Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2011 Archives

12-31-2011 I am causing you now to transition into the new and with the new comes with a new power and a restored hope. You will have an even greater confidence now than ever before and you will see the things clearly that I was trying to get you to see in the earlier stages of this year says the Lord! 12-30-2011 The Lord says, I’m going to help you in this season with some things that has been stressing you and the roadblocks will be removed in 2012 and replaced by me blessing you. Get up and get ready to flow in a new path and a new season wherein you will have sweatless victory says the Lord! 12-29-2011 Let go of the pain of your past so that you can move on with your future says the Lord! Some of you have been allowing past events and circumstances to cripple your present and to hinder your future, but the Lord say now in this hour I will restore my power to bring about a new zeal and a lasting change in your life declares the Lord! 12-28-2011 The Lord says, the giants that you are facing are coming down in this season. The Lord says, to you I am bigger than the giants; for I am a big God says the Lord and I have you covered says the Lord! 12-27-2011 I have given you a kingdom and a dominion so rule over that which I have entrusted to your care, says the Lord! 12-26-2011 I stand ready to help you just as soon as you call on me says the Lord! 12-25-2011 Those that threaten you with terroristic threats will be dealt with in 2012, says the Lord! (See Isaiah 51:7-16, Isaiah 54:14-15, 17) 12-24-2011 The Lord says, don't defy my love and do not resist my power; for I will yet fill you with a new passion and desire to do my will. 12-23-2011 The Lord says, I am restoring your mantle of confidence in me and the confidence that you once had in me before the storms showed up shall return to you once again says the Lord! 12-22-2011 The Lord says, let me help you to turn your crisis into the Christ. There are a lot of things that you are carrying that I did not intend for you to carry because I’ve already carried them for you. Will you let me carry them? Will you let me carry that load for you? When you get to know me as the Christ then you will see that Christ means the anointed one that removes the burdens of life and that destroys the heavy yokes of bondage that seem to weight you down. Allow me to take your hand and I will show you my plan. Allow me to take your baggage in exchange for my peace. Give me the load that is in your hands and I will exchange it for my plans says the peaceful one! 12-21-2011 The Lord says, I got your back; step on out in the things that I have placed in your heart. Step into the new and watch the things that I do for you, says the Lord! 12-20-2011 Know that I have the final say so and all things have to pass through me, says the Lord! 12-19-2011 Know that I am moving throughout the land fulfilling my plan to shift things in the earth into the next season and chapter of life. Do not be afraid as I am shifting some things around in your life, because I am now speeding up the prophetic time table of events in your life and bringing you into a new season to cover some new bases that were forsaken by others in the last season, says the Lord! Know that I have just taken you to another realm in me and my grace is upon you now for something new declares the Most High! 12-18-2011 This has been a year for you to push pass your pain, but now I am taking you into a season pass the previous labor pains and I am going to cause your rest to be glorious as you give birth to the new thing that I have ordained in 2012, says the Lord! 12-17-2011 The Lord says, 2012 will be a very heavy year for technology and innovation and it will be in the best interest of my people to take advantage of some of the new technological advances that will help enhance their lives, their businesses, and their ministries and churches. The Lord says, I have even given many of my people wisdom and ideas in times past for inventions and creative technologies, but distractions clouded them out and covered them, but The Lord says, 2012 will be the year for you to launch that thing off and do not be hesitant says the Lord and the things that tried to stop you before and the things that you were worried about back then in that season; just know that now is a new season and I will elevate you and I will fight for you this year so that you will be able to accomplish all things that I have placed in your heart says the Most High God! Do not forget about the gifts and talents that I have placed inside of you and do not neglect the anointing that I have placed inside of you; know that this is also a season for you to get developed in your gifts and to put them to work for the building up of my kingdom and in this season you shall have favor says the Lord! 12-16-2011 The Lord says, there is another level; there's another realm of wisdom that you have not tapped into and there is another realm of prayer and yea power that you have never even known about or tapped into. The Lord says, step up higher and come into that new realm that has been hovering over you and calling you. The Lord says, there is a new realm that has been calling your name, but you have been ignoring that voice; that voice has been calling you in the late night hours and waking you up out of your sleep. Get up and step into that new realm, says the Lord! 12-15-2011 The Lord says, favor, favor, and more favor for you, declares the Lord! 12-14-2011 Move into new territory says the Lord and begin to expand the things that I have entrusted to your care, because in this season there will be a new fire upon and a fresh zeal to conquer the task that are at hand and to accomplish the projects that I am beckoning for you to do in this season, says the Lord! 12-13-2011 The power of my love will lift you out of any and every negative state that you may find yourself in, says the Lord! 12-12-2011 I am moving you from a state of depression to a state of blessing says the Lord, and the former things will no longer trouble you and if you continue to dwell in me you will have peace and you will see the new doors open for you that I have ordained, says the spirit of grace! 12-11-2011 I have followed the trails of tears and I have seen your fears and I know your pain and the things that you have also gained, but know that I am the one that created all things and I am the one that have fashioned you at my hand. I am the one that have planned your destiny and I am the one that heals you. I have established my purpose on the earth and my purpose will be seen in your life. Don't allow the circumstances of life cause you to veer off course, but allow my spirit to gently guide you in the right direction away from the plans of the adversary that seek to destroy your life, says the Lord! 12-11-2011 Those that hunger for me I will fill them up; raise your cup and I will fill it up, says the Lord! 12-10-2011 The Lord says, know that I have compassion upon you and even in your mess I am there because you are stilling willing to seek after me; know that I have a purpose and I have a plan and my righteousness shall be revealed in the earth and in your life, says the Lord! The former days are over and a fresh wind is now blowing upon you to shift you and set you in the place where I would have you to be, says the Lord! 12-9-2011 I have been setting the course for your destiny in secret and now that which was done is secret shall come abroad and been seen in this season, says the Lord! 12-8-2011 There has been a shift in seasons says the Lord, and I have been restructuring my body in the earth and my people had to endure some hard things this year, but the shift into something new has already began. Many times my people are waiting on a new year to come before they believe me for something new and fresh, but I say unto open up your eyes and see that the new has already began to appear and there will be many things that will be very obvious that a major change has occurred; and when you see the winds blowing high just know that it is a sign that the season around you have already shifted, says the Lord of glory! 12-7-2011 I have given you the faith to move mountains; now put it to work, says the Lord! 12-6-2011 The thing that has been tripping my people up is they have been looking for me to show up the same way every time and they have been looking over here and I’ve been showing up over there. Don't look for me to show up the exact same way every time, says the Lord! I am not limited to how I can show up and I am not limited as to how I can provide says the Lord; for I have many ways to bless you and I have many ways to rescue you and I have many different sources of supply lines that I can use to provide for you. Do not limit my anointing and do not limit my abilities, says the Lord! 12-5-2011 I am shutting down the old system of operation in your life and I am thrusting you into a new pattern of thinking and along with this new pattern of thinking will come a renewed passion and a renewed hope and faith for the things of my spirit. The power that I give is second to none and I will infuse you with a new strength to do my will. The things that you did not see in the last season I will cause you to see clearly in this season so look forward, says the Lord! 12-4-2011 The Lord says, I have covered you in my love and I’ve draped you in my favor so walk in the ability that I give and you will have my peace, declares the Lord! 12-3-2011 I have already opened the door so walk on through it, says the Lord! 12-2-2011 The Lord says, remind my people that I have all power; my power is greater than the enemy and much greater than all of your enemies and my power to protect you and to promote you is second to none, declares the Lord! (See Matthew 28:18 & Luke 10:19-24) 12-1-2011 Your focus has to change in order to get to where you are going and where the Lord will have you to be; for The Lord says, many of my people are stuck in yesterday's mode and they spend too much time trying to get back those old days and cannot see all the wonderful things that I have done for them and the new doors that I have opened in front of them, because they are looking back. I need my people to move forward now so that they don't miss me when I come and when I show up. This next season requires my people to re-position themselves for the harvest in order to get the latter day harvest that I have promised them, says the Lord! 11-30-2011 The things that didn't make sense to you in the last season will now make perfect sense to you in this season, says the Lord; for this is a season of understanding for you and the road map for you will be very clear as to where you are going now, says the Lord! The Lord also says “I will even cause your focus to change and you'll even begin to think differently in this season and you will see life from a new and different perspective than you had before in previous times, says the Lord! 11-29-2011 This will be a season for you to prioritize some things in order to move into this next season with some power and a renewed strength and faith, says the Lord! The Lord says, that you already know what needs to be prioritized in this season. 11-28-2011 The Lord says, this season will now require a new approach to things and what may have worked for you in the last season will not work in this season, but you are going to have to convert to a new system and even switch strategies. I have even been empowering you with a lot of new knowledge and wisdom so that you can advance a little further than where you have been. Technology will also be a key factor in helping you to further advance into this next new realm. In this new realm it will require you to think a little more and to plan things out in a wiser manner. In this new realm you will begin to see new doors opening for you and you will see a break in the clouds from all of the distractions that have been competing for your attention. In this season you will be required to avoid people, places, and all things that will waste your time, money, and resources. This is a season that will require much work and diligence, but know that steadfast work and diligence will pay off in a major way; so remain diligent, stay focused, and keep your eyes on me in this season like never before, says the Lord! 11-27-2011 Come to me with faith and obedience, and you will experience my mantle of miracles, says the Lord! 11-26-2011 The Lord says, if you will trust me I will show you your future and I will not hold back anything concerning your destination and the place that I have called you to be; and even as I showed Joseph his spot in life in a dream so will I show you where I am taking you and the place where I am calling you to. Your answers are in the secret place and you get them all by spending time with me there, says the Lord! 11-25-2011 The faithful always gets the blessing says the Lord; I require my people to be faithful! 11-24-2011 I have your future in my hands and some cooperation from you will cause things to go according to my plans, says the Lord! (Don’t be wrestling with the will of God!) 11-23-2011 The Lord says, I will not let you give up. You have been trying to throw in the towel and just quit and you have even said, “Lord I am tired and I give up,” but The Lord says, I will not let you give up and I will harass you and shake you because I refuse to let you give up now. As a matter of fact you have not been able to rest and sleep very well lately because I have been shaking you in the night seasons and I have been disturbing your rest and calling you out of your comfortable state; I have been shifting you out of your pity-party and causing you to hear. The Lord says, I have been the one in your ears. I have been calling you, calling you, calling you, calling you; and I won't be ignored anymore at all and I am calling you now; get yourself up from that broken state, stop all the crying, and quit throwing the pity-parties because I have a work for you to do and you are called, says the Lord! 11-22-2011 My voice is the only voice that you need to follow in this hour and time says the Lord. It becomes confusion when you try to follow and chase after too many voices in the earth, says the Lord! Stick with my way and follow my paths and take the time out to hear my voice every-day and you will not fail, says the Lord your God! 11-21-2011 The new voices are here says the Lord, and I have raised up voices that to speak on my behalf in this hour that I had hidden in the reserves for this hour and time and now is the season for me to release them and they are released now, says the Lord! 11-20-2011 I am your wisdom, and my spirit will also empower you with the knowledge that you need to navigate through these times; look for my wisdom, says the Lord! 11-19-2011 The Lord says, you have been trying to understand and see what I am doing in your life and you have been trying to figure out every detail and each every aspect of how I have been working on your behalf, but yet I have been working on some things for you behind the scenes. I caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep in the garden while I was making and forming eve, his wife from his rib cage and so it is with many things that I am working on for you; you cannot see what I am doing for you until it is finished. I know what I have purposed for your life and in due time I shall bring it forth, says the Lord! 11-18-2011 The Lord says, don't look at anything in the natural, but keep your focus and your eyes on me declares the Lord! (See also Matthew 14:25-33 and Ecclesiastes 11:4, Galatians 6:9) 11-17-2011 I have sent you my angels and they are there with you and they are there to help you. I have assigned them in this season to remove the obstacles and the roadblocks from the hard places around you so that nothing will hinder and stop my will from coming to pass in your life. That which I have purposed for you to do and called you to do will get done, because I have assigned my angels to intervene and you shall have intervention in season, says the Lord! (See Hebrews 1:7-8 & 13-14, Psalm 104:4, Psalm 103:19-22, and Psalm 34:7) 11-16-2011 The spirit of the Lord would say unto his people, I don't want your gifts without having your heart; for many of my people are offering up their gifts in my name, but I do not have their hearts. I would rather have your heart first says the Lord, then after that you may offer up your gifts to me. I am searching for a people with pure motives and a pure heart and all of my people that have a pure heart will serve me, says the Lord! 11-15-2011 The Lord says, that where you have been last, you have now been made first, and where you have been skipped and looked over; in this season I am the one that is recognizing you and acknowledging you and I will promote you says the Lord! 11-14-2011 Your best ideas yet is coming forth out of you as I visit your mind in a new and a fresh way says the Lord, and the things that you thought that you couldn't do is what I will enable you to do now, says the spirit of the living God! 11-13-2011 The Lord says, don't be discouraged by the length and the size of the trial that you are in, but allow faith to kick in and cause you to overcome it and come through it. 11-12-2011 In the days wherein men are constantly cutting back and drawing back, I need you to know that I am your source of supply that won't run dry and I do not cut back and there is no famine or recession in heaven and I will provide for my own, says the Lord! 11-11-2011 I have already paid the price for you to come up and attain a higher level in me and to be secure and safe in the secret place, says the Lord! 11-10-2011 Many mysteries will unfold in this hour and will be revealed. There will also be many long standing conflicts that will be resolved in the lives of my kingdom people, says the Lord! In the earth the focus of many things will now shift to something different. I hear the Lord saying that the focus will now be heavily upon the family again and even governments and major organizations will now begin to see and to realize that a lot of the problems in the world can be fixed by helping to restore a strong family unit so the focus will now start to shift to the family again and there will also be new laws to reinforce the family structure and its true and righteous meaning and purpose. I also see where the Lord is now going to turn the hearts of many people that were contrary to the family and that were anti-family and they will also be strategic in helping to transform and reform many communities and nations as it pertains to the family unit and structure even as the Lord has shown me. (Some things he says and then some things he shows you, but both streams are from the Lord! The Lord has many ways to talk to you.) 11-9-2011 The Lord says, I have been stretching you for the last season, because you asked me to increase you and to do some things for you and you have been being stretched and even prepared to receive that which you have asked me for, but you have liked the process. The Lord says, I didn't ask you to like the process, but know that it is necessary so that you will have a lasting result versus just another temporary fix up, declares the Lord! 11-8-2011 Come up higher with me and step up in that place of refuge that can only be found in me and I will protect you and I will shield you from things to come, says the Lord! 11-8-2011 (A Word of Insight) There is coming a major shakeup in the land that will affect all governments and many people in the land. This will even have a major impact on many churches and churches all over the world will be affected by this shakeup, and you won't have to figure out when this will happen, because it will be so obvious that you and no one else will be able to miss it simply because it will dominate the news and will also be talked about all over the world; just know that ensign to the nations told you first that this thing was coming; many prophecies when they are being fulfilled are so super obvious. Take a look at strategic prophecies and a word for the nations on this website and you will see a lot of things that was prophesied here on this website have recently been fulfilled or it is in the news right now. Do not take prophecy for granted........ 