Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2015 Archives

12-31-2015 Let my status rest upon you; for I have declared you to be the righteousness of God, and you are redeemed, so take no other thought than that, because I have justified you, says the Lord! 12-30-2015 The Lord says, don’t put all your trust in yourself, but keep your eyes fixed on me, and learn to put all of your trust in me, because I am the way and the door to your success, says the Lord! 12-29-2015 The Lord said to tell all of yawl that feel like you went through hell in 2015, even beginning now and in 2016 you will see vindication and restoration, and there will be a time of renewing in your life, says the Lord! I hear the words, “revival fire.” The Lord says,, this is no ordinary fire, but it is a fire by my spirit that will set you ablaze again with a fresh zeal and a renewed strength and energy for my kingdom. 12-28-2015 The Lord says,, you have nothing to fear; for my provision is here. 12-27-2015 The miracles have already started says the Lord, and you shall see many great things happen in your life that you never could have imagined; for I am a great God, says the Lord! 12-26-2015 The Lord says,, I favor you to bless you, and you will be dressed with new garments in this season. 12-25-2015 The Lord says,, keep your composure in adversity, and know that I am working all things out for your greater good, even when you cannot see it. 12-24-2015 The Lord says,, take comfort in knowing that I got your back, and I always move on behalf of my faithful ones. 12-23-2015 The Lord says,, every vision has to be tested, and every person has to pass the test of faithfulness and loyalty to me, but you can best believe that there is a sure reward to those that endure to the end and that stay on with me for the long haul, declares the Lord! 12-22-2015 endure the process, says the Lord! 12-21-2015 The Lord says,, think it not strange if I bless you real heavy before the end of the year. 12-20-2015 The Lord says,, the power of your future lies within my hands, and as you stick with my plans, you will see that I am the one that is causing you to stand, says the Lord! 12-19-2015 The Lord says,, do you still not realize by now that I got your back. When you do finally realize it, then you will also come into a greater awareness of my power at work in your life in a greater measure, says the Lord! 12-18-2015 The Lord says,, go forth in the thing that I have called you to do; for I am with you, and do not worry about the giants in the land, because the bigger they are, the harder they fall, says the Lord! 12-17-2015 The Lord says,, I have been calling for my kingdom soldiers to come to the front lines and to provide reinforcements for those that are war weary and fighting for my causes all alone by themselves, but many hardened their hearts and said, “I will not come, because that is too much warfare for me,” but The Lord says, the people on the front lines are in a place of safety and refuge; for my ark is there, and the safest place to be is in my perfect will and in that place that I have called you to be in. Those weak ones were willing to let the front lines fall, but I have ordained strength in that place, and as a result the attacks have been landing behind the front lines on the main stream where they thought was a place of safety and refuge, and the front lines have been safe even as I have given my soldiers there some rest and peace from the battles that have been against them, says the Lord! My angels are on the front lines, and they are there to provide protection to those that I have called to battle, and they are the ones that will see my glory as I change their story and give them a testimony , says the Lord! Read Ecclesiastes 10:8 & 11, Amos 9:1-6, 8-11, Jeremiah 50:20, 22, 25, 30, 32, 34, Isaiah 63:4-19, Isaiah 64:1-4, and 1 Samuel 11:1-9, 10-11. 12-16-2015 The Lord says,, welfare is not a system, it is a mindset that desires something for nothing, but The Lord says, those that put their trust in me won’t need welfare, because I will cause them to fare well, declares the Lord! Psalm 34:8-10 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-12. 12-15-2015 The Lord says,, trust me to lead you and trust me to feed you. I will take care of my people in perilous times, because I am God and father no matter what is going on in the world. 12-14-2015 The Lord says,, focus more on the solutions than the problems, and you will soon find that the matter has been resolved. 12-13-2015 The Lord says,, use the creativity that is in you to create the door and the prosperity for your next season. 12-12-2015 Then Lord says, this is a day wherein I am setting things in order in your life, and this is a season where the chaos leaves and all of the wrestling back and forth clears your life, and I am now bringing some greater stability and clarity back in your life, and even areas of your life where you have felt curse, I am now touching with my hand and bringing healing. I declare restoration over your life now, says the Lord! I can tell you by the spirit that God is working on something great for you, and in due time you will see that thing come forth what the Lord has been working on for you and you will have peace where there was strife and constant turmoil. Just lift your hands up right now and receive my brothers, my sisters, in Jesus name! The Lord says,, you are entering a toil free season. 12-11-2015 The Lord says,, if you will stay planted in the brook where I have planted your feet and not allow yourself to be uprooted and offended, you will see prosperity and blessings overtake your life within six months to a year’s time, and everything that has been against you will be fully and completely turned around by my hand, says the Lord! There are many things in life that come to get my people off track, offended, and even disconnected from the power source that I have ordained to bless and restore their life. You have to trust my choosing for your life, says God! See Psalm 92:12-15, Jeremiah 17:5-8 and Psalm 1:1-3. 12-10-2015 The spirit of The Lord says,, get your aim right, get your focus right, and stop pursuing those dead paths in life that I have already delivered you from. Look forward to your future and not what is behind you in the rearview mirror of life. I promise you that what I have for you now and in your future is much better than what you were willing to settle for, says the spirit of the living God! 12-9-2015 The Lord says,, I am making a way for you even when you can’t see the way. My work behind the scenes on your behalf will surprise you in due time, says God! 12-8-2015 The Lord says,, when you can’t see your way, it is because I am your way. When you cannot see your door, it is because I am the door, and you must understand that I am the one that opens all doors. If a door is not opened for you, it is because either it is not my will, or it is not the time for that door to be opened, or I do not see any faith on your part for me to open that door, but know that all doors open only according to my perfect will for your life, says the Lord! The Lord would say further to you, make sure that the door that you are now believing me to open for you is a part of my will for your life so that you don’t end up disappointed if you don’t see a certain door open up for you in a particular area says the Lord! The world has a path to open evil door after evil door that leads to a lot of destruction and evil in your life, but the doors that I opens are kingdom doors and are used for kingdom purposes, says the Lord! 12-7-2015 The Lord says,, be not moved by the sight of your eyes, because the angels of heaven stands guard, so that nothing catches you by surprise, says the Lord! 12-6-2015 The Lord says,, if I am the rock of your salvation and the rod of my strength lies within you, then you have my favor on your life, and that favor will bring you through the right doors and into that safe haven that I have for you, and you will be shielded and protected from the hands of the enemy. (Revelation 12:1-17 and Isaiah 59:19) 12-5-2015 The Lord says,, Godly intelligence and prophetic insight will be key to nations moving forward in this hour in a safer way. The vigilance and the intelligence of my watchmen on the walls will be profitable to all that will listen, says the Lord! 12-4-2015 The Lord says,, let me take you deeper in me to a realm that you have not known or experienced yet in your life. Allow me to be bigger to you than your own limited way of thinking. Allow my spirit to move you into a place of constant Revelation where peace and stability in me can be found, says the father of lights! See James 1:17. 12-3-2015 The Lord says,, posture yourself for a new position, and do not get comfortable or stuck where you are at, because I have intended promotion for you in the high places, says the Lord! 12-2-2015 The Lord says,, stay the course and don’t be thrown off by the head winds and turbulence; for I have put you on auto-pilot, because I have just taken over the plane to help you fly and navigate to the right destination. 12-1-2015 The challenges that you face can be managed by my wisdom, says the Lord! My wisdom has the ability to get you the victory in any situation that you may be facing. Ask me to give you that wisdom, says the Lord! 11-30-2015 The word of the Lord comes to me saying, fight to the end; for you shall surely win, and your victory is in me, says the Lord! 11-29-2015 The Lord says,, you make time for what is important in your life, so how is it that you don’t find enough time to make time for me? Am I not important in your life, says the Lord your God? 11-28-2015 The Lord says,, the question asked of my disciples was, “can you drink of the cup?” in this hour, I am asking this generation the same question. Can you drink of the cup? Many of my people today want promotion and high levels of authority in my kingdom, and a seat at the table in the high places of the world, but they don’t want to pay a cost for it. And I say unto you, can you drink of the cup of promotion? Can you drink of the cup of authority? Can you drink of the cup that costs you something? In your life and in your world, even a cup of coffee will cost you something, and so it is in my kingdom. You are called to drink of the cup of blessing from my table, but indeed it will cost you something, and it requires you to lay down your own life and to pick up the one that I have planned for you, says the Lord! See Matthew 10:37-39, Matthew 20:20-22. Momma can’t talk up for you says the Lord, but you have to speak up for yourself. You have to speak and seek, says the Lord! 11-27-2015 The Lord says,, come with me into a deeper realm. Allow me to show you all the things that I have for you, and do not let go of my hand. As I take you places, you will see another side of me that you have never experience before, and when you see that side of me, it release a mercy and a compassion in you for others to see them restored, revived, and renewed. See the merciful side of me in this season as you reach out, says the Lord! 11-26-2015 The Lord says,, I am watching you out of the corner of my eyes, and I am looking to see if you will have faith. 11-25-2015 The Lord says,, make me your source of provision, and you’ll see another level of living, declares the Spirit of Grace. 11-24-2015 The Lord says,, “Trying” is not what makes it happen, but “doing” is what makes it happen for you. 11-23-2015 The Lord says,, a major shift has just took place in the earth, and now things are about to work in the favor of my people. 11-22-2015 The Lord says,, if you will learn to trust my ways and trust my will, you will see your way on how to go forward. Oftentimes, because of how you think and having to know every little detail on every single thing has tripped you up, and hindered your forward progress and momentum, and kept you from going forward as I have planned. Many of you do not trust me, but you trust in yourself and in your own ability to do things, but that is not my will, says the Lord! My way, the way of faith is blind, and it will require you to trust me and be led by me, because it is a way that you have not known because you have not been that way before, says the Lord! This season will require all of my people to have faith and operate by faith, and those that do not have faith in me will find it hard to navigate these times, because the hour is calling for faith and unwavering trust in me, says the Lord. This is also an hour for those that have ears to hear to be able to follow the instructions that I am speaking to them directly and through the mouth of my prophets, says the Lord! 11-21-2015 The Lord says,, if you are unsure about the path to take now, it is only because in times past you have entertained too many conflicting and contrary voices concerning my will. Distractions of life and distracting voices are Satan’s plan to destroy your life by getting you off track, but my will always stands, even in the fire and out of the fire. People change in life, but my will remains the same from the foundations of the earth. You may change your mind, but I have not changed my mind, says the Lord! See Romans 11:29. 11-20-2015 The Lord says,, if you look at life as a constant struggle, the more it will appear that way to you, but when you look at things through the eyes of faith by my spirit, you will see that things are not as bad as they may really seem, and you will see that I have been covering and protecting you from many things that could have hit your life and destroyed you, says the Lord! I wouldn’t let them touch you, says God! Look at Psalm 105:13-15 and Isaiah 43:2-4. 11-19-2015 My call over your life is great, and the charge that I have given you holds great weight behind it in heaven, so press forward in it, and let nothing offend you and keep you from it, says the Lord! 11-18-2015 The Lord says,, do not allow yourself to focus on anything that would keep you lost, confused, and distracted, but focus on me and on my will, and you will see your way forward and how to maneuver. 11-17-2015 The Lord says,, don’t be dismayed at the sight of your eyes, only trust in me, and you won’t get caught by the element of surprise. 11-16-2015 The Lord says,, the victory that I have given you is a sure thing, and even the bread that I provide for you will always be sure no matter how the winds may blow and how the people may respond, says God! 11-15-2015 The Lord says,, press on into me, and you shall clearly see the destiny that I have called you to, and you shall see where I am taking you to in this hour. You shall see a mighty display of my power and how I do things, says the Lord! 11-14-2015 The Lord says,, this is a season for you to strike a balance in your personal life, and learn to balance things out between your work life, home life, and ministry life. This is a season for you to prioritize some things and allow my wisdom to teach you how to manage your life affairs properly, says the Lord! 11-13-2015 The Lord says,, the force of victory in your life begins with the force of faith. Have faith in me, and you will see what many others cannot see, says the Lord! 11-12-2015 The Lord says,, the breeding ground for faith starts in my word. Spend time in my word and you will see that it will all pay off in the end, says the Lord! 11-11-2015 The Lord says,, think it not strange concerning some of the things you see; for I have elevated you the midst of the people, and you are in a season where I am taking you through some uncharted waters and some unfamiliar territory. Be not dismayed at what you see, because it is not another wilderness, but it is a place of refuge. I am even taking you through a safe passage in this season to that place of blessing that I have for you. I took you this way, so that your enemies would not know and see my plans for your life, because they were not invited on this trip, a place of good things and many surprise blessings, says God! 11-10-2015 The Lord says,, take the high road instead of the low road, and do not stoop to the standards of those that will seek to bring you low. Hold your head in victory and know that I am your Jehovah-Nissi, I am your banner of victory and love, says the Lord! You were made in my image and likeness, and I yes, I have added value to your life, and you are mine and you are valuable, says the Lord! 11-9-2015 The Lord says,, this is a season for you to simplify some things and do not over magnify the problem, but be steadfast in my word, and in prayer, and you will see me give you the wisdom to solve all things that are at hand, says God! 11-8-2015 God has already gone before you into your future, and you have been in a season of a midnight hour, but The Lord says, walk through the doors into a season of my power. Wrestle no more with my will in your mind; for I’m all knowing and my ways are divine. I am he that has declared the end from the beginning. I know the path that you should be on to see the better ending that you so desire to see, says the Lord God! Have not I said; “better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”, so trust me says the Lord God! Trust my hand, trust my plan; for I give you the grace to be able to stand, says the Lord! 11-7-2015 The Lord says,, my people gets their strength from me when they submit to me and tap into my power. Acknowledge my might, says the Lord, and you shall see it manifested in your life. 11-6-2015 The Lord says,, the way that I am taking you in this season is unfamiliar territory, and you will need to trust me and hold my hand as I begin to navigate you through a way that you have not known. You will need faith for this journey, says the Lord! See Isaiah 42:16 and 2 Corinthians 5:7. 