Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2019 Archives

12-31-2019 The Lord says, you can be slow to believe those things that I am telling you and showing you and calling to your attention, even those things that I am speaking to you by my prophets, or you can choose to believe right away and enter an accelerated season of seeing those things spoken over your life come to pass in a quick manner in this season. The choice is yours, but now is the time for you to choose. All things will go according to my plans if you cooperate with my Spirit, says the Lord! 12-30-2019 The Lord says, this is not the hour for you to fear what you see, but this is the hour to be bold and to make bold moves to help to usher the finest things of this hour of my Kingdom. 12-29-2019 The Lord says, breakthrough is not just something that is coming, but breakthrough is here now if you can perceive it and believe it to receive it. Access is granted to the ones that believe, says the Lord! 12-28-2019 The Lord says, the thing that I am working on in your life is the thing that has been ignored for a very long time by you and by others, and in this season I am bringing all things to a conclusion so you can move forward with your life, says the Lord! 12-27-2019 The Lord says, don’t forbear and don’t back up, but when I tell you to do something, be sure to follow through with it. When you do so in obedience, then you will see the windows of Heaven open up for you. Your blessings are on the other side of your obedience to my voice and to my leading, and where I guide I provides, says the Lord! 12-26-2019 The Lord says, there is no problem that is bigger than the God you serve. I have your back, says the Lord! 12-25-2019 The Lord says, victory is yours and it is in sight for you. Stop waiting for it to manifest in the New Year and receive it now, says the Spirit of the Living God! 12-24-2019 The Lord says, the season will declare it that my hand is upon you. I have created your life to bear fruit and indeed you will be fruitful as you look pass the things that have sought to hinder you and confuse you, and yet there is no confusion in me. The Lord says, the things that have long troubled you are coming to an end. Only keep your heart pure, and you will see me arise for you in significant ways, says the Lord! 12-23-2019 The Lord says, this is a season for you to realize what I have placed within you, and recognize your place in the Kingdom; for there is a seat for you at my table, and I have purposed your life for such a time as this. This is your time and year to make a new mark on the places that I will send you. I have glorious things planned for your life and I will work in you and through you to accomplish my goals and to do great things in the earth. Your voice will not be silenced in this season, because I have placed a mandate on your life that must and will be fulfilled, declares the Lord! 12-22-2019 The Lord says, you will be able to break forth out a situation that has long held you captive and stifled your progression. In this season you will see a new light and see things in a new way and will be led forth by my powerful right hand into a place of victory. Now things will look up for you, declares the Lord! 12-21-2019 The Lord says, in 2020 you will have plenty. In 2020 you will not be empty. In 2020, I will fill the longing of your soul with my Spirit and with my goodness. In 2020 you will see my glory and my favor upon your life in a new way that you have never experienced before, and I will bring my presence upon your life in a way that you have not seen. The end result in 2020 is the blessings will be many, declares the Lord your God! 12-20-2019 The Lord says, don’t follow the crowd, but follow my path for your life. Many people in the crowd in these days are taking the wrong path, but those that are led by my Spirit will avoid the snare and the temptations, says the Lord! 12-19-2019 The Lord says, sometimes it may take years for you to see the fruit of your labors come to fruition, but do not stop or give up in the midst of the cultivation process. The harvest is only there to reap when you continue the planting process in totality. What will come up after years of faithful planting is something that you can be proud of, because my signature will be on it, says the Lord! 12-18-2019 The Lord says, there are many things out there to distract you, but stay focused on me, on the prize, and on the mission, purpose, and assignment for your life. There are many great things at hand for you, says the Lord! 12-17-2019 The Lord says, you are called up and not called to go down. If for a season that it looks like things are not looking up for you and they appear to look like they are going down, it is only because I am changing your direction and re-ordering your steps. Fear not the sudden changes says the Lord, because I will work them all out for your good so you can truly get what I have for you, declares the Lord! 12-16-2019 The Lord says, the time for you to choose and do something differently has come. When you see the old has not worked for you, it is because I have a different system that is operating now that requires a different response and action from you. It is your choice to see what I am doing and to ‘be in the know’ and ‘in the now’ of what I am doing at this time. Truly I am doing a new thing in your life, says the Lord! 12-15-2019 The Lord says, the time has come for the end of every enemy to fall that has tried to stop me and my plans in your life. Watch how I work things in this season. I will puta sudden end to everything that has been troubling you; for you are my chosen one and my beloved one, says the Lord! 12-14-2019 The Lord says, your turning is not near, it is here already. Watch the fulfillment of many things that I promised you be fulfilled in this hour, declares the Lord! 12-13-2019 The Lord says, I have major things planned for you, and you will see them begin to unfold before your very eyes. I have reserved many things for you for this season, and they will now be released, says the Lord! 12-12-2019 The Lord God says, your time of being stagnate and stalled is over. Moreover, I the Lord, Jehovah, says it is over. I have called you to subdue all those things that has had a stranglehold on your life. You are set free this day to go forward, says the Lord! 12-11-2019 The Lord says, it’s okay. It has been necessary for you to pass through this season to gain knowledge and experience for the next season that I am about to take you into. You have been being prepared for that which you know not of, because you haven’t experienced it yet, but my hand is with you, so do not fear. I am there and I am near, says the Lord! 12-10-2019 The Lord says, set not your mind on things that are called to distract you and attack you, but continue to set your mind on me and set your affection on things above. It is when your focus is right and on the right things and placed upon me again that your plight in life will work itself out, and things will take a turn for the better in your life. Sometimes the enemy will do all that he can to make you think that I am not with you, but indeed you will see that I remain with you as long as you remain with me and trust me. Know that I have always declared the end from the beginning and everything that you are up against is already a rigged fight and a fixed fight, and I have set it up for you to win. Let your faith dominate your circumstances in this season. Do all things by your faith. It is your faith that access my grace, and by my grace and through your faith you will see many wonderful things triggered in your life, declares the Lord! 12-9-2019 The Lord says, my reach is longer and greater than man can stop. Rest assured that no man can stop the length and the strength of my reach, says the Lord! 12-8-2019 The Lord says, you will do the same things in life over and over again until you learn to take hold of the heavenly vision that I have given to you. When you take hold of that which I have shown you and set before your life, then you will see a shift and a lift that will not be stifled or reversed as you walk with me, says God! 12-7-2019 The Lord says, your portion is my portion, and you have a sure inheritance in me. I have hidden things for you from the eyes of others and have secured them just for you. There are some things that others cannot access but you, because I have chosen you to bless you with the portion that I have laid up for you. 12-6-2019 The Lord says, the favor that I have put has no expiration date, so continue to walk in it. 12-5-2019 The Wisdom of God says, give things some time and they will heal. Do not allow the little things of life to trouble your spirit, but be more open to what my Spirit can do for you in the midst of those things. Do not over magnify the problem by making it to appear bigger than what it is, but be one that aligns with my Spirit that will bring you the solutions to fix all those issues in your life that seem hard or troubling to you. There is no problem greater than my ability to fix them. Worship me and serve me without distraction, and you will see all those things worked out over time, declares the Lord! 12-5-2019 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) Relationships that I did not put together find themselves shattering and in tatters, but those relationships that I have put together and ordained find themselves holding like glue, because I am the glue that holds both the fabric and the foundations together, says the Lord! Those that put their trust in me will not be dis appointed. I have the power to hold all things up and hold all things together says the Lord when people put their unwavering trust in me above circumstances and the opinions of others. Just know that I am able to do what others cannot do and to do what is beyond your measure. I am the Lord, declares Father God! 12-4-2019 The Lord says, epidemic, pandemic, or dis asters, there is no power greater than my power, and my hand is able to remedy all those things when a people earnestly cry out to me and call upon my name. I have all power in Heaven and in earth, declares Almighty God! See Matthew 28:18 and Psalm 110:3. 12-4-2019 (Reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the Website) The Lord says, there is another level of my glory available and waiting as my people cry out unto me. I am waiting to respond and reveal myself in new ways that they have never seen before since the beginning of time and the beginning of creation to this point and time, declares the Lord! Read Isaiah 42:16 and Isaiah 48:6-7. 12-3-2019 The Lord says, sometimes it is not about looking at what you think you need, but looking at what you have at your disposal, and in doing that you will find your answer. Look at 2 Kings 4:1-7. You have your answer at your disposal right now, says the Lord God! What you have is sufficient to get started under my direction, says the Lord! See Isaiah 55:1-3 and Isaiah 1:19. 12-2-2019 The Lord says, you better watch how the wind blow in this season, because not all winds are blowing confusion and destruction in the atmosphere, but some winds are blowing positive change, healing, and restoration. 12-1-2019 The Lord says, this is a season that you will learn to bridge the gap and gain access to things that were kept hidden from you for a very long time. In gap bridging season, you will see a way to the other side of things where you were once kept locked in a narrow place that seems to keep you from moving forward and progressing. This is your breakthrough season, declares Father God! 11-30-2019 The Lord God says, I will right your direction in this season and reroute your steps in this season and cause you to arrive in the place that I need you to be in, says the Lord! 11-29-2019 The Lord says, if you would open your heart you will see the areas where you have been unbendable and not flexible in your relationships of life where it really matters the most. If you will allow me to shake you again to awaken you and allow me to correct you and your view, then you will gain my heart on things and you will see how to love and dwell properly in life with others that are important pieces of my puzzle and greater plan for your life, says the Lord! 11-28-2019 The Lord says, there is no mountain too high or too big in your life that I am not able to take down if you trust and believe that I am able to do all things, even for you. 11-27-2019 The Lord says, get ready for the Thanksgiving miracle. I have a big surprise for some, and you will see my glory show up for you in new ways that will astound you. You will be astonished at what I will do, says God! 11-26-2019 The Lord says, your destiny has been sealed in me, and as long as you continue to walk with me and press into me no matter how weary and tough it gets along the way, I will not forsake you or abandon you. Some life lessons may be harder than others, but I use all things to develop the muscle of faith and even my character in you, even those things that the enemy tries to bring against you. Your whole life won’t be as hard as the things you had to walk through, but there is a rest in me that you have yet to enter into here upon the earth. See Hebrews 4:1-11, Matthew 11:28-30, Isaiah 10:27, Nahum 1:12-13, and Zephaniah 3:14-20. Many people defer hope year after year after year by looking forward to a New Year to bring them blessings, joy, and peace, and they leave off living for the right now moment and how I am trying to move in their lives right now, but you are not to be like them. They have a ‘one day’ mentality wherein they are always saying that one day I will experience this or that, but they do not see what I am doing right now in their lives, but I am a God of all seasons, and I take care of my people all year long and make ways for people that believe me every day. I am just looking for you to have faith and believe so that your faith can access those things that I have for you right now and not just ‘one day,’ or ‘someday.’ I am a right now God, declares the Lord! See Psalm 46:1. 11-25-2019 Then Lord says, anything is possible with me, even those things that your enemy did not think was possible. 11-24-2019 The Lord says, keep seeking and you shall find me, and you will find what I have for you. Precious pearls and very valuable gems are often hid from your site, but you have to dig for them and search them out. Are you willing to seek and search out what I have for you? When you search it out like the honor of a king, you will find what you are looking for, declares the Lord! 11-23-2019 The Lord says, I am calling you to a deeper place with me in this season. Come into my secret place and discover the secrets that you have longed to know. Come away with me and allow me to refresh you in that place with me. I have a new impartation to make in your life that will shift and change everything that you once thought you knew. I have new things that are awaiting you in my presence, says God! 11-22-2019 The Lord says, the ‘Sure Things’ are the things that I have already handled for your life, and if you walk with me you will catch up with those things that are sure and are already prepared for you. 11-22-2019 A Word of Knowledge; There is someone, particularly a lady, that everyone that you marry or date seems to always die on you, young and older ones, and it has put a fear in your heart to love and to get close to any new people, but today the Lord has mercy upon you and he is breaking that curse from over your life and that spirit of death will have no more dominion over your life relationships. There has been an emptiness there and no one for you to really talk to about those things and people that you get close to always seems to leave your life and to turn on you and you have allowed those circumstances to make you bitter instead of better, but today the Lord will touch your heart and you will feel the warmth of his love and his anointing melting away all that inner hurt and pain that have spanned for over two to three decades. This day you will get a fresh start and a new lease on life in your freedom through Christ. In spite of all that you have done and been through, the Lord still have love for you daughter. I heard the Lord say, today is your day of liberation, in Jesus name, so be it! 11-21-2019 The Lord says, you can’t eat from every dinner table that is spread before you, but you must be selective what you eat, where you eat, and when you eat to avoid any possible snares. 11-20-2019 The Lord says, do not grow weary in the process, but have faith in the process, and know that I am working all things together for your good, declares the Lord! 11-19-2019 The Lord says, when your foundation is sure, it don’t matter what tries to shake them. You will always be secure when your foundation is found to be in me, says the Lord! Read Hebrews 12:22-29, 1 Corinthians 3:9-21, and 2 Timothy 2:19. 11-18-2019 The Lord says, at midnight and in times of darkness is when your anointing and the light in you shines the most and the best. In this season, you will see just how much you are that light in the darkness of this world. They will seek you out for wisdom and answers and a sense of direction to know where they are going. They see me when they see your light, and they hear me when I speak through you, declares the Lord! 11-17-2019 The Lord says, where you start at is not where you will end at, so do not allow what you currently see dictate your future and what you presently do. 11-16-2019 The Lord says, every dream in you that the enemy has tried to kill within you I will multiply them many times over and give you an even greater passion to pursue them. Nothing that I have planted inside of you will be allowed to be killed; for my plans will stand over and above all else, says the Lord! 11-15-2019 The Lord says, you might not have asked for the experiences of life that you had or even some of the things that you had suffered, but though you had them does not count out my plans for your life and how I intend to even bring a wisdom out of all those things that will help someone else to process through their life situations a little better than you experienced. Do not take for granted that I am in all things even though I don’t cause all things, and I have a plan and a purpose for everything that you have gone through, and I still hold the power to turn around for you in your life everything that the enemy meant for evil to harm you, to hurt you, and to destroy you. Watch for my blessing and watch for my turnaround, says the Lord! 11-14-2019 The Lord says, they took turns talking about you. They took turns mocking you. They took turns persecuting you. They took turns scheming and plotting against you. They took turns stalking you. They took turns researching and investigating you. They took turns laughing at you, but in this season the Lord says all of the laughing and mocking will stop, and I will turn every scheme and every plot around on those that are plotting and scheming. The Lord says, I will turn things around for you in this season, and I will cause my grace on your life to shine as a bright radiant light. The Investigative Curious Research Season; in this season God has been putting it in your heart to research many things and to dig a little deeper into things. You know that there is more to things than what you have been told, and you know that many things have been hid from you and covered up, but the Lord says, in this season I will cause you to discover and uncover the missing link and the missing pieces of the puzzle and the mystery that has been hidden from you. I have put it in your heart to dig far beyond what you were planning, and as a result you will uncover those gem stones and those golden nuggets that you have been longing for, but brace yourself too, because in your quest for this knowledge you will see some things that you were not ready to see, but it was necessary for you to see, says the Lord! Look at Luke 12:2, Matthew 10:26, and then see 1 Corinthians 4:5. 11-13-2019 The Lord says, this is the season of my overturning. I will now begin the process of tearing down and overthrowing every evil altar and demonic entity that has set itself up against my covenant plans. There will even be a great shaking in the land in many nations among the politicians, and I will remove those that are set on resisting my covenant plans and taking their nations backwards. Watch me move and watch how swiftly I will work. My glittering sword has been released, declares the Lord! 11-12-2019 The Lord says, your life is not over, but the best is right in front of you. Just because you made a few bad decisions and wrong turns along the way does not mean that your destiny is canceled out and aborted, because I am still able to correct your path in going forward as you call on me with a humble heart, declares the Lord! 11-11-2019 The Lord says, your best days have not yet come and have not been realized yet, but what I have in front of you is much better than what was behind you and what you had to come through to get to where you are now and where you are heading. 