11-7-2011 I am looking for some people that I can promote. I am looking for the faithful ones that can carry out a new assignment. I am looking for the ones that will say, “Here I am Lord.” I am looking for the humble ones and those that fear me. My eyes are now beholding the nations and I am looking to and fro throughout the whole earth for a new breed of folks that will obey me. Can I depend on you, says the Lord? 11-6-2011 (Word of Insight) The Lord says, there have been some people in the church that have seen Christians as another way or opportunity to make money off of them and to fleece the flock of God; (See 2 Peter 2:3 & 10-22) but The Lord says, I am going to begin to shake my house until I now have a pure seed again. The Lord knows if you are only coming to church to try and strike a business deal on the sheep, but you are not at all coming to worship or to seek after him. (See Acts 20:26-35, Matthew 21:10-13, Luke 19:45-48, Mark 11:12-17 and Jeremiah 24:1-10) It is time to clean up the houses of God and return them to worship not a mall or a store front. (See 1 Peter 4:17-18) Pay your tithes and bring the Lord your offerings and you will begin to increase. (Read Psalm 96:8-9, 1 Chronicles 16:27-29, Psalm 29:1-2, Malachi 3:6-18, Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42, Luke 6:38, & 2 Corinthians 9:6-12) 11-5-2011 The Lord says, I will cause you to be noticed publicly and I will honor you before all men and they will both see and respect the honor and the love that I have for you, says the Lord! 11-4-2011 The Lord says, to you, I have given you the power to overcome all things and there is no challenge or no setback that will be able to stop the flow of my blessings into your life in this season declares the Lord, and the Lord would further say unto you pick up the mantle that lie before you and begin to speak and declare and prophesy a new destiny for your life; for I have put power in your mouth that will bring forth the new says the Lord! (Whao-o-o-o-o-o feel that anointing........) 11-3-2011 This is the season that I am rallying my people to pray and many will be compelled to form and be a part of new prayer groups and those prayers will be the ones that will help shape and shift entire nations; and many opposing enemy structures and wicked alliances will now begin to fall, fail, and crumble in this season as old ruling structures and evil principalities start to break and come down, says the Lord! 11-2-2011 New doors are now beginning to open for you, new alliances are forming, and many new and good things are about to now break loose in your life, says the Lord! 11-1-2011 Your power is in your faith, says the Lord! 10-31-2011 I need you to go up higher, says the Lord! 10-30-2011 New designs and new missions are constantly going to be in the forefront of your mind as I take you into new places that you never dreamed of or thought of, says the Lord! 10-29-2011 Don't allow yourself to be stretched too thin, but be wise to maintain a balance in all that you do in all things in life and even more importantly do exactly what I tell you to do and follow my instructions, says the Lord! 10-28-2011 Many blessings are waiting for you, but a changed mind that aligns with my word and a purified heart is what will release them, says the Lord! 10-27-2011 My mantle of favor has been draped upon you and you will have increased favor with God and man operating in your life and great grace shall be upon you and you will have a lot of favor with important, vital, key, and strategic people in this season and they will help you to get to where you are supposed to be in me, says the Lord! 10-26-2011 I have sanctioned angelic intervention in your life to remove those strong burdens that have been challenging you lately; get ready for a miracle turnaround, says the Lord! 10-25-2011 You must allow yourself to get motivated again and pursue your purpose in life with passion again. Do not allow the dust of yesterday's trouble cause you to get bogged down in your pursuit of seeking me and serving me, says the Lord! 10-24-2011 Open your mouth and declare your freedom from the things that has been troubling you lately, says the Lord! 10-23-2011 Your peace is in me and my goodness has been fully reserved for you for this season, says the Lord! 10-22-2011 A delay in your answers is not a no, but your faith is being tested, says the Lord! 10-21-2011 The Lord said to tell you that he has your ram in the bush; look for the obvious doors that are open before you....... 10-20-2011 This is a new season of power and the faith in you that has lied dormant inside of you will now rekindle and begin to awaken again. The former glory that you once knew will now meet up with a new glory that I am forming on the inside of you to produce an explosion of new faith and even some new manifestations of my spirit and you shall go forth like the lion and you shall even begin to walk in a new strength. Yea, even the spirit of might shall be upon you and you will have the power of Sampson to do new things and in this season all of my people will be strong and do great exploits in my name, says the Lord! 10-19-2011 In this season you will see the fire of my glory descending on you in a new way says the Lord! 10-18-2011 If you are living life looking back, then you cannot move forward as I intend for you to do, but if you will allow my spirit to navigate you through this life like a GPS, then you will be heading in the right direction and you will get to your intended destination that I have purposed for you says the Lord! 10-17-2011 Will you trust me to work out the things that you cannot seem to see how they are going to work out? Will you trust me to do the things that seem so impossible to you says the Lord; for truly I am full of power and I have all power in my hands to do all things that you need done. Will you trust me to help you, says the Lord? 10-16-2011 The Lord says, in this season I am going to teach my people the power of the blessing and they will know that my power is greater than all and my power works strongly even in the midst of chaos and times of perils; know that this is the season that your mourning shall be turned into dancing and your sorrow will now be turned into laughter, says the Lord! 10-15-2011 I am gathering my people in a unified fashion together and you begin to see the shaking all over the earth as things intensify just know that all power lies with I, the Most High and no weapon that has been formed against you will ever prosper because I have hidden you in the secret place in me and I have covered you in the shadows of my wings; just know that you will always have a place of refuge in me, says the Lord! 10-14-2011 The earth does shake and the economy does mourn, but he that put his trust in me will be as the chief corner stone, says the Lord! (See 1 Peter 2:1-7, 8-25, Isaiah 24:2-13, 16-18, 19-23 and those that trust in their wealth or their companies Isaiah 57:12-13 these next Verses describes the situation in and around Egypt and Israel and what more is to come, but the end result is good; see Isaiah 19:1-25) 10-13-2011 I am your hope in a trial and I am your refuge in the time of a storm, says the Lord! 10-13-2011 (Prophetic Warning!!!!!) There will be some catastrophic government failures. You will see it in the news.......... 10-12-2011 Now the world will shift into a new realm and the crowds and the masses will now grow in Numbers to protests the chaos in their governments around the world and this will last for a season as it is revealed by the Lord! The kingdom of God will continue to grow in size and in strength as the multitudes turn to Christ as their governments fail. You will see the Lord's people begin to rise up and prosper and bring many answers to the table in a desolate time. This is what I see as it is revealed by the Lord! There will also be sign in a coming storm that will get the entire world's attention that there has been a shift......... 10-11-2011 I have been taking every excuse out of your way as to why you cannot obey me and I have also been removing every reason as to why you cannot serve me; I am making the path clearer every day, says the Lord! 10-10-2011 I am re-arranging your schedule and changing some of your routines so that you can now make more time for me, says the Lord! 10-9-2011 This is a season of sight and sound says the Lord and what you see and what you hear will matter. My sound does go throughout the whole earth and many new sounds will even be produced by my spirit that will affect the music industry and my name and fame will even go abroad to the masses. You will now see me go mainstream and you will now see movies that are being produced by my spirit that will have my name in them a lot more than ever before and the movies will even witness for me even as I begin to touch and visit the producers and the editors and the writers; for they to shall experience an invasion and a visitation of my glory like never before in the history of man. Men will go to the movies and their hair will stand up on their heads because of the power of my glory and the presence of my power and the anointing that will be present in the movie theaters says the Lord! I will also begin to visit the arts and the playwrights and the Psalmists and the singers that come on the radio and make songs, as well as, the musicians. I will show up in the studios and I will infest the air waves and there will even be such a strong glory both felt and seen in those places and in all places even the hidden places of the earth like never before in the history of mankind as I myself begin to manifest myself and yea even witness to the nations and men shall give me glory; for I am the true and living God, declares the Lord! 10-8-2011 The Lord says, your greatest potential is still in you so look beyond your now and see your future, declares God! 10-7-2011 (Word #1) The Lord says, I am now breaking strong alcohol and drug addictions in this season. (Isaiah 10:27) 10-7-2011 (Word #2) The Lord says, I am breaking the secret addictions and sin from off of my people in the church. Many of my people have struggled long with many bad habits that they did not want anybody to know about and yet there are so many of my people that have had secret addictions, but I am now sending a fire to burn those things out of you suddenly, says the Lord! (See Isaiah 6:1-8) 10-7-2011 (Word #3) The Lord says, this is your season to get up and go somewhere. See Joshua 1:1-11. 10-7-2011 (Word #4) The Lord says, I am restoring your passion to worship again. 10-7-2011 (Word #5) The Lord says, I am restoring your passion to pray and you shall be filled with a new power that I am now beginning to pour out from my throne. 10-7-2011 (Word #6) The Lord says, where there have been only certain segments of the church that have been filled with the Holy Ghost and others that are not or don't believe it or teach it, that is about to change says the Lord and everyone that is called by my name will be filled with my spirit and they will know me as I am fusing my body into one new man, says the Lord! 10-7-2011 (Word #7) The Lord says, there will be such a oneness and unity and harmony among the churches as they rise up into the kingdom status. (These words are very real; don't take these words lightly or for a joke, but take each and every word seriously. Do not play with these words; you will see them come to pass.) 10-6-2011 You are about to see the greatest ever in the history of man release of technology in the earth; eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all of the things that are yet to be revealed by my spirit and these mighty inventions will come from the people of my kingdom, says the Lord! 10-5-2011 Do not get bogged down on the nonessentials in life but know that in this season and in this time that I am sending a midnight anointing to help you deal with the darkness that has been around you once and for all, says the Lord! 10-4-2011 Your faith will most definitely increase in this season, says the Lord! 10-3-2011 There is a shift in the command structure within my body and there will be many changes on the horizon that will take my body in a new direction. You will see many changes in the world and how things are done. Technology will be the key to getting my word out near and far and I will use technology to get my word out to the nations and tithe uttermost parts of the earth. This is a heavy season for the rise of technology in everything. My name shall be spread abroad to the masses once again and you will see many of my representatives going forth in the land to proclaim my name and to help bring about a lasting change as my kingdom is established in the land, says the Lord! 10-2-2011 Your purpose will be made clear to you in this season and just knowing your purpose will give you a lot more power and push and the courage to press forward says the Lord! 10-1-2011 Be wise to win them, says the Lord! Do not let your neighbors and relatives perish and die without telling them about me. Don't just let them go to hell. I shed my blood for them to be saved to and I need you to tell them. Some of you would witness for me so faithfully at times in the past, but you have not said anything lately on my behalf; I need you to tell them about me. Be a witness for me says the Lord! Many of you are worrying what are they going to think about me, but it is me in you that they will see, declares the Lord! (See Proverbs 11:30) 9-30-2011 The Lord says, I am moving in your life in the area of faith again, and the things that you once thought was hard or nearly impossible for you will now become possible again by your faith. I am adding strength to your faith in this season and you shall once again have strong faith, says the Lord! 9-29-2011 Move into the new position that I have placed you in and don't look back at the old. Know that you have to accept the positions that I place you in here in my kingdom and when I promote you; don't desire to go back and when I bring you forth do not look back, says the Lord! The Lord says, for many of you that I am changing your status in life and I am increasing your influence and expanding your reach and you will reach into newer heights and newer levels in your community and in all the places that I am taking you. I am also making you and preparing to be a world voice for me in the coming days and you will testify for me and of me, says the Lord so do not be afraid of the sudden changes on the frontier, declares the spirit of the living God! 9-28-2011 Your change is here, says the Lord and you will see things in a different manner in this season than in times past; for this is a season that I am now opening your spiritual eyes to see in another realm those things that were hidden from you in a previous season, says the Lord! 9-27-2011 I have been trying to get your attention, but you have been trying to remain the same and you have been trying not to change. I have not called you to be average, but I have called you to the high places in life and my presence have been strongly hovering over you in the past couple of days, because I am signifying a complete change in your life. You are in a season of a complete make over and a total transition from the old into the new and your destiny is at your door steps. I plan on totally transforming your life that you won't even remember the old you. Let my anointing overtake you and let my grace cover you in a new way. Get out of my way and stop hindering the progress and the process of what I am trying to do in your life. Get that fear out of your heart and you'll see how I quench the fiery darts of the enemy for you in this season. I need you to turn everything over to me and allow me to handle it for you and you will begin to see my blessings flooding you suddenly, says he that comes like the power of a flash flood. 9-26-2011 Your purpose is the thing that won't let you sleep at times, because vision keeps on calling your name, and some of you have always had vision, but a new vision has been calling you and wrestling with you for quite some time and it just will not let you sleep at times, because the matter is so urgent. I hear the Lord saying “I have been calling you out of your comfort zone and I have been harassing you because you have become comfortable where you are, but yet I have been calling you higher and you have been just ignoring my voice. Come up higher with me and stand above the mountains and you will see. Yes you will see all the places that I have predestined for you to go in my name and all of the people that I intend for you to reach and touch on my behalf and you will see lions roaring in the hills and you will see the fortress that I have built for you to protect you from the desires of your enemies. Come with says the Lord and see the next chapter of your life now, says the Lord!” 9-25-2011 This is a season that I am binding up the breach of my people, and I am also beginning to smooth the rough places and I am repairing broken hearts. This is a season that I am restoring life to dead situations and you shall not be desolate, says the Lord! 9-24-2011 It is time to get back to living by faith; allow me to take you to the next realm of faith in me, says the Lord! 9-23-2011 This is a new season of my grace, says the Lord! 9-22-2011 The promises that I made to you will be fulfilled says the Lord, and you shall see all of my goodness fulfilled in your life until it overflows. 