Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2020 Archives

12-31-2020 Too close for comfort; The Lord says, you have been in seasons where things were too close for comfort for you in an uncomfortable way, but I will comfort you in this season and give you the confidence to press forward and win. You have been destined to overcome, says the Lord! 

12-31-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) Some things are a part of your process in life, and some people are supposed to be a part of your process. Some people had to reject you and disrespect you so that you could be elevated by the Lord. Some people had to lie on you, and some folks had to try to trick you and set you up, so I could bless you. Some people had to separate you from their company so that I could get you alone with me, says the Lord! Some people had to curse you, so that I could turn around and bless you, says God! Some people had to cheat you so that I could make them pay you back seven-fold. Some people had to betray you so that I could vindicate you and justify you. Some people had to depart from your life so that I could bring my choices into your life. The Lord God says, know that I know what I am doing in your life, and I know what I am doing in your process, says the Lord! The Lord says, trust me with your relationships, because I know what you don’t know, and I see what you don’t see, declares the Lord God! 

12-30-2020 The Lord says, don’t have a hidden motive in all that you do, but have a pure heart and pure intentions and it will work for you and it will bless you, says the Spirit of the Living God! 

12-29-2020 The Lord says, your portion is not defeat in this life, but take hold of my words, which are spirit and life, and you will find a new life and new strength in me that will cause you to be beyond being defeated, says the Lord! 

12-28-2020 The Lord says, focus on the values and the standards that I have placed within you, and lay it to heart that those things will guide you and help you to make the right choice in life. Don’t focus on turning back the hands of time, but focus on going forward, because I can help you to redeem the times, says the Lord! 

12-27-2020 The Lord says, some people don’t like times and seasons of transition, but some of the transitions are necessary to preserve you and to save lives. In this season, I have scheduled for you to transition into some good things in spite of what you see going on in the world and around you, declares the Lord! Good things comes to those that wait upon me, says the Lord, but while you wait call upon me, declares the Lord Your God! 

12-26-2020 The Lord says, I am calling the nations into a great time of transition; for these shall be times of great transition; for they shall search for victory without repentance, but they will then see something else new on the horizon that they were not expecting. They will see my judgment. They will say and think that they have pulled it off, and for a while it will look like they did, but they will see something else arise that will be more terrible than the first beast that they saw. Oh my people, these are great times of transition, but I am your rock in a weary land and I am your refuge and peace, says the Lord; for I have planted Josephs among you for these times, says the Lord, and you will see Goshen, a place of light, in the midst of the darkness, says the Lord! I have reserved treasure for my faithful ones, even my hidden ones, declares the Lord of Hosts! 

12-25-2020 The Lord says, how life rewards you will depend on how you reward others. The people in and around your life are there as tests for you and ground for you. Some are there for you to sow into and others are there for you to reap from. Some are a part of your process, and you are a part of some others’ process, but know that all things have a purpose for being, declares the Lord! 

12-24-2020 This is a clearing up and a clean-up season from the Lord, and you have to let him do that for you. It is not a time to be fearful or to complain about the process and what you don’t like about it, but it is a time to be humble before the Lord and prayerful and not prideful. The Lord will be showing you many things during this time for you to reflect on and make changes in going forward. The Lord is going to suddenly surprise some of you with unexpected blessings. He is just recalibrating some things in your life at this time. 

12-23-2020 The Lord says, you are a part of my crown jewels, and you make up my royal diadem, and I have chosen you to be seated in the high places and in the heavenly realm. I have prepared a place for you to reign from and to see light where there has been continual darkness. I have ordained for you to overcome and break barriers. I am igniting a fire in you once again in this season, and that light from that fire will burn bright and set others ablaze that I put you in contact with. In this season, I am even extracting the gold out of you says the Lord, and the people will see the value in you and the value that I have placed upon you, says the Lord! 

12-23-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the Website) They look at you for disdain, but I look at you for love says the Lord! They judge you for the outer appearance, but I know the type of heart that I have placed within. I understand you when no one else seems to understand or when many people tend to misunderstand you and question your motives out of insecurity. I love you even when you are not sure if other people love you, says the Lord! I have put my name in you and upon you, even when others may choose to drag your name through the mud just to make themselves look good, but it is because they suffer from insecurity. Just pray for them, says the Lord! I have chosen you and accepted you even as others have rejected you and disrespected you. I see you as I made you to be while others see you the way that they see themselves, which is sometimes through foggy lenses. I love you when others have turned their backs on you. I feel your pain and I am touched with the feelings of your infirmities even when others are too insensitive to feel what you feel and minister to you. I have placed rich treasures on the inside of you, and I will cause those that have my interact and my favor on their lives to see what I have truly hidden inside of you that most will fail to see. The right ones will see the treasures while others will only see the dirt that you are buried in where that treasure of great price lies. They see you as that of a commoner, but I still see you as royalty and as my diligent and faithful servant that refuses to let go of my name, and I love you more than you could even know or comprehend, says the Lord! 

12-22-2020 The Lord says, different seasons usher in new dimensions of power, new favor, and new opportunities. Instead of worrying about pandemic waves and waves of disaster, get in on the wave of opportunity that I am sending in this hour to push you up and move you forward, says the Lord! 

12-21-2020 The Lord says, I am stirring up favor in your life, and my favor will be seen in your life in many areas. When you go places you will be shown favor, and you will be greeted as you are royalty, because I will cause the people to see something in you and about you they have never seen before. My favor will go before you, and my favor will walk among you. My favor will be in you and upon you. You are draped and immersed in my favor, says the Lord! 

12-20-2020 The Lord says, be strong in the faith and the courage that I gave you, and know that I will never put more on you than you can bear. 

12-19-2020 The Lord says, things are bubbling up in this season in the earth, and there is that boiling point, but I will not allow things to get to a breaking point in your life. Trust that I am able to protect you from the many things to come, says the Lord!

12-18-2020 The Lord says, I have called you to mountain moving earth shaking prayer and not to operate in fear. You have to know that I have your back, says the Lord! 

12-17-2020 The Lord says, I am pulling down deeply rooted, deeply embedded and even deeply entrenched witchcraft in this season, including in the political arena, in the media, and in the corporate world.

12-16-2020 The Lord says, I am balancing things out in your life, and I am removing those burdens and causing all things to come into its proper balance and alignment in your life. Even now you will see the shift, and you will see the blessings abounding in your life, ministry, and businesses where there was a place of drought, says the Lord!

12-15-2020 The Lord says, there is no need to be alarmed at what you have no control over, but put those things in my hand and believe for me to do what you are not able to do. 

12-14-2020 The Lord says, this season will involve you getting your priorities straight, and as you straighten things out and put things in their right order and right perspective you will see a new blessing land on your life, says God!

12-14-2020 (Reposted from the relationships section of the website) Even now the Spirit of God is saying that your obedience must be fulfilled first, because I showed you what you must do and put it in front of your eyes. The Lord says, you want me to move first and just ignore your disobedience as if I am blind. I am just and I do not turn a blind eye as you may think and as others may think, says the Lord! Some of you have continued to stand in judgment of others, and you have allowed that to cloud your judgment in what I have instructed you to do, says the Lord! Dilemmas, including yours, can be easily resolved with one step of obedience on your part, says God! The shift that you need and that you desire is in your hands, says the Lord! Some of you were supposed to make peace with other people by now, but you have not made a move and you have caused pain in other people’s family so there is pain in your family and household, but an apology will shift things for you, even immediately for some of you is what I hear the Lord saying. 

12-13-2020 The Lord says, only greater things are portioned for you, so don’t let the current storm clouds that you see in the world and all of the distractions lie to you and distract you from what I have ordained for you to experience and to have, declares the Lord! 

12-12-2020 The Lord says, in seasons where it looks like you are being tested, hold tight to your faith. It was what you learned, heard, seen, and the word that came to you before the test that will sustain you and take you through the test. The words that you are getting now are for the days ahead. The word that you need right now has already been spoken to you in times past before this day arrived, says the Lord! 

12-11-2020 The Lord says, I am removing the obstacles out of your way to bring you into a place of greater exposure, because your voice needs to be heard on a greater level because of what I have placed inside, especially for these times. You will know and see plenty of evidence that I am with you in this season, says the Lord! 

12-10-2020 The Lord says, stay away from shady dealings and you won’t be left reeling. It is about a matter of the integrity of the just that blesses their dealings, says the Lord! See Proverbs 20:7, Proverbs 11:3, Psalm 25:21, Psalm 26:1 and Psalm 26:11. 

12-9-2020 The Lord says, quick results are not always the right answer, but the right answer is in my timing where I make all things beautiful in my timing, says the Lord! 

12-8-2020 The Lord says, today is the breaking of a new day, and I will shift, shake, and turn things, and many things will shift in your favor, even in those things that they tried to stamp out and kill your momentum in. I will turn things around, and I will deal with those rattle snakes that has been hissing at you for quite a while now. I am much greater and more powerful than those rattle snakes, says the Lord! Do you not remember how I instructed Moses to lay down his rod, and his rod became an even bigger serpent to swallow up the snakes of Pharaoh, says the Lord! Even now in this season, I am swallowing up the rods of the Pharaoh system that has tried to hold you and take from you what I said belongs to you, says the Lord; For I have spoken and no man can overthrow or even overturn what I have ordained and established to be, and no thief is longer than my arm’s reach, says the Lord God! Watch how my fire burns, and watch how I shake things; for they will hear the Lion’s roar, and they will soon see me in the fierceness of my wrath, says the Lord! 

12-7-2020 The Lord says, if your heart is weak your faith will not flow, because you have allowed doubt to creep in and to cloud your view on things. In this season I am helping you to flush out your heart and to rid it of doubt, fear, and any unbelief that seems to have it clogged up, and you will see with fresh vision in this season, and you will see that which was not seen before. Look back at things in this season with a fresh set of eyes. Take a second look at things, says the Lord! 

12-6-2020 The Lord says, there is nothing that I bring you to that I cannot take you through. I have already made a way through whatever you face, and you will come through and overcome it with victory, because all things work together for your good, says the Lord! 

12-5-2020 The word of the Lord to some of you today is, I am teaching you how to make your business pandemic proof. I’m teaching others of you how to pandemic proof your ministries and your businesses. I am teaching you how to make your life pandemic proof where the things of this world will have no effect on you. The same way that I gave Joseph vision and a strategy for the land of Egypt that spared, saved, and preserved the nation and the people in the time of famine is the same way I intend to give you vision and a strategy for these times, says the Lord! As you follow my Spirit you will soon see how I am bringing everything together into the perfect package deal to transfer the wealth of these end times into your hands for a latter day harvest, declares the Lord! 

12-4-2020 The Lord says, things can’t fully shift until you pray and pray earnestly. When you pray earnestly and sincerely with all of your heart in line with my will, then things will take a sudden turn for the better, and you will see many things in your life shift, even with a monumental shift, says the Lord! 

12-3-2020 The Lord says, many will discover that they have been lied to and deceived, but in these later days it will be key for you to hear my voice and to be sensitive to the leading of my Spirit or you too will not know the truth from a lie. The deception that is roaming the land now that you see have been spoken of in times past in the prophecies that are written in the Scriptures. Get alone with me and spend time with me, and you will know the truth, and that truth will make you free, says the Spirit of the Lord God! See Matthew 24:10-13 & 23-25. 

12-2-2020 God is going to help you to help others, including entire nations that will need a helping hand. In this season, the Lord says you will become empowered with supernatural wealth in fulfillment of prophecy so that his covenant and Kingdom plans can be fulfilled in your life. You will become the lender and not the borrower, says the Lord! 

12-2-2020 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot section of the website) God is not going to let them be comfortable with doing you wrong and committing evil against you. They will have no peace in their lives until they come clean and confess every evil plot and scheme against you and against your life. The lingering effects of that thing will be broken in your life. Watch how things will change and look drastically different for you in 6 to 8 months’ time. 

12-1-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you to live in a constant battle zone, but it is very important that you know which battles to fight and which ones to avoid, because they are not in your best interests. I will lead at all times if you will hearken unto my voice and lean not to your own understanding. Remember I know all things, and I know and see the things that you do not see, and I see if a roadblock is on your path that would hinder you and delay your life purpose, and I see if a stumbling block has been put on your path by the enemy to cause you to slip and to stumble. You have to trust me to guide you around the snares and the traps of the evil one so that you can have victory, and they won’t be able to figure it out, says the Lord! 

12-1-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) Those same people that dissed you and dismissed you will have to come back through you to get to their blessing and destiny. You will see the same thing in your life as you saw with Joseph in Genesis Chapters 37 & 39-50, and you will have to do people good where they have done you wrong, because God will put you in a position of power to show love to those that have shown you hate. Some will be family and others will not be family, but they will be some kind of former acquaintances or coworkers, neighbors, etc. In other words, you will know these people from a previous time in your life. The Lord will want them to see his glory in your life presently compared to how you used to be and once looked. They will be shocked, but even more so by how you carry yourself now in a mature manner.

11-30-2020 The Lord says, realignments are not a curse, especially when it is done for the right reasons and for godly and Kingdom purposes. Realignments will lead to reassignments in this season, but as I realign you to reassign you, you will see my will once you get in place, even in that new position that I created just for you, says the Lord! 

11-29-2020 The Lord says, focus on the things that I last spoke to you of, and don’t get drawn away by other suggestions. 

11-28-2020 The Lord says, the greater shift is coming. All over the world the greater shift is now coming. Prepare your hearts and mind for this shift that is coming, says the Lord! Within this shift in the earth, one part of it I will be bringing, and the other part is what I will allow to come that is not directly of me nor by my hand, says the Lord! Ask me for discernment and wisdom that you might know the difference and that you might know what is of me and what is not of me nor by my hand, says the Lord! Be not terrified at the works of men, says God, because I am there in your midst to shield you and to protect you and even elevate you in the midst of the shaking. There is a shaking that man will bring, but there is an even bigger shaking and shake up that I will bring in the midst of their so called shaking, and my shaking and shake up will be much greater and hard to miss, says the Lord; for at that time I will bust the heads of the evildoers and I will dismantle evil structures and send fire upon the heads of the wicked and destroy their evil works and plans of darkness, says the Lord! Then will all the earth fear me, the one that they have mocked for ages, while I stayed silent to see where their intents might go, but now I have seen and now I have heard, and I will respond by force and by fire, and I will deal with their hard speeches and breaches where they have caused my people to mourn out of their vengeance and their quest to get revenge, but I will avenge myself upon my adversaries and I will make them to drink from a bitter cup of my wrath, and I will smite them with the fist of my fury, says the Lord! You will see the shift in their posture as they begin to buckle, because they did not think that I was watching them, but I had my eyes on them the whole time to see where this thing that they are doing might go. I gave them time and space to repent and to retreat from this thing that they conjured up, but they refused, so the casualties will be many as my heavy right handlights down, says the Lord! See Psalms 110:6, Job 34:24, Isaiah 66:16, Jeremiah 25:33,  Isaiah 26:21, Ezekiel 6:7 & 13, Ezekiel 32:32, and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11. 

11-27-2020 The Lord says, there is a turning point coming for you personally, and yourlife is about to shift for the greater and the better, and you will find your place in the midst of what all is going on. You will see how you will prosper in the midst of the shaking, and you will see how your voice will be elevated, and you will see how I will magnify you inthe midst of the circumstances to get glory from your name, says the Lord! 

11-26-2020 The Lord says, crossover and do not standstill or back up. I have a surprise for you, even an unexpected and a great surprise. The Lord says, when I speak I do notlie. Many will say that those that are speaking on my behalf are telling a lie, but when I speak, it is because not only will I move through the land, but I will even visit the land.The Lord says, the great winds will blow, but they will blow in the epic centers that are causing the stirs of confusion, says the Lord! The Lord says, I see through the high top clouds, but truly even the clouds are the dust of my feet, which means that I am the one that is riding upon the clouds. Even now I am riding upon the storms of your life, and the winds look contrary to you, but I am there to give you victory while removing and blowing away evil, corrupt, and tainted structures in the land. I am tearing down false coveringsand false spiritual boundaries that do not serve my purposes, says the Lord! 

11-25-2020 The Lord God says, the key to overcoming the current trials that you arefaced with is patience, individually, corporately, nationally, internationally, etc. Youmust not waiver during these times, says the Lord, because some have lost their faith. 

11-24-2020 The Lord says, these are times where I will show you how to prosper in pandemic times so that you can attain pandemic prosperity. This is not a time to fold upyour hands and do nothing while others are going out of business because they lackvision and do not know how to transition into different things during these times, but thisis a time where you need to follow my vision and my wisdom for this time. It is the hourof my power, and this is an hour to see how I can work a miracle in your finances by afew simple steps of obedience as you follow my leading and flow with my Spirit, says the Lord! Ideas will come to you clearly, and the way forward will be in plain sight and very obtainable. As you are open to my Spirit, do not count out the things that I am showingyou and putting before you, because I am still able to work things for you and turnnothing into something, even something very BIG; only follow what I have for you, anddo as my Spirit leads you in every way and in every aspect, and you will see thingsopen up before you in new ways, says God! Doors that you thought were shut and even shut tight forever, will start to open up for you as I unlock the treasure of Heaven before you and cause many things to flow to you, says the Lord God! You will soon see thatmany things were even a blessing in disguise, and my prosperity for you is not limited toa man or to a specific group of people, says God! 

11-24-2020 (Reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the website) The Lord God really is saying, if you believe it, I can do anything but lie to you. If you will believe and have determined faith, then I can shift things for you people and turn many thingsaround that have looked impossible up until this point. 

11-24-2020 (Reposted from the Bible Scripture For Today section of the website) TheLord says, there is something that I want you to see and to learn from all of this. I amallowing things to unfold just the way that they are so that you can see clearly foryourself how they think, what they have been planning, and how corrupt they really are,so that I will be justified when I move and when I do what I do in this season. 

11-23-2020 The Lord says, the Sun is shining all the time even if you don’t see it whenit is hidden behind the clouds. There is always light behind all those dark clouds thatyou see, and my peace is even there in the midst of the darkness. Let the light of mypeace prevail even in those dark times, because light always comes again after a temporary time of darkness, declares the Lord! 

11-22-2020 The Lord says, I will teach you to rise above the storms and gain the victory over the cloud cover that you have been seeing. This is your season to see a change and a turnaround, says the Lord! 

11-21-2020 The Lord says, you are sitting around waiting to see how things are going to play out when I have already told you by the mouth of my prophets how things are goingto turn out. When will you believe, says the Lord! 

11-20-2020 The Lord says, I have come down to contend by fire in this moment, andI will move in the land, and I will shake and remove all things that offend and that isblocking my will from being fulfilled so that my Kingdom agenda will go forth mightily without further delay in this season. Watch how I move quickly on a lot of things, saysthe Lord! 

