Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2017 Archives

12-31-2017 The Lord says, be willing to pray, but be willing to do. This Year will be one that requires prayer, but it will also require you to take action on your part. The harvest is there already, but it requires you to go out and reap it, says God! The Lord says, I will open a door, but you have to run through a door and not just try to walk through it slowly. Many doors this year will require a run through while they are open versus a slow walk through that could cause you to miss out altogether as you miss your window of opportunity. You have to be ready to seize the moment of opportunity the moment that I bring it before you, and do not let an indecisiveness spirit keep you from your harvest, declares the Lord! 12-31-2017 (Reposted from the Ensign Relationships section of the website) The Lord says, I am making up the assortment of Jewels in relationships that I am placing in your crown this year, and you will see their value once they are fitted in place. These new relationships will shine in the tops of your crown and not be a dull film anymore, declares the Lord! 12-30-2017 I hear the Lord saying, do not keep pushing your ministry and your destiny way out into the future, but know that the time is at hand. For some of my people have no plan of stepping out and fulfilling their destiny right now, because they keep kicking it way down the road saying ‘One day I will do it, but just not right now,’ but the Lord says to you, Now is the time of your fulfillment. It is not a day long out into the future, but now is the time for you to let me work through you and flow out my purpose through you because the time is short and the time is at hand. Many will be caught off guard by my sudden act and my surprise act and many will not be prepared to meet me, but my plans are still the same and are unchanged. This is the hour, the time, and the season for you to walk in and to embrace the fullness of your destiny now, declares the Lord! 12-29-2017 The Lord says, this is a time for you to be led and fed by my Spirit. This is a time for you not to continue to try and do things on your own natural strength and ability, but for you to rely on my grace and strength and the ability that I give to you. Many problems will be resolved for you this year if you learn to do that and if you learn to yield to my Spirit and lean on me versus leaning on yourself. Tune your spiritual ears into what I am saying to you by my Spirit, and I will open up your spiritual eyes to see things my way and to gain my perspective and outlook on things, because many things that may look a certain way to the natural eyes are not as they appear, and you will need my Spirit to show you the truth and to break down those hidden things like a Cat Scan or X-ray vision in order for you to really understand things the way that they really are. I will give you the ability to discern things accurately and precisely; I will give you that deep inner and internal vision to see things deep within and not just to look at things from a surface level this Year, declares the Lord! 12-28-2017 The Lord says, my people are looking to all sorts of sources to meet their needs accept for me. My heart breaks when I see that my own people do not trust me or struggle to trust me. I look for people who trust me, trust what I say, and believe my words. I look for people to walk in my ways. I look and search hard for those that have faith and take my words at face value and know that it is as good as gold in the earth if I said it. I look for those that will trust me to show them their purpose and reveal to them their destiny. I looked for faith then, and I am looking for faith now, says the Lord! 12-27-2017 The Lord says, I see your toughness and determination, and I see how you have endured many things and would not give up, and I will not let you down or dis appoint you. Just do my will and I will see to it that you are rewarded and exalted for your love and steadfast spirit and ways in my Kingdom, says the Lord! 12-26-2017 The Lord says, do you not still believe that I am watching over your life, and you do not still believe that I am cradling your promises. Just sleep well knowing that I have everything already worked out on your behalf, because I have even ordered a shift in your life to protect and defend the interests that I created for you, declares the Lord! 12-25-2017 The Lord says, watch my glory come down upon the nations, and I will indeed show myself to the nations in a mighty way in this season, declares The Mighty God of Jacob! 12-24-2017 The Lord says, stop assuming and trying to guess what my will is, and pray and just ask me what my will is for your life and that situation, and I will tell you versus you going off of assumption and wild guesses, which leads to more dis appointments in your life. Instead of fuming and assuming, get in my presence and seek me so I can start grooming you to be my bride, says the Lord! 12-23-2017 The Lord says, sometimes the mantle upon you that I have placed there causes a war and it causes friction with others, because the weight of it is so heavy, and sometimes the people around you may not understand what you are carrying so you are frequently misunderstood and many things that you say and do are misinterpreted and perceived the wrong way. Do not get caught up in disputes and strife with others over what I have called you to do, because you know what I have called you to do and I know what I have called you to do, so don’t waste all of your time trying to prove something to others that otherwise might not see nor understand the path that I have you on, says the Lord! 12-22-2017 The Lord says, your purpose in life is designed to take you to the deepest realms of your destiny. There is a greater purpose for you in life, and the Lord did not give you all of those gifts, talents, and abilities just to sit on them, but he has a special work for you to do to put them all to good use. Your destiny path will take you a unique place in life providing that you enter into the correct path of your destiny. If you respond to life as you always have, then your portal or special door will not open to you, but the Lord told me to tell you that when you get rid of your pride and truly humble yourself before him and others, then every door that you need opened will open up for you, and you will be able to go forward like never before, and you will see the exact place that he is taking you and aiming to carry you. It is up to you be humble yourself and see all that he has for you laid up and waiting for you already, but humility is the one way to get it and to get there. The Lord says, do not focus on people that wanted you to stumble, but focus on what I am saying to you now in this season and putting before you now so that you can enter that path of destiny that I have prepared for you now in this season, declares the Lord! 12-21-2017 The Lord says, keep on calling upon me and I will respond. Faith keeps calling until it sees the harvest shows up. It does not quit in the midst of the storm or when faced with a trial, but it smiles, knowing all the while that I am going to come through for you, says the Lord! 12-20-2017 The Lord says, it is better to stay ahead than to stay behind. It is better to look ahead than to look backwards. It is better to be able to see your bright future in me than to be reminded of your dark past by Satan, which is already a defeated foe whom I overcame for you to give you victory, declares the Lord! 12-19-2017 The Lord has shown me things are about to accelerate in the world, particularly in the Middle East and around Asia. This is a time to keep constant prayers going up on behalf of these things as there will be spiritual warfare, as well as natural warfare. It is a time to tighten up the loose ends in your walk with the Lord and make sure that you are right with him. Make sure that not only do you know Jesus, but that he knows you, and that you are found being faithful to do his will every day that you live and wake up and have an opportunity to do so. The Lord says, this is not an hour to fear, but an hour to draw near. Draw near to me in faith, and you will find that you will be covered in my grace. I am depending on my bold army to be the defenders of the faith in this hour as you all contend for the faith. Know that I am there to shield you and keep you, and now is the time that I will also pour out my rewards even in the midst of a great shaking leading to a great awakening, says the Lord! 12-18-2017 The Lord says, I am removing all of the blockages and things that hinder you from your life path and destiny permanently. I also heard the Lord say, keep looking for the blessing, because it will soon be manifesting. 12-17-2017 The Lord says, my path for you is much greater than you anticipated, and it would be advantageous for you to take the path that I laid out for you seriously, so that greater things can come to you as you embark upon the greater journey. There is strength available for you for the journey, says God! 12-16-2017 The Lord says, everything is about to shift, everything is about to shift. Things will be shifting and changing pretty quickly. Money will be changing hands. Keys of authority will be changing hands. I will shift nations in this hour and I will shift people in this season, and I will place them where I need them to be and not just where they wanted to be. I am creating something totally new. I am creating and releasing a new Kingdom structure that will last and that will set the course for the days ahead. I shifting knowledge. I am shifting the wealth into the right hands, and I am shifting seats of power, and seats of power that have done evil and ruled wickedly will suddenly find their posterity and dominion in the hands of another. I will purge and thoroughly cleanse my floor, and I will silence some voices that no longer represents me, and I will put force, power, and my backing behind those new voices I have raised up with humble hearts, says the Lord! Watch for it! Wait for it! Look for it, and embrace it, says the Lord; for the mystery of my new things have begun, says the Lord God! 12-15-2017 The Lord says, stop listening to songs and messages that make you doubt, make you doubt my will and make you to have doubts about my plans and make you doubt that I have called you and chosen you. I know the plans that I have for you in life, because I designed both you as well as those plans for your life, and I have not changed my mind about either one, says the Lord! 12-14-2017 The Lord says, I have already planned for you to get the victory over that situation, so smile and rejoice knowing that I have already created your path to success. 12-13-2017 The Lord says, pay attention to the signs that I am sending you, because they are revealing an overall message to you. Your path forward will be discovered through the codes of what I am saying to you through what I am sending you through the signs, says the Lord! 12-12-2017 The Lord says, you don’t worry about the things going on in the world, but put your focus on me, and watch at how I am moving in your midst and in my Kingdom. Do not miss what I am doing and how I am moving in this season, says the Lord! 12-11-2017 The Lord says, do you not think that I am going to take care of you? Yes, I have a process for you to go through, but my process is not to harm you, but to refine you so that I can bless you in the way that I intend to bless you. 12-10-2017 The Lord revealed that you need to set things in order in your house and get the clutter of your life and out of your heart so nothing hinders you from going forward in the direction that he wants to take you in this season. If you get stuck looking at what you can or cannot accomplish at your current age, then you are placing limitations on your own life and on what the Lord can do in your life. The Lord says, you are not too young and you are not too old to do those things that I am putting in your heart. You are seasoned, well able, well equipped, a perfect fit, and suitable for the position that I am appointing you to in this season. Do not let your own life issues and internal struggles and negative opinions of yourself at times block what I am trying to do in your life in this season simply because I know the makeup of every person under the sun that I have created and I know what each one of you are capable of doing and performing, because I made you and put certain things within you, declares the Lord! 12-9-2017 The Lord says, did you think that I was going to abandon you? Really? Did you think that I really would forget you, my precious love. You have always been the apple of my eyes and the love of my heart, and I will not abandon you and I will always be there for you to do you good. Just look upon me and look to me to be your helper and you will find a true friend in me as I open up the doors that you need opened to fare well and to fulfill my will for your life, says the Lord! Only trust me and only believe, says God! 12-8-2017 The Lord says, what you are counting on and expecting of me will come through for you. 12-7-2017 The Lord says, nothing can be taken away from you that I intend for you to keep, so stop worrying about the nabbers and the grabbers and snatchers and the catchers and put your trust in my ability to watch over you and to guard over you. You have my protection, says the Lord! 12-6-2017 The Lord says, think carefully before you make your next decision and be sure that you have heard my voice and know my will concerning those matters. If you adhere to my voice, then a lot of troubling issues in your life will be resolved and will go away permanently. Many people oftentimes do not put my Kingdom first, but it is when you put my Kingdom first and what I will for you to do that all other things line up in your life around my will. I hold the blueprints and the plans for your life, and there is no success without me and putting my will ahead of your own will and plans, says the Lord! A wise servant obeys my voice and reap the rewards for doing so, says the Lord! 12-5-2017 The Lord says, allow me to initiate the process in your life. Allow me to initiate the process of healing, the process of restoration, the process of stability, the process of abundant life, the process of victory, the process of total renewal, the process of faith, the process of my wisdom being poured into you, the process of reconciliation, the process of healing those old wounds, the process of renewing your spirit. If you will allow me to start my process in your life by saying yes to my will, then you will start to see immediate results, says the Lord! 12-4-2017 The Lord says, things will begin to line up in your life, only cooperate with the process I am initiating in your life. Some things were not quite able to manifest for you, because you were not in alignment and you were out of order and out of balance, but as things come back into its proper alignment and equilibrium takes place in your life, then you will see my hand and my Spirit move in many different ways in your life, and it will cause my will to be established in your life for the greater purposes of my Kingdom. Only let not doubt and unbelief rob you, but believe what I am saying to you, and you will see what I am saying to you manifest in your life, says the Lord! 12-3-2017 The Lord says, if you allow me to show you the way forward, you will see it. My way is the same way and path that you ignored or overlooked in times past. The course is still laid out the same. When you take it, you will find life and you will find the path of prosperity and peace unlike anything that you have ever known or experienced before in life, declares the Lord! 12-2-2017 The Lord says, be careful not to operate in fear, because faith is the thing that I look for that gets my attention. When I see faith I respond, only fear causes you not to obey me or to fully obey me, and wherever there is a breach of trust between us in our relationship, nothing can move forward until that breach has been repaired and trust has been fully restored. Do not repeat the mistakes of your past that got you absolutely nowhere, but learn to trust me now, wholeheartedly, and fully in order to see the rewards and the benefits of serving me as Father and Lord who anxiously wait and stands ready to bless his children, declares the Lord God! 12-1-2017 The Lord says, allow me to sharpen your skills and allow me to sharpen your vision so that you will be able to see that which you could not see clearly in times past. In this season, my glory will come down to visit you, and the manifestations of my Spirit will amaze you, and you will be totally amazed and stunned at the many wonderful things that I do for you, but more importantly, what I will do through you as a vessel and a channel for my Spirit to flow through, declares the Lord! 11-30-2017 The Lord says, the thoughts of yesterday is a thing of the past. I declare new things over your life. Your dreams will even be new and different than any other thing that you have experienced before in times past. New thoughts will arise in your mind that have my seal upon them, and I will give you a new way of thinking that will reflect my Kingdom. Prepare for those new things that I am unleashing in your life, says the Lord! 11-30-2017 (Reposted from Yesterday 11-30-2017 from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot) The Lord says, the answer is already on the inside of you. You have been looking for the answer outwardly and to come to you from the outside, when I have already put wisdom on the inside of you that will produce your answers to those things you call dilemmas. Only let my wisdom spring up within you and not lie dormant, because it is already there, and your answers is inside of you, says the Lord! 11-29-2017 The Lord says, for some people you are a source of hope, inspiration, and strength, because I have made you the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Even as things gets darker in many parts of the world and even around you in many areas, they will see me when they see the light in you. When they see your light, they see me. Be that light for them on my behalf, says the Lord! 11-28-2017 The Lord says, if you can define my purpose in your life, then you will find the motivation to do it. 11-27-2017 The Lord says, as you go forth to do my will, I will provide for all of your needs, and you won’t go lacking as a result of you doing my will and doing all that I ask you to do. 11-26-2017 The Lord says, what I have given you is eternal, but what you are currently going through is temporary so don’t get stuck in your mind over a situation that is temporary and subject to change permanently at any time. 11-25-2017 The Lord says, if you don’t take no chances, then there can be no advances. There are certain risks in life that I have already ordained for you to take to demonstrate your faith. As you get to moving in faith, I will show up in the details, says the Lord! 11-24-2017 The Lord says, those same things that you thought were dead when it comes to your dreams are the very things that I am resurrecting in this season in your life and rekindling a flame upon those old ideas that you never launched. Some things had no success in your life, because you launched them out of season and out of my timing and you did not wait upon my instructions on when to launch them, so you failed at them and got discouraged, but now it is those things that are coming back into the spotlight and coming to the forefront of things again. This time those things will prosper and my hand will be upon you and my blessing on those ventures, because it is now time to launch them and they have my seal of approval, says God! 11-23-2017 The Lord says, you have been looking for them to sponsor you, but I am the one that will sponsor you. I have already set it up that when you come to your senses and realize that I am the one that you need, then you will see all the provision that you need and require show up in your life. Until you get to that point, I am still waiting on you to come to that realization, declares the Lord! 11-22-2017 The Lord says, in times of transition, do not get stuck standing still, but keep moving forward and keep in motion and you will see your door and see your pathway forward clearly. The Lord also says, when you see parts of the Church as a whole in certain areas that is strong and that need no aid or assistance, those churches have been self-sufficient and self-sustaining, and that is my will for all churches to come to that place in me where they can now minister out instead of needing to be ministered to, because they have become self-sufficient and self-sustaining so that other churches can be built and planted in other regions so that my will, plans, and purposes can continue and be fulfilled in its fullness, declares the Lord! (That Latter portion about the Churches came to me by a dream. The Lord spoke that part to me through a dream.) The Lord says, I desire for you to grow also so that you might hear and experience my voice and direction through the realm of dreams and visions that I want to give you as I visit you in that way. 11-22-2017 (Reposted from The Relationships by Ensign section of the website from yesterday on 11-22-2017) The Lord says, do not be afraid to make new friends and come out of your shy shell of isolation, because in doing so, you will meet those new divine connections of destiny that I have for you. The Lord would also say, that certain people were looking at you and were seeing you in the wrong way, but I will cause them to look again and see you in a new way, the correct way, and they will see you for who I created you to be and will have a new found respect for you. I am also hearing a third word for some of you. The Lord has shown me that some of you have gone through a divorce and a terrible time in your past, and you use your current ministry, for some of you job, to hide behind as a way to hide from the pains of your past, and this has kept you somewhat in a time of isolation and just keeping to yourself, but the Lord says, it is time that you allow me to put my hand inside of your heart and heal all those painful experiences and brokenness so that healing can take place in your life that will have an effect on your social life and all of your relationships, which will have a positive impact on how you interact with people. The Lord says to you, I have revealed my will to you, and now the next steps and moves are up to you. Come to me now and let me heal you and take those fears out of your heart, fear of trusting people, and fear of people leaving you or abandoning you. I will take away all fear, says the Lord! 11-22-2017 (A portion reposted from The Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot from yesterday on 11-22-2017)The Lord says, there is a difference in what you need and what you want. There are many things that you have been saying that you need, but it is actually what you want. You must allow me to give you the ability to be able to discern the proper balance of knowing what you need and what you want. The Lord says, ask me to give you the wisdom to know the difference. 