Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2022 Archives

12-31-2022 The Lord is saying, favor will be your portion in this season. I have already qualified you and ordained you for your next season of favor, restoration, deliverance, and healing, says the Lord!


12-30-2022 God will give you a sign that things are turning and that things in your life that has grown cold and that was lying dormant is now thawing out. It is defrosting so that you can clearly see through the windows where you are now going in the Lord. You will fulfill vision in this hour and in this season, because you will have clarity of vision in this hour and season, and you will see very clearly. God is refreshing your vision and your sight both spiritually and prophetically and even naturally for some. Some of you will not even need your eye glasses anymore as a sign that the Lord is clearing your vision and clearing the debt and the debris in your life. The season of obscurity is over for you. The season of being in the dark about so many things while everyone but you knows what is going on is over for you. The season of the wicked and those mischievous ones reigning are over. That dark cloud over your head is lifting and that season is broken and the breaking of day is now manifesting for you, and you will see the Light.


12-29-2022 The Lord says, they said, “We have all power, and we control everything, and no one can withstand us, because we have everything on lock,” but the Lord says I will frustrate their plans and tear apart their nets, destroy their traps, and rip apart their traps, so that my people can go free and prosper in the thing whereto I have called them to, says the Lord! I am moving in front of you and ahead of you in this season, says the Lord, but I am also behind you for your protection, because I have your back, says the Lord!


12-28-2022 The Lord says, the broken pieces have been mended and put back together again, so move forward and advance, says the Lord!


12-27-2022 The Lord says, for every turn of events in your life, I will more than double your blessings. For all the times of shame and confusion in your life, I will make sure you enjoy your double portion in your season of harvest. The harvest will surely come to you as I shake the nations and release the wealth out of the hands of the wicked. Be at peace and know that I am fixing the fight in your favor, and you will eat the sure bread of my Kingdom, says the Lord!


12-26-2022 The Lord says, walk circumspectly. Don’t be a fool about these times. Keep your eyes open, and watch and pray. You will see many things with your eyes opened that you otherwise would not see in the dark or with your eyes closed. You must learn to look at things and see things through the eyes of the spirit, declares the Lord!


12-25-2022 The Lord says, I called you to be light, so shine bright so that they will see me through you. I will express myself through you. Your life is designed and created to be an expression of my glory displayed through you, says the Lord!


12-24-2022 The Lord says, the lie, the ploy, and the plot against you will fail, and I will expose the truth and the evil works and the craftiness of the evildoers that plotted against you and my covenant. This season will be all about exposure and breaking the strength and the strongholds of the wicked that ruled the nations in error and deception and lies, says the Lord! See Daniel 11:27 and Isaiah 28:17-19.


12-23-2022 In this season in the Year of the Turn, the Lord is also dealing with leaders and other prophetic voices that listen to his real prophets and then go on their respective platforms and call themselves tearing down their messages and prophecies that came from the Lord and trying to save the people from what the Lord has spoken. The Lord says, you are treading on dangerous grounds. The Lord says, those ones will not be your saviors. The Lord wants such leaders to know that he does not take too kind to you going about taking secret pop shots at his prophets and apostles that he has raised up to speak certain things. In the process, you think you are judging them and their words, but you are judging the Lord, and he is going to put an end to that in 2023. Some were sent warnings by getting sick so they could not speak to deceive others as a sign to quit what they are doing in trying to critique the prophets and the word of the Lord that is in their mouths from the Lord himself . See Jeremiah 29:8 and Deuteronomy 18:18-19. As a result, they taught rebellion against the Lord and his anointed. They touched the anointed of the Lord, and some of them are set to expire in 2023 too if they do not turn away from doing such evil. See Ezekiel 13:1-23. In 2023, the Lord will clean up the false prophecies himself and deal with those Balaam prophets and prophetess himself. He will deal with those prophets and prophetess that are after the order of Jezebel and sit at her table, and Jezebel is known to use witchcrafts and be in churches and in government. Look at 1 Kings 18:19, 1 Kings 21:7-25, 2 Kings 9:7, 1 Kings 18:4, 1 Kings 18:13, 1 Kings 19:1-4, 2 Kings 9:22, Micah 5:12, and Nahum 3:1-6. In 2023, the Lord will deal with those soothsayers that only want to hustle the people and speak words to make them feel good for money. The three false prophetic orders that the Lord will be going after in 2023 are Balaam prophets and prophetess, Jezebel prophets and prophetess, and Antichrist prophets and prophetess. I even hear the Lord saying that he is even going after those magicians, soothsayers, and demonic wise men embedded in certain governments to lead them astray by their idols and steer nations down a wrong path by their magic. 2023 will be a heavy time that you will see the sword of the Lord and the winds of the Lord, especially his winds of judgment in the high places, governing seats of authority, and nations as a whole, which are designed to break evil structures and cause them to collapse. During this time, many government entities, agencies, ministries, and departments will collapse, because they failed to reform and align their policies with God and with righteousness, honesty, and integrity. What they have gotten away with for so many years and decades will be brought into judgment, especially when it comes to fraud, corruption, oppression, and evil. Those will be the main things that God will be targeting through judgment. 2022 was a time to repent and make changes, but 2023 will be the Year of his sword going through the land like in the days of Pharaoh and his first born in Egypt, and it has even started already. There is a sword of the Lord and a mighty wind of the Lord that has gone out and started a long and very troubling process for evil in the earth ever since 5783 started on the Jewish calendar. Nations, evil systems, and agencies are going to shake, and many hidden things, evil and corrupt practices, and shoddy dealings will be brought to the light, and they won’t be able to lie their way out of it no more, and they won’t be able to cover things up and hide things like they have done in the past. It is their time of exposure and judgment, and the Lord is not calling back his words this time. See Isaiah 31:2, Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 28:2-19, Isaiah 5:11-26, Amos 5:6-26 and Amos 9:1-15. The world will know the Lord in this hour, and they will see his mighty power. He is going to be put on display just like what you see in Exodus 20:1-26 that will cause many to fear and many to believe upon him. See Hebrews 2:1-4, Hebrews 12:1-29, then see Haggai 2:6-9, Micah 5:10-15, Zephaniah 1:14-18, and Zechariah 13:8-9. 2023 will be one that overturns many things and many evil works and so many evil orders of wicked people. The Lord is also going to deal with ministers and prophets that steals their words and messages from other prophets and ministers that got their words from the Lord. Look at Jeremiah 23:30-36.


12-22-2022 The Lord is saying, the strange winds is what will get men’s attention and what is coming out of the skies will cause many to be dismayed, but my people should not be dismayed at the signs of the heavens like the heathen, but know of a surety that these are the days of those signs that I forewarned you of through my Word and through the mouth of my prophets over time, the former ones, as well as the present day ones, declares the Lord! The Lord says, they have been preparing a slick surprise for you, but I will instead surprise them, says the Lord of Hosts! See Isaiah 33:13-18, Daniel 11:20, Ezekiel 22:29-31, Habakkuk 3:12-14, Proverbs 30:14, Psalm 10:2-11, Isaiah 32:7-8, Isaiah 10:1-7, Amos 4:1-3, Amos 5:6-27, and Zechariah 11:3-11.


12-21-2022 The Lord says, by the time you open your eyes, you will see how quickly and rapidly I have changed things and shifted many things in your favor, and things will work again for you, and you will enjoy the fruits of restoration in your life from my hand. The Lord says, you will not be bothered in this season and beyond, but I will be with you and bringing all things in your life back to a place of power and sensibleness. Watch for my shift, declares the Lord!


12-20-2022 Excessive greed, extreme selfishness, over the top corruption, high interest rates, super high inflation, high fuel prices, and ridiculous prices for food and commodities will lead to a very hard crash of the economy in the United States, which will lead to global repercussion that will lead to a global economic meltdown that will lead to chaos in the nations and the transferring of wealth that will change hands. Some things have already been set in motion simply because certain things were not fixed in time and so many other things were allowed to stay that way for so long to a point that it is setting things in motion that will have to run its course leading to a hard market reset and hard collapse in many sectors, but I hear the Lord also saying, I will be faithful to my people in the turbulence that lies ahead.


12-19-2022 I hear the Lord say, call forth the nation shakers and the nation shifters, and so you will see the nations shake and shift course in the direction they must go, says the Lord!


