Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2007 Archives

12/1/2007 I am the God of the new, says the Lord! 

12/2/2007 This is a new season for the saints, says the Lord! 

12/3/2007 You will have to endure hardships and learn to keep moving forward into new ventures, says the Lord! 

12/4/2007 It's a new season, says the Lord! Do not be afraid to move out and forward in this season in spite of the persecution, and those that are sent by Satan to lie on you and trip you up; for it turning for a testimony unto you, says the Lord! 

12/5/2007 The Lord says, ''I’m taking you around the obstacles, and the thing that have blocked you will block you no more. 

12/6/2007 Nothing can stop you if your mind is fixed on me, says the Lord! 

12/7/2007 Some things in my kingdom is not convenient, but persistent faith will overcome them and bring you through it, says the Lord! 

12/8/2007 It is the time that I shall trouble those that trouble you, says the Lord! 

12/9/2007 You determine the next season that you're in by your faith and belief in me, says the Lord! 

12/10/2007 God is birthing something new in you. 

12/11/2007 That which is stuck in the birth canal shall come forth, says the Lord! 

12/12/2007 You are the people of my birthing, says the Lord! 

12/13/2007 If you want to hear my voice, you are going to have to pay the price by getting in my word more and cutting loose some relationships, says the Lord! 

12/14/2007 You must sacrifice to hear from God on another level. Get alone by yourself away from the noise and distractions and pray before the Lord and read your word. Then listen for his voice. I hear the Lord saying I’m calling you to deeper places in me, says the Lord! 

12/15/2007 You will have to choose carefully the course that you walk in this hour, says the Lord! For you are walking in perilous times and I will speak to you and warn you in your heart not to go certain places that you may want to go. Don’t ignore my unction; for I will be protecting you from certain evils, says the Lord! 

12/16/2007 Consider what is before you, says the Lord! For there are many deceivers in this hour waiting to devour your resources and destroy your life financially. 

12/17/2007 The Lord said ''it is time for my people to go on the offensive instead of waiting on the enemy to attack and trying to defend yourself. You overtake and overrun. Don't wait on them to call you, you go ahead and call them. Don't wait on a blessing, make yourself blessing and be a blessing, says the Lord of hosts! 

12/18/2007 It will be wise in this hour my child to plan ahead than to wait until the last minute and be snared by the pressure, says the Lord! 

12/19/2007 Distractions may come but you don't have to be a partaker of them, says the Lord! 

12/20/2007 Some things that you go through in life will be painful, but you have got to make sure that you are exercising forgiveness, says the Lord! 

12/21/2007 Be mindful of the things that I have called you to, says the Lord! 

12/22/2007 The Lord wants you to outlast the enemy and all of his tricks, schemes, plans, and persecution, because if you endure to the end you shall be saved, delivered, vindicated, promoted, and elevated by the Lord. The Lord says, ''I am the God of promotion; I am the God of elevation, says the spirit of the Lord! 

12/23/2007 Stay in your lane, says the Lord, and do not worry about what I have called another man to do, says the Lord! 

12/24/2007 Rewards will be given in this hour to my obedient ones, says the Lord! 

12/25/2007 Don't ever stop walking in love with your brothers and sisters, says the Lord! 

12/25/2007 (Special Note) keep in mind this day of Christmas that Jesus is the reason for the season and why we are celebrating. This day was set aside to worship him and to honor and remember his birth. The whole world celebrates Christmas on this day, but not everybody celebrate Jesus. The world celebrate Santa Claus, but we as believers, as Christians know that we celebrate Christmas for Jesus the Christ. The two don't mix, and the Lord hates idol gods, and that includes Santa. Don't lie to your kids about Santa. Tell them about the Lord Jesus and his saving purpose in this season. Let's not abandon our faith during this season. It's about Jesus and for all the false prophets that kick against celebrating Jesus. Look at 2 Peter 2:1-3, Jude 4, Titus 2:9-15, Nahum 1:7-15. 

12/26/2007 Many men shall mock you, says the Lord, but be not afraid of those men for it is I that shall honor you, says the Lord! 

12/27/2007 All of your enemies shall be scattered and made to look like a fool and found to be liars in this hour, says the Lord! 

12/28/2007 Step by step I shall bring down every stronghold that has been challenging you, says the Lord! 

12/29/2007 Take the time to honor me, says the Lord; for time is something that you can't get back, says the Lord! 

12/30/2007 The Lord says, I am going to vindicate you in this hour; watch for the vindication, says the Lord!