11-21-2017 The Lord is saying, fulfill my request and I will fill your requests. Do my will and I will do those things that are near and dear to your heart, declares Elohim. 11-20-2017 The Lord says, don’t over think a situation and look at things as being more difficult than they really are. Seek me for the wisdom that you need to handle that thing properly. The skills and the strategies that I give you to do things my way will prove to be way more beneficial than you might have expected when you follow the course that I have laid out for you, says the Lord! 11-19-2017 The Lord says, the greater blessing comes to those that believe without first having to see things upfront, and I respond to those that have faith when I see it in action. The angels are already designated to move on your behalf when they see your faith in action instead of fear. I also look to see if you are operating in faith or too fearful to step out into that which I have called you to do, says the Lord! 11-18-2017 The Lord says, don’t get stuck on one thing when I tell you to shift to something else and something different. Remember, I know the way that you should take so that you will end up at your final destination with honors instead of shame, declares the Lord! 11-17-2017 While caught up in the glory cloud of the Lord, I heard the Lord said the following things; 1) Don’t rupture that which was healed. 2) Maintain that which was healed. 3) Don’t let go of your expectations. 4) Keep a pure heart. 5) Keep a clear focus. 6) Remember what I spoke to you. 7) Hold tight to those things that I have promised you. 8) Keep faith alive and you will indeed thrive. 9) The Lord went further to say that decades old murder mysteries would be solved. 10) I will cause them to find bodies that were hidden so that families will have closure. 11) I will cause people that were missing to be found suddenly, even some will be found safe. 12) The Lord says, I have healed your finances. 13) My glory has been poured out upon you. 14) The Lord says, I will cause you to understand my will and 15) you will gain a deeper knowledge of who I am. 16) The Lord says, I will pour out my fire upon you, and you will get hot and will light up like a blaze when you pray for others. 17) The Lord says, you have not experienced this level of glory that I bring upon you. 18) Reach up and drink of the river of my glory, says the Lord! 19) The Lord says, tell my evangelists, don’t make it about you. Preach the Gospel and keep it about me, and there will be fire on your words and fire will be on you and what you say. 20) Do not take the faith that I have given you for granted. 21) The Lord says, tell my pastors to feed the sheep with the meat of my word. Do not be distracted by things and material goods; for I greatly take care of those that labor in word and doctrine. 22) Get ready to dream, says God; for there will be supernatural encounters with me, declares the Lord! I have heard the Lord say all of these things for his people. I just heard the Lord say that a myriad of people would be saved and millions more would be healed in this pouring out of his glory. Some people are going to get healed suddenly and instantly without even knowing why or what even happened and for no apparent reason other than, I am God, and I am good, says the Lord! What I am doing is not something that is coming, but it is something that is here, says the Lord! Experience my glory now, says the Lord! 11-16-2017 The Lord says, I have confidence in you that you will fulfill all that I have created you for and called you to do. Just as I had faith in Job that he would not deny me or turn his back on me when he was being tested on all sides, so I have faith that what I have put in you will make it to its final destination in honor, says the Lord! 11-15-2017 The Lord says, why would you allow things in life to tamper with your joy? I gave you my joy to sustain you and to keep you built up in faith along the way. It is not my will for you to be overwhelmed, but it is my will for you to be over joyed at all times and to experience my love and my joy in your daily lives. Get under the fountain of my Spirit today, and allow me to pour out into your cup afresh until it fills again and overflows and spills onto others, declares the Spirit of God! 11-14-2017 The Lord says, do not be afraid to allow me to visit your mind in this season. I have many things to download into your spirit that will change your life for the better and set a new course for you. Seek me first and you will see the secrets of the Kingdom laid out before you. Before you go any further, let me equip you with a new mantle that will set you free of the past bondages and the roughness of the last season and previous seasons that you walked through. Shake the dust off of your life and allow me to give you that new identity in going forward and that fresh perspective so that you can see clearly and see in a new way. I have a new path for you, but it begins with you being open to that path for things to open up for you to gain access to this new realm that I am calling you to, says the Lord! 11-13-2017 The Lord says, press on in and win, because I have already given you the victory. You should not be afraid of foes that I have already defeated for you. Your success is in me and your victory comes from me, and I have even given you the edge and the advantage over all adversaries and the victory is now in sight, so take it, says the Lord! 11-12-2017 The Lord says, I have already charted out the path for your life. You just need to follow, and take what I have said and spoken to you in times past seriously, declares the Lord! 11-12-2017 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website from yesterday 11-12-2017) The Lord says, I have you on a special journey in this season meeting new relationships that will be a strategic part of my will for your life that will help thrust you forward in a new way and propel your destiny forward. Do not neglect to take advantage of the new things and all the new strategic relationships that I am adding to your life, because they are there for a unique and awesome purpose, declares the Lord! 11-11-2017 The Lord would say unto you, know that this is a Kairos moment in your life, and I am turning things at an accelerated rate in your life. Flow with me and keep up the pace, says the Lord; for I have yet many things to show you, to tell you, to reveal to you, and this is an hour and a season in time that I am revealing the secret codes and mysteries of your life. Many surprising things are unfolding in your life and day after day, I am revealing more and more to you about the real purpose of your life and why you were really created. Are you tuned in yet? Are you fully tuned in yet, says the Lord! I have a download to impart into your spirit and as you tune in, you will know certain things that you did not previously know, things that were only a mystery to you in times past up until recently, declares the Lord! 11-10-2017 The Lord is saying that it is time for you to blossom and be refreshed and step into the glory realm that I have prepared for you wherein you will see me in ways that you have never experienced me before. I have fresh manna for you in that realm. I have a new type of provision for you in that realm. Come on up and come on in so that you can see all that I have for you, and now you will experience my best. The toil of the former season is over, moreover, you know me as Jehovah in a new way and in many ways. You will see that I am your provider and you sustainer and your deliverer, says the Lord! I will now surprise you with some good things in this season, declares the Lord your God! 11-9-2017 The Lord says, your status just changed, and you just got an upgrade, so rejoice in your new portion, declares the Lord! 11-8-2017 The Lord says, quit looking at the problems and know that I have already solved them. Just call for those things, those solutions, to appear in your life and you will see what you say, but you will see what I have fixed, because that is what will show up for you, declares the Lord! 11-7-2017 The Lord says, I am trusting you to score and score big. You have been equipped to score and to score very big for the Kingdom of God, says the Lord! 11-6-2017 The Lord says, let me show you what you can’t see, and in so doing, you will discover the next steps to take in order to access the next season of your life. The treasure is in you moving forward, not looking behind you, says the Lord! 11-5-2017 The Lord says, if you continue to focus on the wrong things it will snare you, but if you allow me to give you fresh vision along with a fresh focus, then you will see your way forward in a new way that produces the best fruit from your life. Allow me to refresh you like eye drops flushes and cleans the eyes, says the Lord! You will see with new vision, says God! 11-4-2017 The Lord says, I am moving you forward with a new momentum into your future and your destiny. Do not look backwards at your past and get yourself tripped up by what happened back then, just focus on your now and where I am taking you and leading you now in this season and at this time. I have the ability to open all the doors for you, only not look at yourself and what you can or cannot afford to do, but look at my ability and what I can and will do for you by my hand; for my right hand will be strong in your life if you let it be. For truly I am a God that is able to deliver you and provide for you, but you have to trust me and believe that. Know that I have even provided all things for you already and all things are in place for you already. Only have faith. Trust the leading of my Spirit to get you there, says the Lord! 11-3-2017 The Lord says, you have been trying to stay the course that I had you on several years ago, but things have shifted and changed and even now I am sending you down a new path with a new and unique assignment. This is a time for you to press in and get a new set of instructions for a new road map of where I am taking you, declares the Lord! You do not know this way, so that is why it requires you to trust me, says the Lord! 11-2-2017 1) The Lord says, they cannot ambush you, because I have already dispatched my troops to go before you and ambush them. You are protected says the Lord, because you have angelic intervention on your side, declares the Lord! 2) The Lord says, I have called you to be one that liberates everywhere you go. There is a very special anointing on you to set the captives free. I have called you to liberate people and nations, and when you show up in a place or even in a particular nation, the people will get free and will get liberated suddenly, says the Lord! 11-1-2017 The Lord says, you have been pondering many things and your mind has wondered a thousand different places trying to come up with a strategy. The pressures of life has been great upon you in this season, but the Lord says I will not let you give up; for my hand is holding you and grace is covering you, and my mercy has been made available to you in this season, and I will provide gravy for your rice. I will give you sign after sign, confirmation after confirmation, just to keep you encouraged while I am navigating you through that wilderness into that which I have ordained for your life and have promised you. I am still not a man that I lie to you. If I said that I was going to do something for you that I spoke to you, then you can bank on it being done and coming to pass. Get ready for a strong visitation of my Spirit that will drop many, many blessings on your path. My path drop fatness, and this is a season wherein I will enlarge the place of your tent and bring greatness in your life, and you will know that it was by my hand and not the works of your own hands, says the Lord, and all these things shall come to pass in your life, because I am a God of integrity; for the mouth of the Lord have spoken it! Furthermore, I heard the Lord say, I have never forgotten one seed that you have sown, and they are about to produce big for you in this season, says the Lord! The Lord God further says, things will happen for you on another level in this season and not on the smaller scale that you were used too, declares the Lord! Apply that to your life, your businesses, and your ministries! 10-31-2017 The Lord God says, I am your covering, I am your shield, I am your peace, I am your victory, I am He that causes you to win and overcome all sin. I am the answer that you need. I am the bread from which you feed. I am the life and the light, I am your sight in the darkness of the night. I am your refuge from the heat of the day and the storm, I am the one that causes the raging seas in your life to remain calm. I am the balm in Gilead, the friend that sticks closer than a brother, I am the one that loves you more than all people, including a father and mother. I am your life line, the strength of the vine, all glory, all honor, all power, belongs to me, the Divine. I find pleasure in hearing your prayers, I save every tear, take away all your fear, and have sworn by my name that you will see a breakthrough before the end of this year, says the Lord God Almighty! I AM THAT I AM, and I AM your Father, and you are my beloved sons and daughters, declares the Lord! 10-30-2017 The Lord says, in strategic seasons of warfare in your life, I have dispatched angels to assist you and to war on your behalf, but in this season, I, myself, will come and show up on your behalf, and I will fight for you and make sure that you win and get the victory. Your fight is not fair in this season. You have an unfair advantage, because I am the one that is fighting for you, says the Lord! 10-29-2017 You have been weary waiting, because you have been waiting for a seemingly long time, and as of lately it seems like your confidence has been coming back and just rekindling. You were a little unsure, but overall you see some things starting to move again in your life that you know is the hand of God and not you. The Lord would have you to know that it is him at work in your life and his mercy is at work on your behalf. The Lord says, I am not ignoring you and I hear you when you pray, but I need you to get beyond your feelings and your flesh to believe that I am there to speak back to you, but you don’t stick around long enough in my presence to hear what I have to say, but I long to talk to you when you talk to me. Stay a while and listen for what I have to say, declares the Lord! 10-28-2017 The Lord says, I will speak to you if you will listen. I will visit you if I am invited by you. I will sup with you if you prepare a table for me to sup with you. I respond back to you based upon the invitation that you first give me, says the Lord! 10-27-2017 The Lord says, trust me to see my favor on your life and upon that thing of your livelihood, and you will see it come to pass and spillover to your family members. 10-26-2017 Do not be afraid to cross over to that new place that I am calling you to. I have provision laid up for you already in that new place. Let your heart be pure and let your mind be clear so that there is nothing in you that would hinder you and cause you to doubt how I am leading you in this season. Just know that I have favored you because you have favored my righteous cause, and now I will begin the process of honoring all those prayer requests in this season that you have put before me. Only stay on the path that I have you on that is leading you to this new place of provision with some great rewards for your faithful obedience to me, declares the Lord! 10-25-2017 Crossing Over into New Territory; The Lord is calling for his Body in the earth to cross over into new territory. Many of you were trained for this time. Some of you got weary and took a back seat, but the Lord says, get back into your uniform. Get back into the fight. Some people have been being defeated and just getting their butts kicked by the adversary on many fronts, because they refused to be trained and equipped in the last season when the Lord was trying to empower them for their future. They refused to be trained for this season, because they were lifted up in pride, and the Lord is saying, get rid of the pride, don’t miss the boat. Get rid of the pride and take up a new mantle of mercy. The Lord says, you will need to get rid of your pride in order to move forward and cross over into a new beginning and a new territory. The Lord says, the pride that is in you now and that was in you in the past season was and is blocking you from moving forward and blocking you from seeing your future. The Lord says, shake off your past season and arise out of the ashes and the dust of your past and shake that mess off of you and get into a new flow, a new strength, and a new momentum and you will once again see the windows of Heaven open up over your life and times of refreshing will hit your life; for I have extended a season of mercy to you to catch a fresh wind and get back on track with my Mighty Army as it moves forward and progresses in the earth. The Lord says, this is about you in this season. Thesis about you making the right choices and getting back in proper alignment that will lead to a new assignment, a new promotion, new money streams, new sources of income, new stability in your life, new favors, new buildings and new real estate, a new mantle on your life, new times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord, new appeals in the courts of Heaven, new fire coming upon your life and the ministry in you, new fire falling on those businesses, new increase, new and stronger connections, new strength to press forward, a new and fresh set of instructions to help you move into your new season. You were rejected in past seasons, because I did not find your works perfect before me, but in this new season, I am restoring you to a place of acceptance, and your hands will be used again to bring the precious upon my altar, and I will use you to tear down thrones of iniquity and the altars of Baal. Submit to my fire, and I will take you up higher, says the Lord! Cross over in this season. You will find new strength to cross over into your land of promise and into new territory, says the Lord! I see where the Lord will put opportunities for the Body of Christ to takeover schools and Universities, banks, businesses, properties, and many other things, but we have to be in position so when they come to us and ask us to take over, we can oblige and assume the proper rights to take over in the way that he has shown us. There is a supernatural download of a blueprint being downloaded into the Body of Christ right now, and it will give individual instructions for people how to complete their part, as well as corporate instructions for key and strategic leaders in the Body of Christ. 