9-21-2011 The Lord says, I have you in a building season and that is the reason for the desire inside of you to go up higher, and the very thing that you are building and working on is bigger than you and it is much bigger than you know, and you are about to give birth to a destiny that is beyond any thought or thing that you could have ever imagined. Where I am taking you to and where I have you going at now is beyond your own ability to comprehend the magnitude of the purpose, the assignment, the mission, the calling, the destiny, and the path that I have you on right now. You have been told to reach for the stars, but I say unto you I have made you a star that will change lives in the earth. Your very life will impact and change everyone that is around you and that you come in contact with from here on out, because I have created you with a purpose and on purpose and for my purposes. I have called you to change entire nations and I have planted new vision inside of you and I have planted you where you are now to change the lives and the very atmosphere where you are now. The Lord says, I have also called you and fashioned you for my kingdom purpose. In this season I will also remove those things that have been standing in the way of my plans for your life. Yea, even those things that have hindered you and tripped you up over and over again will now be diminished as I take you to the third level of my glory in a new wave of a new season. Fear not the shaking, because the sun is still shining behind all those dark clouds that you see. The stretch Marks will soon leave you and the pains of labor will also begin to cease very soon as you now begin to birth those things that I have called you to. Some of you have even said that it is too late for me, but not so says the Lord; for I shall yet use you, because I am the Most High God and your problems are not bigger than me, declares the spirit of the living God! 9-20-2011 I’ve heard you calling me, but I am not moved by your complaints; I am moved only by your faith in my ability to make things happen for you. I say unto you that I am greatly moved by your faith and your words that are filled with faith and power. If you will open your mouth in faith and speak only faith filled words, then you will begin to see the things that you desire to come to pass a lot quicker. Your negative words shuts me out and shuts down my anointing and my ability to work on your behalf; for I am only moved and pleased by your faith, says the Lord! See Hebrews 11:6. 9-19-2011 I have brought you over a major threshold and I will also remove a major barrier from your life permanently in this season, says the Lord! (Some of you will see this even this week.) 9-18-2011 Do not be afraid of where I am taking you at in life, and do not get stagnated and do not be dismayed at temporary setbacks, but let my word build you up and allow my faith to be implanted in you to produce the kingdom results that you desire to see come forth. Know that I have placed many desires in you and I will to do for you all of my good pleasure if you will only believe me for it, says the Lord! 9-17-2011 I am reshaping your belief system and I am visiting my people in this season. Do not miss the wave of my spirit as I am passing through; one dose of my spirit doing a visitation can change your life for a lifetime, says the Lord! 9-16-2011 I am transitioning you into something new; feel the winds of transition that is now blowing upon you to shift you into a new season and into some new territory that you have never seen before. Fear not the unknown, but know that I have already cleared the path and I’ve already paved the way for you so move with me and flow with me in this season and you shall see the strength of my kingdom, says the Lord! 9-15-2011 I will now intervene in a pressing matter in your life to turn it towards a favorable outcome and victory for you, says the Lord and I will swiftly move upon your life now simply because you prayed, says the Lord! 9-14-2011 My plans for you are greater than you know right now and that is the reason for all of the pressure that has been upon you and all around you. I am pressuring to go up higher in me. I am depending upon you to take on more kingdom responsibility, says the Lord! 9-13-2011 You are still the apple of my eyes, says the Lord! 9-12-2011 Manage your time wisely, says the Lord! 9-11-2011 Know that this is a day that my healing hand goes forth to bind up the breaches of a land and to refresh the weary and to restore the lost and renew my covenant with my chosen ones; with new fire I declare that I am burning away the things in you that will cause you to doubt my hand that is at work in your life and this day you will find a special miracle that has been a long time awaiting you, says the Lord! 9-10-2011 Take a different view and you will see the new, says the Lord! Take a second look and you will find it in a book; when you read you will find the seed that you need to pick up speed to run the race with grace at a different pace to see the beautiful things that I have now placed in front of your face in this season, says the Lord! 9-9-2011 I have set before two open gates in a row; enter the next season of your life and now is time for you to receive double rewards and a double blessing. The double portion anointing lies beyond the second gate and you shall see these gates as you journey with me, says the Lord! These gates are opportunities for victory, wealth, and success in a new career path that is forming up right before your eyes. Do not miss the open doors that is set before you, says the Lord! I heard the Lord say again “shift into the new; shift into the new now”. 9-8-2011 Your entire future is built upon your foundation in me and in order to get the future and the life that I have mapped out for you in life, you must remain in me. You must only build upon that proven foundation that I’ve already laid out and constructed for your life even according to my plans and blueprints for your life; and yes there will be many opportunities for you to deviate from the original layout, but you must be wise enough to stick with the original plans and not to allow yourself to be tempted to go after what seems beautiful for the moment. The right outcome is only in my will for your life and any other foundation will be found to be faulty and unsecured and will crumble and fall. Stay on my path and you will prosper and succeed in a heavy manner; it doesn't matter what things may appear to look like right now at the current moment, but know that I, the Lord am working all things in your favor behind the scenes, says the Lord your God! 9-7-2011 Go ahead and plan for success as I expose you to my best, says the Lord! 9-6-2011 This is a season where my people must be able to flow quickly with my spirit without any hesitation so that they will be able to navigate through the harvest fields that I have setup for them to walk through and collect the harvest. Many ideas will come forth that will lead to sudden prosperity if my people will walk through the doors that are open before them; for they are many opportunities that are coming available, but a door or a window of opportunity does not always stay open forever. Many things in this season will be time sensitive and you won't have a long time to sit on it and try to figure out or debate if it is the right thing to do, but you must stay in tune to my spirit so that I may provide you with the latest intelligence from the heavens that you so desire to know for your life, declares the Lord! (It is very important to know that September is a month of sudden shifts. I am talking about shifts like never before seen. These are shifting times so be prepared to shift with God at an instant and do not allow yourself to still be caught crying over yesterday's spilled milk.) 9-5-2011 Step into your destiny and come and walk with me in the high places of the earth; let me commune with you in a new way as I show you my best that I have prepared for you, says the Lord! Your best days are staring at you constantly and I will open your eyes in this season to see my hidden treasures and I will show you all of your hidden lines of supply, says the Lord! 9-4-2011 The Lord says, what looks like a setback to you is actually a mighty comeback for you, but you must allow me to show it to you through the eyes of my spirit and not just see that thing in the flesh of your mind with your natural eyes and your own natural ability. What they said was a temporary setback to you was actually a permanent setup for you to win on a lasting basis, says the Lord! 9-3-2011 The alarm has sounded on my holy mountain and the all clear signal has been given for a new wave of my spirit to invade the land. Yes I have even raised up many people in this hour to display my power to the nations and there are yet many of you that shall experience my power and you will have many sudden visitations of my spirit in the late night watches to prepare you for the even greater things to come, says the Lord! 9-2-2011 I hear the Lord saying, I am shifting the balance of power and I will cause an east wind to rebuke the devourer and he will be pushed far off of your land and away from the harvest that I intended for you to get in this season, says the Lord! 9-1-2011 I have been creating and forming new alliances in your life and a lot of valuable and new relationships will come into your life in this season that will help you advance into the things that I have called you to do says the Lord! 8-31-2011 I have re-positioned you for such a time as this and in a time of great pressure and a time that many wayward winds are constantly blowing upon the earth; though the winds that you have been seeing has been somewhat contrary, take heart in knowing that the voice of my word calm the winds. The very winds that have been vexing you and causing you to fear will now begin to turn in another direction at my commandment, says the Lord and they will now blow open the new doors that I have opened for you and will take you in a new direction that is filled with blessings and you will experience a new wind of my glory, declares the Lord! 8-30-2011 The Lord says, I am a refuge for the oppressed and a comfort to the weary ones. 8-29-2011 The Lord says, the peace that I give is like no other and my peace is better than the comfort of a mother or a father. My peace runs deep like a river so come and partake of my fountain of love, says the Lord! 8-28-2011 I am preparing you for something greater than you know, says the Lord! 8-27-2011 Life is about to get fun for you because you are now about to start really living as I guide you down new lanes and new avenues that will now produce my kingdom wealth in your life that lasts a lifetime, says the Lord! 8-26-2011 I shall take you up to the high places in me and I will set you before people that are royalty and majesty and you will also find many new blessings as I now re-position you in a new place of honor where you will be respected and valued, says the Lord! 8-25-2011 I am up to something new on your behalf today, says the Lord! 8-24-2011 Count your blessings and not your problems, says the Lord! 8-23-2011 Hear the roar of the lion; hear the roar of the thunders and hear my voice, says the Lord! Many new things I will declare in the earth as I have shifted some things and I have even removed some barriers that have been protecting the wicked; it is a new season as I straighten things out in the earth and plead with all flesh, but my faithful ones will have a place of refuge in me, declares the Lord! 8-22-2011 I’ve seen the many things that you have done in secret and how you have been a blessing to many people, but don't cancel out your rewards by complaining; remember to do all things with a pure heart, a pure mind, and pure motives and I will pay you back with great rewards, says the Lord! 8-21-2011 I have many secret things that you know not of; ask me for my secret supplies to unfold in your life and you will see the new windows open up in the heavens over you and many blessings will rain down upon you and overflow you and overtake you suddenly and the tides will change for you as I wash away poverty and lack in every area of your life and the new abundance will appear in what has seemed like a dry and tight season and the weary ones will be refreshed and all of the storehouses will be multiplied and filled with my goodness, says the Lord! 8-20-2011 The light will shine upon your path in these next few days as you see that things have begun to open up for you, says the Lord! 8-19-2011 I have placed my body, the people that are called by my name into a season of transformation and transition and I have been positioning you for the greater harvest that is yet to come but soon to come. I have already mapped out a plan to bring in the new harvest which is a full harvest and the harvest that was lost and even destroyed in the last season will now be fully recovered and the full harvest will come to you now in this season; for this is a season of double harvest even as I give you double for your trouble. You shall now even be greatly rewarded, says the Lord of Sabaoth! 8-18-2011 The path has been cleared and the way is now made, says the Lord! 8-17-2011 I am the God of a sudden breakthrough, says the Lord! 8-16-2011 This is a season for you to re-aim and re-focus as I redesign the paths that you are walking on and cause you to return to the foundation and the structures that ordered your steps in the first place. This is a time for you to renew your walk with me and you will find yourself meditating on my word a lot more in this season. This is also a time for you to get up and do some spring cleaning and refresh yourself and the environment around you and as you do these things, new ideas will flood your mind, says the Lord! 8-15-2011 The best is still yet to come and brighter days lies ahead for my people and know that I am your place of refuge, says the Lord! 8-14-2011 I have called you to watch upon my walls and wait in my presence. I have prepared the way before your face and all of your steps are ordered by me and prepared by me beforehand in this season. You will see the way forward clearly in this new season. Do not fear the shaking around you, says the Lord! 8-13-2011 My power has been released in your life and you will experience new things in a new way, says the Lord! 8-12-2011 Keep a positive attitude and reach for the stars, because I have called you to be a star that changes lives and to help change situations. Your goals are within reach and they are all obtainable. Do not allow a couple of minor setbacks to hold you up or to hold you down in any manner. Do not back up and do not back down, because I am taking you to the next realm of grace; for there is grace available in me through my spirit says the Lord! 8-11-2011 I have called you to the high places and I have even called you to do great things for me; believe and prosper, says the Lord! 8-10-2011 Allow my voice to dominate your life and to over-power all of your problems and fears. Let my word have the final say so in your life as you watch me take over the steering wheel and control the helm of the ship of the destiny of your life, says the Lord! 8-9-2011 I will assist you in the hard places of your life, says the Lord! Do not allow your flesh and your feelings to get in my way, says the Lord! 8-8-2011 Truly the earth have been in a midnight hour and the nations are in a pivotal place and many souls are standing in the valley of decision where tough decisions will have to be made in such a crucial time, but I have called my people to be the light in a dark place. Yea, I have even placed power upon my anointed ones and I have raised them up for this hour to help save many people alive in this hour, and I have released angels to go forth and to help cover and protect the mission that I am calling my people to in this hour and at this time. You will now see many things shifting right before your very eyes as the world is standing in the midst of a great transition; this day, yea even this night the clock has just shifted and you will see prophetic events that you have been told of unfolding at a rapid rate even before you can blink your eyes good; for I am coming to my people in this season quickly like the powers of a flash flood that fills a place with plenty of water before you can comprehend what is going on, because I have chosen to refresh my people even in the dry places of their lives and in their marriages and families and in the work of their hands, says the Lord! Hold fast says he that cometh quickly like the powers of a flashflood! 8-7-2011 I am settings things in order and I have been making a very strong and loud statement. Hear the thunderous roar of my voice from the heavens and let your wise men interpret what I am saying to you; for once again I am shaking the nations of the earth and I am re-establishing my order, because I have not found their course to be right and there is no real justice and all of their judgments are off course as they have attempted to disregard my order and my ways to establish rule by their own means for profit. I say unto you that I am in the process of tearing every order that I did not build or establish; and systems and governments that wasn't set up by my hand according to my order will be diminished and brought very low in this season, because my ears have seen the corruption and the heavens can no longer contain the cries of the poor and the mourning of the prisoner that is trapped in bondage in the earth. My hand does shake and I will now fight against the systems of the world; for their order is rogue and their judgments are backwards, says the Lord! 8-6-2011 The Lord says, “I am giving you another chance to shake the things that have been shaking you, and you shall even overcome the very things that you have been so afraid of and even now I give you the power to confront some things that have been a challenge to you”, declares the Lord! 8-5-2011 I will begin to bring down those evil principalities that have stood against you and many things will change for the better as a result of your new found freedom, says the Lord! 8-4-2011 Look around you and see the things that I have put in place for you and begin now to focus in a new direction as I lead you to a higher place in me and in this higher place you will experience new Revelation and the deeper things of my spirit that have been prepared just for you, because I have chosen you to reveal these things to now in this time, says the Lord! 8-3-2011 Believe me for even greater, says the big God that never grows weary! 