11-20-2020 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot section of the website) When things are the darkest in the earth, that is when you see the light of the Lord arisein a very notable and specific way in that darkness to override it and to overpower it and even overthrow it. The Lord has even said I will cause hidden things to be revealed, andI will reveal the contents of their many meetings and plans behind closed doors, and Iwill show you and them what I can do, says the Lord! The Lord says, “Laugh and Laugh now,” because you will see an astounding victory in the likes of nothing that you’ve ever seen in the history of the earth, says the Lord! Watch me as I shake the strongholds inthis season, and I will cause the places where they even buried things in a cover up tobe found and the very spots will have a light shining from on them, says the Lord! My glittering sword is ready to bring full judgment, says the Lord! 

11-20-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) The Lord says, in this season, I have been shaking up false foundations in the areas of relationships, and I have been shaking those things that must change. In this hour, you will see many ofyour relationships change, and many will be transformed into the thing that I haveordained from the beginning before the chaos arose. The Lord says, even those thathave told a lie on you or keep things back and hid from you in secret will be exposed inthis season, and all things that need to be known and must be known will now comeforth in this season, because I am shining a light on their works of darkness that havetried to overthrow, destroy, and disrupt your destiny. They will be found out in thisseason, and what they have plotted against you even while they were near and closeto you will come to the spotlight in this season and will not be able to be hid any longer, because I am going to bring judgment upon them in this season, and their lies and their cover-ups won’t be able to withstand my fire in their lives in this season, says the Lord! The only way out for some of them will be for them to confess to you and to others what they did in plotting against you, and I will make them to tell you the truth, says the Lord, and the lies and the secrets will be exposed for all to see, says the Lord God Jehovah! 

11-20-2020 (Reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the website) Even now Ihear the Lord saying, I am pulling their covers off, and their nakedness will be fully exposed for all to see. 

11-19-2020 The Lord says, there are two sides of the coin, and life and the media and many other entities have tried their best to only show you one side of that coin, but I am going to flip the coin so that you can see the other side of it. When I flip that coin for youto see the other side of it, then you will see another side of life altogether for yourself,and you’ll have and you will enjoy what they tried to deprive you of and keep you out of, declares the Lord; for in this season I am taking you into places that other people have tried to keep you out of, says God! 

11-18-2020 The Lord says, keep your eyes on me, watch the times, but more importantly you must watch me, and I will show you the way forward and how to navigate these times.I will show you how to navigate troubled waters like Prophet Jonah, because I alreadyhave a place of refuge prepared for you that the enemy cannot touch or enter, because itis my holy place, and it is in that place where I will shelter you under my wings that youwill be safe, and the blessing of my house shall come upon you in your house, and youwill smell the dew of my refreshing come upon you right where you are and now in this season. Do not fear the enemy, because I am already in front of him to stop him in his tracks that no harm comes to you, says the Lord God! 

11-17-2020 The Lord says, victory is in sight if you trust and believe. 

11-16-2020 The Lord says, you’ve been wanting your piece of the pie, but the Lordsays my plans for you are bigger than just a slice of pie. Do not limit me to a piecewhen I have plans to give you the whole lump, says the Lord! 

11-15-2020 The Lord says, faith will always find a way forward, and circumstances have no power over the people that do operate by faith. 

11-14-2020 When you look at cash, it is just paper or some coins that may not look likeit is valuable, but it has a value assigned to it. Gift cards are hard plastic and by asurface look it may not seem valuable at all, but it too like cash has a value assigned toit. Likewise, people may talk about you, ostracize you, and look at you in a certain way,but to the Lord you are valuable, and you have a value assigned to your life that is priceless. I paid for your life with my blood, and there is such a value on your life that it cannot be counted totally. Know that  you are a part of me, and you have my DNA insideof you, and that is the DNA of the Kingdom of God, and I have said you are priceless and are of great value, so walk in the authority of that from this day forth, says the Lord! 

11-13-2020 The Lord says, if you have had your peace taken by the things that yousee going on, then command it to be put back in Jesus name. You can command manythings in my name that is in line with my will, and the elements and the atmosphere,and things around you will obey you, says the Lord! 

11-12-2020 The Lord says, watch the shift, watch the shift! You saw a shift, but watchhow I cause a counter-shift to take place and shift things back in the right direction thatis in line with my will, says God! 

11-11-2020 God is dealing with false sense of security in this season. He is dealing witha false sense of security in marriages, in nations, in elections around the world, and inso many other aspects of life. The Lord says, I want my people to feel secure, and thistime around they will learn to put their trust in me alone and not in other people thatcreates that false sense of security in their lives, declares the Lord! 

11-10-2020 These are not times for you to sit, wait, and wonder, but these are times for you to see the opportunities that lies ahead and in front of you. Don’t miss the moment, says the Lord, but allow me to show you what you don’t see that is hidden in the chaosand confusion in the land, declares the Lord! I am cleaning the midst off the eyes of my people so that they can see clearly in this season, says the Lord! 

11-9-2020 The Lord says, you will witness the collapse of systems in this hour,especially evil systems. The World will shake, but I will be the light, the strength,and the hope of my people, declares the Lord of Hosts! I will be doing some financial rearrangements in this season to work out on behalf of my people, says the Lord! 

11-8-2020 I hear the Lord saying to some, don’t rejoice and celebrate too soon,because there are many strange twists yet to come in this month of November in many nations, especially in the United States of America. Put your eyes on me, and do not get caught up in the moment says the Lord, because these are times of the shifting winds;for I will remove the smoke screens and the covers, and I will uncover that which hasbeen covered up and righteousness will be what is uncovered in the midst of an ashpile, says the Spirit of the Living God! 

11-7-2020 The Lord says, there will be a righteous uprising in the earth that will havemy signature on it, and I will be behind the movement. Stand in the gap intercessors, watchmen stand upon the walls, and gatekeepers hold your post; for I am the one thatwill bring the battle to the gates of the enemy that will disarm him and dismantle himand overturn his evil works in the darkness and behind the scenes, says the Lord! That which they have done behind the scenes and in the darkness I will bring to the light,and I will stand as Judge to try this case in the courts of Heaven, and I will rule in thefavor of the righteous ones; for the case is settled, says the Lord! 

11-6-2020 The Lord says, you are going to have to learn to manage your emotions sothat you do not end up swimming in an ocean of despair and hopelessness as if nobody cares. 

11-5-2020 The Lord says, this is a season of transition, but don’t let the period oftransition make you uncomfortable as it does with some. I am overseeing everythingthat you are seeing in the natural, and it has not caught me by surprise because I knowall things and see all things even before it happens, says the Lord! I am looking for the cries and the voice of my people; for it is your voice and cries in my ear that move me to shift things and to shift those things that you see that you have a gut feeling thatsomething is not quite right, says the Lord! The mystery will begin unfolding in processof time and in due time, but know that I hold all things in my hands, even those mystery cards, that you do not yet quite see, says the Lord! 

11-4-2020 The Lord God says, there will be no shortage of you needing to pray and fastin this season about many things, but you will always get a breakthrough every time that you do, says God! 

11-3-2020 The Lord says, these are times of great transition, but I am there in the midstof things, and I am there among you whether you can see me or not. You have to maneuver and move with wisdom in this season, and stay out of sight and below the enemy’s radar so that he cannot detect your movement and your forward motion; butknow that I have positioned you to be hidden in order to come up on top of thoseattacks, says the Lord! 

11-2-2020 There Lord says, last minute cramming is not good for the mind, but a well thought out plan long before a due time will help you to breathe easy and be preparedfor what may catch others by surprise, says the Lord! 

11-1-2020 The Lord says, change is necessary, and some changes are necessary to progress and to advance further than where you are now. Trust me to give you the direction that you need to see your way forward in a way that will give you the cuttingedge advantage over the rest of the crowd that don’t know me, because they can’t see me, says the Lord!

10-31-2020 The Lord says, there will not be a crushing blow to your life, and you willnot go down as the nay Sayers would love to say, but I will lift you up as others try topull you down. I will push you up where others try to push you down. There is nobreaking point that will come upon you as you see it come upon the nations, but insteadI will use you to break barriers in your life, your family, and in the lives of others that Iput around you. I planted you in your purpose to impart my wisdom into others, saysthe Spirit of the Living God! Furthermore, the Lord says the tables will turn for you inthis season, and you will see how to break through where others would have had youto break up. I will frustrate their plans against you and I will continue to uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. I am holding you up, says the Lord! 

10-30-2020 The Lord says, be passionate about the things that I called you to do, andyou will see increase added to you, and spiritual increase will come through insight,favor, financial, and through many other ways and through many different avenues. Donot overthink situations and try to figure me out and how I work, but know that all thingsare working to push you over the top to finish strong, says the Lord God! 

10-29-2020 The Lord says, some stuff is learned behavior, but if you will re-learn andre-train yourself according to my wisdom, you will soon see the power to overcomemany things in your life. The Lord says, this season is about learning and re-learningand training and re-training for you. This is also a season for you to refocus and torefocus your attention on certain things that I have been bidding you to do and that Ihave been putting my finger on, says the Lord, and some things have been made very clear for you, says the Lord, because this is a season of clarity and clear vision for you, says the Lord! 

10-28-2020 The Lord says, I will cause you to hear my voice in a deeper way in this season, but don’t doubt what you hear, because it will be confirmed, and in somecases, many times over. My confirmations of what you hear will be to give you greater confidence that you are hearing my voice, so that you can further act on the things thatI am telling you and putting in your heart for this season, declares the Lord! 

10-27-2020 The Lord says, if you complain along the way, then you throw dirt on your harvest and you curse your rewards. Be mindful to maintain an attitude of gratitudealong the way, because sometimes your promotion comes by you passing through troubled waters and many hard things, says the Lord! 

10-26-2020 If you would learn to be still in the quiet of the night, the Lord says I willspeak with you and fellowship with you and tell you my heart, and you will know my will and I will give you instructions for your journey. Do not second guess what I can do foryou by assuming that certain things are not possible, but all things are possible withme, and your case is not too hard for me, says the Lord! 

10-25-2020 The Spirit of God says, the instructions you follow will keep you from getting hung by the collar in life. They might have set traps for you to be caught in their snare,but I have also made a way for you to be protected and delivered from the gin that theyhad in place for you. My protection is on your life, declares the Spirit of the Living God! They set it, but I removed it, says the Lord! 

10-24-2020 The Lord says, I am taking you up, but you have to accept your promotionand your elevation. You have to cooperate and allow me to do my work in your life, andyou will see a powerful and positive change as things shift for you permanently for the better, says the Lord! 

10-23-2020 The Lord says, perfect favor is upon your life, and it will pull in the rest ofwhat you need to succeed and be successful, and the right doors will open for you. The windows of Heaven will open up over you in a new way, and you will be positioned forthe greater blessing, says the Lord! 

10-22-2020 The Lord says, once something is sealed for your future, don’t try to look backwards or go backwards. Your destiny is in you looking forward and not looking backwards in your past and what happened there. Leave the past in the past andpress on with your now and your future, declares the Lord! 

10-21-2020 The Lord says, take your natural eyes off of what appears to be negative to you, and look again at it through your spiritual eyes, and you will see things differently. Through the right set of lenses you will see that you already have the glorious victoryover those things, says the Lord! 

10-20-2020 The Lord says, shortage is not a part of my Kingdom, and while there islack in the earth, if you know me, I will lead you to your harvest. 

10-19-2020 The Lord says, you have the power at your disposal, so quit crying and put that power to work. 

10-18-2020 The Lord says, it may require some readjustments along the way, butoverall as you press forward you will find yourself in a place of security and stabilityonce again. 

10-17-2020 The Lord says, stop buckling and fretting over every challenge. Am I not a God that will provide for you and move mountains out of your way and on your behalf? Stand still and see what I can do, and I will show you great things and miracles beforeyour very eyes. In this season, I will show you many things that you have never seen before, and you will grow the right way, says the Lord! The Lord says, as of lately youhave been having some trust issues, but as I come in I am going to nip all those thingsin the bud and restore your trust and confidence in me and others, declares the Lord! 

10-16-2020 The Lord God says, the attention is being put on you in this season,because there is something that I want them to get out of you, and there is a lessonfor you and them to learn. See how I work as I bring it all together, and know that itis something that I planned for now before the foundations of the world, and you area vital part of my end-time plans, says the Lord God! What I put in you for them isfor now, says the Lord! 

10-15-2020 The Lord says, sometimes people will falsely accuse you, but I am your vindicator and your rewarder, so don’t sweat it, but know that I make all things perfectand beautiful in my own timing, says the Lord! 

10-14-2020 The Lord says, you cannot ignore what I am doing in this hour no more than you can ignore all of the things that you see that are plaguing the world. At the same time,I am moving in the midst of my people causing a fire of security in me to be lit in their hearts and in their minds. I am stirring a fire of revival that is not being noticed by those that are distracted by the cares of this world and the things they see in the World. When they change their focus and what they have been meditating on, then they will be ableto see me and see how I am now moving in their midst, says the Lord! 

10-13-2020 The Lord says, don’t make irrational decisions based on a temporarymoment, but hold tight to your integrity and have patience. Just because you do not see the answer at the moment does not mean that I won’t deliver you and come through for you, but it is time that you realize that I will uphold you and make a way for you as I have done since your childhood, says the Lord! 

10-12-2020 The Lord says, be not uncomfortable with the season that you are in,because I will bring all things in your life into order in this season. Be not a skeptical person and thinking that everything is fishy, but walk by faith and trust that I am leading you and feeding you as you prepare to take some new steps that will be an anchor foryou in your future. I am doing a new thing in your realm and in specific areas of your lifein this season, declares the Lord! 

10-11-2020 The Lord says, stick with me; for I am recalibrating some things in your life and putting some things in right perspective and in order so that things can flow smoothly and you can accomplish more. Do not fear what looks like a temporary overload, but it isa realignment that will cause things to move and to flow in your life, says the Lord! 

10-11-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the Website) The Lord says,this is a season that I am giving you new prophetic vision for all your relationships in your life. I will give you abilities to be able to discern how to interact with each one so that you do not shut down when it comes to the people in your life. I have a reason for each and every relationship in your life, and I will make changes where it is necessary, and I will speak to you concerning certain ones at certain times and seasons of your life so that my cause and purposes will be fulfilled in each one. You must remember that to everything there is a time and a season for every purpose, and I will bring everything into its proper purpose at the right time appointed for every relationship, says the Lord God! 

10-10-2020 The Lord says, the failures of the past is not your problem, but failing to believe what I can do for you in the present that can change your future is the realproblem. Things can shift for you quickly when you believe that I am able to do all things for you even now, says the Lord! 

10-9-2020 With a pressing matter, you will know if it is coincidence or a planned thing,and you will know the mind of the Lord concerning that thing, and all things will comeinto clarity in this season. Everything that needs to be exposed and revealed to you that you need to know will come forth and you will know. That which they have tried to hidein the dark from you will come to the light and be exposed before you, says the Lord!This is your season of a turning point, says the Lord! 

10-8-2020 The Lord says, your eyes will not be dim in this season, but they will see clearly, and all things will come into right perspective for you in this season. You will see with clarity of vision and see your way forward at this time, says the Lord! 

10-7-2020 The Lord says, I will give you a word of wisdom in this season that will fix everything. Just be sure to follow it when it comes to you, says God! On another note for some of you: for some of you, I hear the Lord saying, some of you have been fishing for more confirmation when you have heard my voice or I have showed you what to do and how to do it. You now know for sure that you have heard my voice all this while and even way back then. Be sure to obey what I am telling you when I speak, because there is a breakthrough on the other side of your obedience in how I am leading you. Trust me and watch how I can do quickly with what you have struggled to come into for years, says the Lord! 

10-6-2020 The Lord says, I will deal with that evil prince that has been challenging youall of your life, and I will cause him to come down in this season, and you will see thelight of day. I will break that dark cloud that has been a long time hanging over your life, and I will expose the evildoers that has been behind it, says the Lord! 

10-5-2020 The Lord says, when water boils, the heat causes things to rise to the top. In this season, as systems and foundations are shaken, you’ll see many things boil overand spill over and begin to rise to the surface from the bottom of things as the heat is turned up and applied. The rising up and the spilling over is to reveal cracks in theoriginal foundation to show you, people, and nations what needs to be repaired to stopthe leak and to get rid of the impurities that causes things to be sick and unclean. I am shining a light on many things in this season, many of which you never knew evenexisted, says the Lord! Don’t be shocked, but you will see how you will be used strategically in your own capacity to help fix those things. I have called you to help fixwhat is broken, says the Lord! 

10-4-2020 The Lord says, you have the power and the knowledge at your disposal, but how you use it or ignore it will determine how you will fare in the days ahead. 

10-3-2020 What you can’t see is what I can do for you, says the Lord, and what you donot currently see is what is in waiting or what is in motion. Your job is to call those things that be not until you see them manifest in your life, says the Lord! 

10-2-2020 The Lord says, rest easy in this season knowing that I can do the impossible things that have been a major challenge for you. Use your faith and watch me work.Your faith will be required in this season to see what I can do, says the Lord! 

10-1-2020 The Lord says, your chances are not slim, but your future is very bright. Look not at the current things that are seen that the enemy wants you to focus on, but focus on what I have told you in times past and presently. There is no stopping my will in your life, but it requires your cooperation. When you cooperate, you will see the heavens open up over you in a new and an exciting way, says the Lord! 

9-30-2020 The Lord says, don’t let fear grip you or overcome you, but know that I amwith you in all things, and I will not suffer you to lose your balance. 

9-29-2020 The Lord says, look back over the prophecies of the past and see where you are now. Look back through your vision book or your journal and see how far I have brought you from with those things that you have written down. You will see that many things that I have spoken to you have come to pass already, and those things that arenot yet done are the things that I am about to do and fulfill in your life. To everythingthere is a season in life, and some things were kept from you and for you for anappointed time. It could not have happened for you before the appointed time, and now you are about to walk in a season of appointed times for the fulfilment of many visionsand dreams that I have given you over time. This is your due season of fulfilment, andthat which I have determined to do for you, I will do for you even swiftly, says the Lord! 

9-28-2020 The Lord says, what I have for you now will show up in your life in a heavyway, and you will see the impact of the blessing as my love for you, declares the Lord! 

9-27-2020 The Lord says, don’t be afraid to dream, because this is a season where Iwill turn many of those dreams that you have into a reality. I have been planting my will inside of you in the form of dreams now for a while, and my process is to make you to desire those dreams, that are my will, and then turn around and give you the desires of your heart, which came from me in the first place, declares the Lord! You are in the clutches of my process says the Lord, and it does not matter who understand it or not.Just know that I have you at the center of my will, and I am talking to you even in this season. I have been preparing you and training you to take the reins of somethingmuch greater, bigger, and better, because you can do it, and such is my will for yourlife, says the Lord! 