11-10-2019 The Lord says, you were born to outlast the fight and the fight has no power to get the best of you, because I have given you power over the fight, and winning is in your blood. 11-9-2019 The Lord says, I am expanding your mind and your thought capacity so that you can think bigger to receive the bigger things that I have for you, because as long as you are still thinking too small you cannot receive those larger things that I have for you. In this season you are undergoing a mind transformation, says the Lord! 11-8-2019 Sometimes it gets colder before it gets warmer and sometimes it gets hotter before it gets cooler. The fact is that seasons do change and just like temperatures change frequently and rapidly, so does the seasons of life, so the Lord says yes be flexible, but do not be up and down like unstable weather patterns. Know that I am God in all the various seasons of your life, and I can make it rain when I need it to rain for you, and I can hold back the rain when it is for your own good and safety. Trust me in all seasons and know that I am he that is directing the various seasons of your life and I know where you need to be and what you need to be doing in any given season and at various times in your life. Trust me, and trust my path, says the Spirit of the Living God! 11-7-2019 The Lord says, stand up under the pressure, and you will soon see the crown of your rewards. 11-6-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you don’t know what is right in front of you, but I will reveal it to you if you would get in my face and seek me. 11-5-2019 Some of you are in a season wherein you are being forced to upgrade. You have been trying to hold onto the old, but the Lord says, I have something new for you, and you are not going to be able to continue on that old thing and on that old system. In this season of upgrades, you will have access to new things and new technologies that will enhance what you are called to do and will help you to move forward in those things that I have shown you and told you about in times past. It may seem like it is a little cost upfront to upgrade, but what you are going to get for your obedience to do so is going to be priceless, and what appears to look like a temporary financial setback will be a lifelong setup, because it costs to go up, declares the Lord! 11-4-2019 The Lord says, sometimes things cannot shift without your words. You are hoping that they get it and you are hoping that situation just changes on its own, but it is your words spoken into the atmosphere and spoken into that situation that is going to make the different. It is your words that are going to shift things, shake things, and position things. You are an atmosphere and environment shifter, says the Lord, and the words to change things are in your mouth, so use them, declares the Lord! Read Proverbs 18:20-21. 11-3-2019 The Lord says, show up for battle and I will do the rest and give you the victory. The enemy has no idea that I am fighting for you, and I will see to it that you get the victory, even swiftly, says the Lord! 11-2-2019 The Lord says, your purpose and your assignment will connect in this season and destiny will come together as you press into me and stay in my face. In that secret place I will give you the strategy to move forward with precision. This is your season of launch, says the Lord! 11-1-2019 The Lord says, their fight against you will be exposed, and I will turn the fightback around on them and put them on the defensive, declares the Lord! 10-31-2019 The Lord says, look beyond what you can see in the natural and see your future through my greatness. I will never leave you or forsake you, but I have intended for you to grow in me and become that spiritual giant that I have always intended for you to be. Look no further for things that do not satisfy, but let my love come in and satisfy all those inner longings. It is not in man, but it is in me, says the Lord! 10-30-2019 The Lord says, as things in the world seems to look like it is coming unhinged, know that my Kingdom is steadily arising and getting stronger by the day. Do not be misled by all the bad news, because I am still good in the midst of the darkness, and I am still doing great things in spite of bad news, says the Lord! 10-29-2019 The Lord says, there will be many changes in the land, but I will be the one that is doing the shaking. They will say, ‘This cannot affect us, but they will be the very target of my wrath, says the Lord! I have seen the evil and the jostling back and forth, but what they did not know is that I would be the referee and the Judge presiding over those matters, and I will rule in favor of the righteous, and I will rule against evil and wickedness and will bring those evil structures down, and I will exalt my Kingdom and I will exalt my king whom I have chosen and whom my hand is with, says the Lord God! See Psalm 89:19-24 and then also Isaiah 32:1-20. 10-28-2019 The Lord says, my sword is in the land and I will go through and march through cleaning up things that have been long time corrupted. The nations will see my glory and my hand will be heavy upon the nations as I purge the filth and the mess that have hid and embedded themselves in systems and said no one will notice me, so I can do my works in the darkness, but I will pull back the curtains and I will pull the covers off the most elite of them. The masses will say, ‘Who then can we trust,’ because they will see a side of things that they never seen before and had never imagined. Watch me as I walk through the land and as I change and rearrange many nations, declares the Lord! 10-27-2019 The Lord says, your victory comes by not staying down when you fall, but your victory comes by refusing to stay down and getting back up and pressing towards the mark. I am going to take you up a little further in this season so I have been putting things in place and preparing you for that. 10-26-2019 The Lord says, your destiny is coming into perspective in this season. Do not fear the shift, but prepare yourself for the lift that I am releasing in your life now in this season. (From the time that a prophet of God releases a word it has permission to come to pass anytime from the moment it is spoken or somewhere out in the future.) 10-25-2019 The Lord says, don’t trip out, just have faith that I got it, and this one is on me. I’ve seen your faith in operation, and I see that you are believing me and you are trying to make it happen, but I will handle this one for you. Besides, it is above your head, says God! 10-24-2019 The Lord says, get ready for the windfall that I am sending your way. It will lift you up out of that dry spell that you were in, says the Lord! 10-23-2019 The Lord says, work with those that are willing to work with you and don’t be difficult to the point that you block what I am trying to build and establish in your life by the means that I bring your way. Sometimes I use strange processes to get my will done in the earth and in your life, but those ways that I choose will always pan out in the end, as long as you play your role and let me do my part in bringing things all together, says God! 10-22-2019 The Lord says, sometimes people lose their spot in life because they get impatient or they get overly anxious for something and don’t wait on my timing and they end up doing something to get themselves out of my will. It is not my will for people to lose their spot that I have allotted for them, then I have to replace them. I had to replace Saul the first King of Israel with David, because he was disobedient. Queen Vashti was replaced with Queen Esther, because she did not answer the call when the King called, and that was symbolic of my calling. I have called many people, but not all answer my call and therefore only few are chosen, and those are the ones that answer my call when I, The King, calls them. Judas had to be replaced when he fell by transgression. Over time I have had to replace many people. I also came as the last Adam to replace the first man Adam that fell into sin in the Garden of Eden. It is not my highest wish for people to have to be replaced in life, but not everyone has a heart to obey me and to do my will when I summons them and task them with an assignment, but my will and my purposes must go on, because there are too many lives at stake and too many souls hanging in the balance. Now is not the time for you to be dull of hearing or hard of hearing, but hear my will, hear my call, says the Lord! This is the hour where all things are at hand and is moving at the speed of light in an accelerated season, and I am looking for those that will have faith and that will obey me at all cost, declares the Lord! Will you be that one to answer when I the King calls, says God! 10-21-2019 The Lord says, what you choose to focus on determines the direction of your life. It is now time that you focus on what I created you for instead of the lusts of your flesh and your earthly desires. 10-20-2019 The Lord says, focus on the key things that I showed or told you, and you’ll see great success in those avenues. Don’t venture out into something that I did not show you or tell you to do. Stick with what is proven, which is my known will and the last thing that I told you and showed you to do, and you will see the windows of Heaven open up over you and all of the right doors will open before you, says the Lord! 10-19-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you don’t see things the first time, so you have to go and look again, and then you will see what you did not see before. See 1 Kings 18:42-45. 10-18-2019 The Lord says, don’t keep wondering, but keep on watching for me daily at the gates to see my wonderful hand and my mighty works in the earth, declares the Lord! See Proverbs 8:34-36 and Psalm 107:21-31. 10-17-2019 The Lord says, I got a handle on the times and I see their crimes, and they won’t get away with nothing that they have sought to do to harm you and destroy your life. I am taking note and I am watching, says the Lord! Put your trust in me and not in a biased system of failure, says the Lord! 10-16-2019 The Lord says, your break is here; open your eyes and see it. 10-15-2019 You will feel the shaking, but the enemy will do the trembling, says the Lord! When I shake them, you will know it and see it, but there will no harm come to you, but those that are your enemies are also known in the land as ‘The Adversaries of the Lord.’ It is those ones that will see my indignation and feel my wrath, says God! Read Psalm 37:17-20 and Psalm 21:1-13. 10-14-2019 The Lord says, there are certain seasons where you are to stay put and not run to and fro, but be still and know that I am God and watch me work. It is at those times that you see my hand at work in your life, says the Lord! 10-13-2019 The Lord says, stay anchored in me, and do not let the enemy convince otherwise, because his motive is to steal the blessing that I have ordained for your life. As you follow me, I will open your eyes to see his snares and to see the plot against you, so that you can overcome it swiftly, says the Lord! 10-12-2019 The Lord says, this is not a season for you to be weary in your intercession and praying for others, but I need you to stay on that wall of intercession, because your prayers have power and they cause me to intervene in situations to turn them in a different direction, says the Lord! 10-11-2019 The Lord says, I am bringing that thing within reach for you, and that which was out of reach and unthinkable at one point will now be made possible for you and brought within your reach, says the Lord! (I also see a drop in the price of key technologies so that you can have what you need in order to fulfill the vision that the Lord has given to you.)10-11-2019 (Prophetic Insight and Perspectives) The invasion of parts of Syria by Turkey to fight against the Kurds is much deeper than it appears to the naked eyes. The leader of Turkey sees most of those lands there in Syria and in Iraq as their lands, and they used to be a part of the Ottoman Empire, and wants to reclaim those lands, so he frequently order cross border attacks in Iraq, Syria, and fights with the Greece side of Cyprus, because of the lands lost at the end of World War One from the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Whereas the Kurds have always been in those lands and in those mountainous regions of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran for a long time and have been able to survive many different empires that have taken over that same territory for many centuries. The Kurds have ties all the way back to King Solomon of Israel. That is why modern day Israel stands with them and so strongly condemns Turkey’s attack against them. China also has plans to reclaim what they see as their territory in the South China Sea when they were a part of previous empires and dynasties, so they lay claim to Taiwan and many other waters, lands, and Islands that they see as their sovereign territory from past dynasties and empires, and the leader of China speak as if he lived in those eras and has come back now to reclaim what was stolen from ancient Chinese empires such as the Tang Empire, Sui Dynasty, the Han Empire, etc. Russia invaded Crimea to take it back and parts of Eastern Ukraine, because they see that as part of the old Soviet Union and has a vision to rebuild it, so it was contentious to see Ukraine trying to align with the European Union permanently. If you look at the European Union, it is a new version of a revived Roman Empire. All of these key latter day leaders have a spirit in them to revive the past and rule the world. The world has always had to deal with conquerors, empires, pirates, and dynasties. The United States of America is no different. It was formed by fighting wars to take lands from the Indians, Mexico and the Spanish, the French, and many other key folks over time. Every nation in the world would like to revive the past and relive the past to some degree. That is the reason for a lot of wars. All wars can be traced back to who are going to control certain lands and waterways, and the oil, gas, minerals, and other resources on the land and under the land and under the seas, but all wars are always disguised in life as being about something else when it is not. They are about controlling wealth, people, land, and resources. The News Media, music, and movies are used as a source to control the minds of the people that they want to conquer, because any conqueror knows that they have to control the minds of the people if they are going to control their lands, the wealth, and the resources. Some of you need to study the history of empires and nations in order to see what is currently going on. 10-10-2019 The Lord says, don’t focus so much on the problem as you do the solution. The solution will come when you correctly identify what the actual real problem really is, and an honest mind given some honest thought will see the answers, says the Lord! 10-9-2019 The Lord says, smooth stones and a sling worked perfectly fine for David, but you need to come to me for your strategy on how to take down your own giants in your life. I have a unique strategy for every individual that seeks me for the blueprint of their life, says the Lord! 10-8-2019 The Lord says, avoid strange places in this season. Avoid going places where they can try to pick you to get precious information from you about what I am doing in your life that I did not ordain for you to tell them. This is a season for you to be careful what you release out of your mouth and do not speak things out loud or to others prematurely to avoid a mess of opposition that could actually hinder what I am endeavoring to do in your life in this season and at this time. 10-7-2019 The Lord says, because your destiny is great, I won’t allow the enemy to hate you beyond a measure that you are not able to bear or accept. My hand is upon your life, says the Lord! 10-6-2019 The Lord says, your victory is assured as you press forward in me. I guarantee my soldiers to win when they are aligned with me, because I do not lose and I win all battles, says the Lord! 10-5-2019 The Lord says, don’t be shy about what I called you to be and to do, but do be very selective about who you share intimate details with about your assignment. You only share those things with the ones that I am calling to walk with and stand with you, says the Lord! 10-4-2019 The Lord says, nations that rejoice in other nations’ calamities will soon have plenty of calamities of their own to deal with. Then he said, some, not all, but some nations that are not embroiled in chaos and internal conflicts were ones that celebrated and rejoiced in other nation’s downfalls. The Lord says, it is not wise for nations or individuals to rejoice in other people’s or nations downfalls and calamities. See Obadiah 1:12-17 and Zechariah 1:15. Even what is going on in many nations with the works of evildoers and evil plotters, the Lord has shown me that he has plans to punish them and openly for their doings. The Lord then said that many things would turn around for some nations when they get back to their covenant roots and align with Israel and the promise of Jerusalem. See Isaiah 66:10-24. The Lord said that many nations were being destroyed from within, because they came against Jerusalem and against Israel and they are out of alignment with the nation that is set to bring blessings to their lands and to their nations. Then he showed me several nations in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Then the Lord said, I will deal with the internal dysfunctions with Israel and many other nations. Then he said some of the political attacks that came against certain of the leaders of some nations were allowed for them to not be haughty, but to humble themselves before him and get back to a place of sincere prayer, faith, and trusting in him, and seeking to please him more than seeking to appease man or their constituents. The Lord says, once they do that and make that turn, I will cause the trouble to turn away from them suddenly, because I see and know their hearts, and it is to please me, because I made their hearts tender towards me, says the Lord! 10-4-2019 (Reposted from the Prayer Watches section on 10-4-2019) The Lord says, I have many eyes and many ears stationed throughout the earth that are beholding the evil and the good, but I still need you to stand on the wall and watch and stand in the gap and make up a hedge and pray concerning those things that are being revealed and made known unto you by my Spirit and by my faithful servants, says the Lord! 10-3-2019 The Lord says, I need you to focus even when things don’ look right. Don’t be misled or dismayed at the sight of your eyes, but allow my Spirit to come in and takeover and give you peace where trouble and weariness of flesh had tried to creep in. I am batting for you and the fight is not over, but I am setting you up to get a homerun when you least expect it, says the Lord! Know that I have taken all things into consideration, and I have already gone before you, says the Lord! 10-2-2019 The Lord says, I am coming in like a breaker wave, and I will bring down every evil system that I did not create and that is not like me. Woe to the unrighteous that has tried to frame the righteous to stop my plans. My plans will not be hindered any longer, says the Lord! I have a swift surprise that is coming and it will take the nations by surprise, and it will set many things in order. Take note, says the Lord; for I will be doing many things and corrupt and evil systems will fall and fail, and the wicked that have held power and secretly controlled power structures will come down suddenly and for them unexpectedly, because they thought they had it sewed up, but I will cause there to be fractures in their foundations and the cracks will appear. Be not deceived says the Lord, the foundations will shake, and things will begin to crumble left and right. There has been an evil spirit flowing through all nations and the rod of pride has budded and has puffed itself up and has vaunted itself at me and my righteous ones, but I will march through the land like a wild man, and I will cut down everything that I did not construct or build. Demonic altars will come down violently and thrones of iniquity shall fall at my presence as I now lift myself up to march through the nations. My enemies will be surprised and all those that have mocked me and have mocked my name openly and before others will soon be struck through, says the Lord! Believe me when I said I was holding my peace, but now I will not no more says the Lord! This will be a time of the march of my fury, says the Lord, and I will avenge the blood of my servants that have been slaughtered in the broad daylight and in the night. I heard the cries of the innocent and I heard the cries of the babies, and I heard the cries of the righteous, and I saw the attitude of those that had no remorse and because of it I will begin to violently shake prominent nations that once thought they were untouchable, but they will now see my might and the wrath that I held back for this time and the treasures of hail that were reserved against the day of the great battle, declares the Lord God Almighty! I have said that vengeance is mine says the Lord, and yes indeed, vengeance is in my heart and there is a two-edged sword in my hand, and you will see, all eyes will see, how I will repay in my fury. No flesh will glory in my presence and all hands will be faint, and the hearts of the haughty will be humbled, says the Lord! See Exodus 15:3, Isaiah 42:12-15, Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 63:1-6, Jeremiah 50:34, Job 34:24-30, Isaiah 8:9, Psalm 110:5-6, Psalm 12:5, Psalm 9:4-10, Psalm 9:17, Isaiah 13:3-14, Amos 9:5-12, Nahum 1:1-15, Joel 2:1-14, Obadiah 1:10-21, Proverbs 21:30-31, Job 38:22-23, Jeremiah 50:22-25, and Jeremiah 51:1-16. 