12/31/2007 You can't escape the testing of the Lord, so you might as well submit and go on through the process. The army of the Lord! 

12/31/2007 The Lord has raised up a mighty army. He is not about to raise them up. He is not going to raise them up, but he has already raised up this massive army of troops, and he has dispatched them into various places all over the world. This army is radical. This army is not scared of anything. They don't care anything about the enemy, the Antichrist, or the devil. There is no fear in their hearts at all. The only thing that they care about is doing the will of God from the heart. They have power given to them by the Lord to do exactly what Jesus did in the earth. They are anointed to heal, deliver, and set the captives free. They are fully equipped to pray, prophesy, lay hands on the sick and watch them recover. They are bold as a lion and their eyes are fixed on the Lord, not the devil. Their hearts are fixed trusting in the Lord. These soldiers have been through hell and so they are not afraid of hell, and they know how to stand. They have weathered many storms. They have gone through so many trials until they have become numb to circumstances. Their basic training and boot camp was to go through hell in order to defeat hell. They are anointed to preach to the drug dealers, the suicidal folk, the prostitutes, and the hard case situations. This army has been fire proven, fire tested, fire branded, and built to last and outlast anything. We are here and multiplied millions of souls shall be saved, delivered, and set free in this hour by the power of God. Signs and wonders, and manifold miracles does follow our ministries. God has anointed this army to destroy the works of darkness and put them under our feet. And if you are reading this letter, right now you have been inducted into this army to make a difference in the world today. God has called you, yes you to shake nations for him. You are hereby summons this day to win souls to Christ and to preach his word to unbelievers so that they may become converted as the kingdoms of this earth has become our Lord's.

11/1/2007 I am doing a new thing in my church and I am enabling my people to stand against the wiles of the evil one and the persecution that is coming in this hour against my bride, says the Lord! 

11/2/2007 Your harvest is set right before you. Overrun and overtake, says the Lord! Enter my season that I have prepared for you of my goodness, says the Lord! 

11/3/2007 As pre-tribulation judgements flow across the land all over the world, do not be afraid, but continue to grow closer to the Lord through prayer, reading and studying the word, and fellowship with the saints. These pre-tribulation judgments include a lot of things; massive floods, wars, famine, economic collapses, lawlessness of man (terrorism), many more plagues and diseases, multiple deaths and suicides, extreme droughts, rising sea levels and violent waves leading to unsurmountable beach erosion that won't be repairable, huge scaled earthquakes, strange weather patterns, as well as, many other things. These judgements will bring many things to light in this hour and will unmask a lot of hidden and secret things, and expose corruptions. There are twenty one judgements of God in the land right now. I’ll discuss more later on! Oh, by the way, the Lord said no weapon that has been formed against your finances will prosper. Many of you reading this statement, it seems as if your finances was trying to be completely cut off by the enemy and the system of the Antichrist. Just bind up that system in Jesus name and loose the financial provision of God in your life, saith the Lord! Peace and prosperity be unto you and your day. 

11/4/2007 This is the season that I am launching my people into business. Look deep within yourself and discover the hidden treasures, ideas, and gifts that I have placed deep within you and call them forth. Ask yourself what is it that I like to do for a life time, and that is the very thing that shall bring you into great and lasting wealth for my glory, plan, and kingdom purposes, says the Lord! 

11/5/2007 Even though there is storm clouds on your horizon, I didn't tell you to look at anything. Did not I say unto you in my word we walk by faith, not by sight. how long shall you halt between two opinions? How long shall you be double minded? How long shall you try to consider two reports? How long before you choose between life or death? How long before you choose between good or evil? How long will you consider the circumstances and the obstacles versus praying and staying in faith and believing and confessing my word? How long are you going to doubt? Have I said, shall I not do it? Have I spoken, shall I not make it good? For truly I am not a man that I should lie. If I told you that I was going to do it, then surely it shall come to pass and I shall do it. You have been saying, How long Lord and when are you going to do it? when you believe, that is when it shall suddenly be done. Huh! Faith on trial, my child smile; for suddenly I shall turn your mourning into laughter and dancing, and I will turn your sorrow, pain, hurt, and shame into joy and great fame, says the Lord of hosts! For I am have spoken it! 

11/6/2007 There is a system of the Antichrist set up in the earth that is resisting the church, and the Lord is saying to his church that it will take strategies and wisdom from him to overcome this type of resistance that has been trying to hinder his progress in the earth through his church. 

11/7/2007 Stay focused, says the Lord! 