9-26-2020 The Lord says, you will receive favor in a situation coming soon, but knowthat it is because I have given you favor with God and man. Don’t apologize and feel bad or unworthy because of the favor that I have given to you, because there are many fringe benefits that will come to you because you are rolling with me. In the coming days I will show you the strength of my Kingdom, says the Lord! 

9-25-2020 The Lord says, I am drumming things up for you in this season so that youcan overtake and win. Be encouraged in the fact that I have fixed things for you to winand to conquer and to overcome every time. Press into me deeper, and you will see thatit is a fixed  fight in your life, says the Lord! It is fixed, because I have already fixed it for you, and I have already gone before you, and I am on your side and in you to make sure that you win, declares the Lord! 

9-24-2020 The Lord says, pay attention to details in this season; for in so doing you will gain key knowledge and very strategic information that will help you to advance andmove forward in this season. You will learn something by paying attention to the unique details, says the Lord! Your answer is in the details, says the Lord! 

9-23-2020 The Lord says, your life is in my hands, and you are a very important part ofmy plans. I planned your life before you came into the womb, and I purposed for you to fulfill a great task on my behalf. I will give you a new strength and a new wind to run on strongly that you might not be weary, because the work still ahead of you is great.Though it has been tiresome at times and even stressful, I will not allow you to get weary, and I will not allow you to faint. Receive my peace and new strength, says the Lord! 

9-22-2020 The Lord says, be wise and follow not the ways of the world, but follow theways of my Kingdom only, and you will see how it will produce for you, provide for you,and how it will sustain you. I am able to uphold you, and even now I am upholding all things by the right hand of my righteousness, because in my right hand there is power. I am the one that has been upholding everything in your life and I am He that would notlet you fall, even at the request of some men that have prayed and ask me to do so. Yes,I am your keeper, says the Lord, and I have been sustaining you all this while, because I am a faithful God and Father to you that is like no other. Continue to trust me even when you can’t see the way, because the walk of faith that I have planted in you will take you there, and you will find the greener pastures in me that you seek. Those things will leadto your restoration and renewal causing you to be refreshed and revived, and I need youto survive and live for me, says the Lord, because you have my task in you to fulfill andto complete, declares the Lord! 

9-21-2020 The Lord says, you must not allow those things that causes contentions, but allow for those things that causes peace and follow after peace, and it will come to you. Shalom is your right and your portion in this life. I have not intended for you to be bogged down by the cares of this life and of this world, but I made you in my image and after my likeness for you to learn of me and to learn of my Kingdom, says the Lord! I created youto walk in the ways of my Kingdom. I have not created you to fail but to prevail againstthe gates of Hell and not for them to prevail against you, says the Lord! Look to the lightin this season; I am that light, says the Lord, and I will shine before you and shinethrough you, and I will shine a light upon your path and cause you to walk in the way of that light which will lead you to a place that is alright, says the Spirit of the Living God! 

9-20-2020 The Lord says, greatness is your portion in life and it is already in you,because I, the Greater One, is inside of you. I am your answers inside of you. I am the voice of God inside of you. I am your confidence inside of you. I AM THAT I AM, so itwill be well with you, says the Lord! 

9-19-2020 The Lord says, I am shaking things up and shifting them and setting many things in order, and for a season it will look like there are many things being torn downin the land and are being removed, but I am actually in the process of rebuilding things and restoring a righteous foundation. I have been shaking my church so that the foundations will return to putting my Kingdom first and the people having righteous priorities absent of the things and the influences of this world and culture in my House, says the Lord! There are people that I have raised up on the outside to handle things on the outside by my hand, and there are people that I have raised up and purposed to beon the inside in my House to handle things on the inside. My hand is working in both streams to bring together my Kingdom and to work my Kingdom plans, and all thingsare by hand for a greater cause to bring in the final harvest upon the land and to reapthe harvest from the nations, declares the Lord! 

9-18-2020 The Lord says, I will show you favor in a situation that has been a challenge to you for many years now. You will see the light of day in this season. I am overturningthe dark works in your life and the dark clouds that has tried to disrupt and overshadow your life. You will find your way up in this season, declares the Lord! 

9-17-2020 #1) The Lord says, this is a season of restitution and back pay, and I willcause things that are owed you and due to you to come to you in this season retroactive and with interest; even things that you did not work for directly, but you sowed in laborsto my Kingdom, you will be paid and rewarded for what you have done. I will release the harvest in your life in this season, and it will come bountifully and abundantly. Thingsthat the enemy hid from you and had held up and held back from you will be released;this is my season of my divine release in your life, declares the Lord! #2) I also heard the Lord say, long standing health related issues will be healed in this season. I am seeing back pains being healed, even pain in the lower back being healed. I see pain that has been around the shoulder blade being healed in the name of Jesus. I see cancer and COVID-19 being healed in some of you. It is drying up at the root. I see a throat issue or some kind of throat condition where there is a mucus buildup and a clogging effect that keeps you coughing up and always having to clear your throat. That is being healed. Pain around the ankles that has constantly caused swelling is being healed in the name of Jesus, and I see inflammation around the knee joints being healed. I see where some of you have been dealing with a lack of cartilage around the bone joints, but I see the heatof the Lord touching you and I see him adding missing or dissipated cartilage back to those areas. I see some of you that have not walked in years gaining strength in your bones, your ankles, and your back, and I see you being able to walk again as if younever had any kind of a problem. You suddenly will find the strength to walk. Some ofyou are going to get creative miracles with your legs where you had a prosthetic leg,and the Lord will give you a new leg. (Don’t doubt it, because they will feature you in the news, and say how could this be.) Some people will get two new legs, and the focus of the nations will change as they see my handiwork and my new glory released in the earth for all men to see, says the Lord! (To some of you that can’t walk, I say to youboldly, you will walk again, in Jesus name!) This is the hour of God’s glory! (Many willsay, are the prophets mad saying all this stuff, but my job from God is to report to youwhat I see and hear from him, and he is the Boss! I am just the messenger, believe it or not, it will happen. See Acts 13:41, Habakkuk 1:5, Isaiah 28:21, and Luke 5:26. Themost strangest healings and miracles are about to take place in this time and in our generation. You personally will start hearing of the reports and seeing them with yourown eyes. And for some of you that don’t believe, the Lord is going to make a believerout of you to your face, and he will get his glory! Watch the nations and watch your surroundings. 

9-16-2020 The Lord says, this is a season where the overlooked ones won’t beoverlooked no more. 

9-15-2020 The Lord says, I have given you time and space while I shift some thingsand rearrange some things on your behalf. Your time and space was for you to getthings in order so that I can advance you at the time appointed. It was not for you towaste time and sit still doing nothing, but it was a time of planning and preparation sothat you can launch when I say go. I will be sweeping the wicked away, and I need youto be in place when my mission is complete so that I can set you in their stead and torule from a place of authority and righteousness. It is your turn now to advance to thenext phase and get in place so that I can position you in that which I have you now, says the Lord! 

9-14-2020 The Lord says, this is a season that I am raising you up to be informed and to have correct information and correct insight, and no longer will you walk blindly withouta clear purpose in going forward. I will cause your eyes to be opened to the many things that I am aligning on your path, and I will cause you to be alert and aware of what I havefor you now in this season and in the days ahead. I will show you things to come and Iwill protect you and help you get to that place that you see which I will show you, saysthe Lord! This is a season of branding, declares the Lord! 

9-13-2020 The Lord says, take heart in knowing that I have already made it work for you.It is a season for you to walk in the manifestation of what I have already done, knowingthat your way is already made. 

9-12-2020 The Lord says, use what you have at your disposal, and I will add more to it. You don’t have to have every piece of the puzzle in your hand before you start to put the pieces in place to form the picture of the puzzle that you are trying to bring together,says the Lord! Trust me to show you where all the pieces fit, and trust me even more to bring in the missing pieces of the puzzle that you do not yet see, and I will show youhow each unique piece of that puzzle fits, says the Lord! Some things in this season Ido not expect to remain to be a mystery to you, says the Lord, because I have already made a way for certain things that have been puzzling you to be revealed to you in this season. Don’t reject the revelation once it comes to you and how it is revealed, says the Lord, but get pass the initial shock, and I will show you even more and go even deeperto make you see and understand many things that have been a long time troubling you and have been a thorn in your flesh, says the Lord! 

9-12-2020 (Reposted from the Ensign Counsel and Wisdom Pot section of the website)The Lord says, in this season I am teaching you to be balanced and to be a person thatis responsible. Do not fear the hard trials and the hard places that you have seemed tofind yourself walking through, but allow my grace to fill in and come in those areas thatyou find it difficult to conquer in your own strength. The Lord says, I am stirring up your original purpose and a new passion for vision as you walk forward. I am reminding youin this season of all the creativity that I have put on the inside of you. Know that you are made in my image and in my likeness, and you are my very own, and you have creative talents on the inside of you that are second to none, says the Lord, and in this season Iwill pull out the greater creativity that is in you and manifest those hidden talents in you so people can see through you what I have keep secret for all this time, says the Lord! I have chosen you to do great things and greatness is just beginning in your life, and asyou obey me, you will see the windows of Heaven open up for you in a new way,declares the Lord! 

9-12-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the Website) The Lord says,you might not fit with every group of people around you, but I have not called youto be weird and it does not mean that you are weird. Just because you do not fit in doesnot mean that you are weird, says the Lord, because I have not called you to blend in,but to stand out, even among the rest in all of your relationships. I made you my light,and I have given you my influence, and the influence that I have put upon you is able to persuade people in the right direction and to help them see things differently so thatthey can change their mind and walk according to my ways, says the Lord God! It isyour season and your chance to walk powerfully in a new way among some highrankers, but what they won’t know is that I made you even higher, but you will remain humble among them that they might see my light in you and be drawn to me by askingyou questions about me and about your faith. They will see the hope and the light in you and make a decision for me based upon that light that they see in you, says the Lord! Come to grips with the fact that I made you popular and I made you like that of a magnetso that others would be drawn to you to get to me, says the Lord! 

9-11-2020 The Lord says, I won’t allow them to disrupt what I started in you, and youwill see how I will make moves to even disrupt their chants and their plans against you. What they are doing will not stand and will not prosper. My angels have already goneout on assignment on your behalf, says the Lord God! It is just a matter of time, andyou will see the end result of my game plan, says the Lord! 

9-10-2020 The Lord says, you are a rising star in dark times, and this rising star isbright, because you are the light of the world in the darkness. Let them see your light shinning, says the Lord! 

9-9-2020 The Lord says, put a smile up on your face, because I’m giving you the graceto complete the race, and you will not be put to shame or brought to disgrace. This is the hour of my power, and you have been chosen to reign with me, and I have marked youfor my special purposes. You won’t be disappointed as you continue to walk stronglywith me, but I am there to see you through, says the Lord! 

9-8-2020 The Lord says, when I crack the sky they will see me. All eyes will behold me and be astonished. What was an ancient old secret will be made known and will nolonger be a mystery to many. I am coming for a people that is prepared, waiting,watching, and ready. It is an hour of shaking, but my faithful ones will always have aplace prepared for them that will shield them and protect them from the coming storms, says the Lord! Be ready and live ready, because you do not know what hour or whatwatch I will come, even as a thief in the night, says the Lord! See Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 24:42-51. 

9-7-2020 The Lord says, get up from that place where you are at and know that I haveput a fire in you that won’t let you rest comfortable and settle while there is a work in youto do for my Kingdom. Souls are hanging in the balance and lives are at stake, and thereis no time for you to feel sorry for yourself and to throw a pity party, because I have plans for you, and I plan to use you. In this season you are positioned for my calling to manifest in your life. Do not keep on stumbling on the past failures; for I have put them under my blood, and I have ordained for you to be in the center of my will and walking out your Kingdom assignment and calling. You are not rejected, but you are my beloved, and Ihave always loved you, and my blood covers your life, and you are forgiven so startliving, says the Lord God! 

9-6-2020 The Lord says, sometimes a pause is necessary in order to get freshinstructions for you to move forward. Make time to get still and quiet before me in this season and listen to what my Spirit will be saying to you. You will hear my voice in this season in a more detailed way. Do not be afraid to do what my Spirit is telling you to do;for in so doing, you will find breakthrough and direction, say the Lord! 

9-5-2020 The Lord says, you keep looking for someone to bail you out, but you needto look to my strong right hand. You need to examine your sources and see if I amyour source or are you looking to another. When you remake me your source, thenyour breakthrough will come suddenly, says the Lord! 

9-5-2020 (Dream Reposted from the Prayer Watches & Prayer and Confessions section of the website) I had a dream about a tsunami hitting multiple cities. However,in the dream I was showed a specific city by name, and in this dream I was told to look back. When I turned my head to look back, I could see that all of the water in the Bay behind me was completely gone, not like a low tide, but just gone all of a sudden, so Itold the lady that I was talking to that what was going on was consistent with that of a tsunami and that everyone needed to get out of there immediately to higher grounds and away from the coast. The lady said to me that it was nonsense and that nothing like that would ever happen like that there, and I started warning all of the other people to run because a tsunami was coming quickly. No sooner than I said that the first wave justcame in quickly out of nowhere and all of the people in that urban area started running down the street away from the Bay for their lives, but the wave came faster than theycould run and was suddenly up to their waist and then chest out and started just wiping them out one by one and that lady and her house was taken. Then I was suddenly just taken up above the floodwaters from that great tsunami, and I could see a huge and a sizeable wave coming on top of the first ones that was much higher and much larger witha force and the waves had like white caps from the force that was driving it. After that, Iwas translated to another city that had more time and I was warning the people there that they had minutes to get to higher ground or away from the coast line. Many people believed me and started to walk and run away and get into the cars to just evacuate, but there was this one lady that said your dreams are not real. I remember telling her that Ihad about 300 dreams like that and they all came to pass over time just how I saw them.In real life that is true, when I have these kinds of dreams, I see them in the news at some point, even dreams from childhood and from years before. No sooner than I finishedtelling this lady and contending with her about this massive tsunami that was coming, a tsunami alert was then flashing on the TV Screens in the place where we were at andshe and everyone started running. She said I can’t believe this is happening here, but nevertheless she ran too for her life. I don’t know what caused such a tsunami, becauseI never felt an earthquake in the place where I was standing, but it hit the first city with no warning, but the second city got a warning and had more time to work with before itarrived there. This was a monstrous tsunami, so pray for all coastal cities in the United States and around the world concerning things like this. Sometimes the Lord shows you things not just because you are a prophet, but he shows you things to come as an intercessor, so you can pray so that those things you see can be intercepted and either stopped altogether or greatly minimized. He did that with Prophet Amos in Amos Chapter 7. There were two of the events that the Lord changed his mind about doing, because the prophet interceded for the people and the land, but one of the things he did not stop and he specified why he was doing it. Ezekiel 22:30-31 reveals that the Lord looks for a person, or an intercessor or a prophet to stand in the gap for the land to make up the hedge for it, so that he won’t bring an evil, but deserved judgment on that land for their sins as he shows in Ezekiel 22:23-29. See also Isaiah 59:15-16. These dreams andtelling people about them is never to release fear into the people, but to employ intercessors to pray, because if we don’t pray on those matters in an urgent fashion,then those things will happen and on an even greater scale than one could evenimagine. That tsunami that I saw was the mother of all tsunami waves. The last one thatI saw in such a dream years prior to it happening was the one that hit Japan in 2011, andI was looking at news online that interrupted the news that I was watching with breaking news of a major earthquake and a tsunami warning for Japan, and I was able to see live footage from a helicopter as the waters pulled back and came ashore with a mighty force overtaking an airport, buildings, and cars and it was huge too, but the one I saw in the dream on the second wave was much bigger than that. You can check that one out onYouTube, so let us pray. 

9-4-2020 The Lord says, when I give you a task or an assignment to do, don’t you worry about the surrounding set of circumstances, and neither let them distract you, but always stay focused and allow grace and space over time to work all things out of you. There are some that you will find instant results for and other things will take some time to work out, mend, and blend, but for those things that will take a little longer, I have given you my grace and patience to endure. You will be better off not focusing on how terrible certain things look at the moment, but looking at all those other beautiful things that I’m workingfor you at the moment, but just know that I make all things beautiful in my time and notin your own timing, says the Lord! Look at the first part of Ecclesiastes 3:11 and thenlook at Isaiah 61:3. 

9-3-2020 Do you think that I created you to be average? Do you think that I created youto be a regular person? Do you think that I created you to be sitting still and not movingin those things that I have ordained for your life? Do you think that I have invested all of this time, energy, effort, and Word in you for you to be sitting silently and quietly on the sidelines just watching things happen? It is time that you rise to the occasion and take authority over those things that have been troubling you and battling your life for years now. I heard every prayer that you lifted up to me and I am not deaf. I heard you, saysthe Lord! I have seen you waiting on me to move in your life, but I say unto you I have empowered you to do so much yourself, but you do not understand the fullness of the power that you possess which I have given you as an inheritance as a son or a daughterof mine, says the Lord! I have seen you just sitting and waiting on me patiently. Alright,I will now move in a way that will just suddenly catch you and those troubling you by surprise. I will suddenly move in your favor, says the Lord! Watch what will happen to those people and those things that have long time been troubling you. Your destiny issure in me, says the Lord, and I will not let anyone take that away from you, says theLord! Your life will not be cut short, but you will live to fulfil your destiny that I have givento you and created you for, declares the Lord God! Do not underestimate the power ofmy right hand at work in your life; for my right hand is strong, yea very strong, says the Lord! Once I make up my mind to call you, choose you, bless you, and make you my chosen, no one can reverse it or take you out of my hands, says the Lord! You belongto me, and I am your portion in this life, and I have been with you since birth, yea evenlong before your birth, says the Lord God! I am the Ancient of Days, and there is nonelike me, and because you have sought me and have sought my face on certain matters,I have heard you, and your problems will be solved and resolved in this hour, says the Lord! You will see me show up for you sooner rather than later, says the Lord! Knowthat I love you, and you are my beloved and chosen, declares the Lord, and I have not forgotten you. Know that I am for you and not against you, says the Lord! I have seenevery tear  you have ever cried and they are stored up before me in my presence. Know that I have heard you, and I will move on your behalf and in your midst, says the Lord!(Lift up your hands and say, “Yes Lord, I receive it, in Jesus name!” Hallelujah!) 

9-2-2020 This word is for some of you; the Lord says, because they hired someone to curse you or frustrate you, they will partake of that same curse that they tried to send against you. They will feel the boomerang effect, says the Lord! I have my protection on you, and your life is hidden and sealed in me, and I will frustrate the plans of those that would seek to frustrate you, says the Lord! Isaiah 41:10-13 is for you today. 

9-1-2020 The Lord says, as temperature gets turned up in the earth and as the pressure builds, I have given my people solutions to many of those problems that may arise. Ihave given a voice and a brilliant mind for strategies and problem solving. When yousee me open the doors for your voice to be heard and when you see the platforms beginto open up for you, take them, and walk through those doors, says the Lord God! I have something special in mind for you being heard and elevated in these times, declares the Lord! 