11-5-2015 The Lord says,, the time you wasted being back and forth, you could have walked in many things by now. The Lord would further say, do not continue to allow doubt, confusion, fear, unbelief, and uncertainty rob you of the blessings that I have ordained for you. Count your loses! Brush the dust off yourself, and pick up your head, and walk into a new season with a fresh start and with great expectations, says the Lord! 11-4-2015 The Lord says,, this is a season for you to quit trying it out and do what I say. This is a season for you to stop trying me out, and do me, and experience me, says the Lord! This is a season for you to stop trying to figure me out, and know and trust that I have already worked it out, says the Lord! 11-3-2015 The Lord says,, take the time to fully research the matter before you just write it off as foolishness. 11-2-2015 You will know that a shift has taken place when you see the effects of my grace, says the Lord! 11-1-2015 The Lord says,, you cannot come into a new season with an old mindset. You are going to have to dig deeper into me and press into me more and deeper to extract the deeper things that I have for you. I am calling you do a deeper realm in me, says the Lord! 10-31-2015 Do not doubt my words and do not doubt my power and what I am able to do for you, says the Lord! I move in the realm of faith, and where I see and hear faith in the mouth and in the lives of my people, I show up, says God! I am attracted to the voice of my words in my people's mouth, and I am drawn to myself when I hear myself talking and speaking through you, says the spirit of the living God! My angels are already trained and assigned to respond and hearken unto to the voice of my words when they hear them being quoted and spoken by you, says the Lord! Study Daniel 10:7-12, Psalm 103:20-21, and Psalm 107:20. 10-30-2015 My signs are everywhere. How can you miss them? I have planted myself everywhere, will you not see it? If you look up to the heavens, you will see my signs. If you look throughout the earth, you will see my signs. Yea, if you even look in your own life, you see my signs in your very own life. How can you miss me, says the Lord, seeing that I am everywhere? See Jeremiah 23:24, Psalm 139:3-10, Job 22:12-21 & 22-30, 1 Kings 8:27, Matthew 16:1-4, and also Luke 12:54-56. 10-29-2015 The sign has already gone forth, now look for the fulfillment, says the Lord! 10-28-2015 Get a hold of your mind and stop letting your thoughts run wild, and learn to speak my word only like the centurion, and you will see what you say because what you say will have been rooted and grounded in me and in my power and authority, and not your own, says the spirit of God! 10-27-2015 The Lord God says, what is behind the curtain will depend on your faith to see what is there. What you expect is what you will get behind your next doors, says God! 10-26-2015 Stand fast in the faith, and do not quit, says the Lord! The reward comes to those that don't quit, says the Lord! 10-25-2015 The Lord says, dreaming big is a part of the process, but ultimately what I will for your life is what is going to come to pass. Make sure that your dreams align with what I have for you, says the Lord! 10-24-2015 The Lord says,, the way has already been made for you, but you just have to walk down the path that I have already prepared for you to get your harvest. 10-23-2015 The Lord says, think victory, speak victory, and you will see victory. 10-22-2015 The Lord says, take a leave of absence from the cares of this world and come relax in the resort of my holy presence on a vacation that you will never soon forget. Leave all your cares behind, and just relax in the sun (Son) and let me give you a peace of mind, says the spirit of the living God! 10-21-2015 The Lord says, look to me as your source of provision and not your Job or career, and when you look to me as your source, you will suddenly see your season of lack dry up, because the refreshing rains of provision will have taken you over and flooded your reality where you currently are, says God! 10-20-2015 The Lord says,, trust how I am moving in your life, and do not look at the circumstances and the things that you cannot see; for I have already declared the end from the beginning, and you will see how it all worked out in the end, says the Lord! 10-19-2015 The Lord says, I am moving quickly on your behalf, and what I am doing will cause you to rejoice, smile, and laugh. 10-18-2015 The Lord says,, I am moving forcibly on your behalf in this season. 10-17-2015 The Lord says,, everything that I do in your life begins with you allowing me to do it in your life. 10-16-2015 You're saying, May Day! May Day! Help Lord, I can't make it to pay day, but the Lord is saying if you tap into my supply, you will never run dry. I need you to trust me, daughter. I need you to trust me, son. When you trust me, you will never be put to shame, says the Lord! 10-15-2015 (Word #1 of 4) The Lord says,, I will cause my body to conform to the reforms that I am making among my people in the earth. My kingdom people will conform and make the shift, says the Lord! 10-15-2015 (Word #2 of 4) The Lord says,, truly things are shifting, but in the midst of things, I am lifting, says the Lord of hosts! 10-15-2015 (Word of Insight) The Lord says,, watch how alliances align, with enemy forces that are blind. 10-15-2015 (Word of insight #2) I just heard the Lord say, I will rebuke the sons of thunder. There are those that fly through the skies like the sound of thunder, but I will rebuke them and get my glory, says the Lord! The Lord says,, I will be glorified in the glorious land. 10-14-2015 The Lord says, I am moving my body from a time of information to a time of Revelation. There are a lot of great leaders out there releasing a lot of information to God's people, but The Lord says,, my body now shifts to a time of Revelation. (Information is good, but it takes Revelation to survive, strive, and to navigate these times.) The Lord says, this is a time where exact answers and Revelation will unfold and following exact instruction will release the latter day harvest that I desire my people to see, declares the father. (Also go read 1 Chronicles 12:32 & Amos 3:7. Do not miss the Revelation of what he is doing in this hour. Revelation is knowledge that is revealed or we can also say that it is revealed knowledge. It is revealed knowledge versus just a bunch of good information. See Deuteronomy 29:29 and Psalm 25:9 & 14. As a prophet, if they have to ask you are these your words, or the words of the Lord, then that means that they don't trust you, and they don't trust your words, and they don't trust your leadership? If they have to question what you say, then that means they don't trust that you hear from God, and they do not believe what you say. Wow! Really? As for you who think like that: Look at Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:5, Isaiah 21:6, Ezekiel 2:4-8, Ezekiel 33:30-33 and also Hosea 12:10 & 13.) 10-13-2015 one connection has the power to open the door to your destiny and one connection has the power to open many doors to your future. I am that door and that connection says the Lord, but I also work through man, says God! Watch the people that I send into your life on my behalf that will be used by me to open that very door for you in this season, says the Lord! 10-12-2015 The Lord says,, they cannot curse you, because I’ve already blessed you. 10-11-2015 Stop letting the cares of this world stress you, and know that I am preparing to bless you, and it is already in motion, says the Lord! 10-10-2015 The Lord says,, look to me, and I will give you the victory. 10-9-2015 The Lord says,, put your faith back in me, and quit looking at all the circumstances. When you believe me is when you will receive from my hands, says the Lord! 10-8-2015 The Lord says,, the goodness of my kingdom is prepared for you, and if you will be still long enough and stop focusing on your problems, you will see that I have already provided, says the Lord! 10-7-2015 The Lord says,, don't let the temporary things discourage you, but let my promised blessings encourage you, because they are on their way into your life in this season. I just heard the father say, “Torrential downpours of blessings.” see Ezekiel 34:26 and Psalm 68:9-12. The Lord says, the great rain, the plentiful rain is coming. Insight; it is the blessing of the harvest moon. That harvest moon which we just had, that fourth blood moon, was signifying a time of harvest for the Lord's people, so do not allow the enemy to distract you from getting what the Lord has for you, because it is in route to you: Look at Isaiah 30:18-26, Joel 2:21-32, Luke 21:25, and Genesis 1:14. You have to be able to discern what time it is. The Lord is wise, because he hid a blessing in a time of turmoil for the world, but it is a time of blessing for his people in the midst of all that. 10-6-2015 The Lord says,, I have already gone before you and made the crooked places straight; what are you waiting on to travel down the path that I have established for you? The path that I have cleared for you is a path that is secure and safe, and it is a path of your harvest, says the Lord! 10-5-2015 The Lord says,, I am the one that is shielding you from a lot of things that could come your way. As long as you continue to put your trust in me, you will be protected from all harm, hurt, evil, and danger, because I have assigned angels to stand guard around you, and I, and they, are watching over your life to protect you my chosen one, declares the Lord God! 10-4-2015 The Lord says,, no matter how the winds may blow in your life and all around you, I will shield you and protect you from things to come if you put your trust in me. I am there waiting on you to completely yield to me, and when you yield, myself, I will reveal to you, says the Lord! 10-3-2015 The Lord says, I am your guaranteed victory, and with my favor on your life you can conquer all things. 10-2-2015 There is no fear in me, and those that put their trust in me will be as bold as a lion, says the Lord! 10-1-2015 The Lord says, you are the one that have to believe first in order to receive what I have in store for you. 9-30-2015 The Lord says, I am stacking you up against the odds in this season versus the odds being stacked against you, and the wicked shall see it and be grieved, and they shall mourn. You will know and see that I have made you a spiritual giant in this season, and you are going to make a mighty comeback, says the Lord of glory! 9-29-2015 The Lord says, what I have planned for you, man cannot destroy, unless you allow them to get in the way to destroy it. I send the pass to you just like a football, but it is up to you not to fumble the ball when you get it in your possession, says the Lord! 9-28-2015 The Lord says, this is a new season wherein I am repositioning you, and I am calling for a new strategy in your life. 9-27-2015 The Lord says,, promotion been has been knocking on your door, but you have allowed fear and your comfort zone to keep you back from walking in toward that promotion, but The Lord says,, this is a season for you to rise up and take your place in the spot and in the places that I have ordained for you to walk and lay hold on your promotion; for I have seated you with me in heavenly places, says the Lord! 9-26-2015 Get prepared for a shift into some better things, says the Lord! 9-25-2015 The Lord says, don't try to continue to fight the same battles, but turn those things over to me, and let me show you how I dismantle the warfare that has been against you. 9-24-2015 The Lord says, pour out your prayers to me and watch me answer them all according to my will in due time. 9-23-2015 The Lord says, this is your season to stand even when everything around you is shaking; for I’m watching over you to protect you and show you the path for a brighter future. The way around you is being made, and a clear path forward has already been laid out and established for you. I just need you to open up your eyes and see what I have planned for you and what I have already set before you in this season at this present time. Your new window of opportunity is staring you in the face, says the Lord! 9-22-2015 The Lord says, I am tying all the knots together on the rope that you will be able hold on tightly to what is already established for you, and as you hold on, you will see that rope is actually my hand that is guiding you over that dark valley in the promised land of provision and success that I have shown you and promised you. 9-21-2015 The Lord says, don't let the contrary things of life punk you or scare you, but know that I have favored you, and I am for you to push you forward into all the things that I have for you, says the Lord! 9-20-2015 Fear is not of me says the Lord, but faith is your portion. When you look back at what I have said and allow that to be your roadmap, then fear cannot overcome you, says the Lord! 9-19-2015 The Lord says,, I am your portion so trust in me to provide what you cannot provide for yourself. 9-18-2015 The Lord says,, tap into what I am doing, and you won't get brought to ruins, but I will preserve you, keep you, and bless you, when the world wants to stress you, declares the Lord! 9-17-2015 The Lord says, open your mouth and declare what ought to be versus just speaking what you are seeing in the natural. 9-16-2015 The Lord says,, you cannot afford to be distracted, because I have called you to do much, and your focus in this season must be on my will and not the things that you would desire to focus on in and of yourself. Come away with me, spend time with me, let me repair your soul, and I’ll pour into you what is necessary to get you moving in the right direction again, says the Lord! 9-15-2015 The Lord says, be sensitive to my spirit in this hour; for I am leading the way, but you have to trust me and follow my leading. When you follow my leading, you will enter the place of my feeding and provision, says the Lord! 9-14-2015 The Lord says, stand in valor, stand in faith, stand in courage, and having done all to stand, continue to stand, and you will see my glory. 9-13-2015 The Lord says, keep moving pass the obstacles you see, and as a result of your persistent faith, you will see me moving the mountain standing in your way. 9-12-2015 The Lord says, do not stoop to their level. 9-11-2015 The Lord says, I want all of you in exchange for all of me and all that I have to offer you. When you fully surrender and sacrifice your life to live for me, then I will live through you and show you how to really live, says the glorious Lord and king! 9-10-2015 This is a season for you to simplify your life and prepare for the greater that is coming, says the Lord! 9-9-2015 The Lord says, don't focus on what they are doing, but focus on what I am doing, and watch those things that I do in your life, says the Lord! 9-8-2015 The Lord says,, touch my healing hand and continue to stand, and I will bring healing in your body and give you a testimony among men. 9-7-2015 The Lord says,, I have not forgotten you, but endure, and know that your bread shall be sure. 9-6-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says,, stop focusing so much on the problem and focus on me, because I am the one that will help you solve them. 9-6-2015 (Word #2) The solution to your problem is coming soon. The Lord will answer you concerning that thing very soon. (You can bet on it.) 9-5-2015 The Lord says, there has been a lot of nations huffing and puffing in the earth because of the pride of man, but I will humble many of these nations that the nations may know that I rule the earth and the nations are mine, says the Lord! I will contend with those that destroy the earth in due time, says the Lord of hosts! Look at Revelation 11:18. 9-4-2015 This is your time to get in that place where I have called you to be, says the Lord! 9-3-2015 As the winds are blowing in the earth, focus not on the winds, but I am the God that created the winds, so you focus on doing my will and not on the winds. Those winds are there to train you and develop you for your calling, but I have control of the winds. I have power to make the winds calm or to make them roar. (Look at Psalm 107:25-31) I have great plans for your life and as long as you do as I tell you, you have no real major problems in your life, says the Lord! Some of the problems that you are faced with is not by my hand, but I hold a plan in my hands to deliver you when you obey me in all things, says God! I look at the heart of a man and not just at a man's faults and his short comings. The redemptive power of my blood atones for all of those that come to me, and obey the plan, and follow the path that I have for their life. My way is the way of obedience, says the Lord! 9-2-2015 The Lord says, focus on what you are doing and not just on what you are pursuing, and don't let your current works be diminished while you are still working on your future. 9-1-2015 I see many blockades that are being lifted. The Lord says,, many of the things that have been blocking your path of destiny and obstructing your view that you cannot see and focus on my will for your life will suddenly be removed, says the Lord! 8-31-2015 Come to me with some faith, and you will see me move mountains in your life, says the Lord! 8-30-2015 Maintaining what you have obtained comes through the power of my spirit, and when you walk in the power my spirit, then you will see the light of day and always know what to do my child. It is when you don't obey my voice and follow my counsel that you find yourself stuck and in a bad way in your life. Know that this is a key season and time in your life where I am showing you the mistakes and errors in your life so I can teach you how to correct them by my spirit, so that you can experience the peace and all of the many blessings that I have promised you. This is a season where I am really pressing you to get in order and get the things in your life organized so that you can breathe better, and hear me better without all the clutter and distractions in your life. The more of your life that you surrender to me, the more peace that you will have. The less that you try to control your own life and surrender more of your own will to me, then you will see me peacefully guiding you. Whenever you take your hands off that situation fully, then I can put my hands on it and fully work it out for you. You'll see in this season that I’m showing you the many areas of your life where you still do not fully trust me to help you in those areas of your life. When you fully surrender to me and trust me and quit doing it by your flesh, then you will see that my way and my will is best for you, says the Lord! 8-29-2015 The Lord says, I have already cleared the path for you, and the way has been made, so walk towards progress. 