12-18-2022 The Lord is prophesying through the winds. A supernatural wind is coming. A clean sweeping wind is coming. Some will say, “Let the cold winds blow” like the old military cadence, but it won’t just be the cold winds that will be blowing, but it will be warm winds, and some will be hot air blowing through the winds. Prophetic winds are blowing. The winds of change are blowing. The winds of the Holy Spirit is blowing a fresh and anew as the Lord is breathing upon the nations in a new and a powerful way. These are prophetic times, and the winds are blowing in many prophetic changes and shifts within the nations. What was will be no more in many nations as evil is put in check in many nations. How you see the winds blowing in your area, your city, your region, and your nation will determine what you see in the days to come. The Lord would say unto you, pay very close attention to the winds, and you will see that there will be no ordinary winds that will be blowing.


12-17-2022 The Lord says, you will get more in the end than if I gave you everything upfront at the beginning. The longer the wait, the more that it is gaining interest and some steam that will reward you greatly in end. The Lord says, I have not forgotten you.


12-16-2022 The Lord says, the refiners fire is not to harm you or to destroy you, but it is to refine you and to burn off those remaining ways that are still not yet like me so that you can shine without spot, wrinkle, or blemish, and so that a pure seed can come forth among this remnant that I am now bringing forth, says the Lord! Read Zechariah 13:8-9, 1 Peter 4:12-15, 1 Peter 1:6-7, Job 23:10, Malachi 3:2-6, Isaiah 33:14-18, and Isaiah 24:2-15.


12-15-2022 The Lord God is saying, if nations are being punished, it is because they have turned away from my love and turned to idols and other abominations that I detest. I will send the winds and the fires to destroy every evil way and idol that has been set up to try to change the order of my Kingdom so that the captives of the mighty can go free of their bondages, deceptions, and lies, declares the Lord!


12-14-2022 The Lord says, when people talk, you hear how they think or what they are thinking and what is in their hearts and minds. The Lord says, pay attention to what the people around you are saying and thinking in this season, and you will know how to pray for them and those various situations that may arise.


12-13-2022 The Lord is saying, have patience as I walk you through a process and cause my face to shine upon you and cause you to have success and to gain the victory over life’s circumstances and all the curses that would try to adversely affect you. I am Lord of all, and nothing will affect you in this world without my approval. If I, the Lord, allow you to walk through a process, it is for you to learn something on how to liberate others and how to set the captives free, but it is never to harm you, hurt you, or destroy you. It is for training purposes only to make you a deliverer and one that liberates people everywhere you go, so have confidence in the process, and know that my hand is upon your life, says the Lord!


12-12-2022 As nations transition into a new thing, you too will transition into something new that I have for you. I am setting things in order in this season, says the Lord!


12-11-2022 The Lord God says, you will not go down with everyone else, but you will only go up. The Lord says, you will be one that sees my mercy and enjoys my favor in your life, even as I have seen how you have humbled yourself greatly before me, says the Lord!


12-10-2022 The Lord says, fear none of those things that are coming on the earth my children; for they will frighten men that do not know me, but I already have a way in place to protect you from the evil that will shake the nations. The latter day shaking will get men’s attention as I transition my people into new things that were spoken of old from the foundations of the earth, declares the Lord! The Lord says, when you see the Gates get hit and go down to be no more, then you will know there is a major shift in the earth and a great transition to a new era has begun, says the Lord!


12-9-2022 The Lord is saying, let me put my finger on it. Let me have it. The sooner you turn that situation and that burden over to me completely without trying to pick it up again, then the quicker I can handle the matter and get those things resolved in your life that are stubborn issues, says the Lord!


12-8-2022 Angels have been released to push back the evil in the earth that has been heightened for a season. In this mighty pushback, you will see evil strongholds collapse, even in some governments where operatives were hidden to carry out secret attacks on God’s people and on those that are poor, defenseless, helpless and innocent. The Lord says, as you can feel the jarring of an earthquake shaking back and forth, you will feel the jarring from the political shakeup coming in the United States and the nations around the world. They won’t see it coming, but it will be by my hand and not by man’s actions, says the Lord!


12-7-2022 In this season, the Lord is settling some matters and bringing all things into alignment with his causes and his Kingdom purposes. The Lord says, that which has been beyond you is my job, and I am fixing those things in this season by my finger and by my mighty right hand, says the Lord!


12-6-2022 The Lord says, I am realigning your focus in this season so that you can get the portion that I have for you now that the enemy has tried to block, delay, hinder, and stop. It is now time for you to see my hand in various ways that you never seen before in times past. You will see how I am guiding you in this season so you can get the ultimate victory, says the Lord!


12-5-2022 The Lord God says, I am about to make a lot of dreams come true in your life, those ones that came from me. This is your season of fulfillment, says the Lord!


12-4-2022 The Lord says, my hand will guide you in this season, but it will be important for you to hear my voice to avoid any confusion. You must avoid following the crowd in this season so that I can protect you from some pending things that will catch many by surprise. As you cooperate with my Spirit, you will see my divine hand of protection upon your life, says the Lord!


12-3-2022 The Lord says, because they laughed at you and mocked you, I will do even greater things for you just for them to see my glory in your life that they never could see from the start. This is your season of uplifting, says the Lord! See Psalm 112:10 and Psalm 107:41-43.


12-2-2022 The Lord God says, I will crush that which was trying to crush you. Nothing they do will work against you, because I am the one that is shielding you and protecting you from their evil appetites to devour you. I will not let that happen says the Lord, but I will turn the arrows of the evildoers and those evil ones around in midair and send it back to them to protect you and my chosen ones, declares the Lord God Almighty! See Esther 7:10 and Esther 8:7.


12-1-2022 The Lord says, you have been asking for many things, and your time will come for all those things to come to pass. When the wave starts and hits your life, it will not stop until all those valid requests are met and have come to you, declares the Lord! No one will be able to stop the wave of my movement in your life, and this is your season to see my hand in new and creative ways. Know that I am at work in your life, declares the Lord!


11-30-2022 The Lord says, this is a season that I am giving you supernatural strength to deal with the issues and the matters at hand so that you can advance and prosper in the Kingdom realm and the natural realm during these times, says the Lord!


11-29-2022 The Lord says, one of the biggest things that you have to guard against in this season is distractions. Do not allow distractions to get in your way and to break your focus. Know that I am faithful to my Word, and I am very faithful to honor all that I have spoken you to directly or by prophecy or other means. This is your season to navigate the waters that are in front of you, but do know that I have already given you the victory, and I will not lead you astray, declares the Lord!


11-28-2022 The Lord says, I am accelerating some things in your life, and I am fine-tuning some things. Allow me to critique some things in your life as I purge, cleanse, root out, replace, rebuild, and restore things in your life. The cutting away process in your life was necessary in order to fulfill your destiny mandates that has been placed upon your life. You are extraordinary in many ways and unique, because I created you that way to touch lives for me and to win souls. I made you like a magnet to attract people to you and what you are saying and doing just so that you can win them to me, says the Lord! Do not be weary in well doing, because the best and the greater is yet to come for you, says the Spirit of the Lord!


11-27-2022 The Lord says, the shifting of the winds always represents a significant change, and how the winds blow in an unordinary way shows you that the tides are turning in a nation when the winds are selected to blow there in a very significant way. Watch the places and the nations where the winds will be blowing differently and in a very significant way, because I am shifting things in many different places and parts of the earth, and it will be signified by how the prophetic winds, as well as the natural winds are blowing, declares the Lord! Favor will blow your way in this season and things will begin to shift and blow in your favor in this season, says the Lord! The winds will blow the doors wide open for you, says the Lord!


11-26-2022 The Lord says, I will keep you from falling, and I will keep your foot from being taken. Advance and continue to advance no matter what you see around you, and know that I am with you and there to give you success and give you the victory, says the Spirit of the Living God!


11-25-2022 The Lord says, do not carry weight that I never told you to carry, but let me do my job and do those things that are beyond your control and reach.


11-24-2022 The Lord says, as you give me thanks for what you do have now, I will open the corridors of the more and the new to supply all of your needs and get you into a realm of wants and desires also being fulfilled, says the Lord. This is your season to see me in a new and a supernatural way that will never be forgotten by you as long as you live, says the Lord!


11-23-2022 I hear the Lord God saying, this is a season of settlement in your life. I am settling many things in your life at this time and in this season of your life, declares the Lord! The Lord says, there are some of you that had people to intentionally do things to you to harm you and to destroy your life and to try to take you out, stop your ministry, break your church, and bankrupt your businesses, but I hear the Lord saying I am bringing a settlement in your life. I hear the Lord saying the words, “Resettlement” for some of you. The Lord is saying, I am resettling and recompensing some of you for the hardships and the hard stuff that you have been through, and now is the time for you to process with me in a new way, says the Lord!


