Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2008 Archives

1/1/2008 Some things that were actually meant for evil against you by the enemy will actually work for your good, says the Lord! 1/2/2008 Be wise in your choices and decision making, says the Lord; for the wrong move or the wrong step could cause you to lose your life and die, so be wise in your decision making process, says the Lord of hosts! 1/3/2008 God is going to bless you right in your enemy’s face. 1/4/2008 Things that you have been wrestling with and fighting for years, the Lord will fight for you in this hour; for I am bringing closure to some things, says the Lord! 1/5/2008 The life you live will determine your final destiny, says the Lord! 1/6/2008 Sound the alarm, blow the trumpet my people, warn them to turn away from idol worship, says the Lord! 1/7/2008 Your vision will be tested, says the Lord! 1/8/2008 Just because you can't see the next season of your life and it's not quite clear on what the Lord is about to do for you next is no reason to give up and quit. For we walk by faith, not by sight. This season is a mystery, because it is a good surprise for you from the Lord. Open your eyes and see what he has already done and thank him for it, then you will begin to see the next season of your life unfold before your eyes. 1/9/2008 God says I am putting an end to everything that has been attacking you, declares the Lord! 1/10/2008 This year and season will require new vision and new strategies in a chaotic world, says the Lord; seek me for new vision and new strategies for your life, your ministry, your business, your marriage and every aspect of your life, declares the spirit of God! 1/11/2008 Despise not the day of small beginnings, says the Lord! 1/12/2008 Even when the waters are troubled, you still have to hold your post, says the Lord! 1/13/2008 Permanent change shall come to the land, says the Lord, and I shall do great and mighty miracles in the land; for surely signs and wonders shall follow you and your prayers are heard and answered, declares the Lord! Be of good courage and conquer in all things for my glory, says the Lord! 1/14/2008 Do not disfigure your faces or be dismayed by the changing of times and the switching of seasons, because there is a changing of the guards, a shifting of the seasons, and even a changing of the mantles; and those that once had great power, authority, and influence you shall see them plump, and those that have not been known, heard of, and that has been hidden shall come to the forefront, says the Lord! For I do this thing suddenly, says the Lord your God; for I declare a shift in power, says God! 1/15/2008 Don't ever take a break in the midst of a war, says the Lord! Wait to rest after you have won and declared a total victory, then you take a refresher break and don't let your guards down. Then prepare for the next war, until I give you rest, says the living God! 1/16/2008 Don't go to war if you don't plan on winning. Don't go to war if you don't plan on hitting the enemy with everything you got. Do not go to war without me, says the Lord! 1/17/2008 They assembled against you for war, but I will smite thine enemies, says the Lord! 1/18/2008 Don't fear the unknown, says the Lord, but move forth in this season by faith, says the Lord! 1/19/2008 Adoption is the answer to abortion, says the Lord! 1/20/2008 My voice shall penetrate the darkness, says the Lord! 1/21/2008 Yea I am your strength, I am your power, says the Lord, and I shall lift you and set you on high if you trust me, says the Lord! 1/22/2008 My hand is the one that established the seas, my hand established the heavens and the earth, and I am he that stays the hand and establishes with my hand, says the Lord! 1/23/2008 The Lord said I will laugh at your enemies because he that touches you touches the apple of my eyes, says the Lord! 1/24/2008 Beware of deceivers, says the Lord! 1/25/2008 Change shall come to this nation, says the Lord! 1/26/2008 Positive change shall come to this nation; for I am changing governments and political structures in the nations, declares the Lord! For it is I that works in the midst of the nations, says the Lord! 1/27/2008 The people of the nations shall rally around change, says the Lord! 1/28/2008 The nations shall shake and the nations shall change, declares the Lord! 1/29/2008 The season of change is upon you. For I work all things after the counsel of my own will, declares the Lord! 1/30/2008 Change is in the midst of you, declares the Lord! 1/31/2008 For change is that thing that I do. For I declare things to be and they become; I declare the end from the beginning, says the spirit of God! 2/1/2008 I need you to change your vision and change your mind and accept my vision and thoughts for you, says the Lord! 2/2/2008 If you can just out last the test and out last the fire and distractions that have been coming against your life, I will surely bless and reward your life, says the Lord! 2/3/2008 For the fire could not stop my change and it surely cannot stop my vision, says the Lord! For I am the builder and maker of all things and I cause all things to prosper, says the Lord! Fear not the threats of man; for it is I that shall cause you to prosper, says the Lord! 2/4/2008 Some of the warfare that you are going through is because of who you got yourself connected to and the warfare that is surrounding their life and ministry. 2/5/2008 You have been going through the fire, but you are coming out as pure gold, says the Lord! 2/6/2008 Though the clouds hang low, hold your head up high, says the Most High! 2/7/2008 Though the times are dark, hold steadfast to your faith, says the Lord! 2/8/2008 Fire has been released in the earth, but the fire shall not harm my chosen ones, says the Lord! 2/9/2008 Many devastating things shall happen and take place in the earth in this hour, but hold on to my word and my promises for you, says the Lord! 2/10/2008 The Lord says, I’m giving you permission to go forward. 2/11/2008 I see multiple 911's. The Lord says, this a season of heighten warfare as I’m bringing down the enemy's strongholds. He will fight on his way out, but I give you undisturbed peace in the midst of turmoil, confusion, and chaos, says the Lord! 2/12/2008 Troubled waters should not stop you, says the Lord! Troubled looking skies shall soon change, says the Lord! 2/13/2008 Will the true prophets stand up and let not your mouth be silenced in this hour, says the Lord! For it is a season of war as I’m over throwing kingdoms and thrones of iniquity that have long held my people captive, says the Lord! (I see corruption and pornography.) 2/14/2008 Mischief! Mischief! Is in the heart of the people, says the Lord, but I shall shift things and crush them in my anger, says the Lord of hosts! For what they are plotting shall not prosper and shall come to nought, says the Lord! 2/15/2008 Your season of affliction is over, says the Lord, and the sons of wickedness shall not afflict you anymore, says the God of all flesh! 2/16/2008 Deviation from my will for your life will cause pain in your life, says the Lord! 2/17/2008 Any plans that you did not get from me will be frustrated, says the Lord! 2/18/2008 Preparation for what I have called you to do is very important, says the Lord! 2/19/2008 Your will and my will must align, says the Lord! 2/20/2008 I have a bright future planned for you declares the Lord, so stay focused on me. Stay in my will, seek my will and I will show you my plans, says the Lord; for I have loved you with an everlasting love, says the Lord! 2/21/2008 The world has entered a dark and a chaotic state and even more darkness and dark times are scheduled to come, but The Lord says, to his people that this is the time to be light in darkness, says the Lord! I need you to be light. 2/22/2008 This is an hour that the hearts of many men around the world shall turn cold, but I need you, my people to display my love in the earth, says the Lord! 2/23/2008 No storm lasts forever, says the Lord, so keep your sanity in the midst of the storm, says the true and living God! 2/24/2008 It seems as if you have been in a lasting wilderness and it looks as if it won't never end, but The Lord says, hold onto my hand of deliverance. You have been through many trials, afflictions, and tests, but the Lord is saying look for my obvious door of deliverance; for I am lifting you up out of a dark and gloomy pit, I’m shifting you over and shifting you up to meet the obligations that I have called you to; for I equip thee with a fresh anointing, fresh power, and fresh strength, says the spirit of the living God! 2/25/2008 It's a new season of increase, declares the Lord! 2/26/2008 You must get quiet and still before me to hear my voice in these days, says the Lord, because you are not going to hear me with all of the commotion around you, says the Lord! 2/27/2008 As fast as you believe, is as fast as I can do this thing for you, says the Lord! 2/28/2008 Pay attention to the prophetic decrees that I have spoken over your life, says the Lord! 2/29/2008 I assigned you there for a season and now I’m doing something new in your life. The old fire has gone out and I’m calling you out of a cold state to a new and hot place, says the Lord! 3/1/2008 The false have stood at the door and have mocked my righteous servants, but I hold the key to eternity and I hold the keys to destiny, says the Lord! 3/2/2008 The Lord says, I am still a healer, says God! 3/3/2008 Don't get distracted to update your websites and maintain your business affairs and relations, says the Lord! 3/4/2008 Anything coming up against you adversely, I will beat down before your face, says the Lord! 3/5/2008 Set your sights on higher things in my kingdom, says the Lord! 3/6/2008 You have to endure during perilous times, says the Lord; for times are shaky and fear is in the land and upon men, but stability and grace is in me, says the Lord! 3/7/2008 Don't be afraid of the fearful sights in the land, says the Lord! 3/8/2008 You must judge all things according to wisdom, says the Lord, and don't just run with what you hear: for some things are true and some things are not true, says the spirit of the living God! 3/9/2008 The Lord is calling you to connect with his kingdom in a greater way. 3/10/2008 Stop judging by the appearance of your eyes and look in the heart of a man, says the Lord! 3/11/2008 Handle your substance correctly, says the Lord! 3/12/2008 Don't be afraid to confront some things in this hour. Don't be afraid to confront evil in this hour, says the Lord! 3/13/2008 If you will dare to have the boldness to go again, I will reciprocate according to your faith, says the Lord, even after they have told you no. 3/14/2008 Do you see me standing before you; for I stand at the door of change and I will radically change your life, says the Lord! 3/15/2008 Prepare to take over, says the Lord! 3/16/2008 They fired you, but you actually got a promotion, watch the door and the gate that I open for you, says the Lord! 3/17/2008 My hand shall be lighted down upon the nations, says the Lord of hosts; for now is the day of my vengeance, says the Lord God almighty! I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Stand fast because the end of all things is at hand and my kingdom is soon to come and it shall be mighty in the earth, declares the Lord! 3/18/2008 Deliverance is on the way, says the Lord! 3/19/2008 Prophetic expressions shall be seen throughout the earth, says the Lord! 3/20/2008 I see many foundations that were out of order and out of place that needed to shift back into place. The Lord is saying that I need you to shift back over and down into place. It is as if I saw a bone that was pulled out of place due to a bad accident of some kind and that bone had to be put back into its proper place. I see many ministries that are on the brink of falling and becoming handicapped if they don't suddenly shift back into their proper place and assignments, even some specific strategic people that are off course, and even though you have still been standing for a while, your joints must be pulled back into place immediately or your leg will have to be taken off and amputated, causing you to permanently operate at half strength and a severely reduced capacity other than what the Lord has intended for you to be at. You must move now and make corrective actions for you to stay afloat in the long run, because if you don't make the switch back to your original plan, structure, and blueprint, then the next season for you will be a crippling season, instead of a prosperous season, declares the Lord! I heard the spirit of the Lord Say obedience is better than sacrifice. 