8-2-2011 Now the winds will shift and will turn in a different direction and the sea shall come upon the dry lands and the parched places. Many systems will also now shift in the land with those winds and the tides are quickly changing now in this season, says the Lord! 8-1-2011 Do not panic at the sight of your eyes and the things that catch you by surprise, but be a light and a lantern to the ones that are still in the darkness and cannot see. My power and my glorious light shall be seen upon you and shining bright for all to see. Take another breathe because you shall feel the wind of glory upon you now in this season and at this time, says the Lord! 7-31-2011 Many things will shift in this hour and it will no longer be business as usual, but there will be light in Goshen for my people again in this hour and in this generation. Many things in the world will shift into a darker moment and a darker season, but my glorious light shall be seen upon my people and power will be dispersed through them to open blinded eyes. Even many of my people that have sat in churches all over the world have sat in darkness and have been blinded to my true ways up until now. Have not I said have faith in God? My power works by your faith in my ability to rescue you from the very things of life that would seek to crush you and remove you. Many things have sought to crush you and remove you, but the power of my right hand has been saving you from the destructive plans of the enemy. My ability heals and my right hand delivers; no man can withstand the power and the force of my right hand. Just know that in this season. I am thinking upon you to bless you, save you, and deliver you, says the Lord! 7-30-2011 Your confidence in me will increase all the more in this season says the Lord, even as I do many great things for you, says the Lord! 7-29-2011 As things comes to a complete standstill you will see my hand show up in the governments of the nations; for I have a plan and the government of my kingdom is still upon my shoulders, says the Lord! 7-28-2011 My purpose for your life is still the same says the Lord, and I have not changed my mind at all concerning your purpose, says the Lord! 7-27-2011 The very thing that was designed to take you out is going to take you up and that which was stressing you will be blessing you, says the Lord! 7-26-2011 If I have called you to the battle it is because you are well able to fight it, says the Lord; for I am with you, declares the Lord! 7-25-2011 I have called you to over-come and not succumb to the tricks and the lies of the enemy, says the Lord! 7-24-2011 I have brought my people to the banks of the river and it is now time to cross over into a new land and a new destiny. This is a time where the former things of old are falling off of you and I am polishing you up for a new finish. The things that have caused you pain and that have caused you to cry in the last season will now fade away and new things will make you smile, says the Lord! There has been a test set before all of my people and that is reason that the pressure has been so great. I need you to pass all of the test by remaining in faith in spite what things may look like now, because as you pass the tests you will see what rewards are behind the next door of life for you, says the Lord! 7-23-2011 Allow your light to shine around people that is still stuck and trapped in the darkness, says the Lord! 7-22-2011 This is your coming out season says the Lord, and I’m taking you to new heights and new levels and new realms of my glory in this season, says the Most High God! 7-21-2011 Come up out of the wilderness, says the Lord! You have been dwelling in a dry and desolate land for a long time and things were not clear. You have searched long and hard for new strategies, but it seemed as if the heavens were as iron or brass over your head for an unusually long season, but The Lord says, lift up your eyes out of your valley and see above the mountains that have stood in your way and resisted you; for The Lord says, I am full of surprises, mercy, compassion, and grace and you will see with the eyes of the anointing in this season. The thing that has once blinded you will no longer have any power or any effect over your life. The toil of the last season shall fade out of your memory as I take you up into the cloud of my glory now in this new season, declares the Lord of glory; for you have not seen the fullness of my love for you. Step beyond the shores of your comfort zone in the shallow waters and come with me in the deep, yea the deeper things of my spirit; for you are about to even experience a fresh touch and a new baptism of my spirit even as I am pouring out fresh oil upon you now, says the Lord! 7-20-2011 Yes, I have brought to you deliverance and I have delivered you from the former season of pain that wasn't so pleasant and now in this season I am opening your eyes to see the door that is obviously set before you. I need you to step into your new season, says the Lord! 7-19-2011 Keep the faith and watch me work, says the Lord! 7-18-2011 Believe me for bigger and better things; you have only asked me for things that you could believe me for from your level. Ask me and see that I am a big God, says the Lord and there is no limits or limitations in me, says God! 7-17-2011 I release you into a new season and this new season is for your good and not your demise and harm, says the Lord! 7-16-2011 The peace that I give doesn't leave you with a headache, says the Lord! 7-15-2011 I have created you for my purpose says the Lord, and blessed is the ground that you tread upon; for my favor does go before you in this season and many shall even be touched by my glory that is seen in your life, says the Lord! You have been handpicked and chosen for my causes and I will use your life in a great manner and many will see my glory in and upon your life, says he that causes man's face to shine. 7-14-2011 Let the sun arise in the darkness, because you are that light that gives life to a dark world, says the Lord! 7-13-2011 The Lord says, “I am judging all corruption in this hour and many things will be exposed and judged in all systems including in all governments. There are many things that have been kept secret until now that will come out and shock many people; for I, the Lord will pull back the curtains for all men to see what was done in the darkness, declares the Lord!” 7-12-2011 Do not be afraid of the healing process that I am taking you through, because everything that is broken in your life is being put back together again. 7-11-2011 My hand is always full of great surprises, says the Lord! 7-10-2011 Look and you will see that my hand is upon you now in this season, says the Lord! 7-9-2011 The kingdom will come unto you in this season and I will visit you. I have many excellent things that are waiting on you. Yes the kingdom is within you now, but this thing that I shall do for you will come upon from the outer parts and my glory will dwell all around you and you shall begin to experience the blessing. You will find out that in many places that you will go that my presence will already be there waiting on you in this season, and in this season I am pouring out such a strong presence of my spirit and my spirit will dwell all over you and in you in this season even right now, says the Lord! 7-8-2011 I am going to help you with your secret struggles the ones that you have not told anybody else about. I am putting my hand on the things that have secretly kept you bound in this season, and I am bringing about a pureness of heart in every area of your heart, says the Lord! 7-7-2011 Where I am about to take you is far more than you can ever comprehend. That is why I have been ordering you and instructing you and leading you to get in order so that the weight of my glory does not crush you in this new place that I have ordained for you to step into in this season, says the Most High! 7-6-2011 Allow me to move you and position you for the new things that I have already created for you. Do not fear the things that you see that have been standing in front of you, because I have already broken down the structure of that thing and what you see now is only the shell of a defeated foe. In this season I will do many things for you, but I will also need your obedience and your assistance to help you move beyond the current season of fear into the next realm of my glory, says the spirit of God. 7-5-2011 Forgive them and let them go out of your heart; for it is for your own good, says the Lord! 7-4-2011 Stay your course, says the Lord; for your destiny is on the path that you are already on, says God! 7-3-2011 This is a season and a time of renewal and I am renewing and fortifying the strength and the faith of my people. I am refreshing you and revitalizing you from the scars of the past season and I am causing you to abound in my grace and in my mercy. There will be no such a thing in your life called post-traumatic stress, because in this season I am digging into the very depths of your soul to remove the scarred tissue and fragments that has held you captive and bound for so long. You will not need to keep fighting the same old battles in this season, because this is also a season that I am permanently burying and decimating the same old problems that have plagued your life for years and years, even a long time. You will now be able to look into your future with a bright and glorious cause and even a great hope, because of the hand of my favor that does now rest upon you even right now in this season, says the Lord! 7-2-2011 I need you to look ahead and see into your future and do not get bogged down on your present place and purpose. There are many new things that I declare over your life, but you will only see them through the eyes of my spirit and by the muscle of your faith. It is by your faith that you can and will see all things clearly in the season and even in this season I am refocusing, rebuilding, and re-adjusting your faith, says the Lord! 7-1-2011 You will be given a new assignment in this season, says the Lord so prepare for a shift, declares the Lord! 6-30-2011 You are responsible for your own fears and insecurity, says the Lord! Those are not things that you pass off to me to fix for you, but you must settle those things in your own heart and mind, because fear and insecurity is a lack of trust that you will eventually have to decide to change in your own life. There are many of my children that fear that I cannot provide for them. Many are insecure in their relationships with me and it leads to them being all the more insecure in their earthly relationships. It is a choice to trust me and it is a choice to trust others in your life, but fear and insecurity will rob you of your destiny, says the Lord! 6-29-2011 The Lord says, do not be afraid of the rocky roads; for I am with you to see you through, says the Lord! 6-28-2011 No one thing; I hear the Lord saying that I have gifted you in many different areas and I have not called you or created you to do just one thing only, but I have made you multi-talented and multi-gifted to accomplish many great things on my behalf and in the world, declares the Lord! Now I hear the Lord even saying right now; why are you not living up to your full potential and why are you settling for less than my best for your life, says the Lord? 6-27-2011 New mantles are now dropping down from the heavens and falling upon my people. There will be such a strong presence of my spirit upon you and the anointing on your life will increase. There will be healing mantles upon my people like never before and you will be used to heal the sick. I am calling for my people to go into the nursing homes and the places of the elderly and pray for them and many of them will be healed. Go and visit the people that you know that are in the hospital and pray for them and as you lay your hands upon them my presence shall heal them and you will notice that virtue has gone out of you; and I will use you to do many wonderful and glorious things in my name in the days to come in my name and you shall even begin to prophesy, because my spirit shall be upon you. Now in this season be empowered and as you go; I go with you, says the spirit of the Most High God! (Heavenly mantles are falling, reach out and catch some of the latter day rain as the Lord does breathe a fresh and anew upon his people.) 6-26-2011 Something new is coming for you this week and there is something coming that would be considered unexpected, but the news is good and you will have a lot of favor. I hear the Lord saying that this is a season of my favor. I also hear the Lord saying for some of you that this is a season that I am wiping away the reproach, as well as, the burdensome taste of the last unpleasant season that has plagued your life and surrounded you and many things that were set in place to embarrass you, trip you up, and tear down your confidence will melt like ice in the presence of my power and my holy anointing, declares the spirit of the Lord! 6-25-2011 The walls that have been around you are falling down and you have the necessary strength to fully focus on the next season and phase of your life. Instructions will come says the Lord and they will be very clear and precise. I also see that this is a heavy season for a lot of you to go back to school to reach for something higher. Do not fear about how all of the details are going to work out for you and fall into place, because I have already placed people in your path to help you walk into your destiny in this season, declares the Lord! (Many of you are trying to see every detail before it's time, and you are trying figure out how the Lord is going to do it and how everything will fall in place. Your Job is to believe him for it, and his Job is to make it happen for you in process of time.) 6-24-2011 The Lord says, add a little order and structure to your life in this season and continue to get organized; for in the coming days you will see why I was leading you to do so, because I am about to add some things to your life. 6-23-2011 It does not matter which way the wind blow; just know that I am reforming and reshaping in this season and many things are being restructured in the earth and in my church and even in your own life, say the Lord! Fear not the strong winds; for they are blowing in your next season. There are uncovering foundations that were hidden from you and they are designed to reveal the next phase of ministry for some, business for others, and a personal path for others. Many hidden paths are now being revealed at this time and in this season, says the Lord! 6-22-2011 Everything you need is wrapped up in a seed, declares the Lord! 6-21-2011 A little more research and a little more gathering of some information along with my divine intervention will shift you into my perfect path for your life and give you a clear sense of direction, says the Lord! 6-20-2011 Watch your words, says the Lord! (What you say does really matter. See also Proverbs 18:21 & Mark 11:23) 6-19-2011 Take a vacation, says the Lord! (Some of you have not been on a real vacation in years and it is time to be refreshed.) 6-18-2011 Know that in this season I have positioned you for favor and you shall see doors open and the doors that I have opened for you cannot be closed or manipulated by man or any satanic opposition; for the mission that you are called to is sure and your bread is going to be sure in this season, declares the Lord! 6-17-2011 Hold on to your faith and pass the test of my grace that is sufficient, says the Lord! 6-16-2011 Press pass your pain and you'll see increase and gain, says the Lord! 6-15-2011 I hear the Lord saying that there are no labor pains that last forever, but go ahead and give birth to your destiny. While you are carrying something there may be a little pain, but know that after the pain comes a beautiful life, declares the Lord! 6-14-2011 Hard things that have stood against you will fall in this season, says the Lord; look forward to much better things, declares the spirit of grace. 6-13-2011 There are more for you than against you in this season so look up and open your eyes and see all the wonderful people and things that I have placed around you to help you to advance into a new and a more powerful season of victory and power, declares the Lord! 6-12-2011 This is the hour of faith and it is your faith that will cause things to shift in your favor; for I have already authorized all things on your behalf, but it is your faith that will make things materialize and manifest in your life, says the Lord! I hear him saying that all doors are open. 6-11-2011 I will expand your purpose in this season and you will be called upon by many to help them to solve life problems. I have gifted you with kind wisdom and I am going to use you to take more territory for my kingdom and you will help repair the foundations of a broken generation in this hour; for you are a strategic part of my plan, declares the Lord! 6-10-2011 (Special Word) Many places that have been dry and that haven't seen much rain in the past several weeks shall see a sudden overflow of rain. Many places that have been dry, parched, hot, scorched, and next to drought conditions shall be watered again in a great and mighty way, says the Lord! For some of you The Lord says, you will not see drought, but an overflow of water is once again coming your way. Some of you need to prepare for a flood, even a great flood in the dry and parched places, especially some inner cities. 6-10-2011 The Lord says, I have hidden you for such a time as this and now I shall reveal you to the nations. I have kept you secret, but now I am bringing you into your season of launch and exposure and you will discovered as the gift that I have purposed you to be that will bless all of humanity in a unique way, declares the Lord! 6-9-2011 In times past I brought you out of some mess and in this season I have plans to bring you into a stable lifestyle with a lasting peace and success, declares the Lord! I also hear the Lord saying to some people, be healed now.......... 6-8-2011 In this season I am going to give you a change of strategy and you will find yourself in a new place of illumination and elevation even as I begin to open the eyes of your understanding in a new way. You will now begin to see life in this season in a different manner and from a new prospective; for I will give you keen insight and a greater level of wisdom to deal with many different situations at hand. I have called you to help people and to see people differently and I have even positioned you in a certain place for such a time as this; for I the Lord have placed you where you are for my kingdom purposes and plans and now my plans will begin to come to the forefront and new ideas will surface in your mind to bring about a permanent change in the places around you wherever you go, says the Lord! 6-7-2011 I am going to cause your gifts and talents to be discovered and I am going to bring you before people in high places and you will be recognized and honored in a new way says the Lord, and o yeah go ahead and fill out that application and file the necessary paperwork to go to the next level that I have for you, because there are some of you that have been pondering over some paperwork that will commit to a new deal that have been lurking before you; go ahead with the full process in faith says the Lord, and you shall see success and even great victory, says the Lord! 6-6-2011 The Lord says, I have given you a glimpse of your future and I have clearly shown you the things that are set before you, but it is now up to you to pursue, declares the Lord! 6-5-2011 The Lord says, I am about to move some things so that you can fully step into your destiny. You've wanted to step into your destiny, but there have been some things hindering you and holding you back; The Lord says, that this is the season that all of those strongmen and strongholds are going to fall. 6-4-2011 This is a season of turn- around for you says the Lord, and things that were not clear to you will suddenly become clear to you and you shall progress and you will come from under a heavy mantle of pressure that has been weighing you down and where things have seemed like a great burden; those things shall be lifted off of you in this season. It seems as if the last six months there has been like an unbearable pressure that has been on you and that thing is now being release off of you and peace I give to you now in this season, says the Lord! 6-3-2011 Don't let the storms of life shake you, but instead chose to overcome them and I will help you, says the Lord! 6-2-2011 Keep a smile on your face and you shall surely taste of my grace this day, says the Lord! 6-1-2011 I do not intend for you to compromise on any moral issues, but hold your ground and lay hold to doctrine that is sound and do not let go, says the spirit of the Lord! 5-31-2011 Do not be dismayed at the things that you see, because I have called you to walk by faith and not by your own natural strength, sight, senses, and abilities; for this is a season that I give you power and you shall walk in my strength and in my power and abilities, says the Lord! The former troubles are past and now is the time for you to set your sight on a new beginning, because you have just entered a new realm, declares the Lord! 5-30-2011 The Lord says, don't be distracted by the cares of this life. You have been allowing the same old things trip you up over and over again, but it is now time for you to change, move on from there, and go and produce some new fruit. This is a season for you to do a little self- evaluation; calculate your losses and count up the costs of moving into a new adventure. The old have been cast out in this season and you have carried that weight and that thing long enough and I say unto you now arise and move forward now in this season. Restoration awaits you, but you have to move into it; it is not going to come to you in this season, but you are going to have to pursue it in this season even now, says the Lord! 5-29-2011 Though you may see and hear of many things going on and happening around the world, this shall be a good season for you and many of you that are faithfully coming on this website to get the word of the Lord shall find yourself experiencing many hidden blessings that have been in disguise. The Lord has shown me that this is a season of sudden prosperity for his people and the faithful ones, and there will be many doors of blessing and opportunities opening up for you in this season like never before. As I look up into the heavens I see as if it is a huge gate that is opening up and behind this gate are the long awaited and endless supplies for the saints. The Lord says, that which I saw was a life line that is opening up for the saints to be tapped into an unlimited supply line of provision, favor, money, and blessing of all sorts. Also behind this huge gate is healing for all those that have been dealing with what appeared to look like long standing health problems. Everything that you need has been behind this huge gate that has now just been opened for his people and you shall see it come forth speedily so watch your lane, declares the spirit of the living God! 5-28-2011 You have been kind of wondering where is the Lord at as of lately and you have kind of been wondering if he is still there for you, but The Lord says, “I watch for your soul and I do care for you and I am constantly watching over you and protecting from the many evils that want to attack your life”. 