Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2016 Archives

12-31-2016 The Lord says, this is not a time for man to try to stop what I am doing. This is not a time for man to interject himself into trying to control or police what I am doing and kill off a new move of God that I am bringing forth at this time in the earth, says the Lord! For I will be working through the young and the old, the perfect and the imperfect in this hour. Do not allow a spirit of Pharisee and legalism to try to overtake or control what I’m doing in this hour and at this time. Do not allow the reasoning of your mind to get in the way or to stand in the way of what I am doing, because I will contend with those that will try to hinder, limit, control, or put in a box what I am doing by my spirit in this hour, says the Lord of hosts! Apostles be careful, men of God be careful, women of God be careful, because I am the one that will be in control of what I am doing and I will not allow to be killed off by legalism what I am doing and in the process of initiating, declares the Lord! 12-30-2016 The Lord says, your fight in life is not about you, but it has been all about my kingdom causes and how I am planning on using you in the days ahead. Do not let the current circumstances blind you to what I am doing in your life, declares the Lord God! 12-29-2016 The Lord says, I have been trying to get you to move forward in the past few years, but you were comfortable staying stuck where you are, so I am turning up the heat under you in 2017. 12-28-2016 The Lord says, I am going to stop the enemy from infiltrating your path and I am going to contend with the enemy that is trying to stop up your wells and I am going to open up new wells for you, says the Lord, wells of supply, a new supply of my spirit for a new and vibrant season, declares the Lord! See Genesis 26:15-33. Warning!!!! I also heard the Lord say, watch the end of those messing with the nation of Israel. The Lord says, they are literally playing with fire, because Is-ra-el is my prize possession, says the Lord, and I have not forsaken them, and they are still the apple of my eyes, and I will defend what I have planted and what I have planted will not be uprooted again, declares the Lord of hosts! The Lord says, I will make an open spectacle out of some, even many, declares the almighty God! Woe, woe, woe! The Lord says, they thought to come at them when they were weak and vulnerable, but The Lord says, truly I am the strength of Israel, says the Lord! See 1 Samuel 15:29. 12-27-2016 The heavenly father says, the world will indeed change, but my kingdom will never change, and my plans for your life has not changed. It will be up to you to make the shift as things shift all around you. It is time to shift with my plan and shift into my will so that you will be protected and safe in days ahead. Many will not make the shift and will find themselves exposed to the elements of life, but for those that do shift, they will find themselves in a place of safety and refuge in me, says the Lord! 12-26-2016 The Lord says, spend time with me and I will show you what is coming in the near future and in the days ahead. There are many changes coming in the New Year, and you will need to be prepared, but you cannot be prepared for what you don’t know is coming so that is why it is imperative that you prepare yourself for what is coming your way, says the Lord! 12-25-2016 You have been dealing with so much shifting in your life and sometimes uncertainty, but The Lord says, this is your time to cross into something new. This is your time to see how I did it back in the days in the bible. This is the hour for you to walk by faith. You are mighty and powerful as long as you remain in me. Though the world may shake and things around you may shake, you will not be shaken as long as you remain in me and remain anchored, declares the Lord! I also heard the Lord say, just because you do not understand the season that you are in does not mean that I do not love you or have forsaken you, says the Lord! It does not mean that people do not love you, because they do. The place that you are in and transitioning through is designed to get you to where you need to be and to get you in a place of development so that you can enjoy all of the benefits and blessings of my kingdom, and this is your moment of truth, declares the Lord! 12-24-2016 The Lord says, the fire that Jesus put within you will be greater than the fire you see in the earth and my wisdom in you will help you to navigate these times. My wisdom in you is much greater than any challenge you may see or face, because it will tell you what to do, and I will show you the way, and just know that I have the final say in all things, and I have control of all things, even the stuff that you don’t see in the unseen realm, declares the Lord! 12-23-2016 This is the hour, says the Lord, where my people will be proven to see if they trust me or not. 12-22-2016 I have been eyeing success for your life since you were born, says the Lord! I have been looking at ways to favor you and prosper you, especially in those times when you cried out to me for a change in your life, declares the Lord! I have not forgotten you or forsaken you, and I will be with you all the way until you are old and gray headed. Jesus always loved you and I have even looked into your heart and I have seen righteousness in you. I have seen my ways in you above other things and I have prepared of my goodness for you. Only let me lead you by the hand and guide you into that which I have for you already, says the Lord! I have already prepared and made ready the harvest for you, and now is not the time to let doubt and fear keep you out of what I have for you, says the Lord! Now arise, go forth, and come forth, take my hand, and I will guide you into all my plans that I have for you, says the Lord of hosts! 12-21-2016 The Lord says, my faith in you goes beyond hope. It goes deep and penetrates even the very fiber of your being. I dwell in that place of faith, says the Lord, and I dwell where faith is. Can I find faith in you, because if I can, I will dwell in you as I have spoken, declares the Lord! 12-20-2016 The Lord says, I have already given you my peace so why are you allowing man to take my peace away from you? Peace be unto you! The peace I give is not like the world, it is a peace within that remains even when things around you and in your life are shaken. I, the Lord have special plans for your life. I have created you for my greater purposes. Your life is not an accident or simply a mistake, but your life is created by design to fulfill my purposes. I created you to come forth in this generation to be about the reformation and the changes that I am bringing in the earth in this latter day generation. I have called you to be a builder and warrior and a force for much good in the world. Do you see my purposes for your life? Do you see my plan? Do you see what I am forming? While other men cannot see and can only see to complain about what they were indoctrinated by man, I have not called it to be so with you, but I have called you to be an optimistic person for a reason, because I have anointed your eyes to see what others still cannot see, and I have called you for my latter day purposes, and I moving you forth and transitioning you to takeover and to take the helm of the ship on a new voyage. I not called you to be distracted by the cares of this life, but to trust me even when you do not understand certain things. I have not called you to fail, but to prevail and the gates of hell will not prevail against you; for you are my chosen and you are my beloved, and I love you with an everlasting love and yes, I am with you, and I will be with you to the end. It is you and I together to the completion of things, says the Lord! 12-19-2016 The Lord says, quit watching the clock and watch how I move in the earth. You are living in a time on the earth wherein all things must and will be fulfilled, says the Lord! Some things, even many things are happening in this hour, because they are prophecies being fulfilled and are coming to pass, because they were written of and spoken of aforetime. Do not be dismayed at the sight of your eyes and do not fear all those things coming on the earth; for all these things must now come to pass, but I am sovereign, and I am able to both shield and protect my own, says the Lord! Why would I not protect you, says the Lord? I protect all those I love, because I am your defender and your protector, says the Lord of hosts! A lot of the people of the earth, yea, even the great people of the earth will be utterly shocked at some of the many things that are coming and will happen in the earth, and many will say from the least even to the greatest, where is God at? for they will soon cry out for me, and for those that cry out for me and call upon me out of a heart of sincerity and purity, I will be faithful to show up and I will show myself to them, and yea, I will even show myself strong and mighty on their behalf, says the Lord! Watch for me, and you will see me. Look for me, and I will show myself unto you, declares the Lord of glory; for this is the finest hour yet in the earth, declares the spirit of the living God! 12-18-2016 The Lord says, I have not put all of my secrets and mysteries in one man, one woman, or one child, but a part of the puzzle scattered out in a multitude of my people, and when everyone comes together in oneness, the picture is complete and all can share the portion that I have shared with them to bring to the table in my body. Don’t not get to a place where you think you know all that there is to know about me and my purpose, because even with all that you know, I still have more that I have never shared with you or anyone else, declares the Lord! 12-17-2016 The Lord says, put it in my care and watch how I work it for you; for I do all things well, says the Lord! 12-16-2016 The Lord says, I am watching the nations to see how they handle certain things, and then I will respond accordingly depending on what I see and how things go. 12-15-2016 The Lord says, I am able to bring calm where there is a raging storm. I am able to bring peace where there is no peace. I can give you all these things in me no matter what is going on in the world around you. I am peace, says the Lord, and how I long to dwell in you, says the Lord! As I was in the spirit, I heard these words too, when a person’s peace is taken away, they are unsettled and are restless, because their soul is constantly searching for the peace that only I, the Lord, can give them. I am their path to peace, that inner peace that they are missing, and there is no true peace without me, declares the Lord! 12-14-2016 The Lord says, be mindful of all those things that I promised you, and do not let them slip and do not be discouraged if you see something different in your life right now, because the power of my promise will pull you out of the problem and the current dilemma that you find yourself in, declares the Lord! 12-13-2016 The Lord says, I have plans for you that causes you to be seated in the high places with me. Do not allow things to disrupt your life and unseat you from that place of authority with me; for I have sealed your destiny and your destiny in me is sure. Only stay on the right path, because opportunities come to take you out of my will and to take you off that right path, but know that my spirit in you will awaken you to what is right and will check you to what I have ordained for you. Do not take what my spirit says to you lightly, says the Lord; for I hold the keys to your destiny and I hold the keys to eternity, says the Lord, and following that right path will get you there, declares the Lord of glory! 12-12-2016 The Lord says, this is not a time to lose your faith, but to increase your faith by reaching for more. 12-11-2016 The Lord says, what I have prepared for you, others can’t get, because I have tailor made it and have prepared it just for you. Do not regret how I have blessed you and favored your life, because so many other people have the same opportunities to obey me and gain access to some of the same things that I have done for you. Let faith continue to be the motivating factor in your life; for you have been so called to that life, and your faith will take you to lots of places in life that those that lack faith simply just cannot go, says the Lord! 12-10-2016 The Lord says, don’t look back once I take you forward; for in looking back, you lose sight of where you’re going, and you cannot reach your destination and the place of promise if your focus is wrong. Reset your sights on me, and you will see again, says the Lord! 12-9-2016 The Lord says, your dreams should be my goals. 12-8-2016 The Lord says, you are not to worry about those things that you have no control of, but focus on those things that you do have control over, and you will see things shift in your favor and a manifested breakthrough will show up in your life. I also heard the Lord say that it is not a time to pluck up what was planted. Give it time to grow so that I can nurture it and nourish it by my spirit, and in due time and in process of time, I will cause all those things to spring up and grow for you, and then you will see the harvest and be able to reap, says the Lord! The Lord would say further unto you, do not attempt to leave out necessary and vital parts of your obedience. Complete obedience is necessary to take you over and to release the harvest that you so desire, says the Lord, the sovereign one! 12-7-2016 The Lord says, timing is everything, and if you remain in my timing, then you will see my hand display my will for your life. Only have patience through the process as I work out the details for you, says the Lord! 12-6-2016 The Lord says, my friendship with you goes beyond what you can see. My friendship with you has angels watching over you and watching over my word to perform it in your life, declares the Lord! 12-5-2016 The Lord says, you have to be careful that you do not allow yourself to become complacent and get to a point where you say, Yeah, I heard that before, and you do not believe my word and following instructions in this hour that I am speaking through the mouth of my prophets and other servants. For this is the hour, says the Lord that I am pouring my grace and pouring out my spirit to accomplish many new things, and I have called for the fresh manna to appear and the provision of a fresh and a new day, says the Lord, and in this hour I will be doing many new things that were not originally on the schedule, because my people prayed says the spirit of God. See Isaiah 48:6-7 and 2 Chronicles 7:13-15. Your eyes have not seen before what I am bringing in this hour, declares the Lord! See Habakkuk 1:5, acts 13:41, Isaiah 64:4, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, and Isaiah 28:21. 12-4-2016 The Lord says, I am going to cause many things to shift in the earth and to shift in my body and within the church. I will cause things to shift in governments and to shift in nations, so things will begin to align with my spirit and what I’m doing in the earth at this time. I have planned many things to come and I will shake many things into submission so that my plans will not be hindered and no longer will be delayed, says the Lord! 12-3-2016 While others plan to steal your victory, I have planned for you to win with the victory, says the Lord! 12-2-2016 The Lord says, take the time to clean up, and get all the clutter out of your life. Simplify things and make things easy, so that you can hear my voice clearer. This is a season where I am passing out some instructions, but you won’t get all the details if you are distracted by the confusion of having too much clutter in your life. I have positioned you to hear my voice so that I can reveal my choice and my path for your life in this hour. I have caused a shift to take you upwards and not downward, towards a path that will set you in strategic high places to further advance my kingdom causes, says the Lord! 12-1-2016 The Lord says, I have not called you to be disappointed, but I have called you to be anointed and on your spiritual post. Defeat is not a part of the plans that I have for you, but I have plans for you to take on a new role of victory, and I have planned for you to have continuous victories and no more defeat, says the Lord! 11-30-2016 The Lord says, I am taking you from crisis to Christ like. You will go from a time of crisis in your life to being like Christ, and there will be a mantle of miracles on your life to do the same things that Christ did; for I am multiplying a mantle for miracles across my body and kingdom people will be used to bring forth healing to the nations and used to do miracles so that the nations can heal. Many people will come into a time of recovery when you pray and speak the words of life into their soul, declares the Lord! 11-29-2016 As I look into the spirit, I see some of the most unusual things. I see several mother-daughter teams ministering together and doing ministry as a duo. I don’t see too many father-son teams, although I see a few. I don’t see too many mother-son teams, because I see where the sons have said, I love you momma, but I can’t minister with you. Man, I can’t minister with my momma. I even see a few father-daughter teams, both natural and spiritual, where fathers and daughters shall minister together. I see three different generations of women ministering together. These things that I see are ministry patterns that are coming in the days ahead in the body of Christ all over the earth. This is what I see for a coming revival among the nations, even in those war torn places in various nations. I see lots of people ministering everywhere, but I see these patterns. I see many new churches arising. I see a coming together of men, women, and children to do God’s work as teams and families all over the place. I’m looking at a particular bishop in the spirit that will be considered a pioneer of this movement that I see. I see several bishops on the forefront of this thing leading revivals outside of their churches, outside of the four walls. I see lots of tents everywhere and I see stadiums full everywhere. I see a whole lot of people in the spirit that will begin to come together publicly and will openly agree that we need to come together in prayer and pray, because of things that are going on in the earth. That which I am seeing in the spirit is massive team efforts. I see people all over Africa and Europe walking and praying throughout the land. I see the prayers of the saints shaping governments and nations around the world. I see a coming together in Latin America, South America. I see nations all coming together as one body and one voice for God. What I see is a major global revival of massive proportions. I see the greater harvest of souls. I see major revival and the gospel going forth. I see wars stopping, because of the prayers and the shouts of the saints like the days of old, and I see a church, kingdom people as one voice making a decree among the nations that will stop many things and that will shift things in many nations due to their collective unified shout like when the walls of Jericho came down in the book of Joshua. 