3/21/2008 I’m coming back for a people of faith, says the Lord! (See Luke 18:8, Ephesians 5:23-29) 3/22/2008 Where there is no door that is opened for you, The Lord says, I give you authority; make a door and open it, says the spirit of the living God! 3/23/2008 I’m covering the earth with my presence and I am circling my chosen ones with my spirit, says the Lord! 3/24/2008 You must be battle ready for the next season, says the Lord! 3/25/2008 If you are not humble, you will not see me or hear me in this season, says the Lord! 3/26/2008 I’m bringing in a new season upon the earth, in which governments shall change and nations shall change and kingdoms shall shift for my glory, says the Lord! 3/27/2008 If it be that you see the gate, then why are you standing outside hesitant to walk through; for I have showed you the way, says the Lord! 3/28/2008 I have purposed your life to open doors for others; you are a door opener, says the Lord! That is why everyone keeps coming to you, because it is the thing that I have ordained. You are the gate and the door opener, says the Lord! 3/29/2008 Have not I told you to remain steadfast, then why is it that you complain and cry unto me all the day long. My promise is valid and what I say unto you comes to pass when you believe what I said unto you. When you believe is when you will receive, says the Lord! 3/30/2008 I have called you to a life of faith, says the Lord, and you are not like everybody else; for I have made you different, says the living God, so stop trying to fit in with others and just stand out; for I have made you a leader and a king. I have made you to rule over, says the Lord! 3/31/2008 Surely in a flood of great men, you will serve me, says the Lord! 4/1/2008 You need to stabilize your emotions, says the Lord! 4/2/2008 In the kingdom of God your power comes from your purpose, says the Lord! 4/3/2008 Your hearing God in this hour and hearing him correctly depends entirely on your obedience to him. 4/4/2008 Your ability to cope with things to come in the days ahead is based upon you allowing the Lord to prepare you now by giving you personal instructions, but remember your obedience is key. 4/5/2008 I’m causing you to be uncovered and discovered, says the Lord! 4/6/2008 The Lord says, you have won the battle that was against you. 4/7/2008 Push, says the Lord; I need you to push! 4/8/2008 No new obligations do I require of you in this season, but I require the former ones, says the Lord! Some things that I require of you, you have stopped doing, and there are some things that I asked you to do that you did not do at all, declares the Lord! 4/9/2008 The door that I open, the enemy has no control over, says the Lord! 4/10/2008 Do not do someone else wrong, says the Lord; for that same thing will surely be done unto you; for a many of my people have been forcing the hand against others and thinking that I will embrace those sins and overlook their trespasses against another person. I am a righteous God and I am just and merciful. It is I that sends rain on the just and the unjust. I cause my son to rise on the good and the evil. I judge the earth in righteousness and equity and not just by the appearance of my eyes. When my people learn to be like me and act like me and do my words, then evil will have no power over you. I have ordained power for you, but it only functions for you by walking and operating in love towards your neighbors. Yes all men, even the unlikeable ones, says the Lord! (See also Matthew 5:43-48, John 13:34-35, Hebrews 12:14-15, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13) 4/11/2008 Those dark times and troubled seasons are over in your life, declares the Lord, and the Lord your God shall lead you to the light. Yea, I shall lead you to the light, say the Lord; have not I always provided for you before? You say yeah Lord and I say unto you that I will do it again. Trust me in this hour and dry up the tears for I reach out to you in a dry and thirsty land and I bring you forth into a land flowing with milk and honey. I bring you to a brook of flowing waters with streams, and yea I shall fulfill all of your dreams. Your dreams came from me and I shall do all my pleasure, says the Lord! 4/12/2008 Be careful of the changes that I shall make in your life, says the Lord; for I bring positive change, breakthrough change in your near future, says the Lord! 4/13/2008 Don't wait until the flood waters overtake you, jump into the boat and move to higher grounds. Go to a higher level, says the Lord, and I will meet you there, says the Lord! 4/14/2008 I’m creating a new spirit within you and where things have been stagnate and gifts have lied dormant on the inside of you, even you shall not know or recognize the new you; for I’m forming you a fresh and a new, says the Lord! 4/15/2008 Even though unsurmountable pressure have been arising around you, look unto me; for I give rest to the weary soul and strength to the un-mighty. I am he that refreshes the souls of men, and I shall guide you through this apparent wilderness that you are walking through, and I shall give you fresh fire and courage to conquer, says the Lord! 4/16/2008 I’m giving you a change of garments in this hour, declares the Lord; and the season of victory is now bestowed upon you. 4/17/2008 Follow my order, follow my course, says the Lord! Be not lead astray by diverse kinds of voices that you shall hear in this world; for they are designed to get you off track and lead you astray, say the Lord! 4/18/2008 I have been trying to penetrate your heart, but you have too many distractions around you. I want to come in my fullness. Remove all the distractions from around you and I shall lead you forth into a new realm of glory and another realm of my spirit, says the Lord! 4/19/2008 I will give you keen insight into my plans, will, and purposes for your life, declares the Lord! You will know exactly where I am taking you. It will be obvious and very clear. There will be no mysteries to your life in this season. I’m opening up the veils for you to see and see clearly, says the Lord! 4/20/2008 I have forgiven all of your short falls and iniquities, so now what is stopping you from pressing into me, says the Lord! Press into me more because my presence can help you in your life, says the Lord! 4/21/2008 I said I would do it. What part don't you believe, says the Lord? 4/22/2008 And the Lord would say unto his people today get in order. Get your house in order. Get your finances in order. Get your bills in order. If I am to do financial miracles and pour out my wealth and creative miracles upon you, it will require that you be in order and know exactly where you are and what you need, says the Lord! Before I ever fed 5,000, I made the men sit down on the grass, then I gave to my disciples to pour out unto them, but my order was established first. I have longed to do things for my people, but it requires my established order first, says the Lord! 4/22/2008 If you say that you believe me to start a business, then why are you worrying about getting fired off of that Job, says the Lord! You say that it is your season and that it is your time. Where is your faith, says the Lord? 4/23/2008 Handle legal matters, says the Lord! 4/24/2008 The thing that has been tormenting you the most is the thing that I’m removing from you now in this season, says the Lord! 4/25/2008 Even though you can't see everything right now, yet know that I hold the keys to your future, and I show you things to come and the gate is right before you, says the Lord! 4/26/2008 Striking moments and surprising times are ahead, but the end result will always turn out good for my people and those that follow my voice, says the Lord! 4/27/2008 You have to learn how to cast your cares upon the Lord and leave them there; for he cares for you. 4/28/2008 This is the generation of the former and the latter rain; this is the generation of my latter day glory, says the Lord! Prepare yourself for the latter rain and the early rain to meet together perpetually in your life; for I shall rain down continual showers of blessings upon my people all the way into 2009 and beyond. And where finances have been tight in your life and even in certain ministries and businesses, I remove the blockades of the enemy and I loose the rain of abundance upon my people, even heavy financial rains, says the Lord, and that which have blocked you shall block you no more, says the Lord of hosts! And as a sign I shall even send natural rain upon entire nations, declares the Lord; even dry and parched places shall even see and receive rain, says the Lord! 4/29/2008 The Lord is saying it's time to seek me; seek me for what I want, seek me for my will for your life and not just what you want. Seek my plan and seek me first, and then you'll see what I have for you, declares the Lord! 4/30/2008 My spirit does take over the earth and catch men by surprise, yet I strive with no man because my strength prevails over all. All flesh shall indeed bow before me and seek me right early because of the heat that is in the earth, says the Lord of hosts! 5/1/2008 I’ve been training you for ministry, says the Lord, and even some of the trials that you have been going through was to prepare you for what is ahead, so that you will be able to stand the test of time and lead a people through a dark hour into my marvelous light, says the Lord! (Study Isaiah 55:4-5, Isaiah 42:4-7, 9, 16, Isaiah 48:15, Isaiah 45:13, Isaiah 48:3, Isaiah 28:26, 1 Samuel 3:1-11, 19-21, Jeremiah 4-10, Jeremiah 49:19, Jeremiah 50:44, Proverbs 22:17-21, Malachi 2:7, Isaiah 6:8, Hebrews 3:7-8, Hebrews 2:1-4, Hebrews 12:25-29, Psalm 29:3-9, John 10:1-5, 16) 5/2/2008 Glorious days lies ahead for my saints, for my chosen ones, my people that are called by name; do not be misled by your current circumstances that your natural eyes may currently see, because I am working behind the scenes. Beware of my unveiling; for I release and reveal secrets that shall bring forth your success, says the Lord! 5/2/2008 (This word is specifically for someone) stop talking to the enemy, says the Lord! You have been sharing all of your business and secrets with people that don't even like you or care for you, and you know that too. They don't have your best interests in mind, and they have been looking for ways to trip you up. Inwardly you know that, but you still have allowed them to have access to your life and all of your business and secrets. When are you going to learn? Your own spirit was telling you all along don't do that, but you keep ignoring the voice of your spirit and all the warning signs. You have been opening yourself up to a destructive spirit that has been destroying your life. The enemy knows exactly where to attack you at, because you have been giving him exact locations on your weaknesses, so that he can work his witchcraft devices against you in all of those areas. Don't be ignorant or foolish. Protect yourself from the evil by closing the door on that spirit immediately, says the Lord! As a prophet of God, I see several people in the spirit that this word is applying to and the Lord had to interrupt my process to add a second word (A Word Of Knowledge) to my daily word of the Lord or prophetic words. (See 2 Kings 20:12-19) 5/3/2008 Continue to be a light and a witness for me, says the Lord; continue in my will. 5/4/2008 Signs will point you in the right direction, says the Lord! 5/5/2008 You shall see healing revivals break out all over the land, says the Lord; for I am come down to dwell in the midst of the people and I shall do things that shall astonish men and the heathen shall wonder at me. For my glory shall fill the earth and my presence shall cover the entire earth in these days, declares the spirit of the living God! 5/6/2008 I will protect you from men that has another agenda for your life, declares the spirit of the living God! 5/7/2008 I shall use you in my latter day glory, says the Lord; my latter day glory is here. 5/8/2008 You have prayed for a fresh anointing and I am sending a fresh wind of my spirit and you shall feel my fire and be filled a new and again, says the Lord! 5/9/2008 There are some of my people that are of a different nature and a different spirit, says the Lord, and I don't even know them and they refuse to change, so I cannot blow upon them in a new way until they repent, says the Lord! 5/10/2008 Acknowledge my might, acknowledge that I am mighty, says the Lord! 5/11/2008 Get ready for streams of mercy to flow into your life, says the Lord; for truly I am a merciful God, says the Lord! 5/12/2008 I will blanket you with my peace, says the Lord! 5/13/2008 Find your hope and your refuge in me, says the Lord! 5/14/2008 Things will begin to happen a lot quicker for you once you take your eyes off of your problems and put them back on me, says the Lord! 5/15/2008 I’m getting involved with this generation. I’m getting involved with your children and the schools again, says the Lord; for they have invited me in and I will come in and I shall show up in your students, says the Lord! 5/16/2008 Stop letting people use you, says the Lord! 5/17/2008 Give your new relationships a chance, says the Lord, and don't be so quick to cut them off; for new relationships can teach you new, rewarding, and refreshing things that you did not previously know, says the Lord! 5/18/2008 Long standing conflicts will be resolved in this hour, says the Lord, so that healing can take place and a multitude of people can move on with their lives. 