10-24-2017 The Lord says, you have to trust that I am leading you even when you do not understand everything. You have to know that you have heard my voice even when things look contrary to what I told you. Sometimes, I just need to see your faith, and to see if you really do believe what I have told you, and if you pass those tests, then promotion is very nigh for you. Abraham was tested about 25 years for the promise of his own son, Isaac. Joseph was tested over a 13 year period before he finally made it to rule over a nation after I visited him and showed it to him through his dreams. Jacob was tested over 14 years working for a father-in-law that tricked him with a wife and changed his wages 10 different times in attempts to cheat him, before I spoke to him and told him to return to his native land of promise. David was tested in the wilderness for many years with Saul trying to kill him after I had Samuel, my prophet, to anoint him to be the next King of Israel, before he actually ascended to the throne in Hebron and then overall of Israel after 7 more years. In all of those cases, you can see clearly that my promises made to them always came to pass, but can you pass the test of time, or will you get impatient and lose faith like the many people that get tired of waiting on what I spoke to them, says the Lord? I promote all of whom wait on my timing and that waits for the fulfillment of the thing that I have spoken unto them. The longer the wait, the greater the manifestation of what I do in your life, says the Lord! You take it upon yourself to assume that because it is delayed or have not happened yet, that it is not going to happen for you anymore. Who told you that lie, says the Lord? Know that I work all things in my timing and in my will, says God! 10-23-2017 The Lord says, this is a season where the tribes of the earth are aligning as they see fit, but I will now move and begin to realign the tribes of the earth as I see fit, and my glory will be seen orchestrating many things in the earth, and I will cause all things to align according to my glory, my purposes, and according to my will even as I have declared it, says the Lord! 10-22-2017 The Lord says, keep seeking my Kingdom first, and all things in your life will come into proper balance and alignment, and you will be set on your right course of destiny, declares the Lord! 10-21-2017 The Lord says, if you can avoid the distractions, you will see how I am leading you in this season and where I am calling you to go. 10-20-2017 The Lord says, expect for me to show you the way. Do not expect me to be silent in your life. Tune in your ears to what I am saying to you by my Spirit. Allow the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened, and allow my peace to overtake you in all areas of your life; for my Spirit will show you the way, the correct way, declares the Lord! 10-19-2017 The Lord says, this is a season for you to get your ducks lined up in a row and get some things back in order and back on course in your life. This is a season where you must regain a balance in your life and as you regain your balance by getting in order, you will see me bring a heavenly balance in your life that will cause you to walk in fruitfulness and walk into your season of an inheritance, says the Lord! Specifically, there have been some things that the Lord has been putting his finger on in your life and asking you to get back on track in those areas. He is not mad at you at all. He just wish that you would do better and take those areas of your life more seriously, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. A lot of what you are believing God for has a lot to do with you being in order and walking in balance in your life; for some of you that means your personal life, yet for others of you that means in your business, while for others of you that means in the area of ministry or your church or missions, and yet for some of you that is in the area of school. Whatever the case, you have to walk in a balance and get things in order or back in order, so that you can see manifest what you have been believing God to bring forth in your life. See Proverbs 11:1. 10-18-2017 The Lord says, do not over react to situations that may not look favorable for you at the moment. I have already gone before you and have worked it all out, so expect a complete turnaround instead of the worse, says the Lord! 10-17-2017 The Lord says, I have been testing your heart for a while now to see how you would respond, act, and react to what I have been sending you or have allowed to come your way. I have been testing you for promotion and favor. I have been aligning your thoughts with my will so that all things can be fulfilled. Remember that I know the future and more importantly, I know your future and your destiny, says the Lord! There are certain things that I have asked you to do over time, because those acts of obedience was positioning you for your future so that you could be sustained in the days ahead and the times to come. For you it seemed like it could not come quick enough, but I know the times and seasons, says the Lord! Only be patient, faithful, and obedient, and all things will fall into place and come into its proper alignment, says the Lord! 10-16-2017 The Lord says, the place of your weakness will become the place of your strength, and the place of your affliction will now become the place of your healing, declares the Lord of Hosts. 10-15-2017 The Lord says, let fountains of my Spirit flow in you, to you, and through you in a new way that will produce new life in your life that will take you into a new season. 10-14-2017 The Lord says, if I am shaking things up in your life, it is not to harm you, but it is because I love you and want the best for you. So trust me now and in the days ahead as I bring the needed and necessary shifts in your life to get you to a place of stability and tranquility, so you can focus better on doing my will versus remaining on the sidelines not using your gifts and talents wherewith I have created you for. I have created you for more than just sitting still on the sidelines, says the Lord! 10-13-2017 The Lord says, I am pouring out my goodness in the lives of my people, my faithful ones. Do not be deceived by all the chaos in the world and around you, because I am able to be good and to show my Beloved goodness in the midst of all the chaos, declares the Lord! 10-12-2017 The Lord says, if you think I abandoned you, then you can’t see how I can and will help you. I long to restore you. I aim to restore you and to rekindle the fire of the flame that you once had. Keep seeking me and keep on crying out to me, and I will definitely lift your head up again, declares the Lord! 10-11-2017 The Lord says, be careful not to make hasty, life changing, life altering decisions while you may be upset or having a moment of anger. Learn to calm down first without burning any bridges so that you can make a clear headed decision and not one based upon angry or misguided emotions. You make better decisions after you pray and trust me and when you are calm, declares the Lord! 10-10-2017 In a dream last night, I and a group of people from America were in China visiting with some fellow Chinese Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I saw three great whirlwinds form and came down out of the sky literally within seconds, and I started yelling and warning all of the people there, both Americans and Chinese, to take cover. Everyone started running and following me and we all took cover in a low lying area in a ditch behind a wall in the park. These were huge weird looking tornadoes like big wedge tornadoes, but with a lot of dust in them and very dirty in nature like dust clouds that covered a very large area of land. After the first one, no one lost their lives and several cars were untouched, but all of the businesses on that main street were totally destroyed, but only on one side of the road and the roofs were off and fires had broken out because of the dam age from the tornadoes that led to some gas leaks. Within seconds more of us getting up from taking cover, the second great whirlwind started coming through so we all took cover in the same spots once again, and no lives were lost and a lot of the cars were still untouched, but that second one followed the exact path of the first on the same side of the road where all of the dam age had occurred. By this time we was all up again and walking around talking to one another and looking at the dam age, but everyone was very calm, then all of a sudden the third whirlwind came down and started heading our way, but this time as I stood between two cars, instead of warning the people to take cover as I did before, I stood up boldly and I spoke to the winds of this things and commanded it to lift up, go up over us and dissipate, and it did exactly what I had commanded it to do, and all the people wondered at this thing, but were glad that they were protected by my quick thinking actions. It was as if some boldness came upon me, and I felt confident to speak to this great and powerful whirlwind, and soon after, everything seemed to be alright, and the fires had stopped burning, and we all began talking again and rebuilding all of the buildings that were dam aged by the first two great whirlwinds. I will leave any interpretation to those of you that maybe reading this, but two things that I want to point out that I believe the Lord is saying with this dream is that there is a need for leaders that recognize that they have power in them to speak to adverse winds and adverse situations in these times as the Church, and it will be as the voice of God himself when we walk in unity and one accord. I can tell you that there is much more interpretation to this, but the second point that he was trying to show us that no matter what kind of dam age comes from storms or the adversities of life, we do have the power to rebuild. If there were never any dis asters in the earth, then we as his people could never fulfill the prophecies of the Bible that commands us to rebuild the old waste places and make it look better than before like the Garden of Eden. God uses his people to rebuild the ruins and to repair the breaches and foundations of many generations. Also, the number 3 is the number that represents breakthrough and manifestation. On the third time and on the third great whirlwind was when I spoke to it to stop it other than just taking cover, and the Lord is also saying through this that it is time for his people to go on the offensive in life versus just taking cover from adverse situations that seeks to dominate us and intimidate us. Pray for China in this, pray for America, and pray for the people of God as well, because those were the common denominators. 10-9-2017 The Lord says, there is no need to fear the things that you see coming in the earth if you are rooted, grounded, and anchored in me. Many things must first to come to pass in order for you to see me coming in my glory, but I shield and protect those that are mine, says the Lord! 10-8-2017 As I was caught up in the Spirit with the Lord, I heard him say the following things; 1) Where the Church don’t go, evil grows; 2) where the Church stop going, evil takes over; 3) where the Church gives up, evil is embolden; 4) where the Church is not present, evil is always there; 5) where the Church refuse to go, Satan is willing to send his evil troops there; 6) where the Church won’t stand, the enemy stands tall in those regions and areas of many things. The Lord says, it is time for the Church to get back on the battlefield and allow the crusades to go forth. The Lord says, revival really starts when individuals start to go out in the public, hedges, highways, and streets to share the Gospel instead of waiting for there to be a major Body of Christ or movement by the Church as a whole packing up together in a park or filling a stadium or something. It starts one by one, and the Lord says, I am calling you and starting with you. Allow me to speak through you to others to let them know that I love them and I want to get to know them through a personal relationship with them and they with me. Go out into the harvest and bring forth fruit, says the Lord! 10-7-2017 The Lord says, the streams will rise, don’t let my glory take you by surprise, because I am coming in your midst in a new way to water the dry places of the earth and the dry places of your life. Rejoice over the new. 10-6-2017 The Lord says, respect the prophetic voice in your life and you shall prosper and the wisdom will come to you on what to do at every turn in your life. I have set people in the earth and put them in your life to show you the way. If you will hearken unto the one that I put before you and will spend time with me in my presence, you will hear my voice very clearly through the one that I have placed in your life as a shepherd to care for you and watch for your soul, says the Lord! See 2 Chronicles 20:20 and 2 Chronicles 26:5. 10-5-2017 Jezebel will finally fall in this season and will fall hard from now and through 5778-2018. That spirit will be judged and dealt a mighty and heavy blow by the hand of the Lord, and the remainder of her influence will dry up. The effects of that Baal worship that have even effected some of the prophets that have been eating at her table, which is at the heart of false prophecy will come down in this season. The Lord will thoroughly cleanse the land and get rid of all that have aligned with that spirit to do evil in his sight and not fear him. These next three months will be very brutal for some people and those that have aligned with that idolatrous spirit of iniquity. I heard the words, ‘Hell, fire, and Brimstone,’ and it shall rain down from the heavens with great fury in this season on the enemies of the Lord and upon those that have resisted his Spirit and have tried to hinder the moves of God in the earth. I see a multitude of warring angels going forth into battle in this season and many resisting forces and evil principalities that have open their mouth wide to curse the God of the Heaven and Earth will fall hard and will come down in this season in a way that will shake the entire world and will shake all nations as a result of its collapse. Many wicked and evil ruling structures will come down, fall, collapse, and topple in the hour. I heard of the Lord that the pressure and the heat will be turned up under the adversaries and they will cook like stew in the pot and like a fiery oven. I see a time of severe indignation of the Lord being poured out upon many nations in fury, but in all of this shifting and shaking and things baking, I see the latter day harvest of the Lord coming into his Kingdom, and I see his Spirit being poured out upon the multitudes, and I see a time of blessings being poured out the whole time that all of this is happening, so don’t miss your season and don’t miss out on what the Lord is doing by focusing on the wrong side of the sword that is now starting to pass through the land. Thesis a time of judgment, but it is also an exact time of harvest and blessing for his people that have been in his presence and have been faithful to him in times of distress and weariness. Watch for it, look for it, and watch your lane, because it is coming. God’s will is always good for his people that believe and put their unwavering trust in him. I heard the Lord Say, ‘Tell them I am not a terror to good works.’ See Romans 13:1-8. The Lord is also dealing with rebellion in this season. I heard the words, ‘In Full force.’ See Daniel 8:19, Jeremiah 10:10, Isaiah 26:9-10, Jeremiah 50:25, Nahum 1:2-13, Malachi 3:2-18, Isaiah 13:2-14, Psalm 78:49, Isaiah 10:5, Isaiah 10:25, Isaiah 30:27-33, Luke 21:22-28, Isaiah 26:17-20, and then Isaiah 66:10-14. 10-4-2017 The Lord says, it may seem like you have been getting the short end of the stick for a while now, but I am moving on your behalf to reverse what may have long seemed like a curse and I will install a permanent blessing in your life, declares the Lord! The Lord says, I am coming into your midst to do a divine installation in your life like a mechanic or a technician that will forever change your life, and you will never be the same again from this time forth, and you will see the blessing manifested in your life and the mess will finally be over, declares the Lord! 10-3-2017 The Lord says, let them talk, let them whisper, let them judge and condemn you, but in the end I will turn it and turn things to work in your favor and give you the last laugh. You will rejoice again and smile in the face of those that counted you out, declares the Lord! 10-2-2017 The Lord says, what I am forming in you goes way pass your current generation, but what I am forming in you transcends time and generations and goes all the way into eternity. Allow what I am forming in you and through you to be passed onto others that can take it and run with it on a much higher level. Allow me to duplicate through you what I have placed within you that is not about you, but it is about a finished product that will bring me much glory if you allow what I have placed within you to be multiplied across others that can catch fire by the flames that I have put within you, says the Lord! 10-1-2017 The Lord has been showing you the way forward, but it has not come without a struggle in certain areas. You have his wisdom, but you still have been unsure and kind of uncertain about some urgent matters, but the Lord says if you will spend a day fasting and get a day of quiet time, you will know exactly what to do and how to move forward on that thing. You are not going to get that wisdom with all of those voices of distractions around you and all up in your ears. You have to get alone with the Lord, and then your breakthrough will come. It takes a real sacrifice to get the higher level stuff that you need from the Lord, like those precious secrets for your life. 9-30-2017 The Lord says, never get tired of trying, because in you continuing to try shows me your faith and it tells me that you still believe. See Luke 18:1-8. 9-29-2017 The Lord says, I did not bring you forth of your mother’s womb into this world to be defeated, but I have chosen to bring you forth for a purpose, and it is not to lose, but to accomplish a great purpose. I have shielded you and protected you over time, and now is the hour that my glory will shine forth through you to others. Allow me to live forth my glory through you so that others can see what I am all about as I love on them through you, says the Lord! 9-28-2017 The Lord says, why not believe what I tell you and trust that I will do it and bring it all to pass? I am looking for faith and belief in me from your life, says the Lord! I will clearly know it when you start to really operate in faith, because I will see it at work in your life, declares the Lord! Everything in life and in my Kingdom operates by faith, says the Lord! 9-27-2017 The Lord says, trust and believe, and you too will see the Heavens open up for you. 9-26-2017 The Lord says, if your faith can lift it, my power can shift it. Lift up that concern of your heart to me in faith, and watch how my power will shift that thing to work in your favor, declares the Lord! 9-25-2017 The Lord says, for every Saul that tried to kill you like David on your way up, for every Herod that tried to take you out and threw you in prison like Peter, and for every Neb-u-chad-nez’zar that tried to throw you in a fiery furnace because of your faith and unwavering trust in me and for refusing to bow to idols, I will promote you, elevate you, and exalt you seven times more, declares the Lord! The Lord says, I have set it up that nothing in life can or will be able to take you out or take you down, because I got my mark on your life, and I will put out a hit on your enemies if they dare to try to stop what I’m doing in your life, declares the Most High God! 9-24-2017 You have been in a season where it seems as if you were just maintaining instead of progressing and gaining. It seems as if the brakes have been on and like things have been stopping your forward progress. The Lord says, the brakes is now off of your life, and I am dealing with all those things that have hindered you and sought to stunt your growth and productivity, and you will now have a new power to press forward in a new strength to overtake new ground and new territory for my Kingdom, says the Lord! Arm yourself with the word of God, and put it in your mouth, and speak it out of your mouth and watch your words, which came from me give way and birth to manifestation; for you shall have what you say, says the Lord! Speak my word only and you will have what I have promised you, declares the Lord! I will frustrate every wicked and evil force that has been frustrating you and trying to hinder you, says the Lord your God! This is a day where the curses that your enemies spoke against you and sent against you will return double back upon their own heads in this season, declares the Lord! 9-23-2017 I hear the Lord saying, do not forget the way that I have brought you, as far as the process goes, but be more thankful for the way that I am taking you and how I am leading you, guiding you, and directing you in this season. You have to really trust that I am ordering your steps, and you have to really trust that I know all things and I know what I am doing in your life and on your path; for I not only orchestrated your steps, but I have directed your paths and I have set many things on your path along the way that are a part of my will for your life. I have been training you and explaining you to the evil one just like Job. I have taken you through many things just to prove to the evil one that you will remain faithful and loyal to me no matter what and in spite of, and because you have stayed and remained loyal, you have just passed a major test like Abraham did when I asked him to offer up Isaac, so from this moment forth, I will indeed bless you and reward you and refresh you and restore you and not ignore you when you call upon my name, says the Lord. You are my faithful one, and I am determined to bless you, promote you, and elevate you. Not everyone could have handled all of the types of things that you have gone through, but I built you to last, says the Lord! I am proud of you and I am bragging on you, so prepare for yourself quick expansion, sudden increase, high elevation, and promotion, says the Lord! I rule the heavens and I have already cleared a path for you and the way has been made and things have been already set up for you, says the Lord! Just follow me and follow that path I have laid out before you, declares the Most High God! 9-22-2017 The Lord says, if you will trust me to lead you and help you to navigate through these current times, then you will see that I am leading you into a good and a pleasant place, and not such a place that the sight of your eyes currently see. My will for you is good. I only lead you out to lead you into. 9-22-2017 There is a segment of the Body of Christ that refers to themselves as a New Testament Church, and through human error and human reasoning, they only focus on reading the New Testament, so they do not even know what the Old Testament says, so they make comments, some prophetic comments, based upon a New Testament only perspective, when a lot of things that we currently see today happening in the world and in the Church are spoken of and prophesied in the Old Testament in very clear details. It is no mystery. Most of those New Testament Christians blame the devil for all things as if he is so powerful, while others blame God for everything, and does not acknowledge the role of the devil in today’s world, but influence from both of these entities are very powerful. However, the Lord spoke to me and said that 2018/5778 will be ‘The Year of Balance’ where things that have been out of order and off balance will come into proper balance in your individual lives, in the world, in the Church, in nations, in governments, in businesses, in careers, in schooling and schools, and in the corporate world. 