11/8/2007 This is your opportunity to put away the old and move forward in the new, says the Lord! 

11/9/2007 Mobilize your faith and move out with action, says the Lord! 

11/10/2007 Tighten up all loose ends and close all doors to the adversary, says the Lord! 

11/11/2007 Don't let the tensions move you, says the Lord! Stay focused on me and my ways. Remained anchored in me because that's the way that I’m going to lead you, says the living God! 

11/12/2007 For some of you I hear the word of the Lord for you saying I’m bringing healing unto your physical body. Yet for others I hear the word of the Lord saying, I’m bringing healing and restoration to your finances; for this is my season of healing, says the Lord! There are many of you that are in business and your finances and profits have almost come to a halt, but the Lord is saying to you and your business I’m releasing a fresh wind upon thee and I am releasing super traffic to flow through thee. For I bring thee into great profits in this hour for kingdom purposes, says the Lord! For this is my season of healing. This is my season of power. This is my season of restoration, and this is your season of victory, says the Lord God almighty! 

11/12/2007 This word is for some business owners. You have been thinking about starting another business, and you have been counting up the cost whether or not that would be the right move and if the timing was right. You have also been trying to figure out could I juggle the responsibilities of these two businesses around, and you just needed a little confirmation. I hear the word of the Lord for you saying two are better than one because they shall have a good reward for their labor, says the Lord! 

11/13/2007 The sequence and the order of how things are done in the earth is changing, but my word will not change, says the Lord! 

11/14/2007 You are being tested in the wilderness. Nothing in your life seems to be certain or sure, other than the fact of the word of God that he has spoken to you and promised you. This place can be dangerous because what you hear will increase your faith or destroy you with doubt and destroy your destiny. Your vision and your faith will be tested. Your faith will be put on trial as it was with the Lord Jesus in the wilderness being tempted of the devil. He was being tempted to sell out to darkness, so it is with you right now. Many offers will come your way that is not right and you will need wisdom to discern good from evil. The devil will try and tempt you to turn your back on Jesus while you are waiting on the fulfillment of your vision and your promises from the Lord to manifest. See Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:9-14, and Luke 4:1-15. After you read these scriptures, Say I got that Lord out loud. Pray that the Lord will give you the ability to know the difference between the real and the fake, the false and the true, and what is his voice and the deceptive voices of the enemy which is designed to trip you up and overthrow your faith. 

11/15/2007 Many God given, God inspired dreams, visions, and assignments that has been dead, lying dormant, and sitting still will brought back to life, resurrected, rebirthed, and stirred up in you again, says the Lord! This is the season of total fulfillment of that which I have spoken to you, says the Lord! 

11/16/2007 Taste and see that I am good, says the Lord! For this is a season of my goodness and many rewards shall show up for thee for your faithfulness to me, says the Lord! 

11/17/2007 I have seen your tears and I have heard your cries, says the Lord, but however I have seen your faith and now I shall move on your behalf, saith the Lord! 

11/18/2007 Darkness has to flee from your life, says the Lord! 

11/19/2007 New found relationships shall come into your life in this season. New connections from me brings new releases, says the Lord! The holy one. 

11/20/2007 A shaking and a shifting, a sifting and a lifting is what I’m doing, says the Lord, and you must not align yourself with darkness anymore because it will be to your own hurt, says the Lord! 

11/21/2007 Do not deny my name, says the Lord! The Lord is saying to his people that we should never ever deny his name for any reason at all. The days are over for being a closet Christian and you don't want nobody to know that you are saved or what you believe. I hear the Lord saying, ''stand up for righteousness sake''. Do not be afraid of the enemy or persecution that shall come upon my people. If you want me to fight for you, you can no longer deny my name before all men; for I have called you to be a witness for me, says the Lord, and you shall defend my name in the day of battle and I shall give thee great honor before men on my behalf. The glory that I shall bestow upon you shall be a direct result of you confessing me openly before all men in the earth, says the Lord! Come out of the closet, says the Lord! 

11/22/2007 If you will worship, praise me, thank me, sing tome, and pray unto me, I will loose the bands of wickedness and oppression that are trying to hold you, says the Lord! 

11/23/2007 Study my word and seek me; for I desire to show you more, says the Lord! 

11/24/2007 The areas where you are currently lacking is in my hands, says the Lord! I have all power and authority, says the Lord! 

11/25/2007 There is a new anointing on you, says the Lord! 

11/26/2007 There is new victory coming your way, says the Lord! For this is the season of my new and the season of my purification! 