5/19/2008 Do not allow your soul to become bitter, says the Lord; usually murmuring and complaining reveals a bitter soul, says the Lord! 5/20/2008 As long as you are blaming other people for the problems in your life, you will never assume responsibility for yourself in life which is required for you to move on. 5/21/2008 You must take responsibility for your own life to move forward with your life, stop looking to a man or your pastor to do your part in life, says the Lord! Remember that they are only there to coach you with the words and messages that I give them, but it's up to you to produce action in your life by putting those words and messages into operation in your life, says God! 5/22/2008 Do you perceive when I have given you a gift, says the Lord! Priceless jewels are very valuable in my sight and they are not to be thrown away with the trash, declares the Lord! (He just convicted you) 5/23/2008 Learn to appreciate and value the connections and relationships that I have given you, and don't misuse or abuse them, says the Lord! 5/24/2008 Valley and crossroads lie ahead of you and you will need to open your ears to my instructions in this season, says the Lord! You will need to increase your prayer time with me and spend more time reading my word in the bible, says God! 5/25/2008 Stop praying these selfish prayers that is always focusing on you and what you want, seek me and pray about what I want first, then I’ll take care of your needs, says the Lord! 5/26/2008 Don't let greed consume you, says the Lord! 5/27/2008 Be careful the time you spend with others and avoid time wasters in this season, says the Lord! 5/28/2008 I will cause your heart to melt in this season and I will give you a heart of flesh and compassion for others, says the Lord! 5/29/2008 Keep your sights focused on me and don't worry about what others think of you; for all these things are distractions my son, says the Lord! 5/30/2008 Manage your time wisely, says the Lord! You have been saying that you don't have time to spend with me and in my word, but yet you spend hours going to other events, on the computer, and reading books or magazines. When I am first in your life then your problems will vanish, but as long as I am last your problems will remain, says the Lord! 5/30/2008 Holy Ghost interruption #1 out of the cloud of smoke in your life, the Lord is going to restore some relationships in your life. 5/30/2008 Holy Ghost interruption #2 certain relationships that God ordained for your life cannot exist because of who you are connected to. (Conflicts of interests, says the spirit of grace!) 5/30/2008 Holy Ghost interruption #3 As long as, you are connected to the old, you cannot experience the new. See Matthew 9:16-17, Mark 4:21-22, Luke 5:36-39, Acts 2:1-13, 14-18, Isaiah 42:9-10, Isaiah 43:16-21, and Isaiah 48:3-7. 5/31/2008 Do not be jealous of other people and how they hear from God, when I have made available the same flow unto you, if you spend time in my presence, says the Lord! 6/1/2008 It will require you to sacrifice some things in order for you to hear me properly, clearly, and accurately; give up your TV Time for a season and come with me and watch yourself grow greatly, says the Lord! 6/2/2008 I have rivers and reservoirs of knowledge, favor, and wellsprings of wisdom awaiting you in my presence, but you will have to come before me and spend time with me to get it, says the Lord! 6/3/2008 Let me open your eyes to see what is beyond your now, says the Lord; for I give you a glimpse of your future, says the Lord God almighty! 6/4/2008 You shall have a new energy about you, says the Lord! 6/5/2008 I have placed a multiplication anointing on you, says the Lord! 6/6/2008 The Lord says, there is a mantle on you to do miracles. 6/7/2008 The Lord says, I have called you to help people, so that is why everybody is always coming to you for money and advice. 6/8/2008 Don't get offended at the seasons, says the Lord! 6/9/2008 Don't allow others to pull you off your course, says the Lord! 6/10/2008 The only reason pressure has been put on you to go a different way is because you are, easily persuaded, deceivable, and too broad minded, but as you allow standards and guidelines in the bible to set the course for your life, you will be okay and overcome your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, says the Lord! 6/11/2008 If you allow yourself to become weak, the enemy will triumph all over you, but if you allow yourself to remain strong in me, you will overcome the spirit of the wicked one that has invaded the land, says the Lord! 6/12/2008 Don't be afraid of the evil that you see because my power is greater than the evil that you see, says the Lord! 6/13/2008 You can sit around all day waiting and worrying about what the enemy is going to do to you or is trying to do to you, or you can get up and go pray, stay in faith, trust in the Lord, hope in his mercy, and see his goodness. (2 Corinthians 4:18, 5:7, Psalm 107:19-38) 6/13/2008 God loves you, yes Jesus loves you. 6/14/2008 Look beyond your now and see into your future. I have many glorious things to show you. It's not the natural storms upon the earth that I want you to see, even though there are many lessons to be learned from them. It's not the spiritual storms of the spirit realm of your life that I intend for you to be focusing on, but it is the priceless pearls of the value of your future that is laid up with me. Your provision of the future and the now is in me and I have hid it in the earth, and if you will seek me and search it out, then you will find great treasures of value and wealth in the earth for you and my cause, says the Lord! 6/15/2008 Three things that you must have active in your life on a regular basis to survive in the days ahead is faith, prayer, and fasting, declares the Lord; for there are some rough times ahead in the earth, but if you will hear and hearken unto my voice and my instructions, you will be alright and overcome into a victorious lifestyle and way of living in the earth, says the Lord! 6/16/2008 Beware of deceptive voices from the enemy that tries to connect you to your past failures and mistakes; for these voices are not of my spirit, says the Lord; for I show you your future and I have forgiven you of your past, says the spirit of the Lord! 6/17/2008 As the nations of the earth are beginning to shake on another magnitude, you shall see my glory in the midst of the shaking, says the Lord, and he that puts his trust in me shall be safe, says the holy one! 6/18/2008 Just as I was opposed and resisted by the Pharisees and religious priests of my day when I walked the earth, you shall experience opposition, resistance, and false accusations from the blind religious leaders of your day; for they refuse to know me and they don't know me, says the Lord! Fear not, for you shall be accepted and received by a people that do know me and that will hear me through your voice, says the Lord! They don't see, but you see. They hear with their ears, but they don't understand. They have closed their ears and have shut their eyes and have made themselves to be both blind and naked. Speak what I have given you to speak and proclaim it upon the housetops. Say what I have given you to say and fret not yourself because of evil doers and the workers of iniquity; for they shall soon be cut off and mown down as the grass of the later mowing of the great king. Have not I told you in times past, be strong and of a good courage, declares the high and holy one! 6/19/2008 Only in me can you have undisturbed peace, says the Lord, even in the midst of turmoil, strife, confusion, and chaos that is all around you. 6/20/2008 The fulfillment of your vision is at hand, everything that I told you is coming to pass suddenly in this season, says the Lord! (See Ezekiel 12:21-28) 6/20/2008 That which I have told you and showed you in times past is now, says the Lord! 6/20/2008 I have been preparing you in times past for your now season and that which I have been preparing you for years is now suddenly upon you. This is the reason that I have been heavily pressing you to change, prepare, and get ready. The season of preparation is now over and I bring you to the door and a gate is wide open for you, walk through! Walk through! Walk through, says the Lord! 6/20/2008 (Word of Knowledge) I see a group of people between the ages of 21 and 42 that you are still living at your parents’ house, I specifically hear your mother's house and things have not quite worked like you thought they would have and should have worked for you. Your goal was to move out on your own, but it seems as if you were never quite able to get there or to get on your feet enough to make that move. I hear the word of the Lord for you saying be not discouraged; for I had you set apart and I was protecting you and hiding you and I had you there for a season as a covering for you to protect you from some unseen dangers and traps that the enemy had set up for you down the line that you could not even see, and if you were living on your own at the time you would not have been able to handle it, says the Lord! Be cautious, be patient; for I bring you into your appointed season, says the Lord! (This Is specifically for someone) there is a young lady and you are living with your mother right now and you were trying to and desiring to get your own place, but it seems as if everything was on pause and on hold for a while. It also seems as if your mother has been pressuring you to get out the house, find a husband, or get married, but she wasn't telling you the exact words get out, but the pressure has been there, but you know that you are not quite ready or fully prepared. The word of the Lord to you is be still, don't be anxious, don't be overly excited about marriage at the moment; for your season is at hand. You were also in a relationship that suddenly ended that you could not explain and you thought he was your husband, but it didn't work out and he just left your life abruptly but you don't know why. The Lord says, to you it is because I have set you apart to be a pastor's wife. There is a calling on your life to ministry. Furthermore, the Lord would say unto you; hold your place right there until I call you forth into your destiny, says the Lord, and I establish patience in your mother's heart towards you and in your heart concerning a mate, says the Lord! Be still and know that I am God! (See also Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 34:16, and James 1:2-4) your faith has brought this answer to pass. You prayed for him to answer you and he has, so don't be afraid and don't get scared. He heard your prayers. You prayed for a sign, well here it is. He sent it through me. Peace be unto you. 6/21/2008 I bring you forth as pure gold, says the Lord! 6/22/2008 Ask according to my will and I will do it, says the Lord! 6/23/2008 A whirlwind of things have been coming against you, but because you have been serving me, I’ll change the seasons on your behalf to work in your favor, says the Lord! See Daniel 2:20-22. 6/24/2008 Do not focus on the ones that aren't listening. Focus on the ones that are listening, hearing, perceiving, and receiving; for not everyone has ears to hear and eyes to see, says the Lord! To him that has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit is saying! 6/25/2008 Watch the lightning strikes and listen to the thunders; for they shall teach you things that you never imagined, that even every man of the earth shall be able to know and understand the interpretation thereof, and know exactly what it means and what the thunders are saying, says the Lord; for I shall astonish men, says the Lord! 6/26/2008 When the pressure is turned up the greatest and the enemy is constantly coming at you, that is your signal that I am coming with a mighty hand of breakthrough on your behalf, says the Lord! 6/27/2008 I’m calling you to a higher purpose in me, says the Lord! Will you come away with me? I have more to show you, says the Lord of host! I have many more things to show you. I have many more secrets to reveal to you for a higher cause and I have put it in your heart to seek me more, declares the spirit of the Lord! Look at Deuteronomy 29:29. 6/28/2008 In order for you to see clearly in this hour and season, you are going to have to obey God and follow his every instruction in this hour. You are going to have to do exactly whatever he says to do and don't delay your obedience because it is going to hinder your harvests and blessings that he is trying to get to you later on. The Lord don't just ignore your rebellion and disobedience. Timing and proper timing is everything. 