11-22-2022 The Lord is saying, it is not the end of the story for you, but there is much more yet to come, and the greater is coming now for you instead of later. You will see my hand of goodness in your life that will not soon be forgotten or ignored, declares the Lord!


11-21-2022 In this season, the Lord says, I am interrupting your regularly scheduled program, your regular routine and format to bring about something new that I have for you at this time. The Lord says, I am interrupting things in your life in this season to bring about my will that has been long delayed in your life; for it is now time for the shift that I had been talking about for so many years and over time in your life. This is that season of expansion and elevation in me, declares the Lord! The Lord says, you have heard from Hell and their plans and their threats for your life, but now you will hear from me and you will see me show up and show out in your life as my power is displayed in your life, says the Lord God!


11-21-2022 (Reposted from Relationships) You have been saying, Lord what about me? It seems as everyone else around me has been getting blessed and being elevated except me, but the Lord is saying to you that I have saved the best for last, and now is your time for elevation. Stop comparing yourself to others and know that I have the greater for you, says the Lord! Everyone around you in this season will be blessed as I pour out upon you, says the Lord!


11-21-2022 (Reposted from The Ensign Counsel And Wisdom Pot) What you have planted in previous seasons of your life will come up for harvest in this season, and this will be a season where it will be like the Lord is making up for lost time in your life for the years that you have lost, and it will be as you are redeeming the time. This is not a season for you to look back in the rearview mirror of life, but to look future in the prophetic eyes of the future. Your future has shifted, and it is now in your present. That which you saw a far off is what God is now doing and unfolding in your life, and it cannot and will not be stopped. This is a set season for you and God’s people in the earth, and you will see many special things unfolding before you and that will unfold before your very eyes. This is the mind of God for you and concerning his people.


11-20-2022 The Lord says, my matchless power will be seen in your life by everyone, and they will know and see that not only am I with you, but I am fighting for you and I am big and mighty in your life, declares the Lord!


11-19-2022 The Lord says, I am going to move quick in  your life in this season, and I will lift you so fast and cause your life to turn for the better. Things will turn to work in your favor one after another in this season, and things will turn around for you rapidly and swiftly, says the Lord! In this Year of the Turn, you will see just why and how it is called the “Turn,” says the Lord!


11-18-2022 The Lord says, it is not postponed or delayed, but it is in motion for you already. Keep your eyes open for the arrival of your harvest, because I have scheduled it for you already. The greater harvest is coming to you in this new season, greater than the ones that you have seen, says the Lord!


11-17-2022 The Lord God says, every time they even try to attack you or disgrace you, you will get promoted every time and without delay. Your ranking is steadily increasing in the Spirit realm, because their attacks have been helping you to pass some key Kingdom tests, and every time that you overcome them, you just went to another level and you just graduated to another realm in me, says the Spirit of The Living God! See 1 Corinthians 2:7-9 & Proverbs 8:17-21.


11-16-2022 The Lord says, branch out and spread your wings, because you are getting ready to fly, and I will cause you to branch out and to spread out. Expansion is in store for you in this season. For many, it will be personal. For some it will be business-wise, and yet for others it will be in the area of church and/or ministries. This is your season to not only go up, but to expand and to do it with a spirit of excellence and wisdom, says the Lord!


11-15-2022 The Lord says, I have not counted you out, but I have you scheduled for justice for all the injustices that you have faced most of your life. This is a season of your life where recognition will come to you and restitution will be made to you on behalf of every injustice that has tried to define and confine your life, declares the Lord! Vindication and restoration is your portion, says the Lord!


11-14-2022 The Lord says, you have not fully tasted of the grapes of my favor yet, but what you had was a sample and an example of what I can and will do in your life. Trust me in this season, and I will show up and show out and give them something to really watch in your life, and I will put on a show for them that will give me all the glory in your life, declares the Spirit of the Living God!


11-13-2022 The Lord is saying, follow the path that I have assured you of and don’t lose hope in the midst of the battle that you see knowing that the end has already been sealed in your favor, declares the Lord!


11-12-2022 Prophetic Dream: In a dream, I went into a bookstore and requested for the customer service agents, of which one of the two was the owner, to show me books on business, books on wisdom, and books on money so that I could purchase them. However, the first attendant searched the large supplies of books, but she could not find not the first one. As she called for the owner, I could see that there was a gigantic book on the bottom shelf by a very popular author called the 21 rules of wisdom, but it was not for sale and was old and dusty. This book was the size of a treasure chest that was used to hold gold back in the earlier days of the pirates, and it was on the bottom shelf all by itself. That represented that it was in a league of its own and that it was in a class all by itself and second to none. The fact that I heard the words treasure chest and its size meant that it was full of treasures of wisdom. The owner finally came to me to assist me further since her employee was unable to find what I needed in selection of books although they had many thousands of books in stock. I remember saying to her, “Why do you not have any books for sale on business, wisdom, and money? She then responded and said, “I don’t believe in selling books about money and those sorts of things, because I feel that they mislead people.” Then I said to her that with all the layoffs in the nation, people needs those kinds of books that will give them the knowledge and know how to start up their own businesses so they can make it and prosper. I then said that is why we write words of life to empower people. I was able to get her to see the error of her ways by not having those kinds of books and seeing the immediate need to create a section and stock it with those kinds of books. She agreed to get them in stock, which was also adding another stream of income potential to her existing bookstore. She later admitted that big book of wisdom that she owned was what gave her the wisdom and idea to start her own bookstore business and she had prospered because of it, but she had put it on the shelf to collect dust. For some of you, the Lord is saying that what you need to expand your business you already have at your disposal, and it is in presence. Go get it off the shelf from collecting dusts. That very book or books contains all your answers to present dilemma. For others of you, the Lord is saying, what you need to get started are found in books about money, wisdom, and business. The right wisdom and the right knowledge will position you to be laying on while others are laying off, and you will be hiring while others are firing, and what you need to get started is within your own reach, says the Lord! See 2 Kings 4:1-7. The Lord says, while the world is laying off, the Kingdom of God will be hiring, because I am empowering my people says the Lord! I will connect the right people with you, says the Lord!


11-11-2022 The Lord says, they are watching and listening, but I am also watching them and listening to them, and I am watching their every move. I have been listening to their plans, and I have seen their plots that will not work for them. The Lord says, I was giving them time to repent and to change their minds, but in this season I will have a change of posture towards them. I will render just judgment in this season, declares the Lord God!


11-10-2022 The Lord says, I never asked you to look at nothing in the natural, but I require you to trust me and to keep your eyes and your thoughts focused on me. As you realign your focus in this season, you will see my hand in your life work everything out and problems will be solved, declares the Almighty God!


11-9-2022 The Lord God is saying, the wickedness of the wicked is coming to an end, and I will trounce upon them suddenly, and they will not escape the sudden judgment that I will bring upon them, says the Lord! 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 and Job 27:8-23, mainly Verse 21, Job 22:4-30, mainly Verses 10-11, Job 20:18-29, and James 5:1-11 says it best. See also Job 20:19 and Psalm 83:12-15.


11-8-2022 The Lord says, I am surely cleaning up the mess and the debris that has remained for far too long. I have seen the evil, the carnage, and all the atrocities that has played out in the hands of wicked men and evil women that have ruled with an iron fist and without mercy, but their time is up for such bloody and deceitful dealings, and I will have my way in the land and within the nations. All nations will see my mighty power and will see my glory as I pass through them in judgment, says the Lord of Hosts!


11-7-2022 The Lord says, my favor has already gone before you, and now you will see my glory open up before you, declares the Lord!


11-6-2022 The Lord God says, do not allow the hype of the times and the deception to deceive you and to trip you up, but allow my purposes to take root in your life and cause you to recover yourself from the snares and the handiwork of the devil. I have declared over your life that you will not be devoured up or swallowed by the evil lurking in the world, but you will have my favor in these times that will cover yourself and connect you to more of your purpose in life instead of more of the pain of your past. In this season, you will realign your views and values to line up with that which I have ordained and that which I am thinking and have purposed for you and my people. Be aware of what I am doing and be aware of your surrounding as I favor you for these times, says the Lord!


11-5-2022 The Lord is saying to you, know me above your trade. Know me above your education. Know me above all else, because all those things in life will fail, but my plans for your life will prevail and will uphold in your life when all else fails you. My will is secure, and it is a source of sure bread, declares the Lord!


