lord!


4-15-2024 The Lord says, I called you on purpose, not only because I ordained it, but because I knew that you would obey me and make yourself available to do my will and to do things and address things that others would not touch or are afraid to touch. I have put my Spirit within you, and I have put a boldness on you that is just like me, the Lion. You are my beloved one, and I am depending on you to be my strength in the earth and a beacon to others that need to find their way, says the Lord!


4-14-2024 The Lord says, be still and know that I am God. Hold your peace, and allow me to work and to show how I can work things out as you pray. Leave those that do evil and conspire against you up to me. My reach is better and much stronger than your reach. Give me praise and honor me. Lift up my name, and I will respond on your behalf, says the Lord!


4-13-2024 The Lord says, keep on smiling knowing that I am styling up your life and brightening up your outlook. The Lord says, my blood removes the stains from your life that has tried to manipulate you and alter your path. I have kept you, and I am keeping you, declares the Lord God!


4-12-2024 The Lord says, I am sending angels to move in next door where you live and into your neighborhood to protect you where evildoers and evil infiltrators once lived to harass you and trouble you for the Kingdom of darkness. This is my season of light in your life, says the Lord!


4-11-2024 The Lord says, you will not need to compromise, but you will see how my hand will move in your favor and will recover your stolen goods and the things that they spoiled you of. The Lord says, this is your season of sudden recovery and sudden restoration, declares the Lord God of Sabaoth!


4-10-2024 The Lord says, you should not be intimidated or operating in fear. I stand above heads of all, and I can remove and deal with any that lift a hand against you for evil, so be confident in knowing that I have you covered and I have your back. I am a God of fire and judgment, says the Lord!


4-9-2024 The Lord says, my will is to do good and not evil. My will is to fix things in a right way that does not bring harm to anyone. See Acts 10:38, Jeremiah 33:6, and Jeremiah 29:11-14. My desire is that the people repent and accept me as their Lord & Savior so that I can restore, renew, and repair their lives, declares the Lord!


4-8-2024 God is saying to his people, show up, and I will show up. Meet me, and I will meet with you, says the Lord! At the point of our meeting at the appointed time, I will reveal things to you and long held secrets that you are interested in for your life that can and will shift things. This is your moment and time of a shift, and the shift will be suddenly, and it will bless you tremendously, says the Lord!


4-7-2024 The Lord is saying, come away with me. Let me put a new fragrance on you. Allow me to smear a new fragrance upon your life. You will smell my glory as it descends upon your life. The fragrance of my Spirit upon your life in this season will be fresher than blossoming flowers. It is your time to come away with me to the secret place so that you can come out smelling new and fresh and even feeling refreshed, says the Lord!


4-6-2024 The Lord says, I watch to see if you will respond to my gestures and to my nudging of my Spirit. When I see that you respond, then I will reveal more of my purpose and plans for your life. Let me see your faith, and I will demonstrate what I can and will do for you, declares the Lord!


4-5-2024 The Lord says, the way that I am guiding you is not wrong, but the way that I am taking you and the process is not for you to lean to your own understanding. I do all things well and with a strategy that will prove best in your life, says the Lord! Trust me with the part that you cannot yet see and with those parts of your life that you do not understand. I have a purpose in matters and in all things concerning your life, your purpose, and your destiny, says the Lord!


4-4-2024 The Lord says, I will steady my hand in your life, and my hand is mightily upon your life. There will be times where you will literally feel my hand being laid upon your head as I make an impartation and a deposit of my Spirit into your life that will cause you to be catapulted into another sphere, another realm, and another dimension of my power and of my glory realm as I am releasing greater measures of my power, says the Lord!


4-3-2024 The Lord says, come up higher in this season, and allow me to display in you and through you, my goodness. The people will see my goodness through your life and what I do openly for you, to you, and through you. It is a demonstration of my Spirit, says the Spirit of the Living God!


4-2-2024 The Lord says, I have cleared the path and the way for you. I am sending you forth and bringing you forth in this season. My hand is upon your life for my will, plans, and purposes for your life, and you will enter in this season in a new way, says the Lord! This is a breakthrough and break free moment in your life, declares the Lord!


4-1-2024 I hear the Lord saying, you’re not too late, you’re right on time. There is a monumental shift coming your life, and I am transforming you, says the Lord! Your passion and desires will align with my will and passion and desires for your heart, says the Lord!