6/29/2008 The Lord is setting an appointment with you. He says will you meet me at that secret place? Will you spend some time with me? Will you cancel other appointments just to spend some time with me? Lately you have been just too busy for me and just pushed me aside and put me last. Truly I am a jealous God. Truly I am a jealous lover, declares the Lord. (Word of Knowledge) I see some married people and it seems as if your spouse doesn't have any time to spend with you at all anymore. It seems like they are too busy to be with you anymore and they always have to work overtime or something is always coming up. They used to spend a lot of time with you, but it's almost like they have abandon you for other things or for other people. The Lord says, it is because you are not spending time with me. It's like you have abandon me. You cut back on spending time with me, so they cut back on spending time with you. You are too busy for me, so they are too busy for you. You don't have time for me lately, so they don't have time for you lately, and what you sow is what you reap, declares the Lord! This is your just reward and harvest for the seeds that you have sown towards me your maker and savior. How I long to know you, says the Lord! I’m awaiting you. Your answers are in my presence, says the Lord! I see this in the spirit. When the Lord is nudging you to read your bible or to pray you say I got to wash dishes; I got to go to the grocery store, or I got to take out the trash. have you allowed your heart to become bitter because of the last set of tests and circumstances that you went through. You wondered why God would allow that to happen to you. He didn't fail you or let you down, you just didn't stay in faith or continued in faith in order to see your breakthrough. When you acknowledge that, repent, get back on track, and get back in faith, then the Lord will rush to restore you. He is calling you forth to meet you for a time of visitation. His presence is even coming up on you right now. This is your moment of breakthrough if you will just get in his presence and spend some time. Your future in him is very bright. Let him show you. 6/30/2008 The beginning of the end times has already been activated and there shall be massive shaking's around the world. The Lord needs all of his people to preach the gospel to all who are lost and unsaved without Jesus in their lives. He has determined to use you mightily in this hour; for the time is at hand! Will you answer the call? They need to know, says the Lord! 7/1/2008 Many pains and discomforts are in the lives of many people, but The Lord says, I give you wisdom to deal with the pain and discomforts in your life and overcome them. 7/2/2008 Many people sitting there reading this, the Lord has given you ideas for a business, businesses, inventions, and for economic prosperity. You have the answers to the economy problems on the inside of you just sitting there waiting on you to move and to step out in faith. You are waiting on God, but God is waiting on you. While other companies and Jobs are laying off people and cutting back, and cutting out Jobs, you are sent by God to create Jobs, hire others in the midst of a chaotic economy, and expand your business. Some of you reading this, it seems as if your business has somewhat slowed down like everybody else, but the Lord has been dealing with you about increase and expansion. The reason things are slow for you is because the Lord is commanding you to expand. It's not a suggestion. There are some people that don't have a Job right now because you were supposed to expand your business and hire them. News flash! They are still hanging in the balance and waiting on you to obey God, because the Lord has ordained for you to be connected to them. There are at least 300 Jobs in you for other people. You are larger than you have been seeing. You are larger than you have been thinking. You are larger than you have been believing. The Lord has enlarged your heart for greatness. Big things await you. See Isaiah 54:2-3, 1 Kings 4:29, and 1 Chronicles 4:10. For some of you, your next step is to expand citywide. For some other people, your next step is to expand county wide. Yet for some, your next step is to expand statewide, or all over the province or territory. For some of you, it may be a region or into another borough. Yet for some, your next step may be national or to expand internationally. Be lead of the Lord! You must learn to think global. Increase your mindset. Even NASA has expanded their vision now to reach mars. The mars lander was the first to accomplish that dream. What is your excuse and what are you waiting on? Some of you have some strange things in you to others, but when they see the fruit of your vision being manifested, they'll see and reconsider their thoughts. 7/3/2008 Prepare yourself for a minor transition as I shift you into new and better things, declares the Lord! 7/4/2008 Be at peace because I’m taking you to the next level. I’m taking you to the next realm of my spirit and my glory. You've been trying to figure me out and how I’m going to do what I promised you and what I said I was going to do for you, but all you need to know is that I am going to do what I said to you, declares the Lord! 7/5/2008 Seasons! You are in your fourth season and you are in for a little move, but a great multitude of blessings awaits you on that side, says the Lord! 7/6/2008 There have been some things that has not been so clear to you in this season, but The Lord says, I’m making things clear to you in this season and I’m bringing clarity and understanding to you in a greater way, says the Lord! 7/7/2008 Don't forget to change your mind to change your seeing. When you change your mind, you will change your seeing and how you view or see things in life; for your thoughts are to line up with my thoughts, says the Lord! 7/8/2008 There is something in your spirit that God is telling you to do for someone. The Lord is specifically telling you to give something to someone specifically by name, but you haven't done it yet. You've been slow to obey God. You have been hesitant, not realizing that you are holding up your own blessings by delaying to obey God with what he strategically told you to do for someone else and to bless that person with something that he specifically told you to give them. The Lord says, dare to obey me and see what is on the other side of your obedience, declares the Lord! Delayed obedience is disobedience. See Isaiah 1:19. 7/9/2008 You already have the principles for success lying on the inside of you, says the Lord! 7/10/2008 Go out and be a witness for me; tell them about me, says the Lord! 7/11/2008 (The Ministry of Reconciliation) When a brother or sister in the Lord falls, we as fellow Christians and believers should be there to pick them up and walk them back into the path of restoration back to Christ. We should never condemn them or beat them over the head with 50 million scriptures telling them that there are wrong. They already know that they are wrong and they are looking for a helping hand back up, and a coach out of that situation, but sad to say most Christians will beat you up worse than the devil. Jesus has given us the wonderful ministry of reconciliation. That ministry is to the world and our fallen brothers and sisters in Christ. You have the words of reconciliation in your mouth. Look at these Scriptures; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, Isaiah 50:4, Romans 15:1-7, Galatians 6:1-2, Jude 20-24, 2 Timothy 2:24-26, Isaiah 29:24, and 1 Peter 4:7-11. The world talk about fallen ministers or brothers and sisters in Christ, but we in the kingdom of God restore them back to Christ with a spirit of love and meekness. Jesus demonstrated this perfectly with Peter after he denied him. See John 13:36-38, Luke 22:54-62, and John 21:1-19. I’ve seen many Christians condemning and downing other Christians who fell, not even seeing that their day was coming that they was going to fall and be in the spotlight and needing someone to pick them back up. Most of the ones that I’ve seen that lived a life of condemning others never got back up because they were self-condemned by their own words that they always preached to others to condemn them. Warning! See 1 Corinthians 10:12-13, Romans 14:4, 1 Corinthians 9:27, Proverbs 24:16-18, and 2 Peter 3:17-18. you can get back up if you want to. See 1 John 1:9. 7/12/2008 Sometimes people will join in allegiance against you, but keep your eyes focused on me and I’ll take care of the rest, says the Lord! See Isaiah 54:15. 7/13/2008 Stop making excuses and get your buts out of the way so I can bless you, says the Lord! You have been saying I know the Lord loves me, but.... Or I know God wants to bless me, but..... I know God has something for me, but..... As long as, you have something following your but, then the Lord can't fully move in your life to perform his good will on your behalf like he desires too. Get rid of the excuses and limitations and I shall bless you, says the Lord, because I didn't put the limitations on you, you did, declares the Lord! 7/14/2008 This day the undisturbed peace of God comes into your heart, your mind, your marriage, your family, your business, and your neighborhood, declares the Lord, and I give you peace and rest from adversity. 7/15/2008 You shall see my power in your finances. You shall see my power in your home and your family. This shall be a new beginning for you, says the Lord! You shall see my power in your children. You shall see great things from this moment on, declares the spirit of grace! 7/16/2008 Thus says the Lord I shall lead you and guide you and the light shall shine upon your ways and I shall show you the path that I have laid out for you and it shall be very clear and very plain the route and the path that you are to take in life, says the Lord; for I will even close doors that's not my will for your life and I will open up the opportunities for you that is my plan for your life, and my plan and path for your life comes with full funding, declares the Lord of host! See also Job 22:28, Psalms 112:4, Isaiah 60:1, and Isaiah 58:8 & 10-11. 7/16/2008 I’m getting a word of knowledge for someone. You just needed a little confirmation. I hear the word of the Lord for you saying it's never too late for you to go back to college. You have been wrestling with this for a while and tossing that thought of going back to college back and forth in your mind. For someone else I’m hearing it's never too late to begin again. For someone else I’m hearing these words it's never too late to start over again, says the Lord; for another person I’m hearing that it's not too late to start that business, your own business, says the Lord! That's why you haven't been able to sleep very well at night, because that thing is strong in your spirit. That's a right now word of the Lord for you to act upon immediately. You have been praying for the Lord to bless you so that you can better take care of your family, well here is your answer. I’ll be glad to hear from you, but I know that I heard from God for you. I heard from the Lord on your behalf. 7/16/2008 (This word is for all businessmen whether you are saved or unsaved) Trust in the Lord and not your business to deliver you, says the Lord! (Look at Isaiah 57:12-13 in the King James Version of the bible. Also see 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Your answers are in these scriptures businessmen. 7/17/2008 Do not fear the opposition or the walls of darkness all around you; for I am bringing a fire to devour the adversaries, says the Lord! See Isaiah 66:1-24. 7/17/2008 Warning! Before you put your mouth on a man of God and say something is not of God and a man of God is not called. You best know that you are walking into some evil. See Acts 5:24-39, Numbers 16:1-50, Numbers 12:1-16, Psalm 50:16-22, Matthew 5:22-24, 1 John 2:9-11, 1 John 3:7-14, 1 John 5:20-21, Psalm 34:11-16, 21-22, and 1 Peter 3:10-18. 7/18/2008 The Lord is saying to his people examine yourself to see if you are still in the faith and in me, says God! See 2 Corinthians 13:5-14, John 15:1-8, John 8:31-32 Deuteronomy 11:26-28, and Deuteronomy 30:14-15 & 19-20. The Lord is saying that there are some things that you are going to have to clean up. He's not going to do it for you because he already gave you power, faith, and his authority to do it yourself. His authority is his holy spirit which empowers you to overcome sin and all evil. See Ephesians 4:17-32, Ephesians 5:1-33. Sin in your life blocks the blessing, and he's not just over looking those habitual sins and habits that you commit and practice on a daily basis. Unforgiveness in your heart towards another brother or sister blocks the blessing of God on your life and will send you to hell for it, if you don't forgive. Please see Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:24-26, and 1 Peter 3:7-12. The Lord says, that he needs to correct his people because many of you are praying, and you wonder why your prayers are not being answered. It is because you have some form of habitual sin in your life, or you have unforgiveness in your heart or animosity towards another person, but you want God to bless you and overlook your sins. See also Hebrews 12:14 and Romans 12:18-21. It don't work that way. As a prophet of God, I’m required to tell you the truth. See Ezekiel 3:1-21 and Ezekiel 18:19-32. furthermore this is what the Lord is saying to his people. Clean out your heart and purify your minds before me, says the Lord! Some of you have stop tithing and honoring God with your money. See Proverbs 3:5-10. The tithe belongs to the Lord and it is holy unto him. It is not yours. See Leviticus 27:30-32, Malachi 3:6-12, Hebrews 13:8, Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42, and Hebrews 7:1-5. The tenth part of your income belongs unto him, not you. When you touch what is his portion, it has consequences and it brings a curse on your life and finances. Tithing brings the blessing of God on your life, your family, and your finances. Don't believe the lie of the devil that says tithing is not for today. That is a trick of the devil that is designed to keep you poor, broke, struggling, cursed, and living paycheck to paycheck with no increase. Some churches don't even teach this and you see many of their members sick and staying on the sick and shut in list, because they don't know that they have a right to be healed and blessed. You can't buy a miracle from God or purchase healing or good health from him either. It is a free gift, but however tithing releases a blessing on your body and all that pertains to you in this life. See also Malachi 3:10-12, Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Leviticus 26:3-13, and  Jeremiah 23:1-4. Examine your ways, says the Lord! See Haggai 1:1-14 and Malachi 3:10. I gave you what the Lord gave me to give to you precious saints, but it's up to you to take it and run with it. Here's exact answers as to why. Read the scriptures in this letter too. A true prophet, pastor, or leader will tell you the truth, but a false prophet will lie to you and tell you that you are alright, even though you may be sinning and on the way to hell with unforgiveness in your heart. The real ones speak the truth in love because he truly cares for the flock and he diligently knows the state of his flock. (Proverbs 27:23) just because you are a prophet does not mean that all of your words that the Lord give you should begin with thus says the Lord! No, he might show you some things concerning his people in a vision or a dream. Some things are a ‘the Lord has shown me, or the Lord has told me,’ but either way it is a word from God. A prophet has to articulate or communicate the heart and mind of God to his people on his behalf. So be at peace and be blessed and keep the faith and stay in faith and keep running the race for Jesus. With kingdom love, your brother in Christ. 