11-4-2022 The Lord says, your bows will not be broken. I am strengthening your arms in this season with my power. The turn of events in your life will be according to my will and not what other people or evil people want. It is my will that will stand in your life, and nothing can change that, says the Lord!


11-3-2022 The Lord says, the past may have represented the power of your pain, but my power will consume any other power that has had any grip or mastery over your life. This is a season that I am setting you free and delivering my people from such a spirit of bondage that have sought to kill off and cancel their destinies. In this season, you will see that my power is supreme over all other powers, and it will liberate you now in this season. That which has been holding you will break suddenly from off your life, declares the Lord God!


11-2-2022 The Lord says, the right sound connects you to my will. The right movements by you connects the dots for you when my Spirit is in it and hovering over your life. I am hovering over my people in this season to bring about the right path forward and the right connections and to shift you to the right place for fulfillment of your destiny in all things and in all areas and aspects of it, declares the Lord!


11-1-2022 The Lord says, I will stamp out the evil that has come upon my people up until now, and I will break the yoke of the oppressor. This will be a season of unparalleled liberation and deliverance that my people and many have been praying for. This is your time to see me as the yoke breaker and the burden destroyer. In this season I will break the strength of those that work witchcraft and the dark arts, and they will know that I am the Lord, declares the Lord!


10-31-2022 The Lord is standing in front you, but he is also standing behind you. Even more so he is in you and leading you in the direction that he wants you to go. He is taking you a way that others have not gone before you, and he is taking you down a path that no one can give you wisdom for that path, because it is unlike anything they have ever seen before. The elders can’t comfort you or advise you, because you are blazing a trail of something new for others to follow. A new move of God when it comes have never been seen before, because it is new with no similarities of the past. When Jesus came on the scene bringing Grace and breaking the laws of the Sabbath and other things, then the religious folks of his day thought that he was apostate and a heretic, because all they knew was the Law of Moses. Jesus came to usher in a new order and a new era of God’s grace, but the religious folks and the scholars of that day wanted to hold onto the Law and era of Moses, although they were not keeping the law and were always breaking the rules of the Law of Moses, which proved that Grace from God by Jesus Christ was needed, and the Lord is saying to you on today, what I called you to do and to cut a new path has never been seen before, but what I put within you have been reserved for these times. The kind of revelations and understanding that I have put inside of you is different than those that have come before you, because what is in you is designed to usher in a new era and dispensation for the “End Times.” The Lord says, keep speaking what I tell you to speak and keep doing what I need you to do, and those who are supposed to see will see and blinded eyes will come open in the process. It is imperative that you obey and do things exactly how I am telling you to do it and say those things exactly how I am giving you to bring it out, and it will unshackle those that have been bound. Moses led a charge and a generation out of bondage and out of Egypt, and what I have put inside of you will also lead a generation out of a bondage that they did not even know that they were in and up under, declares the Lord!


10-31-2022 The Lord says, they cannot beat you.


10-30-2022 The Lord says, beware of the wrong forces and cling to that which is good and shun the evil. What I have for you now is far better than the temporary wealth of the wicked ones of the world. You will not be put to shame, says the Lord! See Zephaniah 3:15-20 and Psalm 126:1-6.


10-29-2022 The Lord says, you will hear from me and see me from a different realm and a deeper realm in this season and in this hour, and there will be much more power upon your life. This will enable you to do the next phase of what I have called you to do that it seems as if you did not have the energy or the power to do, and you will see that I am with you in this hour and season, says the Lord!


10-28-2022 The Lord says, your final chapter is not here, but you are just beginning and I am just beginning in your life, declares the Lord! I will send you up even higher and cause my Kingdom light to be seen mightily in your life as I advance you and exalt you even more, says the Lord!


10-27-2022 The Lord says, in this season I am filling in the blanks and helping you to pick up the missing pieces of the puzzle to your life. This is a season where I will cause you to recover, because I have declared this to be a season of full recovery for my people that have been battered and bruised by the tests and the storms of life. You will recover and find your way forward in a new way that will add strength to your life and meaning to your destiny, declares the Lord!


10-26-2022 The Lord says, what they wanted to land on you will not land on you, but I will frustrate their purposes, and every evil arrow of theirs will fail and will fall down, declares the Lord!


10-25-2022 The Lord says, many have sown the wind, but it will be a time for those ones to reap the whirlwind, but as for my faithful ones you will be protected and shielded from the many things to come that will hit the world with a force and blindside them out of nowhere. Many won’t see it coming, but I will be a light and be good to my people and to my chosen ones. Trust me above all else, says the Lord, and you will be one that sees my glory, declares the Lord!


10-24-2022 The Lord says, the dream that I have placed in you will not be killed, and I will not allow others to cloud your view. I am covering and protecting you from all harm, and no evil will befall you, because my mighty hand is on your life, says the Lord! You are still the apple of my eyes, and I am well pleased with you and how you never give up in serving me even in those hard and difficult moments. My provision will remain sure in your life, and you will eat the bread of my hands that will strengthen you and bless you. Your path is blessed, and I am strengthening you day by day all the more as you walk with me. I will protect you from those who wanted to destroy your destiny, says the Spirit of the Living God!


10-23-2022 The Lord says, you are entering an area with me where you will just know certain things and things will not be a mystery to you in your life any longer. I will make sure that you know all things that you need to know for your own sakes and for your own good. Unbelievably good things are getting ready to happen for you and in your life. If you will open up your eyes today, you will see that it has already started for you and it is already happening, declares the Lord! You are my special one. You are my chosen one, so you will be privileged to some benefits that has eluded you in times past and were either blocked or held back or held up from you. Some of you have been cheated out of inheritances, but I am losing those things and causing them to come back to you, says the Lord, and you will no longer be manipulated, robbed, and cheated out of what rightfully belongs to you. I will show you the best in this season and in this hour, says the Spirit of the Living God; for there is yet more to come in your life, and it is not over for you at all, declares the Spirit of God!


10-22-2022 The Lord says, the greater level is coming into your life. You are already prepped for it and you are already prepared to handle what I am bringing into your midst. I have already dealt with the alligators and the evildoers that would try to snap up and snap at what I am doing for you, and I have locked their jaws so that they won’t be able to snap at you or hiss at you anymore, says the Lord, but you will see the promise. See Isaiah 65:21-25.


10-21-2022 The Lord says, search deep within your heart and you will find the blueprint there for your destiny that originally planted that all the prophecies spoken over your life and into your life over time has verified and confirmed. The path that you are on will have some readjustments, but not to worry, all things will work together for your good and turn you in the way of your original plans and destiny path that I have chosen for you. Here comes your destiny helpers in this season, says the Mighty God, Yah, Jesus!


10-20-2022 The Lord says, do not be deceived by the many voices that you are hearing concerning the times, because not many have my heart and not many speak my truth, but listen for my voice in the midst of the chaos and turmoil amongst the nations. Not everyone that is claiming to speak for me are for me, but some speak deceit and have deceitful motives and intentions. This is a time for you to hear very clearly and fine tune your hearing with fasting and prayers so that you can hear me in a clearer manner, says the Lord! Ask me for the strength to fast and to pray to me on another level and from a deeper realm and place in me, says the Lord! As you ask, you will receive, says the Lord!


10-19-2022 The Lord says, the strategies that I am giving you are not just limited to a Year, a New Year, or a specific time frame, says the Lord, but the strategies that I am now giving you will empower you for the rest of your life and destiny here and upon the earth, declares the Lord!


10-18-2022 The Lord says, I will show you what battles you will encounter before you encounter them, and I will give you power to fight them and win, and I will also fight them alongside you. It is already a fixed fight, and it is not possible for you to lose, because I don’t lose, says the Lord!


10-17-2022 The Lord is saying, take your time and do it right the first time so that you do not have to come back again to do it all over. A first time of excellence with keep you from having to rework a messy matter a second time, declares the Spirit of The Living God!


10-16-2022 The Lord says, if you don’t see how I am now moving, it is because your eyes are not opened, but closed. In this season, you will need see spiritually, while others of you will need to see prophetically and apostolically to gain the upper hand on the evildoers that use their third eye powers to peep into the lives of others to try to destroy their works and livelihoods, but I have made many of you to be intercessors and watchmen on the walls to destroy and to stop their advances. Those of you that are watchmen on the walls, I have made you to be able to see how the enemy is coming not just so you can warn the people anymore, but to stop his advance before he can get in close enough to even do any damage, says the Lord! Watch during the day and watch during the night, even the midnight hours of the night and push back, says the Lord!