11-28-2016 The Lord says, don’t let my coming catch you off guard, and don’t miss the season of your visitation by being off track and outside of my will. It is those that are prepared and ready that I give my best to in the season of harvest and rewards upon the earth and in the time to come in eternity. 11-27-2016 The Lord says, people that are being stubborn know that they are being stubborn and hard headed, but I can only work my plan through those that are willing and obedient. Those are the ones that I bring my rewards to you and through, says the Lord! (see Isaiah 1:19 and Job 36:11) 11-26-2016 The Lord says, the power of your faith lies within me, and as you walk in me, you will see how your faith works and how things in your life will align with my glory to produce the end result in your life, says the Lord! 11-25-2016 The Lord says, for a long time you have been encouraging others, counseling others, and giving wisdom to others, yea, for even some of you even prophesying to others, but the Lord is saying that it is time for you to encourage yourself. It is time that you follow the counsel that I have put in you for you. It is time that you listen to the spirit of wisdom that I have put within you, because he will speak to you for you too. The Lord is saying that it is time for you to prophesy to yourself and allow the mantle of heaven that I have placed upon you now begin to work for you. You have been pouring out and giving out, but you need to know that your very gifts within you will work for you too if you’ll speak into your own life. I have made it for you to receive words and many things for others and even from others, but don’t neglect the reality that what is in you will work for you too if you apply it, says the Lord! Know that I am that spirit in you, says the Lord! You don’t always have to look out to others, but look within, because I am within you, says the Lord! 11-24-2016 The Lord says, be thankful, and I’ll show you the giving that I will do in return. 11-23-2016 The Lord says, my will is for you to be strong no matter what is going on around you and in the world. Have faith in what I have promised you and keep believing until you see it, says God! 11-22-2016 1) The Lord says, there will be some kind of new species of creatures or animals that will be discovered in the earth, and I see more than one new creature of some sort. This will make news. Just when man thought that they knew it all and had seen or discovered all that there is to see in the earth when it comes to animals or various forms of creatures of the creation of God’s handiwork, yet there will be amazing and significantly new and astonishing things to come forth that scientists did not previously know of. 2) I also heard the Lord say that this will be a time wherein I will pour out the healing anointing upon my people and I will heal many, and this is a time that I will refresh my people. You’ll also see a great new influx of people coming into the kingdom of God, and many souls will be saved. I heard the Lord say that this is a part of the latter day ushering in of souls for the greatest harvest of all times. 3) The Lord says, this will be a time that you will see many new apostles and prophets come forth on the scene and emerge in my kingdom, not that they have not been there the whole time, but I am now releasing them to come to the forefront says the Lord, and they will have gifts within them that you have never seen before that will bring much glory, yea, even great glory to my name, declares the Lord! 11-21-2016 The Lord says, what I am cooking up in your life amounts to my favor on your life, and in my favor, you will see the full benefits of you following me fully and wholeheartedly like Caleb and Joshua. I took them into the promise land, because of how they followed me and the leader that I appointed over them, Moses. In this day, I will reward all those that did not break ranks in my kingdom, especially when it was weary and hard for you. You will be rewarded, says the Lord! Okay see 2 Chronicles 15:7, Hebrews 6:10-12, Mark 10:28-30, Luke 18:20-30, and also Matthew 19:28-29. 11-20-2016 The Lord says, pay attention to the patterns that are unfolding around you, and you will see how I am ordering your steps in this season. If you do not take note of the patterns, you will miss some very vital steps that will be there in place to take you forward. One hard place that you see, which is a rock, could be a stepping stone or a stumbling block to you. It just depends on what set of eyes that you are looking at things through. If you’re only depending on seeing things through your natural set of eyes, then you could miss something, but when you see things through the eyes of the spirit, you will see things in life how I see them, and will have kingdom insight on which path or road to head down, says the Lord! 11-19-2016 The Lord says, keep trying, and keep on doing your best, and you will see results as a result of you being diligent to pursue those things that I have placed in your heart. 11-18-2016 The Lord says, work with me as I work with you and do not continue to lean to your own understanding; for I see things from a higher level and I am able to help you navigate the part that you still do not see. Sometimes I lead you through a valley of wolves just to get to your harvest that I have prepared for you. The wolves are there not to harm you, but to scare off the wicked and your enemies so that they do not steel what I have prepared for you, says the Lord! 11-17-2016 The Lord says, the fire that I have released in you cannot be put out or quenched. It is a fire of my glory that reveals my story. I will expose myself to the nations through you in this hour, declares the Lord! (Even right now, there is a new spiritual fire being released in your belly.) 11-16-2016 The Lord says, you may go through life and think that no one cares and that no one is watching you, but I have plenty of people watching you and looking at you to see how you handle certain situations in your life. That might make you a little uncomfortable at times, but it is all for my glory, says the Lord! Can I brag on you like I did with my servant Job? Can I depend on you like I did with my servant David? Can I count on you to pass all the tests of life that comes your way like I did with my son, Jesus? I am looking to brag on you says the Lord, and be able to say about you that you did not give you up when you were in times of testing, but you stayed the course and finished the race all the way to the end. I am looking for the elite ones that are not scared to bring my glory through the things they suffer for my name’s sake. Those one will have a sure reward, declares the Lord of hosts! 11-15-2016 The Lord says, do not let what was in your past blind you from seeing and pursuing your future, because your future comes into the now when you take steps towards it. Doors will open for you when you walk towards them like doors with motion sensors that detects when you are walking towards them, then they open up for you, but as long as you stay still, then those doors will not open. Walk towards your destiny, and you will see that I have already commanded the doors to open up for you when they detect your forward motion in progress like those sensor based doors, declares the Lord! 11-14-2016 The Lord says, are you changing to get better, or are you changing to get worse? Do you trust me, or do you trust something else or some other method or system of the world? Do I have your heart, or do all these other things of life have your heart? What has your focus, says the Lord? Is it me, or is it all these other things out there in the world? When I, the Lord, asks you a question like I did in Amos 3:3, I already know the answer to that question, but I am just trying to get you to see the answer to my question so that you can answer it for yourself. I try the reins of a people, and I try the hearts of men, even to test them to see what is in their hearts, and do they really seek after me? I am he that will give to every person according to their works, good or bad. I look for a people to serve me and worship me with pure hearts, minds, motives, and thoughts. When I see one after my own heart, I get excited about that person and seek to reward them openly because of their faithfulness and even their diligence which is oftentimes done behind the scenes in most cases. I am singling out many people in this season to bless and to reward them openly; for this is my will, and I have purposed in my heart to do so now, says the Lord! 11-13-2016 The Lord says, my kingdom business is more important than any other business that you have going on in your life. When you learn to put my kingdom first, then I will take care of your business, declares the Lord! See Matthew 6:33. 11-12-2016 The Lord says, this is your season to obtain, but be sure to maintain what you obtain. 11-11-2016 The Lord says, do not be distracted by what you see going on in the land, because all of these things are there to blind the eyes of the masses from seeing my plans. I am sovereign and I am still able to pour blessing in the midst of the turmoil and confusion that you see in your midst. My plan shall still go forth, says the Lord! 11-10-2016 The Lord says, this is a time for you to watch and pray and not be found sleeping. You will miss my plan and not see my hand and will not see how I am moving if you are asleep spiritually and sometimes in the natural. Furthermore, it is not a time to lay your head down in depression and cry until you go to sleep, but it is a time for you to rise and awake and see the light that is shining through your window and know that I have brought about a new day in your midst, says the Lord! 11-9-2016 The Lord says, this is just the beginning of a great wave and how I am moving in the earth, and there are many more great surprises on the way for my people and the nations of the earth as I set things back in its proper order and re-establish the foundations of my kingdom. I have heard the cries of my people and I have heard their prayers, and I will now move to heal the land, says the Lord! I have purposed to clean some things up by my hand and through my plans says the Lord that the nations of the earth will see my righteousness at work once again, says the Lord! 11-8-2016 The Lord says, this is the season that you will see a fulfillment of many things promised to you in past times and previous years. I am now preparing to fully release the harvest and not just a trickle or a sprinkle, declares the Lord! 11-7-2016 The Lord says, I am forming a new corridor for my people to walk through into victory. This is a time that I will show myself strong and mighty on behalf of my faithful ones, and I will even show a side of myself that the nations haven’t seen and I will be glorified in the earth and among my people, says the Lord! 11-6-2016 The Lord says, I will show you favor even when you don’t think that you deserve it when your heart is right towards me and I can see that you are trying and pressing. 11-5-2016 The Lord says, I am able to put in office who I am want to put in office in spite of what the nay Sayers say, and the world will see my glory, declares the Lord! 11-4-2016 The Lord says, angels have been dispatched in key and strategic areas to reinforce my will coming to pass in the earth. 11-3-2016 The Lord says, I am pouring things into a pot and my fury will come up and will devour those adversaries that would dare to touch my people. I am watching over you to protect you and fulfill my good word to you, declares the Lord! 11-2-2016 The Lord says, my perfect plan is now unfolding in the earth and you will clearly see it, says the Lord! 11-1-2016 The Lord says, do not fear how the heavens may shift; for I am forming up something new that will have a lasting effect on your life and that will bless you in your latter end. 10-31-2016 The Lord says, they laughed at my plan and made mockery of my servants and scoffed at me and the bible, but now let’s see who will get the last laugh. They won’t be laughing in this season, because now my new plan comes forth from the heavens to the earth, says the Lord! 10-30-2016 The Lord says, I am wiser than man to fulfill my plan and to cause my great works to be fulfilled in the earth in this hour. Okay look at Isaiah 28:21-22, Habakkuk 1:5, and acts 13:41. 10-29-2016 The Lord says, watch the cards that I play that I have been holding and saving to the end. Now you are about to see the strength of my kingdom and the power of my right hand, says the true and living God father! 10-28-2016 The Lord says, the part that you don’t see or understand, I control. You do not need to be concerned about the part that is my business and is in the power of my control, because I got that part, declares the Lord! 10-27-2016 The Lord says, plug into the fire and you will never burn up. I am that fire, says the Lord! 10-26-2016 The Lord says, I have sat back and I have watched many things for a while, and the prayers of my people will not go unanswered, and I will not be mocked. I will move in a way that get men’s attention, declares the Lord! The Lord also said that there would be a major shift coming in the nation and in all nations of the world. Look for my sudden surprise, says the Lord! It is coming soon, and it is coming with a momentum in the likes that no one has ever seen, because I have chosen this time to unfold and to release my mystery plan, declares the Lord of hosts! (I know and see many things that are coming, but that is the part right now that I have not been released by God to speak on concerning certain things as of yet. What I can tell you is that we must pray. Everything that I see is not bad though. Praise God, but we still must pray.) 10-25-2016 The Lord says, I have counted up the cost of what I have told you to do, and I have determined that it will be accomplished through at the cost of my angels defending you and protecting you. 10-24-2016 The Lord says, do not let the cares and the distractions of this life blind you from the higher prize that I have for you. 10-23-2016 The Lord says, while things are in the process of transitioning in your life, do not lose faith in the process, but know that I have everything covered and every base is covered. 10-22-2016 The Lord says, I have counted up the costs for you, so walk in the trail of the path that was cut as a result of me going before you and preparing the way for you, says the Lord! There is an anointing on the path that I have cut and prepared for you, says the Lord! 10-21-2016 The Lord says, I am coming in full force in this season. Watch for me, wait for me; this is a season of visitation, says the Lord! 10-20-2016 The Lord says, watch your mouth and purify your thoughts, because things have a right to affect your life and to be there when you give them legal access through your words and through your loose thoughts. Your deliverance comes this day and it starts in your thinking, says the Lord! The words out of your mouth are only a product of your thoughts and what you have been thinking and what you are full of, good or bad, says God! 10-19-2016 The Lord says, I nurture those that come to me, and all those that put their trust in me will never go lacking. 10-18-2016 The Lord says, the judgments against you can be turned around with one simple praise of my name. When you praise me, you access a realm that releases joy, restoration, happiness, and fulfillment, and I am released to restore you, says the Lord! Look at Psalm 149 and Isaiah 42:22. 10-17-2016 The Lord says, faith is everything. It is in your faith that you will find yourself in the heart of my will for your life. Following the path that I have for you starts with you hearing me at strategic times in your life, and then following your faith. Your faith is your radar, declares the Lord of glory! 10-16-2016 The Lord says, hear the sound of the trumpet blowing in the land and throughout the nations, and take heed to what you hear; for I am sounding an alarm for all people to take note of. Beware that you do not miss what I’m saying ad announcing to my people and to the nations of the earth, declares the Lord! 10-15-2016 The Lord says, show me your faith, and I will show you what is in my hands. Give me what is in your hands, and I will give you what I have in my heart for you, says the Lord! 10-14-2016 The Lord says, quit worrying about the things that you can’t fix, but know that I have the power to fix all things that are beyond your control. Turn to me with all of your heart, and you will see what I can do when you believe me and release your faith, says the Lord! 10-13-2016 The Lord says, I am forming up something far greater for you than you know that the enemy cannot stop, reject, or block. 