10-2-2019 (Prophetic Insight and Perspectives) Divided into Two; The Lord said to me, ‘A lot of people don’t see or understand what is going on. In many things you will see that there is a dividing line that has everything divided into two. In many nations you will see there are two opposing sides or forces. Let’s start with Israel, because a lot of what you see in Israel affects all nations to some degree and it is like they are a preview of things to come in the nations. To this day, Israelis don’t fully understand why they had to go to the polls twice in one year to vote before the New Year of 5780 and Rosh Hashanah began, but they are marked for a sign. Twice you have had two elections that ended in a deadlock between two major rival parties, Likud and the Blue and White party, and both party leaders first name is Benjamin. The leader of the Blue and White Party is Benjamin Benny Gantz and the current Prime Minister and leader of the Likud Party is Benjamin Netanyahu. This is a clear sign of the season of the two. In the UK, you have the conservatives’ party and the Labour Party battling it out over Brexit, which is a form of division to split from the EU. In the United States, you have the Democrats battling against the Republicans. You see division in Hong Kong, which is a division in China. It is a battle between two things; communism and democracy. There is divisions in Venezuela, Syria, Romania, and pretty much every nation on earth that has led to massive protests or in some cases war and civil war like in Yemen, Libya, and other places. You see South Korea split with Japan over trade and World War Two issues. You see the UK is splitting with the European Union. You see separatists and/or terrorists in Chad, Nigeria, Somalia, Niger, and many other African nations that wants to create a separate State. You see the Farc rebels in Colombia taking up arms again. You those two rival forces in South American countries. You see it in Europe. In the UK, the United States, Romania, and Israel, you see opposition forces actively trying to remove a sitting Prime Minister or President. You see divisions in the politics, in governments, in the courts, in the households, marriages, and families. You see it in everything, even between the righteous and the wicked, darkness and light, evil versus good, and many other areas. These are times of separation and dividing lines in the season of the two. Pay attention to things. You even see it in the churches and between pastors and key leaders. Keep your eyes opened. This is a part of that latter day shaking in the earth where the real is being divided from the fake and the sheep are being divided from the goats. That applies to nations and people. 10-1-2019 The Lord says, the things that are coming should not catch you by surprise, but the things that are now coming were spoken of in advance by my prophets. The enemy will deceive himself into even thinking that he is winning only to expose himself and all the many plots, but the enemy that you see will fall in a bad way and my will shall stand even in the midst of what appears to be utter chaos and mass confusion, says the Lord! 9-30-2019 The Lord says, let nothing overshadow the dreams that I gave you and the plans that I have for your life, because there is gold at the end of that path for you if you make it to the end. 9-29-2019 The Lord says, don’t be frightened by nothing you see in the earth or in politics. I am still in control, and I will yet clean up some things that have lingered for far too long, and I am not yet done in the nations, says the Lord! 9-28-2019 The Lord says, if you find yourself in a different place with me in this season it is because I am supernaturally intervening in your walk with me, and I have been giving you thoughts and a new mindset to see things differently and to see me differently. Open your eyes to an unlimited realm of possibilities that I am setting before you. Know that I have taken fear out of your heart for this season, so you can obey me in peace, says the Lord! 9-28-2019 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website from 9-28-2019) The Lord says, the people that walk around you in this season will be the people that I place there. I will intervene in your relationships to place my choices for you in your life for the sake of purpose and destiny. I will be cutting and I will be adding, says the Lord! If it seems as if certain people’s hearts are harden towards you, just know that I was the same one that hardened the heart of Pharaoh for a purpose, but for no harm to you. You are to trust me in this season. I am doing certain things in order to protect you and to expose a hidden enemy that was lying in wait for you, even for your very soul, but my hand is upon you and your life is covered and protected, declares the Lord! 9-27-2019 The Lord says, shoulder the storm; for I am with you. I will not let you be battered and beat up, and I won’t let you go down, says the Lord, but I am there to pick you and watch you win. I am not a Father like those earthly life relationships that may have dis appointed you in the past. I am not like that spouse that may have abandoned you and left you. I am not like those people that talk about you and watch you as you suffer. I am not like that at all, but I am the healer. I am the restorer. I am the repairer of the breach, and I am able to heal and to stitch up all those wounds and mend all those broken places of your life, says the Lord! You are well loved by me. You are still loved by me, says the Lord, and in this season I will send my latter rain in your life and bring you into a time of speedy restoration, declares the Lord Jehovah! 9-26-2019 The Lord says, I will flatten opposition before you. Just keep believing, says the Lord! 9-25-2019 The Lord says, in order to have the victory, treat it like a mountain and speak to it. Treat it like a giant and use your stone to take it down. Treat it like a boisterous and rough sea, and say ‘peace be still’ to it, and it will calm down for you, says the Lord! 9-24-2019 The Lord says, many of you have been in a long season of what appeared to be like a standoff. It appeared that you were locked in a standoff for a while with something or someone over matters, but the Lord says I am bringing that season of a standoff to an end, and you will fulfill your destiny unhindered. Some things were meant to embarrass you and to cause you grief, but the Lord says I am now turning the tides in this season and you will go forward and I will cause iniquity to hush its mouth or else I will pull the covers off of them, declares the Lord! Look at Job 5:8-16 and then Psalm 107:41-43. 9-23-2019 The Lord says, persevere and walk through, and you will come to that which I have for you that will bless you in tremendous ways in the days ahead. My hand is on you, and you will discover how I have been guiding you and leading you the whole time to get you into my purpose that I have for you and that which I have created and designed you for. This is not the time for you to give up and to get weak, says the Lord! 9-22-2019 The Lord says, I am going to give you access to a new realm and expose you to things that you did not have any access or exposure to before. Congratulations, you just entered into a new realm of learning and me broadening your horizon and increasing your knowledge base, declares the Lord! 9-21-2019 The Lord says, your portion is me and with me comes everything. 9-20-2019 The Lord says, in that secret place and in that lonely place you learn discipline. I have ordained for you to be in the season where you are now, and there is a lesson for you to learn in that place. You cannot transition before the time if you have not picked up on those things that I intend for you to know and to receive. In this place, I have ordained for you to have that inner peace even while things are not quite worked out around you as of yet as you would have desired them to be. You are being trained to master the fruit of patience in this season. You are being trained in endurance and you are learning to persevere. All of those things are necessary for you to survive and to help others in the days ahead. Even now some of the things that you have learned can and will be implemented as necessary. The Lord says, do not fret yourself, or get in a rush. Do not be anxious for nothing, but allow me to set the course so that you can finish the race strong and robust as you prepare for the next one. I am going to use everything that you have been through over the last 7 to 14 years even 21 to 28 years for some of you. You were being trained all of that time in how to interact with a group of people that you would meet out in the future that has my heart and mind and will be where you once were. Be encouraged says the Lord, because I am framing your path for your future, declares the Lord! 9-19-2019 The Lord says, don’t let no man, no person, no situation, or absolutely nothing move you away from your steadfastness in me, but stay the course strongly. Stay in the race, and stay rooted and grounded in me, says He whose eyes are red like a flame of fire! 9-18-2019 The Lord says, my glory is not at all standing still, but it is on the move, and you will see with your own eyes that the latter day glory will be much greater than anything of the former days. My latter day glory will be much, much greater, and I am pouring it out now, says the Lord! Watch the music, watch the songs, watch the dance moves, watch the youth and the elders, and watch how I glorify myself in them and magnify myself through them. You will see a different picture in this hour that you never could have imagined that it would be that way, declares the Lord! 9-17-2019 The Lord says, you keep looking for me to move, but you have not seen how I am already moving. You say, ‘Yeah but I need the confirmation, I need to see confirmation,’ but I say to you, trust me even though you may not have seen the confirmation yet. Know that I am stirring hearts, and I am moving in the minds of people. You need not fear, you will see some manifestation before the end of the year. I can turn things around quickly and turn things to work in your favor, declares the Lord! 9-16-2019 The Lord says, don’t fret yourself because of evildoers, but wait on me, says the Lord! Wait and watch for my response and allow me to step into that situation that has been trying to trouble you and vex your life. I have a plan that is greater than yours if you just wait on me and trust me, says the Lord! Wait on me and don’t move without me, says the Lord! 9-15-2019 The Lord says, I have cleaned you up and polished you for such a time as this. Your life was created to impact the nations and the destinies of many. Look to me for the roadmap and the blueprint in going forward, says God! 9-14-2019 The Lord says, this is the season of my overflow, and I will overflow in nations, and I will overflow in judgment on the wicked, but I will overflow with my goodness to those that are righteous and innocent. They are the ones that will see my goodness and they will see the abundance of all good things and the overflowing of when I cause their cups to run over with blessings as my goodness and mercy follow them all the days of their lives. Look at Isaiah 28:2, Isaiah 28:17-22, Ezekiel 13:10-14, Nahum 1:2-8, Ezekiel 38:17-23, then Verse 22, Isaiah 27:1, Revelation 12:12, Daniel 9:21-27, Matthew 24:14-15, Now shift to Psalm 23:5, Psalm 68:9-12, Ezekiel 34:26-28, Psalm 72:6-7, and Luke 6:38. I see a double edged sword in the hand of the Lord. On one side he is using it to cut the wicked, but on the other side of it, he is using it to cut away the things that are used to bind his people and to cut loose the blessing for his people that the enemy and the wicked has held back and has tried to hold up. That double edge sword that I see has a twofold purpose. The wicked are on one side of it and the righteous are on the other side of it, and it is used to defend and protect the righteous and to judge the wicked goats in the earth that is also mixed in with his body. See Matthew 25:31-46. The two judgments that are coming will be the one in his church to clean up the wolves and those tares. See 1 Peter 4:17-19 and Matthew 13:24-30. The second is the judgment of the world. Isaiah 26:9-21 and the Book of Revelation parallels this. In the first 3 books, he mainly focuses on speaking to the Churches and the rest of Revelations, he pretty much deals with warning the world, judging the world, judging the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet, and judging Babylon and the woman sitting upon the scarlet colored beast. His judgments are to bring down an Antichrist system and evil systems of the end of the world to usher in his millennial reign and Kingdom. 9-13-2019 The Prince of Peace is coming in your midst, and he is coming to smooth things out. Many things that has been out of order in your life he is setting in order. The Lord says, I am putting my finger on those things that has caused friction in your life, even unbearable friction, and I will cause a parameter to be set around you to expand you from where you are but to protect you and safeguard you from the reach of the enemy. Come into my ark of safety. I have placed a hedge of protection around you, but I still need you to come further into a safe place with me so that you will be shielded from the many things to come and prosper in a way that is not common to man. I will prosper you in my presence and as you spend time with me. I will shield you from the danger and put a golden scepter in your hand that will cut away the enemy’s plans to rob you and to bring you down. I, the Lord, have a plan to catapult you into a place of promotion that is greater than anything that the enemy could ever dream of stopping you. I am your portion, says the Lord! 9-13-2019 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website from 9-13-2019) The Lord says, don’t mix yourself with the impure, and don’t put your name in the same category as the unclean; for I have set you apart. They don’t fear me so you cannot mingle with them, but my fear is in your heart to the point that you can’t stand those that are evil and that mock my glory and mock my ways. I will put a shield between you and the unclean, and you will be known as my set apart ones, and there will be an obvious distinction between you and them; for I have set you apart for my glory, says the Lord! 9-12-2019 The Lord says, don’t let things shock you in this season, because I am setting many things in order and pulling back the covers to expose things and an order in the earth and in my church that is not right. I have warned for a while, but it went unheeded, and they did not choose to fear me, so in this season I will shake some things up suddenly and the mighty shaking of my hand shall be mighty in many places as I set some things back in order and tear some things down that has been out of my order as I re-establish my order among my people, in the church, and in the nations, says the Lord! 9-11-2019 I hear the words, ‘Unfolding hands and unfolding plans.’ The Lord says, look into my unfolding hands, and I will show you my unfolding plans and battle strategies for this next season which is right around the corner and is soon upon you. This is the season that I will unfold my plans to you for the season ahead, so you can fight with a victory, declares the Lord! 9-10-2019 The Lord says, trust in me is your only stronghold. Your refuge is in me and not in the world, says God! 9-9-2019 The Lord says, you will see many things happening all over the earth, but there is no need to fear what you see, but have respect unto me and serve me and seek me, and I will cover and protect you in all those things that you see. I determine to be good to you in spite of whatever is going on around you, says the Lord! 9-8-2019 The Lord says, how things may appear in the earth is not how they really are, but if you will stay in my presence, stay in my Word, and stay in my face, you will see things how I intend for you to see them through my eyes and from a much higher perspective, declares the Spirit of the Living God! 9-8-2019 (Prophetic Insights and Perspectives) This End-Time Apostolic Army and Prophetic Company, the Righteous Remnant will not be complete without the righteous prophetic and apostolic women and even the prophetic babies from joining the ranks. God will not allow the voices of his righteous ones, and the prophetic women and apostolic mothers and even the prophetic children to be stifled or to be silenced anymore. They are a necessary part of this End-Time move of the Lord in the earth, in the church, in the houses of God. They have a very valuable and very important portion to bring to the table and to contribute to the Body of Christ. This is a time and a season for a mighty move of God in the earth, in his Church, and among his people. 9-7-2019 The Lord says, you have to know that I am able even when it don’t look like I am able. Oh I’m able says the Lord, but do you know that I am able? I AM THAT I AM, says the Lord and I AM ABLE, declares the Spirit of the Living God! 9-7-2019 (Prophetic Insights and Perspectives) The Lord has shown me there are many events that are coming in this world. You won’t be able to ride off of someone else’s coattail and righteousness, and they won’t be able to ride off of yours, but every person will be delivered by their own track record of righteousness before the Lord. He then gave me Ezekiel 14:12-23, because lands and nations will be tested in this hour. 9-6-2019 The Lord says, my will is my will, and my will won’t change. Either you are onboard with my will, and you will line up with my will, or face the wrath of being out of order and out of alignment for your Kingdom assignment. My will is my will, says the Lord! 9-5-2019 The Lord says, extend your hand and I will render healing unto you. Extend your heart and it too will be healed of those things that seems to break it and dis appoint it. There is healing in my hands and refuge under the shadow of my wings for you; only reach for it, says the Lord! 9-4-2019 The Lord says, if you would just look around at all of the circumstances around you, then you would see your purpose and how I planted you to help others and to make a huge difference in the lives of others. Take a second look at things, and you will see that I have you right where I want you for this season where you and your gifts will be needed to help other people to rebuild, be restored, and to be healed and delivered from the things they fear. Your counseling gift will be needed where you are in this season, declares the Lord! 9-3-2019 The Lord says, I don’t expect you to operate in fear, but I expect you to trust me by faith and follow my leading wherever I am in the midst feeding. You will find yourself in some strange places in the days ahead that will be my will and my leading, but you will see the purpose of those things as it unfolds and I shift you into my destiny on a much greater level and on a much greater platform, because you have the answers they need, says the Lord! 9-2-2019 The Lord says, I have never left you and I won’t leave you now, and I won’t leave you stranded or abandoned. My love is there for you even now, says the Lord! 9-1-2019 The Lord says, don’t fear these times, but smile in these times, have faith in these times, pray in these times, witness for me in these times, obey my voice in these times, follow my leading in these times and do not follow after the wrong spirit in these times of those that have fallen away. I am able to uphold you and keep you if you would just follow after me with your whole heart and obey me in all things, says the Lord! 8-31-2019 The Lord says, as I am coming up in the midst, acknowledge my presence, and acknowledge my might, and you will see my glory in a way that you have never seen nor experienced before. You will see how I shield you and protect you even in the midst of what you think is more than you can bear, says God! 8-30-2019 The Lord says, a gift with no character leads to destruction. Allow my character to be formed in you so that the gifts that you have can be administered right and administered with and by my Spirit and not by your own flesh, says the Lord! 8-29-2019 The Lord says, when the standards and the stakes are high, then it may require you to go above and beyond the call of duty at times just to make things run smoothly, but there is always a reward that comes to those in life that makes the greater sacrifice. 