7/19/2008 Don't let the ways of the full moon overtake you and the evil that comes with it. For the full moon causes the water and the tides to rise, and as they rise many evil spirits comes upon the land to cause problems in relationships and marriages. This marine spirit of the waters causes division, strife, violence, confusion, and arguments. It specifically targets marriages. Many witchcraft workers and workers of iniquity goes to the waters late at night and doing the day to chant spells and curses over people’s lives , families, ministries and marriages, but as you come before me in prayer, says the Lord, I give you power to frustrate the workers of iniquity and the witchcraft workers; and I give you the power to break, tear down, and reverse all of their spells, hexes, vexes, curses, voodoo, and magic that they have tried to forecast against you and other people, says the spirit of the living God! For I call forth my corporate troops to prayer, says the Lord! (See also Isaiah 44:24-26, Isaiah 32:6-7, Daniel 8:23-27, Micah 5:9-12, Nahum 3:4-8, Revelation 17:1-6, 15-18) Oh' you want to know what I am saying? Get in the spirit and the Lord will show you what I am saying, but God's people know what I am saying. It's not a mystery to them. 7/20/2008 There is a war in the heavenlies, and evil is on the way out while good is on the way in. As these two forces oppose one another, there are clashes in the spirit realm, the unseen realm that manifests in the natural as spiritual warfare among the saints and the inhabitants of the earth. It also manifests through natural disasters and storms. Some of your prayers have not been answered because of this friction and battle in the unseen realm of the spirit, but your continual prayers will cause the angels of the Lord to breakthrough on your behalf, declares the Lord of Sabaoth! (Revelation 12:7-12, Daniel 10:1-14 & 19-21, Ephesians 6:12, Ephesians 6:10-20) 7/21/2008 How long before you change, says the Lord! This message is for the world and the church. The Lord says, I have been giving you time to change and space to repent, but there shall be time no longer for the mess that I have been seeing under the heavens. When the full moon came about in July of 2008, there also came a shifting in the seasons and we entered a season and a time of the Lord's judgment. This also was signified by an orange colored moon which was a sign from heaven for the people of the earth. (Joel 2:30-31, Luke 21:22-28, Psalm 55:19, Revelations 9:20-21, Revelations 10:1-7, Amos 3:6-8, Isaiah 58:1-2, Isaiah 59:1-21) there has been a sword from heaven released in the earth to do judgment. (Zechariah 13:7-9) this same sword on one side it will be blessings the righteous and all those that obey the Lord and his commandments, but on the other side it shall slay the wicked and all those that forsake and disobey his commandments. (Psalm 37:27-40) one sure sign that you are righteous is that you obey the Lord and all his commandments. (John 14:21-24, 1 John 5:1-3, 1 John 3:21-24, 1 John 3:1-10, 11-15) the reason for the sword in the land is because there is no changes in the heart of man. This was the reason for the great flood in Noah’s time. (Genesis 6:1-7, 11-13) there are people within the church, as well as, the world that has been just sweeping things under the rug and hiding things in the closet, but this season will wipe them all out unless they repent and change. You must change now in order to live. You shall see many people throughout the land just dying prematurely because they don't fear God or his commandments, but this is not the Lord's will for that to happen to them. They are bringing it on themselves. You know exactly what areas that you need to change in, but you have been putting it off or finding reasons to justify your sins and why you are still doing what you are doing. Your continual sinning has blocked the blessings. (Amos 4:6-13, Jeremiah 3:1-25, Amos 9:1-15, Acts 3:19-21) quit making excuses not to change. (Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 4:11-32, Colossians 3:1-10, Galatians 5:1, 7-9, 13-26, 1 Corinthians 6:1-20, Romans 8:5-9, 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, Revelation 21:7-8, Revelation 22:6-21, Revelation 18:1-10) The Lord says, many will not even read these scriptures, but yet some will and they will repent, change, and be saved from the wrath to come, because the sword is now in the land and we are now in the season of judgement. (1 Peter 4:17-19, 1 Corinthians 11:23-32, 1 John 1:3-10, Psalm 119:9-11, Psalm 51:1-19, Matthew 7:21-23, Matthew 5:17-48) 7/22/2008 Don't give up in the midst the battle. You have been in a long season of battles and it is about over and you are nearing the end with a glorious victory, but lately you have been trying to quit and give up. Don't quit now! Your breakthrough is here, says the Lord! The thing that you thought that you were not going to overcome is the very thing that I have given you power and authority over, says the Lord! Go forth and go forward in that which I have called you to and you shall notice that an unusual and greater power shall be around you and a new energy to accomplish your dreams and goals and my vision for your life and for some of you ministry, says the Lord of hosts! 7/23/2008 You have been wasting time. You have everything that you need to get started, says the Lord! 7/24/2008 In this season you will have to increase your study time with me, says the Lord; (2 Timothy 2:15) for I have many more things to show you in my word. (John 16:13-15) I have many mysteries to reveal to you from my word. (Matthew 13:11) can you come aside with me? (Psalm 34:11) can I show you something else that you didn't know already? (Isaiah 48:6-7) Can I show you something that you didn't see before? (Isaiah 42:19-21) I’m calling you forth into my new. (Isaiah 43:19) I’m calling you forth into a deeper realm, says the Lord! (Psalm 42:7-8, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10) there are yet deeper waters for you to walk upon, declares the spirit of peace; (Ezekiel 47:1-12) for I the Lord your God does lead and guide you in this season (Psalm 25:8-9), and I have prepared a special set of blessings for you. (Hosea 6:3) your whole life and destiny is already planned out before me in the heavens. (Isaiah 46:10-11) I have and I hold the blueprints to your life, declares the Lord! (Jeremiah 1:4-5) seek me! Seek me! (Isaiah 55:6) seek me to receive them, declares the Spirit of Jah! (Psalm 68:4) 7/25/2008 The thing that you thought was working an evil against you was actually working in your favor for a major blessing for you, says the Lord! 7/26/2008 When the storms of life have come against you, know that I have already made a path to victory for you, says the Lord. 7/27/2008 Hear the warriors call, says the Lord! I’m calling my warriors to the forefront to pray for the nations of the earth, to stand in the gap for the land, and to make up the hedge for my inheritance that is yet to be revealed to the righteous and the meek of the earth, declares the Lord! 7/28/2008 Do not allow the enemy to overthrow your faith through other people that are not following after God and that are not of his spirit and nature, declares the spirit of God! 7/29/2008 I hear the Lord saying some things happened to you because you moved out of my perfect will for your life; shift back into my perfect plan, and peace and stability shall come back into your life again, says the Lord! 7/30/2008 When it is dark outside just know that your light is me, says the Lord; for I bring you into illumination and I place my light upon you and your household, declares the spirit of grace! 7/31/2008 Beware of the snakes in the grass and those that will creep around your house in the late night hours to plot or to do evil works; stay on your prayer post so that you can disarm them, says the Lord! 8/1/2008 Jesus says my sheep knows my voice and those that don't hear me are of a different spirit and following after another voice and spirit that is not of me, declares the Lord! 8/2/2008 As you walk in the light and obey my word, all darkness has to flee from your life, commanded by the heavens, declares the Lord! 8/3/2008 There's coming a greater harvest, but my people are not fully prepared for what I am bringing and sending in the land; many people declare that they are ready, but they are not ready, says the Lord! They have no idea of my goodness. They have no idea of my hand. They have no idea of the power of my works, says the Lord of host! 8/4/2008 Precious jewels are found of value, but a slothful spirit won't take you too far, says the Lord! 8/5/2008 A land of opportunity is set before you; I have already said that I set before you open doors, declares the Lord! 8/6/2008 Many storms are set before you, but they shall be purifying winds and purifying waters that shall cleanse the filth and bring forth a seed of pure gold out of the waters, declares the Lord; for I cleanse the land! 8/7/2008 There is a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost coming upon you now, says the Lord; and this empowerment shall lead you through this troubled time that is around you, says the Lord! 8/8/2008 What you're looking for I have been doing it, and what you're looking for I have already done it, says the Lord! The very thing that you are searching for and seeking out I have completed and it is in me, says the Lord; I have hidden it in me. 8/9/2008 Thus says the Lord; for I shall yet touch your heart to love again and I shall touch your life and you shall forgive and blossom as the flower. You shall be as the rose of a watered garden, and you shall laugh again and be happy and you shall not remember the years of your affliction no more; for I cause you to pass from dark to light and you shall know that my hand is upon you, and the many seeds of bitterness and resentment that has lied in your heart towards others I shall uproot. Yea, I am uprooting them even now. Daughter of God, I command you to live again and to go forward! Son of God, I command you to be prosperous, successful, and healthy. I, even I the Lord, command you to pick up the broken pieces of the puzzle and put them back together again, because I am setting things back into their proper order in your life in this season, says the Lord! 8/10/2008 That which has been hard for you will be made easy as you submit to my spirit, declares the Lord! 8/11/2008 I have raised up a generation of warriors that are able to stand through storms and weather the outcome. Storms don't move this people and it don't hurt them or bother them because I am with them, says the Lord; they are my warriors! 8/12/2008 There is enough anointing on you to get you through the storm, says the Lord! 8/13/2008 You have been seeking man's approval and to be accepted by man and according to man's standards and according to man's ways, but I approve of you, says the Lord; and where you have been rejected by man, you are accepted by me. Where you have been trying to fit in with others and you just don't fit, know that you fit in perfectly with me, and I have seated you in heavenly places with me, declares the Lord! 8/14/2008 Though war should rise and storms may come, keep your eyes on me and I shall deliver thee; for your confidence and your hope is in me, says the Lord! 8/15/2008 Fear not, says the Lord! Fear none of those things that are coming on the earth to try the sons of men; for I am with you to deliver you, says the Lord! 8/16/2008 (The law of attraction) you will attract people to you based on what is inside of your heart and operating in and around your life, good or bad. If you are always attracting flirtatious men to you women that are always flirting with you, it is because you have lust in your heart and a flirtatious spirit on you. In other words, you are inviting and in some cases revealing. The same thing with you men, if women are always flirting with you and hitting on you and you are married, it is because you still have that playboy spirit on you and your heart is filled with lust. You have to crucify the lusts of your own flesh. The Lord is not going to do that part for you. That is your responsibility. (Galatians 5:19-24, Ephesians 4:21-32) you have to make up your mind to change. Change is a choice. You attract people to you that are just like you and that think and act like you. If you are a liar, then you'll attract liars. If you are wealthy, you'll attract wealth. If you are happy, then other happy people will want to be around you. If you always seem to attract abusive men into your life, then there is a spirit in you that is calling for that type of harvest. You will have to break the powers of that spirit from over your life by applying the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus brings deliverance. It may be that you have an ancestral spirit operating over your life that