8-30-2020 The Lord says, I am taking you over the horizon in this season and that which you thought was once impossible for you and to you will now become possible as I open up the doors for you. You must walk through them in this season without hesitation. Breakthrough is your portion in this season. Focus not your eyes on others and what is happening to them and what is going on around them, but focus only on that blessed promise that I gave to you; for you will see it come to pass in this season, says the Lord! 

8-29-2020 The Lord says, see beyond what you see and see the future that I haveplanned for you before the beginning of time. Through a series of events you will see sneak peaks of your future that will give you hope to keep on pressing on. Look forwardto times of refreshing, says the Lord! 

8-28-2020 The Lord says, when you pray  you will see and get the results of what you prayed for, especially when you pray according to my will. When you pray according tomy will, then angels are released to bring to pass those things that have been laid up in store for you. Your faith looses things that otherwise would not be loosed to flow to you, says the Lord! It is in your faith, proclaims the Lord! 

8-27-2020 The Lord says, though the winds blow you will not be moved and though the currents shift you will not be moved. Put your trust in me continually, and you will seethe tides turn to work in your favor, says the Lord! 

8-26-2020 The Lord says, be not careless in your dealings, but apply my wisdom to allthat you do and you will have success. Good stewardship is a requirement to see the blessings overflow in your life, says the Lord! 

8-25-2020 The Lord says, you will make a strong comeback, and you will recover all. Whereas people laughed at you and made mockery of you in your valley experience,they won’t be laughing too much as I take you to the mountain top and elevate youbefore their eyes. I have ordained this season for you to be openly restored in the eyesof others, says the Lord! 

8-24-2020 The Lord says, the fire that I have put within you will not be quenched, butin this season you will discover that there is a new found fire on the inside of you, andthat fire is what is driving you to seek more of me and pray with a tenacity and boldness.Your love and your hunger for me has been growing and increasing all the more,because of this same holy fire that I have deposited within you. It is this fire power that I have put on the inside of you that will bring to pass my will in your life and every vision, dream, and goal of your destiny that I have planted within your life, says the Lord! 

8-23-2020 The Lord says, don’t mistake a short window for a longer season of mygrace. Do what you have to do to prepare yourself and your family for the longer term things that are coming, says the Lord! 

8-22-2020 The Lord says, new manna is coming your way, but don’t waste it when it comes, but put it to good use, says the Lord! 

8-21-2020 The Lord says, be excited about the things that I have called you to and thatI am calling you into and have called you to do, because my favor is on you for those things. Write things down so that you can have a track record of the progress that I am making in your life, and mark them off as they come to pass; for surely they will all cometo pass in process of time, says the Lord! I have not forgotten and I have not passed by you, but in this season I am in your midst and I am passing near you, even now you will have a visitation of my Spirit that will reassure you, and my presence will come upon you and sit upon the top of your head, and you will feel me pouring my water of refreshingand that of renewal upon your head as you feel when I am in the room with you andlaying hands upon you and how it feels when people are lifting up prayers for you. Youwill feel the mighty rushing wind of my Spirit upon you. Yea, I will even blow upon you,and you will experience a fresh wind of my glory in your life, and you will be able tobreathe a sigh of relief, because I am causing you to breathe a breath of fresh air in this season, declares the Almighty Lord God! 

8-20-2020 The Lord says, most business practices of the world are designed to snareyou and to give a select group of people an unfair advantage over you to their ownbenefit, but I hear the Lord saying in this season, I am going to give you the upper hand and an unfair Kingdom advantage over those that would try to take advantage of you,and in this season you will have and enjoy my favor and taste sweet victory, says theLord! 

8-19-2020 The Lord says, do not press the issue, but trust me to handle it. The soonerthat you get your hands off of it, the sooner that I can put my hands on it and work to get you a better result, says the Lord! Right now you still have your hands on it, and the way that you know you still have your hands on it is because you still worry about it and pray about it. I need you to let go so I  can begin, says the Lord God! 

8-18-2020 The Lord says, they had a trap set for you and they laid a snare before you,but I would not allow your foot to get taken by what they set for you, but instead I have chosen elevation and promotion in the face of persecution. They will not be able to stopwhat I have started in your life and what I have already set in motion; for your destinyhas been sealed, declares the Lord! 

8-17-2020 The Lord says, your purpose has not been abolished, and you will see how to redeem the time and move beyond where you are and move away from that place where you feel stuck in life. My anointing is coming up on you for a purpose in this season and that purpose is to shift you so that I can lift you, says the Lord! 

8-16-2020 The Lord says, just because a person or a group of people are thinkingwrong does not mean that you have to join them, but when you think how I want you to think, then you’ll avoid the snares and traps that they set for you. You will enter that path that I have for you that leads to blessings and favor and a life of prosperity, and no man can curse what I have blessed and established in your life when you follow my way,says the Lord! 

8-15-2020 The Lord says, I will show you favor in this season in a particular matter that has been bothering you for quite some time now, and you will see how I will work this matter out for you no matter how it has eluded a final conclusion in times past. 

8-14-2020 The Lord says, what seems like a slow process for you will turn to yield some great rewards and profits in the end and in the long run, so be faithful to stay the course, and you will be rewarded, says the Lord! 

8-13-2020 The Lord says, poverty and sickness is not your portion, but wholeness andto live a prosperous and productive life that bears fruit is your portion, declares the Lord! 

8-12-2020 The Lord says, you are stronger in my will, and you are in line for a next generation blessing that is scheduled to come to you in this season. Now you will seewhat I can do for you, especially now at this time, says the Lord! 

8-11-2020 The Lord says, you need to be patient while I work things out for you. Yourlack of patience will hinder what I am trying to do and if you get in the way. It is best to allow me to have my way and allow the process to take its course, because in due timeyou will be able to launch something new without it collapsing if you allow me to seal the deal and shore things up, says the Lord! 

8-10-2020 The Lord says, betrayal is a very hurtful and evil thing, but put your heart inmy hands and let me heal it. Come to me with your pains and wounds and I will giveyou my peace and wholeness in exchange, and you will see how the best for your lifeis awaiting your permission to let it happen for you. I have ordained for you to have the best, so give life permission to bless you with my goodness, says the Lord! 

8-9-2020 The Lord says, when you go into different places you will need insight as towhat you are dealing with. Certain strongholds cannot be broken without this insight,but in this season I will give you the insight that you require to be able to fulfill your assignment and destiny in greater measures and on greater levels, says the Lord God! 

8-8-2020 The Lord says, I have put people on your path to share in this journey that Ihave you on. You will learn many things from the people that I have placed around youor in your life in various ways for different seasons of your life. In this season look forthe gold in haystack and the treasure hidden beneath the dirt. Many valuable things inlife are oftentimes only discovered when you dig pass the obvious, declares the Lord! 

8-7-2020 The Lord says, it is okay if they reject you because they are rejecting me. Donot take it personal and do not take it to heart, and you must not allow any arrows of offense to break your spirit and to get you down, but do your best to guard against those things, says the Lord! Those things are all traps and snares that are designed to distract you and trap you, but I will be a shield around you even as you put a guard around your heart. I will teach you in this season how to ride high above offenses, the traps, and the snares of the devil. I have made you stronger than the evil one, says the Lord! 

8-6-2020 The Lord says, trying should not be enough to get you down, because I have even ordained for you to come up in this hour in a mighty display of my power. Insteadof you looking down, look up says the Lord, because your redemption draws near, declares the Lord! 

8-5-2020 The Lord says, they have a lot of power, but their power is not greater than my power. Set your mind at ease and know that my hand crushes the head of the viper that would want to strike at you, declares the Lord! 

8-4-2020 The Lord says, look to the hills and not unto men. Look to the hills from where your help will arrive; for I am the High and Lofty One that see all things under the Sun.My eyes behold the earth and I see the good and the evil, and my hand is not shortened that it cannot save. I have plans for you that are bigger than the arms of man can reach.I stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, and what I am buildingin you and for you and through you is much bigger than any man can comprehend. My plans for you are large and I chose you to put you in charge of my mission. You have my will in your heart and my orders are upon your feet, and yea I expect you to carry outthose marching orders as it was given to you over time and even spoken to you by my Spirit and shown to you in a vision. I have not left you, but instead I have tested yourfaith, because I have chosen you for my later day glory, and you are right on time forwhat I have for you now to do in this hour so that the nations will see my power and my glory, declares the Lord Jehovah! 

8-3-2020 The Lord says, let not your heart be troubled when things don’t go your way,but be assured that I have already implemented the strategy for you to come out on top. You just have to catch up with what I already did and have already set in motion. Yourfaith is what connects you with what I already did and have set in motion, declares theLord God! 

8-2-2020 The Lord says, some clash in relationships are because people were taughtand trained differently in their lives, but if you would learn to come together in prayerand in my Word and allow me to direct your steps, then I can bring something good outof something that was headed for bad and an evil end. 

8-1-2020 The Lord says, it is not over, but many great things are still coming and still about to happen in your life. Just don’t lose patience in the process, because the shifthas begun, and it is going to work in your favor, says the Lord! 

7-31-2020 The Lord says, you have not known the limit of my salvation for your life.There are still many things that you have not known, studied, or researched when itcomes to my salvation, but you will experience more in this season, and you will comeinto knowing more about my love and my salvation plan for you in its fullness, says the Lord of Hosts! 

7-30-2020 The Lord says, the former things are irrelevant compared to what I am aboutto do for you. Watch how I move in this season in your life, says the Lord! 

7-29-2020 The Lord says, no amount of time that you have spent praying according tomy will, sowing, fasting, and doing my will in the earth has gone unnoticed, but I have already made a way for you to be in a place of victory, rewards, and elevation no matter what circumstances you might presently see. I reward those with diligent hands, saysthe Lord! 

7-28-2020 The Lord says, you’re going up, not down, so prepare for lift off and notfailure, says God! 

7-27-2020 The Lord says, it is not the sound alone, but it is the message associatedwith the sound. There are many sounds in the earth, but listen to my voice within those sounds, because every sound has the ability within it to glorify me, says the Lord! 

7-26-2020 The Lord says, you have to decide are you feeding your carnal nature or are you feeding your spiritual nature? Are you catering to your flesh or are you taking the necessary time to build up your spirit man by feeding it the Word of God? The Lordsays, many things will break from off of your life and will fall off of you when you feedyour spirit and starve the carnal dictates of your flesh. It is up to you to cause your soulto prosper so that the rest of your life can prosper also, declares the Lord! 

7-25-2020 The Lord says, in your relationships you have to be careful that you are not projecting the same hurt and pain on others that has been done to you, but learn to overcome the hatred, hurt, and pain in your life by showing love one step above the evil. 

7-24-2020 The Lord says, I am the one that is picking you up in this season, so holdyour head up high and do not look down, because I am putting you in a solid and stable place in this season, says God! 

7-23-2020 The Lord says, sometimes things can happen that he did not intend because you are not praying and there is no prayers and intercession being made for a matter. Itis when you start praying and standing in the gap that it gives me permission to be ableto intervene and to be able to reroute and redirect some pending things, whether against you or against a land and a nation. Learn the art of praying even whenever I beckon youto get up in the middle of the night to pray. 

7-22-2020 The Lord says, your purpose is so much greater than your own capabilities,but you will need me and the help of others to be able to accomplish all that I put within you. It is your time to recognize a new level of grace on your life to attract that help that I have for you, says the Lord! 

7-21-2020 Your provision will come in this season through strange and unexpected sources, says the Lord! 

7-20-2020 The Lord says, no matter what is going on in the world you still have apurpose to fulfill and though things may have changed around you, your destiny hasnot been canceled out, says God! 

7-19-2020 The Lord says, do not let yourself become so distracted that you do not seeor recognize the times. Many are distracted to the point that they cannot see, and they have completely changed their focus that I am no longer in all of their thoughts, and they are nigh unto perishing, says the Lord! There are some that I will not warn anymore, because I have warned them too many times already for them to ignore my warningsand to kick at my calls unto them. This season will surprise many, some for good and rewards and some for bad and evil, because they have forsaken me and have forgotten me, but they will see my sword in the land, says the Lord! 

7-18-2020 The Lord says, what I have prepared for you supersedes your imaginationand is far greater than you could imagine or expect. It is up to you to keep believing, trusting in me, and preparing yourself for that greater that is coming, says the Lord! 

7-17-2020 The Lord says, while things get to a major breaking point for some, I willshield and protect you from many of those evils to come. I am your protection and shield, says the Lord, so don’t lose faith and hope, because I have a good surprise for all of my faithful ones, says God! 

7-16-2020 The Lord says, why worry about something that you can’t fix. Let me have it and watch how quickly it gets done, but you will struggle doing it in your fleshly abilities, says the Lord! 

7-15-2020 The Lord says, I am with you even when you don’t think I am with you andeven when it don’t look like I am with you. Go not by what you see or what it appears to look like, but know that I am right there in the midst and the thick of things. I am thatvoice inside of you that won’t let you give up and that encourages you to give it another day and to keep pressing on. I am putting you in a positive position for you to come upand come out of every troubling situation. I have kept you for this time, and I have even preserved your life for these times, and not for defeat. Your life is valuable to me, and itis also valuable to others that are depending on what I have put within you for now,says the Lord! 

7-14-2020  The Lord says, in this season the vision that I gave you will come into fruitionin a new and most notable and visible way, and others won’t be able to deny that I amwith you and for you, says the Lord! 

7-13-2020 The Lord says, I will cause the arrows sent against you to turn back and fly against the enemies that sent them, and I will break their powers from over your life and your mind so you can think clearly and see what had some of your decisions off key.My hand of mercy will be seen in your life, says the Lord! 

7-12-2020 The Lord says, your favor is always found in me and not in the world, and as you take steps with me you will see how I am directing you in this hour. Remember, I know the future and the part that you don’t know so I will never direct you wrong, sofollow the steps that I am giving you, says the Lord! It is for your safety and your overall well-being, declares the Lord! 

7-11-2020 The Lord says, everything that has been fighting you will be uprooted and bound up and cut off at the root, and I will turn things in this season to cause you to walk across the bridge that you could not see all before. The blinders will come off of youreyes in this hour and you will see what you need to advance and to move forward, saysthe Lord God! 

7-10-2020 The Lord says, I am influencing you in this season, and those other thingsthat have been influencing and manipulating you will come to an end, and you will havea new vision within you to see your way forward and to get on and back to the originalpath that I have for you that has tried to steer you wrong. When you see the shift, knowthat it is already finished before you get started, says the Lord! 

7-9-2020 The Lord says, sometimes you need a reset for me to take you up higher. Donot be afraid of a reset in your life that comes to you by my hand, says God! 

7-8-2020 Some situations in life comes up on you seemingly out of nowhere and youtend to say, “Why would the Lord even allow me to be here,” but the Lord says I am training you to be tough and I am training you to overcome and to persevere and bestrong. I am training you in a way that you can stand in the face of many different things, including adversity. I am even training you for others, and some of what I had you to go through was your training for you to be equipped to minister to others that are going through similar situations. I am aligning forces with you in this season to help younavigate the things that I am calling you to and bringing you into, says the Lord! This isnot a season for you to wonder, but know that I am shifting many things for you to workin your favor and to produce a great result for my Kingdom as I use you to touch many lives, including your own and those of your family, community, and nation, declares the Lord! 

7-7-2020 The Lord says, this is the time to spring into action and not hunker back asso many others have done in fear. Have bold faith in this season and allow my will tomanifest through you, and you will wear a crown, says the Lord! 

7-6-2020 Oftentimes when the Lord calls you or tells you to launch something on his behalf, it is not always in the best of times or always in ideal circumstances, but it doesnot mean that it is not of God. I heard the Lord say to me to tell them that I sometimes choose you in hot places or in heated situations. See Isaiah 48:10. I, the Lord, willchoose you and call you forth based upon what I have created you and chosen you for, and you are not always aware or fully aware of that purpose. There are some thingsabout your life and destiny that I will not reveal to you upfront or all at once, but I willreveal them to you in stages, phases, and increments over time as you grow, develop, learn, and walk with me, and learn how to process things correctly over time as I would.As you continue to walk with me, you will soon see and discover that your way isprepared before you already, and you are just catching up with what I have alreadydone and had prepared for you. Your destiny is a journey that sometimes have detours and crossroads set along your path, and those things are to teach you how to make critical and right decisions at critical and crucial times. The Lord says, be not afraid ofthe journey, but just know that I am with you to see you through, and you have mywisdom as a GPS to help you to navigate through the unfamiliar territory that you have never been through before, even through the tough and thick terrain, says the Lord! Look at Isaiah 42:16 and Isaiah 33:6. 

7-5-2020 The Lord says, do not sleep in this hour, but give yourself to prayer, because many things are yet coming and many things are going, and the nations are enteringinto a time of serious transition. My Body in the earth is also about to enter a time of a second major transition, and you must be prepared, says the Lord! 

7-4-2020 The Lord says, I am breaking the shame of the former things from off of yourlife and the snares that have tried to trap you and hold you will lose its grip on you in this season, declares the Lord! 

7-3-2020 The Spirit of God says, your mission supersedes your life experiences, soallow my Spirit to teach you the things that you do not know, declares the Lord! 

7-2-2020 The Lord says, your faith is going to release your harvest even when they say you are not going to get one. The Lord says, when I see your faith that does not take nofor an answer, I will release my hand and command the angels to bring forth that whichis yours and that which belongs to you. 

7-1-2020 The Lord says, you will get your break in this season and be free to do what I have ordained for you to do, and the enemy will not be able to stop it or you.

6-30-2020 The Lord says, no weapon that has been formed against you will prosperand evil will not be able to grip you or trip you. Whatever they designed to work against you will turn to work for you, and you will come out of things with a major testimony inthis season. It is harvest time, says the Lord! 

6-29-2020 The Lord says, your miracle is not in the things that you suppose they are in, but your miracle is in you following instructions that you are given by my Spirit or by my prophets. See 2 Kings 5:1-14. 

6-29-2020 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) The Lord says, sometimes people get promoted, exalted, and elevated, because they are willing to do what others are not willing to do, and they make sacrifices that others are not makingnor are willing to make. Do not be jealous of others when they are lifted high if you arenot willing to do what I required of them to get to where they are at today, says the Lord! Jealousy is no friend of yours, says the Lord! 

6-28-2020 The Lord says, I won’t let their insecurity pull you down again. I havepreserved you and I have protected you even now, and I have invested in you thatwhich is rich and anointed, so I will protect my investment in you, says the Lord! 

6-27-2020 The Lord says, spend more time reading the Bible so that I can show youmany things by my Spirit that you need to know and see in this hour. 