8-28-2015 The Lord says, turn that cell phone off for a while so you can hear me clearly without distractions, and come before me so that you can hear my voice clearly and what I am saying to you in this season. You can't afford to keep on being distracted in this season, says the Lord, because what you don't know has been hurting you, and I’ve been trying to tell you what you need to know so that you can get it, but you have been way too busy, says the Lord! 8-27-2015 The Lord says,, look to me and not to man, and you will see the keys to the treasure vaults in my hand. Study Isaiah 45:1-3, Isaiah 60:5-7, and Haggai 2:6-9. The Lord says,, I know just how to shake the wealth loose and get it into your hands. 8-26-2015 Step out and step up, says the Lord! 8-25-2015 The Lord says, being in the right place at the right time will bless you. Pray that I order your steps, says the Lord! 8-24-2015 The Lord says, be steadfast with me even when you don't see it, and when you don't see how things are going to work; for I am watching over my word to perform it, and I am even watching over you to perform my good will and word towards you, says God! 8-23-2015 The winds are realigning things quickly in this hour, and the whole world will see a display of my power, says the Lord! 8-22-2015 The Lord says, watch how the winds are blowing in this season; for the winds of change will blow many things to work in your favor in this season, declares the Lord! 8-21-2015 The Lord says,, when I speak, you come and eat. The supper is being put on the table, but my people are not coming to the spread that I’ve already prepared for them to eat, but instead, they are wasting a lot of time out in the wilderness searching for something to eat when I have already provided for them, and the food at my table is good, says the Lord! 8-20-2015 This is not a season for you to waste your time, but this is a season for you to be about purpose, says the Lord! 8-19-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says, stay the course and don't give up; you win battles with your faith and not by fear and giving up. I come to the aid of those that stay in faith, and those that stay in faith sees my grace, declares the Lord! 8-19-2015 (Word #2) your season of high and intense warfare is coming to an end, says the Lord! You are coming to an end of a long season of testing, says the Lord! In this season grades will be passed out, and rewards will also be given according to how you faired on the tests that you were given, says the Lord of hosts! 8-18-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says,, tell them I can still give them a miracle, if they will believe me for it. 8-18-2015 (Word #2) step into the new and watch what I will do, says the Lord! 8-18-2015 (Word #3-a special word for someone) The Lord says, don't be afraid to start that new ministry that I put in your heart and spoke to you about. I have already given you several confirmations on it, and now it is your time to move in what I have ordained, says the Lord! 8-18-2015 (Word #4-a special word for someone) The Lord says,, I’ve been bidding you for a while now to step out in faith and start that new business, but you keep hesitating and thinking of all of the obstacles that are standing in your way, but when you start to move on those things in faith, you will hear my voice speaking through you to the mountain crying grace, grace, says the Lord! (Zechariah 4:6-7) 8-18-2015 (Word # 5) The Lord says,, once you step out in what I have called you to do, then you will be able to breathe a sigh of release and you will have peace in knowing that you are finally on the right path in moving into that place that I am positioning you. 8-17-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says, if you feel as if your faith is being tested in this season, that's because it is, and you are going to need plenty of faith in the days that are ahead of you, so you are now being trained, developed, and processed in the dark room to bring forth the finished picture, a beautiful picture of my work in your life, says the Lord! 8-17-2015 (Word #2) The Lord says,, if you quit the race before you reach the finish line, then you will forfeit your reward. After every test in life is a sure reward waiting on you, says the Lord, but you must pass the test declares the Lord! 8-17-2015 (Word #3) The Lord says, the victory for your life is already planned, but you have to take hold of my plan so that I can lead you into what I have planned, says the Lord! 8-17-2015 (Word #4) Whenever the pressure exerted on you is the greatest, here comes your breakthrough, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says, this is a season and time that I am going to shake things in the earth, including my church on an unprecedented level. The shaking in my church will be to draw my people out of their comfort zone, because my people have become too comfortable, and they are stagnant and not moving forward. This next wave of shaking is to draw my church out of a state of sleep and slumber and move them into the next wave of reaping the harvest of souls for my kingdom, says the Lord! The Lord says, this next wave of shaking shall also upset, challenge, and change governmental systems that have aligned with darkness and tried to overthrow my government in the land; The Lord says, they will be the ones that are overthrown. This level of shaking will cause false thrones and thrones of iniquity to fall, and I also heard there will be the fall of structures, yea, even government structures, infrastructures, and many structures in the land will fall, collapse, and crumble, says the Lord! Now is the time of my movement says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #2) The Lord says, this is a season for you to decide if you are in or if you are out, and stop being so indecisive. 8-16-2015 (Word #3) The Lord says, step into my grace, but stay anchored, and you will see who runs the place, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #4) The Lord says, I’m now causing a massive new alignment in the land, and many people will now be reassigned to be realigned to fulfill their purpose, says the Lord! I heard the words “massive realignments”. The Lord says,, even the nations shall realign in this season, and those that have taken threatening paths will even be challenged, and yea, many will even be destroyed, says the Lord of hosts! 8-16-2015 (Word #5) The Lord says, this is a season of reformation and confirmation, declares the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #6) The Lord says, in this hour you will see that truly I am a God of grace and fulfillment, and this is not a season for you to back up or back down, but stand, push, move forward, and advance in this season with all the new kingdom strategies that I am now passing out to my people at this time; for sure strategies are set to cause you to come into the season of alignment that I have prepared for you for such a time as this. The time is coming where you will say “the Lord's fulfillment is here and at work in his people's lives, and in my life”, declares the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #7) The Lord says,, you have been staying in the valley when I have been calling you up the mountain top. It is when you get to the top of the mountain that you will see all things clearly and realize that the floods of the valleys and the low places of the earth would have killed you before the time, and you will see from this high and elevated place how you need to align and advance in the season ahead, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #8) The Lord says,, on purpose, I have been freeing up time for you to be alone, so that you could sup with me and hear from me on a whole nutha level, and now is the time for you to align with me in a new way, so that I can fill your cup again until it overflows again, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #9) The Lord says,, this is a season where you will hunger and thirst after me in a way that you have not known in times past, declares the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #10) The Lord says, do not hold back what I have put inside of you, but let the rivers of refreshing and the rivers of living waters flow through you again, until it flows over its banks and spills onto others around you, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #11) The Lord says,, I have called this ministry to stand in these waters, and I will not allow my prophet to be made mockery of, says the Lord! The Lord says,, this ministry will advance, and it won't be by chance in this hour, says the Lord! The Lord says, my apostolic grace covers this ministry, and I will use it to bless many and even a multitude, because I have raised it up for such a time as this to bless a generation, and to raise up a strong generation of new apostolic and prophetic kingdom leaders, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #12) The Lord says,, they cannot shut the door without my approval. 8-16-2015 (Word #13) The Lord says,, they are not challenging you, but they are challenging me, because I am the one that set you in place, and I will set all things in order in this season, says the Lord of Sabaoth! 8-16-2015 (Word #14) The Lord says,, what makes them think that they could beat me. I am more powerful than all men, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #15) The volcanoes of fire are erupting, and I will spill and spew salvation all over the world, and a generation that was set to expire shall now come forth and revive, and bring forth my word, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #16) The Lord says,, fear not your giants, and those things that act defiant, because I have put a sword in your hand, and you and I will bring down every stronghold together, says the Lord of hosts! 8-16-2015 (Word #17) The Lord says,, this is a season for you to move past the trap doors that the enemy have set in place for you, and find yourself in a new place of victory in me, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #18) The Lord says,, I sent you before them in advance, so that you could lead the rest of the troops through the battle and into the harvest fields that I have for them, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #19) The Lord says,, I will advance you pass the traps of the enemy in this season and will cause you to arrive at a place of safety and a place of refuge in me, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #20) The Lord says,, this is a season of victory. Claim it for yourself, says the Lord! 8-16-2015 (Word #21) The Lord says, feel the fire of my glory in a new way. 8-16-2015 (Word #22) The Lord says,, I have called you from a place to a new place to speak to you on a higher level in this season, and you will speak to my people from a higher level, says the Lord! 8-15-2015 The Lord says, you do not have to fight for power; there is a set season where I have put people in your life to recognize your gift and what is in you, and to celebrate that which is in you, says the Lord! 8-14-2015 The Lord says, you have to be careful that you don't allow negative expectations to build around you to the point where you only expect negative things to happen in your life. God says know that I am a God of goodness, and I will reveal my goodness to you if you only believe, because it is when you believe that you receive, says the Lord! 8-13-2015 I have reserved fountains of life for you to drink from that you don't yet know of, says the Lord! 8-12-2015 Don't fear the valleys that I am taking you through in this season; for every valley leads to the top of the mountain, says the Lord! 8-11-2015 Don't get frustrated by your purpose, says the Lord! 8-10-2015 Don't fear the changes that are happening all around you, says the Lord! Know that all things are working for your greater good, says the Lord! 8-9-2015 The Lord says, you must learn how to take a different perspective on things and not just go with your own view and your own opinion of things. Come to me, and I will give you my perspective on things, says the Lord! 8-8-2015 I hear the Lord saying, rise up and wise up, and don't be bamboozled by the things that are coming in the land! 8-7-2015 The Lord says,, I am arising at the gates of your nation, and I will reform that which is broken, and I will mend up what is broken in your life in the process, says the Lord! 8-6-2015 The Lord says, I am pouring out blessings, but are you in position to catch them as I am pouring them out? You must reposition yourself to catch the harvest, says the Lord! 8-5-2015 I cause all things in life to pass through my hands, and those who fear me have nothing to worry about, says the Lord! 8-4-2015 The Lord says, I am shaping you how I need you to be, and I am shaping that situation just how I need it to turn out to get you to that place in me where I need you to be, says the Lord! Remember that it is about my will and plans that I have for you, says the Lord of glory! 8-3-2015 The Lord says, don't let the trial take your smile. Many of you have been saying, this is the longest trial that I have ever been in, but The Lord says, get ready to come out. You are coming out in this season, says the Lord! 8-2-2015 The Lord says, I am connecting you with the fruit of the harvest in this season. 8-1-2015 This is your divine season of recovery, says the Lord! 7-31-2015 The Lord says, you sit and you marvel at the power of God that is at work in others' lives, but you need to recognize the power that is in you and upon your own life, says the Lord; for I have gifted you and equipped you, says the Lord! 7-30-2015 The Lord says,, I stand in the fire waiting for your faith, and as the fire cannot devour me says the Lord, it will not be able to devour you, because I am in you causing you to overcome in this hour. I walk my people through the fire only to take them up higher, says the Lord! The fire is not to harm you, but it is there to burn all the remaining remnants of doubt, fear, and unbelief up out of you. It is there to consume your enemies. Though it will not harm you, I placed it there to contend with your enemies in this season and all of those things that challenge you and contend with you, says the Lord, and to include debt, sickness, affliction, and poverty, says the Lord! Press through the fire to go up higher, says the Lord! 7-30-2015 Insight for the times now-key strategic scriptures for this hour, season, and time; see Daniel 3:1-30, Isaiah 43:2, Psalm 66:8-12, Hebrews 1:7 & 14, Malachi 3:1-6, Isaiah 48:10, Isaiah 24:15, 1 Peter 4:12-14, 1 Peter 1:6-11, Job 23:10; Matthew 3:11-12, Acts 1:5 & 8, and Acts 2:1-4; with the Lord you can come out of any fire that has come up against you, and you will emerge victoriously. He's the God that answers by fire; see 1 Kings 18:24-39. In this season you will obviously know the difference between the false and the real, because there will be a very obvious difference like when Moses and Aaron contended with those evil magicians of their time that stood before pharaoh. Read Exodus 9:11 and 2 Timothy 3:8-17. 7-29-2015 The Lords says applying your faith with some necessary actions will be necessary to see your desired end. 7-28-2015 The Lords says there are at least five main areas that are tripping my people up and tying my hands, and they are; 1) They lack any real faith; 2) They are not patient at all; 3) They don't really trust me like they should; 4) They struggle with believing my word and the things that I have promised them in my word and; 5) They have absolutely no confidence whatsoever in their own prayers, but they tend to trust more in someone else's prayers for them. The Lord says, get rid of these stumbling blocks out of your life, and you will see my hand of favor show up in your life in a much greater way than you have ever seen before in your life in times past. 7-27-2015 The Lord says, stand in me, and know that I am your refuge. 7-27-2015 I saw a major coastal flood in a dream last night that swallowed up a lot of land and buildings because of the deep waters that came up so fast. Here is also what another prophet saw in a pair of dreams last week; I also saw the ocean in New York rising up over the shore line like a flood/tsunami was coming. This is the second dream I had about a flood in NYC; the first one was a lot more vivid and intense. I actually saw NYC under water, and a huge wave headed to the city (Look like downtown NY); in this one, I was warning folks and telling them to “get away from the ocean” on the balcony of a building along the sea shore. Now let me, say this; anytime that the Lord shows you something twice in a dream, it means that it will happen shortly or very soon, and you can learn more about what I just said in Genesis 41:32. The second thing is that the Lord can change a scenario if his people in that city pray, intercede, and stand in the gap for the land. You can learn more about this from 2 Chronicles 7:13-15, Amos 7:1-6, and Isaiah 38:1-9. We will pray for coastal cities and for new York city, but I would advise the righteous people of new York to organize some prayer rallies for the city to stand in the gap, because the Lord is always looking for intercessors to stand in the gap for the land. Look at Ezekiel 22:29-30 and Isaiah 59:10-16. Let me say that this was the second dream that I had on these lines. There was another word similar to this posted on 3-16-2015 as a prayer alert; you can find it under the “Let The Prophets Declare What They Are Seeing 2015 Archives”. 