11/27/2007 For I am breathing on you a fresh and a new. Feel the new wind of my spirit, says the Lord! This is the season of my new. 

11/28/2007 I am about to do new things in your life, things that you have never heard of; for I do new things in the earth, says the Lord! 

11/29/2007 Awake unto my new, says the Lord! Awake unto my new my people! My people awake unto my new, says the Living God! 

11/30/2007 For I have called forth my children and they shall bring forth my new, says the Lord!

10/1/2007 I am doing another shifting and some more realignment, saith the Lord! Many that I chose and called to do a work for me did not answer the call and were not obedient, so I am now moving others out and bringing others in to replace them, those that will obey my voice; for I have stretched out my hand to a people that wasn't my people and I have made them my people and they shall obey me and I shall extend favor unto them like a river, saith the Lord! 

10/2/2007 Tell my people that I am going to deal with their enemies in this hour. I will begin to tear down all things that oppose and resist my will, my plan, and my purposes for your life, saith the Lord! 

10/3/2007 (Notable Prophecy) this is a new season and anew day, saith the Lord! For even in this hour I will do some things for you that you did not ever ask for or even imagine, just to show you that I love you, says the Lord! Two is the number for this season. Two is a season of my favor and prosperity. It is a season of my deliverance. My hand shall be upon you in a mighty way and I will do that which I have long desired to do for you. Your sad days are over, declares the Lord! The former troubles shall be forgotten by all the good that I shall bring upon you in this hour, saith the Lord! Then shall you know that I am God and shall fear before my presence. For truly I am a God of might and strength. Great is my power, saith the almighty. For yeah even the nations shall know me and fear me as I arise to shake terribly the earth, as I stand up and fight for my people. For you are my beloved. You are my inheritance and my portion, satiate holy one. I am stretching out my hand once again. For I was silent but I will no longer hold my peace. For I have awakened like a mighty man out of sleep and I shall roar and travail unlike anything that has ever been known in the history of all mankind, saith the Lord! 

10/4/2007 Leave it alone; for I give rest unto the weary soul, says the Lord! 

10/5/2007 Watch my child; for the things that I shall do for you shall be done suddenly, says the Lord! 

10/6/2007 Over the process of time I have favored you, says the Lord, and furthermore I have anointed you for my purposes, and I will unfold my plans before your very eyes, and I will establish you and push you into your destiny, says the Lord! 

10/7/2007 I will stir things in the spirit, and I will stir things in the heavens, and I shall stir things in the earth today that all men shall know that I am; that I am, says the Lord! 

10/8/2007 I will visit you in the night watches and I will visit you in the early portions of the morning. And as you seek me in prayer, I will answer you, says the Lord! 

10/9/2007 Walk straight through the fire, says the Lord, and do not let the fiery trials of adversity stop you, saith God! See Isaiah 43:2. 

10/10/2007 Don't look back. Continue forward in me and discover your purpose and destiny and I shall lead you into the destination that I have planned for you, says the Lord! My grace is sufficient for thee, saith the Lord of hosts! 

10/11/2007 Consider your destiny, consider my word, consider my paths, and consider what I say and my words will come to pass, says the Lord! 

10/12/2007 I have aligned my prophets where I wanted them to be and furthermore, I have ordained apostolic order, saith the Lord, and in this hour you will see my glory, says the Lord of host! 

10/13/2007 The Lord is saying that there are many of you that are facing some serious matters and problems and the Lord is saying to you to get some outside Godly counsel on those situations that can help you and provide both answers and wisdom to get those things either reversed or turned around for you. He said that you cannot continue to ignore those matters any longer and allow them to destroy you, saith the Lord! (Malachi 2:7 and Proverbs 24:6) 

10/14/2007 I will remove all strife and division that have divided my people, saith the Lord; and furthermore I will root out, drive out, and destroy that spirit of Jezebel and witchcraft that has tried to destroy and control my house. That spirit of manipulation and control will be destroy by the fire that I shall send to cleanse in this hour, saith the Lord! And every spirit that has tried to stop and has hindered my voice through my servants the prophets shall be rooted out and destroyed, says the Lord! For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it! 

10/15/2007 Do not lose your zeal for me and don not backup my child; for I have covered you in my grace and I will see you through the darkness as a light that shines upon a dark path. Yea, I will lead you and guide even as a ship in the night that looks for the lighthouse to guide them tithe shore, saith the Lord! 