9-21-2017 I ride upon the wings of the wind. I have power over all things and everything under the whole heavens is at my beckoning and responds to my commandments. Seek my face and come before me. Come before the courts of Heaven to plead your case before me, and I will take up your cause and will judge favorably on your behalf when I see you respond in faith and meekness of heard. Please remember that I am the Judge of all the earth, and all power has been given unto me in Heaven and in earth, and I have the ability to change things at an instant and very quickly on your behalf when you come before me in faith, declares the Lord of Hosts! 9-20-2017 The Lord says, I have favored you, and your favor is not dried up with me, but you just have to realign your life with what I am doing now. The Lord says, some of you are looking for favor to show up in an old place when I have commanded you to shift to a new place where my favor is now. It is not that my favor is fried up for you, you just have to shift to that new place where my favor is already stored up for you, declares the Lord! There is favor in a new place, says the Lord! 9-19-2017 Whatever has been trying to resist you and hold you back is breaking from over your life now. That thing is loosing you, and it is losing its grip and control on you. I see you coming out of a time of darkness in your life and what seemed like a place of restriction where you could not maneuver. It seemed like you were pent down and trapped no matter what you did, but that season is ending now says the Lord, and I will now refresh you and I will restore you retroactively effective now from this moment forth, declares the Spirit of the Living God! You are officially off of restriction, says the Lord! 9-19-2017 Special Word for Western Nations and America; Conditional Word: I heard the Lord say, “If they do, if they don’t!” Things will be contingent upon if they shift and turn away from things that I hate and despise or if they decide to stay on the same course. The Lord has clearly shown me that if Western Nations, including the United States, does not shift and turn away from open injustices, oppression of its people, as well as other nations, and turn away from austerity measures that hurt people that have slaved and worked hard for many years to have their life savings and their benefits tampered with because of the greed of man, and turn from corruption and secret fraud behind the scenes, these nations are heading for a total melt down and times of significant unrest in its streets and possible overthrows of governments if things do not shift. I also see where the Lord will move to expose them, and he will pour out his wrath and his indignation on these areas in the likes that the world has never seen if they do not make the shift and quit doing things to their people and blaming foreign governments to promote a secret cause. I can say that all nations are in the spotlight, but he specifically pointed out and singled out these groups of Western Nations to include America. He is going to deal with other nations too, but in this instance, he is specifically talking to the Western Nations, to include America. I heard this word very clearly and very strongly. Then I heard the Lord say to tell them this; what you allow in your borders will determine what comes to your borders and shores and what happens within your borders and Nations. If you can tolerate mass exodus of other people in other nations and not move to help and make a difference, then I can tolerate these mass exodus of people in your nations running from storms and many other things to come. The Lord says, I have made you nations strong for a reason, not to just sit back and watch injustices and be a part of those injustices around the world, declares the Lord! I saw a lot of strong stuff coming, beside storms and hurricanes and earthquakes, but all of those things are contingent upon nations making the shift and turning away or if they are foolish and choose to stay on a wrong path. Some nations will make the shift and be spared and reserved, while others will not and will play with fire and be punished, not by the hands of man, but by the wrath of God as he pours out his indignation upon the rebellious nations that will not hear his word of warning to their own nations. You will see a lot of this in the news. The Lord is sovereign and he knows who will turn and shift and who will not shift or turn to their own hurt and destruction. 9-18-2017 The Lord says, get out of the corner where you have been pent in and come out swinging, and you will win the battle that is set before you. Resist the strongholds that have tried to unseat you from your heavenly seat with me, and take up a new position with a new sword and a fresh breath and swing for victory; for I have given you the victory, declares the Lord! 9-17-2017 I hear the Lord saying, come out of those bunkers where you have been hunkered down for a while in defensive mode for protection from what you perceive has been the onslaught of the enemy. Come forth of those comfort zones and places of protection and launch an all-out assault and counteroffensive on the enemy and win. Go on the offensive, says the Lord, and you will find that I have given you sudden victory against the enemy, and he will buckle before you and have no power to stand against the might of Heaven that is backing you. I have your back, says the Lord! 9-16-2017 The Lord says, come out of the bunkers. Get out of the bunkers, and get in the fight. Get up and get back in the fight, says the Lord! This is a time that I am giving you a fresh strength, a new momentum, and new strategies to press forward with a new win. I am giving you supernatural power and strength to overcome. I am giving you my strength. Know that you have my power, and I have given you authority over the nations, and where I am sending you, I will cause your sound and that power to penetrate the darkness that have been hovering over the nations. The Lord says, you are fully equipped for the battle, and the enemy will have no power to stand before you, and he will fall down slain before, because you are backed up mighty armies of Heaven, and the Hosts and armies of Heaven has your back, declares the Glorious one! Get out of the bunkers, and fight, and win again; for I have given you the victory once more. My Triumphant Army shall hear this sound and arise to the occasion, says the Lord your God! 9-15-2017 I heard the Lord say, the day of reckoning is here. It is not coming, it is here, and I will reckon with my people, and I will reckon with the heathen, and I will reckon with the nations, declares the Lord! I raised up a people to change things and to establish a new order that I prescribed, but they did not change anything but instead chose to continue in an old oppressive order that I delighted not in and stayed thereupon. Now I reconcile those things that needs to be reconciled and I will restore a righteous order as at the first, lest I continue to pour out my indignation and fury in the earth. I have raised up some new servants that have a heart like David that are ready to get some things done and I will reign through them to establish my order, my Kingdom order, in the earth. This is not a time to be arrogant and lifted up in pride, but this is a time to be humble and lowly and seek my face. I respond to a broken spirit and a contrite heart, and rebuke all those that are full of pride, lifted up, and haughty, says the Lord! I am looking fora generation in this hour that remembers my name and remembers the power of my right hand, declares the Lord! Are you the one that I am looking for, declares the Lord? 9-14-2017 The Lord says, if I shine my light on your path, you best believe that itis to show you the way, and if I show you the way, I expect you to go that way and follow that path. Your labor and your works in me is not in vain, best believe that there is a sure reward for all of the sacrifices that you have made and continue to make. I will not be mocked, but I will reward you, says the Lord! 9-13-2017 The Lord says, if I had abandoned you, then you would not still be getting your confirmations. Only do what I have asked you to do, and I will continue to be with you and to show myself strong and mighty on your behalf, declares the Lord! 9-12-2017 The Lord says, if I allowed it to come and you made it through it, then that should be enough sign for you to realize that my hand is on your life, and if my hand is on your life, then sure victory in life every time is your portion, declares the Lord! 9-11-2017 The Lord says, I am not a terror to good works, but I try the reins of evil systems to bring them down. As long as you are on my team, you have nothing to worry about; for I will take care of you, says the Lord! 9-10-2017 I hear the Lord saying, beware, beware! Do not let man deceive you. This is a time for man to turn their hearts back to me wholeheartedly and cry out to me in repentance. I search the reins and the hearts of men. Beware! Beware, says the Lord! (We are living in an hour where people don’t want to hear the truth or acknowledge the truth and what is happening in the end times on such frequent scales, and many leaders in the Body of Christ have joined that bandwagon to no avail. If you look at the overall picture in the Body of Christ, the Lord has had many of his apostles, key and strategic leaders ministering nonstop and going all over the world preaching, so that as many people as can be touched by the power of God, and the evangelists has been wide open in leading so many to Christ. Strategies for effective evangelism has been one of the most hit on writings on this website as people get equipped to win souls to Christ, and you should do all that you can to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ and tell as many folks as you can about Jesus.) Furthermore, I hear the Lord say, don’t ignore the signs. Beware, beware declares the Lord! Please see 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and Isaiah 30:9-10. Prophets and Seers see many things, but we are living in a time where people, including many in the Church, especially leaders, do not want to hear the truth and the prophets of peace do not want real prophets to say anything that they really perceive to be negative or unpleasant, but certain prophecies are being spoken as a warning by a watchmen on the wall types of prophets or apostles that have a mandate from God to warn the people of the sword that they see coming. If we don’t, then the Lord holds us accountable for the blood of the people that don't take heed and get out of the way. See Ezekiel 3:17-27 & Ezekiel 33:1-7 & 8-20. 9-9-2017 The Lord says, as long as your trust is in me, you will be shielded and protected. 9-8-2017 The Lord says, smile, because I have given you the victory. Your breakthrough is now, declares the Lord! 9-7-2017 The Lord says, I am your shield and your buckler, but I don’t just want you to call upon me when you are in trouble, but I want to hear from you all the time. I will deliver you if you call upon me, but I want to be your God and Savior 24/7, declares the Lord! 9-6-2017 The Lord is saying, ‘Forward motion.’ No matter how things may look, ‘Forward motion.’ Keep going forward, says the Lord! (I perceive by the Spirit that some of you saw that in a dream, and that was the Lord’s way of telling you to keep moving forward into greater levels of your destiny in spite of how things may look at the moment. All of those things are temporary and they will not last forever, so don’t plan things based on that, but plan things based upon what he showed you concerning your destiny and future.) 9-5-2017 The Lord says, whatever you have been dreaming of and believing is coming to pass in this season. Do not be distracted by things rattling in the atmosphere, because I have heard you and your prayers have broken through like Daniel, says the Lord! 9-5-2017 Special Word of Insight for the States of Texas and Louisiana; The Lord said that we should continue to pray for the entire state of Texas, because Texas is contending with a principality that needs to come down over that region, and what Texas has been contending with has also been spilling over to Louisiana, and in the realm of the spirit it is like Texas and Louisiana is tied to one another, but the Lord says once this thing breaks over Texas, Louisiana will also go free, so let’s continue to pray consistently for Texas and Louisiana. 9-5-2017 Dream: In a dream I had the previous night, I saw heavily armed swat teams and tanks with a lot of helicopters hovering overhead in the commercial district of a city, and they were swarming the area looking for armed gunmen. I was watching this unfold on live TV in the dream, and then I asked the person sitting next to me in the dream where is this, and then I told them to zoom in on one of the tanks on the ground so that I could see the lettering written on the tank, and I clearly saw the words ‘Dublin’ written on that particular tank and swat vehicles. I was not sure what Dublin it was in the dream, but let’s pray for all cities with by the name of Dublin, and pray for peace there. There is Dublin, Ireland, and at least 19 cities or towns in the United States. The Spirit of God just whispered to me to say to you all to Pay close attention to national and world events that have followed the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, because it was a major sign of things to come even though it was a beautiful sight to see. 9-4-2017 The Lord says, I have abilities to bless you that you know not of, so just keep the faith, because your faith is what will cause you to access all those things, declares the Lord! 9-3-2017 The Lord says, I have the ability to work through many sources, only not limited me to how you think I can work; for I have many ways to astound you and surprise you at how I work, declares the Lord! 9-2-2017 The Lord says, I have your way already prepared. Walk with me and see and gain access to the doors to your future; for I have opened up a window for you to walk through your portal. Trust me in this season, because I know what is best for you in going forward, declares the Lord! 9-1-2017 Call upon me while I am near as I walk in the tops of the earth. Let me see your faith. Let me visit you to refresh you. Let me cross your path and drop a blessing on your path. I am in your midst in this season. Cry out to me and watch me touch you. I am breathing upon you afresh and anew. I am blowing upon you. Feel my breathe blowing upon you now. As I blow upon you, the chills come, but it is much more than chills, it is an anointing to take you forward from that place where you have been stuck for a very long time. In this season I am shifting you to someplace new for a strategic purpose to advance my Kingdom in a new way that will bring much glory to my name, says the Lord of Hosts. Vision: I see a time coming in the United States where the leaders of this nation all the way to the president will call the nation to prayer just like Jehoshaphat because of the things that are coming in this nation will be unbelievable that it will force our president and congressional leaders to openly call this nation to prayer even as spiritual leaders call upon people to repent. This is something that is coming much sooner than later and the Lord will respond to the cries of this nation before him. The leader of this nation will openly call for a time of fasting and prayer, and this move will work for this nation to get things turned around and moving in the right direction once again. This will have a domino effect on the nations of the world and many nations will follow his lead. Even now, the Lord is calling his Church, his people, to prayer. That is a Kingdom order. Orders have now come from the highest order, which is from The Most High God! 8-31-2017 The Lord says, I rewards obedience, not good intents. You have been saying, ‘The Lord knows my heart,’ but the Lord says, ‘I know your capabilities, and I am still waiting on you to obey me and do what I spoke to you to do.’ 8-30-2017 The Lord says, in times of fire, don’t stress out, cast your cares out, and watch me work to make a way for you in the midst of the wilderness that you think you may be facing. It don’t have to be as bad as you think if you put your trust in me and allow me to work. 8-29-2017 The Lord says, this is a time for you to show your best to others that may be facing the worst. Allow my love to be seen through you, and allow yourself to become my hands in the earth when it comes to reaching out to others, says the Lord! As for Houston, I saw a vision of some folks that were trapped in the attic with rising waters with little oxygen left, but they were still alive and their cell phones were dead so they were not able to call for help, so let’s pray for authorities in the areas where the flood waters were extremely high and reaching those levels up to the second floor to possibly tear a hole in the roof to rescue any people that may be trapped in any vulnerable areas like what I saw. Our prayers will direct the resources to them and get them rescued in time. Furthermore, the Lord says, I am concerned about the people, and I love them, and I am concerned about the destinies of those babies and the kids growing up there. I am concerned about those that are homeless. I am concerned about those that have been taken captive by child trafficking, human trafficking, and sex trafficking, and I want people to be concerned about these things in the days to come and resolve those issues. I want all of mankind to be concerned about others, and not just turn a blind eye to the many evils that have been allowed to continue within the borders of many cities and places around the world, and I want the love to continue that you see with all of the people coming together as one in love in the areas of the world that have been affected by the dis asters that you see. I want people to love one another and not ignore the evils that affect the weak, the poor, the innocent, and the vulnerable, declares the Lord! I am watching the nations, says the Lord! 8-28-2017 The Lord says, you move as I move, and you will see your purpose clearly as you move with me and not be afraid of what you cannot see. Your life is just beginning for what I have for you, but you have to flow with me and move as I move to access that part laid up for your life. Many good things are on your path, but do not let the enemy convince you otherwise as he has done with others. Don’t follow the crowd and what is popular, but follow my leading and I will take you to the place of my feeding, declares the Lord! 8-27-2017 The Lord says, I got it, I got it all taken care of for you. Look no further, but watch how I move on your behalf and provide for everything you have need of, declares the Lord! 8-26-2017 The Lord says, I should be first place and first choice in your life, not your last option and last resort. Many people have their priorities backwards in life and they only come to me when they cannot see no other way, but I want to be first place in the lives and the hearts of men, declares the Lord! 8-25-2017 The Lord says, trust me to take care of you even when you can’t see your way. Know that I am your provider, says the Lord! 8-24-2017 The Lord is saying, remain steadfast, stay in faith, believe in spite of, reach for the higher things, seek out my will, embrace my spirit, eat of my bread, drink of my Spirit, live like the kings and queens that I have called you to be, because I have called you to live like royalty in the earth. If you will do these things, you will see that your way is prepared, and I prepared for you a long time ago. Now catch up with what I have done for you already, says the Lord! 8-23-2017 The Lord says, they built their case against you, but I built my case against them. I told them to release you, but they pressed on and I took note, so now I will come to your defense, and I will defend you, and we will win, declares the Lord! 8-22-2017 We have entered a new time and a new season where the Lord will send us signs to awaken us, to alert us, and even to get our attention. Angels have been released to wake you up in a new way so that you do not miss what God is saying or what he is doing. There is a new host of angels sent to earth to assist God with his plans of alerting his people and causing them to be awakened to what he’s doing in this hour. Without direct angelic intervention in this hour, you would not be able to see what is happening and what is really going on from God’s perspective. Pay attention, because you will now have some new company in your bedroom, in your house or where you live, and accompanying you in your travel. Some will even become very visible to many of you as the Lord opens your eyes into the glory realm and into the invisible realm. That which you once could not see, you will now be able to see. Numbers 22:31-35, 2 Kings 6:15-17, and Genesis 21:19-21. This is not a time for you to be scared, but to be aware and alert, declares the Lord! I send more when I am about to do more, says the Lord! See Ecclesiastes 5:6, Exodus 23:20-33, Joshua 5:13-15, Genesis 32:1-2, Genesis 31:11-18 & 24, Daniel 9:20-27, and then Daniel 10:1-21. 