10-12-2016 The Lord says, all that crying and complaining does not get my attention, but it is your faith that gets my attention and moves my hand. 10-11-2016 The Lord says, the force that I created in the earth cannot be destroyed or altered. I am able to defend and safeguard anything that I have raised up, and now at this time, I will show you my plan to my secret plan, says the Lord! 10-10-2016 I hear the Lord saying, if you can just take the focus off of yourself for a little while and put it on the bigger picture, then you will see your own solution for your own dilemma with what I show you by serving somebody or someone else other than yourself. You will see what you need to see by being accessible to somebody else, declares the Lord! If you are too afraid to be vulnerable, then how are you going to see my will, let alone do my will, declares the Lord? 10-9-2016 The Lord says, keep your focus in the right place, and you will find my grace to finish your race. 10-8-2016 The Lord would say, this is not a time to draw back or to operate in fear, but this is a season for you to press forward in faith. This is a time for you to call upon me while I am near and allow me to reposition you in a better place for this coming year, says God! 10-7-2016 The Lord says, I am the one that holds your life secure, and I am the one that will cause you to surface above the things of life that would try to drown you. Cast your cares in every area of your life upon me, and I will be the one to sustain you, says the Lord! 10-6-2016 The Lord says, keep your eyes on me and you will see your way forward. Hell cannot stop that which I have ordained to succeed and prosper, and that includes you as long as you follow me and not change courses, says the Lord! 10-5-2016 The Lord says, let all your trust be in me, and I will see you through the storm. The Lord also said to remind you that this is still the year of miracles, and I am able to do what seems impossible for you, because I am the Lord! Do not limit my power, and you will see how well I rebuke the devourer. 10-4-2016 The Lord says, I am God, even if you don’t see your way. I am sovereign as Lord, even if you don’t understand your path. What you must understand is that I know all these things and I know the way, and if you follow me and be led of my spirit, you will not come up short, says the Lord of hosts! 10-3-2016 The Lord says, this is the season that I am calling my people into the deeper waters with me, because those shallow waters will no longer do. In Moses’ time, I caused the waters to split and for the people to walk across on dry land to the other side of the red sea. During the time of Joshua, I caused the waters of the Jordan to get shallow so that the people could walk through shallow waters to cross to the other side once the feet of the priests hit the water. By the time of my days, I Jesus, called peter out of the boat to walk on the waters. Did you not know that your belly is filled with living waters and the waters have consumed you? Allow those rivers of living water to flow out of you, and you will soon discover that I have planted hidden mysteries and secrets by those river banks that will be unlocked and reveal to you hidden treasures and rewards that will fund your future. The deeper places with me and those deeper waters that I spoke of to you earlier in this message are accessed by those rivers of living water that are already within you, says the Lord! The deep calls to deep, and the deep waters within you are calling to the deeper kingdom waters of the rivers of my pleasure that are awaiting for you to connect with them now by the spirit, says the Lord! 10-2-2016 The Lord says, I am shifting the positions in your life and I am bringing you up into some higher things. Do not be afraid to journey higher with me, because higher is your portion, declares the Lord! 10-1-2016 The Lord says, I am moving you forward in a way that will cause you to be positioned for the greater and the better in the days ahead. Just trust as I show you the part that you did not see before in this season. 9-30-2016 The Lord says, get ready for the harvest. It will be bigger and greater than anything that you have ever seen or experienced before. 9-29-2016 The Lord says, I am working on something so big for you that will change your life forever. Give me the time and space to bring about my mystery plan in your life, says the Lord! 9-28-2016 The Lord says, my favor on your life will open whatever doors you need opened for you at the time when you need them to open, so don’t be so overly concerned about how things are going when you have an understanding that I am at the control seat in your life. 9-27-2016 I have one simple word from the Lord; I heard the Lord say, Relief is on the way. 9-26-2016 The Lord says, not every time is a time of battle for you, but you have to learn to relax and enjoy my presence in those times of peace and seasons of rest with me. I have ordained some seasons to be seasons of peace and times of rest, declares the Lord! 9-25-2016 They can’t damage you, so don’t focus on what they are doing, but focus on what I am doing in your life; for everything they throw at you, I am going to elevate you and promote you twice as much, says the Lord! 9-24-2016 The Lord says, what is holding you back from doing my will? What is hindering you from fully giving yourself over to what I have planned for your life? Whatever it is, get rid of it, before I get rid of it for you, because I have to have a pure and sold out vessel to do my will continually with their whole heart, declares the Lord, and there can be no room for distractions, says the Lord! 9-23-2016 The Lord says, Stand, and you will see what you need to see; for you can see things from a higher level that you cannot see sitting down or being in a low place. I am calling to you up to much higher levels and places in me so that you can see things from a higher altitude. My son came up the mount and was transfigured before peter, James, and John, and he would often pray to me from the high places of the mountains. I called Moses up the mountain to stand in my presence to hear me from a higher level face to face. Solomon offered one thousand burnt offerings to me in the high places, and David, his father, stopped a plague in the land by offering up a sacrifice on the threshing floor of the high places when he saw the angel of the Lord carrying out destruction. In Revelation 4:1, it was told apostle John, my servant to come up hither, because I had opened a door for him in the high places, and some of the doors that you recently wanted to open for you were in the low places, and I have ordained for you to come up in this season to the higher places, because that is where your door is opened for you at. No more doors in those low places; for I am calling you up. I am commanding you to come up higher. Only the high places like my prophet Samuel will do for you in this season and at this time so stop searching for the low and come up to the more, declares father God! 9-22-2016 Do not let the things that you see deter you from doing my will, because my will must go on, declares the Lord! 9-21-2016 The Lord says, the calling that I have placed on your life is strong and very powerful. It is time that you take your calling very serious and not put it on the back burner and just say, one day it will be fulfilled. The Lord says, I’m grooming you and preparing you every day you live for the higher part of your calling. Do not settle for where you are; for I am calling you up a lot higher to take your rightful place in me, declares the Lord! Know that I have already gone before you and have made the crooked places straight for you and will cause you to walk in a plain path so that you can do my will with ease and without all of the stress and the complications, declares the Lord! 9-20-2016 The Lord would say unto you, allow me to form new thoughts within you and allow me to shape how you think. As a result of you taking on my nature when it comes to thinking will allow you get my results, because you will be able to see what I see and know what I know, because you are plugged into me and are one with my spirit, declares the Lord! 9-19-2016 I hear the Lord saying, be that watchman on the wall for me. Even as a football can be intercepted when it is thrown, likewise, I too, need you to intercept some things on my behalf and on behalf of the people. Warn the people and protect the people. I need you to intercept those fiery darts of the enemy being thrown at others that may be weak and vulnerable in this hour. Put on your armor and battle gear and drape yourself in the armor of God, and you will find power and strength to overcome every attack of the enemy, because you’ll be doing it by the spirit, by my spirit, says the Lord! 9-18-2016 The Lord says, I am calling you out and calling you in, calling you into my army. I need you to step up to the plate and command and lead as I teach you to feed and tend to the flock on my behalf. I will send you to the nations and to many places to speak on my behalf. My favor goes before you and my anointing will be on you as you go. Seek not to do your own will, but seek rather to obey me on all fronts in your life, and you will see the rewards of my glory working on your behalf as you step forth and work on my behalf, says the Lord! 9-17-2016 The Lord says, you have to change your focus first, so that I can change your circumstance. See Matthew 6:25-33 and Proverbs 23:7. 9-16-2016 The Lord says, pay attention to the signs that I am sending you, because they represent destiny points, turning points, and signposts for your present day and for your future. I am revealing myself to you and to my people in a new way, and my voice shall appear to you in other ways that will make things clearer and cause all things in your life to align for my glory and even for the purpose that I created you for and called you to, says the Lord! 9-15-2016 The Lord says, do not be overly consumed with things that are beyond your control, cast those cares and things on me, because that is my Job to fix the things that you have no power to fix. 9-14-2016 The Lord says, I am removing things off your path and putting you on a path to prosperity and elevation as I take you deeper into my will for your life, because favor is your portion in this life. You will find that as you walk with me and walk towards your destiny that many doors are already open before, declares the Lord! (Revelation 3:8)9-13-2016 The Lord says, the greater measure, I have set before you, but don’t get offended with the process that I am taking you. The process will undress you tore-dress you. The undressing in your life represent the process of me stripping you of your own way and your old ways, and the redressing process represents me molding you into the person that I would have you to be, so that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see me. When others look at you, they will see me. Don’t fear the fire of the process, because it is only to burn away the chaff and the things in you that are still not yet like me so that you can really truly resemble being made in my image and after my likeness, declares the Lord! See Job 23:10 and Malachi 3:2-4. 9-12-2016 I heard the Lord say, favor is not supposed to be fair, I favor whom I will, and I definitely favor those who obey me all the more. I favor those that obey me in spite of what it looks like versus operating in fear and a lack of faith. Obedient ones obtain my favor, declares the Lord! 9-11-2016 The Lord says, this will be a turning point for the nations. 9-10-2016 The Lord says, my glory will spread like wild fires through the nations. 9-9-2016 The Lord says, I am shifting things in the nations, and things will begin to shift pretty rapidly. Some things will shift in one day. One day it will be one way, and the very next day, it will be totally changed and different, and you will say, my, how things have changed so fast! I am controlling the nations so that now I can bring about my will, my great plan, and my great mystery, declares the Lord, and many will say, these are interesting times. all those who are really my people will know to put their trust in me as I shift things and shake some things up in the earth, declares the Lord! Systems will shake and continue to shake and crumble, and those things that remain are those things that I have ordained to remain, says the Lord! Fear not the natural sight of your eyes; for I have many good things and secrets to catch you by surprise, says the Lord of hosts! The Lord says, I am able to provide for my own, even in the most perilous of times in the earth, and I will provide, says the Lord! 9-8-2016 The Lord says, I have ordained leaders for this hour from the highest offices in the land to the churches and abroad that will spark and begin to initiate revivals all over the land. I have reserved and saved this time for last. I have preserved this time for my glory, says the Lord! There will be wave after wave of refreshing and wave after wave of my glory that will go forth in the land. The least likely people will even be participants in what I am doing and sending forth throughout the land, and they will see my glory. The nations will see my glory and even be surprised, declares the Lord! 9-7-2016 The Lord says, there are many policies in your nations that were not orchestrated by me or crafted by my hands, and I have heard your cries for revival in your land, and I will do my part to meet you half way to bring about all those things that my people have been crying out for in desperation, says the Lord! You had a part to play in this, and now I will do my part, the part that you could not do, says the Lord! 9-6-2016 The Lord says, I have many rewards for those that have been faithful to me, and I will not forget the cost of your alabaster box, that place of sacrifice towards me, and that you have shown towards my name, and for my kingdom, and towards my servants in the Lord, and make no mistake about it, I will repay you greatly, declares the Lord. I will repay greatly, says the almighty God! Faithfulness is always rewarded in my kingdom, declares the Lord! See 2 Chronicles 15:7, Hebrews 6:10, and also Galatians 6:9-10. 9-5-2016 The Lord says, greater is coming so don’t start running from the call, because as systems fall, I will see you through it all and cause you to align with my spirit to the point that you will experience the victory. There is victory in my will, says the Lord! 9-4-2016 God oftentimes allow things to shake you up to wake you up. Many things that come in your life is not there to harm you, even though they might scare the hell out of you at times in order to make room for heaven on the inside of you. The reason why God allow things to come to wake you up is to let you know that you were sleeping on your destiny for far too long, and it is now time to arise and take your place in life and in destiny. For the past several years and in the last several months strongly, the Lord has been preparing you and positioning you and getting you in place for the greater that were to come. If many others did not see their signs and signals, you saw and would let go of what he had shown you, because all the while he was preparing you for a mission that would even take you far beyond your borders and even your comfort zone. He has been preparing you for a shift that will take you where he would have you planted to grow up as a tall structure in the land, a structure of beautification. Your drive and your passion to want to accomplish certain things has positioned you for greater in life and the greater harvest awaits you. Your destiny is sure, but as of late, you were a little unsure about the final destination of what you see. Where Lord? Where is what you have been saying? But the Lord would even now say unto you, be patient my child and wait on me to order your steps. Be patient in the process as I am realigning and restricting many things in your life. I know the path in life that you should take, but you have been having to wait on me to go ahead of you to clear the path for you. Now is a season that I am making the way clear and stable. Those of you that see my light and my signals will see the path to the greater that I am sending you to and I am sending to you the greater harvest that I have for you. As you help me to reap my harvest, I will cause you to reap your harvest too, and the angels of the Lord will bring the greater rewards to all those that wait on me and trust me in this hour. Those that trust me in this hour will see my greater power in life, declares the Lord! See Psalm 110:3. 9-3-2016 The Lord says, your value and self-worth comes from when you identify with me. Do not be mistaken in your identity, because you are a part of the royal seed of my kingdom, so act like it is so, declares the Lord! 9-2-2016 The Lord says, some things were held back from you in times past, because you had the wrong people around you so I could not release those things to you at that time, because they would have been devoured as soon as you got them, but now is the time of harvest for you, and I will release them to you at this time; for I have cleared your path, declares the Lord! 9-1-2016 The Lord says, I am coming in, in a new way, and if you are not in the spirit, you will miss me, because I will not be moving in such a way that you will be able to recognize from your past experiences with me. I declare fresh manna and new creative ways over your life so that things can flow, flourish, and grow, says the Lord! 8-31-2016 The Lord says, my flow of prosperity and blessings are prepared for you, and my rain of abundance awaits all those that believe and dare to follow my principles. I reward all those that put their unwavering trust in me, and I will show the former and the latter rain now to this generation that has longed to see my goodness poured out, declares God! 8-30-2016 Victory is not something that comes just by thinking it, but it is something that comes when you walk into it, declares the Lord! 8-29-2016 The Lord would say unto you, tie your shoe so you don’t trip up. there are things that are on your path that are designed to trip you up, but I say unto you that if you would take heed to the things that I’m whispering in your ears and will yield to my spirit, you will surely not get taken by the ambush that is on your path. Jesus already even made a way of escape to get you around the thing that would try to afflict harm upon you. There’s no need for you to fear, because I have angels on your path that are assigned to help you navigate to the safety and refuge that I have prepared and made for you, says the Lord! 8-28-2016 I hear the Lord saying that the enemy will no longer be able to stop, block, hinder, or mess with your blessings. Though he may try, I will cause your harvest to be fruitful and to multiply, and it will come in abundantly. Get ready for the former and the latter rain; for there will be no more dry places in your life, declares the Lord! 8-27-2016 The Lord says, I am the one to lighten your eyes, and those that dwell in me will not be caught off guard or taken by surprise of the many things that are coming in the earth; for I shield all those who dwell in my secret place, declares the Lord! 8-26-2016 The Lord says, you have wasted enough time focusing on the wrong things that have gotten you nowhere. Now it is time to recalibrate and to focus on those things that I have spoken to you so that you can come into a new process that will walk you into all that I have for you, says the Lord! The Lord says, the old would not do, that is why I am calling for the brand new, declares the father! 