6-26-2020 The Lord is calling you up higher from the place where you are, and he is positioning you to take on some new territory in this season. You have been givenauthority over warfare in this season and many things that stood against you in the last season and in previous seasons will fall before you in this season. Things that you hadput on hold because of the intense warfare will now be fulfilled, says the Lord! 

6-25-2020 The Lord says, don’t hesitate to make moves when I am speaking to you. I know what is best to facilitate your future, because I planned it beforehand. I sent youhere for a purpose, and it is that purpose that you are required to fulfill. Seek for greater insight into that purpose, and know that all things will unfold over time. You need faithand patience in the overall process, so do not give up just because you cannot see how certain aspects of the vision is going to come to pass. Know that I hold all things in my hands, and I have plans that you know not of, and there is nothing too hard for me, declares the Lord! 

6-24-2020 The Lord says, have patience through the process, because I am working something far more greater for you than you know, says God! 

6-23-2020 The Lord says, there are certain seasons for you to speak very loud, andthere are certain seasons for you to tone it down and allow me and others to work. Thisis a season where I won’t have you to speak very loud, but my works and action all over the earth will be doing all the loud speaking, says the Lord! See Amos 5:10-13, then Verses 14-17. 

6-22-2020 The Lord says, stop worrying about the hidden things that you don’t see and deal with the things that you do see and have control over. Leave those hidden parts to me, and I will deal with those things while you master what I have given you authorityover, says the Lord! 

6-21-2020 The Lord says to tell you that the pandemic has not changed your prophecy. The pandemic has not changed your destiny, and the pandemic has not changed mymind to bless you, to promote you, and to elevate you. The Lord says, I have decreed for this season to bless you and elevate you above those head winds that has been tryingto blow against you, and I will cause the winds to turn and to get behind you and to blow you into destiny, says the Lord! 

6-20-2020 The Lord says, the vision that I gave you has not changed because of circumstances, but I am still able to fulfill the vision even during transitional, testy and pandemic times. My overall purpose for your life has not changed, says the Lord! 

6-19-2020 The Lord says, I will give you a peek into your future, but your old way ofdoing things won’t get you there. You will have to get there by what I am showing youin these present times, says the Lord! 

6-18-2020 The Lord says, wickedness will not be able to try its hand with you; for I amable to make you stand if it tries. I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes as you demonstrate that you really do trust me. You will see my hand in all that you do, butknow that these times requires you to have faith in me and in no other. The things thatthe world has long put their trust in is failing them, but they that put their trust in me willbe safe and will be shielded from the fear of evil. 

6-17-2020 The Lord says, I want to give you access to some things that you did nothave exposure to before. This is your ‘access door season,’ and you will be given the security clearance by Heaven that gives you the access that you need to be able to advance, says the Lord! 

6-16-2020 The Lord says, think first before you speak, because what you speak willsurely come to pass in this season. Do not say anything that you do not plan to swiftly come to pass. Speak only according to my will, because I will hold you accountable for those idle words that you speak, declares the Lord! (In a season such as this one, what you say, good or bad, comes to pass. When you speak positive things and according to God’s will, the Lord and his angels fulfills those things. However, when you speak eviland negative things, then Satan and his demonic entities will manifest to fulfill those things, but you will be judged for speaking and releasing those things, especially if you send certain negative words and curses against other people or things.) 

6-15-2020 The Lord says, my fire shall burn out the chaff and leave a pure seed withinyou for me to work with. 

6-14-2020 The Lord says, I am about to take you places, and I am going to even takeyou into some major places wherein my name can get glory. It will surprise you some of the places that I will take you. You’ll be even more surprised at how I am going to openthe doors before you and how you will get in, even invitations from prominent people on high levels where many others of your kind cannot get in. The Lord says, when this all happens and begins to come to pass, then you will know the season of my sudden elevation in your life is suddenly upon you, says the Lord! 

6-13-2020 The Lord says, your elevation is right around the corner. You don’t have tolook very far, because it is suddenly upon you even now in this season, declares theLord! 

6-12-2020 The Lord says, keep focusing on the path that I laid out for you, theneverything will come together and all things will align with what I am doing in your life. There is provision for you on that path, says the Lord! 

6-11-2020 The Lord says, I am not hard to find if you are really seeking me, and if youare seeking me you will get a response, says the Lord! 

6-10-2020 The Lord says, keep speaking it, keep seeking it, according to my will, andyou will see what you have been saying, and you will find what you have been seeking.I often hide treasures for you, that is my will, in which you have to seek out in order foryou to get it. There is value in you finding a thing, declares the Lord! 

6-9-2020 The Lord says, some systems will not be broken by man’s might, because it is spiritual and you are dealing with a principality, and a ruling prince in the spirit realmthat needs to fall. You see things from a surface level, but I see deep down to the root issues, and I see the hidden structure that is beyond the ruling systems that you see,and it is only by power when my people pray and cry out to me that I can move onthose systems and break those principalities, declares the Lord. Look at Luke 10:18 and2 Thessalonians 2:8. 

6-8-2020 The Lord says, if you will recalibrate how you look at things in life, then your focus will be clearer, and you will see according to my will and above the current chatter and noise that is going forth on the airwaves and all around you. It is in my presencethat things are made clear and fresh vision with clarity is released. When you yield tome, you will be able to clearly see, says the Lord! 

6-7-2020 Distractions only come to disrupt vision, but the Lord says maintain your focus, because what I am birthing in you is far greater than the power of any distractions or disruptions. 

6-6-2020 The Lord says, think outside the box, and you will see out of the box harvests. Do not box me in with your narrow minded thinking and you will see great things that Heaven has to offer and bring down in your midst, says the Lord! 

6-5-2020 The Lord says, the thing that was designed to crush you and destroy you will shift now and turn to work for you. You will not be crushed by the enemy’s hand, but inthis season I will give you the power to stand, says the Lord! 

6-4-2020 The Lord says, in this season things will flow seamlessly for you if you don’tgive into doubt. This is the season for things to work for you, says the Lord! 

6-3-2020 The Lord says, do you not see how I am moving in your midst? Do you still not understand what I am doing and how I am positioning you to reap the harvest? Do younot see the light? Do you still not understand that you are the light, and I have called for you to arise and to shine in the darkness, declares the Lord! You won’t get nowheresitting on the sidelines, so in this season I am putting you in the forefront of things and Iam positioning you ahead of the crowds so that you can lead my charge from a godly perspective that cannot be hijacked by the ungodly. You are the leader that I have called from the back to the forefront in this hour to display my power and my love. Let them see my strength through you, says the Lord! 

6-2-2020 The Lord says, every challenge in life must be met by faith, and every act offaith must be rooted in a working knowledge of what you are dealing with in order tosolve the problem. This is a season where I am allowing things to get down to the root cause of several issues, not only in the world and in the Church, but in your personallives. In this season I am teaching you how to deal with root causes to solve problems versus patching things up and just treating the symptoms. The surgical tool is in yourhand to make an incision to cut away the bad and to implant the new way of thinkingthat I am bringing to you by my Spirit in this hour, says the Lord! 

6-1-2020 The Lord says, the month of May became a MAY DAY and an emergency cryfor help, but the month of June will be a month of rescue in many different ways and in many different areas. The Lord says, be not dismayed at the signs of the heavens, andbe not dismayed at the distress that you see in the earth with nations and governments, but know that I am the light of the world and the hope of my people, and the government will still be upon my shoulders. This is not a time to fear, but it is a time to pray andbelieve even in the midst of turmoil and a mighty shaking, says the Lord! I will beglorified in the midst of a people that are looking to me in the midst of the darkness,says the Lord! 

5-31-2020 The Lord says, seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you, but more importantly, ask! It is when you ask it is my good pleasure to give youwhat you have been asking for according to my will, says the Lord! Spend time gettingto know my will, says the Lord! 

5-30-2020 The refreshing is coming and it is coming strong in your midst. The overflowis coming on your life, and the Mighty God is about to pour out on you in a way that overrides your flesh. Some of you will still be speaking in tongues days later from thislevel of outpouring that is coming on your life. This is like a wind and a wave that will refresh you and build you up where you were weak and just trying to do your best. The Lord said, tell them that I am about to reveal myself to them, and to some he is saying, Iam about to reveal myself to you in a new way and even greater than anything you have ever seen before. Yet for others, the Lord is saying I am revealing myself to you ingreater measures in this season, and my power will be even greater than anything you could have imagined that it will cause you to bow in my presence, says the Lord! I willpour out on you in this season, declares the Lord! Watch how I work in your life in thisnext six months, declares the Lord! 

5-29-2020 The Lord says, when your platform shift, you have to go with the flow of your new platform and don’t try to continue with the old way. When things dry up, it isbecause I got some new and fresh waters for you elsewhere. Pay very close attentionthe new thing in your life and how I am leading you in this season, because I am now leading you into a path for you to reap, says the Lord! 

5-28-2020 The Lord says, look at what I have already done for you, and you still can’teven imagine what I am about to do for you and how fast I am going to do it. Seasonsshifts and seasons change, but my name always remains the same, and my name is great, says the Lord, because I do great things that man cannot seem to understandmy lovingkindness, declares the Lord! 

5-27-2020 The Lord says, you should not count someone out just because they madea mistake, but pray that they come to themselves and find a place of repentance. Prayfor my mercy to prevail where they fail, and I can work with your prayers to turn thingsaround in their lives, says God! The Lord says, don’t be offended with them, because offense will keep you from praying for them. I work with your prayers, says the Lord! 

5-26-2020 The Lord says, if I told you that I would give you daily bread, then why would you not believe that? If I told you that your provision in me is sure, then why would yoube tempted to think otherwise? Do not allow doubt and unbelief to cancel out what you have been asking for and those things that I have promised you. Believe and you willstill receive, says the Lord! 

5-25-2020 Some of the children will be doing the miracles and even deliverance in this hour, and some of the children will also be the recipients of miracles, healings, and deliverance too. In a dream, I saw many hospitals empty, and ministers with the gifts of healing going into these places and laying hands on people and children, and as aresult they were receiving instant healing miracles. I also saw many of the childrencrying as the power and the fire of God was hitting them and coming inside of them as hands were being laid on them. Then I heard the Lord say, there is a new wave of myfire coming into the earth, and it will come through those that are my chosen for these times, and many people that were thought to be ordinary people from children to house wives will be a carrier of my fire, and that fire will ignite others and will bring healing and deliverance to many. The Lord says, I will begin to flow in a new way, and some will sayit is fun, and yet others will say that it is cool, even as I move among the youths,because even the youths will experience my fire and the liquid love of my presence, declares the Lord! Get ready for a major explosion of my fire power says the Lord, as I move upon the earth in a new way, says the Lord! The children were crying when thefire power of God hit them as hands were laid on them, because they could feel the loveof God, and many could feel what it was like to really be loved for the first time in theirlives, and it brought them to tears. 

5-24-2020 You have no idea the blessings and the unusual miracles that are about tohit your life. The Lord says, this is your season of visitation, and I have heard you, andI have heard the cries of my people. The bowls are full, and I have seen the tears in the bottle. I have seen the oppression and the injustices, and now I will move. I visit the nations, but I will visit you and my people in a good way that you won’t be able to forgetfor a long time, says the Lord! This is the season of my visitation, says the Lord! (The following passage of Scriptures will show you the two different types of visitations by the Lord! One is good and brings the blessing and the harvest to his people, and the otherone is bad, because it is a judgment of God. Ruth 1:6 and Luke 1:78-79 shows you the positive visitation of the Lord, and Isaiah 29:6 and Isaiah 10:3-4. Isaiah 10:1-2 showsyou exactly why there is such an evil visitation of the Lord to the nations. Of course there are others, but these are just to show you the difference between the two.) 

5-23-2020 The Lord says, in this season of your life I am cleaning up and clearing up many things and positioning you for the greater harvest that is coming in your life. The past 6 months of your life has seemed like a shakeup, because it was. I was shakingsome things up in order to get you to that place where I needed you to be in me and inthe natural. In this season, you will see the fruit and the rewards of your labor, and the harvest will come. I am clearing up debt, even old debts, and I am giving you a newfound liberty and a new found freedom, says the Lord God! Know that I have not forgotten about you, and you will prosper in this season in spite of what things may look like, declares the Lord! 

5-22-2020 The Lord says, though the seasons change, my love for you has notchanged, and my favor on your life will not change. In this season I will teach you how to do Kingdom exploits in the midst of what the world is fearing. You will get new ideas for witty inventions and businesses that will be solutions to the current problems that theworld is facing, and as a result the money will shift and change hands and come intoyour hands and into the hands of those that are righteous as you obey me. I will showyou in great details what ideas and what businesses will be able to prosper and thrive during these times so that your bread and your money will be sure as I take you abovethe horizon, says the Lord! The ideas and the models that I give, even for somechurches, will be to solve problems and bring solutions where the world does not havethe answers and many lives will be saved as a result of what I am bringing forth through you and through my people, says the Lord! Look at Romans 8:14-22. Furthermore, the Lord says, you were born for a time such as this, and you are my great one and myhidden arrow for these times, and you will be used to hit the target in this hour, saysthe Lord; for you are a part of my mighty ones, and my exalted ones, declares the Lord! 

5-21-2020 The Lord says, do not be over zealous about too many things in life, but just know of a certainty that I will take care of you and look out for you in the process. Remain humble and watch me work, because it will be in my strength and by my power and notby your own strength and the power of your own hands, declares the Lord! 

5-20-2020 The Lord says, don’t let them break your momentum, but remain steadfastlyin my presence, and stay in my Word. I am going to pour you out a major blessing overthe next several days and weeks, and you will see my hand of favor upon your life, andyou will see and know that I am pleased with you. You allowed me to see your heart andto see that it was selfless in your actions, and now I am about to reciprocate back to you and multiply back to you all that left your hands to begin with, says the Lord! There is nothing ever lost in the Kingdom of God that leaves your hand, but I pay interest on it better than a bank and give it back to you in many different ways, including the wayyou sent it out, says the Lord! It’s your harvest season, declares the Lord! 

5-19-2020 The Lord says, the blueprint has not changed, just the methods by whichyou will build by has changed, says the Lord! In times past and in current times some carpenters used or use a hammer to build with, but a nail gun is a much faster tool touse to build the same structure that you see on that blueprint that came from me. The blueprint has not changed, but I made other ways and methods for you to accomplishthe same goal, says the Lord! A wise carpenter knows how to build in all seasons even when the wind blows. Some things may get done in a building called a carpentry shop, while other things can get done in the field. In this season, I have brought you out of the shop and into the field where the harvest is to build my church in the actual way that I really intended for you to build it, because the building is actually the Body of people, and not just some structure that you do church business in, says the Lord! 

5-18-2020 The Lord says, I am going to take things up another notch in your life and cause you to walk on the wings of the wind, and this day your faith will go to anotherlevel, and in the days that are ahead, you will dominate by your faith! 

5-17-2020 The Lord says, my purpose for you is far greater than anything that you have ever seen or heard of up until this point. I have granted you special wisdom and creativity for these time, and in due time and season you will see how solutions to many problems will come through you. I have called you to be a destiny shaker and not one that givesup, so look up, because you are about to go up as you birth forth the new thing in you, says the Lord! 

5-16-2020 The Lord says, prepare for the major outpouring of my Spirit. I will surprisemy people with more of me as I pour more of myself into them, says the Lord! 

5-15-2020 I am coming to engage in this season, says the Lord! I will the current culture.I will engage the current Church. I will engage the governments of the land, and my hook will pull away the corruption and destroy that which is unrighteous and oppressive. I will engage those structures that I did not build and I will engage those systems that myhand has not put in place, and everything that I did not establish will be pulled down inthis hour by my mighty hand of power. I will contend with things that are sacrificed toidols instead of my name, and I will contend by fire and fury with all those that sacrificeto idol gods and systems that are not of me, says the Lord! Watch for my contendingand watch for my engaging, says the Lord; for it will not be able to be missed, says the Lord of Hosts! I control the waters of the Sea and the vibes of the dry land. I control everything in Heaven and in earth, and will make my intentions known in this hour forall to see my great power, even that great power the prophets of old and the prophets of this present generation has spoken of; for all power has been given unto me in Heaven and in the earth, declares the Lord! 

5-14-2020 I heard the Lord say, “What of the night?” I am Lord of the day and the night, and there is no power greater than my power. In this hour I will dethrone all powers that have placed themselves above my power and have mocked at my name and have made mockery of my chosen ones. I have not forgotten and neither was I blind as those things were going on, but I have eyes that see in the night and the day. Day and night is aliketo me, and there is no difference, but I am the light and I see clearly in both realms. The world better prepare for much shaking as I set things back in the original order that I intended for them to be in, says the Lord! This season will be about the great purging of corruption and greedy systems. You will watch greedy systems collapse in this hour andit fall never to rise again, but I will establish my Kingdom in the midst of the ashes and bring something beautiful and new out of the rubble, but my remnant ones will enjoy the grapes of my favor and the fruit of their labor, says the Lord; for I AM has spoken! 

5-14-2020 (The Season of the Well Defined Eye-Reposted from the Ensign CounselAnd Wisdom Pot section of the website) This is a season where the Lord God isteaching many of you to discover your purpose in this season of refining, and for some of you it is a season of you rediscovering your purpose that you got away from. The rough edges are being cut off and the shape is taking place with a well-defined eye. In this well-defined eye season, you will see things clearer than you have ever been able to do in times past. You will see your bridge come into place in this season that will enable youto get to the other side of that great divide that you have always seen but could not see how to get there from where you were in life. This is a season where the connector will come to you. It will be at your house. It will be at your door. It will meet you at the pointthat you are, and you will see how things will take shape in your life over the next two to three weeks and even greater things in a clearer manner over the next two to threemonths. This is a time sensitive season for you where things will be brought into theright focus for you and brought into right alignment so that the wheel in your life will not buckle leading to a bumpy ride. You will see how to refocus your gifts and talents andput them in the right place where they can be properly used and best used by God in this season. The vision that you see and have been seeing for a while is coming, and it is coming into play with a quickness, and you will suddenly see a door and know that itis your way forward and your window of opportunity. This season will be aboutconnecting the dots for you, and the missing pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, and that which was dark and unclear will be the perfect picture painted with clear graphics and keen details. Then you will know for yourself that this is the season of the well-defined eye. It will form with a well-defined eye in this season. 

5-13-2020 I am the answer to the many different challenges that are facing nations inthis hour, but are they seeking me says the Lord, or are they still seeking worldly manmade solutions that are only temporary? Some refuse to believe in a God that theycannot see, but truly I will reveal myself and make myself known to all that call upon me and to all nations that seek me. Those that seek me will see my hand says the Lord, and those that don’t won’t be able to pick themselves up from all the disasters as they come one after another. Nations are weighed in the balance before me in this hour as manyare in the valley of decision, but it is in the best interest of my people to stand in the gap before me for their nations, because a sword has gone out, but my mercy will be foundby those that call upon my name, declares the Lord! 