8-21-2017 The Lord says, I have given you power to overcome all things, just do not let wickedness and evil overcome you, declares the Lord! 8-20-2017 The Lord says, watch for my signs; for I am moving at a fast pace in this hour. My signs are to enlighten you and to awaken my people. I am unfolding and revealing a clear message through signs in this hour, declares the Lord! 8-19-2017 The Lord says, do not think about things too hard or too long, or you might just talk yourself out of it. When I tell you to do something, obey my voice quickly, because there are great rewards that are waiting on those that obey me speedily, says the Lord! There is always a breakthrough on the other side of your obedience, declares the Lord! 8-18-2017 The Lord says, I am turning the key upon the nations and things that were locked up and held back will now be unlocked, says the Lord! 8-17-2017 The Lord says, switch to a different format. Try something new and watch what I will do for you and through that new avenue, says the Lord! 8-16-2017 I just hear the Lord saying, allow the greater creativity in you to flow, and do not hold back or quench my Spirit, and you will be very surprised at what will flow out of you and what you will be able to do if you yield to my Spirit and the greater creativity that is within you, says the Lord! 8-15-2017 The Lord showed me a vision of the people of God as a whole around the world and many of them were saying, ‘I have not seen nothing yet. The words that were prophesied to me has not come to pass yet. The harvest has not come yet.’ Then I saw some huge block letter words being written on the ground of a huge parking lot at a warehouse saying, ‘Before they can count to three, they will see my grace; before they can say 1, 2, 3, they will notice that a shift has taken place.’ As these things were written on the ground for me to see them from up above in the air like a helicopter, I could also hear him speak those words simultaneously as he was making them appear on the ground. He then went on to say, ‘Those that are weary will be refreshed and I wrote those words so that you could clearly see them on the ground, so that you could tell my people that things that they were long time waiting on will now clearly manifest in this season, and they will clearly see them, declares the Lord! Dream on the night of 8-14-2017; then posted on 8-15-2017: In my dream, I could see the US military going on a mission. There was a convoy of various US military vehicles traveling in a field terrain along a dirt road, and a tank with a long gun barrel was leading the way. It was followed by some transport vehicles, fuel trucks, and an eighteen wheeler flatbed truck. They came upon a wide river, and the tank drove into the water head long first, but the barrel was so long, it got stuck in the mud under the river, but then I saw the tank operator hit the reverse button and the track shifted a little to get the tank unstuck out of the mud, and then it went forward with great speed into the water traveling under the water with all of the convoy following them, and it was as they were traveling at the speed of light, and then all of a sudden I could see a large convoy and army of vehicles which were able to come up out of the waters of the rivers and oceans on every shoreline of the world in every nation on the coast within minutes. All of those vehicles suddenly became water proof and functioned as if they were submarines, and they were able to get anywhere in the world under world within like 15 minutes in time and then come up out of the waters upon the shores of other nations. I can tell you that this was a new type of certain technology that had never quit existed like that before because of the speed and that every type of vehicle in that military convoy was able to go under water traveling at the speed of light and surface anywhere in the world within roughly 15 minutes. (I won’t interpret this dream, and I will just leave it at that, because it may have many other meanings besides what I say, but I do see what it means to an extent. What I will also say is that no nation on earth will ever tell you what they have at their disposal. Some nations have military parades to show off their new advanced military hardware to intimidate others, but what I see in the Spirit is that most powerful nations never show some of the more advanced military technology or hardware to no one, because it is a secret that would be used to surprise others in the event of a war of some kind. I will leave it at that.) 8-14-2017 The Lord says, there are many things in life that comes to take your courage and to rob you of your confidence, but you must know that I am your confidence, and I am there to see you through. My Spirit inside of you gives you great confidence, so look within when you need courage, and know that I am he that walks with you, because I am in you seeing you through, declares the Spirit of the Lord! 8-13-2017 The Lord says, the peace that I give does not lead to chaos, but it leads to the light, the light of glory. When my light comes, it overpowers the darkness, and it releases a love and a glow of glory that can never be ignored. 8-12-2017 The Lord says, the tide is turning and things will begin to look up and work in your favor. 8-11-2017 The Lord says, I am working on something for you that will put a smile on your face when you see it come to fruition and come to pass in your life. I alert first to tell you that something is coming, and then I show it to you from a glimpse, and then I bring it to pass in your life in my process. In the coming days, you will know and see exactly what I am talking about, because I love to surprise you with something good, says the Lord! 8-10-2017 The Lord says, I am your keeper, and I have a plan to shield you from the ill-will of others and the things to come. Put your trust in me and have no fear, but be a witness for me to those in the dark, says the Lord! 8-9-2017 The Lord says, do you not think for one moment that I am not able to take care of you and provide for you. I am surely able and I surely will if you put your trust in me. The birds of the air eat every day and never want for anything and I take good care of them. Do you not have more faith than a bird that flies in the air that cannot talk and cannot pray to me. They never have to ask me for anything, but yet I take care of them and I feed them, because they trust in me, so how is it that you have no faith or trust in me, declares the Lord; for I am well able to provide for you, says the Lord! 8-8-2017 The Lord says, don’t focus on the things that you feel are not going right, but focus only on those things that I have promised you. Put my Word into the mix, and watch what happens for you, says the Lord! 8-7-2017 The Lord says, why worry, when I have given you the faith that you need to deal with things. Have faith in me and the process that I have called you to, and know that I am forming a path before you to take you into victory, declares the Lord! 8-6-2017 The Lord says, it is now within reach. 8-5-2017 The Lord says, I am shoring up the foundations in your life, and I will cause what I do for you in this season to be sure. 8-4-2017 The Lord says, life situations and challenges are no match for me and my power, and they are no match for the person that is walking in faith and that is trusting in me to deliver them in those instances. I am there waiting to respond to your faith, says God! 8-3-2017 The Lord says, if you are not fully in love with me, you will not obey me even though you say you do. I am looking for a people who love me, says the Lord! Those that love me are the ones who keep and obey my commandments. Do you really love me, asks the Lord? Please look at John 14:15, John 14:21, John 14:23-24, John 15:10 & 15:12-27, 1 John 2:3-11, 1 John 3:1-24, and 1 Corinthians 2:9, and Proverbs 8:17-21. 8-2-2017 The Lord says, you are a part of my Body, and day by day, I am making my Body stronger. You will receive strength, and you will notice that you are stronger day by day. I am making you strong to do my will and to take on more for my Kingdom. I have been strengthening my Body to complete the mission and assignment that I have given to them. You are a part of that plan, and you are a part of my Body, says the Lord! 8-1-2017 The Lord says, your pathway forward may have seemed blocked, but this is a season where I am removing the blockages and showing you the way forward in a clear manner. All things that you saw in previous seasons will be in clear reach before you in this season, declares the Lord! 7-31-2017 The Lord says, I am turning up the temperature and I am turning up the heat up under my Body so that my people will move in what I have ordained, because they have been stagnate for far too long. I will now shift things to get my people flowing and moving again in a Kingdom way, says the Lord! I heard the Lord say, the days of being stagnate and comfortable are over. 7-30-2017 The Lord says, I will bring peace in the midst of chaos and through the smoke, you will see victory. Do not fear in going forward in the days ahead, even into battle, because I have already given you the victory and you shall rout your enemies, says the Lord! This is a time to shout about and release a war cry, because I have already given you the victory so that my words can now be fulfilled, says the Lord! Blow that Trumpet! Blow that Shofar! 7-29-2017 The Lord says, the fire that I put within you cannot be quenched. You can douse it and try to put it out, but it will continue to rekindle and flare back up. In the natural, man struggle to put out a lightning fire, because my hand is in it. Likewise, so it is when I put my holy fire in you to speak in my name, it’s a fire that refuses to die and never goes out, because it has my signature in it and my seal is on it, declares the Lord! (When you get your fire from man, it can go out, but when you get it from God, it can never be quenched.) 7-28-2017 The Lord says, their big money and huge influence will not win elections anymore; for I will not allow justice and righteousness to be perverted anymore. My people have cried out for more of me, and I will deliver. My people have cried out for the righteous judge of the earth to arise and to appear, and I will deliver says the Lord. My people have cried out for peace and justice, and I will now deliver, says the Almighty God! The Lord says, they have stolen all of the fortunes of your nation and have lied about it, but I will expose, bring down, judge them, redeem your nations and will restore everything that they have stolen and plotted to take. I will even make nations pay back that which they stole from other nations in an unjust and an unrighteous manner, says the Lord! Watch for it and see, declares the Sovereign Lord! 7-27-2017 The Lord says, I have prepared you for such a time as this, and it is now show time, and I will do a work through you that will liberate many. 7-26-2017 The Lord says, I will require faith of you before you can go any further. Many things that you are asking me for requires faith on your part and an action that I will put in your heart to fulfill, and when you move on those things, you will see how my hand will move in your life in so many ways. I tested Abraham on the mount with his son Isaac. I tested job in a way that caused him to get the double once he passed the test. I allow those three Hebrew children in Daniel Chapter 3 to be tested in the fire before they got promoted in the end. I have set tests before you too, and when you pass them, you will see a side of me that you have been longing to see, declares the Lord! 7-25-2017 Fight against those things that cause you to doubt and operate in fear, and do not allow any of those things to have dominion over your life, nor keep you from doing my will, says the Lord! Know that I am with you by my Spirit and have faith in knowing that I am there for you to see you through everything you face in life. The world is not perfect, but my Spirit is perfect, and my will for you is perfect, and my Spirit will never lead you wrong, so follow that which my Spirit is telling you and teaching you and whispering in your ears. This is a time for you to hear what my Spirit is saying and follow blindly without reservation and hesitation; for I will never lead you wrong, declares the Lord! 7-24-2017 The Lord says, I am your protector no matter what is going on in the earth. Put your trust in me, and I will protect you and guide you by my hand, declares the Sovereign Lord! 7-23-2017 The Lord says, I am pouring out the oil in this season, and you shall see it, and you shall know it, declares the Most High! 7-22-2017 The Lord says, I am forming up new alliances that will help you, get your back, and take up your cause. This season will be much different for you than others, and I will now come to your rescue on many pressing things and issues in your life that you had concern about, and I will show you my hand, and you will see my favor manifested in your life, says the Lord! 7-21-2017 The Lord says, I am dismantling evil principalities over your life that have messed with you for far too long. This is a New Day in Zion, declares the Lord! 7-20-2017 The Lord says, I am favoring you for a new season with a new mantle that will bring a new found success your way. 7-19-2017 The Lord says, your imperfections are not greater than my blood that was shed for you to redeem you and the grace that was provided to cover you. This is your hour to accomplish all that I have called you to, says the Lord! 7-18-2017 The Lord says, I have already gone before you and dis abled and dismantled the works of the enemy on your behalf. I have already blazed the trail and set the course for you to follow so that you will be guaranteed the victory as you follow after me, says the Lord! 7-17-2017 The Lord says, they will not corner you, because my power covering you is greater than their power trying to corner you and work against you. 7-16-2017 The Lord says, when you stop doubting yourself, then you can see me move in your life. When you doubt yourself, then you will also doubt how I can move in your life, declares the Lord! 7-15-2017 The Lord says, I am bringing my Body up out of a long season of a wilderness experience, and I now cause them to take charge in a new and very powerful way. This is a season where the armies of God will take full charge and charge full speed ahead as a mighty force to be reckoned with. 7-14-2017 The Lord says, quit looking back at the past and look forward to your future. 7-13-2017 The Lord says, I am your portion, you shall not want. I will provide for you and make a way for you as you navigate my will. I will chart a new course for you in this season that you never experienced before, and you will need my guidance every step of the way, because many areas that I will lead you into are unfamiliar to you. Just know that I lead in the way of righteousness, says the Lord! 7-12-2017 The Lord says, don’t think for one minute that I have abandoned you. The party is just getting started, and I have favor after favor and blessing after blessing lined up for you for every test that you pass for my name sake, and I will reward you for taking a stand for me and for my Kingdom even when it was very unpopular, says the Lord! I do not forget, says the Spirit of the Living God! 7-11-2017 The Lord says, shut the doors in your life off to the enemy so that you can hear my voice clearly. It is in that stillness and quietness that you can hear my voice and experience that river of peace in my presence. Do not allow any of those distractions to continue, so that my voice is not stifled in your life. If you are in a place of constant distractions, then you know that you are not in my will, because my will is a place of peace and stillness and not chaos, says the Lord! 7-10-2017 The Lord says, what I have for you involves trust on your part, and it will require you trusting me every step of the way. It will require you trusting my plans and trusting my hands even when you cannot see your own. Just know that I am there for you, and I will not leave you stranded to do it on your own. How I long to love on you and show you the way, but it will require you totally surrendering your will over to me, and allowing me to guide you. There is nothing else left for you to do but to trust me, declares the Lord! 7-9-2017 The Lord says, there are many factors contributing to your success, but the greatest factor is you keeping your relationship with me tight so that you can hear my voice and be able to receive guidance and instructions from me. The hearing of my voice and your obedience to what I tell you can take you straight to the top, declares the Most High God! 7-8-2017 The Lord says, keep the passion that I put within you, and do not allow anything or anybody disturb your peace. I have called you for such a time as this. A word of Knowledge; there is someone from South Korea, and you have been coming on the website repeatedly and seeking after the Lord and seeking for a greater level of understanding, and there is a hunger and love for God inside of you that is strong, and I see a pastoral call of God over your life in the Spirit. The Lord says, My Son, I have called you, I have purposed your life, and I have called you to do a great work for me. Do not fear the things around you, says the Lord, for I have you covered and shielded you, and in the midst of things, I will protect you, and I will use you to reach even more people around you. I have called you to do a mighty work, and I have touched your heart to do my will, and your heart is tender towards me, and I chose you because of your heart, says the Lord! My grace is with you, says the Lord! 7-7-2017 The Lord is saying, let me stir up the passion inside of you again. Let me stir the fires and restore the zeal to do my will. You once believed me for great and big things. Now let me rekindle the fire of those desires; for how I long to fulfill those big things, says the Lord! 7-6-2017 The Lord says, this shift in the posture of the nations will change and the face of pride will be humbled at my presence; for I will give a sign that all people, kindred, and tongues will know and see that I am God. 7-5-2017 The Lord says, get your game right, and the score will be right. This is a season where I am helping you to settle the score and old scores will be settled as I take you out of a place where you were defeated and bogged down for a season. This is a moment where I will cause you to score and to score big, says the Lord! 7-4-2017 The Lord says, the days of the heathen and those that oppose my will are numbered. I have sat still and held my peace in the heavens long enough, and now things will begin to shift and change. I have taken notice how my people have been repeatedly persecuted, short changed, robbed, and made mockery of, and for a while I said, ‘How long shall this mockery and treachery be in the hearts of the heathen and I not respond, says the Lord? But O’ I will respond, and all of the earth shall and see that I have arisen up off of my Throne to come forth and judge the earth for its repeated wickedness, hatred, and evil, and that my eyes and my ears have had to endure. I have given enough time and space for man to repent, now there will be many sudden surprises, says He that sits in the heavens and laugh at the heathen; for now will be the time of their derision and their delusions, declares the Sovereign Lord! 7-3-2017 The Lord is calling for a people to come forth from beyond distractions, to come forth from beyond a decomposing state, to come forth from that dead stinking state, and into a state of excitement, expectation, and power. The Lord says I am calling forth my power warrior to come forth and take the forefront, and as they take the forefront, it will blaze the trail to release a revival fire among the nations. These are forerunners to my coming, declares the Lord! The people must be revived with expectation and excitement at my appearing. I show up wherever there is excitement and expectation, declares the Lord! 7-2-2017 Grab a hold of the signal I am sending out and let not your heart be troubled, because your blessings will be doubled. Align yourself with my Spirit and be a part of my aligned army as it now advances on all fronts to conquer new territory for my Kingdom. See how the nations will align with my purposes in this season, and watch for my glory among the nations. I am doing a new thing in my people at this time. Be a part of that new thing, says the Lord! 7-1-2017 The Lord says, what you think it takes to get there is not what it takes, but if you will grab a hold of my Spirit, I will equip you with what it takes to arrive in due time and in your due season. 