3-31-2024 The Lord says, I have not brought you this far to leave you hanging, but a fuse has been lit for my glory in your life, declares the Lord! 


3-30-2024 The Lord says, I will bless you many times over than what you are expecting and believing to receive. I will astound you, says the Lord!


3-29-2024 The Lord says, peace be still in every aspect of your life. I am stepping in where things have been beyond you, says the Lord!


3-28-2024 The Lord says, breathe easy and know that I got it. You will not need to fight in this battle, says the Lord!


3-27-2024 The Lord says, I will overturn it and override it as fast as they try it. I am more in control than you think, says the Spirit of the Living God!


3-26-2024 The Lord says, factor in that I am your God and that cancels and destroys any negative plot and plan for your life. In this season, the nations will see the God factor in your life, and in the lives of my people, and in the land of my covenant people in the earth, declares the Lord!


3-25-2024 The Lord says, fear not, my hand is able to fix all. I stand at a higher order and a higher place than all things and all beings. My hand is the superior hand in all the earth, the heavens, and in the universe. I rule and reign over all, so do not fear, says the Lord!


3-24-2024 The Lord says, I am pulling down strongholds and all those things that were trying to bind you, challenge you, and overthrow my will in your life, and I will contend by fire, says the Lord! I will deal with those that have dealt subtility and wrongly with you, and they know that I am the Lord, declares the Mighty Father!


3-23-2024 The Lord says, the latter rain is what you will see in its many forms in the nations and in your life as you press into me. For my people, the latter rain will be a time of harvest, says the Lord!


3-22-2024 The Lord says, you will win as you put your trust in me. Just press on in, declares the Lord!


3-21-2024 The Lord says, the spiritual blindness is lifting off of them placed on them by the witchcraft and the deception of others. Watch how the blinders fall off of them in season, and watch how your prayers come into fruition, says the Lord!


3-20-2024 The Lord says, when they get tired of losing manpower to my judgment and to death, they will obey my voice and quit messing with my servants that I have called and chosen for this hour. Look at Psalm 2:1-12.


3-19-2024 The Lord says, keep your eyes open, and do not let your guards down in these times as I am disrupting their evil networks and evil alliances. This is their time of exposure and judgment for their wickedness, and my hand and my wrath will be heavy upon them in all areas that they occupy, declares the Mighty Lord!


3-18-2024 The Lord says, be not frustrated with the ways of the wicked, because they will be cut down before you, and my will and purpose will stand and be established in your life anyhow.


3-17-2024 The Lord God is saying, I will turn your captivity in this season by my strong right hand, and I will make you strong against your enemies in this season, and you will see my strength in your life perpetually, declares the Lord!


3-16-2024 The Lord says, there are two shifts. There is the shift that the devil and the people of the world have planned, and then there is the shift that I have planned that is unrelated to their shift. My shift will trump all, and it is related to my purposes and my plans, says the Lord!


3-15-2024 The Lord says, deliverance comes in layers, but in this season the kind of deliverance that I am bringing into your life will be permanent and will give you a lifetime testimony, declares the Lord!


3-14-2024 The Lord says, stand in the gap versus judging about things that you have no knowledge and you do not know the facts of the merits concerning. As you stand in the gap in faith, then I can shift that thing to work favorably to everyone that is involved, says the Lord!


3-13-2024 The Lord is saying, a fire has already been released. See Luke 12:49.


3-12-2024 The Lord is exposing evil and betrayal in the high places in two areas; 1) When it comes to their own citizens, and 2) When it comes to allies of other nations. He is also exposing the deception and the lies. He is going to expose who exactly is really running certain nations behind the scenes, but they are using figure heads and a proxy that is taking orders from them and being used to implement their policies and ideologies. In the days ahead, things will become very clear and as things begin to unravel quickly, then it will cause a big stir in that nation, and in those nations. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken, and he has revealed his intentions and the intents of others.


3-11-2024 The Lord is saying, I will speak to you in the wee hours of the night if you are willing to listen. I will speak to you in the middle of the day if you are willing to listen to what I have to say. I will speak to you any time of the night and day if you make yourself available to me and steal away with me, and make time for me to speak to you and to impart wisdom and more of my Spirit into you. My strength is also released to you during your times of fellowship with me, and that strength will take you the distance, says the Lord!