8-25-2016 He said, tell them, that if they are willing to get quiet in the stillness of the night and the quietness of the morning, then I will talk with them there, and I will reveal secrets to them. Oh how I long to talk with my people, says the Lord! 8-24-2016 The Lord says, I take the good places and the bad places of your life and cause it all to work together for your good and benefit. In life, what you might think is working against you in some kind of way is actually working out for you. 8-23-2016 The Lord says, be not fearful, but only believe that I am able to perform all things for you. See Job 23:14 and Psalm 57:2. 8-22-2016 The Lord says, I have not called you to fail, but to prevail, and like with pharaoh and his army, I will move all enemy opposition off of your trail and give you the victory, declares the Lord! 8-21-2016 The Lord says, legalism keeps the troops blocked out, but I will cause the voices that I intend to be heard amongst my troops to go around that legalism and those legalistic structures to break forth and to break free to declare what I have said to them in the secret place and to proclaim it aloud among all the nations. 8-20-2016 The Lord says, do not waste valuable time wondering about just how I am going to do things, but just believe that I am able to do them for you, and then watch me work. 8-19-2016 The Lord says, don’t worry about it, just walk in love, and I will take care of the rest. 8-18-2016 The Lord says, do not be afraid of what you can’t see. You can’t see me either, but yet you trust me, so trust me to provide those things that you cannot see, says the Lord! 8-17-2016 8-17-2016 The Lord says, regroup, refocus, realign, and do not fear, and you will see my plan by the end of the year. 8-16-2016 The Lord says, victory is in sight for many of you, so don’t lose sight of the overall vision. 8-15-2016 The Lord declares, Arise and position yourself in that place of faith. Be that standard bearer that I have called you to be, and do not allow challenges to challenge the words that I have put within you. Hold tight to your faith and allow me to further develop that faith so that you can reach new heights that I desire and have ordained for you to reach, declares the Lord! 8-14-2016 The Lord says, I require faith of you and not just hope. Allow my word to get inside of you and take root so that it can produce fruit that will glorify my kingdom, says the Lord! 8-13-2016 The Lord says, do not miss how I am moving in this season, and do not let the fears of yesterday slow you down, hold you up, and hold you back. I am doing a fresh thing, and a brand new thing, and if you are caught up and hung up on yesterday’s tradition, you will not see how I am moving now in your midst. The changes that I desire to bring in your life will transition you into a better place and a much higher level than where you are now, and once again you’ll be able to see pass the frustration and the hopeless state of where you’ve been, and you will see how I’m shifting you now and positioning you for something much greater and much higher that will set you up on top of what has been trying to pull you down in most recent weeks and months. As you flow with me and go with me, you will see that chains that had you bound will be used to bind that same enemy that once used them on you. This is a season where the tables will now turn and shift to work in your favor quickly if you align now and quickly with my spirit and how I am now moving in the earth, in my body, and in your life, declares the Lord! 8-12-2016 The Lord would say unto you this day, why are you allowing the cares of this life to trouble your soul at times and to eat at you? Why are you allowing the little simple or trivial things to get you down in life? Am I not your God? Do I not make a way for you? Continue to trust my plan and you will see my hand moving in your life, says the Lord! 8-11-2016 The Lord says, I did not create you to fail, and I have promised you that the gates of hell will not prevail. I need you to believe what I have said, and you will see what I have spoken come to pass in your life just as it was promised. 8-10-2016 The Lord says, what I am forming in you is far greater than you can see, know, or comprehend, but as you continue towards the end, you will see what I intended for your life as you become just that before your very own eyes, declares the Lord! 8-9-2016 I understand you when you say, I am weary, but I say unto you, say not that I am weary; for I give you the strength to overcome every obstacle in your way and on your path, because I give you my strength to do it in and to overcome all things, declares the Lord! 8-8-2016 The Lord says, value the time that you spend with me and allow my treasures to fill your mind, because within those treasures are the keys of wisdom that will unlock your future, and you can only get those keys by spending quality time with me, declares the Lord! 8-7-2016 I heard the Lord says, prepare for the great rain. 8-6-2016 The Lord would say, persevere without fear, and allow my purpose to be fulfilled in your life without hesitations, second guessing, and reservations. Do not be skeptical of what I have said I will do in your life, but be only believing until you see the receiving of what I have for you, declares the Lord! 8-5-2016 The Lord says, I am teaching you to apply your faith in this season, because it is by faith that you win. You will conquer and win all things in life by your faith, so be it unto you according your faith, says God! 8-4-2016 The Lord says, when it comes to elections worldwide, it will look like the momentum is with one particular candidate, and I will shift things in a whole different direction, and I will make my clear choice known, and I will cause things to happen that will point to the person of my choice, declares the Lord! 8-3-2016 Allow me to penetrate your mind and to give you new thoughts. Allow me to give you my thoughts. Allow me to give you a fresh way of thinking. Allow me to deposit in you how I think. If you will learn to yield to my spirit, I can deposit in you what is missing, and cause you to think and see life differently by seeing it from my perspective. Transformation will begin in your life whenever you learn to see things my way, says the Lord! 8-2-2016 The Lord says, strong is the power of my right hand, strong is the people that trust my plan, it is through my wisdom that I am able to help you to stand. 8-1-2016 The Lord says, I am setting things in order to prevent a coming slaughter, and I will protect and defend my people near and far, and I will fight for them as nations try to come against them, declares the Lord! 7-31-2016 The Lord says, I have called you higher than where you are. I have called you higher than what you are settling for. You have been settling for much less than my best; for I am the highest, and I have called my sons and daughters to be so much higher than where you are. Step a step of faith, and come up higher, says the Lord! 7-30-2016 The Lord says, there is a fire coming in the earth, but I have been long preparing my people for the days ahead, and it is my wisdom that shall get you through. I have prepared a place of refuge for my people, and I will hide you from the scourge swiftly coming upon the nations, and many won’t escape, says the Lord! See 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and Job 11:20. 7-29-2016 The Lord says, not everything you see in life is what it appears to be, so do not continue to judge things by the naked sight of your own natural eyes, because what you see may just be the exact opposite of what you think you see from a natural perspective. Judge things by the spirit and not by your flesh and earthly judgement, says the Lord! 7-28-2016 The Lord says, if you will learn to take a more calculated approach to the things that you’re doing and pursuing in life, then you will be able to see things from a perspective that causes you not to overstep your bounds, but to excel the average goals and standards and come in at an accurate pace for what you are trying to accomplish. Then, the Lord would say further, whatever you calculate in all your formulas and expectations, do not ever forget to factor in my grace, because my grace can change the overall outcome, says the Lord! 7-27-2016 The Lord says, lift your brother up or lift your sister up in prayer when you see them going through some stuff, struggling, being weak, and possibly struggling in their faith, instead of you just standing in judgement of them and talking about them right along with everyone else. Love on the brethren, says the Lord, and you will see my favor on your life because of it. 7-26-2016 The Lord says, be not careless in your dealings, but remain prudent in all that you do, and you will find that I have blessed the works of your hands. 7-25-2016 The Lord says, to relive the past is not what I called you to do, but I have called you and positioned you for your future and now is the time to prepare to move into that which I have ordained for such a time as this. I also heard the Lord say that some of you are already prepared and you are not moving and transitioning into that which I have for you in this season. I have already prepared the gates and I have already prepared the gardens for the harvest. Now walk into the vineyard that is already prepared for you, says the Lord! 7-24-2016 The Lord says, the things that are brewing in the earth should be your prayer assignment, not your fear guide. There are many things that can shift and change if my people change, declares the Lord! 7-23-2016 The Lord says, I am shifting my body into a new dimension of my power in the earth, and it will be able to enter into new realms that will supply new provision, new Markets, new ideas, and reveal new supply lines that will be strategic in connecting the dots for your future. 7-22-2016 The Lord says, get ready for a unilateral move that will position you for greatness. I heard the Lord say, many things are shifting, but I have plans for you to be included in the uplifting. 7-21-2016 The Lord says, get ready for a major shakeup in the land. I see things shaking from governments to natural structures, but your peace will be in the Lord, so stay anchored. 7-20-2016 The Lord says, keep walking the walk of faith and soon you’ll see the fullness of my grace, and you’ll soon know and see to the fullest extent just how much I love you. 7-19-2016 The Lord says, beware of the ploys of the adversary and seek to avoid the very appearance of his tactics, and keep yourself pure from anything that looks to defile as my child. 7-18-2016 The Lord says, this is a season for you to be vigilant, but not operate in fear; for my angels are near. This is an hour for you to pray and not shy away. This is an hour that if my people pray diligently and with fervor, all men shall see my power. I move upon the prayers of my people, so invite me in, says the Lord! 7-17-2016 The Lord says, if my will is planted in you, then there will be no confusion of face, but as you walk with me and talk with me, I will show you the pathways of life and where you need to be and what you should be doing at all times and seasons of your life. The Lord says, follow the last instruction that I gave you, until I say something otherwise. 7-16-2016 The Lord says, as the nations of the world are shaking in various ways, know that your confidence and faith in me should not be shaken. I give strength to all those who call on my name, and I give direction and guidance to those that call upon me with a sincere heart, says the Lord! 7-15-2016 The Lord says, you might think that some people are being unreasonable or even irrational about certain things, but it just may be your approach to things and how you are seeing, receiving, and perceiving things to be. The Lord says, be open to my spirit and open yourself up to see things my way and through my lenses, then and only then, will you really be able to see things from both perspectives and come up with the solution that I want you to have and bring to the table. Every success story begins with a willing heart; for Jesus called my people to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem, declares the Lord, the great king! 7-14-2016 The Lord says, don’t let things get you so worked up in life that you forget to praise me, or that you forget to worship me, that you forget to pray, and that you forget who I am in your life. It is in your time of forgetfulness that you lose sight of the bigger picture and the greater calling, but it is in your remembrance of me that you will find great victory and peace and the everlasting path that leads to wisdom and great treasure, declares the Lord! 7-13-2016 The Lord says, go and do it by faith. 7-12-2016 The Lord says, I have not deprived you of your privileges to know me as your savior and your deliverer. I have not deprived you of your rights to the inheritance that my kingdom has stored up for you, but I, the Lord have reserved only the best for you. It is even already laid up for you, but you simply have not believed that I am able to do that for you. I have many good things laid up for you, and you access them with your faith and with your obedience, says the Lord! Come before me, and sit still in my presence, and I will reveal to you the necessary secrets for you to access all the lavish and hidden benefits of my kingdom, says the Lord! 7-11-2016 The Lord says, obey me, and you will find my path and my plan for your life, and you will never lack on that path. 7-10-2016 The Lord says, concentrate on the prize and not the problem, and you will find yourself being rewarded instead of being tormented with worry about how things are going to work out and fit together. 7-9-2016 The Lord says, it is important not to overact to situations as things are coming full circle in the earth, but allow me to form the wisdom within you as my people to deal with any matters at hand wisely, declares the Lord! 7-8-2016 The Lord says, when you can’t see what I am doing, then just know that it requires blind obedience of you and your part. 7-7-2016 The Lord says, keep watching for my signs, and what others cannot see and cannot understand, you will understand what I am doing and not be led astray like the rest of the multitudes. See Daniel 12:10. 7-6-2016 The Lord says, remain steadfast in a perverse generation, and you shall receive a crown of righteousness for your righteous stance, declares the Lord! 7-5-2016 The Lord says, be not skeptical, but only believe that I am able to do all things for you that you need me to do for you. 7-4-2016 The timing of things in your life is in my hands, and as you walk with me and obey me, then my plans for you will stand, declares the Lord! 7-3-2016 The Lord says, rest when I tell you to rest, speak when I tell you to speak, but know that times of refreshing are necessary to form the right words and responses to life in you. In this season, I am forming up something in you that will handle the next five major responses in your life that will shape the rest of your life from this point on and in moving forward. 7-2-2016 Plant in the garden of my choice for your life, says the Lord and not that of your own choice and choosing, and then you will see the fruit of your labors come up for rewards, declares the Lord! 7-1-2016 The Lord declares over you this day, that you will have the strength to continue and the strength to overcome everything that has been against you and presenting a challenge to your destiny. I just really hear the Lord saying to you for you to persevere. 6-30-2016 The Lord says, the things going on in the earth around you do not stop or destroy my glory; for I am still able to deliver on what I have promised you and make my word good to you in spite of what you see, declares the Lord! 6-29-2016 The Lord says, I have called you out to stick out and stand out and not to be silent, but to sound off and display my glory and tell them my story. This is not a time to be silent, declares the Lord! 6-28-2016 The Lord says, work on perfecting things in this season, and allow faith to take root in you, but also allow wisdom to give you the necessary steps and ingredients to make it all happen. 6-27-2016 The Lord says, favor is already on your life, so use it to your advantage. 6-26-2016 The Lord says, make no mistake about it, I favor those that favor my righteous causes in the earth, declares the Lord! 6-25-2016 The Lord says, stay focused on what I am doing, and do not be distracted by the many things that are coming in the world to try the sons of men; for it is an hour of patience, declares the sovereign Lord! 6-24-2016 The Lord says, now is not the time to lose heart or to lose faith. If I brought you this far, I will take you even further, a lot further than you would have ever imagined, declares the Lord! 6-23-2016 The Lord says, watch how I move in your life over the next few days. Watch the changes I am making, old habits in you, I am breaking and old systems and mindsets I am shaking to establish the new, so that your next steps you will know what to do, declares the Lord! 6-22-2016 The Lord says, you must manage what I give you with wisdom if you want to see the promotion. 