7-26-2015 The Lord says,, contend for the faith, and you will see my grace. See Jude 1:3. Then, I heard the words; contend and defend, says the Lord! 7-25-2015 The Lord says, the struggle ends when you learn to trust me totally and completely. There is no struggle or wrestle when you learn how to trust me, and only me, says the Lord! 7-24-2015 (Word #1) Do not allow your focus to be on the wrong things in life, and do not allow your connection with me to be broken by distractions and the cares of this life says the Lord! Flow with me, and you will grow with me, says God! 7-24-2015 (Word # 2) The Lord says,, the rise and fall of a nation happens with the rise and the collapse of the government within that nation. When a government falls and collapses, then a nation falls and fails. The Lord says,, pray for your nation to align with my spirit, and also pray that your nation does not collapse. There are many nations on the verge of collapse. 7-24-2015 (Word #3) The Lord says, break free of the old structures that are holding you, and align with my spirit in a new way. Come away with me into a hiding place of quietness so that I can speak to you, says the Lord! If you will listen to the instructions of my spirit and those things that I am giving you, then you'll know what your next move is in all of this. 7-23-2015 The Lord says,, you have to come through me to get to your doors. All of my people have to come through me to get access to the future that I have for them, because I am the door and the gate keeper, says the Lord! 7-22-2015 The Lord says,, put me in the right place in your mind and in your life, and then I will put you in position and get you in place. I open doors and create positions for my people all of the time when they believe me for it, says the Lord! See Isaiah 48:6-7. 7-21-2015 The Lord says, whenever you favor my righteous cause, I will in turn favor you. 7-20-2015 The only reason that you would even operate in fear is when you don't trust me, says the Lord! Trust me, and you will see what I have planned for you, and are willing to release into your hands in this hour, says the Lord! Those that trust me see my power, says the Lord! 7-19-2015 The Lord says, the favor that I give you is not according to what you deserve, but my favor towards you is based upon my mercy and my will to bless you and favor your life. I also heard this; The Lord says, my favor gets you the promotion. 7-18-2015 The Lord says,, I am pouring out the midnight oil upon you in this season, and you shall prosper in this season. 7-17-2015 Intercessors, The Lord says, it is time to awake; this is not a time for you to be asleep, says the Lord, but this is a time for you to stand at the gates and declare my righteousness. This is a time for you to stand upon the walls to be that watchman that I have called you to be. Prophets and prophetess, The Lord says, sound the alarms, and tell them what I say clearly and don't hold back. Watchmen upon the walls, warn them of what you see coming. I am depending on all of my lines of defense in the earth through my body to align and hear the call of heaven that I am sending to you, says the Lord! Awake with me in the night, hear my sound; follow me during the day, and be very sensitive to my spirit, and hear my call to you night and day, says the Lord; for there are many things that I desire to do in the earth, but I only move by the invitations of my people, through the invites of my watchmen, my prophets, my intercessors, and my voices in the earth, says the Lord! Give me an invite, says the Lord your God! 7-16-2015 The Lord says, I am pouring out victory in your hands, do you see my plans? 7-15-2015 The Lord says, you have been waiting around long enough, now it is time you walk in what I have ordered and ordained for your life. 7-14-2015 The Lord says, get out of my way and quit blocking everything else that I want to manifest through you, and just let me be God in your life, says the Lord! 7-13-2015 The Lord says, instead of you expecting the stress to be piled on you this week, instead expect me to pile on the blessings on you. I am just waiting to rain down my blessings upon you like torrential rainfall that comes to an area after a dry season where nothing was happening and after a long season of drought when you believe, says the Lord! Let me see your faith this week, and I will show you my glory, says the Lord! 7-12-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says, I am your source, and I am your boss, and I won't allow you to be to and fro stressed and tossed. This is the day that I am putting peace back in your heart, says the Lord! 7-12-2015 (Word #2) The Lord says, do not set your mind on the cares of this world, but put your eyes back on my kingdom and watch the blessings as I bring them. 7-12-2015 (Word #3) The Lord says, “Realigned and reassigned”. Get back in your alignment, and you'll see your new assignment. 7-12-2015 (#4 A Word of Knowledge) I see a woman, and several years ago you had a baby in the hospital, and they told you that your child was dead at birth and did not make it, and they never showed you the body of the child because he was not dead, but your baby was stolen by a nurse at birth and they hid things from you and covered it up for all these years, and your son is alive, and the truth is about to come out, and you are about to reunite with your son, declares the Lord! 7-11-2015 Keep on looking up and trust me, says the Lord, and you will see your future. 7-10-2015 I heard the Lord say revival will break out all over the place in many areas that you least expect it. I also see where the Lord is going to heal and visit war veterans and those that have been suffering for a long time from post-traumatic syndrome and the negative effects of war. I even see teams of evangelists being raised up to reach out to vets and praying for them in the area of healing for many issues in their bodies, and I even see this thing spreading to the point that vets will start praying for other vets, and healing miracles and even salvations will take place on huge scales. I heard the Lord say I am now releasing my revival fires upon the land and my healing winds shall now go forth to restore, says the Lord! 7-9-2015 The Lord says, this is a season that I am pouring out blessings, but will you come stand under the glory spout where showers of blessings come out? See Ezekiel 34:26. Then, I heard the Lord say, I don't need everything to be perfect in the world for me to bless my people; I don't need every situation in your life to be totally perfect for me to show you my glory and change your story, and pour out my favor, blessings, power, and glory in your lives. Many of you tried to be totally perfect from a works mentality in order to qualify for my blessing, but my mercy endures forever, and I knew that you would not be totally perfect, but all I asked for was your obedience to me, and to see in your heart that you were trying. I will meet you halfway, says the Lord, and you will see my favor and my time of blessing, and things won't be by your own strength, but things will be by my hand, according to my plans, says the Lord! 7-8-2015 I heard the Lord Say, rewind and rewrite, and let me finish the new chapter of your life. Return to your first love and repeat the first works that brought you to my feet, and you'll find new power and new strength there; there is no way that you can get burnt out in my presence, because I am your holy fire that stay burning in you like a lamp that give you light and energy, says the Lord! 7-7-2015 I heard the Lord say take the path that I have already formed for you and don't deviate and you'll prosper. 7-6-2015 I heard the Lord saying, “Take up the stumbling blocks out of the path of my people, so that my chosen can go forward unhindered. Remove the traps, the snares, and the gins, and the things that cause them to error and sin. Take up those things that would cause their enemies to laugh; for this is a season that I am now clearing their path, and they shall be comforted by my staff, says the Lord! 7-6-2015 (Word of Insight) in the Old Testament, after Joseph interpreted pharaoh's dreams, he saw and knew that there would be a time of seven years of famine. He had insight that this event would immediately follow the seven years of prosperity that they were then in at that time, so he knew to store up supplies to be prepared against the time to come, and not just waste and consume resources as fast as they came in. See Genesis 41:1-57. In Acts 11:27-28, Prophet Agabus also signified by the spirit of God that there would be a time of great dearth, which is a time of famine, food shortages, or severe times, that would take place in the coming days throughout all of the earth. I showed you this so that you could see two different prophets in two different dispensations of times, one in the old testament and one in the new testament, both saw and both signified times of distress and famine in the land in their day and in their times. I say to you that this is also what I see coming shortly, and you along with the people of God need to be prepared naturally. This coming event will be caused by a lot of manmade disasters, while other portions of it will be caused by natural disasters and wars. The collapse of the economies of many nations, and the sudden collapse of many banks will also contribute to this time of woes, and it will have an effect on the global world economy, because they are all plugged into one another in some kind of way. While the Lord is our source, he still requires us to prepare for these things in the natural just like Joseph did. This is not a time to get in debt, or to be in debt, or to get into more debt. While we handle things in the natural, our trust must and always should remain in the Lord as our source and supply. See 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and Isaiah 57:12-13. 7-5-2015 The Lord says, I am your shield and fortress, and I am your protection, and I’ll protect you where governments won't protect you or won't be able to protect you. Trust me in dark times, because I am the light, and I will guide you and lead to into your harvest fields, says the Lord! 7-4-2015 The Lord says,, the choice is yours. You can either do things my way and live the blessed life, or you can do things your way and live the stressed life. My way comes with some heavy benefits, says the Lord! 7-3-2015 The Lord says,, you do not know everything that is coming, but I do, and it is time for my people to trust me unconditionally. 7-3-2015 What I see is that hell has no fury like a loving God scorned, mocked, and pushed over the edge by the deeds of the wicked planted by Satan in the earth. Jude 1:15, 2 Peter 3:1-3, James 5:9, Galatians 6:7-8, Isaiah 42:13-16, Isaiah 63:1-7, Psalm 65:65-72, Psalm 12:5, Isaiah 1:4-31, Amos 9:8-15. What I see is an unprecedented time of both wrath and shaking from the Lord in the land and among the nations, and an unprecedented time of blessing for his people that are faithful and for those who have remained committed to him in spite of the persecution and in spite of the afflictions. Whose side are you on? 7-2-2015 The Lord says, it has been a long time coming; your due season is here, says the Lord! 7-1-2015 The Lord says,, I have been clearing the path before you for a long time now, and this is the season where you will clearly see that your path has been made clear, and there is a door opened for you. See your window of opportunity and seize the moment that is set before you now, says the Lord! 6-30-2015 The Lord says,, some seasons are longer than others, and some of your harvests takes longer than others to produce because it is bigger. It is a special harvest that cannot be rushed in the process, because it takes time to prepare and to bring it forth. However, one thing is for sure in life, and that is you can always count on a due season coming around for you, and your due harvest will always show up for you when you don't faint, says the Lord! 6-29-2015 The Lord says,, I am the one that is going to pour it out on you and for you, but you control the measuring stick, and it is controlled by your faith, your hunger, your thirst, and what you say and do. 6-28-2015 I heard the Lord say, in the midst of the fire, I will take you up higher. In the midst of a time of hate and persecution in the world, I will now elevate and expand you and promote you in the face of these things, says the Lord! 6-27-2015 The Lord says,, this is the season that your cup will run over, and it will even spill onto others, because I am the one that is filling that cup. Get ready for the overflow, says the Lord! I even heard the Lord said, “Torrential blessings”. Torrential blessings will be pouring down in your life, declares the Lord of hosts! 6-26-2015 The Lord says, just trust me for real to work those things out for you, and you will not be disappointed, declares the Lord! 6-26-2015 (Word of Insight) This is still a very strong season of the “two's” and “four's” in the earth, but if you pay attention to the news and the things in and around your life, you will also see that this is a very strong season of the “nine's”. Every major thing in the news and around you is also in patterns of “9's”. Pay close attention and you'll see what I am saying. Nine is the number of birthing. A woman carries a child in her womb for nine months, and if it is born before then, then it is considered a premature birth, and if it is born after that, then it is consider overdue, and it is then time to induce labor. Many of you are overdue for destiny, and the Lord is inducing labor on you in this season, and because it is your time to give birth to destiny, the labor pains that you have been experiencing in your life has been great. John 16:20-24, Micah 4:9-10, Isaiah 66:7-9, and then Revelation 12:1-17. Bring forth the man child of destiny in you, says the Lord! 6-26-2015 (Corporate Word of Insight) everybody can't go where you're going in the Lord in this season, because not everybody qualifies to go there, but in this season the Lord is promoting you and elevating you to such an extent that is will cause feathers to be ruffled and others to get upset, because you have been setup for the blessing. This is a season of unprecedented victory and favor for you, wherein you will see victory after victory, and where it may have seemed like you have been in long die hard battles after battles, you will now begin to see the light of day in a swift manner, but this is a season where the Lord has been making some necessary cuts to get rid of some dead weight out of your life so that he can add his best to your life for the bless days and the days to come. It does not matter what evil is going on in the world and all around you; the Lord has prepared a time of blessings and favor in your life unlike anything that you have ever seen, heard, or experienced before in your life. Get ready for the overflow of blessings. As a matter of fact, it has already started, and it is in motion. 6-25-2015 The Lord says, I have already declared the end from the beginning, and the book has been finalized. I know every chapter of your life and what is going to happen before you do, and it is already written for you to end up with the prayer for you is still that your faith fails not, says the Lord! (See Luke 22:31-32 and John 17:15-26). 6-24-2015 The Lord says,, there are some things in life that you put up with because you choose to put up with them, but when you put your trust in me, I will cause you to rise above those things and overcome them, says the Lord! 6-23-2015 The Lord says, the train is moving forward, and I will be to my people the engine and endurance that they need to be pulled forward into a new place of power and prosperity and kingdom excitement. 6-22-2015 The Lord says, let your heart felt worship be known to me in this hour, and your worship will cause you to see my power, says the Lord! 6-21-2015 (Word #1) The Lord says, be the watchman on the wall that I am calling you to be. 6-21-2015 (Word #2) I heard the Lord say, Charleston, SC, USA is a gate and an eye city for the nation. Watch the patterns of love and unity that are coming out that place and that will come out of that place in the days ahead. 6-20-2015 The Lord says, do not forget that I am the one that pours out the blessing in this season, and even now I am pouring out the blessing. 6-19-2015 The Lord says, continue to trust me, and you will see the light. 