10-15-2022 The Lord says, pray in a way that not only gets my attention and the attention of Heaven, but it destroys the enemy strongholds that have gathered against your life and the lives of my people. Change your prayers in this season and you will break through and cut through, says the Lord! When you pray in the way that I am leading you and I am directing you by my Spirit, I will send my fire to match the words that you are praying to get results, says the Lord!


10-14-2022 The Lord says, stay focused and do not allow yourself to be overcome with distractions and worthless things. Many things are coming, but I created you to shine as lights in the darkness as my people. You will be needed to balance many things in the earth as my people as things come full circle. This is not a time to shrink back, but to rise to the occasion and to be my helping hands in the earth and to walk out the will and purposes that I programmed you with from the foundations of the world and before you came forth out of your mother’s womb. This is the time that I created you for and all that I put within you it is now time for those things to come forth, says the Lord! Like Joseph, Daniel, and Esther, you were anointed for these times, says the Lord!


10-13-2022 The Lord says, watch how the nations aligns, and watch how certain nations decouple. You will see some strange things within the nations, and you will see some new alliances form due to the change in the climate among the nations trying to force a new world order. The Lord says, my people will align in a new way, and ministries and the churches will align in a new way. Some will be forced to align or realign themselves for the sake of standing on the side of truth and for safety, says the Lord! Things will be far from business as usual as nations and people take a turn in the earth, some in the right way and others in the wrong way, but I am in the midst, declares the Lord!


10-12-2022 The Lord says, they tried to destroy you, but they could not, because my hand is mightily on your life in a highly noticeable and recognizable way. I held my peace for a very long time, and I sat back and watched, because I wanted to see how far they would go to do evil and without any fear of me says the Lord, but now I will set things in its proper order and catch them by surprise, declares the Lord!


10-11-2022 The Lord says, says where there is a challenge in your life, there is a hidden opportunity for a promotion. If you would learn to see things my way, then you will see and understand how to make the best out of what appears to look like a bad situation in your life, declares the Lord!


10-10-2022 The Lord says, your rejection is supposed to teach you how to treat others better than you have been treated, and your isolation at times is to train you how to be compassionate towards others that have nobody else in life to lean on and rely on when I put them in your hands. You have a purpose in everything that you walk through in your life, and it all serves a greater purpose, says the Lord!


10-9-2022 The Lord says, I taught you how to stand even when everything was falling around you, and it seemed like your life was being tested in a heavy manner and way. I was teaching you how to rely on me and not on those things that you thought were propping you up. You go up higher when you realize that I am the one that is holding you up and propping you up. Now in this season, I will propel you up even higher and promote you, because you stood during the time of testing like Job and like Joseph when they were both being persecuted and done wrong. Now you will see how I exalt my way and not your own way, says the Lord! I see your faith, says the Lord!


10-8-2022 The Lord says, get prepared to have more face to face and up close encounters with me as you seek my face. I will appear to you in different ways. Prepare to hear my voice in a more audible way as the days press on and as you seek me. I will talk to you about your purpose and the destiny that I have called you to. Worship me and gain greater access to me in more intimate ways, says the Lord!


10-7-2022 The Lord says, you are destined for greatness, and the battles that you had to face were designed to slow you, hinder you, delay you, and stop you, but they cannot stop you, because they cannot stop me. I am the one that has ordained your call, and therefore it cannot be stopped, because I cannot be stopped, says the Lord! In this season, you will witness the destruction of every satanic plot that has been conjured up against your life, your ministry, and your destiny, and you will watch all the satanic puppets that conspired against you to stop you fall and be punished. Some will even expire that got in your way, because the call and the mandate that I have put upon your life must stand and not be further hindered or delayed, says the Lord! In this season, I will judge all the way to the highest levels with my fire, the fire of my jealousy, says the Lord! Look at Numbers 16:28-50, Number 12:1-16, mainly Verses 7-8.


10-6-2022 The Lord says, the exposure coming from my hand will take down cartels, covens, crime networks, and fraternities of evil that has long ruled secretly in all levels of society. I will break their systems of evil and destroy their networks and evil web of lies and deception and their spiritual cobwebs, and I will break the bow of their magic and witchcrafts, says the Lord! See Micah 5:10-15, Nahum 3:1-6, Nahum 1:4, Isaiah 47:5-15, Revelation 18:4-9, Revelation 17:1-6, Revelation 2:20-23, and then read Revelation 18:11-13.


10-5-2022 The Lord God says, don’t dance to every music, and don’t dance to every tune, because some are designed to influence you and to take you in a different direction that I never intended for you to go. Listen to my voice and only dance to the music and the tunes that I am sending to you in this season that stirs up and influences my Spirit and my character in you, says the Lord! Do not be afraid of the path that I would have you to take, says the Lord God!


10-4-2022 The Lord says, your turning point is here and your turning point is now. Things will shift in your favor, and your life will head in a new direction and in the right direction and in the way that I need it to go and in the way that I planned for it to go to fulfill my purposes through your life, declares the Lord!


10-3-2022 The Lord says, they are listening to you. They just don’t like what you say, so they mock you. See Ezekiel 33:30-33, Jude 1:17-19, Romans 8:9, Ezekiel 2:2-10, Ezekiel 3:1-7, Acts 22:17-22, Exodus 3:19, Exodus 4:21, and Exodus 7:4. Hold tight to what I have said to you, and speak only that which I have given you to speak, says the Lord!


10-2-2022 The Lord is saying, you will see an obvious and notable change in the nations, and you will see more of a change and a switch of leadership in many nations as things come forth full circle with a changing of the guards, says the Lord God!


10-1-2022 The Lord says, my favor on your life does not run out even when you go through dry seasons during times of testing. Job and Joseph among others went through dry seasons of their lives, before they walked into promotion and elevation and restoration and advancement in their own lives. You too will face similar tests and seasons in your life before you are highly exalted and elevated in my Kingdom, says the Lord! The test is always to promote you, says the Lord! See Daniel 3:30, then read all of Daniel Chapter 3.


9-30-2022 The Lord says, I am strong and mighty and my strength and might is not comparable to any. I am coming in at this time and in this season in a new way to set many things back in order as I see fit and as it pleases me. Think it not strange if many old orders, strange foundations, evil altars, and evil structures are torn down at my hand as I move through the nations of the world evaluating the hearts and the works of men. Even as I evaluate many things I will render my judgment accordingly. I have not found the works of many perfect before me as they should be and as a result candles are being removed and put out where there is no remorse and no repentance before me. I am rearranging things to come into a realignment that is after my heart and after my order and ways, says the Lord! All other systems and ways I will shake and break and they will come down. Think it not strange that I am the one behind putting out strange fires and strange worship in the land, declares the Lord, The Mightiest God of Hosts, The God of Fire! Even now as he speak, I hear this Mighty God of Fire roar as he walks through the nations. See Isaiah 42:13-14, Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 63:4, and Isaiah 63:1-7. He is roaring! God of Fire!


9-29-2022 The Lord God is saying, I am bringing you into a wave of new victories. These new victories will triumph over tragedies, and you will know no loss, and what you have lost in the past you will surely recover and rebound, says the Lord.  This is your season of restoration, declares the Lord God of The Hosts!


9-29-2022 Prophetic Insights And Perspectives: This season is about judgment, justice, vindication, and an overturning of evil works and a tearing down of evil structures and evil systems used to oppress others and deceive them. The fire of God’s wrath will fall upon the wicked, those workers of iniquity, and the evildoers. Long lingering and pesky things will fall and collapse in the lives of God’s people that has tried to cripple and disable them for far too long. Infestations of evil will fall and collapse, because the fire of God will fall upon them to break them and to shake them. His fire on your life will be used to set you free and to enable you to do his will without evil restraints that will in turn bless a multitude, because of what is in you from the Lord.


9-28-2022 The Lord is saying, this is a time for you to watch and pray. In extreme weather, they will issue a watch before they issue a warning. When there is a possibility of a thunderstorm in an area, they will issue a thunderstorm watch. When there is an approaching thunderstorm, then they will issue a thunderstorm warning, meaning that those storm conditions are imminent. If it is going to be severe in some areas, then they will issue a severe thunderstorm watch while some areas may receive a severe thunderstorm warning. When there is an atmosphere that is conducive for tornadoes, then they will issue a watch first until rotation or funnel clouds are spotted on radar or in the natural from the ground by a trained storm spotter or from the air in some cases. When there is an approaching tropical storm or a hurricane, some areas will receive a tropical storm watch and some will receive tropical storm warnings, while others may receive a hurricane watch or a hurricane warning. The watch always comes before the arrival of the actual storm or impending system moving through an area. There are many other kinds of weather related watches from snow to ice watches and warnings, but what the Lord is saying to us in this season is that it is time for us to watch and to pray. Many things will be happening so he is saying we must watch and pray. Watch how I am moving in this season and watch how I am coming in, and pray for my will to be done in your life, in the Body of Christ, in the nation, and in the nations of the earth. Your prayers will facilitate my mercy in some areas and my judgment in other areas that may be deserving of it, because of the evil systems and structures and thrones of iniquity and idolatry that is ruling in those areas or regions, says the Lord! This is not a season for you to lean to your own understanding, but this is a season for you to watch and to pray for my Kingdom to come and to be established upon the earth, and watch how your prayers will shift things in the right direction, says the Lord!