6-21-2016 The Lord says, pray my people pray, and everything will be okay, but if you fail to pray, then it will be a sad day. Whenever you pray, it authorizes me to get involved in those things and in various areas of your life and also within the nations. Angels move on your faith and on your prayers, declares the Lord! 6-21-2016 (Originally Posted Under Prayer Watches Section) continue to pray against news blackouts that keeps many important things in the dark that we need to know and be aware of. A lot of stuff is still being hidden from the people in the name of security concerns, but it is putting more people at risk of being directly in harm’s way from not being warned about certain known impending dangers and threats in the land. The Lord is the one that is saying for us to pray this stuff. (See Matthew 10:26-31 & Amos 3:7) It is the Job of the prophets of the Lord to sound off as a watchmen on the wall and to warn the people and nations. See 2 Kings 6:8-12, Ezekiel 3:17 & 33:7, Isaiah 58:1 and Isaiah 21:6-17. The Lord says, a lot of important information is still being held back, but something is going to happen that will cause information to be released in rapid streams, not by choice. I also see in the spirit that some really major things are going to happen that will embarrass the current administration for being persistent to hold back information that could have prepared the people and saved lives in the process. I normally do not sing on these kind of things, but the Lord said this was an urgent matter. As a result of things that will come, I see some government officials resigning, some key and major ones, but I cannot see exactly who they are, because it's like I am reading a digital blackboard in the spirit with these words flashing up on it and rolling by like an airline flight boarding digital information board. I’m just relaying the matter, but this is an urgent prayer matter and concern. 6-20-2016 The Lord says, things and people in life may change, but do not allow people, things, situations, or circumstances to hinder you, or keep you from your destiny, or to dictate your obedience to me. 6-19-2016 The Lord says, watch how I move in the earth this week, and watch for my signs in your life, declares the high God! 6-18-2016 The Lord says, my grace will cause you to overcome all the rough places in your life and cause things to transition smoothly for you and get you the victory. 6-17-2016 The Lord says, stick with my vision plan for your life and you will not only see your future, but you will get there. 6-16-2016 The Lord says, look into the spirit and allow me to show you your future. Allow me to show you what is already done and is waiting on you to reach for it with your faith, declares the highest Lord and king! Study John 16:13-15 and then also 2 Corinthians 5:7. 6-15-2016 The Lord says, evaluate what you are focusing on, when you are focusing on it, and how you are focusing on it. Only focus on those things that I have set before you in this season, so that you do not become distracted by the cares of this life so that you can really get things accomplished in a timely manner in life, those things that I have ordained to bring prosperity, peace, and blessings to your life by laboring for my kingdom, declares the Lord! 6-14-2016 Dream two; in the dream, I was talking with someone I knew from my old neighborhood. I walked into a parts store to get a part for a car that was broken and not running for a long time and was just sitting up. My neighbor looked at me and said to me, what are you doing? I said, I’m finally fixing this car that has been broken all this time. I then said, back then I did not have all of the money and support that I needed to complete this mission. It’s like being in a fire fight with your enemies with everybody shooting at you, and you have no backup and no reinforcements and you are all alone in that season by yourself and you’re outnumbered by enemy opposition to your life, but all of a sudden, the season changes and your help, support, and reinforcements comes in with a powerful response and now you have all that you need to complete the mission and you no longer are fighting this battle alone all by yourself, and he turned to me and said, yeah, I know exactly what you mean. a lady from the projects was sitting by and heard what I shared with him and she started laughing, and then she said, yeah, I know what you mean and I receive that for my life, and then she said, my son had gotten into trouble too, and I had to spend all of my money to keep him out of jail and to help him, but I feel like I am now about to recover and get all the money I need built back up again based upon what you just said. I looked at her and smiled and said, that is right. She was just glowing with the glory of God. At that point, a parts technician came to show me the part that I needed for my car. I said to him, does this thing really work? He said, let’s test it out and see, and there was a clicking noise. He then adjusted something, and it went to spinning perfectly and it worked just fine, so I put the part in the car myself and it worked, and the car started again and drove and worked perfectly after a long season of being without that car even though I had other cars the whole time. Based upon this dream, and what the people in the dream represented, the Lord is now saying to all of us get ready for some old broken things and places of your life to be restored, and where you had been in a long season of fighting many battles by yourself, I will help you says the Lord, and I will send my angels to assist you, and I will bring the right people into your life that will help you and not disappoint you, and they’ll serve as the needed reinforcements to throw the battle in your favor to get the victory. And the Lord now would further say, the part of your life that you thought was broken beyond repair and there was no hope for you in that area, I will now readjust some things, and it will suddenly be fixed, totally repaired, restored, and even revitalized, and it will surely work again. Yea, and this thing shall be by my hand, declares the Lord, and you will not be put to shame, says the Lord your God, the highest God! See Isaiah 42:22, Joel 2:25-27, Amos 9:11-15, Isaiah 30:23 & 26, Zephaniah 3:15, and also Psalm 68:9-12. 6-13-2016 Dream; I had a dream. In the dream, we entered a restaurant that had a serving line type buffet look to it, and I asked the person that I was with, did they place the order for us yet, and they said yeah, but nothing was being put out on that buffet and nothing was being brought out to us either. I noticed that we also had a long line behind us. There were people in front of us that entered a door, and you could smell the good food, but everyone behind us and the person that I was with assumed that we would get our food when they put it out on the buffet or they would bring it to us, because we had ordered already. At that point, I suddenly told the person that I was with to let me lead, and I got in front of that person and entered the door that was in front us of, and everyone that was behind us began to follow us as we entered this new area. When we got back there, my God, there were all kinds of delicious, juicy, and good smelling food of all sorts, and we then had to just tell the people back there serving what we wanted, and the lead server said, everything is already paid for, and we will fix whatever you want, just ask for it, and it is yours. I don’t need to tell you that we dug into it and got us a super abundance of food. What the Lord is saying to us through this dream is; 1) That there are new and hidden supply lines for this hour in which you’ll be fed and fed good. 2) Don’t always look to be fed the same old way, because he has a new way of feeding his body in this hour, and it is in a secret place that is completely hidden to get to it. 3) Be prepared for new and capable leaders to take the forefront that can take my people forward into a new place of provision, feeding, and abundance of good things. Also, he is saying that a shift in leadership is coming that can move the line forward. New leadership is needed to get the people pass all of the places of being stuck in religion, tradition, and old and irrelevant mindsets that keeps the people just walking in circles and not getting anywhere and wandering around in the wilderness. The Lord is saying that things will shift for you and shift in your life once you embrace the new things that I am doing in your life and do not get stuck on the past with an old way of thinking; for truly I am a God that does new and fresh things, and I, the Lord, am bringing fresh ideas and new creativity that shall astonish men, and bring them to their knees to see my goodness before them in the land of the living and how I solve old problems through fresh and new mindsets from bringing forth new and fresh leadership that was always there and very capable of leading my people, and in this season I say to my new leaders and prophets, arise and take your place so that things can shift in the places around you, says the Lord! I am calling for the new, says the Lord! The Lord says, Joshua’s have to take over and come forth to lead where a Moses dies out, and an Elisha has to take up the mantle of an Elisha and come forth and lead wherever an Elijah is taken up into heaven by the fiery chariots and a whirlwind of heaven. Come forth my people and lead, declares the almighty, the highest God! 6-12-2016 The passage that I have for you is already locked in stone, and the way that I have for you to pass over is safe and free of harm, says the Lord. I will mature you on that path and cause you to trust me in a new way that will cause your faith to explode because you see me in new ways, says God. I have prepared the best for last for you, and the mysterious portion of my goodness now begins, declares the highest! 6-11-2016 The Lord says, step back and look at things from a different vantage point, and you will see things a lot differently, because if you always look at things in life the way that you have always done, you will keep on making the same decisions and mistakes that you have made in the past and keep on bumping your head against a wall. It is time for you to look at things my way, declares the Lord! 6-10-2016 The Lord says, this is a time where the day of reckoning will begin for many nations, and many will now begin to eat the fruit of their own doings; for I will reckon with the nations, declares the Lord! 6-9-2016 The Lord says, those that really trust me experience me, and those that don’t never see me, it is because I am blocked out by their doubts, fears, and unbelief. I move in the faith realm, and I come in where I see faith being demonstrated, says the Lord! 6-8-2016 The Lord says, your destiny is secure and sealed in me. You just need to walk out the plans that I have for you and abandon your will in exchange for my will that is filled with blessings for you on that path, declares the Most High God! 6-7-2016 The Lord says, my tabernacle is in you, and I have chosen to dwell in you and live out my plan through you. If you will only yield to my spirit and allow me to have free course in you, then you will see just how rewarding it is for my will to be done in and through your life versus you continuing to live and do your own will. There are still areas of your life that you still need to fully surrender over to me, declares the Lord! 6-6-2016 The Lord says, keep following me, and keep on following the way that you know is right, and you shall find yourself in the midst of a golden harvest that awaits you. My ways leads to great treasure and rewards, says the Lord! Isaiah 45:1-3, Proverbs 8:17-21, Psalm 25:4-5 & 8-14, Psalm 23:2-3, and Joel 2:21-24 now verses 25-27. When you are in a season of your life where the Lord God is purging some things from your life, then you must stay put, until he finishes that process around you and in you, because all of that will lead you to that wealthy place of harvest that he has laid up for you in due time. See Job 23:20, Psalm 66:12-20, Psalm 68:9-12, Malachi 3:1-4, Haggai 2:6-9, Deuteronomy 8:18, and Zechariah 8:9-17. 6-5-2016 The Lord would say to you defend the things that you believe and hold fast to all that I have promised you knowing that I will deliver in due time, declares the Lord! 6-4-2016 The Lord says, align with my spirit and allow me to take you up higher. Allow me to visit you in a way that you have not known before. That which you have been seeking is in me, and I will not only fill your cup in this season, but I will cause it to overflow like the rivers that have been overflowing their banks as of lately. I have put enough in you to overflow onto others around you, declares the Lord! 6-3-2016 The Lord has shown me that the insurance industry will be the next industry to shake, and there will be a ripple effect from this worldwide. (So get to praying on this matter). He has also shown me that because many hidden corruption and many questionable business practices in so many different areas will be the main thing that will be fueling this fire. This will also have an effect on the economy and an impact on the economies of the world and the global system. 6-2-2016 The Lord says, remain in the faith and stand strong, and I will give you a sure reward for your diligence in serving in me in my kingdom. 6-1-2016 The Lord says, my glory is more powerful than you think, and it will be more evident in your life in this season and more real to you than you would have ever imagined. Get ready for a new experience with me, says the Lord! 5-31-2016 The Lord says, learn to focus on things that you have at your disposal and not on things that you do not have available at this moment. If you would learn to work with what you have got already and build upon that, then you will find that life will progress for you a lot better than you have ever expected, declares the Lord! 5-30-2016 The Lord says, many people are saying, I can’t wait for things to get back to normal. I just can’t wait for things to be the way that they used to be, but The Lord says, things are never going backwards, they are always going forward, and it is time that you learn to adjust and adapt to the changes around you and in your life and not allow those things to hinder you or stop you from going forward. Allow me to come in and give you a clear strategy for going forward, and allow me to show you a way pass what you view as the limitations in your life from sudden changes around you, says the Lord! 5-29-2016 The Lord would say unto you, today is a day where you make a choice, a choice to flow with me and go with me, or a choice to hide and stand still like Adam and eve. It is a day that you must decide to partake of my goodness, or just hear about it in other people’s lives. The choice is yours, but my goodness is laid up for all those that put their trust in me and keep it there, says the Lord! 5-28-2016 The Lord says, I will make sudden and swift changes in your life that will shape the next season of your life to position you for all those things that I have for you. 5-27-2016 Regroup and re-grip, put your trust in me, and you shall never slip or trip, says the Lord God almighty! 5-26-2016 The father would say unto you today, believe my will, press when you are drilled, stand fast in the faith, until all things be fulfilled. Those that make it to the end are the ones that sees the reward of my inheritance laid up for them. Press my child, press, declares father God! 5-25-2016 The Lord says, I am releasing greater wisdom, greater measures of wisdom into your life for you to deal wisely with the affairs of life. 5-24-2016 The Lord God says, I am watching over my word to perform it in your life, and in due time and in the proper timing, I will bring all things to pass in your life that I have promised you, declares the Lord, so keep hoping in me and putting all of your trust in me and what I have told you. 5-23-2016 The Lord says, there are deeper realms in me, and I am calling you to a deeper realm in me. Continue to press into me and dig deeper, and you gain access to that deeper realm, says the Lord! 5-22-2016 The Lord says, don’t let your fire go out; for I have called you to start a fire in the hearts of those around you on behalf of my cause, says the Lord! You are called to the very forefront of that fire of revival sweeping all the nations and the hearts of men. 5-21-2016 The Lord God says, I have prepared you for greater, believe me for it now instead of later. 5-20-2016 The Lord says, I am wise enough not to consent to your demise, but I will protect you and that which I have invested in you. 5-19-2016 The Lord says, how you handle the fire when it comes will determine whether the fire will promote you or destroy you. In Daniel chapter 3, particularly in verse 30, you’ll see just how that Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego handled the fire pretty well when it did come their way, so in the end they got promoted. They had the right attitude. They did not get bitter and do a bunch of complaining, but they persevered and stood fast in the time of testing and got rewarded for it. The Lord says, having the right attitude in times of testing will take you up higher like it did with Daniel, Joseph, and Mordecai. 5-18-2016 The Lord says, open your mouth and call those things that be not as though they were, and you will begin to see change and see things shift in your life and around you. 5-17-2016 The Lord says, keep looking to your future and by looking at your future, it will pull it into the now, in your present. 