5-28-2011 (Special Prophetic Warning) Banks all over the world is getting ready to shake like never before in the history of the entire world. I’m talking about a time of unprecedented shaking and for all of you investors and knuckle heads that don't think so and don't believe this you'll see. Watch your news........... I see several big banks and institutions failing and falling all over the world like the domino effect; chain after chain. Some of the smaller banks will do well and will survive. Ooops, I see like a big bubble that just popped as I’m looking in the spirit. 5-28-2011 (Special Prophetic Alert #2) There will be heavy judgment on corruption and fraud in this season says the Lord, and many corrupt practices will be exposed and the cover will be pulled off of them even as many hidden and secret things are brought to the light in this season, declares the Lord! 5-27-2011 I’ll show you my grace in the face of the enemy that wants to destroy you, says the Lord! 5-26-2011 Faith is what is going to take you through in this season, says the Lord! 5-25-2011 I’m carving a new path in history says the Lord, and in process of time you'll know exactly what I mean, says the Lord! 5-24-2011 Align your heart with me again in this season and do not back away again for any reason; for this is a season of realignment and rediscovering the foundations that were previously laid out. At some point and time your heart was a lot stronger and sensitive towards me and I need you to return to that state. As a matter of fact I will be wooing you, convincing you, and yet drawing you to a closer relationship with me in this season; for this is a season that I have ordained victory for you if you are willing to come before me and obtain it. I have already prepared the way for you and I have opened the gates to my secret place for you to come up and sup with me. You shall know me more in this season in a more intimate way and your hunger and your desire for me and to know my will shall increase in you like a river that is overflowing its banks; for I will increase your joy like a river and I shall bring you up like the broad streams, says the Lord! 5-23-2011 There will be a united Arab world emerging out of the dust with their eyes set against the west. These will be changing times as more nations begin to align with one another and as new alliances are forming. Right now I see three groups of nations that are forming and aligning; some are aligning and preparing for the war of the ages. I also see every nation is in the spy business, because they are all spying on one another and even those that are aligned with each other do not trust one another. Watch out your window says the Lord, and watch how the clouds are aligning and pay attention to the signs of the heavens and watch what they speak, because there will be many messages that shall reveal the times and the season that my people are in and how the earth and the nations will align and merge with each other, says the Lord! (This is another strong season of there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.) 5-22-2011 Those that understand technology will see the next level and the next wave of harvest says the Lord; for I am communicating and moving through technology in this season to reach the hidden harvest and to rescue my hidden ones. Yes I would say unto you that I have many hidden ones that were reserved, preserved, and hidden for a time such as this for me to use them; and these remnant hidden ones will be used and exposed through new technologies, and my spirit and the anointing will even be released in and through the technology realm, says the Lord! 5-21-2011 In this hour men shall be forced to look to their maker because of the new found troubles that are now awakening in the earth and even as the next shift is now taking place and the nations of the earth are now realigning themselves in the form of a new order and a new structure; many things will begin to shake now, says the spirit of God! 5-20-2011 The thing that troubles you shall be fixed, says the Lord! 5-19-2011 The Lord says, that you shall prevail against your enemies. 5-18-2011 The sign of my coming will be the signs of the prophetic books; study my word and dig deep, because many won't see that I am coming until it is too late, but I gave you my word to study that reveal the signs so that you won't get caught off guard by the pride of life, says the Lord! 5-17-2011 The power of my spirit shall rest upon you in a new way in this season, declares the Lord! 5-16-2011 Pray for a release of my wisdom to come upon you, says the Lord, because in this hour you will need wisdom, declares the holy one! 5-15-2011 The power of my peace will flood your soul as I keep you anchored in my love, says the Lord! 5-14-2011 All things hinge upon my power and it is my power that holds the very fabrics together to prevent all things from falling apart. When men turn away from my love and they deny my power, then things begin crumbling and falling apart. Hold tight to my love and hold fast to my power, says the Lord! 5-13-2011 The peace that I give will take away the pain, says the Lord! 5-12-2011 Many of my people have yet to be filled with my spirit. There are many that love me and many that fill the churches, but there are yet many more that have yet to be filled with the fullness of my spirit. O' how I long to dwell on the inside of them in my fullness. They pray unto me and they ask me to help them, but it is in the fullness of my power dwelling on the inside of them that will cause them to triumph and overcome all things that seems to be troubling them, says the Lord! Come and partake of my spirit in a new way and allow me to fill you to the overflow, says the Lord; it is in my fullness that you can now do all things in my name, because it is my power and ability that strengthens you, says the Lord! 5-11-2011 This is a season of strong support for you says the Lord, and in this season I shall surround you with people that will support you, encourage you, and build you up. You may have felt like you have taken a severe beaten in this season, but The Lord says, I will refresh you, restore you and build you up greatly and you shall surely recover from the rubble of trouble, says the Lord; for my eyes are upon you to favor you, declares the Lord! 5-10-2011 Your obedience to me in this hour will unlock the next phase and chapter of your life when you do exactly what I told you and led you to do, but your disobedience and your delaying to obey me will lock up the many blessings that I have stored up for you that I so desperately want to release to you in this season. It is your obedience to release what I tell you that releases my hand to fulfill my glorious plans in your life. Remember my child that I know your future and I hold the blueprints to your life and I have also designed ways to bless you and to increase you to the full until it overflows. I see ahead and there are many things that I have in store for you if you will obey my voice and follow the leading of my spirit. I have placed some things in your heart to do on my behalf so do not fear to do what I have shown you. Now is the time to shine and to step into another realm of my glory to change your life story. There is great strength in my kingdom and my power and my flow does not ever run dry. I have unlimited resources and unlimited provision and I have the power to release another level of living that up until now you have only dreamed about, says the Lord! 5-9-2011 You will see the skies open up for you and the strength of my kingdom will be revealed in this hour right before your very eyes, says the Lord! 5-8-2011 I’m going to touch the hearts of some people to do some things for you, and many long awaited favors will be released unto you, says the Lord! 5-7-2011 What you thought that you couldn't do you can do says the Lord, and what you thought wasn't possible is now possible at this time and in this season, says the Lord! 5-6-2011 Persevere and endure; for your bread and your path shall be sure, says the Lord! 5-5-2011 In this season some winds are fierce, some winds are strong, and some winds are cold; but know that all winds are bringing about a permanent change and a lasting change even as principalities and all remaining strongholds that have been positioned against you fall, says the Lord! 5-4-2011 The Lord says, now that I have gotten your attention with the things that I have spoken; you must now allow yourself to be led by my spirit, says the Lord! 5-3-2011 You will need to rely on my spirit like never before to help you to navigate through the fields of life in the coming days that lie just ahead of you, because many more things are coming and if you are not led and guided by my spirit, then you too will be confused and I do not intend for you to be misled like the rest of the world, says the Lord! 5-2-2011 Work on your obedience to me, says the Lord! (Ouch!!!) 5-1-2011 There is a break in the clouds just for you and with this break in the clouds I have opened up the windows of heaven and I am pouring out plenty blessings upon you and your family in this season, says the Lord! 4-30-2011 My grace is still fully available and sufficient for all your weaknesses and my power is still very much available to deliver you and rescue you, says the Lord! 4-29-2011 I can help you put the broken pieces of your life back together again if you will only seek me and reach out to me, says the Lord! 4-28-2011 A full recovery for your life and the things that you have lost is coming in this season now, says the Lord! 4-27-2011 I hate to say it but I see more super gigantic catastrophic floods around the world, relentless and ruthless fires that don't spare anything in its path, and even super huge natural disasters of biblical proportions and that is exactly what you will hear them calling it in the news and in the weather forecasts all over the world. Unfortunately these events are strategic signposts and God sent prophetic Markers of the end time and these signposts if you will signifies one of the greatest gatherings of souls being ushered into the kingdom of God. It is very much a shame that sorrows and tragedies have to be used to draw people to God that otherwise would not listen and come to him because the other Gods of this world has got their attention with a louder voice. I am talking about the Gods of sports, movies, travel, work, and all of the other Gods that humans seem to have so much time for, but they do not have any time for the real and true living God Jesus the Christ. And in this season God in bringing nations to their knees willingly or they can take it the hard way and come unwillingly by the convincing powers of life's whips. (See Isaiah 54:16 and Verse 17 is for you if you are on the Lord's side.) We have just entered an unprecedented season of judgment and even the outpouring of his cup upon the land and a season of strong wrath and indignation. This is a season to walk in humility before the Lord at all times and this is the wrong season to be lifted up in pride. (See Micah 6:1-16 and 7:1-20 to better explain and understand the current season that we have entered into.) The thunders shall talk in this season and you shall know what they said and what they mean. (See Revelation 10:1-4 & 5-7) Thunders represent the voice of God. They also signify significant shifts in the earth. Loud thunders represent the judgments of God. (See Exodus 9:21-35 and Exodus 20:18-22) Judgments in the earth and upon the land are set to intensify greatly in this season. (See Isaiah 26:9, 20-21) These flood waters are revealing things. They are revealing and exposing foundations and even hidden treasures in many places that were buried, even history is being uncovered and revealed so even the floodwaters have a purpose to fulfill. If you live in an area that is going to flood and the official tell you to leave, then don't be stupid go ahead and get on out. If God didn't tell you to build an ark like Noah, then you'd better leave and get out, because even in Noah days he didn't stop the flood because of Noah and his family he sent it, but he old them to get on the ark. In other words, he made a way of escape for them so that they wouldn't perish. In these days your ark is your car so drive on out before danger set in if you are in an area that is set to flood. Don't be deep; deep Christians get swallowed up by the deep, because after all deep calleth to deep. Take a look at Psalm 42:7 and then you will understand what I am saying; then go ahead and read Psalm 66:12, and know that if you lose anything in a flood God can replace them. They are just material things that should not have our heart anyhow. (Look at these following scriptures and be wise; Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6:46-49, Ezekiel 47:1-13, and Genesis Chapters 6-9:1-17.) They haven't seen anything yet; watch what is still coming. The news reports shall horrify many. I urge you to put all of your trust and all of your faith in the Lord in this season and be glad that you are saved and on his side. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:8-9) Some things will even change when other nations stop destroying these other nations with bombs and war. You reap what you sow; if you sow damage and destruction; then you will reap damage and destruction. (See Galatians 6:7) Pray for your nation and the government where you live at around the world and pray that they will make both wise and righteous God fearing decisions at all times, because their decisions will affect their entire nation in every way possible, even in the very elements of the heavens. If you have not read not read 2011 Economic overview and other nuggets, then I suggest that you read that and 2011 The year of the lion's roar, as well as 2011 Revealed under the section, “writings and studies by   or just click here now to go there. You will see that many world events that you see happening now in the news that I prophesied them that they would happen from war escalates in 2011 to computer glitches that are shutting down networks and servers all over the world to more strange weather patterns. In other words, I am showing before time what was going to be happening so that when you saw them you would not be surprised of caught off guard like everybody else. I prophesied these world events that would take place by the spirit and the hand of God. Prophecy is for your protection and it is designed to help people, save lives, warn people, inform people, and save their lives in they take heed to the warning and prepare themselves. I gave specifics by the hand of the Lord that was and is still mightily upon me. You may also want to visit a word for the nations to see if there is a current prophecy over your nations so that you can prepare or know how to pray for your family and your nation. Intercession makes a big difference in saving lives through prayer, because prayer invokes the mercy, favor, and intervention of God and his holy angels on your behalf and on behalf of others and in your nation. I pray that you have learned something valuable today even as you let the prophets declare what they are seeing........ 4-26-2011 There will be two things happening at once; there will be stabilization happening in one area, but there will be a crumbling and uprooting at the seams and fabrics of some other major areas in all structural systems around the world and o' yeah there will be even more rather seemingly strange weather patterns like never before and these weather pattern are designed to awaken a sleeping nation that has fallen asleep at the wheel of reality and God. However, this word applies to all nations as foundations does shake even more and all the more, says the Lord, especially in the areas of economically and militarily all over the world as the Nations battle with the spirit of confusion and the spirit of division. The spirit of python must be dealt with in this season, says the Lord! Python is a spirit that seeks to choke off all the life out of a person or a nation and it seeks to choke off all of their gains, finances, supplies lines, and their vital signs of life. It is very mandatory that all intercessors join the call up to pray to combat this spirit that has wrapped itself around the church and the nations to choke off all resources, says the Lord in his mercy! 