6-19-2015 (Word of Insight) recently, I have been teaching on understanding the purpose of your visions and dreams under the ensign leadership section for our leaders and a few select pastors in our network for the past two weeks. As a result of doing this, many have been having prophetic dreams and visions from the Lord given to them that also revealed in great detail exactly what was going to happen. Needless to say, one of our prophetess wrote me two weeks ago about a dream she had in great detail about a man coming into a building and shooting and killing a lot of people inside. She also saw a lot of police cars, fire trucks, and emergency vehicles everywhere. Everything that she wrote down and described in exact detail happened Wednesday night in a church shooting in Charleston, SC, USA in which nine people were killed. At the time we did not know the exact city of this event, but we began to pray about it, but I said all of that to say this. When you all have dreams or visions like this, try to write down every exact detail of your dream even colors of cars, if they were trees or bushes, and what kind were they, if they were tall or short. If you see walls, write down the height and the color, and if they were stone walls or brick or some other nature. Be very specific, because our dreams if we have enough details can be used in the natural to intercept certain events from happening through intercession, and in some cases in the natural, because if we know the city or the place and there is danger going to be there, we may be able to alert someone to have protection in place. What I can tell you is that God want to use our dreams and our visions to prevent some things and to intercept other things in prayer. In certain cases, certain situations may not be able to be completely stopped altogether, but our intercession and prayers can minimize the impacts and the threats of such events. I am totally convinced that if we had not prayed on several events, they would have been a lot worse, and recently our prayers did stop some things from even happening, because the Lord revealed to me an exact location to target in prayer so the threat was diminished. Also this same prophetess has had several other key detail dreams, and along with a series of dreams that I have had, and one of our other prophetess on the teams, we now know that we need to intercede for the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois among others that are hot on the prophetic radars. Let us pray for any terrorist plots and plots of any violence to be exposed in those cities. Pray for the hand of God to stop the works of Satan in those cities. Those of you that are therein Detroit, which we have a large contingent of our ensign family there, begin to intercede for your city diligently every day, and the Lord will show you specific details on things to cover. This time we are going ahead of the devil, because we have a few names to work with city wise that we saw in our dreams, so let us be very vigilant and pray. This is a season of unprecedented things happening all around the world, but the Lord also wants us to be at the forefront of being involved in intercession and prevention on a lot of these events. One of the main reasons that the Lord shows it to you is that we can intercede like the rest of the prophets of old. God would tell them certain things and they would start interceding for the city or for that land or nation. We must do the same. A lot of things coming are not by the hand of God directly, but the Lord is wise enough to warn you of what is coming or trying to come so that we can pray to get him involved to stop the hand of the devil from destroying lives, souls, and property. (See John 10:10) I can tell you boldly that our prayers are going to get intervention in these places. Write your dreams down when you have them, and if you saw police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, military equipment, then try to remember if you saw emblems, any insignia on their shirts or jacket, or city shields or shapes on vehicles, because all of these can be used to identify a city or a specific location so that we can be effective at employing intercessors and in some cases may be even alerting the proper authorities or officials in these areas to prevent certain things from happening. Prophet Elisha also had this gift given to him by God. See 2 Kings 6:8-12. I prophesy that you will now walk in this level of discernment too. This is now an unprecedented season of the Lord's outpouring of visions and dreams in our lives, because we are at that point in time in the scripture around the time of the blood moons. Study Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2:14-21. 6-18-2015 The Lord says, be sure to remember that I have the control over those things that you don't. 6-17-2015 The Lord says,, greater is coming, so don't stop running for me. Do my will, and I will pay your bills, says the Lord! 6-16-2015 The Lord says, there is a new mantle on you now, so stop crying and walk in the power of that new mantle and get results. See the latter part of Daniel 11:32. 6-15-2015 The Lord says,, “Why would you let something stress you when my intent is to bless you?” I will bless you and protect you, and I am there to deliver you when you obey my voice and follow my instructions, says the Lord! 6-14-2015 The Lord says, lay your head upon me, let it rest upon my shoulders, and let me have those things and those burdens that have been weighing you down. I have the power to fix it and to do what you cannot do when you trust me. 6-13-2015 The Lord says, I will elevate you and promote you in their face, because I need them to look at you, so that they can see me in you, and I will be glorified. 6-12-2015 The Lord says, just because you can't see how it all is going to work does not mean that it won't all work out. 6-11-2015 The Lord says, I will use you to cover many things in prayer at this hour, and I will cause you to see many things and know things that only man can know by my spirit. I am opening up the heavens to reveal the mysteries of the latter times to you, and you'll now suddenly have understanding of some things that you previously didn't know, says the Lord! 6-10-2015 The Lord says, open your eyes and look. You have had your eyes closed for far too long so you could not see what I was doing in your midst. If you would open up your eyes and look and take the blinders off, you will see that I have already done a lot of stuff for you, and your answers are already in place and in position to assist you with all the things that you have need of says the Lord! 6-9-2015 This is a season where many long standing conflicts are coming to an end, and you will get the back stuff that people owe you in this season. There is also some stuff that you did not know about that will just start coming to you all of a sudden. You are about to get some suddenlies and immediatelies to come your way. I heard the Lord say I am opening the reservoirs of release. He is guarding over you, and he will not let you go down, sink, or drown in debt and lack. This is a season of much more than enough for you. Watch your lane and be sure to watch your mailbox for the harvest, but don't limit the Lord to just your mailbox, because I just heard the Lord say, “I am everywhere, and I will be in everything around you.” 6-8-2015 You have the power of my spirit working inside of you to bring about a change, and the change within you will change, shake, and shift entire nations, says the Lord! (See Ephesians 3:20) This is a week you will be glowing in the power of the Lord like when a person glows when they first fall in love. This is a week where you will find yourself falling in love with Jesus all over again. Look at Revelations 2:2-7 and Jeremiah 31:3. 6-7-2015 The Lord says, in this season, the weight of my glory will rest upon you and sit upon the top of your head, and with the weight of my glory comes answers, solutions, and breakthroughs to all those of long-term seasons and years of strange warfare against your life, and those things that you did not seem to understand, I will now give you precise clarity and understanding on those matters, declares the Lord! 6-6-2015 The Lord says, your open door begins with your open heart to those things that are being set before you. I have already sent my angels before you to clear the path of all booby traps and land mines that would be in the way to try to blow things out of proportion in your life, declares the Lord! 6-5-2015 The Lord says, look up and do not look down; for your solutions are not on the ground, but they are in the high places in this season, in that place that I have reserved for you. When you let go of the past and let go the ties of what was laid in the ground that had so much impact and influence over your life, then you will be able to look up and see the solution in the ones that are alive and above the ground that I have positioned in your life for such a time as this to help you, and train you for your future. Re-look says the Lord, but this time when you look up again, look to me, says the spirit of the living God! Look to me for all your needs and make me your source and I will show you my choice for your life, says the Lord! 6-4-2015 The Lord says, the plans that I have for you do not include defeat and anguish, but the plans that I have for you always includes victory. 6-3-2015 The Lord says, this is your time to move forward, and this is a time to put the past behind you. Know that I am for you and not against you to do you good and to get you to your latter end, says the Lord! (Proverbs 23:18 and proverbs 24:14). 6-2-2015 The Lord says, refocus, re-aim, and re-fire and hit the target this time. The Lord says, your faith always needs a primary target and focal point in order to remain strong, robust, and vibrant. I have given you the victory, declares the Lord! 6-1-2015 The fullness of times are on your horizon, prepare yourself and be ready, and watch says the Lord! Watch what I am showing. Watch what I am revealing and unsealing in this hour. Watch for the signs that signify the times. Watch for me, and pay attention to the messages that I am sending you. Watch the heavens says the Lord; for they are revealing a sign and a message for you to decode, declares the Lord! 5-31-2015 The Lord says, look forward, March forward, and stop looking at the things of your past and allowing the previous mistakes that you've made to trip you up over and over again, says the Lord! 5-30-2015 The Lord says, when your heart is in the right place, your focus will be right, but when your heart is not in the right place, then your focus will be wrong, and you will be off track. Keep your focus on me in this hour says the Lord, and keep your focus on me at all times, and make me the center of your life, and you will see those things come to pass in your life that I have promised you, says the Lord! 5-29-2015 The Lord says, steer clear of things that are counterproductive and contrary. 5-28-2015 The Lord says, look to me and not man and you will see the cards that I am holding in my hands, and you will see and know my plans for your life, says the Lord! 5-28-2015 (Special word) Whoever you elect and choose to be leader over a land is very important, because if that leader sins, leads the people into sin, or embrace sin in any wise and just openly goes against God, then the land or that nations will be judged by that leaders' actions. See 1 Chronicles 21:1-30, and you will see how the land was being destroyed because of the actions of one leaders' sins against God. The whole nation has to pay for one man's sins a lot of times. 5-27-2015 The Lord says, I already have the path laid out for you and I already know the plan that I have for you, and when you ignore that path and the plan that I have for you, you cause friction in your own life. Don't continue to ignore my voice my child, because my hand of blessings are only promised to those that obey me in all things, says the Lord! 5-27-2015 (Special Word) The Lord says, where there is extreme violence, drugs, sin, bloodshed, injustice, murder, evil, racism, prejudice, unrighteousness, and severe corruption in the land, then heavy floods and storms will come to cleanse the land of the filth of those sins that are constantly being poured out before my eyes. I heard the Lord say the following statement; a pouring out for a pouring out, a spill for a spill, and an overflow for an overflow. See Genesis 6:11-13 and Genesis 7:6. The Lord is seriously urging all people to repent on behalf of their areas and their lands, especially his own people. See 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, Daniel 9:20, Daniel 9:2-26. Drought and floods are two biblical ways in the bible that God always used as a rod of correction to deal with sin in a land if the people did not forsake it and just turn a blind eye to it as if it is no problem. It is time to lay on your face before God and cry out to the Lord on behalf of your land. Look at Joel 1:8-15, Joel 2:15-31, Matthew 6:16-18, and Isaiah 58:1-14. The Lord called a day of fasting and prayer back on April 1, 2015. However, many of his people ignored it, and did not think it was important for them to participate, but they were the main ones writing or calling for prayer after the fact. Some people are too independent, too smart for God, wanting to do their own thing, no accountability, do not think that you hear from God, but yet come on this website daily and look to you for their answers directly only when something is wrong in their lives. That day and that time of fasting was for you and your loved ones to protect you in the time of evil that was coming to try and test the land. It was a designated time that was designed to release sudden breakthrough in your life, in which a lot of you have had some very huge and awesome testimonies as a result of you participating and being obedient, too many to write about. During that time also the Lord had shared with me that those that did not participate would come under attack from the enemy, in which that did happen, and many were requesting prayer after the fact, but if it is the Lord's hand upon an individual for their own disobedience and not taking heed to the word of the Lord, then we cannot pray and change God's mind upon him chastising you. That was a fast that the Lord established and it was like putting the blood of the lamb over your door post so that you would be protected from the evil when it rolled through. See Exodus 12:21-23. The next time that the Lord calls for a fast, you should be the first to write in to say that you are participating. There is no breakthrough like the ones that come from a corporate fast versus just an individual fast. See also 2 Chronicles 20:1-30. This day God is calling a nation to prayer and repentance, here in the United States of America and even in the nations where you live if you do not live in the USA. It is time to lay flat and face down before the Lord in humility and cry out to him to spare your land. A nation that tolerates sin, wickedness, evil, and injustice in their lands will be destroyed, but the Lord is looking for you to stand in the gap for the land and to make up the hedge. Also the nations that ban prayer and that ban the Lord's people from praying will be destroyed, because prayer is necessary to stop the destruction of a land, and if it's missing, there is no one to stop or prohibit the desolation of the land. See Ezekiel 22:29-31 and Isaiah 59:1-21. Governments and churches need to organize some major prayer rallies to intercede on behalf on the land in Jesus' name. Only the Lord, Jesus, can save you. Study out Psalm 33:12, Psalm 146:5, Psalm 144:15 and Psalm 22:28. This here one scripture; Ezekiel 26:19 KJV, is what is affecting many cities, places, and lands right now all over the world. Wherever and whenever Satan, the devil, and sin is welcomed and celebrated over God, then a major flood is his judgment. See also Psalm 36:6-7. The answer is for the elders of the land to call a major prayer and repentance rally in those affected areas. In some cases, even the governors of those states will have to openly call for a prayer rally on the steps of their state capitol building or state house. Even some presidents or Kings or queens of nations will have to openly do the same like the leaders of nations of old in the bible did in order to see the Lord's mercy instead of a time of very severe and catastrophic judgment in the land, because it will just keep on coming until that happens, especially in the nations that consider themselves to be Christian nations. See Ecclesiastes 8:4-7, 1 Chronicles 12:32, Ezekiel 3:17, Ezekiel 33:1-7, Isaiah 33:14, Isaiah 33:1-16, Isaiah 13:6-14, and Isaiah 21:6. Righteous leaders that know what to do to preserve nations will lead in this hour. Even now there are certain leaders that are chosen to lead in these perilous times. Not just anybody can lead right now. 5-26-2015 The Lord says, instead of you praying and asking me for money to pay your bills and meet your needs, pray for an opportunity to show up in your life, because an opportunity will give you enough money to pay off your debts, meet your needs, and pay your bills for a lifetime, declares the Lord! 5-25-2015 (Word of Insight) This is another time of where catastrophic level storms have invaded another holiday in America. The intensity of storms, earthquakes, and other levels of catastrophes have increased due to the latter day shaking that is designed to put the fear of God back into the heart of men and bring nations back to God by bringing them to their knees. It is going to be a pretty significant period and time frame for these kind of events to keep happening. Many people and nations will be driven to prayer and the ones that truly repent and turn back to the Lord wholeheartedly will also find mercy too, but to the ones that don't? Well! That is all I am going to say. It will not be optional for a lot of nations and states and places. It will be in their own best interest to make things right with God, even the wayward ones of God's people will only be able to find their true peace, love, and identity in him, because this is a season of life wherein the floods of life are testing and trying all the foundations of life. This is a time to be tightly aligned and connected. Go to the writings and studies section and again read 2015 A year to be tightly aligned, because many more things are coming that will get man's attention even as the Lord has shown me and revealed it unto me. It is not just prayer alone that will save you, but it is you living upright before the Lord and disconnecting yourself with evil. This is a strong season of the two and of four, so you will see many doubles in this season and the double of the double, which is your two's and four's. This is also a strong season of Isaiah 2:1-22. Many will be led to fast, and yet many will be forced to fast just because of the things that they are seeing coming on the earth in this hour. See Luke 21:25-26, Haggai 2:6-9, Hebrews 12:23-29. This is also a very serious hour, and this is not a season for anyone to be lifted up in pride, but this is a season to walk humbly with our God. See Micah 6:8-9. This is also a very heavy season of the judgments of God in the earth, but this is also a time where many blessings will be poured out to the faithful and those that are serious with the Lord. The Lord says, systems are shaking in this hour. I specifically heard the Lord say to me that evil systems are being shaken and torn down, and anything that I did not build will be torn down and thrones of iniquity will be thrown down by my hand, says the Lord! The Lord says, I am now walking through the land to set things back in order where they have been out of order. See Amos 9:5-6. 