6-30-2017 The Lord says, I am polishing you up for an even greater Kingdom assignment. 6-29-2017 I heard the Lord God say, oftentimes vindication is not what you need. You just need a new focus and need to change what you are focusing on. It is not about what that person did to you or how that person lied on you, and it is not that people will stop lying or trying to bring you down, but allow me to give you a new focus that you do not waste unnecessary time being distracted by what he said, she said, or what others have done. It is time to regain your focus and concentrate again on doing my will and not on the people that Satan sends to distract you and the things they do to get you off focus, declares the Lord! This is a season for you to regain your focus, says the Lord! 6-28-2017 The word of the Lord today is; push into your purpose and do not fear; for I give strength in the wilderness so that you be not overcome with weariness. Press deeper into me and gain a new momentum and a fresh determination. Remain a light even in the darkness of the night, and you will surely be rewarded for your work and your witness on my behalf, declares the Lord! 6-27-2017 The Lord says, your choice of words are taking you somewhere. Just make sure that they are the right words unless you end up somewhere that you don’t want to go, declares the Lord! 6-26-2017 The Lord says, I am shaking up things in the heavens and in the earth. Evil systems and structures are falling, and evil ruling principalities will say that ‘We did not see this thing coming,’ and I am stirring up some things in the earth, and I will cause evil government structures and ruling systems of the enemy to collapse and fall, and I will now move to set up my Kingdom dynamics in the earth, says the Lord! Some evil forces will say, ‘Where was that in the prophecies of the book.’ We did not see that coming, says the Lord! THE LION HAS ROARED! Amos 3:4-8, Isaiah 42:13-14, Isaiah 42:11-16, Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 63:1-7, Amos 5:16-20, Amos 5:24, and Joel 2:11-20. I had a vision of the Lord; I saw him standing and walking through the nations, and I would see him stop at certain places, like tall buildings and say, ‘What is this? I did not build that.’ And he was literally pulling them down, throwing them down, and pulling them apart in a violent way. I could tell that those tall buildings in the vision actually represented thrones of iniquity in the earth that was ruling, and they were being pulled down and thrown down to the ground, so that the process of him establishing his Kingdom could begin. 6-25-2017 The Lord says, Be Ready, Come Up, and Present Yourself. 6-24-2017 The Lord says, I am stirring up the pot, and I am creating something new in the earth that will come about as a whirlwind of major proportions that will get the attention of many. Watch me in this season as I now begin to visit the land, says the Lord! 6-23-2017 The Lord says, I am calling you up to a higher place in me other than where you are or where you have been. You have been where you are for much too long, and now I will bring you into a place of resilience and prestige, and will cause my favor to shine upon you like never before in a way that you have not known ever before in your lifetime. Now is the season of my hand turning the tables and the clock to work in your favor, and you will now be able to redeem the time, declares the Lord! 6-22-2017 The Lord says, I am calling you forth in this season to be retrained. Itis necessary for you to be retrained so that you can be equipped to take over the next ground and territory that I have for you. It is now time to retrain for conquering new ground on behalf of my Kingdom, says the Spirit of God! 6-21-2017 The Lord says, just because you are tried by the fires of life does not mean that you should give up, but hold fast and persevere and know that my presence is near, and I’ll see you through every turn and every point of your life, declares the Lord! 6-20-2017 Let me arise in your life, and show you what I have in store for you. Let me show you the way that is less traveled, but it is the right way. On that path is gold and many other hidden treasures waiting for you. Many search for the quick way in life to try to do what they think they got to do to get to the top, but my way trains you and equips you to get to the top my way and to be able to stay there once you get there. Allow me to show you a new way, other than the way that you have been traveling, says the Lord! 6-19-2017 The Lord says, the fortunes of Zion will be restored. This is a strategic season of restoration and harvest, declares the Lord! 6-18-2017 The Lord says, I am strengthening the foundations again, and what is needed to be fully restored will come. My goodness will triumph over all failures, says the Lord! 6-17-2017 The Lord says, I am watching over the nations, and I will surprise many with my great acts and work that will shock many and catch many off guard and by surprise. 6-16-2017 The Lord says, there are two things that have been hurting my church, and one is legalism, and the second is religion. Legalism stops souls from coming in from the outside, because there are too many manmade rules, and a spirit of religion kills the ones that are within already. How I see that the Lord has been addressing this issue is by raising up a host of new churches and leaders to go around the religious and legalistic mess that have sought to hinder what the Lord has been trying to do and establish in the earth. He has raised up several new methods of reaching people or reaching out to those that are lost and hurting. There has been a shift in progress for the past 15 years and an even stronger wave of shift in how he is moving and doing things in the past 5 years. He has been restructuring his church and incorporating many new leaders in that move and wave that the religious folks would have deemed unqualified and not fit. The people of the hedges and highways are being included in that movement now. We are in a very strong 2 year wave of his restructuring that started back in 2016, and what you had was old ones getting booted out, and new ones being recognized by God and brought forth. Not everything and not everyone with the old structure was bad, so they have been preserved, while he gut out the building and do renovations to his house, the Body of Christ. Things have been painful fora lot of folks in the Body of Christ, because we have been under construction and renovation, and we have been being gutted out and in the process of being reformed, and the pain has been there, and it has been coming because the Lord has been stretching us to receive more and to hold more of his wisdom, more of his knowledge, more of his power, more of his Spirit within us, and stretching us to receive a much bigger vision than we have had before in times past. He has had to add onto us to make up the difference for those that did not answer the call or for those that backed off and slacked off because things became too uncomfortable for them and things were no longer convenient for them, because they got weak and became weary and frustrated with the process. This is and has been a season of his stretching and his renovation in us and in his Body, but if you will continue to hang in there, his greater rewards and his major blessing are just right around the corner. After a building has been renovated and all of the construction has stopped, then they now begin the process of putting in all of the new furniture and the new decorations. They do not put the old stuff back in or back up on the wall, but all new stuff is heading your way, but in order to get it, you have to let go of the old, the old stuff, the old way of thinking, and cling to that which is new and fresh coming forth from the Spirit of God. Your old access code will no longer work, because the code to access the new has been changed. 6-15-2017 The Lord says, I set the race before you, so that I could give you a crown. Now complete the race and the mission, so that you can get what I have laid up for you, declares the Lord! 6-14-2017 The Lord says, it is not a time for you to lose your focus now, because you are nearing the finish line where there are blessings and rewards laid up for those that complete the race and take heed to finishing their assignment that I gave them. 6-13-2017 The Lord says, be steadfast even in the midst of the trouble and turmoil, and know that I am there to deliver. 6-12-2017 As I was sitting here, enjoying the presence of the Lord, I heard the Lord say, tell them that I do not want them to use their influence for wrong causes. Tell them they must stay clear of wrong causes and lending their popularity and credibility to causes, events, and things that I am not in, declares the Lord! 6-11-2017 The Lord says, let not the circumstances of the earth deter you from worshiping me or keep you from doing my will; for many things are set to come to pass, but those that do my will and seek me will have a sure footing in my Kingdom, declares the Lord! 6-10-2017 The Lord says, you have something in you to pour out into others, and there is such a heavy anointing on your life that is not for you, but it is to dispense, disperse, and pour out into others. Do not be selfish with that which I have gifted you with and deposited in you, but open up and pour out, so that you return unto me empty, because you have poured yourself out as a sacrifice for my Kingdom glory, says the Lord! 6-9-2017 The Lord says, if you were alone, then you’d be doing it by yourself, but now you are not alone, and I am therefore with you, helping you to do the things that you are not able to bear or to do on your own. Indeed, I am there with you, says the Lord! 6-8-2017 The Lord says, legalism kills destiny, and that spirit of legalism exists within many of the churches, but I will break the backbone of that spirit so that the lost can come and get free and not be held bound and in bondage by a counterfeit spirit of legalism that only seeks to restrict and intrude upon the areas of men’s lives that I never intended for man to delve into, says the Lord. I am he that forgives sin and remembers them no more, but a spirit of legalism has blocked a lot of people out by wanting to parade them around and bring up constant reminders of past events that I have already sustained under my blood. The power of my blood washes away all sin, and once it is has been dealt with by my blood, who is he that has a right to bring back up what I have no remembrance of, says God! This is one of the things that I am burning out of my Church so that the abundance of the people from the hedges and the highways can come in, declares the Lord! It is my will that the people go free, and not come in to be put into more legalistic bondage by man and by man’s ways and by man’s doing and by their own wisdom and not mine’s, says the Lord! (There are some churches that ask people for a whole life book and portfolio just to become a member of that Church, and that is not God’s will, because it has kept a lot of people out, especially people that are hurting and in need of healing, because they do not want to be publicly embarrassed by their past. This breaks the heart of God whenever too much legalism is in the way of what he wants to do.) I hear the Lord saying now, quit standing in the way of the sinners and stop obstructing them from coming to me; for at the time appointed, I will deal with men for those they obstruct from coming into my Kingdom, declares the Lord! See Matthew 23:13, Matthew 23:4, Matthew 23:15, and then read all of Matthew Chapter 23 to really see just how Jesus really feels and thinks about certain matters, and then read Luke 11:29-54. In Luke 11:54, this is what we see in America today in the politics of today, in which the people and the media are always trying to catch something out of the president’s mouth to have to accuse him of. The root of that is a spirit of legalism. That spirit exists in many nations today as well as in many churches. That spirit is in governments and politics too. See Isaiah 21:6. The Lord says, I will bring that spirit down, and I will make them drunk, but not with wine, and I will break them and humble them, says the Lord! When you can see a spirit of Jezebel operating and functioning publicly and boldly without fear and a strong antichrist spirit, then it is because the Lord wants everybody to see them in their actions publicly, so that when he judges them in the open and publicly, then all men will see it and the fear of God will be put back in their hearts. Whenever people sin and defy God publicly and openly, then oftentimes their judgment comes openly and publicly for all men to see and fear before the Lord. 6-7-2017 The Lord says, my favor has not run out in your life, but I am adding to and even increasing my favor in your life. The Lord says, with that increase of favor, you will be able to do more on my behalf, says the Lord! 6-6-2017 The Lord says, I won’t let you fall. I have brought you this far, and I won’t let you fall. My investments in you will continue, says the Lord! 6-5-2017 The Lord says, I enable those that are mine to pass every test. 6-4-2017 The Lord says, know that I am protecting you and guarding over you in the midst of the darkness and the turmoil in the earth. 6-3-2017 The Lord says, keep believing, and do not give up. You have a purpose in life to fulfill, and you must rely on the strength that I give you to push pass those dark, unpleasant, and uncertain spots in your life that you walk through, but my grace will sustain you, and my power will cause you to prevail so that my Kingdom purpose and plan for your life will reach its mark, says the Lord! 6-2-2017 The Lord says, I have not forgotten about what I said that I was going to do for you. Use your faith to access the realm of blessings that have been kept from you because of a lack of faith to draw it out. 6-1-2017 The Lord says, my favor on your life has brought you this far, and my favor will help to keep you and preserve you. Be not fearful for your life, because I have designed your life to honor me in every way, and my love will keep you, says the Lord! 5-31-2017 The Lord says, tell my people that there is a set time and a season for everything to happen for them in their lives, and when that set time comes up for harvest, nothing can stop my hand, says the Lord! 5-30-2017 The Lord says, I am the force that have been keeping you, and you have not been standing by your own strength. You have not gotten as far as you have on your own, now put your trust and your perspectives back in the right place, and you will get a sure reward from me, says the Lord! 5-29-2017 The Lord says, I won’t let the fire in you go out even though the temptation is there at times, but I will keep my flame alive in you, says the Lord! 5-28-2017 The Lord says, if you feel like at times that your back is up against a wall, that is a good place to be, because at least you know what is behind you, and the enemy cannot sneak up behind you to attack you from behind, because there is a wall there protecting you, so fight your way forward. Trust and know that I am there for you and with you to give you the victory, especially when you feel boxed in, declares the Lord! 5-27-2017 The Lord God says, I am still able to bring victory out of chaos, so do not be misled by all the things going on in the earth, declares the Lord! 5-26-2017 The Lord says, be not blind, but open your eyes to see how I am moving in the earth in the midst of the turmoil. Move with me, flow with me, so you will be prepared to go with me. 5-25-2017 If there is anything that takes away my peace from your life, it is not of me, but it is of the enemy, says the Lord! 5-24-2017 The Lord says, Peace Be Still in your life. Let the troubled waters be calm, and let the sun (Son) arise in your hearts, and allow my glory to shine forth through you. 5-23-2017 The Lord says, I have not brought you this far to forget about you or to forget about the things that I have called you to do and what I have created you to become. In those times when or if you question if I am there, yes, I am there, and I love you too much to leave you now or to leave you alone, declares the Lord! I will continue my investment into your life, declares the Lord! 5-22-2017 The Lord says, if I came down to you in your midst to see how you were living, what would I find? Would I find faith and honorable things, or would I find fear and confusion? The Lord says, whatever you would be embarrassed about me finding are those things you need to clean up, fix, get right, and get in order before I come. If it is something that would embarrass you, then you know it would be displeasing to me, says the Lord! 5-21-2017 The Lord says, I have been watching you and I have been examining your ways and your habits, and I have been putting my finger on some things you need to change. Do not just ignore those things and those areas of your life that I have singled out by my Spirit for you to change, but rather let healing and restoration take place in your life, because you take heed to what my Spirit is constantly saying to you, says the Lord! 5-20-2017 The Lord says, this is your moment of opportunity. Don’t miss what I am doing in your life at this moment by being distracted by other things. 5-19-2017 The Lord says, be content with what you have and know that I will sustain you. As you remain faithful and obedient to me, know that your portion in life will be provided for, says the Lord! 5-18-2017 The Lord says, in the midst of the chaos, the shaking, and the turmoil in the world, there is an opportunity set before you, and this is a time where I am opening the eyes of my people to see the opportunity in the midst of what many may be perceiving as being darkness. However, the Lord says, there is treasure in the midst of the darkness. Now allow me to show you clearly what the others cannot see or refuse to see. Allow me to show you where the rain is in the midst of the drought, and allow me to show you where the treasure is that has been hid in the dirt in your life. Allow me to show you the silver lining behind those dark clouds in your life, and allow me to show you my Bow in the clouds where there have been a great flood of the torrential downpours that have tried to cloud your life, says the Lord! Come to me and seek me, and I will show you what others simply cannot see, says the Lord! 5-17-2017 This is a season where things have reached an accelerated peak, and I am really counting on you to fulfill those things that I have called you to do, declares the Lord! 5-16-2017 The Lord says, this is not a time to mix darkness with light. This is not a time for you to be passive, cold, and stagnant, but it is a time for you to be full of passion to do my will at an accelerated rate, declares the Lord! 5-15-2017 The Lord says, this is not an hour for you to be stagnant. Should you not believe the utterances that my prophets have spoken into your ears over time? Should you continue to be slow to believe, says the Lord? I have been very patient with you and slow to refrain, but my grace will not always be in the earth; for there is coming a time that I will remove my hand from the earth and remove my people so that I can bring about my mystery and my mysterious plan before humanity. Even certain men in my kingdom do not believe those things and they cannot see these events that will soon unfold in the Holy Scriptures; for I have sealed their eyes and covered their vision, and have chosen to reveal them to the humble and the meek, yea, even to babes. I have chosen my plan to go forth, and all those that are close to me will be protected from the great mystery to come that will soon unfold, because my hand will protect them and hide them from the indignation upon the nations, declares the Lord! Look at Isaiah 29:9-24, Matthew 13:10-17, and then Luke 10:21-24 are all Scriptures to take a look at ASAP. 5-14-2017 The Lord says, I do take note of the fruit of your labor, and nothing you do goes unnoticed in my Kingdom. I honor those that honor me, and I will bring them into great honor and that included you if you are one that honors me, says the Lord! 5-13-2017 The Lord says, I have been calling you up to a higher order now for a while, but so far you have been resisting more power or the promotion that I have for you. Now is the time, now is the moment, and now is time for you to move forward with a new victory, says the Lord! 5-12-2017 The Lord says, I am not blind to the things that are happening, and in many cases I had already told you that these things would be coming in the earth. I told you to watch for my coming and wait at my door posts. At my door posts, there is wisdom, there is counsel, and there is healing there for you. I will restore the soul that seeks me, says the Lord! Look at Proverbs 8:34 and Isaiah 6:4. 