9-28-2022 Signs of the times and signs of things to come shortly into our lives: In this season, there are many things to watch for and pay attention to, and one of the things that the Lord is pulling my focus to for us to pay attention to is “Dams.” The Lord is saying for us to watch the “Dams” and the “Reservoirs” in the natural, because a lot of them have been collapsing as of lately and an emphasis has been being put on the “Dams” specifically. In a dream a while back this year, I posted a dream about a wall of water, and one of the likely scenarios in the interpretation was it could have come from Dam walls collapsing. Since that prophetic dreams, I have seen at least 4 stories along those lines in which I posted the news links to the stories. One was in Ukraine, and two from South Africa and several other places have Dams threatening to collapse under the pressures of heavy rains, floods, and high waters. Dams collapsing has to do with a season of release. In this season, things held back and held up for too long are being released to flow again into your life. Though dams collapsing in the natural is not a good thing for some, it is a natural signs of the great release of things that are coming into your life in this season and in this year of 5783 and throughout the remainder of this Year throughout all of 2023 and beyond.


9-27-2022 The Lord says, this is a season for you to watch and to see how I am moving in this season and coming in. You can look at all the chaos and turmoil around the world, but do not fail to look at what I am doing. The harvest of souls will come into my Kingdom in the midst of the chaos, the turmoil, and the shaking of the nations. The shaking of the tree causes the ripe plums to fail to the ground, so will the shaking of the nations release the new and ripe harvest, says the Lord!


9-27-2022 The Analysis; Signs in the sky and signs in the weather patterns, pay close attention to how 5773 on the Jewish calendar is coming in. Rosh Hashanah is coming in on the heals of monster storm in the making, Hurricane Ian and with some new unrest in Iran, which can be tied to the Prince of Persia of Daniel 10:20 and those Kings of Persia in Daniel 10:13. This is a season for you to see and to understand and to discern the times. This time represents a shifting point season. These are shifting times and seasons. This is a season for you to watch, hear, and listen to what the Lord is saying, but also to what the times are saying and revealing not just in the United States, but wherever you are living in the world. It is time for you to pay attention.


9-26-2022 Prophetic Insight: Zedekiah will always try to attack a Micaiah. The purpose of that Zedekiah spirit is to try to shut you up or to silence the prophetic voice. Are you dealing with a Zedekiah spirit in your life? Read and study 2 Chronicles 18:23 and 1 Kings 22:24. Then read the full story in 2 Chronicles 18:1-34 and 1 Kings 22:1-37. Sometimes you are not always dealing with Jezebel or something else, but you are dealing a Zedekiah spirit that wants to shut you up and shut you down and lock you down. Now you know what to bind up. Read Matthew 16:9 and Matthew 18:18. Witches and wizards carry that Zedekiah spirit too, besides a Jezebel or an Antichrist spirit.


9-25-2022 The Lord says, you cannot pick up the broken pieces alone in this season to recover them to restore them and put them back together again, but I can. If you will let go of what is in your hand and allow me to restore you, you will see a rebuilding in your life. You will see a recovery and restoration like you could have never imagined, says the Lord! I need you to let go of the fragments that are still in your hands, so I, the Master Potter, can put them all back together again and refresh you, renew you, and revive you, declares the Lord!


9-24-2022 The Lord says, what I am going to do for you in this season is going to be beyond belief and it will blow your mind as some of you may say, but it will be my glory and it will be mercy and my goodness is what you will be seeing, realizing, and experiencing, says the Lord!


9-23-2022 The Lord God is saying, the bare minimum and the least that you can do is to pray, and don’t give up in the battle. Your prayers let me in to intervene, but when you do not pray you allow evil to rise and to override things that I want to do for you and among my people and in the land. Pray, pray, pray, and don’t ever give up, declares the Lord!


9-22-2022 The Lord says, do not discredit or count out those that I have raised up and those that I am raising up, because I will shock how I will manifest great things through them, declares the Lord!


9-21-2022 The Lord says, many answers will come forth to you in this season and clarity of vision and clarity on many things that were hidden from you and once kept back from you, and you will come into a time of understanding. I am allowing these things to be made known and to come forth in this season versus in previous seasons and times, because you cannot handle them now, and I have prepared you for them. You would not have been able to handle the truth of certain things back then, but know I will reveal key details that will enlighten you and enable you to go forward with a peace, declares the Lord!


9-20-2022 The Lord says, the mighty shaking that is upon the nations is not suppose to shake you, because you are a part of a Kingdom that cannot be moved. Stay anchored in me, and you will know no shame, but you will be delivered and brought to a place of safety in me, declares the Lord!


9-19-2022 The Lord says, stand in my grace, and you will see that you have the power to win against all odds that has been against you. In this season, you will walk with a new mantle and with a heavy blessing upon you, says the Lord!


9-18-2022 The Lord says, in this shifting season many things will shift, but the security and the protection of my Spirit will be among my chosen ones and those that trust in my name. Fear not the things you see and the confusion in the world; For I am there to steer you and guide you, says the Lord God!


9-17-2022 The Lord says, divine intervention is on your path. For some of you, the Lord is saying to you today that divine invention is on your path today, this very day. This is a season of my divine intervention that will realign those broken bones and broken places of your life. This is your healing and restoration moment, says the Lord!


9-16-2022 The Lord says, you have a blind spot in your life that needs to be worked on in this season. Allow me to show you that blind spot and allow my cutting tool to shave off those rough edges and smooth them and allow me to cut away those blinders that have covered your eyes and have prevented you from seeing things the way that I intend for you to see them. This is your season for a vision adjustment and a change of posture and attitude and how you are now looking at things, says the Lord!


9-15-2022 In a prophetic dream, the Lord showed me some things that were affecting many people. Then he said these words for some people: the Lord says that a coworker put something on you, but I am overturning their evil works that have been made against you, and they will lie down in sorrows, but I will deliver you and bring you out from what seems to look like an evil curse that has been operating in your life. This is your season of liberation, declares the Lord God!


9-14-2022 The Lord says, I am moving you from a place in life that is not good for you, and I am moving you forward and bringing you into a place of refuge, safety, protection, and strength. I never ordained for your lines to fall in evil places, but I ordained for your lines to only fall in pleasant places for the rest of your life, and those are my intentions towards you, says the Lord!


9-13-2022 The Lord says, the greater blessing is set for you in this season. You have an inheritance in me greater than you know, and in this season it will begin to show, declares the Lord!


9-12-2022 The Lord says, if you make decisions out of pride, haughtiness, headiness, high mindedness, cockiness, maliciousness, and impulsiveness, then you box me in, and I cannot move in your life where those things exist. When you drop your pride and all those other things, then I can get in and help you and show you the way forward and help you to recover. It is your choice whether you let me in or just continue to sink and not think, says the Lord!


9-11-2022 The Lord says, don’t let your guard down, but be vigilant and aware as a watchman upon the walls seeing many things for my glory in order to alert and to warn the people. Stay that watchman on the wall that is awoke and not sleeping on the job, declares the Lord!


9-10-2022 The Lord says, prepare for something greater, something bigger, something better, as I push you into that new thing that I have for you. You have waited for so long, and now it is time for me to surprise you with that mystery I kept hidden from you for now, declares the Lord!


9-9-2022 The Lord God says, I have favored you. Now walk into your season of favor. This season will be one of perpetual favor for you, declares the Glorious Lord!


9-9-2022 In a dream, I was with a crowd of several very popular single YouTube ministers, both male and female, and a few others that I did not know, as their leader. Then I walked over to a few of them by name and singled them out and said, “This Year I will marry you off, as I touched them in the back of their shoulder.” I could call names, but the Lord told me when I woke up that those are the ones that I am singling out and handpicking for marriage soon even before the end of the Year for some. The fact that the Lord showed it to the prophet means that we will enjoy seeing some of our favorite and most popular people come into a time of their season for marriage and being paired up for destiny. Some of the ones that this word is for will know it by the Spirit of God that this is their word, and they will come into their marriage by God’s hand.