3-10-2024 The Lord says, a lot of things and problems that you have faced in your life is because of your roots and what is at the roots and foundations in your family and bloodline. In this season, I am taking you through a process where I am shinning a light on your roots and at the foundation of things so that you can be whole, healed and so that things can be fixed in your life permanently. This season of your life is all about the undoing and the untying of the wicked in your life where they had you tied up by their crafts and many things that you were not aware of even though you love me, says the Lord! The cords of evil, the cords of affliction, and the bands of wickedness will be loosed in your life as you cry out to me like Jabez and the blind man did, says the Lord! Trouble came from the foundations, and you were tied at the roots, but I will untie you, says the Lord!


3-9-2024 The Lord is saying, as I move throughout the nations, the territories, the states, the prefectures, the provinces, the villages, the towns, the cities, and even the hallowed grounds they will see my glory, but they will also see my strength and they will acknowledge my might as I overturn and shake up some things as I pass through them. I will move through every nation, and my highness will be on full display, says the Spirit of the Living God, the Most High God!


3-9-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section of the Website) They did many things to you out of pure evil, wickedness, and spite, but the Lord is saying he will judge them for you and on your behalf, because they did it in Satan’s name. Yet some of them did it in his name, and it became a reproach to you and the Kingdom of God, so the Lord says for that very reason I will pass through and deal with them accordingly, and I will pass out rewards that they were not looking for at all, because they handled my servants the wrong way, says the Spirit of the Lord!


3-9-2024 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom section of the website) As the Lord God pass through the nations, man has planned one thing out of wickedness and evil, but the Lord will upset them and destroy the evildoers with their plans. The Lord is very angry at the wicked and the corrupters in the nations that have vowed that others will have no peace in the land, and he is planning a big upset that will catch the evildoers and the satanists by surprise and by fire. In this season, the nations will tremble greatly at his presence and many will seek to know the Lord, because of his hand of judgment that will be upon them. They will want to know how to get things turned around for them and their respective nations, but things will run their course for a season. As it comes to the earth and Israel, the Lord is saying, I know what I said and I know what I have promised my servant Abraham concerning Israel and the apple of my eyes, and he that will touch them will not go unpunished, but I will make a spectacle of them openly and publicly and I will not allow another betrayal to come forth, says the Lord! I will deal with the nations because of them and concerning them, says the Spirit of the Lord, Yahweh!


3-8-2024 The Lord says, they crossed the border, but what you did not see spiritually is what came along with them. Pray my people, pray, and I will reveal and expose what came across the borders spiritually that the naked and natural eyes could not see. I will stop their nefarious intentions, says the Lord of Hosts!


3-7-2024 The Lord says, the tide that is coming will shake the nations, but it will shape my people for something greater that I have laid up for them. This season will bring in strange and unusual good and large harvests by my hand, says the Lord!


3-6-2024 The Lord God says, they have an inside source facilitating their illegal and aggressive requests, but in this season, I am bringing exposure to secret operatives and their nefarious and malicious intentions that have been recorded in Heaven and in the earth, declares the Lord God!


3-5-2024 The Lord says, be calm and be cool and don’t be no fool, and do not do anything hastily or make decisions rashly, but be led of my Spirit in all things, and you will be safe, declares the Lord!


3-4-2024 The Lord says, you will see my hand strengthening you in this season, but determine to stay the course that I put you on, declares the Lord God!


3-3-2024 The Lord says, I am your God from the womb even when you did not know me. Now I am drawing you closer to me for you to know me in a more intimate way that you have not known me in times past. Receive my hand that is pulling you into the greater I have for you now, says the Lord!


3-2-2024 The Lord says, it is to your own advantage to change up your routines and habits so that the enemy cannot be able to predict your every move and thought. This is a season that requires you to be wiser and to seek me for the right strategy for your life, says the Lord!


3-1-2024 The Lord says, March will bring a shakeup and a transformation in the land and within the nations, but I will be in the midst thereof, and I will preserve my plan, declares the Lord!

2-29-2024 The Lord says, they imagined one thing for you, but my plan is totally different for your life. The plan that I have for your life is sealed and secured, says the Lord! I fight against all of those that fight against my plans for your life and render a blow to them that will never be forgotten, says the Lord! See Isaiah 41:11-12, Isaiah 49:22-26, mainly Verse 25, Psalm 89:22-24, Isaiah 54:14-15, and Psalm 27:1-2. 