5-16-2016 The Lord says, if you would create an environment for me to move in, I will show up and do many mighty things and mighty miracles in your midst. In my presence, sick bodies are healed, finances line up, confusion leaves from people’s lives, stability comes, relationships are healed, blind eyes opened, deaf ears hear for the first time when they are opened, and great things happen when the atmosphere is set and is conducive for my spirit to flow in, says God! Set the atmosphere where you are, says your God, and I will surely come in and astound you, declares the Lord! 5-16-2016 (Originally Posted Under the Counsel Section on 5-16-2016) The Lord says, it is not a wise thing for you to keep pushing your destiny and future off or to keep saying it is way down the line. In your heart you keep saying that it is years down the line and that is in the future, but you said that about your destiny ten years ago and it is now says the Lord! You keep saying that is not now and that is out in the future, but The Lord says, to you, it is now; for I did not waste all of that time preparing you and grooming you for something that you never seem to want to enter into simply because you don’t think that you are ready for it, or because you’re comfortable and have become complacent in your calling. As a result of this, I have been the one shaking things up in your life, because many souls are at stake and there are so many things hanging in the balance just waiting on you to fulfill your calling and life assignment. How long do you need, says the Lord? How long will you hesitate to obey me? How long will you defy my orders, says God? There is no comfort and no more peace to those sitting idly by while people perish, things are not implemented, and things are standing still, but my peace comes to you with the mission that is at hand. You should always see me in your purpose and in your plan, says the Lord! (I would advise some of you that has just been sitting on the bench and sidelines for years and sowing up the word to get busy in the things of God, because there is a fire coming that will burn up those sitting idly by and just not moving in the things of God after you know that he told you.) I just heard the Lord say, end-time prophets come to the front lines. Report now to the front lines of this thing and come from the back and bringing up the rear to the forefront of things, declares the Lord. The Lord says, I’m even now calling many ministers to the forefront, and there will be new apostles arise out of this new wave and alignment of my order, declares the Lord! I also just heard the Lord Say, re-enter the gates. 5-15-2016 The Lord would say unto his people today, my favor is upon your life, and my favor opens doors, unlocks door, unlocks vaults of provision and money, and it opens up the gates of supply to my people that are faithful to me. 5-14-2016 The Lord says, those that attack my people and my gospel are playing with fire; for I will defend my people and my gospel. See Isaiah 42:13-16, Isaiah 63:4-7, then read Verses 1-7, Psalm 78:65-72, Isaiah 66:10-18, Psalm 110:5-6, Job 34:24-30, Isaiah 8:9-22, Ezekiel 13:11-13, Isaiah 26:13-21, Isaiah 28:17-22, and Isaiah 29:6-24. It would be wise for you to look up all of these scriptures, because they give an exact interpretation and picture of the times that we are living in now. The Lord says, if you want to know the truth, you have to search for it and look it up. 5-13-2016 The Lord says, if my people would pray, many things would change today. Look at 2 Chronicles 7:12-15, Joel 1:1-20, and then Joel 2:1-32. The Lord says, real and sincere prayer from the heart and intercession is the answer to many of the pressing things that you see in the world today and around you. Go look at Ezekiel 22:30-31, Isaiah 59:12-16, and Isaiah 63:4-5. 5-12-2016 The Lord says, your mind is like a garden for thoughts to grow in, so keep your garden pure, and keep your thoughts zoned in on me so your life will produce the right harvest based upon the thoughts that are planted there. 5-11-2016 (Post #1) the Lord is saying to his people, pay very close attention to what I’m doing in your life while I visit your mind in this season and instruct you. See Job 33:14-16, Job 4:12-13, Deuteronomy 29:29, and Psalm 16:7; now read the Word of Insight below. 5-11-2016 (Word of Insight) this is a heavy season of dreams, ones that are God inspired wherein you will get clarity, and lots of long awaited confirmations and answers. In this Kairos season of divine dreams, these are not just ordinary dreams, but it is like the Lord is translating you into your future, and it is as if you are literally there and seeing all that is going to happen in the near future or in the distant future of your life. In this season of dreams, things are very vivid and clear. You can wake up and remember every single detail of the dreams for days, months, and years to come, and it will remain fresh as if you just had the dream that same day. The Lord is visiting his people through their dreams. 5-10-2016 The Lord says, defy the odds that are against you and dare to hope and believe that someone positive is going to come out of this, and you will see me move in that situation to make it all happen as you expect according to your faith. 5-9-2016 The Lord says, persevere and see a dramatic shift by the end of the year. 5-8-2016 The Lord says, my favor is on your life so that the enemy cannot get in to crush you. 5-7-2016 The Lord says, pray. When you do not know what to do, pray, and ask help of my spirit, and I will show you the right way to go in this. 5-6-2016 The Lord is saying, now is not the time for you to back off or back up in your faith, but it is a time and season for you to press and take dominion in all those things that he has called you to do. 5-5-2016 The Lord says, I value you above all else, because I created you, and what I create is very valuable and special to me, declares the Lord! 5-4-2016 I hear the Lord saying, Transition to get you into position. you are being transitioned to get you into a higher level position. My will is to take you up, not down, and position your feet on solid ground. Don’t look at the obstacles, look to me, and when you look to me, you will clearly see your door and the path where I am positioning you now for your future. For some of you, things are going to happen so quickly, in the twinkling of an eye or before you can blink your eyes good, you are going to have to readjust and refocus to a sudden new way of living that will release favor, the blessing, new provision, new energy, a new momentum, and new stamina. The Lord would have you to further know that your promotion is not coming from man, but it is coming from him. See Psalm 75:6-7 and Proverbs 29:25-26. 5-3-2016 The Lord says, some things that you have had to deal with in life were the results of injustices and you being done wrong, but The Lord says, I am your vindicator, and in due time and in due season, I will vindicate you. I am your defense, and I will defend you, says the Lord! See Isaiah 43:4-7. 5-2-2016 As I looked into the spirit realm, I saw a dark pair of shades (sunglasses) spinning around in place, and I immediately heard the Lord saying, I am turning many dark things around for my people. Yea, I am turning things around, and in dark times the sun (son) will shine so brightly before you, and I will be with my people in the dark times shining the light on their paths, so that they can see their way clearly and not continue to stumble in darkness. 5-1-2016 I hear the Lord saying, it is a process. Go through the process, says the Lord! 4-30-2016 The system that you are up against will soon fall when you least expect it, says the Lord! 4-29-2016 The Lord says, take time to hear me today and get the whole instruction and not just get a portion. Many of my people don’t sit in my presence long enough to hear the whole of what I have to say before they just hear a partial instruction and try to run with it to no avail, and it does not work for them with a partial instruction. I am speaking today, but you will need to get the full instruction before you try to run with a partial truth. For those of you that will listen to me today, I will give you an instruction that will change your life, turn things around for you, and shape your future for the days ahead, says the Lord! Get still in my presence, because many of you have been too busy to hear me, and you are out of the loop of things, cries the Lord! 4-28-2016 The Lord says, look beyond what you see in the natural and lay hold to what I have promised you in times past, and know that I am God, and I am well able to bring it to pass. 4-27-2016 The Lord says, I am pouring out fresh oil upon my people in this season, and I will cause all things to be renewed as I refresh by my spirit, declares the Lord of glory! 4-26-2016 The Lord says, your smile can bring healing into the lives of someone else. The joy of the Lord is not just for your strength, but it is contagious when you spread that joy onto others around to bring healing in their lives, declares the Lord! 4-25-2016 The Lord says, I will see to it that my will comes to pass in your life, so that my glory will be displayed for all men to see my tender mercies and lovingkindness in your life. 4-24-2016 The Lord says, my power and my might is not of this world, therefore you should put your trust in a system that has no chance of failing and you shall retain both strength and might just by you remaining in me. See Isaiah 40:28-31. 4-23-2016 I hear the Lord saying that this next wave of revival spanning the nations will include all nations and tongues. The revival fires of the lamb and of the lion have already started around the world, declares the Lord! See how I move. See how I am moving in this hour. I am coming in. I am coming in through the doors. I am coming in through the openings that have been prepared for me by the prayers and the praise of my people, declares the Lord! The fire of my glory shall burn throughout the nations and a fresh fire of my glory shall be poured out, and my spirit will fall a fresh and a new upon the nations, and the nations will bow and experience my might declares the Lord! The next wave will include the Indians, the tribes of the earth, the Africans, the Latinos, black, white, the Asians of all nations, the Europeans, the Australians, the Arabs, the Jews, etc. And there will be a unified front worldwide that has never been seen before in the history of man and in the history of the church. Battles will be won again by the sound of the praise of the people. The Lord says, there were wars started to serve as a distraction because of this current wave and move of God which has now been released from the ends of the earth. 4-22-2016 The Lord says, as warriors in my kingdom, you do not sit on the sidelines and let all of the other of my faithful ones fight all of the kingdom battles by themselves, but you pray and intercede, you war, you participate, and get in the fight if you want to be a partaker of the blessings and the spoils of the latter day harvest, declares the Lord! Those sitting on the sidelines never receive anything, but I am a God that rewards and pays wages to all those that answer the call to action for my great cause, says the Lord! 4-21-2016 The Lord says, answer this question; if I really gave you all of the desires of your heart, would you still serve me? Now trust the fact that I am he that knows your heart inside and out, because I the one that made you. Yet I have been protecting some of you from your own selves, says the Lord! Can you really stand to be blessed how I really have in mind to bless you, declares the Lord? Can I trust you with the blessing, says the Lord? The Lord says, I already know the answer to that question, but do you know it for yourself, and can you answer that question for yourself honestly, declares the Lord? 4-20-2016 The Lord says, don’t be too curious and try to figure it all out, and try to figure out just how I’m going to do it all. Just know that my Job is to make it all happen for you in my timing and not yours, says the Lord! 4-19-2016 The Lord says, your power and your strength lies in your faith, and all those who put their trust in me will have the faith within them to employ those things. 4-18-2016 The Lord says, I am setting models and examples before you to follow and that you can pattern yourself after. It has nothing to do with being original or unique, but I am revealing a proven system of methods and a solid game plan for my body to follow that will get them the same results every time. 4-17-2016 I see many, many things coming and going, but The Lord says, tell my people that, I am still I am that I am, and I am still able to do that which I have promised you. See Isaiah 21:6. I continue to see the rise and fall of structures and systems in the earth, but mainly what I see is the fall and demise of corrupt and evil regimes and systems of evil and corruption. This is a very strong season of shaking, not just in the natural but in the spiritual and also in governmental realms of the world. See Hebrews 12:23-28. The Lord says, tell my people that they are a part of a kingdom that cannot be moved. The Lord says, many nations had already been warned and called to repentance, and how they responded to those calls will determine what you will see in those nations. I see where there is a form of judgment coming in the medical systems of the earth, not all of them, both those that practice unrighteous behavior patterns, specifically when it comes to their medical billing practices. I see where there has been many erroneous billing and fraudulent billing that has gone on for some time and has mainly oppressed the sick, afflicted, and the poor, and that realm is coming into judgment. Specifically, I see a lot of erroneous and fraudulent billing when it comes to cancer patients, but I see this has been wide scale in other areas too, and it is causing a swift judgment to come because of it. I see those same kinds of mass judgment coming in the corporate business world too that has been led and motivated by greed. There are many things coming down the pipes. I heard the Lord say, these are the fullness of times, and when sin is full, I come to judge those things and systems of evil, oppression, and corruption will collapse, and I’ll now reinstall my fear among the peoples of the nations of the earth, and I shall get my glory declares the Lord! The Lord would say further to the righteous, you have nothing to fear, but continue to do my will; for this is a time that all things will be fulfilled, says the Lord! A while back, I heard the Lord say, judgment for the nations, but during a time of judgment, there is also a time of rewards, blessings, and restoration for those nations that practice righteousness and turn from sin and idolatry, the worshipping of idols. The Lord sends times of refreshing at the same time that he sends his judgments in the earth, and the Lord told me to tell his people that he does not need everything around you and in the earth to be perfect for him to bless you and protect you. The Lord says, many of you are in a divine season of harvest where you are being singled out for a blessing, declares the Lord of hosts. I say to you that these are glorious times and glorious days for the saints, the people of God, the people of faith, and there shall be a swift performance of those things that were spoken unto you. If the Lord spoke a thing to you, then rest assured that those things will come to pass, many of those things in this season and at this time and in this hour will be fulfilled; for The Lord says, I have hidden many things and many blessings behind all of the trouble and darkness that you see in the earth. The Lord says, do not be deceived, because many things are blessings in disguise for my people; just believe and have faith, declares the Lord! 4-16-2016 The Lord says, no one is exempt from the testing when it comes, but when you have my word in you and you are properly connected to my spirit, then you pass the tests easily when they come became you know who I am and you know who you are in me, declares the almighty! 4-15-2016 The Lord says, I provide hope to all men that reach out to me. I am the hope of the world and the light of the world. Why reason in your mind if I have power or not? I am powerful to those of mine that believe and to those that do not believe, but in this hour I will show my power, my strength, and my might, says the Lord, and the nations will soon acknowledge my might, declares the Lord! 4-14-2016 The Lord says, who told you that it wasn’t going to happen? Just because it don’t seem like it is going to come together doesn’t mean that it is not going to happen. 4-13-2016 The Lord says, it is time for the mothers of the faith to arise within my body and become a strong voice that will not be silenced no more; for I, the Lord, will move amongst the mothers of the faith in my body once again, and they shall be used to impart wisdom to the younger generation, declares the Lord! Look at Titus 2:3-15. 4-12-2016 The Lord says, I have raised up eyes and voices for my body to steer them in the right direction in the times that it is facing. It is time to navigate by the leadership that I have raised up to guide as a people in this hour so that there be no damage, declares the Lord! 4-11-2016 The Lord says, keep your eyes on me, not the world. Watch what I am doing, and you will see your harvest coming, and you’ll be able to see how it is approaching. As long as you are watching the world, it serves for the purpose of being a distraction to the things that I am doing in my kingdom and shaping in your life. When I tell you to watch, there is a balance in what you watch for and what you are looking at. Don’t be so overly concerned about what is going on in the world to the point that you miss what I am saying and what I am doing in the kingdom of God, declares the almighty king! 4-10-2016 The Lord says, faith is your key to unlocking the door to your future, but it is patience that you will need to take you the distance down the path of the long corridor of life that you see. 4-9-2016 The Lord says, trust me to provide, and you will how things will arise in your midst. 4-8-2016 The Lord is saying, wake up my people and take up the cause of truth and allow righteousness to prevail as unrighteousness is unveiled. This is the finest hour for you to see my glory, as I rewrite the history for you to reveal my story so that the world can see me and know me in a clear manner by the things that I write and express through you by all of the creative gifts and talents in you. 4-7-2016 The Lord says, this is a season for you to trust me and lean not to your own understanding. I declare unto you that I am doing new things in your life. I am causing a stirring to refresh you and to rekindle your faith, and even now I am setting you up for a major breakthrough that will see you on high, says the Lord! The Lord says, promotion always comes after the storm. 4-6-2016 The Lord says, stop trying to figure everything out, and just go with the flow of my spirit, and you will see what belongs to you as a gift from me. 4-5-2016 The Lord says, there is a purpose in the winds, there is a purpose in the shaking, and there is even a purpose in the rains. All of these things works collectively together to expose foundations and systems in the earth. The Lord says, this is a season of reformation where things are returning to their original order that I intended for them to be, declares the Lord! 4-4-2016 The Lord says, keep holding on, because the fulfillment of that thing is now within reach. 