5-12-2020 The Lord says, they say danger and you see danger, but I say safety, and Isee refuge; for I am your refuge and your hiding place, says the Lord! Stay hidden in me; for I will hide you from many things, and I will shield you from the evil swords of darkness that roams the lands. I am soon to come, but I say unto you that I am already near. I am there protecting you. I am nearer than you may think. I am inside of you. My eyes are beholding the evil and the good. The darkness do not surprise me, and it does not catch me off guard, says the Lord! I am always ahead of the enemy. I am out in front of things, declares the Lord, so you can trust me that I know your future, and I know the path thatyou should take, says the Lord! Their portion is a place of fire, but your portion is a place where I take you up higher and shield you from the many things yet to come. I am hethat gives you eagle’s wings, and I shelter you under the shadow of my wings, says the Lord! Yea, there is healing in my wings. Even now there is healing in my wings for you.Do you feel the breeze as I am releasing that healing and as I am blowing upon yourneck? You will encounter me in a solid new way, and you will have close up encounters with me that you will never forget. The Chill of my presence will stay with you, but theheat of my glory will overwhelm you as my presence pass by you and come in yourmidst. You won’t be able to deny my presence in this season, and you won’t be able to deny that I am among you, says the Lord! My hand is upon you mightily in this season, and Yea, I have even ordained this season for you to experience me and to bathe in my love, says the Lord! Now soak in my presence; for this is the great season of my great outpouring, says the Lord, your ever present one. 

5-12-2020 (Prophetic Insights and Perspectives) China needs Russia to try to overthrow the United States and Western Nations to dominate and to rule the world, but China has no intentions of allowing Russia to rule with them after the fact if such was to come forth. Iran needs Russia to try to rule the world in a new world order, and Russia will help themto some extent, but Russia will not allow Iran to rule the world over them. Russia hasplans to rule the world in a new world order, but resistance from former Soviet Satellite nations will be the dagger in their side. Now, North Korea needs China and Russia to evade the strength of sanctions imposed by the United States and some others, butmostly they need China in order to fully survive period. Even though North Korea would love to establish and rule a new world order as they so have ambitions, eventually theywill fall back into alignment with their brother and become one again with South Koreaas a nation just as did Germany when it was divided. Some other nations will also dothe same thing in a realignment. Right now the United States, Iran, Russia, China andthe European Union all have plans to rule and control the world. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, and China have had to play nice with one another to try tooverthrow America and the power axis of Western Nations. Israel is a mystery piece inthe middle of all of these nations, but not quite a referee, but a mystery middle man. You have to watch how all of these nations interact with Israel, in a good way or a bad way.You’d be surprised to see how certain nations knows their place in Bible prophecies and their roles in the end times already. It would shock you to know and to see how thingsare going to play out and come together in this hour in the latter day fulfillment of prophecy. There are biblical codes being unlocked and being fulfilled everyday now,and in this season the Lord wants to unlock those secrets and mysteries to his peopleso they can better understand the times. 

5-11-2020 The Lord says, nothing I do in your life or have done is ever wasted, but all things in life works together for my purpose. In this season, you will discover what isyour current role in my purpose, says the Lord! 

5-10-2020 The Lord says, even when the clouds of the heavens move in a different way other than how you expected them to move, know that my favor has not departed fromyou. I am just doing things in a different way and moving in a different way in your midst. This season will be different for you, because I will minister to you in different ways that you never thought that I would come to you like that, says the Lord! Expect my surprise ways for you, declares the Lord! 

5-9-2020 The Lord says, do not lose hope, because your hope and your help is in meand not in this world. I will show you things in your life in this season that will increaseyour faith and brighten up your day, says the Lord! 

5-8-2020 Get prepared for a sudden shift, says the Lord; for I am shifting many things in this hour, and my people will see my power. I will shift things in your governments. I will shift things in the land to align with my plans. I will shift and reshape certain mindsets.Yea, I will even shift the seasons to look different as a sign to many. I shift things in the heavens and in the earth, and even the atmosphere around you will shift, and the peopleof the earth will see my glory in the clouds, says the Lord. I will shift the wealth of the nations into the hands of my people and into the hands of the righteous. I will shift and shake, until my will is accomplished in the nations and in my Body in the Earth, says the Lord! 

5-8-2020 (A portion reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the website) I heard the Lord say, “Sudden Surprises! Many Sudden Surprises,” says the Lord! 

5-7-2020 The Lord says, your focus must shift. In this season, you will see how to align yourself with my will and get on the path that I have for you where there is plenty of provision and there is no lack. I told Peter where to go to find the first fish in his mouth to pay his bills, and I also told the same Peter where to cast his nets in a season of drought so that he can find and have plenty of fish and resources. I am God of plenty resources and plenty provision. I know how to solve your lack problems, says the Lord! SeeMatthew 17:27, Luke 5:4-9, John 21:3-13, and 1 Kings 17:1-16. 

5-6-2020 The Lord says, in this season you will see favor like no other and because you trust in me, you will soon see what I can do and make happen and manifest on yourbehalf, says the Lord! 

5-5-2020 The Lord says, willingness is not enough, but you must be willing to go the distance and actually do what I am telling you to and leading you to do. 

5-4-2020 The Lord says, there are many things in your life that are sure and are certain. You just need to read your Bible, and allow me to open up the eyes of yourunderstanding and bring illumination to you so that you can be fruitful, says the Lord! 

5-4-2020 (A portion reposted from the Prayer Watches section of the website) The Lord says, if you don’t pray it, then how can I display it? If you don’t speak it, then how can I bring it about, says the Lord? 

5-3-2020 The Lord says, wisdom comes in many different forms, but it is up to you to recognize when wisdom is talking to you on his behalf. In this hour, you have torecognize the voice of wisdom and how I am talking to you in this season, says the Lord! 

5-2-2020 The Lord says, technology is your friend in this hour. Allow me to show youhow to use it to your advantage, and you will see a new way open up before you, saysthe Lord! Though some people use technology for evil purposes and to spy on others, Iwill teach you how to use it to set you up for your future and for success, says the Lord! 

5-2-2020 (Reposted from the Relationship section of the website) In this season, theLord will show you your divine connections that will open up many new things for youto enter into a new season. 

5-1-2020 The nations are transitioning into this  new place and a lot of people areanxious and fearful to some extent, but the Lord says to you as his people, do not be fearful and there is no need to be anxious; for in these days, I will protect my people asI did in the days of old during the time of Moses when the Pharaoh was chasing behind them. There will be a rod lifted up, says the Lord! That rod will be the standard that I am lifting up against the enemy, and you will see my full power on display as I bring much glory to my name, says the Lord! I have not called you to go backwards, but I havecalled you to look forward and move forward, declares the Lord our God! 

4-30-2020 The Lord says, I am increasing you in spite of the storms and in spite ofwhere you are and where you are located. I have located you, and I know where to send your blessings and my favor knows exactly where to find you. In this season, you willsee my favor like no other in spite of what is going on around you and in the world and even in the Body of Christ, declares the Lord! 

4-29-2020 The word of the Lord to you is “Shift and you will lift,” but if you stay still, then you will never be fulfilled. 

4-28-2020 The Lord says, watch the forces that have been fighting against you andthose strongholds; for they will soon disappear never to be found again; for I give you victory says the Lord, and I have ruled in your favor, declares the Almighty! 

4-27-2020 The Lord says, many of you have seen your governments reach out to youand give some of you stimulus checks or deposits,  but I too will give you a stimulusfrom the Kingdom of Heaven, but mine’s will be much bigger and much larger, and youwill see the harvest come to you in large quantities bigger than anything that you haveever imagined, says the Lord; for I will be the hope and the strength of my people,declares the Lord! (As I am sitting here looking in the Spirit, I can see many of you, many of God’s people getting new debt free houses, cars, businesses, properties, daycares,and even debt free schools to run. I see the launch of new colleges and businesses by many of you. I see that a lot of you that do have mortgages on your homes, I see papers being burned, loan terms being torn up, and titles being given to you, and your home being given to you debt free. Some of you will own your first home and debt free soon. I see the Lord God moving to pour out a wave of his goodness and blessings worldwidein many places for his people. I see the tables turning for those that have put their hope and trust in the Lord Jesus.) Watch; for the harvest will come; for I will deliver my people, says the Lord! (Deuteronomy 6:10-15 and Deuteronomy 8:7-20.) I heard the Lord say, I will do it again. (A lot of these things won’t be done by the hands of man, but they will be done by the hand of God, but in some instances, he may use the hands of man to be a vehicle for the delivery, but not in all cases. Some of you are going to have andexperience such supernatural manifestations and deliveries from God directly. Get ready for it and believe it. This is a season of liberation.) I heard the Lord say, this is a season that I am unlocking the wealth of the nations and I will redirect it into the hands of my people, declares the Lord! (A prophet can only tell you what they hear and what they see.I have delivered the message. There is a great, and I do mean great outpouring of God’s goodness that is coming! See also Ruth 1:6 & 22. Like Ruth and Naomi, you are goingto walk right into a season of harvest, and the Lord is going to lift many of you from your sorrows. See John 16:20-24 and then Zechariah 8:12.) 

4-26-2020 The Lord says, I have called you to fulfill your purpose, and it don’t matterhow things may change around you, I will always make a way for you to fulfill thatpurpose. Methods may change along the way of your path, but my creativity will shine through you, says the Lord! 

4-25-2020 When an old order is collapsing, it does not go out quietly, but it goes out squealing and screaming, because it does not want to be removed. I hear the Lordsaying many things that have long ruled as a principality of darkness in this world isbeing removed, and that which I did not build or put in place is what I am tearing down, removing, and demolishing in this hour. I will have my order that I ordained to be established brought forth in this hour; for this is the hour of my recompense and aseason of rewards for my faithful ones, declares the Lord! This will be a season whereyou will get much out of it, says the Lord! 

4-24-2020 Sometimes the elders would say that anything unharnessed is a wild vine.That is what they said about Jesus, because he was sent to usher in a new order, andthe religious folks of his day could not tame him nor the fire of God that was in him forthat time and that dispensation. He was a disrupter. He was sent to disrupt traditions and an old order, but I heard the Lord saying, I have raised up many disrupters for this hour and for this time, and they will be used to break many stale orders and traditions whereI am not moving in those ways and places anymore. They will be used to establish theorder that I am ushering in for this hour and in this season, says the Lord! This is my disrupter generation, says the Lord! They will disrupt the Norm. They will disrupt and interrupt the airwaves, and I will open a way and a space for them to disrupt the natural way and order of things, and it will be by my hand, declares the Lord! While I amshaking, they will be disrupting things, and I won’t allow no one to stop them, becausethey are chosen by my hand to disrupt some things on my behalf for this hour says the Lord, and they will not be fearful, declares the Lord! 

4-23-2020 The Lord says, don’t let your guards down. Many will pay a heavy price, because they let their guards down too soon in the midst of a fire, declares the Lord! The Lord says, you will get burned if you walk out into the midst of a raging fire that I allowedto come before it is quenched, declares the Lord! 

4-22-2020 The Lord says, some of you were given a window and a season to walkthrough a certain door, but you failed to do so. Know that when I give windows, doors,and time frames, it is only for a season before it closes off. Do not be left out in the cold, because you fail to follow important instructions that I am giving you at times. Yourcomplete obedience to those things I am telling you is necessary for your safety and survival in the coming days and in the near future. Do not be stubborn my child, butobey those things that I have put in your heart, says the Lord! No one can stop your blessing and harvest when you obey me, says God! 

4-21-2020 The Lord says, my favor has not left you, so do not entertain thoughts that would make you to feel so. You will still see my goodness in your life, declares the Lord! 

4-20-2020 The Lord says, pearls of wisdom are at your disposal, and I have put my treasures of wisdom and knowledge within your reach. It is now up to you to discoverand uncover what I have made available to you. You are set up to win if you can seewhat I have placed before you, says the Lord! 

4-19-2020 The Lord says, your way up and out is not out of sight.  Just follow the steps that I am giving you in this season, says the Lord! 

4-18-2020 The Lord says, patience is required of you in this season. You don’t need to understand everything that I am telling you in great details, but follow what I am tellingyou, because it is for your own safety and benefit, says the Lord! 

4-17-2020 The Lord says, this is the hour of my patience where people’s faith and patience is being tried all over the earth and within my Body. This is a time for you to develop yourself even more in your faith so that you do not lose heart in the midst ofthe battles now and ahead, says the Lord! See 1 Peter 4:12-19 and 1 Peter 1:4-25. 

4-16-2020 The Lord says, my favor on your life runs deep, and I will make up the difference for you where you run short. My never ending line of supply will never rundry, and you will have my best just as I feed the birds in the nest. I am your Father and your God, your all sufficient supply, says the Lord God! 

4-15-2020 The Lord says, Satan will try to use the smallest things to frustrate you andto distract you, but if you do not bite into the bait, then you will see just how much poweryou have over him. 

4-14-2020 The Lord says, you can take the path of rebuke when someone messes up, or you can take the path of my love and grace and be one that is spiritual and help to cometo repentance and be restored. That is a part of my plan for your life, which is go about some things differently than others and have a different approach to life that assist me in saving souls and restoring many lives versus condemning everyone to Hell like so many choose to do because they do not under the Great Commission and what I expect ofthem, says the Lord God! 

4-13-2020 The Lord says, fear and panic have no place in the life of the believer. Havenot I taken care of you all of your life, even in the tougher times, says God? This is your moment to see who I really am in your life and to see that I am reliable and well able totake care of you and provide for you, says the Lord! 

4-12-2020 The Lord says, my will is for you to prosper even in perilous times. Remember that I am your source and not the systems of this world that will fall, fail, crumble, and collapse. I AM YOUR GOD, SAYS THE LORD! 

4-11-2020 The Lord says, I am walking through the earth, and many things are beingset in order as I shake things on another level, but my faithful ones will be protectedand will have a place of refuge, declares the Lord! 

4-10-2020 The Lord God says, if you are going to troubleshoot a matter, then don’t justtry to troubleshoot the symptoms. Troubleshoot the root cause of the matter so that you can get to the underlying issues, because if you just try to treat the symptoms without getting to the root cause, then those underlying issues will just resurface again andcause problems later on. Putting a bandage on the symptoms and not treating the root cause is only temporarily delaying the permanent fix and total healing and restoration, declares the Lord! 

4-9-2020 The Lord says, your turn is here and it is now. Watch how I use you and pourthe gifts of my Spirit through you to minister to others. You will be strategic to be usedin this coming wave of revival that is now springing forth, says the Lord! 

4-8-2020 The Lord says, adhere to my ways, and I will pass over you in the time of my indignation, which the world does not understand. 

4-7-2020 The Lord is reiterating that there will be waves, waves and waves of things,not necessarily just virus or such things, but waves of disasters and some wars to comein which people and their governments will need to have a plan in place and the wisdomof the Lord to deal with the things that are at hand. Some things will be wiped out and systems will fall, fail, and collapse, but those that are led by the Spirit of God will have some contingency plans to shield their people from a lot of the things to come in these times of testing. In this season, the Lord is destroying the system of pride and the spiritof pride, even in leaders. Pray for governors, mayors, legislators, presidents, and prime ministers, and all those that are in any form of governmental authority, because the answers will not be to put people in mass bondage and fear and to lock them down to doom, but wisdom from the Lord and knowledge and intelligence of what you areactually dealing with will be the key to overcoming, navigating, and surviving thesetimes. Some of the things that governments and nations will be dealing with will not bea natural war or a natural attack, but it will be spiritual and demonic in nature, sotherefore they will have to have godly counsel, godly wisdom, and godly spiritual adviceto get the edge over those things. Guessing won’t do in these times. See Isaiah 33:6, 1 Chronicles 12:32, and 2 Chronicles 26:5. They will have to call for the real prophetsin this hour to gain exact insight as to what to do. The real prophets are always out infront of the storms to come, because they see ahead as watchmen on the walls. See Amos 3:7. Even the Churches will not be able to ignore the voice of real prophets if they want to prosper and survive in these times. See Ezra 5:1-2 and Ezra 6:14-15. You haveto know what is coming. God has raised certain people up for these times, and they are liken unto a Daniel, a Joseph, and a Moses, and they are types of wise men and deliverers. Some are even women liken unto a modern day Queen Esther, a modernday Prophetess Deborah; see Judges 4:4, then read Judges 4:1-24 & Judges 5:1-31,and a modern day Prophetess Huldah; see 2 Chronicles 34:22, then read2 Chronicles 34:14-33, 2 Kings 22:14, and then 2 Kings 22:8-20. 

4-6-2020 The Lord says, I am still going to require you to help some people that did you wrong in the past, and it will be a test of your will and to demonstrate that you are morelike me and not like them. 

4-5-2020 The Lord says, fear is not in your DNA, and I didn’t give it to you. Shake off whatever that the enemy has thrown at you, because I have even ordained this as atime for you to recover, says God! 

4-4-2020 The Lord says, this is not a time for you to panic or to fear as the world does,but this is a time for you to see beyond the smokescreens and the clouds around youand in your life to see the brighter day that I have been promising you and speaking offor so long. I will lead my people, and I will continuously guide like in the days of old,and you will have provision and benefits even when others don’t have any, says theLord! I have favored you for this time, says the Lord! 

4-3-2020 In this season, the Lord is going after the broken, and there is healing in his wings, and he is putting the broken pieces back together again and all those things that were once shattered in your life. There is peace for you in the midst of all of the shaking and turmoil in the earth if you just trust him and stay on his path. It is like being on agood rollercoaster, it is a bit bumpy, but suddenly you will see that it is a fun ride. In this season, the Lord is teaching you, the church, and the world how to handle and processthe ups and downs of life. The church is in a time of transition and it is in a time of reformation. The Lord is refining the church in his fire so that it can come forth as pure gold, and it is being purged, redressed, and groomed to be able to handle the harvestof souls, the great revival. Many are looking for the big stadiums to be full as such amodel for revival, but I am doing it one on one. I am doing online and on the Internet already. I am doing it in the hearts of people individually. You have not seen themultitude of other religions that have sought me to see if I am real, only to discover thatI am real, because I visited them. I have even appeared and revealed myself to many ina dream. I am giving my people peace and understanding in the midst of all that is going on and I am drawing a people close to me that will shine forth in the days, months, and weeks ahead. This is not a time for you to put your gifts and talents back on the shelf to collect dust, but this is a time for you to march forward when others think that it is allover and is all done, because they have no vision to see pass the storm clouds in their lives and in the earth, but I am giving you clarity of vision in this season, and I amshowing you the way forward in this season, and you will see the path that you are totake as you press deeper into me, says the Lord, and even as you press deeper into me,I will show you the way forward, says the Lord! See Isaiah 30:18-26. 