2-28-2024 The Lord of Hosts is saying, that Babylonian system will collapse, so don’t put all your trust in it, but put all of your trust in me and keep it there, says the Lord! Isaiah 57:12-13 & Ezekiel 18:1-24.


2-27-2024 The Lord says, the power of my right hand will continue to uphold you and steady your life. Yea, I will even cause you to prosper and to prevail over those your adversaries and win. I have not forgotten you, and I will give you victory, says the Spirit of the Living God!


2-26-2024 The Lord says, an airstrike in a particular nation is going to ruffle some feathers and cause a ripple effect to roll through many nations, because it is going to be a sensitive issue that opens a pandora box to some things. (So we must pray.)


2-25-2024 The Lord God says, close off all corridors to evil in your life as your part, and I will do the rest on my part to seal things up so that you will continue to overcome, conquer, triumph and fare well.


2-24-2024 The Lord says, shine a light and be the bright light that I have called you to be so that you will shift nations or things in the nation where you live for good. My boldness will be upon you, says the Lord!


2-23-2024 The Lord says, the latter rain of my glory will fall mightily upon the earth and upon your life even in the midst of what you see. I am able to do more than one thing at a time, says the Lord!


2-22-2024 The Lord God says, you have nothing to fear as long as you are doing what I instructed you to do and following my commands. I have your environment secured by my angelic hosts that have been assigned and deployed to protect you and to fight for you, declares the Lord!


2-21-2024 The Lord is showing you his power in this season. He is showing you what he can do if you trust him. In this season, he is showing you his mighty and wonderful works. It won’t be by your hand in this season, but it will be by the hand of the Lord! The Lord says, you will see my glory in your story.


2-20-2024 The Lord says, I called you as a watchman on the wall. You are not to be blind, ignorant, and in the dark about many things as everyone else, but I called you to see many things and to know things that many others cannot see, understand, know, or comprehend. Your job is to open up the blinded eyes and alert them to the truth as my faithful watchman on the wall in addition to those other things that I have called you to do, says the Lord! Continue to watch, says the Lord, and I will reveal and show you many more things, declares the Lord!


2-19-2024 The Lord says, take the time to clear your mind so that you can focus and hear me in a new way, because I have many things to tell you and to yet show you. This is a season of my revealing the truth to you and giving you information, says the Lord!


2-18-2024 The Lord says, I am teaching you how to deactivate some things in this season that have sought to destroy, disrupt, and delay your life. Follow the instructions and the patterns that I am showing you and revealing to you, says the Lord!


2-17-2024 The Lord says, all is not lost for you as some would hope, but I have your ram in the bush to crown you king as your opponents fail in their planned next move. I will cause you to jump them before they jump you. All of your moves in life have been carefully planned by me so therefore you cannot lose, says the Lord! The Lord would also say further, in this season, I am washing the nations, and I am throwing out the dirty bath water as I clean them from their filth, declares the Most High God!


2-16-2024 The Lord says, my purpose for you goes beyond just your life, but there is a multitude that is plugged into you and your destiny. I will teach you to look at things in the realm of the spirit, and then you will see things and see life differently, says the Lord! See Isaiah 60:22.


2-15-2024 The Lord says, allow me to cleanse the corruption of your soul that has caused you to falter. Allow me to set a new course for your life that will be pleasant in the end. This is your moment to recalibrate some things with my help that will once again bring you a lasting testimony, says the Lord!


2-14-2024 The Lord says, do not draw back, but go full steam ahead with my plan for your life and for those things that I have shown you. This is a season where I will connect the dots for you, and you will not have to struggle to keep up with the flow of how I am taking things and how I am bringing things in. A new provision has been released for you to come to you in a new way that is out of the reach of enemy forces trying to thwart my plans and my will in your life, says the Spirit of the Lord!


2-13-2024 The Lord says, don’t never get tired. I intend for you to win every fight. That is why I keep strengthening you, says the Lord!


2-12-2024 The Lord says, hold the line and don’t fear; for my plan will stop the enemy from his onward advances. I have dispatched angels to reinforce the ranks, says the Lord!