was passed down through the generations. The same things have happened to your father or your mother or some ancestor above them before and history is trying to repeat itself again in your life. This usually is because of unconfessed family sin that has never been addressed or repented for before God. (Daniel 9:20) you also have the power to repent of family sin and break its powers off your family forever. Give the Lord an offering to lift the curse off your family. This is a bible principle. (Genesis 5:28-29, Genesis 8:20-22, Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8) finally my brethren, be at peace; for The Lord says, that I have already given you the power to change everything in your life through my word and faith, declares the spirit of the Lord! 8/17/2008 Fight! Fight! Fight, says the Lord; continue to fight for the faith my people. (See 1 Timothy 6:12, Jude verse 3, Luke 18:7-8) 8/18/2008 Stay still, be still, stand still while I reveal my plan. Fear not the evil doers; for they shall be cut off before your eyes and you won't see them anymore as I scatter the workers of iniquity, says the Lord! 8/19/2008 This is a dangerous season that we are in and it is vitally important that you follow specific instructions from the Lord just to survive and live in this hour. There are a lot of people that just don't have a clue as what to do in life right now around the world and in the church. There are many things working against the church and the people of the land around the earth that is trying you disarm you both financially and mentally. Please look at Daniel 7:21-22, 25, Isaiah 32:5-20 because this is the problem, but here is the answer; Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:5-11, James 4:1-17. It's kind of hard to battle against an unseen enemy in the spirit realm that you can't see with your natural eyes, if you are not in the spirit and spending time in the word (reading the bible). It's vitally important that you stay out of sin in this season. Sin opens up the door for Satan to attack you without God's permission. Stay off his turf and you'll stay out of his reach. The first thing that Satan does when you are in sin or deliberately and knowingly sin against God, even though you know better is he attacks your finances. You'll have money problems and being defeated financially. Some of you say well I’m not in sin but I have money problems. You just need a better Job or start your own business. Maybe even manage your finances better and quit spending them foolishly. Are you tithing? It is vitally important that you tithe out of all the finances that belong to you that comes through your hands. This allows the Lord to rebuke the devil out of your life, health, and finances. (Malachi 3:11, Zechariah 3:1-2) there is a blessing on tithing (Malachi 3:10-12) and there is a curse on not tithing and giving God his portion (Malachi 3:8-9). Don't let anyone tell you otherwise because if you haven't been tithing or tithing right, then that is what is wrong with your finances and learn to give God an offering above the tithes too. Jesus clearly states in Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42 not to leave the other undone, referring to paying your tithes. It's too dangerous not to tithe because the devil, your adversary is waiting to attack you and to steal, kill, and destroy you. (John 10:10) some pastors, preachers, and teachers say that tithing is not for today and that there is nowhere in the new testament of the bible that Jesus commanded us as Christians to tithe. There is no need to command you to tithe or to do something if there is a system that has already been established or set up by God from the beginning. The first time that there was a tithe mentioned is with Adam and eve when he told them not to touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:16-17, 3:2-3) the Lord always has a portion reserved for himself and for you not to touch and if you touch his part it causes evil in your life. The tithe is your test of accountability to the Lord. It shows that you trust him. It demonstrates your love and connection to him. The tithe is holy unto the Lord. (Leviticus 27:30-32) there are some demonic teaching that tell you that you don't have to tithe, but from Genesis to Revelation in the bible, there is always a portion that the Lord commands you or his angels not to touch (Revelation 6:6) because it is reserved just for him. You can see tithing or a form of tithing throughout the whole bible, then there is offerings to the Lord. The tithe is a tenth or ten percent of your income, but he leaves the offering part up to you and how much you should give to him based on how much he has prospered you. (Deuteronomy 16:10, 16-17, 1 Corinthians 16:1-2, 2 Corinthians 8:11-12, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15) your giving or offerings to the Lord does not start until after you give the Lord his tithe or tenth from your money or goods. The church and the work of God cannot be furthered in the earth without your obedience to him in the area of tithes and offerings. And the churches that has been teaching or embracing you don't have to tithe teachings are the ones that are struggling financially the most and begging for offering now. The Lord always have a set order for doing things. The Lord will not make us do nothing and no pastor can make you tithe or give by force, if they do then they are out of order. We are free to make our own decisions in life, but that doesn't mean that there won't be consequences to our decisions that we make, because the Lord will not force us to do anything. We have to line our will up with his will and be obedient to him. (Job 36:11-12, Isaiah 1:19-20, Deuteronomy 28:1-14) with kingdom love, your brother in Christ. 8/20/2008 In order to have peace you are going to have to make peace by sowing it; for I have said blessed are the peacemakers and what you sow is what you will reap, says the Lord! 8/21/2008 In times past you deviated from my will, but perfect timing is everything and because your heart is right towards me, I am laying my hands upon you and steering back in the right direction once again, says the Lord! 8/21/2008 I see two sets of spirits cris-crossing and zig-zagging back and forth over the nations; one set is fear and anxiety and the other set is faith and patience. It is a choice to grab hold of either set, declares the Lord! To them that have ears to hear let them hear and to them that have eyes to see let them see in this hour, says the Lord! 8/22/2008 I’m adding strength to my people like never before, says the Lord! 8/23/2008 Sometimes the Lord doesn't stop the storm from coming, but he gives you victory in the storm. The storm comes to try your foundations to see what sort they are. Let your foundations be strong in me, declares the Lord; and let them be founded upon the rock. (See Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6:46-49) 8/24/2008 Stop asking me for a sign; for I have called you to live by faith, not by signs. I have created you to believe me, trust me, and to believe my word, says the Lord! Some of you have been asking the Lord for a sign every day. A sign from God would take the place of your faith and he is not going to do that. You have to live and operate by faith just like all the rest of his people. (2 Corinthians 5:7, Matthew 16:1-4) the Lord will give you a sign every now and then to confirm something major that he is doing in your life, especially if he is requiring you to move or relocate, but it is according to his choosing. (Isaiah 38:4-8) 8/25/2008 I desire for my people to know my will for their lives, but my will is only revealed as a result of a surrendered soul. You will have to surrender your soul completely over to me and I will reveal, says the Lord! 8/26/2008 Hear the heart of God! The Lord is not pleased with all the division in the body of Christ, in the churches and among his people. Pastors warring against other pastors in their city and region. Apostles fighting with other apostles and crushing both sheep and other fivefold ministry gifts under their feet and titles, as if they were God and nobody else is nothing in the body of Christ compared to them. Sisters fighting against other sisters in the church, brothers against brothers, and a whole lot of other mess that has been going on among his people from the leaders to pupils in the pews. The Lord has been giving his people time and space enough to repent, acknowledge their faults, and turn away from all that evil. You even have certain leaders in the body of Christ that thinks it is their Job given to them by Christ to destroy another man's ministry and mission in the name of Christ. Jesus! They're not even realizing that one day they will have to stand before the Lord and give an account of all their deeds, not another man's. Every man is judged according to his own works whether they be good or evil. If you are reading this, the Lord really needs us to pray for his leaders first, then the saints of God next, our brothers and sisters in Christ. While leadership has been fighting with one another and division has been obviously among the saints and even in marriages everywhere, the enemy has been coming in and destroying the flock. Ravenous wolves have been devouring the sheep and the finances within the church. I’m not talking to those of you that are obeying the Lord and his command to love one another. Pray! (1 Timothy 2:1-8) pray diligently because the spirit of division is running through the nations right now and we must disarm it through some heart felt prayer and intercession. Take a look through the earth. The nations are divided and fighting with one another and at war with each other. The United Nations is divided. Governments and political leaders are divided. Major parties in the USA are divided. Churches are divided. Its people are divided. Marriages are divided. Our schools are divided. Thank God for those of you that are the true examples that are set before the flock. I salute you. The Lord needs you to stay that way with so many people falling off by the wayside and not even judging themselves. Hear the heartbeat of God. I need you to pray. I’m calling forth my intercessors to stand in the gap and to make up the hedge among the peoples of the nations. Who will give me the time? Who will give ear to my voice? Who will give heed to my call, says the Lord; for there is a calling forth of the brave ones that shall lead my people in this hour; for the mouth of the Lord have spoken it! The Lord must judge his people before he judge the world. The Lord is about to start clearing up some mess and cleaning up some things openly for all to see and fear. Man won't be doing this, he will do it, and he is beginning to set some things in order that has been out of order. He is about to put some things in place that has been out of place, and it's going to start with his leaders. You have nothing to fear if you are living right before the Lord and obeying his word! (1 Peter 4:15-18) 8/27/2008 Go through the storm, go through the fire, allow me to take you up higher; go through the cold, go through the heat, for you shall not see defeat, says the Lord! Attention! The following prophecies are for the real soldiers of Christ. If you are not real, then this message does not apply to you. 8/28/2008 It is not the time to quit now. It's not the time to lose heart now. It is not the time to faint, cave in, and fear now; for I am commanding my army to move forward even in perilous times. I need you to press forward, declares the Lord; for I am with you and among you, says the spirit of the living God! 8/28/2008 You have been trying to avoid a direct confrontation with the enemy, but I am calling you to the battle, says the Lord! The only reason that the enemy is still there tormenting you and defying you is because you have not confronted him. He is going to remain in your face and occupying your territory until you challenge and confront him head on, says the Lord; be strong and of a good courage and do it, says the spirit of the living God! 8/28/2008 Strategic and overtake, says the Lord! 8/28/2008 Go up against them, declares the Lord! Be not afraid; for I am with you to deliver you. 8/28/2008 The only reason that debt is still staring you in the face is because you haven't confronted it, says the Lord! 8/28/2008 The very thing that you are afraid of is afraid of you, declares the Lord! 8/28/2008 I send forth a contingent of prophets in the land to show you the way, and I release a battalion of angels to assist with the harvests, declares the Lord! 8/29/2008 I’m removing the blight of your nation, says the Lord! 8/30/2008 I bring beauty out chaos and change out of confusion and order out of turmoil and peace where there is uproar. I change the hearts of Kings and by my spirit I change the face of the nations. I the Lord do all these things; for there is none like me, declares the Lord! Your destiny lies in my hands and I hold the keys to your future. Seek me first! Seek me now! Who is he that shall declare my word unto me and be justified? Who is he that shall stand in my holy place, says the Lord, and who is he that shall ascend up upon my holy hill? Who is he that shall enter my garden and unlock secrets and mysteries to their future? Who will appoint me the time, says the Lord! Who shall come up to the high mountain into the high places to seek me in this hour, says the king of glory? Who is he that is thirsty enough for my glory, says the Lord? For the man or woman or the child that dare to seek out my presence, they shall experience my glory in this hour, says the Lord, the holy one, your redeemer! 