4-3-2016 The Lord says, quit worrying about the things that you have no handle over, but allow me to cleanse those dark places of your life and release my love that fills every void and need in your life and in your soul. I have healing hands says the Lord, and I am longing to thoroughly heal you once and for all to the point that you will blossom and arise with a new confidence that you have never had. For I, the Lord, do great things. 4-2-2016 The Lord says, be kind where you can be kind, and make peace where you can make peace when and where it is possible, and leave the rest up to me to work out on your behalf, because sometimes the hearts of others are so cold, and it take my intervention to calm things down and make matters right in certain of life situations that you have been faced with. 4-1-2016 The Lord says, I am able to provide for you where everybody else falls short. 3-31-2016 The Lord says, I got your back in going forward, and I will cause you to soar where others were expecting you to fall. 3-30-2016 I heard the Lord Say, Elite teams. I have raised up elite teams for this hour that will display my power. My glory shall be seen upon them, in them, and through them, and I’ll cause my glorious light to shine through them to this generation to prepare a generation for glory, for my return. The preparation is underway, and it is a time that I call my people to live holy and to be pure. I will return those whose hearts have been prepared to meet the bridegroom. I say unto the bride, make yourself ready; for I am soon to come and to get you for the marriage supper of the lamb declares the almighty! 3-29-2016 The Lord says, gradually pick up the pace of seeking after me, and I will significantly pick up the momentum of rewarding you for your diligence. 3-28-2016 The Lord says, put your trust in me and believe, and you will never go down; for I will see to it that you stand and not fall for my name’s sake, declares the Lord! 3-27-2016 The Lord says, tighten up your focus and be willing to learn what you don’t know, and I will show you the secrets to my kingdom. 3-26-2016 The Lord says, align yourself with right values, and avoid the pitfalls of life that only seek to bring you down. Align with my spirit, and allow me to take you down a path that will glorify me and not just put a spotlight on yourself. This is a season where I am calling my people back to me, so they can clearly see that I am he that holds the nations in my hands, declares the Lord of glory! 3-25-2016 The Lord says, the reward comes to those that endure to the end, so don't give up in your quest to pursue me with all of your heart. 3-24-2016 The Lord says, consider the costs of your actions and know that there are many things hidden in the balance, and my plan greatly exceeds any of the short-term thinking and ideas that you might have conjured up in your mind. Think about things from a long-term view and not just a short-sighted short-term view. There is a bigger picture, says the Lord! 3-23-2016 The vision that I ordains always comes to past, but keep in mind that the last shall be first and the first shall be last, so do not get discouraged if it seems that your portion is taking a lot longer than everybody else. I always save the best for last, and the greater portion always comes in the end, says the Lord! 3-22-2016 The Lord says, I am increasing the favor on your life. I’m turning up the temperature of the blessing, until things begin to boil over with blessings on top of blessing in your life. I am pouring out upon you in this season, declares the Lord! 212 is the number of when things boil over. It is also a number associated with the abundance of God when things run over. Meditate on both Luke 6:38 and Psalm 23:5. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Your blessing boils over and runs over every time that you see that number 212. That is why God has been making many of you see that time on your watch or clock at 212 pm during the day. Some of you awoke at night exactly at 212 am. He was trying to diligently let you know with some numerical confirmation that it is the time of your harvest and the time of when your blessings overflow like a flooded river or a quickly rising flashflood. 3-21-2016 The Lord says, trust is essential in moving forward with my plans. Trust me to see your door, trust me to open the door, trust me to enable you to walk through that door, and I will be with and will do it, but you must trust me, says the Lord! 3-20-2016 The Lord says, value is not determined by a measure of the earth, but it is determined by you knowing me and being connected to my spirit that feeds you the breath of life. Knowing me is greater than gold, says the Lord! 3-19-2016 The Lord says, don’t be fooled by the sight of your eyes, I am moving among the midst of my people to bring about a positive change. 3-18-2016 The Lord says, get ready for that miracle that you have been long awaiting for. 3-17-2016 March towards the victory says the Lord, because I have given you victory over that situation that has been trying to trip you up and take you out. It is not March madness as the world may say it, but it is March to victory, declares the Lord! 3-16-2016 Get yourself back up and get your faith in order so that I can show you the things that you are longing to see, says the Lord! 3-15-2016 The Lord says, your power, your favor, your strength, and your success is in you walking in me. Continue to walk in me, and you will see those things manifested in your life by my hand, but you are powerless without me, says the Lord! I will walk powerfully in you whenever you are no longer distracted, says God! 3-14-2016 The Lord says, fear is not based off of what my spirit is doing in your life, but it is an agent of the enemy to get you to stop doing what is both right and righteous that favors my cause. If you will learn to yield to my spirit, you will see a boldness and confidence come on you that will change how you see life and how you pursue, and you will find the strength and the energy to pursue the path and purpose I have for you, says the Lord! 3-13-2016 The Lord says, take up your cross and follow me, and you will never lose; for the path that I choose for you is right, and you won’t need to fight, because it is safe, says the Lord! 3-12-2016 The Lord says, this is a time where I am setting things in order and establishing a greater order and structure in your life, and it will require greater discipline on your part. As you cooperate with my spirit, I will unlock and release all of the hidden treasures that I have laid up for you as a part of your inheritance. Press into me says the Lord, and you will find what you are looking for, and you will not be sad or disappointed at what you find, declares the Lord! 3-11-2016 The Lord says, do not see things like the world sees it, but see things through the eyes of my spirit; for I say unto you that truly these are glorious days for my people, and the best is yet to come. Though many of you have seen some tough days, some tough things, and hard places in life to the point that you wanted to doubt my goodness at times, this is a season and time that I will make you forget all about the toil of your former days. You will get your laughter back, and you will find a fresh zeal in me to overcome every attack of the enemy in your life that has tried to destroy your life, and you will see and experience a time of healing and advanced restoration in your life. I will also turn things around for you that you didn’t even think were going to get turned around simply because this is a season of my goodness, and I will pour out my love upon people, especially upon my beloved bride. I have a special gift to give you and it is time for you to position and posture yourself in a way that you can receive it, says the Lord! 3-10-2016 The Lord says, it is time to get organized and put some things in order so that things can flow in your life. Once you take these steps in the right direction, then the harvest will show up, declares the almighty! 3-9-2016 The Lord says, this is a season where things will be in forward motion, and I will release your life portion, and you will come into all the things that I have for you in this season without delay if you don’t delay your faith and your commitment to me, says the Lord! 3-8-2016 The Lord says, keep on pressing toward the Mark, because you are a light in the dark. I am using you where you are, and I will use you even greater in the days ahead, say the Lord! 3-7-2016 The Lord says, brings all of your cares to me, and you'll see the strategies that you will need to move forward with momentum. 3-6-2016 The Lord says, stop looking at the past and look at what is set before you. 3-5-2016 I hear the father saying, I have given my people a new power and new authority to speak in the earth and cause things to shift to work in favor of my kingdom purposes and plans. I declare unto you my people that you are now operating in a new dimension and authority of my power, says the Lord God! 3-4-2016 The Lord says, you need to fear me more than you fear the devil or fear man, and be more concerned with doing what I have told you to do than anything else. See Proverbs 29:25, Matthew 10:26-42, and Isaiah 51:12-15. 3-3-2016 The Lord says, change is on the horizon, but it is not based on the world system, but it will be based upon what I am doing in the earth in my kingdom. It is time for you to posture yourself to align with what I am doing so you can get the full effects and benefits of the manifestation of my kingdom in your life, declares the bright and morning star. 3-2-2016 The Lord says, I am allowing some things to come to wake my people up, to awaken my church, my beloved sleeping beauty. In this season, I will open the eyes of many, and I will open the eyes of the nations to see what they have agreed with and aligned with all of this time, which was mostly darkness, and I will cause a great shaking and awakening to occur that will win the hearts and minds of the people again, and many will be turned back to me again wholeheartedly, says the Lord! The Lord says, that hour is upon us now! 3-1-2016 The Lord says, my power will come in strong this month and overshadow many troubling things in your life, and I will heal and make amends and cut out the rough and harden places in your heart, and I will give you a heart like me, a heart to know me, a heart to do my will, and do it with in a spirit of wisdom and with a spirit of excellence, declares the Lord! 2-29-2016 The Lord says, have no fear; for this is a year of miracles, and your harvest comes this year. 2-29-2016 (Special Word)) Detroit, Michigan, The Lord says, you shall yet become a thriving and bustling city again. You shall become a new technology hub, and many new forms of technology will be developed, discovered, and launched from. Many will say, but I don’t want to move to Detroit, because it is too cold there, but because of the opportunities that shall be there, many will move there. There will also be some form of new technology or invention that will soon be created there that will help to rapidly dissolve snow and will be used to clear up the remnants of massive snow storms in a much quicker and safer way. Some of you may say, Why does the Lord speak to you just about certain cities at times, and why don’t he give you about our cities? My answer is, I do not know why. Maybe he will later on. It could be because we have a large contingent of people there connected to this ministry, and he wants his people there that are assigned to my voice to know what he is doing behind the scenes, and what is coming to their city, so that they will know the mind of God for that area because that words covers the entire greater Detroit metro area, which Detroit is the principle city, but there are about one hundred other municipalities packed both in and around it. Keep praying for your city, and who know what city the Lord may pick to speak to next. In your praying for your city, you will have peace. Your peace is connected in you praying for your city. Read Jeremiah 29:7 and Psalm 122:6-9 and then do what you read. 2-28-2016 The Lord says, persevere, because your blessings are headed to you this year. See Genesis 26:12. 2-27-2016 As with an email or a text message, you can have an attachment with it such as a picture or a document that is attached with it, and in this here season, The Lord says, I have assigned the angels of God to deliver a blessing to you with your name attached to it. This is your season for you to receive all of the attached blessings for your life that comes with you being attached to me in covenant, declares the Lord God of the harvest! 2-26-2016 The Lord says, keep on pressing, because you will soon see your blessing. 2-25-2016 The Lord says, indeed I have a purpose for you, but my purpose is only known, uncovered, and discover by the path of humility and walking in the fear of the Lord! Dare to take the road that is less traveled and not so popular, and there you will find me, says the Lord! 2-24-2016 The Lord says, looking backwards is not going to take you forward. Your future is not in your past, your future is in your present by what you are pursuing now to set the stage for then, declares God! 2-23-2016 The Lord says, the victory is coming to you over long-term and long standing issues that have plagued your life. 2-22-2016 The Lord says, this season is not about you being paranoid, overly suspicious, in fear, or in bondage, but it is about you using caution and being wise to your surroundings. 2-21-2016 The Lord says, I am moving in a new way amongst my people, and I will cause favor to be shown my people in this season as I now begin the process of unlocking new doors that have been locked up until now for this time and for generation to unseal. This is a time of my unsealing and revealing, says the Lord! 2-20-2016 The Lord says, pick up your head and walk with confidence, knowing that I am there to lead you and guide you, even when you do not know your own way. 2-20-2016 (Special Word) #1) New York, it is going to seem as if many things are going to hit you all at once, but The Lord says, do not be discouraged, but rather shine as a light in the darkness, and I will be with you through it all, says the Lord! 2-20-2016 (Special Word) #2) The Lord says, Syria has been being used as a smokescreen to distract attention from other pressing issues going on in the world, but The Lord says, we are to pray for exposure and closure, and you will suddenly see many things begin to shift in that area. I also heard the Lord say, Syria, you have been a tough cookie, but there is an end in sight, declares the Lord! 2-20-2016 (Special Word) #3) I can tell you that there will be some prophets of our day, some that are pretty major, that will be wrong on some words that they spoke and said they saw with certain events, and it does not mean that they are false prophets, they just spoke those things presumptuously, or based upon what they heard other people saying, or just piggy backing off of what was popular in the hearts and the minds of the people at that time; see Deuteronomy 18:20-22. I normally do not get into bashing other prophets and challenging their words, because I love the Lords prophets, but I do have to say respectfully and humbly say what I hear the Lord saying at times to tell his body. Of course, I am not going to get into the issues and details right now, but that is just what I heard the Lord say. Jeremiah 23:16-32 shows you some types of prophets that speaks peace to some evil doers and prophesy false dreams to a set of people or nations that he should call them to repentance instead of just soothsaying them and just tickling their itching ears. See 2 Timothy 4:1-5. In this ministry, we say what we hear, and for the most part, the word of the Lord for God’s people and those that are faithfully serving him are usually going to be good, but there are times when the body of Christ might face some challenges in times of testing, and we do have to alert the body of Christ and sound the alarm in those times and seasons, but that is not all the time. The Lord’s words do good to those that walk uprightly in his kingdom according to Micah 2:7, but when you read the broader and bigger picture from Micah 2:1-13, you’ll see that there was some evil going on at that time among the people. In Micah 2:6, the real prophets were told not to prophesy, because they wanted to hear from a watered down prophet like in Micah 2:11 that just overlooks their sins and tells them all good things all the time instead of calling for them to repent and be truly saved. You also see this same kind of attack from the religious spirit coming against real prophets in Amos 7:10-17. See also Amos 5:1-27. While a lot of times it is true that personal prophecy can be edifying and somewhat encouraging to the believer in Christ Jesus, words of rebuke to the world and words of correction to the body of Christ can be kind of raw at times, but not all of the time. Some prophets would like for words to be raw all the time, because they’re angry at God and mad at the church and for how their lives have turned out to be. As a result, at times they will speak certain wrong things about the church, and they will be prone to prophesy from their own emotional perspectives based upon their bad life experiences and their bad experiences with churches. They prophesy out of their own hurt, shame, and pain, thus not seeing or even hearing correctly, and that is very dangerous, so you have to pray for leaders, so that they’ll remain pure in heart so that their words will be pure also, and not based upon their emotions and their shaky feelings. This generation need a pure word from the Lord. 2-19-2016 Sometimes in life, you can see what you need to do, and you can see the finish line, but it’s like you just can’t get there, or you are unable to reach it, but The Lord says, that shall not be in this season, because I will help you to get there and to reach all of those goals that I have put in your heart. You shall find new fuel for a new season, says the Lord! 2-19-2016 (Special Word)) I see a major move of the Lord occurring in New York City, NY, USA. In a dream, I could see where there was darkness in a church, and things were dim. I could also see that the bridges in the city were washed out after some kind of major storm or something, but all of a sudden the lights came back on in the churches all over the city, and the bridges that were washed out were suddenly restored and rebuilt. If you notice, it all started with the church, and what the Lord is saying through all this is when the church as an overall whole in that region allow his light to return from a state of being dim, then restoration can happen all over the city and then spread quickly like rapid fire to other regions. New York, the Lord clearly has said that he is visiting you in this hour, and this is the season of your visitation, declares the Lord! As I look into the spirit, I see him walking through your land. 2-18-2016 The Lord says, if you don’t give things time to work due to your own impatience, then how could things ever work? The Lord says, real stable things and lasting things takes time to get in a place of delivery, but every promise that I, the Lord, have made to you will come to pass in its due season and time if you continue to trust me and believe me and don’t doubt me and get out of faith. I have already declared the end from the beginning, and I have already fixed the fight and set it up for you to win, says the Lord! 2-17-2016 The Lord says, why put your mind on things that causes you to worry? Why are you wasting time pondering on things that are beyond your control, and why ponder on things that you have no power to fix? If I am your God, then it is time that you trust me, and not others and yourself alone. I am a God and king that holds a lot of power, and I have the power to fix all things, and I will fix all things according to my will in due time and in process of time, says the Lord! 2-16-2016 The Lord says, quit just hoping for things and instead have faith to start seeing things come to pass in your life. 2-15-2016 The Lord says, greater is coming, and now is the time to get the vision up and running. 