5-11-2017 The Lord says, your peace is in me, your stability is in me, and your future is in me. Get up from out of your slumping state, and allow a fresh faith to overtake you so that you can go forward with a new determination to trust me, believe in me anew, but to stir your faith so that you can be positioned to accomplish new, big, higher, and better things, says the Lord! 5-10-2017 The Lord says, fear not the shifts that are appearing in the nations; for some things are necessary to implement my plans in the earth. You will see many changes in the days ahead, but you will see my hand in many things in going forward, says the Lord! 5-9-2017 The Lord says, do not neglect the responsibility to sit at the counsel of my feet and feed yourself spiritually. New strength and new life is added to you when you come and sit before me, says the Lord! 5-8-2017 The Lord says, the sooner that you get your focus back right, the sooner that you can receive your harvest that you put on hold by a moment of doubting some things. 5-7-2017 The Lord says, if you can’t see your future with all that I have shown you already, it is because you are not looking, and you are looking at the wrong things and focusing on the wrong things. When you get a fresh vision, you will see all things clearer, says the Lord! 5-6-2017 The Lord says, open your eyes and see. Open up your eyes and see, says the Lord! 5-5-2017 The Lord says, I have great things in store that you are about to see. 5-4-2017 The Lord says, some of my people are in not so good situations that they have taken ownership of. The Lord says, some of my people have gotten stuck in situations and trials that came up against them that were only supposed to be a temporary situation and over with pretty quickly, but they made it personal and started referring to it as, ‘My situation.’ The Lord says, I never intended for you to take ownership of a situation that I did not send your way in the first place, but it came from the adversary. I never intended for you to use that negative situation as a crutch for your failure and an excuse to stay in fear and despair, but I have ordained for you to come out of that situation victorious and in faith, declares the Lord! If only I could get my people to take ownership of all of the promises from my word, then would they find themselves in a much better place in life. My best awaits all those that believe what I have said, declares the Lord! 5-3-2017 The Lord says, the battle is not over, so keep on fighting until you see the victory in every area of your life. Do not take breaks or take your eyes off the prize or get weary in the process. Do not be taken by the distractions of the enemy in and around your life; for those things are just his smoke screens to take your focus. Know that I am there in the midst of things with you to give you the victory in the final outcome, says God! 5-2-2017 The Lord says, I will to heal and restore if you will let me. I come in only by invitation, says the Lord! 5-1-2017 Things will shift this month and things will shift in the right direction in a more favorable way for you. Things will start looking up for you as you look up to me, says the Lord! Now is your time to make a difference, declares the Lord! 4-30-2017 The Lord says, think about what I have spoken to you in times past, and remember how I have delivered you in times past. Think about all of the victories that I have given, and have faith for what is set before you now and reach for the victory again and reach for more, says the Lord! 4-29-2017 The Lord says, I value you. That is why I made you, and I purpose to give you a bright future filled with hope and not despair. Those things can only be found in me and not in things, says the Lord! 4-28-2017 There is such a strong anointing here right now. I hear the Lord saying, look not to the right hand or to the left hand, but keep your eyes focused straight on me. I have many wonderful treasures to give you yet, but I need you to make me your only focus in this season so that you can be able to see clearly what I am doing even as I am pulling back the curtains with a glorious and wonderful surprise for you. You have no idea of the magnitude in which I am about to bless you in this season and pour out my Spirit upon you in this season, declares the Lord! Believe me, your eyes have not seen, says the Lord! See Isaiah 64:4, 2 Corinthians 2:9, Proverbs 8:17-21, 1 Corinthians 2:10, and 1 Corinthians 2:12-14. 4-27-2017 The Lord God says, the waters will rise, but it is only pointing to the season of my refreshing in your life, and you shall be like a watered garden instead of being one that is in drought only and continually. Go and see Jeremiah 17:7-8, Isaiah 58:10-11, and Isaiah 41:17-20. 4-26-2017 The Lord says, frowning at it won’t fix it, but speaking to that mountain in faith and commanding it to be removed can get things to moving on your behalf. 4-25-2017 The Lord says, do not be tripped up by what you see, but let your faith in me open your eyes to truly see that you already have the victory. 4-24-2017 The Lord says, I have not called your life to destruction and I have not appointed you to wrath, but I have called you to experience my grace and I will show you mercy. Come experience my love, says the Lord! 4-23-2017 You want to see all of the building blocks in place first before you make a move. You are trying to see it all and have it all in your hands before you step out, but the Lord says, I do not operate like that, but I move in the realm of faith, and I respond when I see faith in motion. I will respond to you when I see your faith, declares the Lord! 4-22-2017 The Lord says, your purpose in me cannot be crushed by any enemy opposition. I hold the key and the power, so everything that is locked up in me, I have the power to release, and I release those locked up treasures to you now in this season, declares the Lord! 4-21-2017 The Lord says, clean the dirt off that dusty window that you have been looking through so that you can see things clearly. The dirt and the dust of the previous season had you not seeing things clearly, but assuredly in this season, you’ll be able to see far beyond anything that you have ever seen before, and you will walk in a new light and a new way to get the victory, because you will be able to see it before you clinch it, says the Lord! 4-20-2017 The Lord says, quit worrying about the things that I have already taken care of. Just because you cannot always see what I am doing or what I have already done does not mean that I am not working or have not already moved a mountain on your behalf. Learn to call things in and call those things that be not as if they were in existence already, and they will appear and will manifest according to your faith, says the Lord! 4-19-2017 The Lord says, why sit and contemplate something that is out of your reach and beyond your control? Allow me to bring things that are my will into reach and give me time and space to bring all things under control so that there is very minimal stress or pressure to you, says the Lord! 4-18-2017 The Lord says, take things that I am speaking in this hour or have spoken in times past serious, because all those things will surely come to pass, declares the Lord! 4-17-2017 The Lord says, lay down that burden and cast that care upon me, and you will see the truth. It is hard for you to see the truth as long as you have that burden and care blocking and distorting your view. 4-16-2017 The Lord says, I am alive for you. I am alive to live in you, move in you, move through you, and work in you and through you. I went through the death, burial, resurrection, and the ascension just for you, so that you might life and have it more abundantly and have life eternal. It is your season to get up and prosper, says the Lord! 4-15-2017 The Lord says, I have things laid up for you that you know not of, and I have many things yet to give you, show you, and teach you, only if you let me. 4-14-2017 The longer that you have to wait for something, the more you know that the better you have that is coming to you. What is coming to you is going to be much better than anything that you have ever had before. Some of you had to wait for certain things for a very long time, and you have really had your patience tried in certain areas, but I hear the Lord saying, this is your season where the long wait will be over and the season of preparation is coming to an end, and you are about to step into that thing that you have been long awaiting for. In life, to everything there is a season and time for every purpose under Heaven, and I hear the Lord say that this is your season, and this is your time. 4-13-2017 The Lord says, be not misled or taken by the distractions of the world or this life, because this is the finest hour yet, for the Saints, for my people, declares the Lord! 4-12-2017 The Lord says, I am fostering things to turn out good on your behalf, because you have my favor, and I have favored you. No, I have not forsaken you, nor have I forgotten you. You are in my book of remembrance, and in this season I am remembering all of your good works and deeds that you have done on my behalf, and I will bless you beyond anything that you could have ever imagine, says the Lord! Some of you in this season are going to get blessed for what you did in a past season that God did not forget, and it won’t be based upon your current obedience, but what you did out of your obedience to God in a past season. This is harvest time for you, says the Lord! 4-11-2017 The Lord says, don’t be troubled by what you see and hear. Just continue to trust in me and know that I am near to those that I love to bring them peace, declares the Lord! 4-10-2017 The Lord wants you to know that, I am doing some reshaping and refining in your life. Be not uncomfortable in the process that I am taking you through, because it is designed to make you a better person and cause you to produce more fruit. Stick with me and allow me to make a true believer out of you as I do things to you, through you, and for you, that you could have never imagined, declares the Lord! 4-9-2017 The Lord says, looking at things in the natural does not solve your problem, but seeing things with spiritual eyes and being in the Spirit will help to bring things to a good conclusion. Allow me to show you things by my Spirit that will bring lasting healing to your life, says the Lord! 4-8-2017 The Lord says, you haven’t seen nothing yet, watch my hand in the earth. 4-7-2017 The Lord says, do not think that I was turning a blind eyes to the things that were going on in the earth, because I was not. Now is the time that I will arise up out of my place, declares the Lord! See Psalm 12:5, Amos 9:8, Isaiah 1:4, Isaiah 42:13-16, Isaiah 63:1-6, Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 1:15-31, and then also Psalm 72:12-15. 4-6-2017 The Lord says, remember all of the previous battles that I fought and won for you, and know that this one will not take you out in the process, because I have won it for you too already. 4-5-2017 The Lord says, they have said in their hearts that nothing great can come out of you, but I have already declared my greatness in your life, and my Spirit in you will bring you into that greatness, says God! 4-4-2017 The Lord says, I would not have called you if I did not think that you were capable of doing the job. Those whom I call, I enable, equip, and empower them to do all those things that I have called them to do. Take courage in knowing that I am with you says the Lord to give you the victory and to see you through it all. 4-3-2017 The Lord says, I have sent reinforcements to back you up in this season. I am reinforcing all of my faithful ones, declares the Lord! You will see a lot of reinforcements in the natural, but know that you are being reinforced by legions of angels, and some of you will be privileged to see my angelic hosts around your life and your ministry and in all that you do, says the Lord of the Hosts; For I am Lord of the hosts in Heaven and in Earth, says the Lord! 4-2-2017 The Lord says, the manner of which I am speaking to you in this season is because of the urgent sense of your calling, which is a high one. You will not need to second guess me or wonder if I am really speaking all these things to you in this season, because I am. I am serious about everything that I spoke to you about your calling and destiny, says God! 4-1-2017 The Lord says, I am stirring up the passion in you that you once had that you let die, and this is a season where the fires of my zeal will burn in you a fresh and anew. You will see how to navigate in this season at every turn, because my Spirit will be the one who’s leading and guiding you into your destiny. Do not think on past things, but focus on what I am doing in you and now in your life. Help me by being obedient to the leading of my Spirit in your life in every way so that you can arrive at the intended destiny that I have preserved just for you, says the Lord! 3-31-2017 The Lord of Hosts would say unto you, know that I am controlling the armies. I control the armies of Heaven and my armies in the earth. You are a part of my soldiers, and you are a part of my elite squad. I have called you to handle things in the earth on my behalf and get things done so that my Kingdom can advance on earth as it is in Heaven. Do not be fearful to carry out the commands that I have given you to advance my agenda in the earth, declares the Lord! 3-30-2017 The Lord says, start now in order to fare well later. The strategies that I have given you will position you for greater later, declares the Lord! 3-29-2017 The Lord says, just because things in and around you may appear to look a certain way does not mean that it is actually that way in reality. Allow my Spirit to enlighten you and to open up your eyes and to show you the truth so that you might really see things the way that they really are in Spirit, because the natural just might fool you, declares the Lord! It is my Spirit that gives you the ability to see beyond just the surface concerning matters, but my Spirit takes you behind the scenes in people’s lives and in personal matters. My Spirit allows you to see in the dark, and bring things to the light, declares the Lord! 3-28-2017 The Lord says, this is the season that I bring you into expansion and increase like never before. You haven’t seen it like I am about to bring it to you in this season, says the Lord! 3-27-2017 The Lord says, memories of the past cannot stop your future, because I have already taken care of your past, and your future in me is sure. 3-26-2017 The Lord says, you have cried your last tear, because your victory is here. 3-25-2017 The flow that I have for you in this season will come on a coordinated path that will spark a new fire in you to take you in a new direction that will payoff for you in the long run, says the Lord! 3-24-2017 The Lord says, pass the test when it comes the first time and the rest is history in the making. 3-23-2017 The Lord says, you have to trust that I have your back even when it don't look like it is so, because I do have your back, says the Lord! 3-22-2017 The Lord says, if I send a wind to get your attention, would you pay attention to the signals that I am sending you? 3-21-2017 There Lord says, the things that you are passionate about in life are sometimes not my will, but they are the things of life that are the desires of your own heart and will. This is a season for you to know me, to know my heart, and to know my will, and to do my will without any further reservations and hesitations. Seek me and find out my path for your life. Come up before me and find grace and mercy from me towards you to help you know and walk down the path that I have for you, says the Lord; for up until now, you have been still doing it your own way, declares the Lord God! 3-20-2017 The Lord says, do not let the issues of life distract you, because the victory is already yours if you just look and see what I have already done. 3-19-2017 The Lord says, you keep pressing into me and you are going to find favor and you’re going to see victory. Every challenge that you have faced will be dismantled as my glory melts all of those things away. Just worship me, and you will find that all of those things will just fade away and problems melt in my presence, and you will find that all of those things that you petition me for have already been fixed, declares the Lord! 3-18-2017 The Lord says, I have already provided what you think you need to be successful. Your provision is sure in me, declares the Lord! 3-17-2017 Your next season of greatness is here, says the Lord! 3-16-2017 The Lord says, ‘Declare that I will show up,’ and I will show up, says the Lord! 3-15-2017 The Lord says, I have people in place already, so when you get there, my plan can go right into motion. Trust me to see the secret provision that I have for you, says the Lord! 3-14-2017 The Lord says, I do visit my people in this hour, and as I come to them, I do special things for them that they have been longing for. This is a season where I am bringing healing and restoration to many. How I long to heal those broken places of your life, says the Lord! Will you let me heal and restore you, says the Lord? 3-13-2017 The Lord says, my peace is still available to those that seek it. 3-12-2017 The Lord says, staying in the backdrop or staying in the background hiding from your purpose is not going to change my will or my will for your life. It is when you come to the forefront that you will see me as I see you and will have the courage to press forward in power and the wisdom that I give to you to bring about a right and positive change in the earth; for so is my will for your life. I have called you to change nations on my behalf by speaking into the land, says the Lord! 3-11-2017 The Lord says, be up for the challenge, because I have already given you the victory. 3-10-2017 The Lord says, technology is your friend when you use it to your advantage and not for evil purposes. 3-9-2017 The Lord says, if the enemy really could stop you, he would have stopped you by now, but the fact is that he cannot stop you, because I have placed a heavy army of angels around you to shield and protect you, because your destiny is so high. You won’t be stopped, because I can’t be stopped, and I am the one inside of you doing the works through you, says the Lord! 3-8-2017 If you have already been invited, there is no need for a second invitation, because you already have been invited. The Lord says, you have already been invited. Now it is up to you to accept it and come, declares the Lord! The table has been spread, says the Almighty! 3-7-2017 The Lord says, whatever that thing is that you are believing for is now within reach. 3-6-2017 The Lord God says, reciprocity will show up and work for you and reward you when you first work it as a law to benefit you. 3-5-2017 Instead of crying and complaining in life about what did or didn’t happen for you in the past or the last season, get a fresh perspective on life and move forward with some positive faith in a new and determined way, and you will see results and see my hand when you do, says the Lord! No faith, no results, says God! 3-4-2017 The Lord is saying, do not hesitate to obey me when you know when I am beckoning you to do so, because I see the future, and a lot of times I am asking you to do so to prevent a future tragedy and catastrophe in your life. It is in your best interests to obey me quickly, says the Lord! 3-3-2017 The Lord says, sometimes you can overreact to things and take things way too far and mess things up. Do not overreact and go way overboard with assumptions before you know all the facts. Allow time and the truth to prevail over lies, and you will see the truth in everything clearly, declares the Spirit of God! 3-2-2017 The Lord says, I am forming up a new path for you even as old doors closes, and there will be a favor for you on that new path that you did not have on the old path. The Lord says, I am able to form something new where you are that amounts to a promotion to take you totally into something new, so do not think this word means just leaving to go somewhere new. I sent my Son into Israel to form a New Covenant from the same place where the Old existed, and I was able to birth something new out of something that was old and tied it all together in one. Do you see what I am doing in your life. Think it not strange if I bring forth something new out of something old. I heard the Lord say, for some of you, he is going to change your spouse, and you’ll see something new out of something that was old. For some of you your finances are going to change on that job or in that career field and you will see way more money, new money out of an old place, so be very open to what the Spirit of God is doing in your life and in this season and at this time (moment). 