5-24-2015 This is your time to shine bright in a world that is so dark so that the world can see my glory, says the Lord! 5-23-2015 I heard the Lord say, your just due has to come from him, and that he is not limited to a man, but I have many other ways to bless you, says the Lord! 5-22-2015 I just heard the Lord say that this is a season of rapid manifestation, and I am speeding up the course of the destiny that I have called you to. I also heard him say this is a major season of rapid acceleration, and you do not have time to waver back and forth, because I am now in the process of sending you into your destination for the sake of an entire nation, says the Lord! 5-21-2015 The Lord says, the portion which you cannot do, I the Lord, can do for you and through you. Look to me for the parts that you cannot do and do not see, says the Lord! 5-20-2015 The Lord says, I’m your sense of direction in your life, and as you follow me, I will lead you to that place that you need to be. 5-19-2015 The Lord says, this is your hour to see my power. Do not miss the moment, says the Lord! 5-18-2015 The Lord says, this is your time, don't miss your window. Do not miss the window of opportunity that is set before you by being indecisive, says God! 5-17-2015 The Lord says, to be mindful not watch TV shows or movies or listen to music or people that put fear in your heart, but let your faith be made strong by the power of my words, says the Lord! 5-16-2015 The Lord says, I will lift you when the enemy tries to sift you. See Luke 22:31-32. 5-15-2015 The Lord says, indeed I am the strength of your life and I am the backbone of your decision making. Do not dethrone me in your life, but give me the time to work all things out in your life according to my timetable and not yours, says the Lord! 5-14-2015 The Lord says, if you're more worried about witchcraft and those evil things in life than fearing me, then you are on the wrong track. I protect those that put their trust in me from all those evil things when they seek to come on them, says the Lord! Ecclesiastes 8:5, proverbs 19:23, and Psalm 91:7-11. I heard the Lord say “evil only confronts evil, and evil is attracted to evil, even so righteousness is also attracted to righteousness.” 5-13-2015 The Lord says, no one that truly trusts in me will be disappointed, but I am true and faithful to all that put their trust in me, and I greatly rewards those that seek me and trust me, says the Lord! 5-12-2015 The Lord says, trust me even when you don't see it, and by trusting me, you will see it. 5-11-2015 The Lord says, keep your head up in a storm and know that I am the one that brings the calm, and when you trust in me, you will have that true peace and full assurance in all things. 5-11-2015 (Word of Insight) I have noticed for the past two years now that on every major holiday here in the United States  particularly, there have been some pretty catastrophic storms that were set to affect millions at a time. Could there be a message that the Lord wants people to get out of this? Yep, and that message would be to turn away from idols and idolatry, and put the focus back on him and his kingdom, and do not be distracted by the cares of this life. Meteorologists can look back over what I just said and see that what I have said is true. There have been some patterns in motion as of lately, and not just here, but also all around the world things have been shaking, but not as usual, things have been different, and it is a time to pray like never before and humble ourselves before the power of our Lord. Look at Isaiah 2:7-21. 5-10-2015 This is a season that I am bringing you out and into those things that I have for you says the Lord! The old season is over, so don't look back, but look ahead and see what I have put in front of you, and let your faith target those things that you see set before you. I intend to give you those things I have shown you. Now set your faith on higher and brighter things and watch me be good to you, says the Lord! 5-9-2015 The Lord says, get yourself together and trust him so that you can rebuild again. 5-8-2015 The Lord says, you'll be given a clear sign in this season for you to start moving forward. The Lord says, even the world will be given a clear sign that for them this is a time of judgment. The arrow will be their sign, says the Lord of hosts! 5-7-2015 Big plans and big goals that do not include me, the big God, will not get very far, says the Lord! You need me to prosper your plans and to further your goals, says the Lord! 5-6-2015 The Lord says, if you give it to me, I will handle it swiftly, and I will cause you to clearly see the route that I am taking you down. 5-5-2015 The Lord says, if you are still thinking too small, then it is you, but the plans that I give you I designed so big that you will need me to bring them to pass. 5-4-2015 The Lord says, I am not like man. I do not count you out because you made a mistake, but I heal, restore, make whole, and put you back on the right path, so that all that I have purposed for your life will come to pass. 5-3-2015 I have planted big things in you, because I am big, and I am that big God in you, says the Lord! 5-2-2015 I set you up for largeness of heart in my kingdom says the Lord, and everything that I have planted in you is big. 5-1-2015 The Lord says, the vision that I have given you and all the things that I have been speaking to you are so big that you will need me every step of the way in order to see everything come to pass in its fullness. 4-30-2015 The Lord says, your answers are in those things that you ignore and don't want to do. 4-29-2015 The Lord says, look to me for your answers and not to man for a plan or a strategy. Ask of me, and I will show you the way, says the Lord! 4-28-2015 The Lord says,, “This is a season of dividing the goat nations from the sheep nations.” 4-28-2015 (Word of Insight) There are many things happening right now that were revealed by the spirit of God that it was going to happen and at a given time frame. Look at the word posted under let the prophets declare what they are seeing 2014 archives titled “strong prayer alert and prophetic warning for America” posted on 10-22-2014.” This word is the fulfillment of prophecy as it is continuing to unfold in various places, and even as I look into the heavens, I see many more cities that are scheduled to shake by some of the same types of events, but some of those cities will be shaken by natural disasters versus violent uproars. Many times we prophets post these kinds of words, and people don't believe you, or they think you are crazy or they call you some kind of a doomsday prophet, but prophecy comes to warn so that you can prepare yourself and protect yourself from the evil thereof. I keep hearing the Lord say, “These are as the days of Noah”, and many people are distracted and unaware, and many will be caught off guard by the things that are coming, because they fail to hear the word of the Lord that I am constantly speaking and crying by the mouth of my holy prophets. 4-27-2015 The Lord says,, as things all over the earth begin to shake, move in faith and power to declare my glory to the nations. The nations are awaiting you and your words concerning me, says the Lord! 4-26-2015 The Lord says, find your place in life and walk in it, and you will find all the power you need in my spirit. It is my spirit that gives you power, says the Lord! 4-25-2015 The Lord says, I am not the one that is condemning you, but you are condemning yourself because you know that you have not fully complied with all of the demands that I have put before you. There are yet many more things that I require of you, and it is time for you to come and stop making all the excuses as to why you cannot do all that I am asking you to do. Some things are only accomplished by my strength and by my grace and not by your own might, says the Lord. When you stop looking to yourself and your own natural ability and look to me, then you will see how everything is already set before you to make it all come together and happen for you, says the Lord! 4-24-2015 The Lord says, this is not a time to be fearful and scared, but this is a time to march forward as a mighty army in the earth conquering and doing his will from the heart. Seek me for the battle plans and strategies for your life and corporately, says the Lord! 4-24-2015 (Word of Insight) almost every conflict and war that has been stirring and plaguing the middle east, Africa, Europe, and Asia has been all around rebuilding ancient empires and dynasties, and ancient spirits of old have been behind the stirring of hatred and strife, religious wars, ethnic wars and tensions, ethnic cleansing, racial tensions, and the majority of the evil and the conflicts that you see affecting every nation. There has been evil in the atmosphere. The Lord says,, “as his body in the earth we have to contend with and war against ancient spirits, and ancient demonic strongholds that have been stirred up, and the ancient principalities that are the root causes of division, hatred, strife, and fighting among brothers” like Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, lot and Abraham, David and Saul, and also ancient warring spirits of old, jezebel and Elijah, just to name a few within the roots and ranks of his own people through the ages. Modern day people are dealing with the remnants of those familiar spirits that have a goal to do harm and to destroy lives in the earth. You would be surprised to know that when you research the names of those former empires and dynasties of old and the false Gods and Goddesses that they worshipped and looked up to, you will see that the names of a few are the names some of these modern terrorist groups, and their goals are to rebuild those old empires. These beasts have a goal to war against one another in the earth to fight over who will rule the world with their own version of religion and false and evil doctrines. The Lord says, now is the time for the saints to contend for the faith, and pray for the release of the warring angels to roll back the tides of evil in the earth and rebuke them. This is a time to stand your ground, says the Lord! I see a heavy and a mighty prophetic army of Christian warriors and soldiers that are being raised up in the earth that are unstoppable and are anointed to contend with evil and destroy it at its roots. 4-23-2015 The Lord says, your purpose is found only in me, and when you are grounded in me, you will see clearly the path that I have for you, and I will lead you down certain roads in life that will plant you in the midst of the harvest fields, says the Lord! 4-22-2015 The Lord says, look to me for your purpose and you won't just keep on running around in circles, panicking, and acting nervous. Those that serve me and my kingdom purposes will have plenty of bread, says the Lord! 4-21-2015 The Lord says, use the gifts that I have put inside of you to produce kingdom increase. See proverbs 18:16 and 1 Corinthians 12:4 & 7. 4-20-2015 The Lord says, I will use you if you open your eyes and see that I want to use you to fulfill my will. 4-19-2015 The Lord says, watch your breakthrough come suddenly even as they counted you out. 4-18-2015 The Lord says, stay strong in me and you will conquer all things, says God! 4-17-2015 The Lord says, instead of you focusing on what is not right with the people of the earth in certain places and with the doctrines they hold that are not of me, know that I have made you my ambassador to go forth and to tell them about me, so tell them about me, says the Lord! Don't just condemn and judge them for not knowing the truth, but you tell them about me and show them the truth, says the Lord! See Isaiah 44:6-8. 4-16-2015 how long will they stand against me and try to fight against me, says the Lord! See Acts 5:27-39, 40-42, and Psalm 2:1-12. 4-15-2015 how long are you going to wrestle with me, says the Lord? Look at Genesis 32:24-32. 4-14-2015 The Lord says, the only kind of battles that you need to fight are the ones that you are doing in his strength, and all other ones that you don't seem to have the power to fight, you turn them over to me and I will handle them for you, says the Lord! 4-13-2015 The Lord says, conform to what I am doing and abandon those things that you are pursuing that has nothing to with my will. Do my will and you will feel and be fulfilled, says the Lord! 4-12-2015 The Lord says, he would not even ask us to pray as his people if he didn't think that our words were going to make a difference by us all praying. Sincere and diligent prayer will make a difference, says the Lord! 4-11-2015 The Lord says, I am realigning the things that are necessary to put you in the center of my will. I will even reform systems on your behalf to even cause them to line up with my will and to show you much favor, says the Lord! 4-10-2015 In life, limitations are placed on your mind by other people, various situations, life circumstances, and even by yourself through low thinking, but The Lord says, take the limits off of me, and do not limit my ability in your mind to rescue you, to deliver you, save you, and set you free. I am able to turn all things around in your life if you will just trust me and not limit me and what I can do for you, says the Lord! 4-9-2015 The Lord says, do not be so overly concerned about the things that seem to trouble you, because I am moving to set some things in order in your life. 4-8-2015 I hear the word of the Lord saying, “Step out and step up”. The Lord is saying that if you would step out in some things that he is leading you to do, then you will be stepping up and you will go up higher, because I will see to it that you are promoted by my hand, says the Lord! 4-7-2015 The Lord says, I am shifting some thing around to bring about a change in your life so that you will be able to complete my will for your life. You will have plenty of resources to do all that I have called you to do, says the Lord! 4-6-2015 Just because a situation does not change when you think it should change, does not mean that I am not working on your behalf behind the scenes, says the Lord. Know that I do all things in my perfect timing for a cause and a reason. Never be fooled by the sight of your natural eyes says the Lord, because I always have a ram in the bush for my faithful servants, says God! 4-5-2015 The Lord says, be cautious when it comes to your new approach to things in life, but follow my spirit in all things, and take confidence in knowing that you are in my will. Now is the time for all things to be fulfilled, says the Lord! 4-4-2015 The Lord says, if it is causing you to lose your mind, then it is not my will, I give orders and instruction early in the morning when you seek me like some soldiers lining up in formation for a drill. I give skills in the wilderness and survival techniques, I am training you for a mission to take my gospel to the streets. Attention my mighty army, all you troops now stand, preach my word in season, and tell them about the “I am.” I am your Lord, and you are my witnesses, says the Lord! Declare my righteousness in the earth, and tell them about the new birth. Tell them I have the power to save all men if they would come to me, declares the spirit of grace! 4-3-2015 The Lord says, stop looking at the past season and start looking at the new season and all that I am doing for you now. The old season is gone and it is time that you start transitioning into the new season that I have for you now declares the Lord! 4-2-2015 The Lord says, speak it, believe it, ask for it according to my will, and you will have it. 4-1-2015 The Lord says, open your mind and open your heart, and that is when you will see my work in you start. That is when you will see my plan, and those mysteries in your life that you did not understand, I will unfold, and you will see that you can. You will see that you can do all things in my power, and the part that you can't handle, I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes and for my holy name sake's, says the Lord! The Lord says, be at peace and know that I got this thing for you........... 3-31-2015 The Lord says, if you let fear grip your heart how can you expect me to respond. Get in faith and you will see my grace. My grace opens the door for you, says the Lord! 3-30-2015 The Lord says, I was holding the keys, but I gave you the keys, and you now have access. Unlock the secret vault to every treasure that you would ever need, says God, because you have the keys to the gates and the doors you see that are set before you. One of those keys is your faith, and another one is knowledge, says the Lord! 3-29-2015 The Lord says, when you follow my path you won't always have to ask, because I add to the lives of those that seek my kingdom first. Read 1 Kings 3:13-14. 3-28-2015 The Lord says, your faith determines how I move in your life. I will move a lot quicker on your behalf when I see faith demonstrated by you, says the Lord of hosts! 