8-29-2019 (Prophetic Insight and Perspectives) There will be four main things that will affect things in the earth in the days ahead from weather patterns to wars to weird things happening in various places and in the atmosphere; 1) The judgements of God. 2) The working of Satan, that old devil. 3) Problems that are manmade and 4) The works of terrorists working across borders to sabotage things. Each of these will blame the other, or one or more will be assigned blame for what is happening. 8-28-2019 The Lord says, look at things from a different angle and a different perspective. Then try it from that different angle in which I am showing it to you and you will get a different result. 8-27-2019 The Lord says, let it be a lesson to you that I am able to move in multiple ways in your life to get my will accomplished and to bless you and take care of you. 8-26-2019 The Lord says, there is no problem in your life that is too hard for me to solve. Only have faith that I am able to do it for you. 8-25-2019 The Lord says, I was keeping you before you even knew that you were being kept and I was protecting you and watching over you even when you thought that I was not. I am there for you and I have been there the whole time even since you were a beloved little child. I planned your destiny and I am watching over it to make sure that you walk the path that I have for you and stay on it to finish well, says the Lord! 8-24-2019 The Lord says, these are the days of monster storms, but know that I am with you to protect in the midst of those things, and all things must be fulfilled in this hour, declares the Lord! 8-23-2019 The Lord says, pearls of wisdom comes at a great price, but it is the price that you pay that gives you access to the jewels of precious things that others have never tasted or discovered. 8-22-2019 The Lord says, they can’t conquer you, because they can’t conquer me, and as long as you remain in me and I in you, you will never be able to be conquered, declares the Lord! 8-21-2019 The Lord says, it is my favor on your life that will open the door, but don’t allow my favor to dry up by ignoring my commands and ignoring my voice. There are things that I do require of you and that is not going away, so be obedient, says the Lord! 8-20-2019 The Lord says, you can trust me to open the door even when it is shut if you have persistent faith and don’t waiver. 8-19-2019 The Lord says, there is no satanic force that can take you out, because I have a protection on you that won’t allow them to be able to penetrate what I have dressed you in. 8-18-2019 The Lord says, if you change what you are focusing on, you will find a new momentum to see your end goals and how to get there. Clarity comes when you abandon those old unproductive things that mean you no good. 8-17-2019 The Lord says, vision is not distorted easily when you are seeing things through my eyes and from my perspective. Take the equipping that I am giving to you seriously, because it will help you to see things my way, says the Lord! 8-16-2019 The Lord says, things in the earth may shake, but I have positioned you above the shaking and you are seated with me in heavenly places. 8-15-2019 The Lord says, I have taught you better than that; only have faith and believe. 8-14-2019 The Lord says, stay on the straight path, and don’t deviate from that which you know is true. You are to align yourself with truth and not with a web of lies and deception of modern day times, says the Lord! 8-13-2019 The Lord says, when people put you at risk and seeks to jeopardize your life in some kind of way, you are not to forget that, but you are to learn from it and exercise caution when it comes to dealing with them and people like them. Your Holy Ghost radar within you will alert you when you need to steer clear of certain situations and people at certain times and in certain seasons. My plan is greater than the adversary’s plan to trip you up, says the Lord! 8-12-2019 The Lord says, don’t let strange things stop you, but allow your inner wisdom that I have placed within you shine forth and lead you and tell you what to do. 8-11-2019 The Lord says, I am lifting you to shift you. I am changing you to plant you. I am providing for you to insert you where I need you to be, says the Lord! 8-10-2019 The Lord says, your peace is not in this world, but true peace is only in me. I will provide the peace in you that the world has not known. Only abide in me, and you will clearly see my strategy, says the Lord! 8-9-2019 The Lord says, I have favored you for your purpose, and your purpose comes with favor. You do not have my favor on your life to do your own will, but you have my favor on your life to live out your purpose for me, says the Lord! 8-8-2019 The Lord says, don’t put your trust in things that are not sure, but put your trust in that which is a sure thing. I am that sure thing, and you can bet on me, says the Lord! 8-7-2019 The Lord says, why are you worrying about those things that you cannot fix? Leave the bigger things up to me that is beyond your own control and pray about them tome and put them into my hands, and watch how I work them out, says the Lord! I am still looking for my people to have faith. 8-6-2019 The Lord says, your life may have had many twists and turns, but your calling and your assignment has not changed. I am still depending on you to accomplish that which I have sent you in the earth to accomplish. I have faith that you will fulfill your assigned purpose, says the Lord! 8-5-2019 The Lord says, watch the words coming out of your mouth in this season, because if you are not careful what you say, those words can cause some permanent dam age that you might not be able to repair. 8-4-2019 The Lord says, take a step back and see what I have already done for you and see what I have brought you through already to get to this point. See how I have protected you and provided for you over time. See the truth and then do not look backwards ever again, but know that I am with you in going forward, declares the Lord! 8-3-2019 The Lord says, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for you, and it is going to show you a picture of the overall bigger things that I have planned for your life. Your life was already planned before I sent you here in the earth, and now it is up to you to pursue the path that leads you back to me and all that I have assigned for you here upon the earth. Yes, there are some tests along the way and at times it may seem like an obstacle course for you, but I have programmed you to be able to master and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way. When you get weary, look back at the blueprint of your purpose that I gave you, and you will find me and it will be like a reset button that will refresh you and empower you to keep going and to stay the course that I have you on, says the Lord! 8-2-2019 The Lord says, I will give you the grace to go through it, not stop in it. 8-1-2019 The Lord says, this is a season for you to be aware of people planning, scheming, and plotting against you, but disguising their motives and their true intents. I will foil any plot of the adversary against your life, because my love for you is greater, says the Lord! 7-31-2019 The Lord says, allow yourself to become the apple of my eyes again and peace will flow to you as a river, and suddenly things will get worked out for you in a supernatural way, and I will fix those things that you were powerless to fix on your own, says the Lord! 7-30-2019 The Lord says, my strategy is far greater than any plan that the enemy has for you. This is a season of two for the price of one, says the Lord! 7-29-2019 The Lord says, every roadblock and every obstacle that has been in your way is now being removed so that you can press through into a new season of success and victory. 7-28-2019 The Lord says, you are about to embark upon a journey in this season that will require faith from you in a way that you have not known. It is not for you to be fearful or scared, but it is for you to rise to occasion and see me manifest in your life in a new way, and it is a time for you to see me do something that you have never seen me do before in your life, declares the Lord! 7-27-2019 The Lord says, I won’t let no other fire take you over, but the fire of my Spirit. You are on safe ground walking with me, says the Lord! 7-26-2019 The Lord says, I am not worried about the things that you are worried about and the things that bothers you do not bother me, because I am Lord over all those things. If you would just learn to rest in me and relax, then the things that had you worried will not worry you no more and the things that used to bother you would not bother you no more, because my peace in you would cover it; for I am a merciful God, says the Lord! 7-25-2019 The Lord says, the things you see are not always as they appear, but deception lingers in the land, but I have a plan. Do not be misled by the things that you see, because I am in the midst turning things to work in the favor of my people, says the Lord! The Lord says, do not fear the restlessness of the nations, because I am shaking up their systems, and bringing about something new that will work according to my purposes, declares the Lord! 7-24-2019 You’ve been in a strategic season where the Lord has been cutting away some things out of your life and adding some things in some other areas. You did not fully understand the process that the Lord has you going through, but in the end you will see what he is doing, and it will be clear why he did what he did. He is and has been protecting you, training you, preparing you, and guiding you all at the same time. You recently have been going through like a season of strange fire and strange warfare where the pressure on you has been immense and very great, and it has even been showing up in your back, but the Lord would say unto you do not back up, do not give up, do not go back, do not go backwards, but go forwards in that which I have prepared for you. Go forward in that thing which I have ordained and do not look back. Looking back would only discourage you and hinder your progress. The process that I have you in is to propel you and to keep you solid for the coming launch. I have not allowed you to be exposed to too many people or go too many places lately, because I have been preserving and keeping you for the appointed time of release into that new thing and into your destiny. Watch for me in this hour and watch for me in this season, and you will see how I am moving and you’ll see how I will move in a new way that the enemy cannot recognize how I am moving in your life. Do not try to hold onto those things that I am cutting away from your life in this season, but do not give up on those things that I promised you that the enemy has tried to falsely cut off from your life that was not by my hand, but it was his way of trying to deceive you in my season of cutting and pruning back your life. My word is sure in your life and that which I promised will come to pass in your life shortly, and I will reverse every evil work that has tried to stop my will from coming to pass in your life. Watch me move, and watch me work it out in your life, declares the Lord! 7-23-2019 The Lord says, your way of thinking has gotten you into trouble in times past, but at this time and in this season it will be crucial for you to renew your mind and think according to my ways so that my thoughts will overtake you and lead you in a new direction that will prosper your life and be beneficial to you in many ways, says the Lord! 7-22-2019 The Lord says, stop worrying about it and pray, then you can see it clearly and see it from a different perspective to make the right choice in matters. 7-21-2019 The Lord says, keep your heart pure and you will see me. Keep your faith high, and you will experience me. Keep yourself in the fear of God, and you will know me in an intimate way versus people that just know of me or know about me in their head, but their hearts are far from me, declares the Lord! 7-20-2019 The Lord says, I have already formed the door, so look upon me, and I will show you the door that you are to walk through where the table is already set and spread for my goodness to appear and be seen in your life, says the Lord! 7-19-2019 The Lord says, I’m going to sweeten the deal for you and cause things to align with my will for your life. People will say to you that it can’t be done how I showed it to you, but you sit back and watch me work and watch how I do this thing, and I will show them what I am able to do, and it will make a believer out of them, says the Lord; for I am the Able and Capable God! 7-18-2019 In this hour, the nations will see that I am the God that answers by fire as I bring down their idols and strongholds, says the Lord! 7-18-2019 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot section of the website from yesterday 7-18-2019) I heard the Lord say, a new level of faith will well upon the inside of you, and you will walk in a new level of authority and experience a new realm of faith, because I will visit you and cause it to develop within you. That which was hard for you to believe for because you were walking in your flesh will now be made possible and pulled into reach, because of this new dimension of faith that you will find yourself walking in, says the Lord! 7-17-2019 The Lord says, my whirlwind, my hurricane is churning of the waters and chopping up those old and ancient marine spirits and I will uproot them and the waters will be mine to my glory. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof, including the waters, says the Lord, and I will uproot every idol and water spirit and witch spirits that operate by the waters to do their mischief, and I will bring their mischief back upon their own heads in this season, says the Lord! 7-17-2019 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot section of the website from yesterday 7-17-2019) There are some people that have done very good in life and have fared very well, but the Lord is wanting you to know that he has even better for you and do not settle for less or for where you are, but I am calling you to rise so that you can be a light and a help to others that your expertise will help bring up and bring out, says God! 7-16-2019 The Lord says, the enemy tried to intimidate you and put fear in your heart, but now in this season I will put my hook in his jaws and will pull him down and all of his strongholds shall fall before you, says the Lord! The Lord says, some of you will begin to see this word working for you within 24 hours. Watch for it, declares the Lord! 7-15-2019 The Lord says, I am battling against all those familiar spirits in this season that have tried to bring you down, hinder your progress, and stop my will from going forth in your life. Now is the time of their judgment, and my fire shall fall upon them, and my hand shall be heavy upon them. This is also a season where I am putting my finger upon those ancestral curses that have long sought to block your destiny, and I will destroy them at the roots, and those things will hinder you no more, says the Lord! 7-14-2019 The Lord says, this is the season that demonic altars are being pulled down and they are being destroyed in your life. Those things have destroyed marriages and families, finances, jobs and businesses, and so much more, but my fire comes down on those altars in this season that have sought to destroy the destinies of my people, says the Lord! 7-13-2019 The Lord says, there is no shame or guilt that my blood has not or cannot cover in your life. Just come to me in faith with your mess and trust me, and let me cleanse you anew and watch how I wash those things away from you and give you a fresh start and a clean slate, says the Lord! 7-12-2019 The Lord says, get alone with me. I have many things that I want to show you. There are key and specific details that I still need to show you about your life. I await you in my presence; for it is in my presence that you will be refreshed and your fire will be renewed and rekindled, and my flame will once again be in your heart if you would just reach out to me and seek me in a fresh and a new way, says the Lord! 7-11-2019 The Lord says, I am there for you. Just call upon me. If you call upon me, I will answer you and show you things greater than your own natural mind can comprehend. I am able and I am capable to do many things, even those things that you have been praying about, but I need you to have a little faith and trust me. I, the Lord, do not dis appoint. I will not let you down. Only trust me, says the Lord! 7-10-2019 The Lord says, it was already in their hearts to be scandalous, and it was already in their minds to do you wrong and to come against you, but the Lord says because you trusted me and you put them and those matters in my hands and chose not to return evil for their evil against you, I will now magnify you in their face and vindicate you. Yea, I will even further exalt you and promote you in their face so they can see it. They did not know how much I really loved you. Even now, they do not know how much I love you, because they can’t see it. Their hearts are callous, and they are beyond feeling. They do not feel anything, and they cannot see anything, but they will see my love for you openly and in a clear and unmistakable manner. They thought I had abandoned and forsaken you, but I have loved you, and I will continue to love you, even all the more, says the Lord! Continue in my love, declares the Lord! 7-10-2019 (Special Word) I also heard the Lord say for somebody today, the rent money will come and you will not be evicted. I heard clearly from God for whoever that is. Just trust and believe. I really sense there is someone he paid it for you before, and he is saying just believe like you did before for me to do it again; for yea, I will do it again, says God! Only believe! Blue is your favorite color! 