8/31/2008 (Warning! This prophecy is not meant to scare you, but as a prophet and a true watchman on the wall I have to tell you the truth of what I am both seeing and hearing from the heavens. There are some prophets that hold back the truth because they don't want to deliver negative prophecies to the people, but when you know what's coming then you also know how to prepare yourself and how to pray for yourself and others that you may be covered. As Moses was instructed by God to warn the children of Israel to put the blood of the lamb upon their door post, so it is this hour that we have to apply the blood of Jesus to our household and our family to protect ourselves and others in perilous times. I don't deliver false prophecies and words to people that have itching ears and only want to hear just what is pleasing to the ears, but the truth of the matter is that your family is depending on your faith and obedience to the Lord. It is your faith in the Lord Jesus that shall bring you through these times and cause you to triumph and overcome. Put all your faith and trust in him and not in man that will fail you and let you done at times. Let him be your trust and source.) Now read the prophecy that follows; there shall be great afflictions and many calamities in the nations as the month of September roles in with the beginning of a new Jewish new year, but see that your heart be not troubled, says the Lord! Have faith in God. Put all of your trust in me and you shall be delivered, says God almighty! For these are the beginning of sorrows for the world and these birth pains shall be felt in every nation upon the earth. Many people faith will be tried found unto praise, honor, and glory, but yet so many will not be able to withstand these troubled waters coming upon the land. Many shall faint in this hour of trying, but yet many shall stand. You shall see governments fall one after the other in the earth as new systems of governing evolves across the world. You shall see economy systems fail, but that does not stay my hand from blessing you. There shall be many more shaking's of the earth's plates and intensified storms, but see that your heart be not troubled. Peace be unto you, declares the Lord! Look unto me all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved, says God! 9/1/2008 Why waste your time connecting to people that are never going to see you right because they have fixed their hearts to believe and see you a certain way? Connect with me and walk with me and allow me to show you what I have called you to be, says the Lord! 9/2/2008 You cannot live a double lifestyle and expect me to bless you, says the Lord! You cannot live in sin and say you're born again and continue to do evil before my very eyes, says the Lord! You can lie to yourself and men and even fool other men, but I the Lord sees everything and I am all knowing. Therefore, repent and cleanse your heart of all that filth that it may once look like my heart, says the Lord of Lords! James 4:8-10, Genesis 6:5-14 and Psalm 139:1-8 describes the state of man, but here is the answer and the promise from the Lord to fix the problem; see Ezekiel 36:16-38. 9/3/2008 This is the beginning of a new season and a new chapter in your life, says the Lord! 9/4/2008 Don't be led astray by those who are off track, says the Lord! (People that are hurt will hurt other people out of a heart full of resentment and not even realizing that they are hurt and need to forgive others so that they can be healed.) See Mark 11:25-26, Matthew 6:14-1, and  Galatians 6:7-10. 9/5/2008 I’m releasing a fresh fire in you and my anointing shall be upon your lips and your words shall be as fire as you speak my word unto my people, declares the Lord! 9/6/2008 As you walk in obedience to my ways, then the light shall shine upon your way to show you the way, declares the Lord! 9/7/2008 Seven ways shall come to you, even seven ways of freedom shall I bring to you to enter in, declares the Lord! Yea, even fourteen ways of glory for the double strength that I am giving you, says the Lord! 9/8/2008 Can't you tell that I am birthing something new for you, declares the Lord! I’m birthing a freedom in you and a peace for divine deliverance, so look upon my ways, says the Lord! 9/9/2008 Don't lose your will to win and do not lose your will to fight, says the Lord! Some of you are fighting health battles, yet some of you are fighting financial battles, and some of you are fighting depression and many other things in this life, but the Lord will say unto you that you can overcome and you will make it through, if you will not lose your will to win and do not lose your will to fight. Allow your eyes to see my word and meditate upon it. Be strong and of a good courage, says the Lord, and peace be unto you! 9/10/2008 You can't live any kind of way and expect to access the blessings of God. Some of you say well I pay tithes and give offerings, but why am I not seeing anything? If you are not living right, then that is why you are not seeing anything. You can't bribe God with your money to overlook your continual sins that you don't think is hurting nobody. Your sins are forgiven if you remain in him and walk righteously, but if you are continuously sinning against God and yourself, then you are not in him. See Jeremiah 4:21-22, Jeremiah 5:21-25, Psalm 50:7-23, 1 John 5:16-21, John 15:1-7, John 8:31-32, Colossians 1:23, Hebrews 3:12-14, Hebrews 10:26-31, 38 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 2 Corinthians 13:5-11, Hebrews 11:6, and 1 John 3:1-12. You cannot blame God or other people for your actions, not even your pastors. If you make a stupid choice not to obey God, then that is on you. There is no need to pay your tithes and give offerings if you are still on the way to hell because you are not living right. 9/11/2008 The Lord says, that you have to let him work in your heart and in your life. Many of you are standing in his way and resisting his process. You are resisting change and he has to change you to qualify you for the blessing, and you must change to conform to his word in order to get into heaven. You cannot remain the same. Get out the way, says the Lord, that I may complete my process in your life; for I work with your assistance, says God! See Philippians 2:13, Philippians 1:6, 1 Corinthians 3:9, 16-20, Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 4:20-32, Colossians 3:5-10, Psalm 55:19, Hosea 5:15, Hosea 6:1-3, Proverbs 8:13, Psalm 107:1-43, Isaiah 55:6-9, Luke 12:45-48, and Romans 13:1-14. Change is not even an option in the kingdom of God, it's mandatory. It is not a suggestion that you change, it is a commandment! 9/12/2008 Your continual obedience to me is what will lead you to victory, says the Lord! 9/13/2008 Give it some time and over the process of time you shall see, says the Lord! 9/13/2008 (Special Word of Knowledge For Someone) you have been trusting the wrong people and listening to the wrong voices and as a result they have set you back and got you off track and out of place with God, even your finances have completely dwindled down. When you hang around cursed people, that same curse comes off on you. You pretty much have lost everything at this point. The Lord is saying that you need to disconnect yourself from those people. That's the source of the curse. Once you disconnect yourself, then restoration will come; your joy will return and your peace will be restored, says the Lord! For the father's eyes are upon you, declares the spirit of God! 9/14/2008 You have been seeking a new word when you have not done anything with the one that you already got; you have not obeyed and believed the first word, says the Spirit of Grace! See James 2:18-20 and Revelation 2:4-5. 9/15/2008 As a parent, when you are not obeying God, then your children will not obey your voice because you are not obeying the voice of your father. This being revealed by the Holy Ghost. See Galatians 6:7. Your children are hard headed, because you are hard headed and won't believe or obey God. Stop wanting to beat them up. They got it honest. They got it from you. It is in the genes. When you change, then they'll change, but until then........ 9/16/2008 If you allow your mind to become corrupt, then you will bear the fruit of your doing, says the Lord! 9/17/2008 If you are scared to progress in life, then you will find yourself stuck in the future, says the Lord! 9/18/2008 Don't allow other people to cause you to make crazy decisions in life, says the Lord! 9/19/2008 What you do in this last hour will determine your future, says the Lord! 9/20/2008 You must judge all things by the spirit, says the Lord; for many of my people have been deceived by a system that is not of me, says the Lord! 9/21/2008 The Lord shall bring you into your season of prophetic fulfillment. 9/22/2008 Watch before crossing the road, says the Lord! (you'll get it) 9/23/2008 The Lord says, though man's supply line is short and limited, my supply lines is not short or limited, says the Lord, so seek me for unlimited access to my resources and supply lines, says the Lord! 9/24/2008 When you lose sight of the new or the new way of doing things, then you will always go back to the old way, or your old ways, or the old system of operation, says the Lord! Do not allow yourself to go back to the old system, but keep your eyes and hope in the new system, says the Lord! 9/25/2008 Once you get in the new, stay in the new, says the Lord! 9/26/2008 Shake, shake, and more shake, says the Lord, but the shaking shall not have power over the righteous, says the Lord! 9/27/2008 Beware of the voice of the Pharisees of your generation, declares the Lord; for their voices are designed to overthrow your ministry and your mission as they resisted me in my times so shall they attempt to resist you. Listening to the wrong voices will trip you up. Many people have followed the wrong voice or voices and have been led astray and have gotten off track until the point that they can't see straight anymore and have lost everything that they had due to deceptive voices that have been snakes in the grass, declares the Spirit of The Living God. See Matthew 23:1-39, Matthew 12:22-45, Matthew 15:1-9, Matthew 16:1-4, Matthew 19:1-3, Matthew 21:45-46, Matthew 26:1-4, Matthew 27:1-5, and John 15:18-20. 9/28/2008 I know how to bless you in the midst of chaos and turmoil, says the Lord! 9/29/2008 Persistent prayer and unified faith will defeat the enemy in your land, says the Lord! 9/30/2008 Sometimes it may look like you're not going to get to your expected end, but if you will hold fast to our faith and the confession of your faith, then you will surely arrive at the place that I ordained for you and spoke to you of in the beginning, says the Lord! 10/1/2008 Let not the current circumstances move you; use your faith to deny the odds, says the Lord! 10/2/2008 You shall see heaven's intervention in many places around the world, says the Lord! 10/3/2008 Do not be afraid to face challenges in life and do not be afraid to address some issues in your life; for the challenges will come and the tests will arise, but do not run; for I am there to deliver you and see you through them, says the Lord! You see the crisis and the issues, the challenges, and the ‘seem like’ never ending walls of fire around you and trials, but I the Lord see the end result. I see you walking in victory. I see you dominating the thing that once dominated you. I see your future in me. I see what you don't see. I see not as man sees. Man sees the now, but I see the later, and it is your faith and your testimony that I have put inside of you that shall overcome the now with victory and peace, says the Lord! Fear not what lies in the days ahead for I am your comforter and your peace. I am your wisdom and your guidance. I am your stability, and your future lies in me. Your soundness of mind is in me, declares the Lord God almighty! I, the Lord have made a way for you, declares the Lord! 10/4/2008 I see sunlight shinning all over the place even in a dark and troubled time. The Lord is still saying to me to tell his people that glorious days lies ahead for the saints and all who choose righteousness over wickedness and evil, declares the Holy One! 10/5/2008 The same level of faith that it took for you to overcome the last trial is the same level of faith that it will require of you to accomplish my will for your life, says the Lord! 10/6/2008 Peace is a matter of a focused mind, says the Lord! 10/7/2008 Don't give up on your families and your marriages, says the Lord! Amid the financial turmoil in the households and families across the world, there is great pressure in the finances of a lot households. In some cases, all the financial responsibilities are falling on one person, but the Lord is saying trust me because I am still able to deliver you from financial bondages and stress, even after you have made some mistakes. Trust my hand, declares the Lord and don't take it out on your spouse and families, declares the Lord! 10/8/2008 The Lord says, it's not the righteous that are being shaken, but it is systems of corruption and greed that I am shaking, and the prayers of the righteous have entered into my ears and I have heard and hearkened. The cries of the poor that are without help and without dwelling places have come up before me and I am now moving in their defense, and you shall see hidden supply lines and hidden treasures and riches surface. Fear not the things that you are seeing in the earth for I have told you of these days in my word, but I have also shown you the way to victory through my word. I still require faith and I still require you to trust me as your help and your source; for I have not changed, and as you trust in me you shall surely overcome adversities and the bitter waters of life shall once again be turned sweet for thee, says the Lord! 10/9/2008 If you hold fast your confession, you shall see my hand of blessing, says the Lord! 10/10/2008 I’m calling for a purity of heart in this season, says the Lord! 10/11/2008 Don't get distracted by the cares of this world, says the Lord! 10/12/2008 Watch the nations, says the Lord; pay attention to their actions. 