3-28-2015 (A Word of Insight) We are in accelerated times, and many of you will see God move quickly in your life. Many of you will see God do a quick work in your life. There are some of you that will get a word from the Lord, and you will think that it is way out in your future, but that word will come to pass quickly in your life. Some of you will see a 24 hour miracle. You will see a 24 hour miracle turnaround in your life, because the word of the Lord that will come to you will look like prophecy and sound like prophecy, but it will be a word of wisdom, and things will turn around for you pretty quickly and very rapidly (rapido). There are some of you even now, you have gotten a word, and you said what the prophet sees for me is a long ways off, but the word of the Lord for you is Ezekiel 12:21-28, and if you fail to rapidly prepare yourself, then you will find your season coming suddenly upon you without you being ready. The Lord says, I am working very quickly in your life in this season. This is a season where you will go from the barrio to the land of get mo (more). Who am I talking to? 3-27-2015 The power to prosper and to move forward with your destiny lies within your own mouth, says the Lord! 3-26-2015 The Lord says, don't focus on the friendly fire so much, which are only distractions, but focus on my will, and I will see you through, says the Lord! 3-25-2015 The Lord says, if your focus is not on me, you won't be able to clearly see, but when your focus changes to shift back into the right place, then you will see your door, says the Lord! 3-24-2015 The Lord says, this is a season where things in your life shift from borders to borderless living, and where the limits are taken off of you to status of limitless living. This is a season where the restrictions are being lifted and removed from your life so that you can move forward in all that I have ordained to come to pass in your life. I heard the Lord saying “look up” and “book up”, because all things are now coming to pass quickly in your life, says the Lord! 3-23-2015 The Lord says, stand in the face of adversity even when it appears that you have no strength to stand. It won't be you standing, but you will find yourself standing in my strength says the Lord, and you will also find that I will vindicate you in this season and lift your head above the waters that have been trying to overtake you. I will give you rest from the pressures of life and the stress of life in this season, and you will have an inner peace and that inner witness from me as I am leading you and guiding you in all things at this time in your life, says the Lord! Be not weary in well doing; for I am the one that has put you on the right track, and you are a part of my remnant, says the Lord! 3-22-2015 As I stand upon the tops of the mountains and preparing to walkthrough the earth, my eyes behold the sons of men to see if any look unto me and think upon my name. When I look I see a remnant that trust in me and that operates in faith. As I look, I am looking for faith, says the Lord. As my eyes scan to and fro throughout the whole earth, I am looking for those that look like me to their generation and it is those ones that I will seal and choose to reveal a greater level of destiny to them for the higher purpose and call, says the Lord! Will I find faith in you when I look at you, says the Lord? 3-21-2015 The Lord says, you will see my miracle hand in your every plan; I plan for you, says the Lord! 3-20-2015 The Lord says, there should be no confusion about doing my will. My will is fulfilled when I bless you and it releases you to walk in what I have ordained for your life, says the Lord! 3-19-2015 The Lord says, most of the church and the world know me as the lamb that was slain, but in this season you will know me as the resurrected lion of Zion. The world is in for a show, says the Lord, and my people are in for a treat and a big surprise, says Elohim! Study Psalm 110:3 and Isaiah 28:21. 3-18-2015 The Lord says, a new window of opportunity has opened for you and you will see the benefits of it if you walk through the doors. 3-17-2015 Don't miss your moment, says the Lord; for this is a season of new momentum, declares the Lord! 3-16-2015 The Lord shared something with me today that troubled my heart, but yet it was so true. He said many of my people believe more in the power of witchcraft, roots, and for something evil to happen to them, than they believe in my power and ability to help them and deliver them. Many of them do not have a Revelation of the power of my right hand and the power of my deliverance, but this has to change says the Lord! All power has been given unto me in heaven and on earth, and whoever believes on me has access to tap into that power and my ability, and whosoever trusts in me will be safe, but many people have not put their full trust in me, says the Lord! 3-16-2015 (prayer alert) The Lord also showed me in a dream a massive and major earthquake taking place under the Atlantic ocean and producing a massive and scary looking tsunami that would hit new York city and affect a large swath of the eastern seaboard of the United States  and the western coastlines of Europe and even some of the ripple effects touching every nation that borders the Atlantic ocean. My prayer is that this thing would never happen, and I believe if we pray that this can be avoided and prevented by the mercy of God. He shows us certain things so that we can intercede with prayer and prevent many things, so let us pray and believe God that this thing would never happen. I mean the dream scared me, and I don't scare too easy. We probably all have loved ones and ministry partners in these places, so let us pray and stand in the gap. There are many things that are not locked in stone if we, his people, would pray and cover things. See 2 Chronicles 7:12-14, Ezekiel 22:30, and Isaiah 59:16. If we pray and intercede many things can be stopped altogether, or delayed and postponed to a later time in history like during the tribulation or something, but my prayer is that this thing would never happen. 3-15-2015 The Lord says, be of good cheer; for I am doing great things for you the rest of this year. 3-14-2015 The Lord says, your peace comes when you flow in my will. It is my peace that accompanies you that signifies that you are in my will, says the Lord! 3-13-2015 The Lord says, you do not know this way that I am taking you, so just trust me, says the Lord! See Isaiah 42:16, 2 Corinthians 5:7, Isaiah 48:6-7. 3-12-2015 The Lord says, the path that I have set you on in life, you are there fora purpose; no matter what you may currently see, that path is designed to bless you, says the Lord! 3-11-2015 The Lord says, if you'll learn to stay focused and not be so easily distracted from the things he has called you to, then it will be easier than you think to maneuver in this season. 3-10-2015 The Lord says, do not quit in your journey. The thing that is trying to make you quit will quit before you quit says the Lord, because I will give you my strength, says the Lord! 3-9-2015 The Lord is saying to you that life is really simple, don't make it any harder by perceiving that it is hard. The Lord says, how you look at life and how you perceive it to be is how it will be and that is how things will become for you, good or bad. Learn to focus on the right things, learn to focus on my will and doing my will from the heart and be obedient to me in all things, and things will go smoothly in your life, and your transition will go smoothly, says the Lord! 3-8-2015 The Lord says, it is not in your best interest to let your will override my will, says the Lord! 3-7-2015 The Lord says, when you stop looking at the circumstances of life, you will be able to walk on the waters again and you will prosper and go forward in life with the victory. 3-6-2015 Strategic purposes are aligned for you in this season, says the Lord! 3-5-2015 The Lord says, quit staring at what is wrong and start looking at what is right in your life. If you meditate on the wrong things, then you will get a harvest in life that you do not want. Be sure to meditate on those good things that I have promised you instead of the problems, and you will see those things that I have promised you come to pass in due season, says the Lord! 3-4-2015 The Lord says, set some goals in line with my spirit, and stick with all of them when you set them. Get in my face and come before my presence and I will reveal my secrets to you and once you know them for your life, then you set your goals accordingly, says the Lord! Deuteronomy 29:29 and also Psalm 25:14. 3-3-2015 The Lord says, get in step and do not break ranks in this season and march forth in a new way. You will find new strength as you are chosen to be one of my mighty soldiers of valor in this season, and it is my power that flows through your veins keeping you strong instead of going insane. It is my power in you and upon you, says the Lord! I have not called you to be weak, says the Lord! 3-2-2015 The Lord says, I will bring you forth out of the fire with great power, and I will rebuke the devourer and the destroyer from your life and from the ministry that is within you. Grab hold of my strength and march forth in victory and triumph in this season soldier, says the Lord of hosts! 3-1-2015 Go forth, march forth, and get the victory that you have been delaying since last year, says the Lord! 2-28-2015 The Lord says, why should you be terrified by your enemies? They do not have more power than me, says the Lord. Are you not my son? Are you not my chosen one? Are you not my daughter? Have you not tasted of my living water? How is it then that you still fear certain things? You have me on the inside of you and any threat to you is a threat to me, because you are mine and I am yours, says the Lord! I will dismantle all threats against you, because what affects you affects me, and I will not be affected, says the Lord of glory! See Hebrews 4:14-16. 2-27-2015 The Lord God of the heavens says, I have not called you to fail, but I have called you to prevail says the Lord of hosts! 2-26-2015 Chosen for trouble. You have been saying “Lord why do I have to go through all of this trouble?” Why not you? God does not trust everybody with trouble. He trusted Joseph with trouble. He trusted Job with trouble. He trusted Jesus with trouble. He also trusted King David with trouble. Why not you? Those that the Lord trust with trouble have high callings, higher than the rest. If you feel like you have been baptized with trouble, The Lord says, it is because you qualify for the double. Zechariah 9:12. Joseph had some trouble, but he got two portions for his own inheritance; Genesis 48:21-22, Joshua 17:14-18 and Ezekiel 47:13. You get double for your trouble. And The Lord says, you also are scheduled to get double for your trouble, and you will be given a double portion in the land; for I set you up to fulfill my plan. See Isaiah 61:4-7. The Lord says, your trouble and your struggle days are over, and now I call you forth to give you my double; see Isaiah 65:21-25. Thus says the Lord “child think it not strange if you found out that I had set you up to bless you and that I was even using all of those things to work together for your good”. See Romans 8:28. The Lord says, this is your moment, and this is your season to go forth and break forth in this hour, declares the Lord! 2-26-2015 (a special word of the Lord) The Lord says, I did not ask you to look at nothing going on in the world and panic, but you preach my gospel and go forth and possess the land and all of the promises I gave you. Do not worry about the world; I got that, says the Lord! See Joshua 10:6-11; The Lord says, I will now get a piece of the action; see Psalm 2:1-12, Isaiah 63:4, now Isaiah 63:1-7, Jeremiah 50:25, 29-30 & 34; Things are about to shift for good and for the better in Iraq and Syria and in many other areas; See Isaiah 42:12-16. The mercy of the Lord shall be known. See Isaiah 65:10-21 and Psalm 122:6-9. You will see his mercy in the midst of the madness. The Lord will now begin to cleanse the earth of these evil and perverted viruses that have corrupted the earth with its violence and false doctrines. I see they will wave a new banner in Iraq and Syria. This time they will waive the banner of the Lord. Jehovah Nissi-Jesus our Lord! They are about to get hit with lightning warfare like have never been seen. I saw the fist of God in the spirit. A fist of iron. I am crying as I write this, because I see the victory before it happens. Many people in these areas will turn back to the Lord and many more will turn to the Lord as his hand lights down upon the nations in such a heavy manner. The people of the land will even say “This is the fist of God!” I see a rod of lightning..... The Lord says, the blood of the saints and of the martyrs that have been shed cries out to me from the ground like the blood of Abel that was slain by his own brother Cain; see Genesis 4:8-11, Isaiah 26:20-21, Revelation 18:20, and Revelation 19:1-2 & 11-21. We serve a big God and we are not to be afraid or terrified of nothing. See Philippians 1:28, Deuteronomy 20:3, Luke 21:9, and Isaiah 54:14-15. It is vitally important that you take the time out to look up all of the scripture passages that I listed in this insight in order to get the fullness of the word of the Lord and what his majesty is really saying to you and all of us as his holy people. Let us reverence the Lord; for he is holy. 2-25-2015 The waters are about to get a little rough in the earth right now. The tide waters been flowing already for a while now, but things are about to heat up a little more. The Lord says, now is the time for you to know that I am your refuge and shield. I am your refuge in the time of a storm. I am your source. I am your provider. I am that I am in your life, and I will be whatever you need me to be in the days ahead. I will open for you my hidden treasures, my secret treasures, and I will give to you that which is just and right, says the Lord! 2-24-2015 The Lord says, you can keep on trying to climb the ladder of success the way you think it should be done in life, but I have ways and supernatural means to get you there a lot quicker if you tap into my spirit, says the Lord! 2-23-2015 The Lord says, whenever my instructions are followed in your life, it will lead you to a gold mine, and wealth and much treasure is on the path that I have for you, and that path is a path of obedience and steadfastness. 2-22-2015 The Lord says, when they ask you, you are to say “God chose me for the alignment”; for truly I have chosen you for the assignment, says the Lord! 2-21-2015 The Lord says, there is never anything that is lost in the kingdom, but I will see to it that you recover and get all of your rewards and everything that is due to come to you for your stance of faith over the years, even when it was very difficult for you and seemed so hard. The Lord says, I never forget your labor of love. See Hebrews 6:10. 2-20-2015 The Lord says, I am requiring you to do more, because I do not have as many faithful ones as you among my chosen ones. You are my friend when you obey me says God! See John 15:14. 2-19-2015 The Lord says, no matter what you see in the earth, do not begin to operate in fear, but use your faith to activate my grace in those situations. 2-18-2015 I heard the Lord Say, “wings of destiny”. (That is going to mean something very specific for someone.) The Lord says, grab hold of the wings of your destiny and come and ride with me in the high places of the earth far away from fear in that place of peace and insight. Allow me to dwell in your midst as I shelter you from the storms of life, because I keep you shielded and protected in that realm. It is a place in me that I give you power and victory over all storms, says the Lord! Know that I am officially calling you up higher says the Lord of hosts, and in this season you will truly come to know me as the Most High God! See Isaiah 58:14, Psalm 68:4, 2 Samuel 22:11, and Psalm 18:1-10. 2-18-2015 (Word of Insight) As a seal team is able to go behind enemy lines on a secret mission even with a small contingent of soldiers to score a major victory without any fear in their hearts, so it has become very necessary to go deep behind enemy lines at all costs to do evangelism and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the nations are preparing for something big to come, but they don't quite know what yet. Even as the world is at a pivotal place and is at a major boiling point. Religious wars are being fought and are being waged by religious and extremist factions. The rise of evil in the earth is being projected by the Antichrist spirit that has tried to launch a holy war of religions. As Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others are targeted by hate for what they believe is true and dear to their hearts. This evil spirit wave that has been traveling across the earth is the spirit behind extremism, fighting, wars, and division among all ethnicities and religions. It is intended to cause a strife torn world filled with chaos and division that is designed to force all the people of the earth to believe in a one world religion and back a one world united government that the word of God reveals in Revelation 13:9-18. It will be necessary for all of us to pray like never before. It will be necessary to preach salvation through Jesus Christ like never before as major clashes are coming. Some of these are end time prophecies being fulfilled, and others are not. (See Matthew 24:6-14, Mark 13:7-37, and Luke 21:9-36) Some of these things happening are distractions to preaching the gospel, but the Lord also has his elite teams of evangelists that daily go behind enemy lines just as the seal teams to preach this gospel, because this gospel must be preached to all nations at all costs. The shaking in the earth will intensify to release and shake loose the harvest of souls that are destined to come in at this latter day hour. Most radical factions are now preparing for times of tribulation in the earth and are aligning with evil, while the kingdom of God is steadily growing stronger as the great catching away or the rapture draws nigh and closer. See Daniel 12:1-4, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Matthew 24:36-44, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, and Isaiah 26:20. We have a mission to fulfill, and we must not allow ourselves to be distracted as clock draws closer to midnight and all out chaos, because even before that great day, the world will be experiencing sudden collapses of systems and many already are there. Governments will also be challenged and stretched all over the earth, but the government of God will only grow stronger in the midst of the cleansing and shaking upon the earth as the God of the heavens prepare to establish his coming throne upon the earth after the turmoil and smoke does clear. They shall look to their maker. See Isaiah 17:7, but for the ones that trust in the world system; Isaiah 8:19-22, Isaiah 9:1-7, Isaiah 57:12-13, Joel 1:8-20, and Joel 2:1-20. The Lord says, how long are you going to ignore the signs? See Matthew 16:1-4. Some have tried to silence the true prophets and shut up their mouth, but not so, says the Lord; for I have intervened, and I will continue to intervene so that my voice through the mouth of all of my holy prophets and apostles are never ever silenced, says the Lord of hosts! Read Hosea 12:10, 13 & Matthew 10:22-33. 