7-9-2019 The Lord says, it doesn’t kill you to love others. It only hurts you when you stoop so low as to hating others, especially when they have not done you any harm or wrong, but you allow your heart to succumb to the darkness according to the course of this world. Be wiser than that, says the Lord! 7-8-2019 The Lord says, as of lately I have been refining you in my purifying fires to bring forth a pure seed, but don’t get discouraged. It is only the chaff falling off of you to make way for the pure wheat that is in you. I have called you to be productive and stable, and in this season I will help to bring out the best in you so that you can live and prosper in a new way, says the Lord! 7-7-2019 The Lord says, challenge the things that are challenging you, but challenge them in faith and not in doubt or fear. If you will challenge certain long standing things set against you as being an illegitimate thing, then it will lose its power to rule over you, says the Lord! The Lord says, sometimes laws that be are influenced and set by people of movements, not by people of principles in a righteous manner. What may look like justice to one person maybe an injustice to another person, so certain things have to be challenged, says the Lord! See Daniel 6:1-10. The root of injustice is jealousy, declares the Lord! 7-6-2019 The Lord says, this is not the time for you to be in fear, but to be in faith. Use this time, not as a time to panic, but as a time to witness and to win souls, so that the Latter day harvest can come into my Kingdom, says the Lord! I am depending on you to reach them, declares the Lord God! 7-5-2019 The Lord says, don’t take chances on things that I did not tell you to do and that has nothing with the vision that I have called you to. All such things are time wasters that steal your time, efforts, and money, and causes you to go on a path that deviates from that which I have called you to do. Many think that you discover my will by guessing and taking chances that are built off of assumption, but I am very vocal and talkative about telling you my will and in my communicating with you if you pray and reach out to me. I speak back to those that take the time to earnestly speak to me with a pure heart, says the Lord! 7-4-2019 The Lord says, I am watching over you to perform my good words towards you. Because you love me, you will see my good hand of favor in your life. Watch how I bless your life in this season in a special way, declares the Lord! 7-3-2019 The Lord says, don’t speak too soon, but learn to hold your tongue until the full picture of things is set in front of you. Once you see the full vision set before you, then make your declarations of faith to see it come to pass. The rest is history, says the Lord! 7-2-2019 The Lord says, I will straighten things out that you couldn’t straighten out, and I will put things in order in your life that you could not put in order. This is a season of my holiness and my righteousness will go forth from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth and I will cause nations to come into alignment with my power and what I am doing and I will cause my glory to descend in your house to produce some necessary changes, declares the Lord! 7-1-2019 The Lord says, in many places there have been strange fire instead of holy fire, but I will clean things up. Shall the false contend with the real? Shall the prideful vaunt themselves up against my meek ones? I, the Lord, will clean all things up and clear the path of debris that have tried to put out the light of my righteous ones, and I will clear out those that have agreed with the snake, that spirit of python, to tempt the Most High God and to conspire against my holy ones. 6-30-2019 The Lord says, my plans are greater than the plans of any man or person. My plans are greater than your plans, because I know the end from the beginning, because I have declared the end from the beginning in your life. It is very crucial that you follow my plans and not deviate from that which I have prescribed for you so that you do not abort the destiny that I have for you, says the Lord! There will be many options and opportunities to bait you and lure you and try to lead you away from my will for your life, but you have to always know what was spoken unto you and not be led astray by the flashy and shiny stuff, says the Lord! 6-29-2019 The Lord says, I aim to push you higher, but you have to cooperate with what I am doing in your life and not resist my will by getting involved with your own set of guidelines and rules. Trust me to handle things my way and not your own way that has slowed all things down, declares the Lord! 6-28-2019 The Lord says, do not give way to the schemes of the adversary of your soul, because he comes for the intents of shutting down the Word in your life and damning up the wells of salvation, those wells of living water, and those wells of provision. Do not for one minute give yourself over to the thoughts of his evil purposes against your life and against your soul. Stay and remain anchored in my Word and stay in my will where there is safety and refuge and provision for you; for provision dries up for the wilderness dwellers that refuses to go into my promise and refuses to believe what I have said when it was spoken to them. There is a sure well of provision for those that are faithful and do not faint in their flesh, but possess their vessels before me in honor and faithfulness. It is those ones that will see my glory. It is those ones that shall see my hand as I visit my people and visit the nations at the same time, declares the Lord! 6-27-2019 I am yet favoring you, says the Lord, and current circumstances may have told you otherwise, but my voice has to be greater than the circumstances that you see. 6-26-2019 The Lord says, there were some that had a plan to destroy you and they conspired against you in secret and plotted ways to disrupt your life, but I will not let them destroy you, because you are my chosen. This is a season where all people will see that my hand is greatly upon your life, and they will see that I have loved you from the beginning, and I have loved you with an everlasting love, and they cannot change my mind about you. Just know that I have declared the end from the beginning and now things will shift and turn to work in your favor, declares the Lord! 6-25-2019 The Lord says, be at peace where you are and with what you have, and I will give you better when I see an attitude of gratitude and a heart of thanksgiving towards me in spite of the current set of circumstances that may be in your life. 6-24-2019 The Lord says, the evidence of faith is seen in your actions. Let me see your actions of faith and you will see the next level of my grace in your life, declares the Lord! 6-23-2019 The Lord says, avoid the things that seems to always trip you up and allow afresh cleansing to come forth into your life by my Spirit. As you allow my hand to cleanse you and to clear your past and your path, you will be able to see a new walk of power and strength with me, says the Lord! 6-22-2019 The Lord says, your strength will over power your weaknesses when your heart is right. Keep determination and keep the faith and you will overcome every obstacle that has come up against you and you will find yourself on the right path and on a path that is positively in the heart of my will, declares the Lord! 6-21-2019 (Post #1) There are several people that have global ambitions to take over the earth and to rule over the nations of the earth, but the Lord says even though there are many, yet I will be the one that will rule the earth with a rod of Iron and the time is coming that I’ll gather all nations to come and to see my glory and they will be able to see a different story other than what they have heard or have seen in times past, declares the Most High God! 6-21-2019 (Post #2) The Lord says, you can obtain many things in life now that you once thought were out of your reach, but it is up to you to maintain all things that you obtain that my hand has made provision for and have already provided for you. I have strategically positioned you to get things that I have provided for you and have set in place for you to get. There will be some circles that you walk in where the people will say to you that, ‘We were praying for you and waiting on you to get here. What took you so long? We are glad you are here. God told us several years ago that you were coming and now you are here among us. Now lead us.’ The Lord says, my hand is upon your life and I am leading you in this season and provision is prepared and the way is already made, declares the Lord! 6-20-2019 The Lord says, you might see chaos and turmoil in the world, but I see victory, overcoming, and success in the end on your part as I bring you out into those things, says the Lord! 6-19-2019 The Lord says, your personal ambitions cannot be greater than what I have chosen you for, but what I have called you to do must have the greater priority in your life. In this season, you will discover many more things that I have called you to do, but you wasn’t mature enough back then for me to reveal those things to you, but now it is a new season in your life, and you have matured, so I will release the next phase of what I have for you in this season, declares the Lord! 6-18-2019 The Lord says, quit shaking your head and lift your hands and give me praise instead, and I will shake my hand at that matter and I will change it just like that on your behalf and for my glory, but you have to trust me, declares the Lord! 6-17-2019 The Lord God says, do not look at the circumstances, but look at all the promises of my Word and follow the principles of my Word, and have faith, and the harvest will surely come, says the Lord! 6-16-2019 The Lord says, I am increasing your perimeter and you will not be boxed in anymore. This is your time to break out the box and to break forth on every side so that I can greatly expand you and enlarge you and expand what I’m doing in your life, says the Lord! 6-15-2019 The Lord says, the winds, the winds, the adverse winds that have been blowing against your life will now turn to blow good things in your favor! 6-14-2019 The Lord says, I am training you to break strongholds, so that you will be able to penetrate the nations and the people around you in a new way with the Word of the Lord that I have put within you. Know that I have planned and shaped your future and things in this season will come into alignment in what I have in store for you, declares the Lord! 6-13-2019 The Lord says, keep a watchful eye on the events of the Middle East and pray, but be very mindful to see what I am doing in the midst of the chaos and you will see my goodness in spite of what is going on. The Lord God says, they are looking for the weakest links in the chain to break the stronghold, but don’t let the enemy in. 6-12-2019 The Lord says, see it before you get it and you will have it. See that thing that I promised you in the spirit and you will have it, says God! 6-11-2019 The Lord says, most of my people have been trying to work just one thing, because they have not understood that my Kingdom works by faith, prayer, love, works, and principles. When a combination of all of those things are in action, then the windows of Heaven will open up over their lives. Many of my people have been trying to just pray alone, or have faith alone, but there are other key things and principles that activates the promises and moves my hand, and faith without works is still dead, declares the Lord! 6-10-2019 The Lord says, quit trying to figure out what I am doing and how I am moving and just get into the flow of what I am doing that you see in your midst and as you get wet with the waves, you will flow with the currents of what I am doing and I will take you somewhere that you could not ever had imagined being there. This is your season to stop trying to figure out every detail before you make a decision to get involved with what I am now doing and make an investment into that you do see, says the Lord! 6-9-2019 The Lord says, I am turning the corner and I am turning another page and chapter in your life. Get ready for the new thing that I am going to do within you and in your life, says the Lord! 6-8-2019 The Lord says, I have not called you to be on the bench or sitting in the pew and sitting on the sidelines in this season, but I have called you to be active and involved in what I am doing and how I am moving in this season. Your best place and position is off the bench in this season, says the Lord! 6-7-2019 The Lord says, I am teaching you to go up when it looks like everything around you is going down in this world or collapsing to some degree. Do not be misled by what you see; for I am good even in the midst of those things that you see with your natural eyes, so don’t miss me and don’t miss what I am doing, says the Lord! 6-6-2019 The Lord says, this is not a business as usual season, but this is a season for you to be divinely guided by my hand. My strong right hand will guide you and lead you through many things, even through the thicket and the dark waters to a place of safety, refuge, and plenty of provision that will be awaiting you, says the Lord! 6-5-2019 The Lord says, when you to think and see things a different way in life and even allow yourself to be influenced by greater vision versus just what you currently see now, you will open up a whole new realm of doors to opportunities and other options. Don’t get in the business of comparing yourself to others, but be open in this season to what I am showing you and putting before you, says the Lord! This season is about opening you up to another realm of options and opportunities, declares the Lord! 6-4-2019 The Lord says, some adverse things could occur in your life when you take on things that I did not ask you to take on. Some things are not in your best interests to take on if it does not have anything to do with your destiny and I did not instruct it. Steer clear of the detours that I never ordained for your life, says the Lord! 6-3-2019 God is the builder and maker of all things. The Lord says, I am building your destiny. I am building your purpose. I am rebuilding and refining, redesigning and realigning your destiny. You’ve been crossing some dangerous territory as of lately and some of you didn’t even know it, but I am with you. I have been protecting you from so many things that it appears to minimize the attack and the threats around your life. The Lord says, I have been shielding you from so many things, and it is because my hand is upon your life and your destiny is great and my investment in your life will be kept and magnified, says the Lord! You can count on you fulfilling my will and plans that I have purposed for your life, because I have not forgotten you, says the Lord! 6-2-2019 The Lord says, your talk don’t mean nothing at all if it is not backed up by your faith. Your faith will lead to actions and works that can prove your faith, declares the Lord! 6-1-2019 The Lord says, in this season I am tearing down barriers, strongholds, and things that have blocked you and have tried to block your access to promotion and elevation that I had planned for you. Those things won’t be able to stop you or block you in this season, because I have already worked it out, says the Lord God! I am giving you divine access, says the Lord! 5-31-2019 The Lord says, this is a season where I am going to reward people that are always doing things for everybody else and are always giving to others, but it seems like you never get any kind of honor or rewards in return for all of your labors, hard work, selflessness, and constant kindness towards others. The Lord says, get ready; for I will bathe one that rewards you and refreshes you in this season, and it will come in the form of an open promotion and many other associated blessings that others can tangibly see for your faithful to display my love and my heart and character towards others, declares the Lord! 5-30-2019 The Lord says, I will protect you from people that got too much opinions about your life, because they do not understand what I am doing in your life. I will shield you in this season from people that would try to kill the dreams that I have put within you, says the Lord! These are crucial times and this is a crucial hour, and I will shield and protect you from many things that would try to come and disrupt your destiny. In this hour, you will find favor with God and man, and you will see my hand moving in your midst and lifting your life in a new way. The Lord says, this is the season for you to shift from a season of preparation to a season of manifestation and a season of exaltation; for I am doing a quick work in you, says the Lord! 5-29-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you can use the wrong choice of words and it offends some people. Take the time to choose out your words carefully, so that your words be seasoned with salt that it may minister grace unto the hearers on my behalf, says God! Seek not to offend, but seek the wisdom of God to effectively reach them through and by proper communication channels, declares the Lord! 5-28-2019 The Lord says, there would be some that would seek to exploit you and exploit what I am doing in your life in a negative way, but I will not allow you to be exploited but I will shield you and protect you from those things. The Lord says, I will shield you and protect you from negative exploitation, because what I have put within you is destined for greatness, and I will protect the investment that I have made in your life over the years and over time, and you will not go down, but you will go up even more for my glory, because there are many souls that needs to be reached through your destiny and through the ministry that I have put within you, and I will protect your destiny, says the Lord! 5-27-2019 The Lord says, favor is on your life and you have been spotted for the blessing, because you are drenched in my favor. You will have a full measure in this season as things overflow for you in this season, says the Lord! 5-26-2019 The Lord says, I am taking my people into the land of Goshen and my people will have light in the darkness. There will be a distinction upon my people among everybody else, declares the Lord! 5-25-2019 The Lord says, I will not allow your fire to be put out, but I will cause the original fire in your life to intensify and to expand. Your zeal for me goes to another level this day and even in this season, and the fire that I have placed upon your life will spread rapidly onto others around you and those that you come in contact with like some wildfires, and it will not be quenched, and your thirst for me will not be quenched, but you will desire more of me every day and in every kind of way, says the Lord of Fire, the all-consuming fire! 5-24-2019 The Lord says, I am teaching you to encounter me a new way, and as you encounter me in this new way, some things will be made sure to you and on your behalf, says the Lord! 5-23-2019 The Lord says, your eyes should be on your future and not on your past. Going forward requires you to look at the opportunities in front of you and not the failure or mistakes behind you that sometimes causes you grief. I already shed my blood to fix your past and I have empowered you by my Spirit to help you win, says the Lord! 5-22-2019 The Lord says, keep fighting with your faith until the end, and you will see my rewards in the end! 5-21-2019 The Lord says, I do not will for you to be in a place in life where you allow things to bother you and frustrate you constantly. My will is for you to have peace and joy in your life. Don’t allow things to trouble you when my will for you is joy and peace, says the Lord! 5-20-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you could be focusing so much on what’s not there that you do not see what is already there and what is already provided for you in this season and is at your own disposal. If you will learn to look at life differently, then you will see that your way is already made and I am right there with you, says the Lord! 5-19-2019 The Lord says, I see things from one end of the earth to the other. You may think that some things are going unnoticed, unchallenged, and unchecked, but there is an appointed time for everything in life, and in due season I will move on many things that you thought that I have forgotten about, and I will bring justice and righteousness will go forth in judgment, declares the Lord! 5-18-2019 The Lord says, the only time the oil runs out is when you forget what caused it to flow to you and through you in the first place, which is me. Do not forget me, says the Lord! 5-17-2019 The Lord says, the only reason you would be confused is when you entertain too many other voices, thoughts, and suggestions other than what I told you. Stick with what I told you and I won’t have to scold you and you won’t go wrong, says the Lord! 5-16-2019 The Lord says, smile and have faith and you will see the far reach of my grace as it comes into your place and takes up space and cause you to win and to ace those things that you face, declares the Lord! 5-15-2019 The Lord God says, be careful what you allow to come into your system, because if you allow the wrong things it could function to you as a virus and a bacteria that could corrupt your hard drive, which is your soul that runs the whole system. You should not need to reboot your system if you never allow for a glitch to come in anyhow, declares the Lord! 5-14-2019 The Lord says, I have brought you to a place of refuge to shield you and to protect you from things to come. Only let not your eyes be dim in this hour for those of you that see. You see quite well; for you know the times and you see them clearly, while so many others still do not see and do not understand what times these are. I have gifted you and anointed your eyes to see, so be the light and the leader to lead others to that higher place that I have called you to, says the Lord! 5-13-2019 The Lord says, I am your healer, I am your protector, I am your provider, and I am all that you need when you need me. Look to me and not others for your source of strength and source of supply, and you will soon discover and see exactly why they call me THE MOST HIGH! It is because I am higher than anything that you will ever have to face or to deal with in life, and I am there to defend you and to shield you as I fix those things that you seem to be powerless over and helpless in fixing yourself. I know you have had little strength in some areas, but I am there to strengthen you and to build you up and cause you to overcome and to make it, declares the Lord! 5-12-2019 The Lord says, the enemy came in for an attack, but I am going to make him step back. I have shielded you for this season and this is the reason I brought you forth and now you will see the manifestation that I have for you stored up just for this time. I will now release the latter day harvest to come into your hand and to come into my Kingdom, says the Lord! 5-11-2019 The Lord God says, the place that I am putting you in is a place of favor and a place of restitution and recovery, and I will cause you to flourish in that place where I am planting your feet so that you can grow up, be nurtured, and mature. It is in that place where I will cause you to see the next dimension of what I have for you and cause you to see spiritually, apostolically, and prophetically in a new way. You are being positioned in the place of my planting so your garden will grow in a new way, says the Lord! 5-10-2019 The Lord says, don’t let the material things that you see fool you, because oftentimes a lot of those things are tools of deception and things are not really as they seem and appear and sometimes there is another story behind what you see. Keep your heart pure as you walk with me, and I will show you the true treasures in life that you’ve been missing out on, declares the Lord! 5-9-2019 The Lord says, whenever the pressure is the greatest in your life, then you will know that my hand is near, and you will see my hand of breakthrough in your life. Push through the pain and don’t stop, and you will see in these times of acceleration that I have already prepared the way for you, declares the Lord! 5-8-2019 The Lord says, if you will keep praying, that thing will break for you and give you the victory. 