3-1-2017 The Lord says, I have favored you for this time and hour. Now flow with me, and you will see the fruit of your walk with me, declared the Lord! 2-28-2017 The Lord says, trust my hand even when you don’t see how it is going to work, because I have a way to make things work for you, declares the Lord! 2-27-2017 The Lord says, fear has no place in my Kingdom; Revelation 21:6-8; but only faith pleases me and gets my attention, declares the Lord! See Hebrews 11:6, Luke 18:8, Hebrews 10:38-39, and Hebrews 4:2. 2-26-2017 The Lord says, don’t focus on any of the storms or attacks on the outside, but know that I give peace to all that rest in me in the midst of any storm or attack of the enemy; for I am your shield, says the Lord! 2-25-2017 The Lord says, I am with you to protect you and keep you safe from all harm, hurt, evil, danger, and destruction. I am the Lord, your God, that keeps you, and I will fight against all that would fight against you, declares the Lord! See also Genesis 12:3, Genesis 27:29, Psalm 89:20-24, Deuteronomy 7:18, and then Deuteronomy 30:7. 2-24-2017 The Lord says, get your fire back and go out there again and win souls. You used to have your fire and do likewise with such a passion, and the Lord says I release that fire upon you afresh and anew. Now go, says the Lord! 2-23-2017 The Lord says, the fire is falling and I will rekindle a passion in my house again that will stir the pot of passion again and in my house will be filled with a fresh zeal, the zeal of the Lord of Hosts! 2-22-2017 Many of you are wondering when it will be your time to shine and be someone so powerful in the Lord, but the Lord would say unto you, open your eyes and see what I have done for you already. Open your eyes, says the Lord, and see who I have already made you to be. See yourself in the Spirit says the Lord and you will see how I see you and how I made you, says the Lord God! 2-21-2017 The Lord is releasing a fresh wind and a fresh fire in you this week, even this day, and with this fresh wind and fresh fire will come the ability to see and discern things in a much greater way than you have ever experienced before, and you will begin to see that which you could not quite see before and you will have a greater clarity and much greater understanding of the things to come in your life and for the people around you. 2-20-2017 I heard the Lord say, your struggle will become a part of your testimony, so do not become discouraged or dismayed at the sight of your eyes, because better is on the way for you. 2-19-2017 The Lord says, there is a purpose for that fire being in you, and that purpose will not return unto me void, declares the Lord! 2-18-2017 The Lord says, my eyes are upon the faithful of the land, to bless them in ways that they have not known that is unprecedented. I have my rewards laid up and stored up for the righteous, and for all that obey my voice, says the Lord! 2-17-2017 The Lord says, trust in me, and you shall have no shame. 2-16-2017 I hear the Lord saying; 1) that some things that were taken from you years ago will suddenly be given back to you and be restored. 2) Money that was held back from you or that was wrongfully taken from you will be restored to you and paid back to you retroactively and with interest. 3) I also hear him saying there will be some heavy wealth transfers. 2-15-2017 The Father says, you are special to me no matter what you may think. I purposed your life, and I called you forth from the womb to give me glory and to represent me. I knew you then, and I know you now, and I have not called you to draw back in fear, but I have called you to triumph and to conquer. Hold your head up, because I, the Lord, have already given you the victory, declares the Almighty! 2-14-2017 The Lord says, there is a way to bring everything within reach that is out of reach. That way is having faith and applying the principles of my word, says the Lord! 2-13-2017 The Lord says, if I called you to it, I plan on bringing you through it. 2-12-2017 The Lord says, watch for the rain of Heaven as it begins to fall in your life. 2-11-2017 I heard the Lord say, don’t always look at things in a negative light. Turn it into something good and it will be good, says the Lord! 2-10-2017 I see in the Spirit where the Lord is now putting you in some people’s heart to be a blessing to you. Mark my words and watch for his goodness. 2-9-2017 The Lord says, I have showed up to break that thing from over your life that had you hesitating and stopping for a long time when it came to you doing and fulfilling my will for your life. I have now rebuked that dark cloud that has been hanging over your life for the past several years, so go free now, says the Lord, and I am now pushing back and fighting against those dark forces and evil spirits that have plagued people’s lives and that have stood over nations, declares the Lord! My freedom is in the land, declares the Lord! 2-8-2017 The Lord says, go out and tell them to come into my Kingdom and be saved. 2-7-2017 The Lord says, those forces fighting against you and challenging you are coming to an end. 2-6-2017 The Lord says, allow me to live out my plan through you. Surrender yourself to me. Give me your plans in exchange for my plans for your life. True peace comes by you dying to self and becoming alive to me and my glory within you, says the Lord! 2-5-2017 The Lord says, your posture of faith will enable you to progress and stand strong in the days ahead. As you follow me, you will see through things that were only distractions and smoke screens in your life to deter you from the way, but now your eyes will begin to open to see your way into destiny, declares the Lord of glory! 2-4-2017 The Lord says, this is not a time for you to be sleeping and lying in slumber; for truly this is the greatest time and hour. This is also a time of harvest, says the Lord! Do not miss the moment and do not miss what I am doing by being asleep, says the Lord, and do not miss your harvest and season of visitation, says the Lord! 2-3-2017 The Lord says, I am favoring you to fulfill my purpose, and I will bless your life accordingly and based upon how you fulfill and walk out my purpose for your life. 2-2-2017 The Lord says, do not ignore the call of God on your life; for it will preserve you and save you in the days ahead. There is only true safety by being in my will no matter how hard, difficult, dangerous, or tedious that you think it is. My sovereign protection will cover you by you being in my will, says the Lord! 2-1-2017 The Lord says, I am stirring up the hearts of men to do my will. Do not miss out on how I’m moving in the hearts of people, and not just my people only, but I am moving in the hearts and in the minds of a people that are not my people and convincing them to do my will. Do not get used to the Norm, because I am changing the format and changing man platforms to bring glory to my name, says the Lord! 1-31-2017 The Lord is saying to his people, stand and pray, have faith and declare boldly and openly those things that I have put in your heart. In you speaking and declaring those things, you will see those things begin to manifest, says the Lord! 1-30-2017 The Lord says, I have favored you for such a time as this, and I intend to use you to bring about my glory, declares the Lord! 1-29-2017 The Lord says, keep looking forward and do not bother to look backwards. 1-28-2017 The Lord says, believe me to be stable; for I am ready, willing, and able to make you whole. Your part is to have faith and to believe me for it, says the Lord! 1-27-2017 The Lord God says, be stable and be not faithless, but believing and you will surely see what I have for you. Over the past several months, you could not see all that I was doing in your life, because I was doing many things and working on many things behind the scenes on your behalf. Look now and see what you see, but this time, look in the Spirit and not in the natural, and you will see the harvest that you are to call in with your mouth and pull in with your faith, declares the Lord! 1-26-2017 The Lord God says, today is your day for a significant breakthrough. Now is not the time for you to fear. Only believe, and you will surely receive, says the Lord your God! 1-25-2017 The Father says, you were not put on earth to fail, and I gave you my Spirit to govern you so that you could prevail. My Spirit leads and guides and provides you with the necessary essentials of life, but I have ordained for you to walk in a greater measure of abundance and my Spirit knows how to get you there, so follow him and his leading, and you will get to the place of my abundant feeding and unlimited provision, declares Father God! I also hear the words super abundance. This is your opulence season if you will believe it and receive it, because if you do, then you’ll walk in it and have it. The principles of the word of God were put there for you to do and follow to release access to those things. 1-24-2017 The Lord says, keep yourself in faith and do not allow yourself to doubt anything that I have promised and spoken unto you, because if you stay in faith, you will see the manifestation of that thing in its due season. 1-23-2017 The Lord says, my will always have a good ending to it when you do things my way. 1-22-2017 The Lord says, the purpose that I have called you to does not require you to be on the run and in the wilderness forever, but even as I called my servant David out of the cave to reign and to sit upon the Royal Throne to rule over my people, so I am calling you out of your cave and your place of hiding to rule and to reign over the things that I appointed for your life, says the Lord! 1-21-2017 The Lord says, my faith in you won’t allow you to give up, but my faith in you will drive you to continue pressing on. 1-20-2017 The Lord says, it is always best to put your best foot forward, because you don’t know who I have watching you for promotion or who I have assigned to raise you up. 1-19-2017 The Lord says, peace is better than pain, but some peace does not come without there first being some pain. Be patient as I am shifting some things in the earth to bring about my ultimate will and to establish my Kingdom upon the earth, says the Lord God! 1-18-2017 (Very strange and unusual word) The Lord says, forensic science and DNA will be used to bring siblings and family members together that did not even know they were kin or had additional family members somewhere else in this hour. I saw this whole process play out in a dream and then the Lord kept on expounding about it to me once I woke up. He showed me how even many of you will be used in that process, because you’ll realize that some people you know look and act just like someone else you know, but they don’t know each other, and their ways are exactly the same and their habits, and you will say to one, there is someone that looks and acts just like you, and at that point you will be used to bring them together and setup a meeting between the two or more of them. He showed me where some people were separated at birth for one reason or another, and with some of them, they are already in the same city or region, because destiny brought each of them there separately, but they don’t know it, but in the midst of your dealings, you will cross path with the both of them and bring them together. This thing goes deep, but forms of forensic science and DNA samples will be used to connect all the dots and to unite a family that did not even know existed and that were lied to all of their lives or were denied the truth when they asked or suspected that there was something more with others they may have come in contact with themselves. I also heard the Lord say, that many parents and elderly people will shock a lot of their children before they go to the grave because they will tell them some things that they had been holding back from them for years, even until their children were grown, to tell them, and these things will connect all the dots and missing pieces of the puzzle that you long suspected or you knew there was always something more. 1-17-2017 The Lord says, are you prepared for things to come? Do you even know or care what is coming, says the Lord? Many surprises are coming, some are good and some are not so good. I have many good surprises for my faithful and dedicated ones, but this is a season wherein fearfulness will surprise all the hypocrites in the land, says the Lord! See Isaiah 33:14. 1-16-2017 The Lord says, the power of prayer will shift the nations, and you have a part to play in this shift. The second thing that I heard the Lord say was, You can’t always go by what you see in the natural with your eyes, because one moment things will seem one way or kind of uncertain and the next moment it will shift to work in your favor and your breakthrough will come so that is why I require you to have faith, says your God! The third thing that I heard the Lord saying to me that was very significant was, ‘It is catastrophic for the nations to touch Israel and try to control what I have my hands on,’ says the Lord! (There was a time in this ministry in which the Lord would not give me any words for Israel, and I kind of felt like who am I to give any kind of word to this nation of Israel, God’s first chosen people and nation, the natural seed of Jacob, especially when mostly all of the great prophets of the Lord in the Bible came like Elijah and Samuel came forth out of the land of Israel. I felt like Israel was such a powerful nation, not only in biblical times, but in modern times, and that they even had such powerful modern day prophets and powerful rabbis of their own that are prophetic in nature, that they don’t need me to say anything to them or concerning that nation, but then the season shifted and things changed all of a sudden, and I kind of felt like it was because it is the end times on the prophetic calendar and that the Lord was causing us along with Israel to form the one new man spoken of in the latter day that include the Jew and gentile people in Christ; See Ephesian 2:10-15, Ephesians 4:11-13, Galatians 3:28, and Colossians 3:11.) Even as I was sitting here talking about Israel, the nations of the world keep on talking about a two state solution for Israel, and I clearly heard the Lord says, Israel is one; see Ezekiel 37:15-22 and Jeremiah 3:18-19, so when you read those Scriptures, you will see that the Lord has long ago solved the whole two state solution issue by declaring that Israel is one and it will be one nation according to his standards and in his own eyes; see also Zechariah 2:8-13. 1-15-2017 The Lord says, your treasure is in me and your value is found in me, so don’t you ever second guess how valuable you are, declares the Lord! 1-14-2017 The Lord says, be prepared for the many changes coming in the earth and among the nations. I am also bringing many changes in my Church, and I am bringing the winds of my change, and the winds shall blow upon your life and among my Church. Yea, there will be many changes in my Kingdom that will shake some and promote others. Get ready for the meeting of the Bridegroom, declares the Lord! 1-13-2017 The Lord says, people miss breakthrough moments all the time, but don’t allow yourself to become one of them. Open your eyes and see how I am moving in this season amongst my people and get in on the waves and ride them to shore, and in you moving with the waters, you will find a time of refreshing, because those are refreshing waters set before you, says the Lord! 1-12-2017 The Lord says, this is your time and your moment to make some things right and to move into a New Year with a clean and clear conscious so that you can get all that I have in store for you. 1-11-2017 What I see is the Lord shifting some mantles to a new breed of people that he have raised up for this hour to display his power through. I see a new authority being released from his throne room upon these new delegated ones. These are delegated authorities that he has raised up for this hour. I see a shifting of the guards over the heavens, and in the first wave I see the angels of praise going out first. In the second wave, I see the warring angels cutting away enemy opposition and the strongholds of the enemy. In the third wave, I see the harvesting angels of the Lord that are responsible for assisting with bringing in and reaping the latter time harvest, both souls to be saved and financial harvests for the Saints. I see a clash in the heavens as the angels of the Lord break through some demonic strongholds, and they break through by our prayers. Now I hear the Lord saying this is an unprecedented season of harvest and of my outpouring, and with this outpouring, it will not only affect my people, but it will affect all flesh in the earth to some degree, because they too will feel me upon them as I am poured by my Spirit upon all flesh. All men will see my glory in this hour, declares the Holy, True, and Righteous Lord! 1-10-2017 The Lord says, be careful how you handle the anointing, because it is a holy thing, and it can hurt you and harm you if you do not handle it with care. 1-9-2017 The Lord says, this is a year for you to get beyond your mind and press into your future that is beyond human limitations. Your destiny is in my hands and not in the reasoning of your own mind. I called you to prevail and not fail, to triumph, and not lose. I, the Lord, have called you to have the victory and not be victimized, declares the Lord! 1-8-2017 The Lord says, you look at things from your own individual circle and window for your life, but I look at things from a higher level and perspective that encompasses everyone and it forms the bigger picture. You are not completed by yourself, but you are completed with them all, so look at a unified vision and purpose that includes all the Saints, declares the Lord! Look at Job 42:10-12, Hebrews 12:1, Hebrews 11:40, Hebrews 11:1-40, and Hebrews 12:1-3. 1-7-2017 Can you see what I am doing in this season and at this moment in your life or are you still blinded by the circumstances, declares the Lord? Oh, I desire to do so much more for you, but you have to get out of your flesh and into the Spirit so you can see things my way and believe, says the Lord! I work all things in life by the spirit of faith, and I work through the realm of faith, says the Lord! It is high time that you open up both your spiritual eyes and natural eyes to see what I am already doing in your midst so that you don’t miss me, declares the Lord of Glory! 1-6-2017 The course that I have set you on in this season cannot be altered, so go ahead with the flow so that you suffer no dam age or loss. I have ordained this season for you to have victory and to make a real comeback, so trust my hand as I lead you and guide you certain ways at this time and in this season, because I will lead you to your harvest, says the Lord! 1-5-2017 The Lord says, I intended for you to go a different route other than the path that you were on, so I sent the winds of correction to you to steer you on the right path and to blow you in the right direction. This is your season to come up to the things that I have for you, but you will need to obtain these things through humility and humbleness of heart, because pride cannot get what I have in store for you, declares the Lord! 1-4-2017 The Lord says, fear is not an option for what I have called you to do. Only be confident and bold and have faith, says the Lord! 1-3-2017 The Lord says, narrow things down so that you can get to the meat of the matter and the original core of things, because it is so easy for you to get distracted by all of the clutter that you have in your life with every little thing trying to pull your focus in a different direction. Once you simplify the process, you’ll see how easy it is to hear me and see clearly what I want you to do and focus on in this season and at this time. I am not calling you to be everywhere. I am not calling you to be everywhere in the natural, and I am not calling you to be everywhere in your thinking, but keep things simple, says the Lord! 1-2-2017 I hear the Lord saying, ‘Peace be unto you. This is the season of your visitation and I have come to refresh you, says the Lord! I have come to visit my people, particularly you. You thought I had forgotten about you, but I remember you, says the Lord! Now is the time of your refreshing; for I am refreshing you yet once more, says your God! Look to me and be refreshed in this hour. This is a time that I am strengthening your hand and stabilizing things for you, and I will give you something to work with, something more, something much greater, says the Lord your God! 1-1-2017 The Lord says, I will visit you in this season. I am visiting people, and I am reviving the souls of men and reigniting a fire in them that will burn with my glory from within. Look up and enter the passion and purpose that I have for you, says the Lord of Hosts!