2-11-2024 The Lord says, it is difficult for you to combat certain things when you don’t know what is fighting you, but in this season, I am going to open your eyes to what is actually fighting you and the source of those things fighting you and my people. The Lord says, it has been a very well-coordinated and a well-orchestrated effort against you, but I will overthrow it and terminate their assignment against you and my people, declares the Lord! The Lord says, I have already infiltrated their ranks for my purposes, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against my people, says the Lord God!


2-10-2024 The Lord God says, be patient through whatever you are walking through and allow my process of perfection to work in your life in all areas. Do not let the current circumstances deter you from following me and following that which is good; for there is a sure reward in the end for you if you do, says the Lord!


2-9-2024 The Lord says, refuse to let your fire go out. A fire that has been put out can be rekindled again and start back up, and a fire that is stubborn and refuses to go out is a fire that I am in that I intend for it to spread rapidly onto others. The Lord says, let your fire spread to others contagiously so that others around you will catch on fire with my Spirit and my glory!


2-8-2024 The Lord says, do not entertain all kinds of strange, evil, and erroneous doctrines that only leads to confusion, but keep your hearts and mind pure and free from things designed to cause you harm.


2-7-2024 The Lord says, a lot of things have lost its context and have gotten away from its righteous foundation and core, but this is a season where I am restoring those righteous foundations and that righteous core. You will see a lot of righteous folks and caring people that have my heart come forth in this hour in this dark world, but my light will be seen and displayed in them as a bright beacon of hope, and they will make a difference, says the Lord!


2-6-2024 The Lord God says, prepare your heart before me and put away any perverse ways that displeases me, and I will cleanse you so that you can be purged for my use, the Master’s use. I will send you out to the nations and to a people that will come to me and will call upon my name. I will use you in unusual ways, and I will use you to reach a people that others have said in times past are unreachable, says the Lord!


2-5-2024 I heard the Lord say, “clean sweep” of the evil in the high places that has sought to create their own dynasty and overthrow my will, purposes, and plans in the nations. I am coming through clearing the land suddenly like a bulldozer, and the idols will be thrown down, says the Lord! See Isaiah 2:8 & 18-21 and Ezekiel 6:6.


2-4-2024 The Lord says, do not seek to pick up every mantle as my people have so done in times past, because some mantles are tainted, contaminated, and represents judgment that I placed upon them. Only those mantles that I have redeemed of such nature are safe to pick up. Some people in their quest for power and demonstration have picked up mantles that I was retiring because they were stained and tainted, and as a result such ones continued in the same evil patterns and evil cycles that had been attached to that mantle, which was that of a perverse spirit in which it had become. It was no longer the same mantle that I had imparted to them in the beginning and at the first, but it became a mantle of sin as they began to dance with the devil. At that point I revoked what I had given them on the original mantle, and those ones began to carry something different on a mantle that was now of the enemy. Those I purify I purifies and those I redeem, I redeem, and what once was sometimes in life does not always be and continue, says the Lord!


2-3-2024 The Lord says, I am keeping you and sustaining you even when you don’t see or think that I am sustaining you and keeping you, says the Lord! I watch over my word to sustain it in your life, and this is just the beginning of how you will see my good hand towards you during these days and times, says the Lord God!


2-2-2024 The Lord says, you do not need to discuss your personal business and the details of your life and plans with anybody else, but hold them in your heart. Be led of my Spirit as I process you through the things that I need you to walk through in order to get to what I have for you, says the Lord!


2-1-2024 The Lord says, this is a month for you to blossom in an environment that may seem like unfertile soil, but the soil that I see and have planted you in is very fertile for you, says the Lord! Your growth and development will be key this month as I shift you into some new things that will take you up instead of the enemy taking you out. Structures that have tried to trap you, control you, contain you, and box you in will collapse in this season as I break you out of what tried to box you up. You will be able to breathe again and not fret, says the Lord! The Lord would say further, the nations that are caught off guard by those things that are coming are the ones that haven’t been listening to nor receiving the prophets, nor their words, as I have spoken through them, says the Lord! The Lord says, even now I am destroying the voices of confusion that is among you that sought to overthrow my voice to try to stop my plans from going forth in the earth and among my people. I will put a clear distinction between what is my voice and who is speaking for me and those ones planted by the enemy to cause confusion and to lead you astray and lead you away from my will, declares the Lord!