4-2-2020 This has been about the Lord shutting down things that is not like him. Someof his Kingdom leaders had gotten too churchy and too religious and indoctrinated withtoo many rituals, routines, announcements, marketing, programs, and other business dealings in the four walls, but the church is just in transition back to Kingdom and what God originally intended. Everyone in the church world was talking about revival, so the devil said, “Let’s see” or “We shall see,” so he brought the Coronavirus on the scene to stop the revival, and religious churches and governments got on board and participated with the devil in shutting down the churches by restricting them from meeting. The only thing that they shut down was organized religion, but the Kingdom of God is still operational, and the Word of God is still getting out through creative ways, because you cannot stop the Kingdom. The church had it all backwards. When it comes to revival,God never intended for revival to take place within the four walls of the churches, butreal revival always takes place on the outside beyond the four walls of a church building out among the people that still needs to be saved. The leaders of the church have been saying, “Come to church,” when Jesus has said something totally different, which is, “Go ye into all the world.” The Church leaders has been saying, “Come” when Jesus hasbeen saying “Go.” The shaking has been to get the church and people back to God’s original order. Jesus did some teaching in the temples, but he went out among thepeople and did his miracles publicly, because there is no church building or stadiumbig enough to handle real revival and the masses of souls getting saved. It will takeplace out in the open and in the parks. Central Park in New York won’t be big enoughto hold all of the people in New York that will come to be saved and likewise in cities,villages, and towns all over the world. That is a glimpse of what is coming in the days ahead. All these other tragedies in the world from plagues, famines, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, political turmoil, and economic collapses are just designed toaid the process and run them to Jesus. The devil is just helping run them to the Lord Jesus. Take a look at  Revelation 12:12 and Daniel 7:21-22. 

4-1-2020 The Lord says, when the right prayer is made and the right atonement ismade by sacrifice, then the mountain will move and the plague will stop. The Lordsays, some have been applying the wrong application for the times, but it will requireexact wisdom and following exact instructions by my hand, declares the Lord!

3-31-2020 The Lord says, in the time of a crisis you have to be decisive and not divisive. 

3-30-2020 There will never be a season or a time in your life where you do not have to trust God and have faith in him. Whenever we get to a place in life where we feel thatwe do not need him, because we got a lot of stuff working for us by faith so to speak but without him, then he will allow a time of shaking to come to reset some things and to get some things back in order in our personal lives and in our businesses, churches, ministries, nations, and government. He wants us to know that he is the big boss at all times. Some seasons go by where he does not say nothing, but he kind of holds hispeace and see where things are going, and whenever things continue going down awrong path and headed in a wrong direction, then he will intervene, and in this seasonthe Lord is saying, I am intervening in a lot of things, and I am setting things back inorder. I am intervening in schools and shutting things down when I see indoctrinationsof crazy and very sinful things being taught to the children and being accepted. I am aGod of order and creation and any time anything goes against my order and what I have set up, I will allow a shaking to come that will produce a shifting to protect my order, and will protect a new generation that is coming up from things that will corrupt their souls. I AM THAT I AM, and I AM intervening in your midst, says the Lord! 

3-29-2020 The Lord says, let not your heart be sad, because my love will overshadow sadness in your life, and my light will overpower the darkness that you see invading the world. I will cause my light and my love to be seen in you for a world that has lost hopein the darkness, says the Lord! 

3-28-2020 The Lord says, the focus should not be on you in this season, but your eyes should be on me and your focus should be on those things that I am putting in yourheart and calling to your attention at this time, says the Lord! 

3-27-2020 The Lord says, there are two things that will define the last days in summary form, and they are disruptions and distractions, and you must do your best to guard against them both. (Joseph had a plan from God in his times with the Pharaoh of Egyptto deal with both. See Genesis 41. 

3-26-2020 The Lord says, seek my face, and I will cause my glory to be on your faceand my peace to be in your heart and my provision will come into your hands. You donot have a problem that is bigger than I can solve, says the Lord! 

3-25-2020 The Lord says, be encouraged, because you see me best in times of distress. 

3-24-2020 The Lord says, you need patience in these times, and if you allow patienceto have her perfect work in you, then you will see that all things in your life will come into perfection and into perfect alignment. Don’t try to rush whatever process that I havegoing on in your life, because all things serve a purpose when it is allowed to come to completion, says the Lord! (Some things just have to run its process and run its course. That’s just the way it is, so be encouraged through whatever process God is allowing or that he is taking you through. All things eventually will work together for your good, because you do love the Lord.) 

3-23-2020 The Lord says, your faith is how you will overcome, cope with, and deal withall those situations at hand. Just know that I am with you in the midst of it, and all things will come into play in your life that I have taught you over time, and you will have the wisdom to make the right decisions at the exact right times and moments, declares theLord! 

3-22-2020 The Lord God says, set not your eyes on things that seem to challenge you, because they are only there to position themselves as a force against you to distractyou. You will have victory over the distractions when you keep your eyes on me and continue to focus on the assignment that I have given, declares the Lord! 

3-21-2020 The Lord says, the nations will feel my thunderous roar in this hour, and all nations will see the strength of my power, says the Lord! The nations will tremble and shake, but I will not allow my people to break, because I uphold them, says the Lordthat roars from Zion! 

3-20-2020 #1) The Lord says, being offended is a snare. Get over it and be liberated, declares the Lord! 

3-20-2020 #2) The Lord says, do not let your guard down, because what is coming inthe land is coming in different waves where each wave is stronger than the previousone. (I see a number between 4 and 7, but that number can be altered dependingif the people sincerely pray, repent, and cry out to God. This is a time to be humble and honest before God.) 

3-20-2020 (Prophetic Insights And Perspectives) This is a season where the Lord is speaking to the saints and sinners alike, and he is saying; be still, get quiet, seek myface, come before me. This is a time where the Lord is calling for the nations to comeback to their roots with him, because many nations have compromised and turned away and he is calling for repentance. Even the nations that know him has turned away from prayer and has put little emphasis on putting God first, and so he is allowing things to come and to even touch those nations, because he is calling for prayer and repentance, and not just from a remnant, but from the multitudes. Some things have been allowed to grow in righteous nations that has become a stench in the nostrils of God. Things suchas sex trafficking, human trafficking, child trafficking, child labor, child pornography, and how they treat refugees, which the Bible calls the stranger. The Lord says, many nations will have to answer for why they separated children from their parents at the border onlyfor them to become child sex slaves and used in Child porn videos and made to serveas slaves at the pleasure of some perverted rich ones from Europe to many nations ofthe world. The Lord is putting his finger on these things right now. Unjust laws andmany injustices from court systems to legal processes is another thing that the Lord is putting his finger on in this hour. Some laws will have to be thrown out and overturnedfor the stretched out arm of the Lord God to be lifted. I see from the national level to the State, Prefecture, territory, and Province levels of all governments, even in India and China, because what I see is not just for Christians, but any injustices that are being perpetuated toward any people worldwide. I see the Lord putting his finger on how thepoor has been treated by rich and powerful nations and how the homeless has been treated as the number swell around the world and how gentrification has even been allowed to continue pushing elderly people and poor people out of their homes and offof their lands, because they can no longer afford the higher taxes. These are all thingsthat the Lord is saying must be fixed and addressed immediately or his wrath will be poured out continually. He also wants a change in the perverted movie industry and perverted music that has destroyed the minds of the youth and the people or things to come will be much worse than what you are seeing now. He will continue to target therich and famous for their roles, but if they too repent and become a voice for him openly, then they will also be healed and will flourish in him. This is just phase one of what I heard from him or what I have been shown by him. I will continue to release more overthe next coming days and weeks. Prayer alone won’t stop these things, but repentance (to turn away from), is required. See Isaiah 10:1-7, Isaiah 13:3-14, Jeremiah 31:17,Isaiah 14:25-26, Isaiah 28:17-22, Ecclesiastes 12:5, Isaiah 41:1, Isaiah 2:8-22, and then 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. 

3-19-2020 The Lord says, I will bring a harvest right before you, but what are you goingto do with the harvest when it comes to you? Wrong thinking will keep you from seeingthe harvest when it is at your doorsteps or knocking on your door if you are not careful,but allow my Spirit to lead you versus you allowing your mind to get in the way of whatI am doing, says the Lord! 

3-18-2020 The Lord says, pray for my voices that I have raised up to speak to thepeople in this hour on my behalf, and pray for them to come forth. Some have been in hiding for their protection and safety, and some have been purposely hidden by myhand. Pray for those that I have hidden to not only surface, but to come to the forefront, because I have raised them up for these times, and the Word of the Lord is in theirmouth for these times, and I have planted wisdom and solutions in them for these times, declares the Lord! The Lord says, this is not only for prophets, apostles, and teachers,but this is also for certain doctors, scientists, and School teachers that he has raised upfor these times. See 1 Chronicles 12:32, Isaiah 33:16, and Daniel 1:3-4, 17 & 20. 

3-17-2020 The Lord says, your favor is sure and your provision will be solid in thesetimes even as you trust me, declares the Lord God! 

3-16-2020 The Lord says, I am the source of your healing, your wealth, your peace of mind, and your ideas when you submit yourself to me in the fear of God. When you relyon me, there will be no lack in your life, and as I give you specific instructions, followthem and you will be both shielded and protected from the things to come and thosethings that are hitting the land, says the Lord! 

3-15-2020 The Lord says, the shaking that you now see in the earth is not designed tohurt you; for you are my chosen, and your life is not designed to be frozen, says theLord! 

3-14-2020 The Lord says, other people may be fearful, but you are to be as bold andas fearless as a lion, because you are my righteous ones! See Proverbs 28:1 and Isaiah 33:13-24. 

3-13-2020 The Lord says, put all your trust in me, and you will not be disappointed, especially in these times, declares the Lord! 

3-12-2020 I hear the Lord saying even now, the Spirit of religion will have no hands on trying to control what I am bringing through in this hour; for I will move and will move through my people and the hands of man will not be able to stop it or control it, becauseI will move suddenly everywhere, says the Lord! I will not move in religious structuresand in the confines of religion, but I will be moving out in the open. I will be moving inthe parks and the open places of the public, and I will move in public places and I will move in the marketplace. I will be moving out among the people and not be locked within the four walls as they have tried to keep me boxed in for so many years. I will now movein a great and a mighty way, says the Lord, and the nations and the people will see my greatness, because I will be on open display, declares the Lord! 

3-11-2020 The Lord says, there will come a time when you will say, “My, how the mighty have fallen” and “My, how the tables have turned;” for you will see things turn around for you and those things that have been against you will shift and will be no more. It’s goingto work in your favor, says the Lord! 

3-10-2020 The Lord says, you are well able to overcome today’s challenges. I have positioned my people for these times. Do not let the fear overcome you. Show the worldmy boldness and my righteousness so that they will be hungry for more of me by whatthey see in you. I am using you to win them, says the Lord! 

3-9-2020 The Lord will destroy every attack against your mind that has been causingyou not to see straight, and in this season you will make the right moves and take theright steps as a result of a major stress load being lifted off of you. You will find a new zeal for your purpose and a new life of momentum and energy in going forward,because the task before you is great, and the Lord will surprise you with great things on your path in this season that you were not expecting. You will see a clearing of the clouds that has been just sitting over your life and hanging around for a long season as a dark presence. You will find a new breath in seeing the hand of the Lord move in your life and will be able to breathe easy as you go forward and watch satanic strongholds that has been against you get crushed before you. This is your season of new momentum, says the Lord! 

3-8-2020 The Lord says, the thunder will speak in this season, but do not be alarmed, because those that are my people will be shielded from the many things to come. 

3-7-2020 The Lord says, you have my blessing, and it should be obvious that is whyyou are not defeated as your enemies would have hoped. 

3-6-2020 The Lord says, fear none of those things that you see coming to pass in the earth; for many things have been spoken in times past and have been prophesied ofold. This is the hour where all things must be fulfilled. Know that my return will come speedily and swiftly and will catch many off guard, but you are not to be caught offguard, and that day should not overtake you as a thief in the night, but for those thatwalk in darkness it will come as quite the surprise. Watch for me and wait for me; formy presence is near, and the time draws near. Let my wisdom guide you, says the Lord! 

3-5-2020 The Lord says, provision for your vision will come when you take steps to get moving in the right direction and towards those things of your destiny, but nothingmoves your way while you are standing still and sitting idly by. I respond to movers and faith, declares the Lord! 

3-4-2020 The Lord God says, you have to avoid the pitfalls of life that would allow youto prosper for a season outside of my will. There are many options and opportunitiesthat will try to come to take you off course and get you outside of my will. Do not settlefor the temporary crumbs of man’s favor and abandon the delicious meats of my favorthat will come into your life for a lifetime and all of eternity when you walk with me. Iallow certain things to test what is in your heart and to see if you love me more than the things of this world. I reward all those lavishly that pass those tests and maintain their integrity and steadfast love towards me, says the Lord! 

3-3-2020 The Lord says, the enemy has no power over you other than the one that you give him by your own fears. See Job 3:25 and I John 4:18. Get rid of fear so that theylose their power that you give them by fear. I will move in this season, says the Lord! 

3-2-2020 The Lord says, your main focus needs to be on what I created you for andwhat I called you to do and not on those temporary things that are sent by the adversaryto distract you. 

3-1-2020 The Lord says, if you can allow yourself to see pass the lies, you will see the truth and you will see things in a clear manner, and the truth that I have spoken to youwill uphold the destiny of your future in so many ways that you never even expected, declares Jah!                  

2-29-2020 The Lord says, the fear that is conquering the world should not conquer youas my children. There is a different outcome for my chosen, says the Lord! 

2-28-2020 The Lord says, there is coming a time where I will deal with those heathensthat have troubled you and have vexed my people for so long and have done whatever they wanted to do, even in the most immoral ways. I was taking time to allow the cup tobe full and to allow their time to be fulfilled, and I will come forth in great fury and with a vengeance. I have to allow even the worst of the heathens, time and a little space, forthem to repent, and if they choose not to repent, then I will bathe my glittering sword in blood at the appointed time, says the Lord! I am just and I am long-suffering to many things, but at the times appointed I will move and not slack my hand, says the Lord! 

2-27-2020 The Lord says, you have not struck out, but if you keep searching you willfind that you have struck gold, and things will pay off for you. 

2-26-2020 The Lord says, you have been worried about many things, but I’ve got you,and I have the balances of your life in my hands, and I will not let you go down and sink. My hand will steady you in this hour, and you will feel a new surge of my power as Imove upon you in a new way, says Spirit of the Living God! 

2-26-2020 (Prophetic Insights and Perspectives) A lot of disasters and tragediesthat you are seeing and will be seeing in these times will be man-made things that were intended for evil against other people in some kind of way. Some will be more of a smokescreen or cover up for some other things in certain nations that they do not wantthe world to see what is really going on. Pay attention to China and many other Asian nations. A lot of these things will have an effect on the stock markets of the world. InChina and other nations of the world, what they are now calling Coronavirus has a very similar effect as Ebola that you saw in African Nations, where they both have the powerto kill people instantly or very quickly and they both are highly contagious. To me it isthe same virus with a different name on different continents. Some of these illnesseswere created in scientific laboratories as experiments, while others were created on purpose for genocide, population control, and even to control the church and religion in certain nations where they want to have a secular society without any religion, including Christianity, Islam, or any other major world religion, because the communist or dictatorship doctrines forbid those things, and they see those things as a hindrance totheir rule and regimes. In the days ahead, you will start to see the proof come forward of many of these things that I am saying, because they won’t be able to hide it anymore, because a boomerang effect will be hitting them back pretty hard. You will see this inmany nations where they have been persecuting the Church and blocking thepreaching of the Gospel or hindering it altogether from coming in, and where they have been forbidding and destroying Bibles. A lot of these pandemics they will try to giveGod the credit for and blame him for them being end time plagues, but many will beman-made and Antichrist in nature to mock God. You will know when the real end time plagues begin that are actually from God, but right now you will see a lot of counterfeitstuff going on in mockery of God just like the magicians and the enchanters andsorcerers did with Moses and Aaron in Exodus Chapters 7-8. Look at Exodus 7:11, Exodus 7:22, and Exodus 8:7. 

2-25-2020 The Lord says, I am positioning you to get ahead of some things, and as you follow my leading and my instruction you will see that you will not suffer many things that others may suffer that has no connection and relationship with me. The world is shaking, but you are secure in my Kingdom, which cannot be shaken. I am your shield and your rewards, says the Lord! 

2-24-2020 The Lord says, do not be discouraged, but rather be encouraged, and watch how quickly things come into alignment in this season for you. I have accelerated the times for you, and you will have no loss, says the Lord! 

2-23-2020 The Lord says, the fire that I put within you will burn things out of you and burn things off of people that you come in contact with that is not like God. The fire is not there to harm you, but it is there to refine you and purify you, says the Lord! 

2-22-2020 The Lord says, stop looking for things to go bad and stop expecting evil, but expect my love to show up for you and expect my favor to cover your life in the midst ofan evil world; for I desire to show you my goodness in the midst of what you are seeingin these present times, says the Lord! 

2-21-2020 The Lord says, quit dreaming about it and put some things into action and watch how I move upon those things. I already showed it to you and put those things in your heart, so why are you still in ‘Wait Mode,’ says the Lord! 

2-20-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you on this journey to be stripped and to be tripped, but I have called you to make a difference and to excel where it looks like youhave gone through Hell. I have been where you been, but I got up out of the grave tofree you and a multitude from the bondage of being a slave, declares the Lord! 

2-19-2020 The Lord says, be open to the process and what I am doing in your life, because it is opening up some things for you that you could not previously see. Knowthat my favor is upon your life for this season, and I will now open up the right and the necessary doors for you. This is a season of my favor for you, says the Lord! 

2-18-2020 The Lord says, in this season if you think it, it will happen. It won’t just happen by the speaking of your words, but even you dare to imagine certain things,you will see those things come to pass in this hour. The power of creativity within youis in your imagination, declares the Lord! 

2-17-2020 If you are a prophet, you are going to encounter some Jezebels along theway, but the Lord says, stand strong in the face of adversity, and you will wear a crownand overcome. If you are not a prophet, you still will see her opposition to your mission,but use the word of God in her face to defeat her tactics, and she will run this timeversus Elijah running from her. The Lord says, you have all that you need to succeedand to overcome evil in these last days. Even if you are being resisted by evil on yourjob through another person that is wicked, then you are seeing the evil works anddeeds of a Jezebel and an Antichrist spirit firsthand, but stand strong, says the Lord! 

2-16-2020 The Lord says, I am not counting on you to fail, but I have made provision for you to prevail. Your destiny is sealed in me even though you were being tested. You will see a lot of things shine in a place that only I can take you as you trust me. This is not a season to lean to your own understanding, but for you to follow my leading and enjoymy feeding in greener pastures, says the Lord! See Psalm 65:9-13 and Psalm 23:2. 