5-7-2019 The Lord says, if I put you in a place in life that you feel is hard, it is only because I need you to see that you can overcome it versus run from it. It is your call to greatness that you have to prove out for yourself, says the Lord! I set it before you, but you now have to demonstrate it and walk it out, says the Lord! You are worrying about the people that are judging you, but be more concerned about me judging you to be faithful, declares the Lord! 5-6-2019 The Lord says, do not let your heart be turned to fear; for I have a plan in the midst of the shaking to preserve my righteous remnant from the worst of things to come, says the Lord! 5-5-2019 The Lord says, I am raising you above the clouds, above the day storms, and above those nervous moments, and I will set your feet in a solid place and a place of stability that is my place of refuge for you as I move through the land. 5-4-2019 The Lord says, your moment is here and your next move will be in the place that I have you to be and I will position you in that place with what I have for you and not what you had in mind for yourself. My will is always much better than what you have been planning for yourself and hoping for, declares the Lord! 5-3-2019 The Lord says, you have been prepared in times past for the things that are here now and the things to come. Do not let circumstances fool you. You are well equipped to deal with anything that is coming at you, because your power is in what I taught you back then to use for now along with your faith, says the Lord! 5-2-2019 The Lord declares unto you, I will not refuse you if you come unto me and seek me. I will not turn you away; for my eyes are always upon the nations from the least of them to the greatest of them. I am involved in shaping the destiny of nations and I am actively involved in shaping your destiny too, says the Lord! You are refined to be redesigned for my use, my plan, my will, and my purposes, says the Lord! I know all points of your life and every turn of your destiny because I carefully planned them out, says the Lord! There are times you feel that you should be in better control of your life, but I have been the one taking control of your life so that I could steer in the direction that it needs to go. For a long time now, you felt a little uncomfortable and helpless in some areas of your life, because it seems as if you had no power to control those things that were happening to you and coming against you, but it is my plan that is starting to prevail in your life and it will prevail pass all pain and discomfort in due time. The discomfort and the pain has been there in your life, because I have been tearing down and ripping out an old system that has guided your life for so many years, and I have been installing my new system of operation in your life that will cause you to be led by my Spirit and not by your own spirit and natural human instincts. You will find that there are certain things that you will not be able to do without my hand at work in your life, because I am showing you who the real boss is and who is really in control of your life. The days of doing it your way are over, and I now take over, says the Lord Jehovah; for I am your God, declares the Lord God! 5-1-2019 I see a military invasion coming! I see them coming out of the skies in abundance, but land, air, and sea, is what I see! 4-30-2019 The Lord says, if you can get pass the season of discouragement in your life, then you will get to a place of empowerment and courage that will take you the distance. You must get to a place where you let nothing discourage you or distract you, but that you recognize that your power and your passion comes from me and that is the place where you will find your strength, declares the Lord! 4-29-2019 In spite of what you may currently see, your harvest is coming, says the Lord! See Psalm 68:9-12, Psalm 66:12, & Psalm 112:1-3.4-28-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you’re not going to change how people see you or what they think of you, but you are to stay focus on what I have called you to do and have purposed for your life. Do not always seek the agreement of people and their blessings on what I have spoken to your heart, because they don’t have the final say on what you do, but I do, says the Lord! Don’t put your deepest desires in the hands of others, because they might not walk with you to the end, but put all of your trust and faith in me, and I will see you through until the end and until all things be accomplished that I have called you to do and have purposed for your life, declares the Lord! 4-27-2019 You think your strength is in the prayers of the Saints, and their prayers do add strength to your life, but the Lord says, your real true strength comes from me and from the power that I give you, especially when you pray to me and acknowledge me in all of your ways. I have a path for you and a plan for you that does not include defeat, but it only includes victory throughout your destiny. I have been allowing you to see how powerful you are in me as of lately, and you will be shocked to find out just what you really can do if you just tap into me a little bit more and pull upon my Spirit that has been there already tugging at your heart, because there is more in you and there is more that I have called you to do on my behalf, says the Lord! 4-26-2019 The Lord says, I have seen the pain, the tests, and the many struggles that you have had to endure over your lifetime and this is not a season for you to give up even though it may have felt like life has crushed you, but the process that I allowed you to go through was to birth compassion in you for others that you will meet that I will place on your path to minister to that have gone through and will be going through similar things. Do not despise the training and the equipping. I have not forgotten you, and I will turn all of your pain into a life of success and great pleasure in the end and the reward of what you had to go through and endure will be great, says the Lord! I am birthing a new passion in you for others, declares the Lord! 4-25-2019 The Lord says, in spite of what you see in your life and around you, persevere, continue to fight, continue to press in and have faith, continue to overcome, and you will see that there is a sure reward knocking at your door to bless you when the times wanted to stress you. I am your goodness in the midst of every trial, and as you trust me, it will end with a smile, declares the Lord! 4-24-2019 The Lord God is saying, the weakness of your hand has nothing to do with my hand. Furthermore, you have no idea what I am holding in my hand that can defend you and mend you. Just know that there is strength in my right hand, declares the Lord! 4-23-2019 The Lord says, your past is not your future, so do not entertain it in your present times. I have way more in store for you that is much better than what you have come out of and now is the time to release your cares unto me and take my yoke and my burden upon you which is easier and lighter than yours and that which you have been carrying. As you lighten your load and trust me, you will clearly see that I always had your best interests at heart in all that I was doing to move things on your behalf, says the Lord! Even now I am moving many things on your behalf, says the Lord God! 4-22-2019 The Lord says, you were born to win on the path that I put you on, but my guarantees does not include a path that you choose that goes against my will for your life. It is up to you to see the value of that special path that I have for you, and when you are on it, all things will open up for you, and things will prosper and work for you, says God! 4-21-2019 The Lord says, I got up for you, so do not use this opportunity to stay down, but use it to get up and stay up. As you walk with me, I will walk with you, and show you the way forward in a way that glorifies my name and restores your life so that you can have the peace that I have ordained for you to live, says the Lord! 4-20-2019 The Lord says, have no fear in this season, I am only cleaning up systems that have been mired in corruption and I am bringing down idols in the land. I will protect you and preserve you while I remove and cleanse things and clean up the mess of which many of you did not know existed. I’m targeting evil structures and systems of oppression and affliction that has not my approval, says the Lord! 4-19-2019 The Lord says, you will see systems falling, collapsing, and crumbling in this hour, even secret and hidden systems that have ruled to oppress others from behind the scenes, but I will pull their covering off of them. I will pull the curtains back for you to see hidden systems and openly corrupt and vile systems that has done evil for many generations. I will do this because their iniquity is full, says the Lord God! I will expose scandals, corruption, a system of lies, trickery, mockery, conspiracies, deceit, and dark works and dark deeds. I will even expose systems of deception, money schemes, and plots that have ruled for so long over decades, and I will target those things and bring them down, says the Lord! For a while now it looked like there was no justice, but I will now bring justice in the land myself, says the Lord! See Isaiah 59:12-21.4-18-2019 The Lord says, your brighter days are here. Do not fear. Do not be restless or agitated, but be at peace and know that I am working all things together for your good. There are seasons that you transition through in life in which they are designed to test your will, your strength, and your resolve, but rest assured that I have not left you and I am not ignoring you, but I am causing you to see that if you trust me and have faith and rely on my strength, you will have my peace. I have called you to change things, but you cannot do it in your flesh. Your calling and the weight of my glory that have been placed upon your life will have to be done and fulfilled by my Spirit. This is a time for you to draw near and have no fear; for I am with you always, declares the Lord God, and I am your father there with you waiting to restore you, says the Lord! 4-17-2019 The Lord says, don’t worship idols and the works of men’s hands like so many do, but keep your heart pure and keep your worship for me. There are many idols in the land that cause people to get off into sin and idolatry, but those that put their faith and their trust in me knows not to walk a different way and to be tempted by the same lusts of the world. The things that the world marvel at are not of me, declares the Lord! 4-16-2019 The Lord says, look up instead of you looking down. Don’t hold your head down in life as if there is no hope; I am your hope. As you trust me and believe me, you will see greater things happen for you even greater than your past expectations, and I will cause the light to shine upon your ways and I will show you the path of greatness in your way forward. You will not be let down or dis appointed, says the Lord! 4-15-2019 The Lord says, I can see you trying and I can see my plan to swoop in and help rescue you from things that take up too much of your time. It is those simple things that takes up a lot of your time trying to get organized and trying to get in order. Let me show you an easier way in your life that will just cause things to flow that won’t stress you out or agitate you. Sometimes you overthink simple situations and you let them frustrate you, because you look at them as being hard, but if you just had a little bit of my wisdom, it would make things much easier because you would not be looking at it from a perspective that cause you to get defeated from being bogged down. My plan now is to show you an easier way than you have envisioned. Switch systems and as you look into my plan and my way, you will see a much easier way and process for you to navigate those things that you thought were much harder, says the Lord! 4-14-2019 The Lord says, don’t lose your cool when they trip, just don’t allow your tongue to slip, but stay cool and just let me handle it for you, declares the Lord! 4-13-2019 The people in your life are not there to harm you, but to develop you. I will not permit anyone to harm you, says the Lord! 4-12-2019 In this season, all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and all of the missing elements are coming into position so that you can see how the greater vision that God gave you fits in line with the bigger picture. In this season you are seeing how the alignments for all those other assignments are coming together as one and your piece of the puzzle fits in with all of the other key pieces of the puzzle to show you all the final and finished pieces of the puzzle that have been all put together as one for this hour. The Lord says, I have been strategically arranging events and so many things in your life recently to get you to see a bigger picture that goes well beyond you, and the path that I have you on will lead to even greater things and even greater breakthroughs as you discover that your path had already been laid out and planned a long time ago and you are now catching up with what I already had planned for your life, and this is your exciting journey, which is to discover what I created for you before you were ever sent there on earth, says the Lord! 4-11-2019 The Lord says, I am chiming in on those things that you hold dear and my presence is very near so have no fear. I move in ways that you have not known and I move in seasons and times that you are unfamiliar with, but as you continue to pray, watch, and have faith, you will see that you have been setup for a blessing and setup to have the victory and all things will work out in the end for you, says the Lord! 4-11-2019 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section from 4-11-2019) If they knew what you knew, then they would understand, but because they don’t know all of what you know, you can’t expect them to see the vision fully that I gave you. Pray for them to develop and grow, then watch what I can do with your words and your prayers for them, says the Lord! 4-10-2019 The Lord says, if you’d rather people lie to you just to make you feel good or to make you feel good about yourself, then you are not ready for the promotion, because the promotion that I would give you cannot be reliant and dependent upon the encouragement of man. You have to be able to encourage yourself when no one else does and you have to be able to cheer yourself on in those times when you can only see and believe that I am there for you, declares the Lord! Those that I promote can endure the tests of time and can handle the pressure, says the Lord! 4-9-2019 The Lord says, if you will listen with an open heart, you will hear the answer you need on today or sometime this week, and you will know what to do. Just don’t shut out the voice of how I will choose to bring that answer to you, declares the Lord! 4-8-2019 The Lord says, stop trying to listen and actually start listening. In this season you must go beyond trying and actually start doing, and stop using, ‘God knows my heart, ‘as an excuse to keep doing wrong when you know that you should be doing right, says the Lord! 4-7-2019 The Lord says, I am churning up the waters to pour them out. This will be your time and season of refreshing as I stir up the waters of restitution in your favor, says the Lord! 4-6-2019 The Lord says, as you wait for my que, I will show you exactly what to do. Do not run ahead of me and my timing! In this season, I have been teaching you patience, and I have been teaching you to wait on me and how not to be anxious for nothing in life. As you continue to trust me, you will see that I already have all things prepared for you, says the Lord! 4-5-2019 The Lord says, the timing has to be right and when the timing is right you will experience success in everything that your hands touch. I will tell you and make it plain when the timing is right about all those things that you seek and that you want to pursue, but wait for my que, says the Lord, because timing is everything! 4-4-2019 The Lord says, feel the wind of my Spirit blowing upon you in a new way. The wind of my Spirit blows away all fears. It blows upon anxiety and depression. It blows away all doubts that tries to linger in your mind and it causes you to trust me even when you don’t see the answer and even when the way is not so clear to you. My Spirit will cause you to be led by my hand in the right way, because you trust in me. This is a time for you to rely solely on my Spirit. Do not fear, but only have faith in my rescue ability; for I am there to rescue you, says the Lord! When my peace comes into your heart, you cannot cry tears of despair, tears of defeat, or tears of sadness, but you will only be able to cry tears of joy, tears of thankfulness, and tears of relief. I am he that removes those burdens from your life and destroy all those yokes that try to bind you. Trust my hand, daughter. Trust my plan, my son. Trust in me, the everlasting God. I am teaching you in this season to trust me, and I will make your heart Glad, and not sad, says The Ever Living God! 4-4-2019 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section from 4-4-2019) The Lord says, I have already delivered you from those things that dis appoint you and hurt you with people. I have already reached on the inside of you to take away the pain and the hurt of dis appointment, and I have not called you to be in despair from those things that comes to you as an offense from other people. You dwell in my peace when you forgive others that have hurt you and wronged you in so many ways. There are times where people deliberately did things to hurt you and to frustrate you and then there are other times when people have hurt you and they did not know what they were doing, and in both such cases, I have called to you forgive them, because I have given you the power to do so, says the Lord! As you follow my leading in doing so, you will find that the greater blessing will come on your life. Pray for those people and it may be that I can touch their hearts and change their lives and turn their lives into a miracle testimony. Don’t dwell on the past hurts and what they did, but know that you are beloved and as you release them, I will also release you to prosper, declares the Lord! 4-4-2019 (Reposted from the Ensign Prayer Watches & Confessions section of the website from 4-4-2019) The Lord says, tests comes your way every day. It is a test for you to walk in love with people or to get angry and mad at them. It is a test for you to get mad at your government and the world and the society that you live in because of things that are not going right, because you see the corruption and the evil, but my power and love is much more greater than those things. It is a test when your faith is being tried in the fire. Don’t get tired. Don’t get weary. Don’t faint in your flesh as so many do, but stay in the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit, and I will give you power to dominate all those things that you see in this present world that would trouble you. Rest in me, says the Lord, and I will give you my peace, declares the Lord! 4-3-2019 The Lord says, it is your portion in life to be great, because you have my DNA, and you are a part of my plan. You are my family and I love you greater than anything that you could’ve ever imagined. You need to know that I love you, says the Lord! Many