1-31-2024 The Lord says, the double is coming your way, and it cannot be stopped as you see double blessings and the double-double for your troubles. Many of you will receive a double portion in spite of what you see in the world, and in spite of what is coming on the world scene. I am able to bless you mightily in spite of the smokescreens and the world distractions, says the Lord! 


1-30-2024 The Lord God says, you are the people that I have called and chosen, and I stand over you jealousy to guard you and to protect you.


1-30-2024 The Lord would say further to many of you that speak for him and on his behalf, the more they try to stop your voice and say that you don’t know what you are talking about or seek to discredit you and say that you are not a prophet, the more that I will confirm what you say and let none of your words fall to the ground as I did with Samuel and with my other prophets that I ordained in the earth for set times, seasons, and generations in time. I know what I called you to do and to speak on my behalf, and I know who you are and I know you by name, says the Lord! You are mine. You are my chosen and beloved, and I will defend you and back you up and those that contend with you will have me to contend with and they are contending with a fire that will consume them, says the Lord! Woe be unto anyone that gets in the way of what I am doing in this hour in your life, says the Lord! Keep on being faithful and boldly speaking my words that are as a fire and a hammer that breaks the rock into pieces, says the Lord God!


1-29-2024 The Lord is saying, success and a great testimony is coming out of your situation.


1-28-2024 The Lord says, a taste of my goodness can set you free from some of the most aggravating things. This is your season to see my goodness, says the Lord!


1-27-2024 The Lord says, you will not be put to shame and you will not go down. It is not about what your enemies want, but it is about my will and my will in your life will stand, says the Lord!


1-26-2024 The Lord says, I will execute judgment upon the wicked in this world in the likes they have never seen, because of all the evil and wickedness that they have done behind the scenes and openly and have forced on people, including some of my own people in some nations. Then they will know and see that I am the Lord, the Judge of the whole earth, declares the Sovereign Lord!


1-25-2024 The Lord says, the false will not be able to stand my judgment in this season and hour, but my indignation will be poured out in due time. My plan is to sustain and maintain what I have ordained and selected, says the Lord!


1-24-2024 The Lord says, through the shakings, they will come to know me. Many already want to know me, but their governments have made it hard for them to get to know and to worship me, because of their rituals and customs of the land, but I am intervening and changing all of that, says the Lord! See Matthew 24:14, Isaiah 2:17-21, Haggai 2:6-9, and Hebrews 12:24-29. Even leaders will seek me and want to know who I am, says the Lord! See Isaiah 55:6-9.


1-23-2024 The Lord says, no lie and no false accusation and no false allegation against you will stand; for I will vindicate you and prove all evildoers set against you to be liars, declares the Lord!


1-22-2024 The Lord says, if you fix it at the foundation, everything else will stand. When there is evil at the foundation it must be destroyed for things to work. The Lord says, I am removing and destroying all evil at the foundations of people, the nations, within families, and in marriages that has caused many to stumble at things they know not of nor understand. The Lord is saying, I will cause a righteous foundation to return and to be rebuilt and reestablished in the land, in families, in marriages, in businesses, and in churches.


1-21-2024 The Lord says, the giants and the obstacles in the land are being rapidly removed out of your way in the beginning of this New Year so that every word that I spoke over your life will come to pass starting this year.


1-20-2024 The Lord says, these are times that you have to hear me by the Spirit, and you have to hear my true voice, because not everyone claiming to speak for me are actually speaking for me. I will teach you how to judge all things by the Spirit and how to discern what is of me and what is not of me. Anything that bear my name is not self-centered and self-focused, but those that have my true heart seeks only to do my will and to glorify me and not to take my credit and glorify themselves in my name. I will put a difference between the two in this season. Then you will know who is really about my business and who is about their own business and using my name in what they are doing, marketing, pushing, promoting, exalting, and selling, says the Lord! This is an hour where I am shaking all of those things to the core and the foundation. Anything that is not of me and of a den of thieves will be broken to pieces, and what is of me will outlast those things, endure, and stand the test of time, says the Lord!


1-19-2024 The Lord God says, your way forward is never to look backwards. You won’t go backwards if you never look back, says the Lord! Lot’s wife perished in the land, because looked back. She never got to where she was going, because her focus was on looking backwards, says the Lord! See Luke 17:32 and Luke 9:62.