2-18-2015 Do you see through the eyes of the spirit? Do you see things through my eyes and with the ability that I give, says the Lord? See Revelation 3:15-22 and Revelation 22:10-21. 2-17-2015 The Lord says, be to me as the watchman on the wall in this hour, and as the world search for answers, I will show you and them my power. 2-16-2015 The Lord says, go out and gather the harvest. The current shaking will loose them to come in. 2-16-2015 (Word of Insight) The Lord has revealed that certain Antichrist factions in the earth are intending to try to cause a holy war in the earth by trying to turn different religious faiths against one another. He seek to turn Christians and Muslims against one another and get these two groups to fighting against one another. There are extremists posing as Christians trying to attack those of other religious beliefs, and there are also extremists Muslims that seek to do the same thing, and we have to pray for everyone to come into the knowledge of the truth. See 1 Timothy 2:1-8. The Antichrist spirit wants war to break out all over the earth to stop the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from getting out so that he can keep lost souls that do not know Jesus stuck in darkness, but God! See 2 Corinthians 4:3-14. This is a serious prayer matter, because we still need to reach a lot of souls, even the seed of Ishmael and of Isaac. See Genesis 17:20-27. 2-15-2015 The Lord says, drop your past and look to your future. Do not let the clouds of your past blind you from seeing your future, says the Lord! 2-14-2015 The Lord says, get ready for the new mantle to fall upon you; for it is a time of my release and refreshing, says the Lord! 2-13-2015 The Lord says, get ready to rise, prepare yourself, and don't get caught by the element of surprise. 2-12-2015 The Lord says, my mantle of favor is reserved for a few, and I will release it to those that are faithful and true. This is a season of expansion and elevation for my faithful ones, says the Lord! 2-11-2015 You using mouthwash alone does not take the place of you brushing your teeth. Likewise, prophecy alone does not take the place of your faith. The Lord says, whenever you try to do one without including the other it can lead to decay. If you try to wash your mouth out with mouthwash without including brushing your teeth, it could lead to some decay. If you try to live off of prophecy alone without having any faith, it could lead to some things also decaying. The Lord says, how you treat your spiritual relationship with him and how you treat your spiritual leaders that he has assigned to your life will either lead to healthy smile that comes from brushing your teeth, or it will lead some spiritual and moral decay in your life. 2-10-2015 The Lord says, there are some mountains that I did not move for you, because I wanted to reserve them for you to speak to them and move them with your own words and faith. I wanted you to see just how powerful and forceful you are, because you are made in my image and made after my likeness, says the Lord! 2-9-2015 The Lord says, your troubles do not move me, because I have the answer to your troubles. 2-8-2015 The Lord says, my time of release is here, you don't have to wait to another year. I will take away your fears, because my goodness will begin to overtake you from now to next year. 2-7-2015 The Lord says, I am the king of the kingdoms, and nothing enters into my kingdom that offends. I elevate and lift up all those that enter my kingdom so that they are not defeated. Come so that you can enter into my kingdom and have peace in your life, says the Lord! As for those of you that know my kingdom, tell those that don't know about my kingdom, declares the Lord! See Revelation 21:22-27, John 3:5-8, and Revelation 22:10-21. 2-6-2015 The Lord says, you will see my hand when you stick with my plan, but when you deviate from my path your life success won't last. It is when you come to me and stay with me and don't play with me, that you will see your life now change for the better, but you will see turmoil when you don't obey the words of my letter. I have written and spoken many things to you to guide you on the right path. Do not ignore my words and my voice, and I will help you to make the right choice, says the Lord! 2-5-2015 The Lord says, stay with me, and walk with me and you will see my favor, says the Lord! 2-4-2015 The Lord says, the least to the greatest will know me in this hour as I show my power. My name will have great fame, says the Lord! (Things are about to shake, but only to remove the fake.) Things that are not of me are about to fall like the cutting of a tree, says the Lord, but those that put their trust in me will not be made ashamed. 2-3-2015 The Lord says, I will not allow you to be spoiled, but the spoils of your enemies are laid up for you. Go look at 2 Chronicles 20:20-25 & Psalm 68:9-12. The Lord says, people trying to get you will get got....... 2-2-2015 The Lord says, I am calling you to step up and to advance my kingdom in the world. When you are about my kingdom needs, you will find that your needs will be met, says the Lord! Tell them about me, and show them my love, says the Lord! 2-1-2015 What I have blessed cannot be cursed, and you have been blessed by my hand, says the Lord! 1-31-2015 The Lord says, those that are steadfast are the ones that reap the rewards. Be steadfast, and you will see what it is that others have seen that have gone before you, says the Lord! 1-30-2015 The Lord says, the emphasis that you place on a thing reveals how much it has got your attention. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the things of this world that would take your focus off of me, says the Lord! See Luke 21:34-36 and Matthew 13:22. 1-29-2015 The Lord says, your purpose is greater than you know, but if you keep allowing things to distract you and take your mind away from that purpose, then you will continue to find things being short circuited in your life when I have called for it to flow. Get your mind back on me. Keep your focus in the right place, and keep your heart pure, and you will see my grace, says God! 1-28-2015 The Lord says, I have given you authority over demons and devils, so why are you letting them kick your butt? (Study Luke 10:18-20 and Psalm 91:13) 1-27-2015 The Lord says, I ran into a lot of opposition during my days and time upon the earth, but I did not let it stop my ministry. Why would you allow the first sign of enemy opposition to stop the ministry that I have placed within you, says the Lord? 1-26-2015 The Lord says, if you make me your source, then I will be your source; not everyone makes me their source. Many men look to themselves to be their own source of supply, but truly I am good unto all that require me to be their source of supply, says the Lord! See 2 Corinthians 9:6-12 and then Philippians 4:10-19. 1-25-2015 The Lord says, if they do not play by the rules, they won't see my jewels, but if they play by my rules, they will see my treasure and jewels. The Lord says, I have jewels that you know not of. 1-24-2015 The Lord says, your vision and faith comes from me, and when you decide to stay planted, plugged in, and connected to this vine, your wells will never run dry. 1-23-2015 The Lord says, your wisdom and power comes from me, and as you stay anchored in me, you will be able to clearly see. 1-22-2015 The Lord says, when you do not see it for yourself, know that I see it for you, and I have declared the end from the beginning. 1-21-2015 Thus says the Lord, I have given you a conscience and I have also given you a purpose in life. Let your inner convictions guide you where you feel like you cannot hear my voice at times in a more direct way, but I have given you an inner unction that still will help you to function, says the Lord! See 1 John 2:20. 1-21-2015 1-20-2015 The Lord says, they will see. They'll soon see the fulfillment of everything that I told you. Many that laughed at you will be made ashamed, says the Lord, because I am faithful to my word, declares the holy one! 1-19-2015 The Lord says, my people shall rebuild the old waste places in abundance in this season. The Lord of hosts says cities and places that sit in ruins will be rebuilt in this hour. Entire nations will be rebuilt, and I will use my people to do the rebuilding and the re-branding, says the Lord! Get ready to build, says the Lord! 1-18-2015 You have been comfortable where you're at, but I hear the Lord saying step it up another notch. Let me increase the size of your belt to hold a heavier load of blessings and promises. Let me increase your territory as you expand your outreach to tell my story, says the Lord! 1-17-2015 The Lord says, I did not call you to fail, and the gates of hell will not prevail against you. You stop what you are doing and call on me. You will not be overwhelmed by the cares of this life if you only press into me, and trust me as I lead you and guide you and hide you from the things that would try to crush you and abort your destiny. I have a full plan of liberation, and I have plans to send you to the nations of this world, says the Lord! What I have called you to do is great and it is not too late for you to fulfill what I have purposed for your life and the ministry in you, says the Lord! 1-16-2015 The Lord says, your way out is through me. Seek me, seek me, and you will see, that your way out is still through me. I will bless you when you bless me. Sing into my ears and lift up your hands to worship me, and I will cause all that causes you to fear to suddenly depart from your life, says the Lord! 1-15-2015 The Lord says, I am and I will, all you need to do is walk with me and you will see that I am all that you need and you will come to know me as I will do that for you. My grace wills to cover you. My hand wills to provide for you. My favor wills to open doors for you in the high places, and my covering wills to cover you in areas that you never thought about me being there, says the Lord! 1-14-2015 The Lord says, I hold all of the cards, and I am the dealer, and I will deal you a winning hand whenever you stick with my plan in life. 1-13-2015 The Lord says, the strategies that I give don't need anything of yours added to it. 1-12-2015 The Lord says, I have already planned your life for success. Stick with my plan, and take no other thought, says the Lord! 1-11-2015 The Lord says, wake up, there is no time to sleep. Arise my people and March, and do my will. Get in battle alignment and stand in formation. It is a time for you to contend for the faith, and for all of the promises that I have given you. Your reward is in that place of standing. It is there that you will find your harvest, says the Lord! 1-10-2015 The Lord says, I am the one that will make it happen for you. 1-9-2015 The Lord says, if it be that you see your signs, then why are you still trying to find? The Lord says, how many more confirmations you need before you go forward and succeed? The Lord says, the door is wide open before you, but will you walk through it? 1-8-2015 The Lord says, when you see the light don't fight. The light shows you the way and it shows you the truth, says the almighty! This is a season in which eyes are being opened and the light is being turned on in God's people. 1-7-2015 The Lord says, the thing that is causing you to stumble you need to remove from your life. (You need to remove it before the Lord does it for you. His way will be a lot more painful for you if he has to do it.) 1-6-2015 The Lord says, I have opened a door for you. Did you not see? I have caused a door to stand open for you for a long time, but you have been so busy looking at your circumstances and busy focusing on the things that you allowed to distract you. Now will be a better time for you to open your eyes, and see what I have set before you, and begin to navigate towards that starting point. You've been waiting on time, but time has not been waiting on you. It is your time now to get up and do something and to make your life really count for something versus you sitting back, and complaining about the status quo, and just allowing life to happen to you as it appears. The Lord says, it is time for you to take off your graves clothes. This is a season where you are coming out of those grave clothes that have held you bound. See John 11:40-45. The spirit of The Lord says, it is time for you to let go of all those things that have held you bound after killing off your dreams, and get your tail back up and see the light in a new way, so that I can prosper you. (See Joshua 1:1-11) The Lord says, there is no pain that can explain or justify you ignoring my voice when I speak to you. The Lord says, you have made excuses long enough. The Lord says, you have laid down in sorrow long enough. Now get yourself up and do something with your life. The Lord said you've allowed people, places, circumstances, various situation, and the wind blowing to stop you for a long time, now get up from your place of despair, and be about the business of the kingdom. Handle your business and watch me work, says the Lord! The Lord says, how long will you sit back like a throwback jersey laying all lazy and hanging down? Hebrews 12:12-13 and Isaiah 35:3-7. How long are you going to let the devil throw you back, set you back, and set you up? See Mark 9:21-27. Get in that place of faith again, says the Lord! The Lord says, how long will you continue to halt between two opinions? See 1 Kings 18:21. The Lord says, how long are you going to sit back and let the devil ride your back? You need to go on the attack and fight back. Have not I said that I always give you the victory, says the Lord? It is time that you believe my words to you and take heed to what my servants, the prophets, are saying to you by my spirit so that you can see victory and healing in your life, declares the Lord of hosts! 1-6-2015 (Word of Insight) The Lord says, there is a new wave of Latinos that are coming forth in this hour that will stand bold and strong in my power, and heavy miracles, signs, and wonders will follow their ministries, because that is the thing that I have ordained in this season, says the Lord! I see where the Lord has raised up and is raising up many of our Latino brothers and sisters and causing you to be respected where you once were rejected. It is your time and it is your season to make progress and to make your voices heard around the world, declares the Lord. The Lord says, I have put a fire in your mouth that will set the nations ablaze. In many South American and Latin American countries, you will see those countries start to make their voices and concerns heard on the world scene as a powerful and positive force that will effect global change, and your voices will no longer be repressed, rejected, and considered secondary; you will be heard among the nations, declares the Lord! The Lord says, there was a set season for everything to come abroad and now is your time, declares the Lord! Thus says the Lord, your door is opened. The Lord says, we need to embrace all those that are coming forward in this season to impact his kingdom. 1-5-2015 The Lord is saying to you now, the way forward for you is what was prophesied to you in the last season and in previous seasons. The Lord says, that which has been is now for you. (See Ecclesiastes 3:15 and Ecclesiastes 1:9) 1-4-2015 The Lord says, promotion comes to you when you obey me, and elevations comes when you do take heed to the things that you are being taught by my spirit. Do not hesitate to obey, and you will have rights to enter the gates on that day, says the Lord! 1-3-2015 The Lord says, the thing that is blocking you will be removed. This is a season where my plan will go forth and I will promote those that have been over time to maintain my cause. I am never unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love in which you have shown towards my name, and I will elevate you and promote now, says the Lord! Do not be afraid to be promoted, says the Lord! 1-2-2015 The Lord says, I heard you the first time, but did you hear me the first or the second time when I told you to do certain things on behalf that you still have yet to do? When you move in full obedience to me, then I will move on your behalf and perform the things that you require of me, says the Lord! 1-1-2015 The Lord says, this is your time to make all things good again, so give it another shot, and this time use your faith to conquer those things that were trying to conquer you. They could not conquer you, because it was my hand that withheld them from coming against you like they really wanted to, declares the Lord!