of you have been going through various trials in your life and have been faced with challenging times and situations to the point that you wonder ‘where is God at,’ but the Lord says, I am right here, and I am right there with you to see you through. I have not left you. Pick up your cross and follow me. I have suffered too before and I know what it is to suffer and to feel pain at times through life, and I can relate to you more than you think. There were times that I did not want to go through certain things and I did not want to drink of the cup that was set before me, but I did it anyhow because I love you and I care for you. I did it in obedience to my Father. I have a glorious plan for your life so that is why I am not giving up on you. You are carrying many things that I have already carried for you and I took those things to the cross with me, and I did it for you. Give me those cares; for I care for you. Cast the weight of those burdens upon me and I will carry them, because my shoulders are a lot stronger than yours. Those burdens that you are carrying was designed to be upon me; for I am your strength, declares the Lord! You were never designed to live life without me and some of the struggles you went through were unnecessary, because you were not yielding to me and my will for your life. Some of you have even said, ‘But Lord, my life is all jacked up,’ but the Lord says, I see your life and you are not seeing life how I see life. You are not seeing yourself how I see you and how I made you to be. I see the end from the beginning and I see the wonderful beauty that is going to come from your life. I see all things and I see what I have made you to be and to transition into as totally perfect. It is through the flood of my blood poured out upon the mercy seat for you already that has paved the way for you to be perfect, blameless, and spotless. I see you perfect in spite of your current struggles. The Father sees you perfect, because he is seeing you through the covering of my shed blood, and my blood makes him see as you are in me, which is perfect, so be just that in me and accept my redeeming blood as your payment for greatness, declares the Lord! See Matthew 5:48, Romans 12:2, and Genesis 17:1-2.4-2-2019 The Lord says, don’t worry about the storms. I have power and authority over the storms. You just focus on doing my will to make sure all things be fulfilled on your part, and I will make sure that the storms will ‘Peace be still’ on your behalf, declares the Lord! 4-1-2019 The Lord says, how life is setup, you need to always look at the bigger picture and not just only focus on the temporary things of the smaller portion that you currently see. I am always there and I am truly in the midst of you, and if you can see that and would know that, you would find a new power to take you the distance, says the Lord! 3-31-2019 The Lord says, I will take you from the bottom to the top in this season and I will open doors in high places, but I must lead you by my Spirit to those places that you would not think to go. If you allow yourself to become sensitive to my voice and sensitive to my leading, then you will find those wells of waters in your dry land, and you will be refreshed. In this season you will not remain like the parched ground, but there will be times of refreshing and waters will now be poured out upon you abundantly and you will now be refreshed and watered like a well-watered garden, even as you have watered and refreshed so many others in times past in your current dealings. I will cause others to pour out water upon your hands even as you have poured water upon the hands of my prophet and have kept things moving, says the Lord! The Lord says, now the refreshing rivers will flow for you, declares the Lord! 3-30-2019 The Lord says, a major turning point is coming in your life, so your change will come, but it will come in ways unexpected that will be strategic in shifting things in the right direction and in a positive way! 3-29-2019 The Lord says, you can overcome, just don’t run. Allow me to assist you where they just dismissed you, and I will give you greater and better, because my plans for you are much higher and much bigger than what you just came out of, declares the Sovereign Lord of Glory! 3-28-2019 This season has been about you fixing the issues in your personal life, because you can’t be effective in the Body of Christ if your life is a mess and it is out of order, so fora season, the Lord has been putting the spotlight on things that you need to clean up and clean out, like all those hidden pockets of your life. The ruffling of your feathers has made you somewhat uncomfortable, but the Lord says it is necessary what I am doing, so that you do not become comfortable living in a mess and walking in a disorderly way. This season has brought the works of many Christians into a time of judgment from God. If their works were right, then it has either led to promotion for some or is leading there for others. If their works were not found to be right or perfect before the Lord, then their lives got judged and things got turned upside down. In a year that has been deemed as the cleanup process as spoken by the Lord, it is very dangerous to continue to walk before the Lord in a contrary way. See Leviticus 26:14-21. It is very dangerous for any person to walk contrary to God. See also Leviticus 26:22-41. Some people have found themselves in those negative things in the Scriptures, because they left off walking with God and chose instead to walk contrary to him as if they can beat him. Grace is only for those that are walking with God, not for those, who choose not to walk with him or follow him anymore. The Lord would say unto his people, do not be misled, or led astray from by me by the things that you see of these times; for lawlessness will not prevail in the end. It is a dead end path, but my righteous ways are the key to you living a life of happiness and true peace, which can only be found in me, says the Lord! When your power and your favor is in you walking with the Lord, it would be foolish for you to walk in darkness and try to dance with the devil, especially in these times. Your favor dries up when you stop doing it God’s way, and the only answer to getting it back is to repent and demonstrate that you are truly walking with God and serious about the things of God. There is no favor or power outside of his will. Stay in his will. 3-27-2019 When you don’t think that someone hears you when you speak, you will repeat what you said, because you don’t think that they heard you the first time, and the Lord is saying to you, I heard you the first time. See Matthew 6:5-7, Matthew 23:14, 1 John 5:14-15, and Isaiah 65:24. 3-26-2019 The Lord says, the right kind of prayer and the right kind of focus can break you through into something new when you remain steadfast in those things versus always trying to reinvent the wheel, which keeps you starting over at ground zero all the time. Let go of your way of thinking and grab a hold of what I am placing before you and putting in your mind. My way is best and my way is blessed, and it is the best path for you, says the Lord! 3-25-2019 The Lord says, do not limit my abilities and what I am able to do in your life. It is not good for you to put me in a box in your thoughts or keep me in the back of your mind, because I am at the forefront of all things and I am able to do all things without limitations, so keep me at the forefront of your mind and of your life and you will see miracles beyond anything that you could have ever imagined, declares the Lord! 3-24-2019 The Lord says, you should not hang your head down as if you have no hope, because I am the God of the turnaround, and I will turn things around for you when you trust me, ask me, and believe me for it, declares the Lord! 3-23-2019 The Lord says, a lot of prophecies in life that looked like they were not going to be fulfilled will suddenly be fulfilled, and you will rejoice when you see my hand and my goodness in them. 3-22-2019 The Lord says, don’t let your countenance be sad, because my favor is about to make you glad. There are great things in store for you that I am now releasing to you in this hour and in this season, says the Lord! 3-21-2019 The Lord says, when you feel like your back is against the wall, give me a call, and I will show you how to deal with that situation and come out of it stronger than you went into it. It is in your best interest to trust me when you can’t see your way, because I know the way and my way for your life has not changed, and if you will allow me to coach you and teach you some things, you will see how to maneuver in a way that will build your faith and give you that big breakthrough that you have been praying and believing for, says the Lord! Long-term and long standing situations in your life are being healed, says the Lord! 3-20-2019 The Lord says, your time to shine and to go forward is now. You have been polished up as brass and groomed for this season, and I will use you in ways you never would have imagined possible and my Spirit will go with you wherever I send you. You will represent my Kingdom wherever I send you and my fire will fall every time that you speak, because I am setting this generation ablaze through your mouth and by the words that you speak in my name, declare the Lord! 3-19-2019 The Lord says, my Kingdom exists in the midst of the shaking. My Kingdom exists in the midst of the turmoil. My Kingdom has a way of still blessing people and empowering them in the midst of all those things going on in the world at the same time. Dare to see my goodness in the midst of what may seem like a chaotic mess to others, says the Lord! 3-18-2019 The Lord says, try your hand again and watch it prosper this time. 3-17-2019 The Lord says, I won’t allow your enemies to stop you, but what I do allow is to strengthen you and to show you that you have the victory over any and all things that the enemy and your adversaries can throw at you. I have declared that you have the victory and you have it now, says the Lord! 3-16-2019 The Lord says, I hold the golden keys to your life, and I will direct your steps, as long as you yield to me and ask me to do so. I know the future and what it holds for you, and if you ask me to give you my will, then you will find that many things in your life will suddenly get cleaned up in my process of deliverance in your life, and I will use you to deliver others in that overall process, says the Lord! Do not fear my leading, because where I’m leading I am feeding, says the Lord! 3-15-2019 The Lord says, you were not made for quitting, but you were made for persevering and you were made for enduring, because you have my DNA, and there is no quitting in me, declares the Lord! 3-14-2019 The Lord says, don’t be afraid to try something new, especially when you know or feel that it is the leading of my Spirit. New Harvests comes with new fields of expectation, says the Lord! 3-13-2019 This is a season where I am picking up the broken pieces of the puzzle in your life and I am healing those broken places of your life that was just too stubborn to heal. This is an hour where you and others will see my power. I stand at the guard gate overseeing what I have built and established in your life and I will not let you rest comfortably while you let it all drift away, but I will fight for what I have invested in you, because what I have invested in you is so much, says the Lord. This is the season where I will wipe away the tears from your eyes and the tears will go away, because you will be able to see with fresh vision and you will be able to clearly see where you are going and you will now be able to understand what I am ordering in your life and what I have been doing in your life for such a long time that has led up to this point. I will not let you lose sight of the vision in this season, but I will show up and I will show myself strong and mighty on your behalf and you will see glory in this season, and it will be seen in and upon your life, and a return of my favor will be heavy upon you where you thought that I may have left you for a moment, but I was in hiding watching your faith and I was watching to see if you would catch what I, the Spirit, was doing in your life. Now that I see that you have yielded and you have responded to my move, to my touch, I will pour out on you in this season, and I will pour out in abundance, declares the Almighty God! 3-12-2019 The Lord God says, I will not let the enemy crush you under his feet. The enemy would have it so that you are subdued and crushed under his feet, but I will not suffer it to be so, but I will fight for you, says the Lord! 3-11-2019 The Lord God says, you should not let anything stop you in a polarized world that is so bitterly divided, but instead be that mediator and light and one that brings people together in unity. Help them to get pass their differences. I created you to be a light and a solution, but you are needed to be planted in the places where I need you the most in this earth so my causes and purposes can be fulfilled and so that gaps can be bridged, declares the Lord! 3-10-2019 The Lord says, I am moving things on your behalf so that you can get the last laugh. 3-9-2019 The Lord says, ‘Forward March’ and keep on going forward anyhow no matter how rough it may seem. You can’t take ground and take over more territory being passive and standing still, but I have called my army, my real army that know me, to continue pressing deeper into enemy territory to advance my Kingdom plans and to further advance my Kingdom agenda for the masses, as well as for the nations. I have determined to push you into the greatness of success by my hand and you will lift up the banner of the Kingdom high and declare victory over the enemy as those final walls and strongholds comes down, says the Lord! 3-8-2019 The Lord says, I will cause things to shine very bright for you even when you thought that things were about to be the darkest point in your life. The season will shift and turn to work in your favor as you continue to walk with me, declares the Lord! Only not doubt my plans and the moving of my right hand in your life. It is evident that I have set my heart and have purposed in my heart to yet favor you and to give you a testimony that is huge as you continue to press into me and walk with me, says the Lord! 3-7-2019 The Lord says, favor does not just come along the way in life, but you have my favor to get started already. Joseph had my favor in the beginning. 3-6-2019 The Lord says, your destiny in me was finished before it even got started, so don’t give up, and catch up with what I have already done for you. 3-5-2019 The Lord says, look within and see the vision that I give and see things with my insight. With my vision you will be able to see beyond the surface and see into a deeper realm with the discernment and vision of the Kingdom that only comes by the impartation of the Spirit, says God! 3-4-2019 The Lord says, generational curses that have long plagued your life and your family’s lives are being broken in this hour and you shall find your way forward without the chains that try to hold you and bind you to your past and cause constant failures in your life. 3-3-2019 The Lord says, your chances of success are high, because you are walking with me and I know all things and how to connect you to your harvest and to the things that are designed to put you on top and bless you. 3-2-2019 The Lord says, restoration is what I have in mind for you, but can I please at least hear you say or ask me to restore you and I will restore you, says the Lord! See Isaiah 42:22. 3-1-2019 The Lord says, dare to dream big, and you will see something tall, big, and beautiful arise out of the ashes. It is your season of restoration and it is your time to be restored, says the Lord! 2-28-2019 The Lord says, there is no need in you going around in circles and going back and forth and making things into a wilderness that should have been a short-lived situation, but if you understand my will and if you believe the prophecies that I gave to you, then you won’t faint or take another thought just because you are getting tested. Just past the test with flying colors so that you can be promoted and further elevated in the midst of the things that your eyes currently see. You are a collision course in life with destiny and greatness is still your life portion, says the Lord! 2-27-2019 The Lord says, there will be many people to come at you to suggest many different things to you, but you stick with what I told you in the beginning and do not deviate from my plans for your life! 2-26-2019 The Lord says, it is a sure thing, not a hope thing, especially when you are operating in faith. It is a walk of faith, says the Lord! 2-25-2019 The Lord says, don’t be fooled by what you see, I have greater plans for you than what you see right now. 2-24-2019 The Lord says, this is still one of the greatest years that you will have thus far, so take no other thought otherwise and do not come into agreement with the plans of the enemy that will try to show you and convince you otherwise. My favor is upon you for greatness this year, says the Lord! 2-23-2019 The Lord says, you shall come away from that thing unscathed, unharmed, and not hurt by the effects of that thing. It is in your best interest to trust my hand when you can’t see your own way. Just know that I am there in the midst of things. I bring a new thing about in your life in this season, because your life was designed by my hand to shake principalities, nations, and systems and tear down strongholds and things that aren’t according to my hand and my plans. I will use you as a sharp instrument in my hands to bring down things in this world that are contrary to my system of doing things, and you will be used to strategically set up the new things which represent justice, declares the Lord! 2-22-2019 The Lord is standing at the door in this season, but do you perceive him? Do you perceive what he is doing, or are you distracted by the flames of fire from the fiery trials of life that you have been looking at and focusing on as of lately? The Lord says, I never called you to look at any of those things that you are making your top priority and your top focus, but I called you to trust me, to seek me first, to acknowledge me, to press into me, and come to me first for the answer and the solution. I never created you to be in a position of worry and to be in a position of compromise. It is not my will to have you in a state where you cannot enjoy me and press into me. It is not my will that you chase after all those other things in life that you say gives you pleasure; for my will brings more pleasure to your life than anything you could have ever imagined or thought up yourself, if you learn to trust me and lean into me. Look at Psalm 16:11, Job 36:11, and Psalm 36:8. Life has the wrong kind of pleasures and the right kind of pleasures, says God! You want my pleasures to be fulfilled in your life and not the wrong kinds of pleasures of this world, says the Lord! Read Isaiah 47:8-15, Luke 8:14, 2 Timothy 3:1-4, Titus 3:1-3, and Hebrews 11:24-25. 