2-14-2016 The Lord says, watch your passion, and watch how things align in your life; for this is a season that you will have some new passions and ideas that will be coming from me. Do not hesitate to follow the leading of my spirit, because in that place you will find a place of feeding. 2-13-2016 The Lord says, this is a new season of increase and release. Watch the portals of heaven and how they open up for you in a new way in this season, declares the Lord! 2-12-2016 The Lord says, I know how to get you pass the obstacles and the things that hinder your path. I heard you the first time when you prayed, and my hand will not be stayed, and I will now move swiftly on your behalf, declares the Lord! 2-11-2016 The Lord says, I am calling you to a much deeper realm in me, and when you let go of all fear and step into this realm, you will meet a wall of the anointing to cover you as a wave and overtake you, and this new found power will take you forward in a new zeal that will be unstoppable, says the Lord! 2-10-2016 The Lord says, I will make up the difference where you fall short. 2-9-2016 The Lord says, I am calling attention to the creative arts in this hour. Rap being done in my name and for my cause is creative arts. The writing of poems and poetry is creative arts. The ability to write, draw, and design is creative arts. The writing of songs and the producing of music is creative arts. Dancing for my glory and even the gift of acting for my glory is creative arts, and I am putting a spotlight on these things in these latter days, because these things are all tools of evangelism and teaching that I am using to win the lost and edify the found, says the Lord! 2-8-2016 The Lord says, watch the nations of the world and pay attention to the strategies that I am giving you in this hour. 2-7-2016 I heard the Lord say, the storms at hand aren’t stronger than my hand; for I am sovereign over all, and my power is greater. Then I clearly heard him say, there will be some that will wish they had of listened to what I was telling them to do in a certain season of their life but ignored. He then proceeded to say, there are many people that are not ready for the things that are coming, but yet I have a remnant that are prepared, and they will be shielded, covered, and protected. 2-6-2016 The Lord says, no matter how the winds blow in the earth, I am there for my people, and I am their confidence, and I will provide. The Lord says, I do not need conditions in the earth to be perfect to bless my people, because my spirit will change circumstances and conditions to work in the favor of my people wherever they are at any given time. 2-5-2016 The Lord says, let go of that thing that has been eating at you and just tearing at your heart, so that you can go forward with an inner peace knowing that I have already exonerated you, and my plans for your future is much more greater than the stumbles of your past, declares the Lord! #2) also I heard the Lord say, my word is not to condemn you of your past failures, but it is to enlighten you of your opportunities in me and point you to your future. 2-4-2016 The Lord says, give yourself a chance by pursuing the path that I have for you. You will be surprised at what you are capable of doing in life, because you have been empowered by my spirit, says the Lord! 2-3-2016 The Lord says, this is a time for you to hear my spirit and be so sensitive to my spirit so that my spirit can lead you. When you are sensitive to my spirit, you can hear my voice a lot clearer within without all the clutter inside of you that clouds my voice. It is a time to fine tune your spirit, so that your spirit will be perfectly in sync with my spirit, says the Lord! 2-2-2016 The Lord says, trust my process and know that I know better than you. Allow me to clear up the mess in your life, so that you can see the new. I have transformed path in order to transform your life, and now I will take you in a new season that will cause you to blossom like the rose, declares the mighty God! 2-1-2016 The Lord says, this is a season of entering in, and my people shall enter some new territories, but I will be with you as you journey with me on a venture that you never experienced before. I have been preparing you for this mission for the last six months, and now it is time to enter full throttle into the next level and realm that I have for you. Do not be afraid says the Lord; for I am with you. 1-31-2016 The Lord says, this is a season that you will be able to clearly discern what has been holding you back. 1-30-2016 Partner with me, and you will see what I have for you behind those doors that you see in the spirit, says the Lord! Some of you have been seeing doors in your dreams, because I have been trying to show you and tell you that I have many hidden things laid up in store for you that you are not aware of, and when you take steps to obey me, those things that you see will be released, says the Lord! Some of you have been saying, I do see the door, but I cannot see what is behind it. It is not for you to see what is behind it, until you obey, says the Lord! 1-29-2016 The Lord would declare unto you, push the envelope forward. Don’t give up in battle, and do not quit, but press your forward and you will see your way as I am sharpening up your skills of discernment. You will be able to discern what is of me and what is of the enemy on your path ahead, and you will be able to make quick decisions that are grounded in righteousness as I lead you and guide you in the days ahead. Take time with me, and make time for me, and I will show you all the ways and the principles that it will take to follow to get you there. My instructions are set before you in this season as an open book, declares the Lord! 1-28-2016 Don’t be blinded by your shortsightedness, says the Lord; for all these things can cause you not to see your long-term solutions and answers, declares the Lord of glory! 1-27-2016 The Lord says, stand your ground in faith and look to me to help you run this race, and you will find grace that will take you places and keep your feet on a firm footing, says the Lord! 1-26-2016 The Lord says, you’ve been contemplating many things and twirling many things around in your head, and entertaining many thoughts in your mind as of lately, but how many of those thoughts are of me, asks the Lord? How much of your time do you spend seeking me and my solution, says God? This is a season for you to rethink your priorities, because nothing in your life works without me. Come to me and let me heal your pain. Come to me, and let me show you how to get around that dilemma, says the Lord; for I am waiting to heal you and restore your life, says the Lord! 1-26-2016 (Special Word)) State of California, USA, I heard the Lord say the words, permanent drought buster, and you will see more water than you know what to do with, and in the Southern part of the state where they brag about and sing about it never rains there, will make you want to throw that song in the trash, because of the abundance of waters that will come there to you that there might be plenty of water provision for you to bathe and to drink from, declares the Lord! I hear water, and I see much water, not just an ordinary shower. 1-25-2016 The Lord says, as you see systems shake all over the earth, be not dismayed at the sight of your eyes. Just know that I am there for my own, and I will cover all those that put their trust in me, says the Lord! 1-24-2016 The Lord says, there is coming to you now in this season a strong visitation of my spirit, and this visitation will bring a renewal in your life. 1-23-2016 The Lord says, be still and pick up the pieces of the puzzle and put them back together again, and you will see the bigger picture again that you thought was not there anymore because things got shattered, and you will see where you are going, says God! 1-22-2016 The Lord says, keep your eyes on the bigger prize versus looking at the temporary things that may look disheartening at times. Know that I am your sure bread and your sure reward, says the Lord! See Isaiah 33:16. 1-21-2016 The Lord says, I have been testing the faith of my people, and for every test I have ordained a high level promotion, says the Lord! 1-20-2016 (Special Word)) the word of the Lord for flint, Michigan, USA, is found in 2 Kings 2:19-22, Ezekiel 47:6-10, Exodus 23:25, and Revelation 22:1. 1-20-2016 The Lord says, my purposes shall stand, and I will not disappoint those that put their trust in the son of man, but I am the protector and the provider of my sheep, no need to worry about what is already fixed, just have sweet sleep. Look at Psalm 127:1-2, Proverbs 3:24, Jeremiah 31:10-14 & 25-26. 1-19-2016 The Lord says, you might see obstacles and roadblocks along your path, but keep on going and let nothing stop you. If they are from me, do not worry, you won’t be able to get pass them, because they will be like a fortress wall in front of you that will not let you penetrate them, because I’m protecting you from something that you cannot see on your own ability that is potentially hazardous and very catastrophic for your destiny, declares the Lord! 1-18-2016 The Lord says, this is a strong season in the earth wherein my kingdom will be revealed and the appearing of my signs will be in the heavens. If you look up, you will see certain things that will get your attention and cause a buzz, because I will now paint a picture in the skies that man has never seen before, and everyone will be talking about it because my glory will be revealed, says the Lord! Go and look at Psalm 19:1-6. It is a season of my glory, says the Lord! Clues will be in the heavens, declares the Lord! Watch the clouds and the skies above the earth, says the son of man! 1-17-2016 The Lord says, do not get yourself all worked up over the smaller things or the bigger issues in your life. Turn those things over to me and trust that I will take care of you. Allow me to make the necessary changes in your life and the shifts that you need to succeed and get on a solid footing for where I am taking you, says the father God! 1-16-2016 The Lord says, do not allow distractions in your life; for all these things work against your soul and can hinder and delay your destiny. You have to be able to see and recognize by the advanced level of discernment of my spirit when things are sent by Satan to deter you and distract you and get you off course. Distractions only have an effect on your life when you allow them to be, says the Lord! 1-15-2016 The Lord says, the value of the gift that I have placed within you are priceless and valuable, so accept it, respect it, and acknowledge it, and do not make light of the treasure that I have placed within you says the Lord, because it came to you at the cost of my blood, so you have a costly gift, says the Lord! 1-14-2016 The Lord says, having your priorities straight in this season will shape the road and the path to your future, align with me, come and dine with me, and I will open your eyes to see that which was hidden from you in times past, and is still hidden from many around you. Everyone will not be able to see where you are going in this hour, because they are not invited on the journey to your destiny, says the Lord! Those that do see, are the ones that I have been connecting with you to come along for the ride of a lifetime, because they are a part of your destiny, says the Lord! 1-13-2016 The Lord says, your victory is already in motion so don't get discouraged at the process by leaning to your own understanding. The door is opened for you, so expect to receive the good news today, declares the Lord! 1-12-2016 The Lord says, my grace is greater than the problems in your life, and if you would learn to tap into my grace, you will see your whole life and the things that are in your life turn around for the better pretty rapidly, declares the almighty. 1-11-2016 The Lord says, the things to come are a blessing in disguise, so fear not the changes that I am making in your life, because I am causing all things to shift in your favor as you walk with me, and as you walk with me, I will walk with you, says the Lord! The Lord says, you have been fearing the changes because you don’t know what I am doing, but I am doing you a favor so that you can see the light and see clearly where you are going, says the Lord! 1-10-2016 The Lord says, this week the shaking intensifies in the earth, and many evil structures and systems are going to begin to crumble and fall; for this is a time that I will judge the earth with a righteous judgment, but I will exalt the horn of my anointed in the earth to take over the thrones of iniquity and to set up righteous systems that govern with my heart, says the Lord of Sabaoth! See James 5:1-20. 1-9-2016 The Lord says, when you find yourself in the valley of decision, look to me. Look to me for your wisdom, look to me for your answers, and I will answer you, says the Lord! See Isaiah 65:24 & 1 John 5:14-15. 1-8-2016 The Lord says, be bold, fearless, and courageous, and let your faith be contagious; for you represent me, and my joy spills over onto others when they experience me though you. Keep a smile even when you cannot see how things are going to work, and you can laugh at darkness, because it is being expelled from your life permanently and the refreshing light will take you forward and show you the way and the path that I have for you in this season. Even now in this season, I am pouring out my blessing upon my people, my faithful ones, even while there is a whole lot of shaking going on in the world. While you may need to pay attention what is going on in the world so that you’ll know how to pray, keep your focus on me, and pay attention to the signals that I am sending you to break you though into another dimension of my power and another realm of my glory. For I am taking my people into another or prophetic visitation, and into another more deeper and stronger realm of dreams, visions, and encounters with my spirit in which they have never experienced before, declares the ancient of days! See Daniel 7:13-22 & 27. 1-7-2016 The Lord says, my will is never put on hold because of the actions of the enemy, but my will pushes on to advance the kingdom of God in earth, until there is a complete victory. The Lord says, I do not need everything in the earth to be right first before I bless you. I have ordained this to be a time of blessings, favor, and miracles. Do not let the enemy lie to you and say that it is not time for my spirit to pour out on you, because it has already begun, says the Lord! 1-6-2016 The Lord says, with all the things going on in the world, you keep your focus on me, because the blessing is with me. There are many things that are in the world that must shake; for it is that time says the Lord, but you are a part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken, says the Lord! Only the things that offends are being removed right now, so stay planted in my ranks, and do not fear the shaking, because you have nothing to fear just as long as you are on my side. The night is here says the Lord, but you are the light in the darkness, and you are not of the night, so shine as the light in a dark place, so that they can see my glory and know my story, says the Lord! 1-5-2016 The Lord says, your persistent faith will win you the victory. Through your faith you will see the doors and have confidence to walk through them, says the Lord! 1-4-2016 The Lord says, do not allow things to cloud your view, because I have a really good year planned for you. Though there are many distractions in the world, keep your focus in my kingdom, and you will see my glory, declares the Lord! 1-3-2016 The Lord says, leave your old mess behind you in the old year, but come into this New Year with expectations of me doing great things in your life. 1-2-2016 The Lord says, keep your focus this year, and you will see me guide your hands, and you will have great success in keeping in line with the vision that I have for your life. 1-1-2016 Let brilliance rest upon your mind and let my spirit guide in all things this year, and let your focus be upon right things and let me guide you all year long, and you will find treasure this year, says the Lord!