4-25-2011 More shifts and more shaking and the crumbling of some strong nations, says the Lord! (I see in the spirit a series of catastrophic events set to be released worldwide and many mighty nations are set to fall from their stature in the world due to the hand of the Lord being released against them for the secret sins of a nation that many have not been aware of such as the bloodshed of innocent souls, and the turning of a blind eye to many different known plots, plans, and injustices within their own borders, especial against the poor of the land to secretly get them in debt and enslave them in a system of evil that they cannot get out of that is designed to make a few super rich thugs to control the entire nation and even nations, but The Lord says, in this season I will hunt them down and route them out. I see many more catastrophic natural disasters and you will see a lot of wildlife and marine animals die and wash ashore because of the secret horrors of many manmade events that were secretly covered up or downplayed by their own beloved trusted governments. Many things that are coming in the earth are the results of many man-made sets of catastrophes and slow reactions to catastrophic threats. Many times delayed judgment for evil works tends to make many people think that nothing is going to happen and that the Lord just overlooks certain things, but he does not ever just overlook evils. Evils always have a set time and to be judged and to come into a full season of harvest. Even jezebel had space to repent of her sins. (See Revelation 2:20-25, Ecclesiastes 8:8-11, Isaiah 29:15) There are many things that is going to happen in this season, because of a lawless heartless society that are not afraid to shed blood and take away the lives of the creation that God has made. I see that even some strong and major militaries around the world will also suffer defeat due to pride and their trust in their man power and their mighty inventions. I see many technology failures and even system shutdowns and system interruptions around the world on a more frequent basis that shall baffle men. Famine in a lot of places will also arise as these two evil Kings sit at the table to deceive one another. What I said just now about the two evil Kings is both spiritual and it is natural. They represent a spirit that that is actively plaguing the nations with a spirit of division and deception within their ranks and files of leadership. This same spirit has even been affecting the nations that have been trying to negotiate with one another while at the same time they are trying to deceive one another and secretly trip each other up in hopes to make the other one fail and fall. Overall this is a highly dangerous season for the nations, but yet many of those that put their trust in the Lord will be shown his favor and access his mercy and will have plenty of bread to eat.........) 4-24-2011 Remember the power of my resurrection, says the Lord; for it is in the power of my resurrection that I am able to revive all things in your life that has died that I intend for it to live including visions and dreams, and in this season I am now going to resurrect your faith that had died down and dwindled. I am going to strengthen your faith that you have allowed to become weak and lie dormant; you often find yourself telling people what you use to do for God and how you use to be able to believe him for anything, but I hear the Lord saying that I am now bringing you into that season again and I am restoring your faith even right now, and you shall yet have a testimony of my goodness, says the Lord; for it is not over yet, declares the Lord! 4-23-2011 Receive of my love, says the Lord; for I care for you. 4-22-2011 You shall rebound, says the Lord! 4-21-2011 I have released you from that, says the Lord! 4-20-2011 I have redeemed you, says the Lord! 4/19/2011 This is a season of the (Re), says the Lord, and in the season of the re I am going to rework some things for you, but I need you to review some things in your life. Go back again and revisit some things that I first told you and showed you. Go back and reread the scriptures again and you shall be revived. Remember my resurrection, because I am looking to resurrect some things in your life that will reverse the course of bad things that has been happening in your life. Remind me of my words and release me through prayer to answer you, says the Lord! You are in a season of revival and rejuvenation and I shall renew your strength and I shall restore your joy and you shall be greatly refreshed in this time that is the restitution of all things, says the Lord, and your eyes shall not be dim and you shall not be cold in this season, because I am rekindling your flame and reigniting your fire and I will give you your heart’s desire. I will rewind you to the moment that I first spoke my promises to you and you will bring to remembrance my will. I will also resend you a fresh wave of the anointing of my power. I will cause you to relive the good life once again in the season of the re, says the Lord! 4/18/2011 Keep your faith on pace with my will and you'll see great things in your life fulfilled, says the Lord! 4/17/2011 Press pass the mess with your faith; remain steadfast and you'll see my grace, says the Lord! 4/16/2011 When your focus change then your life results will change, says the Lord! 4/15/2011 What wasn't possible is now possible, says the Lord! 4/14/2011 I am your light in a dark place, says the Lord! 4/13/2011 (Special Word) new voices and new Revelation is coming to move the body of Christ forward in this season. The Lord says, that they have been new Revelation available to the church for about thirty years now that is released to this generation, but their voices had been silenced or not heard, but The Lord says, I am shifting things now and I am changing that now; for there have been many great and famous leaders within the church whose voices have dominated the air waves, but behold I am about to do a new thing and people that you have never heard of before will begin to speak and do great things on my behalf. Prepare as I bring forth the new wineskins for this hour and you shall see and hear them suddenly; for many of my old ones have been sounding like a scratched record that just keeps on skipping and saying the same things over and over again, because they have not labored in my presence to get the fresh manna that I have allotted and prepared for this hour to feed my sheep until I come, says the Lord that looks at the old with a stern face! I still love them, but there is a shift in candlesticks says the Lord and even in times past when the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord during Eli and Samuel times and I raised me up another priest to take over and rekindle the light so it is in this hour I have raised up new voices with new power, says the Lord; for this is the season of my new, says the Lord! (Read the first three Chapters of 1 Samuel, Isaiah 48:1-7, and also read Hebrews 6:1-3 to get even more insight and understanding of this word.) 4/13/2011 The current trials are designed to expose your secret enemies, says the Lord! (A secret enemy is an enemy that you don't know that you have until they betray you. They are usually the ones that appear to be reliable and loyal friends and they smile in your face, but they secretly talk about you behind your back and plot against you to set you up and to overthrow you. This word is for individual people, churches, and for the nations.) 4/12/2011 Things will continue to shake, rattle, and roll and the clouds will fill the skies, but those that are anchored in me will not get taken by surprise; for I am your peace in the midst of the storm, says the Lord! 4/11/2011 I will reveal things in this hour that will show my power and the nations of the earth will both fear and tremble at my hand and they will be greatly astonished, says the Lord; for I will even put an obvious difference between me and other Gods which are false Gods that has had the people snared and held in both bondage and captivity. There is no other God and savior besides me and the nations will obviously see that as I move the veil from over the nations in this season and it will be obvious to all who I am as my power is revealed. Some will accept my love and receive me and there will be some that will reject my power and be devoured by the sword, says the spirit of the living God! 4/10/2011 Clean out and clear out your heart and forgive and let go of those things that you need to let go of so that you don't get caught off guard and taken by those things that are coming next; for my people have to walk in all righteousness, says the Lord! There is a cleansing that is set to go throughout the land, says the Lord and I will work with a remnant again to fulfill a greater purpose, says the Lord Most High! 4/9/2011 Reshape your thinking, says the Lord; for there are many new things that I am trying to get to you, but your limited way of thinking has them blocked and held back, declares the Lord! 4/8/2011 I have already fixed that thing that had you puzzled and you will open your eyes to see that the former troubles are already gone and have diminished, says the Lord! 4/7/2011 The key to your victory is to listen to me, because my spirit will always tell you what to do, says the Lord! 4/6/2011 I’m going to use the prophets in a new way in this season, but also in this season I am going to use you in a new way so get ready as my hand moves upon you now and as I anoint you for a new task and a new assignment. Change is coming; yes great change is coming, and I am putting you in place and in position for a new harvest that is set to arrive within this next wave that is coming both swiftly and quickly and you must be about the kingdom in a new manner in this hour; I does dress you anew and a fresh, says the Lord! 4/5/2011 My power overcomes all evil, says the Lord! 4/4/2011 The same and exact way that I blessed you before is the same way that I have power to deliver you again, but do not limit me to a certain way to deliver you every time, because I am full of new and creative ways that you have not even heard of before, says the Lord, and I have ways to get the Job done in a speedy manner, says the Lord! 4/3/2011 That which you have been afraid of shall have no dominion over you, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #1) That which was working against you shall turn to work for you, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #2) Take a second look at the things which you though were hurting you and destroying you, because the things that were once destroying and hurting you will turn to work for you in this season, says the Lord; it was just a matter of how you were looking at things from your perspective versus from my perspective, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #3) That which you thought wasn't on time was in my perfect order and my perfect will, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #4) You thought you were losing because of the things that were going and leaving your life, but you were actually gaining a whole lot that you couldn't see until this hour and in this season it shall be made to be very clear and very plain that even a young child could even plainly understand it, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #5) I am making things very clear and very plain in this hour to you directly, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #6) That which you though was a major weapon that was formed against you will melt right in your presence in this season and it will be greatly diminished, says the Lord; for I the Lord your God does watch over to you to guard you and to guard my investment in your life, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #7) That which you though you couldn't do you can do, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #8) You have long positioned yourself for a new season of hope and a new beginning and this new season and new beginning is in its fullness and suddenly upon you now, says the Lord; now position yourself for the overflow, declares the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #9) My sun rise and fall over all men so don't you ever underestimate the power of my glory and my mercy, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #10) What looked like a dark and troubled season over your life is now coming to an end and you shall experience some closure on some serious matters, says the Lord! I see some legal matters at hands to be dealt with and you will have the upper hand, says the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #11) Speak that which you hear in faith out of your mouth and says what I am instructing you to say, declares the Lord! 4/2/2011 (Word #12) The next major breakthrough that you will experience will came out of your own hands and your own efforts as I have already empowered you to do some things, says the Lord! (Look at Deuteronomy 8:18 and Proverbs 8:12) Twelve words for the next twelve seasons of your life now walk in the blessings. I decree it to be so right now in Jesus name! 4/1/2011 When I take you forward don't look backwards. Some of you have prayed for me to deliver and take you out of some bad situations and I have, but you now want to go back to the old bondage that you were very comfortable with. I say unto do not look back, because your future is not back there and your future is not in your past; for I the Lord God does plan ahead and see ahead so look to me and I will reveal your future, says the Lord, and your future will become brighter all the more, says the Lord! 3/31/2011 Press through every trial with a smile and pass every test and you will be blessed, says the Lord! 3/30/2011 Know that all things work in my time says the Lord, and the latter end of your life is much better than how it started out for you and what you see now, says the Lord! 3/29/2011 Don't look for too much confirmation in this season; use your faith to accomplish those things that I have said unto you. Fly by the radars of faith, says the Lord! 3/28/2011 This is a time to shore up your future and store up against the time to come. Do not be frivolous in spending and buying too many unnecessary things, but get those things that are needful and stock up for things that are coming in the earth and prepare now for later. I say unto you make moves to get yourself out of debt so that you can have the freedom to maneuver in the days ahead; for the kingdoms of this world shall begin to shake in a new manner and it will be different than any other time before. Prepare yourself now so that you do not get caught off guard by the rising tides of the times and perils of a dark and cloudy time. If you follow my instructions, then you will see the light of day, says the bright and morning star. 3/27/2011 Be thankful, says the Lord. Learn to appreciate what you do have and thank me for that first, then you'll start to see more than you can imagine, says the Lord! A lot of my people are not thankful and I hear many complaints coming up before me versus thankfulness. Come before my presence with thanksgiving and enter my courts with praise, says the Lord! 3/26/2011 Set your foundations in order and get all of your paperwork caught up so that you can focus in a correct manner free of stress, and you will be able to see your future clearly when you get organized and get all of the clutter out of the way. You will also be able to hear my voice in a clear manner like never before. In this season being organized and in order will keep you clear to hear, clear to see my will, and clear to function without fear. You must get in order now and quit makes excuses for why you are messy and out of order, because I have many new instructions to give you and I have many new strategies to reveal to you for this season and the time is now for you to prepare for a sudden shift and a sudden change as the need and the operations have changed. It is now a new season says the Lord, but the blessings of this new season is laid up and they are waiting on you to get in order so that they can be released, says the Lord! 3/25/2011 (Word #1) Educate yourself in my word, says the Lord! 3/25/2011 (Word #2) Your toil and hard labor days are over, says the Lord as I bring you into a season of stability and rest along with promotion and my favor shall rest upon you in a new and mighty way, says the Lord! 3/25/2011 (Word #3) The Lord is saying that this is a strong season of expansion and elevation for my people and many shall rise from the dust and have nothing into a great promotion and to having something in the near days, says the Lord! (make sure to read strategic prophecies and prayer watches section of this website today. There are some very important words there for today. Share these words with others. I love you guys, God bless.) 3/24/2011 (Word #1) If you will learn to help others, then I will see to it that you get help when you need it, as a matter of fact I will help you, says the Lord! 3/24/2011 (Word #2) The thing that you are trying to find I have already provided, says the Lord! 3/24/2011 (Word #3) Your peace is wrapped up in me, says the Lord! 3/23/2011 (Word #1) Quit fighting against the things that are designed to bless you, says the Lord! 3/23/2011 (Word #2) Know that I heal the pain, says the Lord! 3/23/2011 (Word #3) Position yourself for a new future, says the Lord! 3/22/2011 I already have it worked out for you, says the Lord! 3/21/2011 I will help you advance this week on some major issues that have been troubling your life, says the Lord, and I will give you strategies. 3/20/2011 (Special Word) There has been a permanent shifting and realignment in the earth, says the Lord and the nations of the earth has crossed over and passed through a permanent door that they cannot go back to, says the Lord! 3/20/2011 I will stand and watch the nations and see if there are any that seek after me. I will stand and watch my people to see if any are still truly seeking after me or are they seeking after me only for the things and the things that I can do for them. I will stand and see if anybody has faith or are they choked by the cares of this world that my word cannot even get in anymore. I will stand to see who and what will awake as I shake a little bit more the foundations of the earth and the foundations of a fraudulent and shaky foundation, says the Lord of hosts! 