9-8-2022 The Lord God says, you hear my voice best in the quiet of the night or in the stillness of the day or high up in the mountain and by the quiet streams of waters. If you want to seek me and really hear me strategically, then you have to come away with me into those special secret places where my Spirit will meet you and refresh the waters that are within you from my Spirit, declares the Lord!


9-7-2022 The Lord God says, don’t give way to itching ears, but stick with that which is solid, sound, and truth and be not led astray. My path does not involve any foolishness or corruption, but my path is a righteous one that doesn’t require you to compromise your integrity and honesty just to fit in with the crowd and what’s trending. Your reward with me is sure when you stick with the straight and narrow path that the “Many” do not follow, says the Lord!


9-6-2022 The Lord says, your miracle is on the way. Do not lose heart nor your focus in the battle, says the Lord!


9-5-2022 The Spirit of God says today, do not bow to the pressure that tries to assert itself upon you, but stick with all that I have told you, and you will see the blessed path and the right way forward that will meet all of your needs and position you for the greatness that I have for you, says the Lord!


9-4-2022 The Lord says, you will go to the top, but it will be in my timing, and it will be through a process, because there are many things for you to learn along the way, and there are many things that I still must teach in the process as you make progress, says the Lord! You will thank me in the end for all things that you went through just to get to, says the Lord!


9-3-2022 The Lord God says, there are more for you than against you. Watch how I move in your life over the next six months, says the Lord!


9-2-2022 The Lord says, this season has been about tearing down the occult structures and practices that have ruled in many nations and that have its hands in the laws of the land through legalism, ritualism, and the wrong kind of religion that is not of the faith and not of my Spirit, says the Lord! As I continue to march through the land and throughout the nations, you will see evil altars overthrown, evil foundations will crack and crumble, the idols will fall and come down, and the evil structures will collapse. I, the Lord, does purge the evil to make way for my Kingdom and a pure seed to come forth in righteousness, says the Lord! Then I heard the Lord say, these things will be both natural and spiritual, and you will see it and know it.


9-1-2022 The Lord says, things will pick up steam this month, but you will be on the positive side of things as the chips and the cards fall. Some will fall into place and some will just fall, but you will be on the side of the ones that are falling in place, because your lines are meant to be falling in pleasant places in this season and not in desolate places and wilderness places as that of the world. You are of my Kingdom and not of this world, but when the world comes to you for my wisdom, and they will, because they will need to, I will tell you what to say to them from me, so be ready and be positioned, because you will be sought after like Joseph and Daniel, declares the Lord! The Lord says, there is sudden elevation for you in my Kingdom, declares the Lord!


8-31-2022 I heard the Lord say a bunch of “C” words. The Lord says, I am the one that is behind taking down crime bosses, crime rings, crime families, cartels, and covens of witches and fraternities of wizards and the mixed covens of various sorts. I am the one that is responsible for taking down and destroying cults and those into the occult and its evil and wicked practices. I am bringing my judgment heavily upon those that robbed and harmed others and have shed innocent blood of others in the land. Their blood and their souls cries out to me for vengeance continually and I am moving on their cries to dismantle the evil cobwebs and wicked practices of injustice that has provided a covering for them to continue doing what they were doing behind closed doors and behind the scenes all this while, says the Lord! I am removing their covers and removing their evil pillows and removing the idols that they served to obtain evil powers that are not of me, says the Lord! My arrows of judgment will be swift and quick, and I will turn back their evil arrows to destroy their strongholds and their covens, declares the Lord!


8-30-2022 The Lord says, I have heard you according to my will and I am moving according to that which you have requested that lines up with my will. Watch how I move and when I move to bring about my secret plans in your life that will bear much fruit. Do not worry about the Naysayers and the unbelievers that struggle to believe my words and to believe my will, but hold tight to that which I have even spoken unto you. You will be one that will see what I said, because you have believed what I said, declares the Lord!


8-29-2022 The Lord says, you are in a season where I am showing you and proving to you daily that I am with you and for you. I have your back, so do not be afraid, says the Lord!


8-28-2022 The Lord says, I will put angels on your path to warn you and to alert you and I will warn you through your dreams of impending danger so that you can hide yourself from it as the scourge goes through. In this hour you will have to be alert to my voice and be sensitive to my Spirit so that you do not get taken by the many snares that will be going through the land. Your protection from me depends on your obedience to me as I warn you of certain things and cause you to get to a place of my refuge as things begin to get shaken up a little bit. I am always there for you to lead and to guide you. Just take the time to listen and follow my voice. Many in the world will not understand what is going on from the great waters to the great droughts to the great winds blowing to the great judgment upon governments and systems as they collapse and fall, but you my people will understand and will not be in the dark about many of the things that you will see. I will shield you, protect you, and provide for you as you follow my voice and my leading to the place of your feeding, says the Lord! In this season, your destiny cannot be in the hands of other people, says the Lord!


8-27-2022 The Lord says, brilliance is already in your mind by my Spirit. Allow the greater creativity that I placed in you to shine forth and to come out of you in this season; for it is for these times, declares the Lord! You are going to bring together a scattered and downtrodden people, says the Lord! See Isaiah 45:13, Isaiah 61:8-11, Isaiah 55:4-5, and Isaiah 60:1-18, then Isaiah 65:21-25.


8-26-2022 The Lord says, there are some desolations that are happening in the earth against certain places, because there has been dust shaken off of the feet against them as a witness against them that is bringing in the indictment of Heaven against them. Calamities, disasters, desolations of every sort, and many other judgments are certain against them, because they have rejected my Words by the mouth of the prophets that I sent through them, says the Lord! See Matthew 10:7-15, Luke 9:1-5, Luke 10:1-16, Hosea 4:6, Amos 3:4-7, Nahum 1:8, Isaiah 28:2, Isaiah 28:17-19, Isaiah 29:6, and Isaiah 33:13-16. When the Church, all the elders, and the officials in a region, a land, a town, or a city rejects the prophet or prophets that God sends to them, then calamities are a certainty and continuous calamities will befall them until some atonement is made. In certain cases, no atonement will be made, especially if they have killed the servants of the Lord, that prophet or prophetess. See Luke 11:46-54, Matthew 21:33-46, Mark 12:1-13, Luke 20:9-20, then Revelation 2:12-13, Revelation 17:6, Revelation 18:24, Revelation 18:20, Revelation 19:1-2, and Revelation 11:18-19. There are some shakings in certain lands, areas, villages, towns, counties, parishes, states, prefectures, provinces, territories, regions, families, marriages, groups, churches, organizations, and alliances that it is not the devil, but the Lord is the one that is behind it, because there are some things that are not right and are out of order, so he is bringing some things or allowing them to come to set some things back in order and bring people, regions, areas, and nations to repentance and back to him, like it or not. See Psalm 9:17, Psalm 55:19, Hosea 5:15, Hosea 6:1-3, Acts 17:30-32 and Job 22:21-30. What many people always tend to think is the devil is the Lord and not the devil as they suppose. See James 4:1-6, 1 Peter 5:5, 1 Peter 3:8-12, Psalm 34:16, Psalm 37:30-37, Amos 5:10-24, Amos 5:6-8, Amos 9:5-6 & 8, and Isaiah 1:4-31. You foolishly think everything is the devil, but study Amos 3:6, Isaiah 45:7, Isaiah 54:16, John 10:10, Isaiah 14:12 & 16-17, Job 26:13, Isaiah 27:1, and Revelation 17:15-17. The Lord is even the devil’s boss, and he allows him to harass the disobedient ones, the rebellious, the prideful ones, and those that are arrogant that refuse to serve him. See 1 Peter 5:8-9.


8-25-2022 The Lord God says, I allowed you to be crushed intentionally so that you would not live for yourself, but that you would live for me unto my eternal glory. I allowed it so that you would rely on my strength and not your own. The same way that I allowed myself in the form of my Son to be crushed and crucified by men so that he could get up with a new power, I allowed you to pick up your cross too and be crushed so that you could get back up again with an unquenchable thirst and hunger for me with a new power. As grapes have to be crushed in order to bring forth the wine so I have allowed you to be crushed and pressed to bring forth the new wine of my glory and my Spirit from your life that will bring much glory to my name, my son and my daughter. All things in your life are truly working together for your good and for my glory, says the Lord! Your own crucifixion by mocking, persecution, slander, lies, various other attacks, and by pressure has allowed me to set you in the high places now like as I have done with Joseph and many others in times past. This is your season for you to see something new, high, and very glorious in your life in this season after that you have suffered for a while. Yet you will now reign with me as that king and that queen that I have called you to be, declares Father God!