10/16/2007 Do not fear the troubles that are around you, says the Lord! Put not your trust in the system of man, but put all of your trust in me; for I am the living God! Fear not the changes that I bring around you; for I move you to protect you, says the spirit of the living God. Know that you are covered in my grace, says the Lord! 

10/17/2007 Stabilize your emotions, says the Lord, and anchor yourself in me; get in my word and discover great treasures that I have prepared just for you, says the Lord! 

10/18/2007 Keep your eyes fixed upon me, says the Lord; for I am your provider and deliverer. 

10/19/2007 Flow with me through the changing of the seasons of your life; for promotion lies at your doorsteps; for yea, my plan awaits you, says the Lord! 

10/20/2007 Hey you there in the wilderness; allow me to grab your hand and lead you into a safe haven and a place of prosperity, says the Lord! 

10/21/2007 Those that were strong have become weak, and those that were over magnified have been under minded in this hour, says the Lord! And those that have been lifted up in pride have been brought very low, says the spirit of the living God! 

10/22/2007 You have forgotten that I have you covered. You have been saying with your mouth that I know the Lord has me covered, but you have not believed that in your heart. I need you to trust me. I need to tell you again to reassure you that I got you covered. I got your back. Fear not the things that you are seeing around you, because I am bringing you into promotion, saith the Lord! 

10/23/2007 I’m calling you to walk through these dark clouds that you see. Yes, you have walked through many fires in the past, and I am calling you to walk through this one. The walls of fire that you see in front of you and all around you shall not harm you, says the Lord! Walk free of the bondage and know that I am guiding you my child, saith the Lord! 

10/24/2007 Enter the process and don't back out, says the Lord! 

10/25/2007 Get pass the kinks and move forward, says the Lord! 

10/26/2007 Don't have a deaf ear to the things of the spirit, says the Lord! Open up your eyes and your heart to receive the things that I have for you in this hour; for I speak specific instructions to you by my spirit, says the Lord! 

10/27/2007 Get pass the lusts of your flesh and move into the spirit and I will receive you, says the Lord! 

10/28/2007 There shall be a great shaking and awakening in the land, says the Lord! For I need my church to awake and to arise and go out into the highways and the streets and compel them to come into my house that it may be full. It is I that is doing the shaking and it is I that touches the land that all men may be drawn unto me, says the Lord! 

10/29/2007 The pathway that I have laid out for you is very clear, but you say I don't know what to do or where to go. Think back over all the instructions that I gave you before and that I told you that I wanted you to do, but you say when did you ever tell me any of these things before Lord? I say unto you that I told you these things before through my servants and through my prophets, and through other people, but you brushed it off. You would not hear and refused to hear and obey me. Move and do the first instructions and commandments that I gave you, says the Lord; and you shall see results. My commandments are wise and they will bring you out of a dry place and a wilderness, says the spirit of the living God! 

10/29/2007 Wife quit arguing with your husband, says the Lord! (This Is Specifically For Someone) 

10/30/2007 Many witches have infiltrated the church and are trying to infiltrate the church to try and gain control over the true word of God and hinder and limit the truth of God from being taught. Many churches are blind and ignorant to the working of the spirit of the Antichrist and jezebel that targets more weaker and vulnerable Christians that will try to uproot them and isolate them from the church so that they can destroy them or deceive them to believe a lie. Many of them use witchcraft and manipulation to exercise control over their victims (Members) to keep them trapped and enslaved in bondage as they lead them into destruction and destroy their lives for selfish and personal gain. Many of these witches have even started their own churches and are posing as pastors, but they are of the devil. Pray for the ability to discern and know the difference so that you don't be snared, says the Lord, and that you might know what is of me and what is not my will or order, saith God! 

10/30/2007 Fear not the confrontation or the battle that is before you, says the Lord! Do not run, do not back up, and do not fear, but stand still and stand fast and watch while I work, says the Lord! For my hand is upon you and I will scatter your enemies that raise themselves against thee, says the Lord! 

10/31/2007 Many of you shall fall in love with the Lord all over again in this season. You shall have a fresh affair and a new encounter as you have never experienced before. Many of you that have grown cold towards the Lord due to various circumstances that took place in your life shall be restored in this hour. For I am reeling you back in, says the Lord, and I pour out fresh fire upon you, says the Almighty! 

9/10/2007 The thing that you have been long awaiting for is coming. The thing that you have desired is coming. Everything that you have been waiting so long for is coming to pass, saith the Lord! 

9/11/2007 Choose to forgive and release another and you shall find great power and strength in me, saith the Lord! 