3/19/2011 The forces of evil are trying to overtake many lands and darkness is seeking to penetrate the minds of the people of the earth, but know that I have called my people to be light in the midst of great darkness and chaos. Sound off my name and witness for me all the more, says the Lord; for I have pardoned your sins, declares the Lord! 3/18/2011 The nations are trembling and the nations are shaking, but make sure that you remember that I have all power, says the Lord! 3/17/2011 Don't be distracted by Japan. Japan is just one of many things yet to come in the coming days. Pray for your brethren there and pray that japan would open and unlock its doors for me to come in fully. When I come in a place fully, then I bring restoration to land wasted and destroyed. You have been told by the prophets that this was the year of the lions roar and the things that you would see so let not the things that you see move you or shake you; for my kingdom cannot be shaken, though the kingdoms of the world does shake. For I have raised up a people that will shake all nations and they shall proclaim this gospel and preach my word to all men. Their fame shall go abroad. I have even raised up a contingent of prophets that shall prophesy with all power and boldness and they shall go out by teams and companies all over the earth. The focus now shift from a church perspective to a kingdom perspective, and I shall launch teams and waves to take to the land to declare my kingdom, says the Lord, and I alone shall get the glory and my servants with me will share in the latter day glory that I have promised my people as I have sworn by my holiness, says the Lord! 3/16/2011 Have faith in this hour; yes, have faith in my power and know me as your strong tower, because surely in this hour I will rebuke the devourer, says the spirit of the living God! 3/15/2011 The greatest blessing is for you to know me directly, says the Lord! 3/14/2011 You have been missing how I have been talking to you, says the Lord, because you thought that every time that I talk to you that I should speak to you inwardly or in an audible voice out loud. However I have speaking to you through your brothers and sister in Christ, but you have ignored me. I have spoken to you many times through the page of that magazine or that book. I have even used your neighbor to tell you some things, but you said in your own heart “who is he to tell me anything”. I have even sent a letter in the mail, but just won't hear me because of your own preconceived ideas of how things should work and how I should talk to you. Do you not know that I spoke to my prophet the voice an ass, which is a donkey? (See Numbers 22:21-35) Do you not know that I feed Elijah with food that I sent to him by a raven, so who are you to decide just how I should talk with you. (See 1 Kings 17:1-6) I have the power to put a thought into your mind and speak to you that way if I so choose. I have the power to visit you in a trance, a daydream, a night dream, or a vision of the night. I have many different ways that I can speak to you and get my message across to you if you will hear me. What I say unto one I say unto all. To he that has an ear to hear, let him hear, says the Lord! 3/13/2011 Your ability to follow my instructions will bring through some very perilous times with the victory over the enemy, says the Lord! I say unto you my children follow all of my instructions in the coming days and you shall remain strong and unhurt by the perils of life. I gave Noah some instruction to build an ark in the time of a great flood and it save his life and the life of his family members while others perished; so shall it be in this time. The difference between a person that perish and a person that survives is the instructions that they follow and the warnings that they take heed to in the spirit and in the natural, says the Lord! See also Isaiah 54:9-12, 2 Peter 2:4-9, Luke 6:46-49, Matthew 7:21-27, and Nahum 1:2-15. It is time that we learn some things from his word so that we don't be ignorant and caught off guard. See also 1 Thessalonians 5:1-28 in order for you to understand and to see where we are at right now, then you must read the strategic prophecies section of the website. You will see many of these prophecies either have been fulfilled recently or they are unfolding right now in the news. If you read back a couple of months or years, you will see that this is where we are at even now and what is currently unfolding was prophesied back then, because it was prophecy and prophecy always shows you the future or future events that are coming and that will take place.) 3/12/2011 There is coming a clean sweep, says the Lord, as I am sweeping the nations and clearing a new path for my righteous to walk down. I am setting up a new order in the earth, says the Lord! The Lord has also shown me that you will see even more shaking and earthquakes and huge storms of catastrophic proportions all over the earth and a lot of the events that are coming are designed to put the fear of God back into the nations and the people of the land that have turned away from God and rejected him and his love. I don't see a nation on the earth that is exempt from this next level of shaking. There is no one special nation at all, because this is not about a nation, but it is all about kingdom reformation and revealing the real governor of the nations. (See Psalm 22:28 & Job 34:16-30, Amos 9:8-15, Isaiah 1:4-31) In this season all nations will be brought to their knees and they will have to openly call for prayer, repent, and realign with the God of the heavens to obtain the mercy of the Lord and to gain some relief from a lot of the catastrophic judgments that are constantly coming in the lands, and if they don't bow and bend, then the shaking will intensify all the more. (See also Isaiah 2:11-22 & Isaiah 29:6-8) What many people and nations don't know is that it is not even an option to serve God and to openly acknowledge him as the sovereign Lord and God over your nation and your life. You cannot get his benefits without being connected to the true vine. (See John 15:1-8) When you serve him you get his hand of blessing and protection, but when you don't then you are left to receive whatever the world and the elements has to offer you from the hands of the devil and a corrupt world. God does make a big difference in a person's life so don't let anybody fool you or convince you otherwise. Serve him and him only all you nations and all you peoples. Jesus is the only way and those disputing that in this hour will get dealt with by the hand of the Lord openly to be made a public spectacle for all men to see and fear; for it is a new season in the earth, declares the Lord! Men that won't listen to God will suffer the most. This is the wrong season to be off track with God and outside of his perfect will and plans for your life and if you don't know what his perfect will and plans for your life are, then you'd better fast and pray and stay in his face until you find out, and whatsoever he tells you to do, do it. Don't wrestle with him or his will and you will fare well in this season. I cannot promise you or anyone else that things will go well with them if you are not obeying God in this season. His blessings are for the obedient and the God fearing. 3/11/2011 Though there be many test around you and you may see walls of fire and floods of great concerns as if you are going to drown and go down under, refocus your faith and put your eyes back on me and I will save you and turn things around for you again, says the Lord! 3/10/2011 You must become a student of my word and be willing to learn again, says the Lord! 3/9/2011 It is highly important that you help show others that are lost and stuck in darkness the way to me, says the Lord; for they cannot know the way without your intervention to help them see the true way of salvation. Be a witness for me, says the Lord and go preach among the peoples of the land and among the nations of the earth. Tell them what I have done for you and how I have affected your life and do not kept me a secret from those that are around you and those that you come in contact with, says the Lord! 3/8/2011 This is a season that I am inspiring you to clear up some things and clean up some things and set some things in order so that nothing hangs over your head in this season for where I am taking you. This spring cleaning of house and organizing some things are paving the way for a new order in your life. The removing of all the clutter will cause you to hear from me in a clear way as the things that so easily distract you and that keeps you being out of order will be removed. You will notice that once you complete this mission of clearing life's debris that there will be a new and a powerful anointing that will descend upon you; and it will give you new insights and you will surely walk in an even greater authority. It will also give you fresh instructions for a new path as you follow the leading of my spirit, says the Lord! 3/7/2011 Those that will hear my word and obey my word will see great things in this season, says the Lord; for yet there are many that hear my word, but they refuse to obey my voice through my word and they say that my word is not working for them, but my word indeed does work for those that obey me. I have set it up for the obedient ones to win and for those that remain defiant to remain in a dry place. (See Psalm 68:6, 19) My water of refreshing always comes to my obedient ones and it is in your best interest to obey my voice and follow the leading of my spirit when I ask you or compel you to do something, says the Lord! (See Isaiah 1:19-20, Job 36:10-16, and 2 Corinthians 2:9) 3/6/2011 The power of my anointing shall hover over you and the weight and the power of my spirit shall sit upon you in a new and powerful way that will affect everyone around you and they shall both see and feel my might and my power, says the Lord! 3/5/2011 I am about to use you in a new way so be open to change and do not be resistive to my spirit even as I seek to get more fruit out of you, says the Lord! (The Lord is checking your fruit tree in this season. If you are not doing anything for the Lord, then you better get busy. There is a difference in doing something for man and doing something for God.) 3/4/2011 The structure and order that I am placing around you is to protect you and not to harm you, says the Lord, and you are in a season of new disciplines and you are having to learn new methods and new ways of doing things. At times this have been very strenuous and very stressful for you, but the Lord would say unto you “fear not the testing season and all of the changes that I am making around you in this season, because I am making you into my garden so that I might dwell among you in a more lively and permanent way; for you are my garden and my resting place, says the Lord of Hosts!” 3/3/2011 What you breathe in does matter says the Lord and it can affect your health. Clean up the atmosphere where you are at and remove the dust and the toxins and give it a new smell and a different aroma; for in your doing so you will also smell my aroma and my fragrance and it shall be as the sweet smell of the cedars of Lebanon. My presence creates a distinct smell and glorious fragrance and when you can smell my fragrance just know that there is a healing in progress. My very presence is a healing presence, says the Lord! There are many of you that have experienced my presence and have smelled my fragrance, but you did not know what it was; and there will be many of you reading this that will experience the fragrance of my glory in a new way and I shall rain down my presence upon you like a shining glitter, and you shall have a new glow, says the Lord! 3/2/2011 The provision that I give will sustain you in a time of drought, famine, and recession, because it is the power of my blessing, says the Lord! 3/1/2011 I have your destiny in my hands and it is in the process of time that you shall see my plans, says the Lord! 2/28/2011 Your season of struggle is over, says the Lord; for this is going to be an appointed season of a complete turnaround for you in all areas. You have been struggling and wrestling with a dry season that it has seemed like nothing wasn't happening and that nothing was moving, but the Lord would say further unto you that which you have been wrestling with him about and taking up complaints about in his presence he has heard you. You have been reminding him of how you have been faithful and how you have even served him in times past, but he says “I have not forgotten you and I have not overlooked you. You have not understood appointed seasons and times and I had to shift some people out of your life and bring new people into your life to release some things that I have for you. There have been people that were assigned to do some things for you that did not and would not obey my voice concerning you so I had to remove them from around you and bring in others that would obey my voice and this is now a season of overflow for you; for I the Lord of the overflow and release does now release that which belongs to you and a new season of refreshing and watering is upon you now, says the spirit of the living God!” (A shift just took place in the heavens and in the earth and you shall see it in your life.) 2/27/2011 I’ll give you a new passion for the future and the things of my spirit, says the Lord, and that cold and complacent spirit will fall off of you in this season as I take you in a new direction, says the Lord! 2/26/2011 You have been looking for the light to show you the way and late at night and in the early morning hours I see when you pray. I see your sacrifice to get in my word. I see your hunger to learn more about me and to know me more and in this season I will reveal myself to you more and you will know me in a new way and I will surround you with teachers that will help teach you. Yea, even I will teach you and feed you in the late nights when I wake you up and take away your sleep so that you can spend time with me. I am the one that has invaded all your thoughts and I have visited you in the form of dreams, Revelation, wisdom, knowledge, and vision. I say unto you that you shall even feel my presence on you in a heavy and a tangible way in the night watches even as I begin to visit you in a new way, says the Lord! 2/25/2011 Peace comes from within and knowing the still voice of my spirit that is within you and along with following my instructions comes peace, says the Lord! It is when you don't obey me that your peace gets taken away, says the Lord! 2/24/2011 The fire inside of you is the fire that I am bringing upon you so that the world can see my glory through you, says the Lord! 2/23/2011 Look up and see my glory through the rubble and the trouble, says the Lord and even as things may rumble and crumble all around you, I will be your source of a guiding light in the midst of darkness and a dark time to show you the way to the path that I have ordained for you to walk down. Though things may have even seemed kind of tough as of lately, you must know that sometimes you must walk through darkness in order to get to a light switch to turn it on, and it is your faith in the dark seasons of your life that turns on my power. Yea, even your faith activates my anointing to remove the burdens that's pressing you and it destroys the yokes that would bind you up and keep you paralyzed in sudden fear, says the Lord; for I am your grace, says the Lord! I also hear the Lord saying for you to smile in the darkness, because your joy releases the light, says the Lord! 2/22/2011 Today is a day of sudden breakthrough for you, says the Lord! 2/21/2011 I am visiting many of my people in visions and dreams and I am showing them many future events in the world and in their own lives and in their surroundings and communities, says the Lord! 2/20/2011 My favor shall rain down upon you in this season and I will shower you with my blessings and many long awaited doors will swing wide open for you so walk on through them into a new realm of my favor crowned with my goodness, says the Lord; for in this season you shall see my love, says the Lord! 2/19/2011 You have been called to live a life of faith says the Lord and having faith in all seasons will help bring about a change that will bring in the right season for your life that is filled with blessings and favor, says the true and living God! 2/18/2011 Your future lies within your faith, says the Lord! Look into your future through the eyes of your faith and see brighter days, because if you can see it, then you can have it, says the Lord! Dare to dream again. 2/17/2011 Things that are not taken serious will cause a backlash, so be on your guard and be aware at all times and ponder the paths of your steps and do not allow yourself to become slothful or vulnerable, but be visual in the natural and wise in the spirit, says the Lord! 2/16/2011 This is not a time to panic, says the Lord, but this is a time to put your faith in me and anchor down in my word every day. You will have to use your faith to see the sun through the clouds and the darkness upon the earth and remember that you are the light and my son came as the light of the world and we are in you to shine through the darkness, says the Lord! 2/15/2011 (Special Word) Watch the shift in the stock Markets, says the Lord! Watch for mass sell offs and watch a change in Market investing trends even as some things shift to a more global world Market in the area of finances. I see that there will be some mergers in the stock Markets and you will see even more nations begin to merge and operate together as one to survive the changing times that is brought on by disasters and fiscal crisis. Debt in three sectors has caused things to explode in such a time as this; 1) national debts in the nations around the world and their respective territories, provinces, and states. 2) Debt in both large and small companies and corporations mixed with corporate greed, lust, lies, and foolish spending. 3) Overwhelming individual debts and poverty in the lives of the majority of the people in the nations. There are many people that have charged off their own future because debt robs you of your future finances and there are a lot of people who have buried themselves alive in a pile of debt. They spent their future resources just to live in pleasure in the now. Those three areas that I have mentioned by Numbers above have led to a total meltdown and crisis that the world has never ever seen before. It is because nations and the people of the nations, including many in the realm of the church did not plan for their future at all or they did not plan properly for their future. As a result there will be many people running to the churches for help, but even the churches will not be able to help them because they don't have the money or the resources to help them, because all of their people are in debt up to their necks from the pulpits to the pews. Many people will also look to the government, but the government won't be able to help them, because they too will be hurting as well. As you know that there will be a remnant few churches that will have resources and will be in a position to help others. The Lord always leaves himself with a ram in the bush like a Joseph. Joseph was put in place by the hand of God under pharaoh in Egypt to help feed and preserve a people in the time of famine, to include his very own family members. (Read Genesis Chapters 37 through Chapter 47 to read about and understand the life of Joseph and his God given purpose.) There is always a faithful remnant that has prepared themselves, because they heard and listened to the voice of God. The Lord has been telling his people to get out of debt for several years now, but many have ignored the warning and many have even ran faster to get into even more debt. When some of them got out of debt and consolidated their debts to get some relief, they used that extra money that was freed up to get into more debt by financing things that they really didn't need at all, but they just wanted those things. They have ignored all of the warnings of the Lord, because they were being driven by their own foolish lusts, but they'll pay a heavy cost for their disobedience in a time of famine, shifting, and even shaking, which has already begun in the land and in the throughout the entire earth. Even with the remnant prosperous churches, the faithful few people in the land, and the remnant nations that is not in a fiscal crisis as bad as the other nations, there will not be able to fully help those that has no oil in their lamps; for I hear the Lord saying “this is an unprecedented time of shift in the land, “declares the Lord! Wealth has been coming into the hands of his obedient ones for such a time as this. You will even see big companies shaken in this round, and the governments of many, many prominent nations know it already. Your faith will be the deciding factor to get you out of many things and see you through some troubled waters that still lie ahead. Many of you better start working on developing your faith and quit making excuses to be lazy and stagnant, for these are the things that I see on the horizon. (I had to reveal this because of a kingdom mandate from Ezekiel 33:1-7. See also Isaiah 58:1-14, Isaiah 21:6) Jerusalem and Israel will be important places to watch and the changes surrounding that land and that city, because what you see happening in Jerusalem and Israel will prophetically dictate what is about to happen and affect the other nations of the world. If you see a lot of division, then there will be division in all nations. If you see prosperity, this will affect the people of God and it will signify a financial shift into the hands of God's people and into the hands of the poor. I see many poor people starting businesses, but they won't be poor for long. Take a look at Haggai 2:3-9, Psalm 113:7-8, 1 Samuel 2:7-10, Isaiah 66:10-21, Psalm 122:6-8, and Psalm 111:2-10. This is what has been revealed and this is what I see, thus let the prophets declare what they are seeing............... 