2-15-2020 The Lord says, I am challenging you to go higher and deeper with me, sothat I can begin to release wisdom to you to bring solutions to this present world so that others can be won to me by what they see manifesting in life through you. You are my witness to show forth my glory to this generation. Do not disappoint me, but heed to allthat I whisper to you so that my will can be fulfilled and lived out through you, says God! 

2-14-2020 Some people has had access to your life  publicly and privately that shouldnot have had access. They have had access to some personal things concerning youthat never should have been any of their concern in the first place. They are inpossession of things of yours that you had no knowledge of, and some laws werebroken in the process, and the Lord wants to expose that to you and bring it before you.In this season, you will see what has been hidden from you and kept back from your knowledge. Because they violated your trust and breached some things, the Lord is going to deal with them in a tough manner in this season, because they concerned themselves with stuff that crossed a line and gained his attention because of the maliciousness of it and intentions behind them doing so. The Lord further says that thisis a season where he is bringing all of those hidden and secret things into judgment,and he is going to rule in your favor, even in some legal matters where the odds were stacked against you and the mighty and the powerful were ganged up together againstyou in an evil and ungodly way. See Isaiah 54:14-15 and Isaiah 41:9-13. The Lord says to tell you that, “I have seen and I have heard.” I have seen all that they have done toyou, even the stuff that they did to you and have plotted against you behind your back,and I have heard all that they have said about you and what they have spoken againstyou, and I will deal with them in this season; for I am not blind and I am not deaf, says the Lord! Look at Job 42:7-12, Psalm 37:12-15, Psalm 50:16-22, Psalm 21:8-11, Job 5:12-13, Psalm 37:1-10, and Psalm 70:1-5. 

2-13-2020 You make the difference, says the Lord! The Lord says, I have called you to make a difference in the lives of others even when you are thinking, ‘Who is going tomake a difference in my own life.’ The Lord says, I Am That One that is there to make a difference in your life, so look no further. I am feeding and equipping you to feed and to equip others, so be not weary in well doing, says the Lord! 

2-12-2020 The Lord says, count up the cost before you embark upon the journey. When you do, you will see the shift that you were looking for, and a new faith will arise withinyou for the journey, declares the Lord! 

2-11-2020 This is the year of your process to victory, and this is a time where theseasons will change for you and things will shift and look up for you. You will suddenlysee how things will shape up and will begin to fall in place and the way will be madeclear, says the Lord! This is a time for you to refresh your memory and sharpen up your skills for the places I am taking you, because those gifts and talents that I have plantedin you will now be used, says the Lord! 

2-10-2020 The Lord says, some people suffer in life, because they did not open uptheir eyes in time to see the truth. It is not my will that a lot of people suffer unnecessary things, but I speak and some never listen when I am speaking and how I am speaking, declares the Lord! 

2-9-2020 The Lord says, do not allow things to bewitch you or to charm you, and do notbe easily lured into what looks lovely from surface value, but prove all things and holdfast to that which is good. As for some things in life, they are really more than meetsthe eyes, but my wisdom in you will be able to see pass any smoke screen or cloud of deception, says the Lord! 

2-8-2020 The Lord says, don’t marvel at the heathen, because what I have planned foryou is much better and far greater. 

2-7-2020 The Lord says, be mindful of your neighbors in this season; for there is agood reward for those of you that look out for them and show my love to them in these times. Tell them about me and demonstrate me to them, declares the Lord! 

2-6-2020 The Lord says, don’t let things distract you. Don’t let people distract you. My breakthrough is in your midst, and my visitation is upon you now, says the Lord! 

2-5-2020 The Lord says, be careful who you lend your ears to in this season, and stay on the path that I have you on, and you won’t be led astray by the many stray voices that are out there speaking a vision of their own hearts. I give you greater discernment in this season to know what is of me and what is not of me. As my sheep you will know my voice and you will be able to sense my leading, declares the Lord! As of lately, I have been showing you many things and allowing you to see and to experience many things so that you would recognize what is of me and what is of the devil. Hold tight to that which is good and shun that which is evil, says the Lord! In this season you will know the difference declares the Lord! See Malachi 3:18 and 1 John 3:7-12. 

2-4-2020 The Lord says, they are beating the drums of war, but I am beating the drumsof victory, because I have even declared victory over your life. I am the banner of loveand victory that is over your life. I see what they are plotting, and I know what they have been planning, but I will have them in derision, and they will come to confusion beforeyou swiftly, and they will enter into captivity for trying to bring you into bondage and captivity when I have not ordered them to do such a thing; for my fire shall come downin this season, and my sword has been released to clear up and to clean up the mess, declares the Lord! The Lord says, I am bringing forth my warfare intercessors in this season and watch how they pray to dismantle the enemy and to disarm the darkness,and evil principalities will fall swiftly before them in this hour. I have special troops that were reserved for this hour, and I am now calling them out of the reserves to theforefront, and they end hostile situations like that of a threatening standoff, and theywill fulfill all of my purposes, says the Lord! 

2-3-2020 The Lord says, this is a season for you to not only take new territory, but to be able to hold the grounds when you take them. This is a season for you to hear my voice and to make a decisive choice before you, your mind, other thoughts, and other peopletalk you out of it. You won’t need to waiver in this season, but you will need to take a stand on those things that I have spoken to you and am now speaking to you. You do not have time to be back and forth and halting between two opinions, but trust my leading, says the Lord! Where you trust my leading, you will experience my feeding, says the Lord, and you will see and experience supernatural provision on your path;for I will get it into your hands to feed my cause. A portion will be for you to keep anda portion will be for you sow to keep it multiplying. You will need to pay very closeattention to how I am leading you in this season, declares the Lord! 

2-3-2020 The Prophetic Significance of Super Bowl 54; The Short Version; The Kansas City Chiefs won for the first time in 50 years. 50 represents a Jubilee Year andthe Team represents the Indians and particularly their leadership. This is prophesyinga time of release for the Indian people and lands being returned to them from the government in some cases, but this is also a time of a Jubilee for all who can receiveit. Super Bowl 54 was also played on a Palindrome Day, which is very rare, which was 02/02/2020. The day and the month in the backwards form still is 2020, which is the current year that we are in. Many other records were broken in this particular gamethat were of prophetic significance and for those of us prophets that understand the different ways that the Lord chooses to speak to us through signs, symbols, types,things, as well as numbers, then you would know that numbers and dates are so very important to cracking life codes and revealing destiny and prophecies. He still uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise even for the ones that don’t think thatthe Lord would speak through football or through events. Do you honestly think that the Lord would miss an opportunity to reveal himself when so many millions of people nationally and around the world are watching? I can tell you that he won’t. There areother gifted prophets that saw way more than I can tell you when it comes to thenumbers, but this is the short version. The longer version is too long for me to post it all here, but I am documenting it privately. The Super Bowl 54. The final score 31 to 20 is 51 when you add it together. First win in 50 years. Played on the 33rd day of the yearon ground hog day in a leap year with 333 days left in the year. Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified and his ministry ended as such, and he was resurrected at age 33 on the 3rd day even as I am writing this report to you on the third day in the seasonof the ‘Two,’ which represents the double, not to mention that the Quarter back was 24 years old, which makes him the youngest to win a Super Bowl. 24 represents theseason of the double and the double of the double. This year is 2020. 20 + 20 = 40 and4-0 = 4. There are two sets of ‘2’s’ and two sets of ‘0’s’ in this year. On yesterday, 02/02/2020, there were four sets of ‘2’s’ and four sets of ‘0’s’ on that day. Understanding Prophetic Math and numbers is going to be important for you in the days ahead and unlocking the codes of your destiny, your future, your family, your business, yourministry, and everything that pertains to your life, because the Lord has been speakingto many of you this way, but you have been ignorant to what he has been saying,because you don’t understand this kind of language, because it is Kingdom oriented.You will read my book on this stuff in one day when I release it, because you won’t beable to put it down, because it will help you to understand the encrypted language onhow God has been communicating with you in life, but you could not understand the frequencies on which he was and is speaking to you and others, even the whole world and the Body of Christ. Prophetic Math is found through the Bible. You just need an anointed teacher to reveal those things to you through teachings where you can easily see it and understand it. By these things, you will see numerical patterns and cycles in your own life, family, and ministry, even in your business or your job or career field. You are frustrated because you don’t understand the codes of your life, and you think that everything dealing with numbers is the devil, but the Mayans and other forces that has demonic knowledge has nothing on God. See Daniel 1:4, Daniel 1:17 & 20. See Daniel 12:11-12, Revelation 13:18, Ecclesiastes 8:5, 1 Chronicles 12:32, Jeremiah 8:7-9, Matthew 16:1-3, Luke 12:54-56, and Ezekiel 4:1-9, mainly Verses 5 & 9. 

2-2-2020 The Lord says, many people’s eyes are open now, whereas there were many things that prophets and elders had been saying over the years that they could not seem to grasp and to lay hold of, but now as things are unfolding they can see what was spoken of old and in times past. In this season many blind eyes, both natural andthe spiritual ones will be opened, says the Lord! 

2-1-2020 The Lord says, in this past season I have been teaching you to recognize opportunities, and in this season I am teaching you to walk through the door, so that you won’t miss the wonderful season ahead that I have for you, declares the Lord!

1-31-2020 The Lord says, some things are overwhelming to your heart, but you willneed my grace to overcome them. I will be with you through it all and I will help you to master those things in life that has tried to master you, declares the Lord! 

1-30-2020 #1) The Lord God says, they have been really trying your patience, but let patience have its perfect work in your life, because I am perfecting some things in yourlife just to promote you in their face and in the face of your adversaries. #2) I heard the Lord say, Super Bowl 54 will be an unforgettable Super Bowl. (Keep that in prayer.) 

1-29-2020 The Lord says, you should never fear all those things that you see comingin the earth, even those fearful sights. Those that don’t know me fear those things, butif you know me you’ll know that there is an Ark of safety in my arms. 

1-28-2020 The Lord says, no matter how bad you are down, you can always come back and win. That is the word of the Lord for you today. 

1-27-2020 The Lord says, what I have filled you with is for you to disperse and todispense back to others. I have made you my distribution center of many good things,and I expect you to disperse a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, impartation, and counsel among many other things into others. I have filled you for others, says the Lord! 

1-26-2020 The Lord says, no amount of problems that you can face can amount to the measure of my grace and my answers that I bring to the table. You will see my answerand my solutions in your life in this season, declares the Lord! 

1-25-2020 The Lord says, what you have been called and chosen for is much greaterthan you can know or understand right now. That is the reason why you had to endure such warfare in your life, but now I will bring you forth out of hiding and use you in agreat and mighty way that my name will get glory everywhere that I send you on mybehalf, says the Lord! 

1-24-2020 The Lord says, you are getting a makeover in this season, and I am re-doing many things in your life and I am un-doing many things that the enemy has tried to plantin your life to make you feel that are not good enough to accomplish my will for your life.I am re-arranging many things in your life in this season, declares the Lord! 

1-23-2020 The Lord says, they won’t be able to destroy you even though they tried, because in this season I am turning the table on such evil ones that has tried to stopmy will from playing out in your life. 

1-22-2020 The Lord says, perseverance is just one of the many tests that you will haveto prove out as you walk it out. It will prove that you are built to last, says the Lord! Youare not made to give up, but made to persevere, says the Lord! 

1-21-2020 The Lord says, don’t overshoot the runway by going too fast, but slow things down when you are coming in for a landing so that things will land smoothly and not roughly. In other words, I need you to learn to be balanced and to learn the difference in speeds between a takeoff or a launch and when you are landing or coming in for the harvest. It is important that you know that those are two different things that will requiretwo different calibers of speed and skill, declares the Lord! 

1-20-2020 Oftentimes in life people don’t want to forgive you, and they want you to livein the condemnation of your past, but God says forget what they think and live in your present and look forward to your future. 

1-19-2020 The Lord says, a better way for you is coming and is being prepared. Only be patient in the process, because real and lasting solutions take time, but in the end itwill be worth the wait. 

1-18-2020 They tried to cut you out and count you out. They said that you were notgood enough and you were not qualified. They said, they said, they said, but God says, you are good enough. You are in the game and not counted out, and I will not let nobody pull you out of my plan and my will for your life. Your destiny is sure and very secure in me, and I am that I am in your life, and I have positioned you for greatness; for that isyour portion in life. Everyone will see openly how I have loved you when I openlyvindicate you and show you and them my hand for your life. I will execute vengeanceon those adversaries that have tried to harm you and do you evil for the enemy’s saketo do his bidding. I will lift your head in this season, says the Lord!  

1-17-2020 The Lord says, I have not called you to be backed into a corner, but it is timefor you to spring forth in this season and make a comeback. 

1-16-2020 The Lord says, you will need to balance out the things that I am showingyou, the things that I am teaching you, and the things that I am using to train you; for Ihave many ways that I am training you in this season. My heart is not hardened towards you, but my love is ever for you, says the Lord! Don’t fear those harsher things in lifethat you have walked through and have to go through at times, but know that I am there with you through it all, and my favor has not left your life, but I am building compassionand obedience in you in this season, says the Lord! 

1-15-2020 The Lord says, this is a season where I plan to take you over the top andtake you to a lot higher realm in me. Only allow me to show you what you refused tosee in the last season and most of your life that kept you limited all this while. I amtrying to get you to break those barriers in this season. I need your permission  and cooperation to do these things, says God! 

1-14-2020 The Lord says, remind my people that there is no power greater than mypower and there is no throne greater than my throne. I have all power in Heaven and in earth, and in this hour I will destroy all evil thrones of iniquity and reign over the earth,says the Lord! 

1-13-2020 The Lord says, my goal is to get you to where I always knew and intendedfor you to be. I always intended for you to be led of my Spirit and not by your circumstances, so in this season I am correcting some things and redirecting yoursteps, says the Lord! 

1-12-2020 The Lord says, understanding your ancestral history and background willbe key in you breaking some things from over your life and the generations to come.You will gain the power over many curses and impediments when you get before me in prayer and allow my Spirit to show you some important things, says the Lord! See Daniel 9:20-24. The Lord says, the past has a lot to do with the present, and the present has a lot to do with the future and those things to come. In this season, I want to show you many things to come. See John 16:13. Get before me, and I will show you many things to come, declares the Lord! 

1-11-2020 The Lord says, in this season you are going to have to arise and look beyond what has happened negatively to you in the past and look to what I am telling you and showing you now concerning your present and your future life path. Be certain that I am with you now and there is a blessing on the path ahead of you if you will now follow and put the past behind you, says God! 

1-10-2020 The Lord says, I am going to send you to the sick, and I am going to use you to lay hands on some and they will be healed instantly and yet others I will cause you to prophecy to them and give you a word of knowledge for them and they will be healed on the spot. The Lord says, think it not strange that I will use you in unusualways in this season to bring hope, healing, and restoration to the masses of people.The Lord says, there will be some people that you will see on Go-Fund me and othersocial media platforms that will be sick with a dire condition and I will cause you to pray for them in person, or by phone, or through an email contact, and they’ll get healed immediately. The Lord says, my desire in this season is to use you in unusual waysthat you are not used to and I will be working with you in this process, says the Lord! 

1-9-2020 The Lord says, favor is not your problem. You have my favor. You just need to walk in total obedience to what I am telling you, and then you will see the breakthrough, and you will see doors open up for you. 

1-8-2020 The Lord says, I have called you to open your eyes and not be blindconcerning the times. Open your eyes to see what you refused to see in times past.Look at Hosea 4:6, Hosea 5:15, and then Hosea 6:1-3. 

1-7-2020 The Lord says, your season has come for greater elevation, greater expansion, and greater exposure. I have even prepared you before now to handle this season, so know that you have already been equipped and prepped for this season, says the Lord! 

1-6-2020 The Lord says, the days of being comfortable outside of doing my will are over.I have been shaking things up a bit in nations, in people, in churches and ministries, in governments, in organizations, in some marriages and in some relationships, because I am calling for more. I see more. There is a much greater potential in you that you haveyet to discover and to bring forth, says the Lord! I won’t let you settle and I won’t letnations, governments, organizations, people, churches, and ministries settle forcorruption. I won’t let marriages settle for just tolerating one another, but not seeing the greater purpose of why I brought them together. Yea, I will open blind eyes in thisseason and you will know that I mean business. Nations are in a rift right now and are shuffling to and fro, because they have not understood that it is no more business as usual, but I am declaring and doing a new thing that requires them to come up to a new order and the way that I have ordained for them in this hour, says the Lord! The LordGod would even say further that all nations will be tested in this hour, and there will bea determination of how they are aligning and whose side they are on. Depending onthat will determine just how they fare or what they will suffer, declares the Lord. I willcause all nations and all people to make a choice in this hour. My will has beenspoken, declares the Lord! 

1-5-2020 The Lord says, don’t over exert yourself when it comes to too many issues,but allow my grace to help you and to show you where to draw the line at in all things. There are some things that you do not belong in and yet there are other things that you voice needs to be heard in those matters. As you seek me, my Spirit will let you know where you are needed and where you are not needed so that you can stand clear ofthose things. Your input is not needed in everything, says the Lord! 

1-4-2020 The Lord says, there are many pieces of the puzzle, and there are manypieces that you do not yet know. The Lord says, work with me and I will cause you tosee the pieces that you do not yet see and that which you do not yet know, says theLord! There is a bigger picture and a clearer picture of things to come in your life, saysthe Lord! 

1-3-2020 The Lord says, radar eyes will be needed in this season. You won’t be ableto look at things with the natural eyes to see what I am showing you, but you will needto look with eagle eyes, the eyes of the prophetic. This is a season for you to adjust and readjust your spiritual lenses and let them be cleansed of all fog and dirt that stops you from seeing things clearly. You will need to see things with precision in this hour inorder for you to rise above the current challenges in your nation and in your lives. Donot sit quiet on these things, but sound the alarm without panicking so that the people around you and among you can be warned, says the Lord! You are my witnesses inthe earth, declares the Lord! 

1-2-2020 The Lord says, sure victories and sudden victories will be your portion thisyear. Take it to heart knowing that my will shall prosper in your life this year, declares Yahweh! 

1-1-2020 The Lord says, I have taken you forward, and I do not intend for you to goback the way that you came. New things do I declare over your life. Last year there wasa shaking of the branch in your life, and I caused the winds to blow in your life, but this year and at this time, I am causing you to finally enter into that which I have for you.You had many enemies all around you and some were even blocking your path forward.It seemed as many doors were shut tight and that there was no access way forward for you, but the Lord says, this is a season of my unsealing and a time of my revealing inyour life, and I will reveal you to the nations and I will unseal your destiny, because nowis the appointed time for all things in your life to come forth that I even spoke to you of in times past. Fear not what is set before you, but know I have already gone before you to prepare the way, and I have set all things in place for you on your path, and as you walk with me and go forward, you will see just that, says the Lord God! The morning belongsto you. Now arise and see what is prepared for you on the horizon of a new day, declares the Lord!