10/13/2008 Healing comes after the wounds, declares the Lord! 10/14/2008 Make peace where you can and don't dwell on the negative ones that want war, says the Lord! 10/15/2008 Your success and your favorable outcome is going to depend on you trusting me, says the Lord! 10/16/2008 This is a season of promotion, says the Lord! 10/17/2008 Don't be weary in well doing because you are entering into the time of a great harvest of reaping, says the Lord; and where you have been weary you shall be refreshed, says the spirit of the living God! 10/18/2008 Think positive in this season, says the Lord! 10/19/2008 You're in a season where everything your hand touches shall prosper, says the Lord! 10/20/2008 This is the season of my vengeance, but this is also the season of my blessing and my outpouring, says the Lord! 10/21/2008 You must have stubborn faith in this season and be determined to see me show up in your life, says the Lord! 10/22/2008 If things are hidden I hide them, and if things are to be found, it is at my revealing of the discovery of new and hidden treasures, says the Lord! 10/23/2008 I’m going to change your mindset, says the Lord, and I’m going to give you a passion for the things that I desire, says God! 10/24/2008 My plans for your life are not on hold, but you must punish the enemy with your faith, declares the Lord; it is he that desires to hinder and to hold you up, but I am for you, says the Lord so move forward! 10/25/2008 Yes I have forgiven you, now move forward, says the Lord! 10/26/2008 Great things awaits you in my presence so spend time with me so that I can unlock your future, says the Lord; for I am Elohim! 10/27/2008 Things that have been challenging you shall be greatly diminished in this season; just trust my hand, says the Lord! 10/28/2008 This is a season of recovery and rebuilding, says the Lord! 10/29/2008 Follow the process, says the Lord! 10/30/2008 Your sense of direction is based upon your keen hearing of my voice and tuning into what I am saying, declares the Lord! 10/31/2008 Think productive, be productive, and act productive, says the Lord! 11/1/2008 Some things don't require your attention and everything don't require a comment; some things are to be left alone for me to handle as you cast your cares on me, says the Lord! 11/2/2008 This season will require a greater awareness and a greater detail and paying attention to details, says the Lord! 11/3/2008 Unsettled differences in old relationships will surface and be settled in this season, declares the Lord! 11/4/2008 This is a strong season of the two and a season of the nine, says the Lord! Everything you see and experience will be in patterns of two's and nine's even in the news, so watch and be mindful, says the Lord! 11/5/2008 Circumstances points to your future and what may appear to look bad right now may be pointing you in the right direction to a better future, says the Lord! I hear blessings in disguise. 11/6/2008 In a moment of time I can turn your circumstances around and give you a brighter future if you will trust me and have faith, says the Lord! 11/6/2008 Special Note: there has been a shift in seasons and this has been a long time coming. There are many people that the Lord is calling you to judge yourself and clean out your hearts of any racial prejudices towards any other race. See 1 Corinthians 11:27-32. There is no room for racism, prejudice, or hatred in the body of Christ, in the church, and in God's kingdom, especially in those that are God's leaders such as pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, or any kind of call to ministry. See 1 John 3:13-16 and 1 John 2:8-11. You can't get into heaven being prejudice. See Mark 11:24-26. You can't get into heaven walking in hatred, because the Lord created all races of people, not just one ethnic people, (Matthew 5:17-24, Revelation 5:9) and none of them were created by the devil. They are the handy work of God. The devil didn't create no human life. If you are prejudice, then don't plan on going to heaven because every race will be there. (Revelation 7:9-17) It is a shame before heaven what is in some of your hearts towards other people and other races, but yet you say that you are a Christian. I say you are a liar. (Matthew 15:16-20) I have been greatly shocked by the racial prejudice that I have seen within the realm of the church and among people that say that they are Christians. It is not the will of God for him to have to judge a people or bring a negative judgment in the land of any nation because of bloodshed, hatred, murder, oppression, or any other kinds of injustices or unrighteousness, but he will if he has to clean up some mess because he is judge and father over the earth. He is the Lord of heaven and earth, for the saved and unsaved, he is still God and Lord and he will judge his people. (1 Peter 4:14-19) Clean up, says the Lord! This message is for all races from every nation, in the church and in the world. The Lord is saying clean up! and to all you ministers of the gospel, it would be a shame to have such glorious ministries here on earth and be filled with all manner of wisdom, knowledge, Revelation, and prophetic understanding, utterances, interpretation, and such vast spiritual gifts from heaven, and then you don't make it in to the kingdom because of the blindness and prejudice of your own heart. What a shame that would be. (Matthew 7:19-29, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Matthew 18:1-14) 11/7/2008 I know you have been planning to go to school, but obstacles have come into your way, but look online says the Lord, and watch me bring you through this season, declares the Lord! 11/8/2008 Chaos and confusion shall have no place in your life in this season, says the Lord! 11/9/2008 I opened two great doors for you in this season, so watch for my signal and walk into your blessing, says the living God! 11/10/2008 Fear is not a product of me, but my love covers your mind to think soberly, says the Lord! 11/11/2008 right decisions and right choices will be made in this season, says the Lord, as I set you on a new course, declares the Lord! 11/12/2008 This is the season that the wilderness shall blossom and the captives will go free, says the Lord! 11/13/2008 This is the season and time of my mowing and the grass is being cut in this season to make way for the new flowers to rise in the earth and in my kingdom, says the Lord! 11/14/2008 Glory and more glory, says the Lord; for in this season I will show you my glory. 11/15/2008 My favor shall rest upon you, says the Lord! 11/16/2008 Glorious things lies in front of you, says the Lord; if you will only open your eyes to see what I have already done and set before you, declares the Lord! 11/17/2008 Priceless treasures are set before you. Do you still not see what I have set before you, says the Lord! 11/18/2008 Weekend! Weekend! There is a great blessing awaiting you by weeks end, says the Lord! 11/19/2008 Study in this season, says the Lord! 11/20/2008 Your gas has not run out; for I fuel your desires to take you up higher, says the Lord! 11/21/2008 Hearing ears and seeing eyes is a must in this season; for that is how I shall guide you in this hour, says the Lord! 11/22/2008 Prosperity is my highest wish for you, says the Lord, and to be filled with my spirit. 11/23/2008 Step into your season, says the Lord! 11/24/2008 This is the season of your visitation and I shall visit you in the night watches and pour my spirit upon you in the day. You shall experience strong manifestations of my presence surrounding you, says the Lord! 11/25/2008 Friendship! New friendships are coming into your life in this season, says the Lord; for I make right connections in this hour, says the Lord! 11/26/2008 Rebellion shall have no place among me, says the Lord, so shape your ways, says the Lord! 11/27/2008 My presence shall be felt in this season in a new way, says the Lord! 11/28/2008 Power comes from my throne and elevation to an obedient child, says the spirit of the living God! 11/29/2008 Tests and temptation to give up are flowing cross the earth, but the new birth will give birth to full scale restoration, says the Lord! 11/30/2008 The thunders are talking in this hour, but will you listen and who can interpret, says the Lord! 12/1/2008 God says I give you wisdom to create. 12/2/2008 The day of my vision is at hand, says the Lord! 12/3/2008 It has taken a times and a season for your dreams to be fulfilled, but your season is finally here, says the Lord! 12/4/2008 The wilderness has been training you to hear from me better, says the Lord! 12/5/2008 There are still aspects of me that man does not know, even my own, but I am awaiting to reveal myself in a new way to the man that will seek me out, says the Lord! 12/6/2008 Prophecy always foretells the future, so don't get discouraged my child if it appears to look like what I said to you is not coming to pass; for my words always comes to pass in their appointed seasons and set times, says the Lord! See Psalm 102:13 and Ecclesiastes 3:1. 12/7/2008 Set aside a time to come before me, says the Lord! 12/8/2008 Purity of heart and purity of flesh is a requirement in my kingdom, says the Lord! 12/9/2008 You have been saying God speak to me, and even saying if you are really real then speak to me. will you really believe now that I am speaking to you now, and you know that this is me, says the Lord! 12/10/2008 I’m not moved or shaken by the things that move or shake you, says the Lord! 12/11/2008 Stay in me and the things that shake the world will not shake you, says the Lord! See Hebrews 12:26-27. 12/12/2008 Stay in me and the things that move the world will not be able to move you, says the Lord! See Hebrews 12:28-29. 12/13/2008 Florida Rains! Florida Rains! It shall be like the Florida rains that shall come upon the whole earth as my spirit comes upon the whole earth as a flood as the waters cover the seas, says the Lord! 12/14/2008 To be accepted, to be accepted! Your spirit has been crying out to be accepted, but The Lord says, I accept you. I accept you, says the Lord! 12/15/2008 Florida Breeze! Florida Breeze! For I do a new thing in Florida as I am blowing change upon this nation that shall be felt around the world, but it shall start with Florida, says the Lord! 12/16/2008 Puzzle! Different pieces of the puzzle are coming together in this hour, says the spirit of the living God. 12/17/2008 Don't miss the moment, says the Lord; for I am bringing many opportunities your way, says the Lord! 12/18/2008 Increase is my will, says the Lord and with growth comes increase. I am expanding your capacity to receive more; for I have been stretching you to receive more, says the Lord! (This word is not only for people corporately or as a whole, but this word is also for cities, towns, states, and nations. 12/19/2008 Time wasting! Avoid time wasters in this season, says the Lord! Those that will take your focus off of me and take up all of your time for minute things, says the Lord! 12/20/2008 The things that you were taught in the past season is the very knowledge that you need in this season to overcome the obstacles, declares the Lord! 12/21/2008 Pay attention because what I am teaching you in this season of your life is for you to survive and rise in the next season of your life, says the Lord! 12/22/2008 Pay day is here, says the Lord! 12/23/2008 Be aware; for they are many distractions competing for your attention, says the Lord! 12/24/2008 You're in a season of transition. (How often times than not we don't seem to understand the times and seasons that we are in.....more to come!) 12/25/2008 I need some stars that change life to help me change the hearts of men for my glory in this season, says the Lord! 12/26/2008 Smile when you see adversity, because you will be promoted after the trouble, says the Lord! 12/27/2008 I have called you to make impact, says the Lord! 12/28/2008 Fear not the terror of men; for I shall break the arm of the terrible in this season and bring their kingdom to nought, says the Lord! 12/29/2008 Your portion, says the Lord! Your portion and your lot in life seems to be small in the natural, but I am creating and forming you to take charge in a new way because you listen to my voice and obey me, declares the Lord! 12/30/2008 I’m screaming to come inside; will you let me inside of you, says the Lord! For I want to use you to fulfill my will. I want to walk my plan out before you, says the Lord! 12/31/2008 Don't touch what I don't want you to have; only touch those things that I have ordained for you, and you will be blessed in your deed; for I shift you into a season of undeniable empowerment, and you shall be noticed by many for your wisdom and charm, for I hid you for a season, says the Lord!