2/14/2011 My force and my sword does roam through the land fulfilling my plans and causing my people to overcome and to have strength to stand. In this season the shaking in the world will intensify greatly, but I have endowed you with a power to withstand in turbulent times and the strength of my spirit shall be seen mightily upon you, says the Lord! 2/13/2011 This is the day of my power, says the Lord, and my power shall be seen, heard, and displayed throughout the nations and in the lives of my people, says the Lord! 2/12/2011 Do not be fearful and do not be afraid to move into the next realm and phase of your life that I have prepared for you, says the Lord! 2/11/2011 Vigilant eyes will keep you from being caught by surprise, says the Lord! 2/10/2011 Where it seems that there have been such a cloud of evil around you and oppression, that spirit is now being broken and dispersed. Even as things may have seemed like a tightness or pressure upon you; that is being lifted, says the Lord, and I am bringing you into a season of stability in your body, your health, your home, your family, and your finances, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#1) I have gifted you with wisdom and the ability to discern both good and evil, so use your internal radars to discover and uncover the truth for yourself, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#2) Have faith and don't doubt and watch me kick the enemy out of your garden, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#3) Yes, roses are red and violets are blue, but my love for you is still true, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#4) Rest in my peace, says the Lord; for I give you peace in the midst of the valley and I give you peace in the midst of the storm, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#5) Why are you in fear? Do you still not trust me? I am still the Lord your provider, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#6) What are you worrying about? My hand is not short that it cannot save you, says the Lord! 2/9/2011 (#7) My anointing is strong, yea very strong and I will show up and bless you in ways that are unexpected this week, says the Lord! 2/8/2011 Look at things from a different angle, says the Lord! 2/7/2011 There is hope for your future, because I am the one that have planned it, ordained it, and laid it out for you, says the Lord, and I know the way so follow me, says the Lord! 2/6/2011 I need your to open your heart to the things that I am doing in your generation, says the Lord, and I need you to open your eyes to what I am trying to do in your life, because if you can see and understand what I am trying to do, then you will stop trying to resist me, says the Lord! There are many of my people that have been resisting me and my will, because they want to hold onto their own life and will and their way of doing things, but this is not to their advantage, says the Lord! 2/5/2011 They have been trying to destroy the education of the young ones, but I, the Lord will intervene and cause an uproar that will save a generation that they seek to enslave, declares the spirit of the living God! 2/4/2011 Have faith in the process even though it may seem like things are taking a long time for you; know that it is in the process of time that all things are made perfect in my timing and not yours, says the Lord! 2/3/2011 Have faith in the midst of the storm, says the Lord! 2/2/2011 In a time of much rain and people going insane in the nations, during a time of great pressure and pain, and the souls of men fighting over worldly gain and manipulating the minds of the people; know that I am still Kings of the nations says the Lord, and in me you shall find peace. In me there is a peace that is not moved or disturbed by the chaos and turmoil of the world. In me the sun shines even through the dark clouds. In me there is no evil that can resist my power as I rebuke the devourer. In me you will see your future when everything around you seems to look dark and grim. In me the light shines even in the darkness. In me it is daytime even in the night. In me there is hope as the world crumble. In me there is a voice as you hear the sound of the thunders followed by signs and wonders. In me the forsaken ones, the weary, the abandoned, the lost, and the castaways have hope and a place of refuge. In me vision is restored when hope is lost, and in me I give guidance even as I shake all nations, says the Lord! 2/1/2011 Thus says the Lord that makes men drunk from the wine of my wrath, I am the same God that makes men drunk with the new wine of my spirit and I gather them for my mercy. Don't let fear overtake you, but stand bold in my name and be a light to the nations, declares the Lord! 1/31/2011 Many mysteries will be revealed and unfolded in this hour and your eyes shall see great things unfolding at a rapid rate across the whole world, but in the midst of the chaos you shall see my hand and my midnight plan unfolding, says the Lord! Pray for the nations; pray that my mercy shall have its way in the earth and that my mercy will be upon the nations, says the Lord; for in my mercy you will even find peace for yourself as my hand lights down upon the nations, declares the Lord! These are the days that men shall seek me and search for truth because of the tumult and the numerous evils that are in the lands, says the Lord, and I shall bring forth a people from out of the trouble to experience the double of the double of my blessings and my rewards because of my mercy, says the Lord! Many nations shall even see my goodness after the storms and the smokes does clear, says the Lord; for I shall have mercy on whomever I will, says the spirit of the living God, and my name shall be known amongst the nations once again in a mighty way, says the Lord! 1/30/2011 Stop looking for someone to boost your morale, find your confidence in my word and let it be your pal, says the Lord! 1/29/2011 Meditate on my word again, says the Lord; for you have gotten complacent, but the power that you need is found on the pages of my word, says the Lord! 1/28/2011 This is a season for you to clean out your heart and to let go of the little things that have hindered you in times past so that I can fully move you into the position that I have already prepared for you in my kingdom. I need you to fully release and let go of old mindsets and other patterns of thinking that has impeded your progress and caused catastrophic failures in your previous relationships with people. If you can lay hold of my plan and forgive, then I can by my hand turn many of your former foes and enemies into positive allies that can help you push into your future, because there are many various and different people that you have crossed paths with in times past that I fully intend to mend ties with for an even greater kingdom cause that you broke connections with due to the turmoil in a previous warfare season. Everybody that is your enemy or that you may consider to be an enemy is not on my agenda to be your enemy, but I have a plan to turn them into allies and to favor you that it will be a mutual benefit for both you and them in the coming season, says the Lord! Examine your heart and do not be discouraged or misled by the current circumstances of your life; get things in order in your life as I begin to lay a new foundation in your life and build and reshape that walls and structures that have been built upon a flawed foundation in times past; know that in this season I am shifting you into a new wine skin and a new beginning that shall change your life forever, and in this new season my new mantle shall rest upon you and you will see things that you have never seen before and you shall hear things that you have never heard before and you shall consider things that you have cast behind your back in times past and you shall be able to see things in the light of a clear path and a clear direction with ease, says the Lord! Do you think that I would be telling all these things for no reason, says the Lord? The reason that you have been uncomfortable lately is because you are up under reconstruction and I have tearing out your old foundation from up under you and replacing it with a solid structure and foundation for you to build upon for many more seasons and generations to come that shall stand upon your shoulders. Your purpose is high, higher than you think and your journey is great, greater than you know and you shall stand and shine in the light of my glory, says the Lord! Prepare yourself as I give you strength and a fresh momentum to overcome that which has been challenging you to, declares the Lord! 1/27/2011 My passion for my people has not changed and once again you will become the apple of my eyes even in a time of many clouds, says the Lord! 1/26/2011 Get up and wash off that spirit of depression that has been riding you; get up and wash off that spirit of oppression that has been weighing you down and arise with a new light and a new fire, says the Lord; for I have ordained a new strength, so do not let the former season of unpleasant things have dominion over you this year anymore at all, declares the Lord! Get up in me and stand up in my strength, says the Lord; for my strength it is a strength of fire, declares he whose eyes are as a flame of fire! (See Revelation 1:14 & Daniel 10:6) 1/25/2011 Press pass the pain to see my increase and gain in your life, says the Lord! 1/24/2011 You must see everything through the eyes of faith, says the Lord, because you when you see things through the eyes of my spirit, you will see the answer and not just the problems, declares the Lord! 1/23/2011 You are about to have a fresh encounter with me, says the Lord and in this season my presence shall be felt heavy upon you. Get ready for a new anointing even as it descends upon you now, says the Lord! 1/22/2011 Your peace comes by dwelling in me and likewise I dwelling in you, says the Lord! 1/21/2011 What you see as a major problem is but a light thing for me and what you think is hard is easy for me, because I created your answer before time even began. I am your way out and in me is light and that light shines on the pathway to your destiny to show you that which you could not see without me, says the Lord! 1/20/2011 Do not grow weary and do not grow cold for I, the Lord your God does care for your soul. My plans for your life is greater than you know, I washed away the stains of your past and made you whiter than snow, and then I added my glory and gave you a glow, if you will see in the spirit all the things that I have in store; for in this season I the Lord God has so much more for you to see and to experience in me, and my grace is available for you now, says the Lord! 1/19/2011 If it seems like the storm clouds of life has been troubling you lately, just know that those storm clouds are soon to pass over and your life will take a turn for the better and you will come up under my care and my protective covering, says the Lord! 1/18/2011 The Lord says, whatever you plan for will happen, whether that is good or bad or positive or negative, but you are the only one that sets that tone or turn of events. (Some people plan to be sick or plan to stay sick and they have planned out their whole future based on a current sickness, affliction, or disability and they don't even realize or believe that Jesus is still alive and he still heals, but they believe the doctors report over the bible and the report of the Lord. See Isaiah 53:1-5, Acts 10:38, and Hebrews 13:8. While others plan to be sick and the world plan for pandemics and the flu, I planned to be healed and to stay healed and you should do the same. You don't even have to get a common cold if you walk in the power that Christ has provided for you, so don't plan on destruction, sickness or failure.) I also hear the Lord saying to tell them “do not even say that you are sick”, because your words become law in the heavens and the earth. Please read Isaiah 33:24 and Proverbs 18:21. 1/17/2011 Your change and your long awaited breakthrough is surely coming, says the Lord! 1/16/2011 Get ready for some major changes in your life as I shift you into the next season of what I have for you says the Lord, and this season shall be a good season of changes. These changes will not be to hurt you or to harm you, but this season brings much needed changes that will elevate you and thrust you to a new place and a new realm in me says the Lord, and the former season of mistrust and the former season of a separation will be ending and I will re-ignite your fire again and you will love again and be able to forgive again; for even in this season I take away the weight and the burden of the former season and you shall not know blame. I shift you uphill to a new and greater height and your former toil that used to make your blood pressure boil will diminish and you shall not be spoiled or forgotten at all, and where it seems like you were in a hard place and a fight for your life, you will overcome. Where it seems like you were about to perish and go under, you shall not be put asunder, says the Lord; and where it may have seemed as if you were in the valley of decision and did not have any kind of a clear sense of direction on anything, you will have a peace and clarity in this very season declares the Lord, because in this season I am making your pathway clear and I am depositing a clear sense of direction in you now, even now as I speak to you, says the Lord! 1/15/2011 That which has been kept secret is now revealed, says the Lord, and the many things that you did not understand, you will now understand and know them, says the Lord! The spirit of wisdom has now been released......... 1/14/2011 This day you shall know peace and the peace of my spirit that passes all understanding will over power and over shadow your life, and you shall have a feeling of a renewed strength and freshness about you, and you will have a rejuvenated strength, declares the holy one! 1/13/2011 This is a bold season of power and increase and elevation, and you will discover and uncovered for a greater promotion in this season. There will be people that will seek you out for the gifts and abilities that I have put within you and you will be honored in this season and sort out for a long overdue promotion and rewards will come to you in this season, says the Lord; for you are not forgotten, declares the Lord. I see and I am the one that brings promotion to your life; believe in the words that I speak unto you and have faith in my words and you will undoubtedly see them come to pass in your life, says the Lord! This is a year of rewards for you and your long awaited patience and expectancy is about to be greatly fulfilled at a rapid pace in your life in this season, says the Lord; only have faith and watch your lanes as many blessing head your way, says the Lord! 1/12/2011 I am pouring out the oil of joy upon your head in this season, so reach up take your fill and your portion, because I have ordained for you to be happy and for your joy to be full, says the Lord! I never created you to be depressed and filled with worry, anxiety, and stress; know that it is your time to shine in this season of my grace and outpouring, says the Lord! 1/11/2011 Get a hold of your runaway emotions, says the Lord, and stop making decisions based upon your emotional impulses and make those decisions based on the leading of my spirit, declares the Lord! I also hear the Lord saying “don't allow your emotions to get the best of you. 1/10/2011 You keep wrestling with the same old problems because you have not turned that thing over to me, says the Lord; for I only honor the faith of the obedient ones, declares the Lord! 1/9/2011 The same thing that was trying to overthrow you is going to turn to work for you, says the Lord! 1/8/2011 This is a tense season even as pressure and tensions increase in the earth, so does my power and my rescue ability, says the Lord! Do not fear the signs of the times and the eyes of sky in the heavens; for there will be many frightening sights that shall scare man, but those whose trust and hope that is in me shall see and experience the uplifting power of my right hand, says the Lord! I am he that uplifts, says the Lord! 1/7/2011 Those forces that have been against you have been turned back, says the Lord and you shall go forth and grow up as the calves among the stalls, says the Lord! 1/6/2011 The very thing that you are searching for I have it, says the Lord! 1/5/2011 This is a season of elevation and I am calling you up higher because I am planning on taking you up higher, even higher than you have ever been before. You cannot even imagine this season that I have laid out and prepared for you; it is even beyond your human comprehension and greater than you could ever know, says the Lord! Just know that I am bigger than you and your thoughts of limitations; for I am still stretching you in this season, says the Lord! 1/4/2011 (A Special Word For Someone) You have been trying to remain the same, but The Lord says, I am stretching you in this season, and I’ve been making you uncomfortable in that place that you are trying to stay in, because I am calling you up higher, says the Lord! That's why you haven't been getting any sleep lately; for I, the Lord your God am commanding you to change and come up higher, says the Lord! 1/4/2011 I have called you to be brave and bold in this season, says the Lord! 1/3/2011 You have experienced many different levels before and you have been to new dimensions over and over again, but in this season you must allow me to take you into a new realm of victory wherein that you have been predestined to win, says the Lord, and yea this is a strong season of financial increase and power, declares the Lord! 1/2/2011 Whatever boundaries or barriers that are holding you back or preventing you from walking in your full destiny will be removed this year, says the Lord! Then I also heard the Lord say, see your future! See your favor! 1/1/2011 The Lord says, in this season I am bringing your giants down and all those things that have tormented you and that have taunted you. I am bringing down everything that has ever caused you to walk in fear and to worry continuously, says the Lord!