2-21-2019 The ministry of the Evangelist is a unique gift to the Body of Christ and they have a strong way of bringing everyone together and bringing all of the other gifts together to work as one in the Body of Christ, and they are like the glue that helps hold the Body together, while also being on the front lines, as well as going behind enemy lines, in evangelism in a rather unique way; And the Lord would say, this is a season where I am calling attention to the ministry of the Evangelist again and I am putting my finger on the ministry of evangelism so that souls can be won in massive amounts and so that fire of the Evangelists can spread onto all of my people in my Body so that souls can be won and the harvest can be ushered into my Kingdom so that my house can be full, says the Lord! Let the fire spread, declares the Lord! 2-20-2019 The Lord says, I have you and I am holding you up even when you don’t think so. I am for you and not against you, as long as you stay on the path that I have for you and allow the end result to come to conclusion, says the Lord! 2-19-2019 The Lord says, I can clearly give you a vision to fulfill, but where you fulfill it makes all the difference in order to have success. Abraham (Abram) had to leave the land of Ur of the Chaldees so that his vision from God could be fulfilled in the land of Canaan where it was intended by God for it to be fulfilled. See Genesis 11:27-32 and Genesis 12:1-7. Isaac had to dwell in the land of Gerar in the time of famine in order for his breakthrough to come forth and for his vision from the Lord to be fulfilled according to Genesis Chapter 26. The first part of Jacob’s vision from the Lord had to be fulfilled in Padanaram, but ultimately the latter part of the vision had to be fulfilled in Canaan where the Lord had intended for it to be fulfilled for the nation of Israel. See Genesis 28:1-7 and then Genesis 31:11-18. Joseph was born and raised in Canaan, but his destiny required his vision to be fulfilled in Egypt. See Genesis 37:1-36 & Genesis 41:1-57. Jesus had to be in specific locations at certain times in order for specific prophecies to come to pass in specific details in his life and ministry. The Lord God says, the geographical location of the vision or the prophecy that I gave to you does matter, because it has an exact location where it needs to be fulfilled in order for it to come to pass. Joseph was not called to lead in Canaan, but he was called to lead and to rule in Egypt by my design and plans for his life, and so it is with you. I have an exact and a specific location in mind to see those things that I have ordained and created you for to come to pass. The drought and the famine in the lives of some of you will be over once you get into that place that I have called for you to be in, says the Lord! 2-18-2019 The Lord says, the things that are of a concern to you is of concern to me, because I do care about your well-being and I love you. Do not allow temporary circumstances and those temporary things to overtake your mind and to cloud your vision and cause you to make hasty and wrong decisions based upon what you see, but allow my hand to steady you and to guide you into that place of stability and victory that I have for you at this time. My will is not for you to fail or to be defeated, but my will for you is to prevail and to overcome everything that the enemy has sent against you to try to disrupt your life in any kind of way. I have been getting your attention in some form so that you would listen to me, but many attacks in your life that you have faced are not from my hand, but they are the works of the enemy. If you would yield to me and submit your will to me, then I will show you the way forward and get you victory over every type of circumstance that has tried to trouble your life, says the Lord! 2-17-2019 The Lord God says, the first level of greatness in your life is for you to be able to move pass offenses and to grow up and get pass immaturity in order for me to trust you with those greater things, and the inheritance, the harvest, and the greatness that I have for you. It is your prerogative to grow and mature, but it is in your best interest in doing so to reap the benefits of the fruit of the vine, says God! 2-16-2019 The Lord says, my intentions towards you are always good, but it is up to you to press into me more and believe that I am for you and not against you, declares the Lord! 2-15-2019 The Lord says, it has been said that I will beautify the meek with salvation, but I say unto you that I will do more than that, and in this season I will glorify you with my glory and my glory will pour out of you like a reservoir and a running overflowing river, and I will spill my glory that is in you and upon you onto all that come around you and they will not leave your presence without being changed. They will be touched by my power and they will even be touched by my glory that has been draped upon your life; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it! 2-14-2019 The Lord says, do not be hasty in your decision making process, but allow a wise and steady mind to make the right decisions with careful thought. 2-13-2019 The Lord says, your winning days are here and your time of victory is now, so rejoice at the fact that it is settled! 2-12-2019 The Lord is saying, don’t forget where you have come from in me. Don’t lose your zeal and don’t lose your fire or let it go out. Return in your heart to your first found love in me. Allow me to cleanse away the dross and those gloomy places of your heart and to give you a fresh fire that will burn until things shift before you, says the Lord! 2-11-2019 The Lord says, in this hour the buildings will sway, and the people will pray, and I will speak a word to calm their fears that they may know that I am near. I am near, very near to those that call upon my name. I bring peace in the midst of any situation and I bring stability to situations of chaos and confusion. I am the Lord, and my greatness will be seen in this hour, because this is the hour of my power. I hold the keys of balance in my hands and my favor is draped upon a wise servant that fear me. A wise servant that walks in the fear of the Lord is protected and cared for by me daily, declares the Lord! 2-10-2019 The positioning of light: sometimes in life there may be a part of the room that is dark and you want to go out and purchase another lamp to help to mitigate that darkness. Then the wisdom of God comes in and shows you how to properly position all the lamps and the lights that you do have to eliminate the darkness in the room. So it is in this season of your life, the Lord is saying, let me show you how to eradicate that darkness that you see remaining in your midst. Allow my light, the light of heaven to shine in your midst. When my light shines in your midst, it will shine upon doors and secret compartments that you did not know were there and they will be full of many treasures. My light will also shine upon escape doors that show you a way forward and a way of escape out of those situations that you have been dealing with. I am allowing the proper positioning and the repositioning of light in your life in this season, declares the Lord! 2-9-2019 The Lord says, I am coming down upon my people in a new way and it will be a new and powerful wave of my glory touching the people. Yea, I will even touch the nations in a new way and men will fear the brightness of my glory. In this hour, I have raised up Joshua type prophets before my final coming and they are forerunner prophets to declare my ways and to announce my coming to my people and to even declare it unto the nations and such glory will be mightily upon my valiant ones, my mighty ones; for they are my prophets of fire, declares the Lord! 2-8-2019 The Lord says, you have been hungry for more of me, and I have taken notice of that and I will pour my Spirit in you to the fill until it spills over onto everyone else around you. The Lord says, I made a deposit in you, now let others make a withdrawal of the richness of Spirit that I have put within you, declares the Lord! 2-7-2019 The Lord says, sometimes you look for people to do in your life what only I can do for you. Look to me and you won’t be dis appointed, says the Lord! 2-6-2019 The Lord says, things that were held up from you, particularly money and inheritances, will be freed up and loosed to come to you, and the enemy won’t be able to hold back the stuff that belongs to you and that I have assigned to you and to your life, says the Lord! 2-5-2019 The Lord God says, I never asked you to look, but I asked you to follow by faith and not according to the natural sight of your own eyes. Anything else is just leaning to your own abilities and your own understanding, declares the Lord! 2-4-2019 The Lord says, steer clear of the mess that is only designed to bring you down and to give your adversaries an advantage over you to do you harm. 2-3-2019 (Post #1) The Lord says, I can see there is a group of people whose hearts are right with me, but they got themselves caught up in some things, and I will free them from those things so they can serve me with true freedom, declares the Lord! 2-3-2019 (Post #2) I heard the Lord say, ‘Turning Point!’ this is a turning point month and a turning point season for you and this is a season for you to walk through the door as anew door opens up for you. The Lord says, you will see your door, but don’t miss your door by allowing hesitation and indecisiveness in this month to overcome you. Doors of opportunity are only opened for a season or a limited point of time so go through the door when you see what I open up for you with safe passage, says the Lord! 2-2-2019 The Lord says, sometimes things may appear to be one way on the surface, but a greater level of discernment is what is needed for you to see the truth, and that is what I am releasing to you in this season, declares the Lord! 2-1-2019 The Lord says, the month of February is a time of you sorting things out and with this sorting things out will come clarity, which will produce a clear sense of direction for the rest of the year. With this sorting things out, you will see what you have and what you are really working with. You will know what to cut and know what to keep. It will help you to decide to cut your losses and move on in one area, and in other areas that are more productive and very profitable for you to secure and shore up as you progress into your future. The Lord says, this is not a time for you to focus on what was, but it is a time to focus on your future and what needs to be. It is not a time for you to dwell on past issues and past failures due to a season of wrong turns brought on by wrong thinking, but it is a time for you to listen with attentive ears and what I am currently saying to you by my Spirit, says the Lord! Arise and shine and see the good thing that I am doing in your life and do not let things distract you in this season and pull your focus away from the greater purpose and vision that I am calling you to; for this is a time of seasoning and pruning. It is a time of me your life in going forward. Those things that have been a weight to you and a burden to you, I am cleaning up and clearing up from your life. This is a season where I am clearing up life’s debris from your life, says the Lord, and you will see how I am working things out among you and you will see how I am working all things out in your favor, says the Lord! This is a major month and a major time and season for me cleaning up things in your life and clearing up your name so that you can go free and be able to do all of the things that I have been long time positioning you for, says the Lord! Be at peace and be at ease as I clear the path before you, says the Lord! Now you will see all of my goodness and favor, declares the Lord! 1-31-2019 The Lord says, value that which is set before you, and I will honor you in the end when it is all said and done! 1-30-2019 The Lord says, you shouldn’t shut down just because you don’t feel that things are going your way or because you don’t see certain things, but get in my face and seek the way that I already have for you, and you will find that the way has already been made and prepared for you. 1-29-2019 The Lord says, I will arise in you and I will work to bring about a shift and cause things to realign in your life in such a way that you will see evidence and tangible results that I am on the move in your life, declares the Lord! 1-28-2019 The Lord says, overcome what is set before you, because I have already equipped you to do so. Look for your ram caught in the thicket and know that the way is made. You just need to get to and go through the right door, says the Lord! 1-27-2019 The Lord says, the fire that I put within you cannot be put out this season, but it will begin to burn brighter and brighter as I amplify and magnify what I am doing in your life at this time and in this season, says the Lord! 1-26-2019 The Lord says, you are valuable to me and I love you above all else, only not put yourself down because of a temporary set of circumstances, but you continue to be that light that I have called you to be, and know that you have my favor, says the Lord! 1-25-2019 The Lord says, you will get through it, but it is your faith that will take you through it. 1-24-2019 The Lord says, it is not over and I hold the final Say, and I move when you pray. 1-23-2019 The Lord says, I will make a way fast and I will not leave you stranded in that thing. You will see my hand of goodness as I pour out my favor in your life, says the Lord! 1-22-2019 The Lord says, your portion in me is always secure no matter what you are seeing in the world around you. Tap into me. Press into me, and you will surely see that my way is right and not wrong and my supply, which is your supply, will never run dry, and that is what is waiting on you when you release and activate your faith, says the Lord! 1-21-2019 The Lord says, I will deliver you from every adversary that would try to destroy your well-being. I am a God that delivers and I stand ready to deliver you and help you. Only trust me, says the Lord! 1-20-2019 The Lord says, the enemy has been busy forming up things against you, but I too have been busy forming up solutions to block his plans and to block his access to your life, and I have not forgotten you, says the Lord! You are very special to me and you are an important part of my plan in the earth, and I have a gift for you to receive that will bless your life and give you a new strength. I have been cleaning up and removing old faulty foundations from your life and preparing a new place for you to stand, but this time, you will not stand in your strength, but you will stand in me and you will stand in my mighty power as I move forth in your life in a new and a powerful way that is unforgettable, says the Lord! Don’t worry about what shakes around you, because you will not be shaken or crumble, because you are a part of a massive Kingdom which cannot be shaken because I am its foundation and structure, declares the Living God of Glory! 1-19-2019 The Lord says, I am your Father and I will provide for you and my love for you will only intensify all the more. Keep seeking my face and worshiping me and giving me praise, and you will see what I have for you released, says the Lord! 1-18-2019 The Lord says, I did not tell you to faint, lose heart, quit or to give up, but I told you to have faith and to press in to the end. It is faith that pleases me and not a bunch of fear, doubt, unbelief, and crying. I already have full provision in your wilderness and that what you look at as a wilderness in your life is the very thing that I will cause to blossom before you and in your midst, says the Lord! Look at Isaiah 32:15-20. The Lord says, how I am and have been leading you in this season, you have not been this way before, so everything is new for you, and it requires you to trust me and see. Just watch me work as I perform my mighty acts of great goodness in your life, declares the Lord! See Isaiah 42:16, 2 Corinthians 5:7, and 2 Corinthians 4:13 & 16-18. The Lord says, what I have put  upon you and put within you, you won’t be able to be hidden in this season, because what is in you and on you will cause you to stick out and to stand out and to shine. Arise and shine, says the Lord! 1-17-2019 The Lord says, this is your year to make something great happen, so make it happen. 1-16-2019 The Lord says, this is your time to show the world what you can do on my behalf so that they will marvel at your creative abilities, talents, and gifts that will bring glory to my name and win some, because of the awesomeness that they see. 1-15-2019 The Lord says, remember what things I did for you in times past and have a little hope for this season! 1-14-2019 The Lord says, I am showcasing you on center stage of my agenda in this season, and I am spotlighting your talent and what I have put within you for my glory, says the Lord! 1-13-2019 The Lord says, you will notice sudden changes on your path that will break you forth into victory. Only look not at the past and fear by those things, but know that I am doing a new thing that will change your course and shift you into what I have for you now and that which was ordained for you from the foundations of the earth, declares the Lord! 1-12-2019 The Lord says, get ready for some major things to happen in your life; for my goodness shall be poured out in your life. 1-11-2019 The Lord says, favor, favor, favor, and more favor is on your life, but if you keep blaming circumstances, then you can’t see what my favor can do nor what it has already done for you or will do and is currently doing. 1-10-2019 The Lord says, I am developing the voice in you and what I have been forming in you has made you uncomfortable at times as a mother that carries a kicking child, because it can get painful at times. What you are carrying is not a light thing and this is a season that you will be able to give birth to destiny, not the one that the people could see, but the hidden parts that no one was able to see that I was forming in you. It is that greater creativity that will come out of you in this season, says the Lord of Hosts! 1-9-2019 The Lord says, if you will let that thing go that was troubling you and had you stressed out and put it in my hands, then my process of healing and deliverance can take place in your life and cause you to have a new shine and a new zeal. Take a leap and a step of faith today, and dare to see my glory in your life, says the Lord! I never intended for nothing to burn you that my hands don’t have power over, declares the Lord! 1-8-2019 The Lord says, you don’t have to fret because of them, I made you much greater just because you came to me. 1-7-2019 The Lord says, there are some things you don’t have to address in this season, because I will address them for you. 1-6-2019 The Lord says, this is a season for the sons and the daughters of God to wake up and to arise to destiny and their purpose. It is no longer a time of business as usual, but itis a time of a great and powerful awakening for my people to walk in power of their destiny and to walk in the fullness of what I have for them. Now is the time for things to suddenly shift to show my people favor and to reveal my hidden ones that have been hidden for a long time for their safety and protection while they were in the developmental phases and processes of their lives. Now it is a set season and I will set things in motion at this time and in this season that I have been longing to do. Watch for my glory and watch for my goodness, says the Lord! 1-5-2019 Sometimes you can be in the power seat of authority and are in control of more than you really realize and you do not fully realize what you have at your disposal. You keep going back and forth over a problem that you already have the power to fix, and the Lord is trying to open up your eyes to see who you are and to see what you really have at your disposal. The Lord says, it is not time for you to wonder. It is not time for you to wander anymore. It is not time for you to go backwards, and because the enemy tried to come at you wrong to attack you, I am going to take you up even higher in his face, and I will promote you to honor in the face of those that said you would never make it, says the Lord! The Lord says, they will see, and they will see that I love you far above anything that they or you could have ever realized or imagined. 1-4-2019 The Lord says if you will look a little harder, you will see that the way is already made. It’s all worked out for you, says the Lord! 1-3-2019 The Lord says, it is imminent what I am about to do in your life, because what I am about to do in your life is major and it is bigger than anything that you have ever seen before. 1-2-2019 The Lord says, you’ve been in the valley of decision long enough and now it is time for you to decide. It is time for you to decide if you are going to trust me or not. It is time for you to decide if you are going to believe me or not. It is time for you to decide if you are going to walk with me or not, but just know that I am more than enough for your decisions and I am more than enough for your expectations, and I do not dis appoint when it comes to expectations of me, but I far out perform and do much, much more than anything you could ever ask, think, or even imagine of me, and I am your all sufficient one and I love you, says the Lord! 1-1-2019 The Lord says, a New Year, a new you, walk into the new and this year watch what I will do. I move in ways in your life this year that will absolutely astonish you and position you for the greatness that I have for you, and you will smile more than anything else this year, because of my hand at work in your life and because of my goodness. Don’t be afraid of change, because change is necessary to get you to where I would have you to be. The windows of Heaven will be opened up over you in a new way and in a promising way. Look up and look outside and see things in a new way as I am taking you a new way and showing you things differently in a new way. This is your chance to rise and see things in a way that you have never seen them before. Get up from where you are, because I am taking you up even more, says the Lord. Don’t deviate from the course that I will set you on this year, but you must allow your feet to be planted in a new way and that new way will be in the new soil to cause you to grow and produce maximum fruit from your life, says the Lord! This is your year to shine and blossom, says the Lord your God!