1-18-2024 The Lord says, they are busy trying to protect the wrong things. They are busy trying to protect evil and trying to protect their evil ways, evil systems, evil practices, and evil people in my Churches, in governments, and in nations. For that reason, I will visit them, says the Lord, and they will not escape, says the God of Vengeance!


1-17-2024 The Lord God says, this is your moment to pull pass the debris and those things that have wasted precious time in your life. This is a season where I am now showing you the blueprint, the map, the way, and the path forward so that you will know where you are going. The Lord says, I am also removing blockages, hindrances, and stumbling blocks from your path, and those things that have tried to bind you and lock you will be no more.


1-16-2024 The Lord says, I am revealing key details to you in this season, because it is time for a necessary shift and transition to something greater.


1-15-2024 The Lord God says, when I have poured out my favor upon you, it will bring all things together. Know that I have poured out my favor upon you, and all things are coming together and will work together for your good, says the Lord!


1-14-2024 The Lord says, you must stay focused and not be distracted, because you are crossing a defining point in this season that I have ordained for your life.


1-13-2024 The Lord says, there is a crown laid up for you when you complete the race and finish strong. Do not quit or give up before your time and before you cross the finish line. Ask me for strength if you are feeling weary, and I will strengthen you, but this is not the time to give up and to get weary, says the Lord! See Isaiah 40:28-29, Isaiah 26:4, Psalm 29:11, Psalm 28:7-8, Revelation 3:8-11, and Luke 22:31-32.


1-12-2024 The Lord God says, you can’t always just blindly defend everyone in life just because you know them or know of them, because you don’t know what they are into in secret or in private. Allow me to be the judge and to expose the secrets of men’s hearts in due time, says the Lord! See Romans 2:14-16, Hebrews 4:12-13, 1 Corinthians 14:24-25.


1-11-2024 (Aspects of a World War 3 Dream) In this dream, I was taken up far above the earth to see what was happening on the earth. I could suddenly see areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and various places in United States, but in the dream, there was a greater emphasis over a part of The Middle East and the Horn of Africa. I could that the United States had entered this war on many different fronts, and I could see where many African Nations were also allied with the United States in that region. I could see that many Asian nations had already joined this war and that some were initially trying to remain neutral and balance relationships with the two main sides and power brokers in this global war, but then those neutral nations came up under sudden attack by missiles in an attempt to force them into the war so that they could no longer remain neutral. Literally almost every nation was being pulled into this world war on one side or the other. Then suddenly I was shifted to a military base in a particularly state in the United States and a shopping center that was around it that was being used as a spot that was deploying soldiers and recruits to war spots all over the world. That same spot was also being used as a spot that was receiving the remains of dead soldiers that was being returned from the war. This spot was like a command post and it was being heavily guarded by law enforcement that was working hand in hand with military officials like a depot of some sort. I then was able to overhear a conversation that many officials were having concerning the death toll from this global war, and the American public were being told that the United States had lost 3 million troops so far, but when I looked at a paper I could see that the death toll was actually much higher and it was at 30 million and a draft was in full effect and they were taking as many volunteers as possible to fight in this global war. I could see that Somalia was aligned with the United States and had lost 3,000 troops so far, but I could see that many other African nations had lost about 30,000 troops each. A lot of the figures for a certain side were in patterns of 3’s, and it appeared that the United States had lost a lot of manpower, but the population of the United States was a lot more people than it is now and that was being reported. However, I saw where some other world powers had lost even more soldiers than the United States. European Nations had lost a lot of troops in the millions too, but I could see some other global superpowers that had lost more than the United States, and one particular Asian nation had lost 66 million soldiers alone. I won’t name that nation right now due to some sensitive purposes, but I could tell that this war had been going on for many years and though it was bad in the Middle East, parts of Asia, parts of Africa, and vast parts of the European theater, there were still some parts of other nations that were not hit or touched by the war. I did see certain Asian nations and European nations that were completely destroyed at this point. African nations were heavily involved in this war and some on opposite sides, but it was like widescale they were not affected damage wise like some of the Middle Eastern, Asian, and European nations. The United States had a whole lot of troops on their side, and some of the numbers don’t add up to what you see now, and it could have been from the migrant influx that had also joined the military in the United States, but they had a very large army, and their commitments around the world were very great in helping allies on multiple fronts. I could tell that this was another aspect of the war dreams that I had posted publicly before about this global war coming, but it was from a different angle. I don’t know a time frame as to when this would happen, but I can see some of the alignments of some of the nations already in place and some of the key actors have certain key or strategic aspects in place. I do know the seriousness and the track records of my prophetic dreams even since a child and I have seen many come to pass just as it was shown to me, but this one dream and some of the scenes that I never hope comes to pass ever. With these kinds of revelations and dreams, we must pray for the effects of what I was shown and what I heard to be minimized as much as possible where it is possible. If we pray, sometimes the Lord can change some things or minimize them or in some cases, stop them altogether. See Amos 7:1-8 and 2 Chronicles 7:12-15 as examples of how the Lord can shift things if we pray. See also Matthew 24:21-22, Isaiah 1:9, and Romans 9:29. However, there are some things that I know for sure that are going to come anyhow, because it is locked in stone prophecy, but the effects and the magnitude of what is coming can be minimized greatly if we prayer, but if people do not pray, then it will manifest full circle like as it was shown to me or the parts that I heard. We are also required of God to pray for the next generation and the people of the future if these things are further out than these immediate times. Some of the high levels of casualties that I saw in this dream were because of new and advanced weapons, new technology, artificial intelligence, and because of the wickedness in the hearts and minds of men that have no regards for any human lives whatsoever. The Lord sometimes terrifies his apostles, prophets, master prophets, prophetesses, people, dreamers, seers, and visionaries in their dreams and visions of those things to come. Read Job 7:13-14, Isaiah 21:1-17, mainly Verses 2 & 15, Daniel 7:13-15, Daniel 7:28, Daniel 8:26-27, 1 Samuel 3:11-15, and Genesis 15:1 & 12-21 which are some perfect examples of that found in those Scriptures.