9/12/2007 The Lord says, that he is bringing closure to some issues that are at hand. 

9/13/2007 The hand of the Lord is upon you for business, and you shall be anointed with wisdom to prosper and to discern good business deals, says the father! 

9/14/2007 This is a season for you to bring order and structure to your lives, declares the Lord; for you will need to lay a strong foundation for where you are going. Write the vision that I have placed inside of you. 

9/15/2007 Make way for the new, says the Lord! 

9/16/2007 God wants a new connection from you. 

9/17/2007 The thing that is lost is now found. 

9/18/2007 The thing that has been hindering you from doing my will shall be cut off and removed, says the Lord! 

9/19/2007 Seek me and I will reveal my will to you for your life, says the Lord! 

9/20/2007 You will begin to see national guard troops called to duty and activated in many towns and big cities around the United States  and the world to help with the violence and murders because of the wickedness that is in the heart of man and that spirit of lawlessness and rebellion that is trying to destabilize the nations of the world and its cities, towns, and people. These spirit are spear headed by the system of the Antichrist and satanic rebellion inspired by Satan (the devil) himself. Their mission is to overthrow the governments of the nations and rule the world and attempt to force the world into an evil pit of darkness, doom, and gloom. However, prayer is the answer saints. United States of America, the Lord is calling you and your people as a nation to prayer to combat against his spiritual wickedness. United States this day, you are nation called to prayer. Saints around the world, the Lord is calling you to continual prayer to prevent some things from happening before the appointed time table of the Lord. Some things can happen prematurely and before time if effective prayer is not immediately rendered, saith the Lord!


9/21/2007 While you're trying to figure it out, thus saith the Lord, I have already worked it out on your behalf. 

9/22/2007 Many will seek the prophet in this hour because of the things coming on the earth, but the Lord will say unto you, I am the greatest prophet that ever lives and itis I that make all things known unto all flesh. It is I your creator. Look unto me and be ye saved, for I am your deliverer, saith the Lord!


9/23/2007 I see many of you out there that are sick and wondering will I ever get healed. The Lord says, to you this day, I am still a healer. I see many of you out there going through many financial strains and burdens. You are up under great pressure, but The Lord says, I am a provider.'' I see many of you out there having problems with your children rebelling against you and all authority, but the word of the Lord to you is fear not; for if you believe on me, you and your household will be saved. I am wooing them in by my spirit. Keep giving me access to them by your prayers for them, saith the Lord! I see many of you growing cold and weary, but The Lord says, once again, be not weary in well doing for you shall indeed reap if you faint not at the signs of adversity, saith the Lord!


9/24/2007 I see a people that have been scattered and church hurt and without a place to fellowship in the wilderness, but The Lord says, to tell you that you have found grace in the wilderness, because you did continue in your walk and relationship with him even when people have wronged you in church. The Lord will further say unto you even though you have wandered in the wilderness, I will restore you as at your first under a faithful shepherd whom you can trust. And they are many of you whom God will use to shepherd a flock and to start a ministry for him, saith God! 

9/25/2007 Prepare yourself, position yourself; for I am releasing a new wave of opportunity for my people. This opportunity will be an empowerment for prosperity, saith the Lord! 

9/26/2007 This is a ‘Be still season,’ says the Lord! A be still comes to give you time to regroup, reform, reorder, realign, recover, and redirect some things. After a season of battle or moving, the ‘Be still season’ is a time of regathering together again those things that were scattered or spread out in battle array or formation. The ‘Be still season’ also comes to some people that don’t know what to do. Be still until you know what to do. Be still until you get your answers from the Lord and some specific detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. The ‘Be still season’ also comes to a people that have had all kind of battles against them and right now their back is against the wall and they have run out of options and answers. They are at the end of their still and know that I am God, saith the Lord! Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord and what will follow his glory in this hour. 

9/27/2007 Monitor your small children, saith the Lord! 

9/28/2007 Prepare yourself for great financial increase, says the Lord; for this is a season of harvest, declares the spirit of grace! 

9/29/2007 This is a season where I will bring divine relationships into your life that will help you in your purpose and the assignments that I give unto thee, says the Lord, and do not be afraid of the new, says the Lord! 

9/30/2007 Hold forth the words of sound doctrine and do not be carried away with fairy tales and fables, says the Lord! 9/30/2007 Evangelists and all ministers, do not preach to be a man pleaser, says the Lord, but fear me who is able to throw the body and soul into hell; for I am the Lord!