1-10-2024 The Lord says, I am plugging the leak in this season, and all things will be fixed in this season in your life. You will have my value written all upon you as I redress you and even reclothe you for a greater purpose that I have for you now, says the Lord! You will be retooled for my greater purpose and plan for your life now, says the Lord!


1-9-2024 The Lord God says, I command authority and respect as I pass through the land and roll through the nations to get the attention of mankind. I will convince them to turn away from their idols and to fear me. I have my way in things and the things that I do, and I have a purpose in all things that I do or that I allow to come, says the Lord! There is a hidden purpose in all things, says the Lord!


1-8-2024 The Lord says, I am able to do several different things at the same time or all at once. I can bring a sword and bring judgment in the land at the same time that I can be healing and bringing blessings and rewards to my people that have served me faithfully, says the Lord! Do not think for one minute that I have forgotten you, says the Lord!


1-7-2024 The Lord says, the rivers are pouring. They are pouring my oil. They are pouring my refreshing. They are even pouring my presence upon the weak and the weary. Do not give up says the Lord, but continue to press and to dig in; for I have many good things in store for you as you press in and press on, says the Lord!


1-6-2024 The Lord says, you will receive; just be patient in the process. Trust me to do a new thing in your life, says the Lord!


1-5-2024 The Lord says, 2024 will reward you greatly. Some of you will be rewarded double for the trouble, the struggle, and the fight that you had to go through and endure. You will be given double because your affliction was double, says the Lord!


1-4-2024 The Lord says, you must be very patient in the process as I am working it out for you. Don’t get in a hurry, and don’t get in a rush to the point that you mess things up, but allow my steady hand to go forth and guide you into my plans and not your own plans, says the Lord!


1-3-2024 The Lord says, my strength is greater than all of their power combined. I give you my strength to deal with them and to tread those evil serpents and scorpions under your feet, says the Lord! Look at Luke 10:17-20.


1-2-2024 The Lord says, they cannot tear down what I have raised up lest they become weak in their knees and fall down and faint. I am too powerful for them to contend with me, says the Strong Lord!


1-1-2024 The Lord says, your day, your season, your hour of victory is here, and will break every negative pattern and cycle in your life that has tried to rob you of what I have for you. Follow my Spirit, flow with my Spirit, and allow me to direct your steps this year, and I will lead you into the place of harvest that I have for you. You will not be disappointed this year, says the Lord! The Lord says, you will need to do things with a steady hand in this season as I guide you and direct you. I will show you how to handle and how to resolve matters that you had no knowledge of how to do before now. The Lord says, that knowledge is now released unto you.