8-24-2022 The Lord says, as I move they will know it. As I move they will see it, and say, “How great is this Mighty God in all the earth. We did not believe what we were told before, but now we see him and we see his mighty works for ourselves.” This is the hour of my great power, and I will put on a mighty and a powerful display of my might within the nations, and all nations will see my glory and my splendor, declares the True and The Living God!


8-23-2022 The Lord says, as things shake you will be one that is secure, because I have hidden you in the hallow of my hands, and I have covered you and sheltered you under my wings where there is healing and wisdom for you. This is your moment to break through and break forth on every side in a moment of victory that you will always remember, says the Lord Your God!


8-22-2022 The Lord says, leave the engulfed thing to me, especially when you can see that it is on fire and is burning, but yet it is not consumed. My hand is in anything that is on fire, but yet it is not consumed. It cannot be consumed at all, but I, the Lord, am the greater fire that is keeping it and that is keeping it burning as a fire, a light, and a witness for a sign and a token to a generation that appears to be afar off and have not known me at all or have not known me nor my ways fully, says the Lord! See Exodus 3:1-2, Malachi 3:6, Daniel 3:20-29, Isaiah 43:2-4, Isaiah 33:14, and then Hebrews 12:29. On another note, the Lord says, it is time for you to come out of your dungeon.


8-21-2022 The Lord says, I am getting ready to move on your behalf in a way that you have never seen before. You have not seen me move this way before so you will not be able to say I knew it, but what I will do for you will be swift and will be very quick. I will do a quick work in you and for you and on your behalf and for the sake of my Kingdom, because I have heard the cries and the prayers of many on your behalf, but it was already my will to liberate you and to exalt you to higher heights, higher degrees, and higher levels because of your faithfulness before me, says the Lord God of the Hosts!


8-20-2022 The Lord says, what you venture into make sure that I am in it and I am the one that is leading you. If you do that simple part, then you will see that my hand will guide you and fix your steps as you walk, and you will end up in the center of my will. You will be one that experience my blessing and my favor on your life, declares the Lord!


8-19-2022 The Lord says, you do not have to worry about who has gone before you, because it was their season and their time at that time, but now it is your turn and time, and I am now shifting you and lifting you and bringing you into your season. All that I have promised you will come to pass in your life swiftly and very quickly, declares the Lord!


8-18-2022 The Lord says, you made it over the horizon, but now there is something new. Something new is coming up upon the land and something new is coming upon you, but as you look for me, I will be found of you and give you the necessary strategies to press forward in victory. I have plans that you know not of. It is a mystery to most, but at the time of my revealing and my unsealing and my showing you will see this new and powerful thing come forth that will shock the nations and shock all people; for I, the Lord, will revel myself in a new way, declare the Lord!


8-17-2022 The Lord says, you are next in line for a strong and a mighty miracle, one of the greatest that you have ever seen in your life; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it!


8-16-2022 The Lord says, I will take them down from the least to the greatest of them, because they know better but still choose to serve Satan and to follow his ways. Now my wrath will not spare them, says the Lord!


8-15-2022 The Lord says, I am the one that is behind the exposing and the taking down of crime bosses, crime rings, crime cartels, and crime families. I have seen the murders of the innocents, and I have seen the robberies, and I have seen the countless victims that they have hurt and crushed like a cockroach under their feet, so I have arisen to crush those vipers and to take them down and take them out; for I will not call back my words until it has accomplished that which I have sent it to do, says the Spirit of the Living God!


8-14-2022 The Lord says, things are changing by the day and nations are aligning differently, but my ways, my word, and my plans have not changed. The Lord says, things are bigger than you and bigger than what you know. If you will align yourself with my Spirit, then you will survive these things after the smoke does clear; or I will even shake evil empires and evil systems, declares the Lord!


8-13-2022 In a dream, I saw a tall wave of water coming out of nowhere across a field where food was planted and it wiped out a lot of people and that tall wave of water kept on coming until it beat up against the walls of a huge type of closed in stadium where people were gathered and a lot of people were drowned. Only the people that were able to quickly climb up to the rafters of the building were saved. Many roads were washed out, damaged, and gone and law enforcement were scrambling everywhere, but there were a lot of bridges out everywhere that were preventing them from getting around the county and from place to place. Then not long after that first tall wave of water, there were several more waves headed in the same path and direction that were even taller and more destructive. These waves covered a broad region and more than one county. It was raining before this calamity happened. It was not quite clear what caused such tall destructive waves, but there were at least 3 to 4 like that. They came suddenly out of nowhere with no prior warning, because it happen so fast that the people did not have time to be warned. I don’t know if it was a tsunami or if a huge damn burst, because of all the rain and the weight of the water behind it was so great that the pressure of it caused the damn to burst, or it could have even been the breaking of a levee or several sizeable levees for water of that height and magnitude to come. While your dreams can be symbolic and prophetic, when I have these types of prophetic dreams they are literal, and since a child I had dreams like this and I would always see them in the news in exact details just how it was shown to me in that dream or vision. I can tell when this is one of those kinds of dreams, and this is that kind of dream where it will be very literal and detailed, and it could happen in more than one place in the world so I don’t want to get off into areas of where I saw in this dream, but in one particular place it will be literally just as I saw it. I saw many world events such a major earthquakes and floods as a child. Years later, I saw them in the news exactly as I had seen them. During those years I did not know that the Lord had chosen me to be a prophet, and I also did not know that he was showing me the future, but I have seen those things that he has shown me over time come to pass. These kinds of dreams and/or visions have a track record of being 100 percent, because those are literal world events versus being a personal dream that could be prophetic and symbolic in nature that needs interpretation, so pray on these matters, but keep an eye out for these things, and if the Lord puts it in your heart or tells you to get out of an area ahead of time, obey him, because he knows exactly what lies ahead that you don’t see or know. See Ezekiel 3:17, Ezekiel 33:1-7, and Isaiah 21:6.


8-12-2022 The Lord says, I am re-establishing my order in the earth, and I am shaking up systems, ideas and platforms that do not represent my heart nor my Kingdom cause. I will shake and break and set many things in order so that none of the things they are planning will take root in this season to overthrow my purposes, but I will instead be the one to overthrow all that they have been scheming, plotting and developing to try to thwart my purposes and my plans in the earth, says the Lord! My sword and my judgments are going out throughout the earth, declares the Lord!


8-11-2022 The Lord says, I am breaking things off of you that has been on you for far too long. This is my season of liberation and deliverance in your life. You will smile big and greatly in this season as you go free, declares the Lord!


8-10-2022 The Lord God says, you have been fighting for something that is already yours and has been given to you. You have been fighting for something that was stolen that I will put back in your hands. Watch me now to see how I will do what looks like it is impossible in your life, says the Lord!


8-9-2022 The Lord says, the purpose you are here and are yet alive is because of these times. I have put you here as an answer, and you have my solutions inside of you now for these times, says the Lord! As Daniel, Joseph, Moses, and others had solutions for their generation and for their times, so have I placed you here with solutions for these times and for your generation, declares the Lord!


8-8-2022 The Lord God says, it’s not just about time and chance, but it is according to my leading and how I am guiding you and pushing you into your destiny. Make no mistake about it, I am the guiding hand in your life, says the Lord!


8-7-2022 The Lord says, don’t toy around with what I give you, but take all things that I gave to you and that I give to you very seriously and cherish and treasure the moment, and take it not lightly. These are precious moments that you will want to respect as they unfold in your life as I do a new thing, something you have not seen nor experienced before in your life, and you will see my benefit in them, says the Spirit of the Living God!


8-6-2022 The Lord says, don’t allow the things of life and the things that test you to bring you down and dampen your spirit, but hold onto faith and hold onto my hand, and trust me to do what I can only do in your life in this season and at this time, says the Lord! Do not give up; for you are at the point of your breakthrough. There is a truth that the pressure applied to your life and your flesh is the greatest at the point of your greatest breakthrough. Do not buckle, do not faint, but know that I have not brought you this far to leave you, but I will uplift you, and I will cause you to be fine, says the Lord! This is your season and time for a come up, declares the Lord! This is your come up and your level up season, declares the Father!


8-5-2022 The Lord says, the shifts that are coming in the nations won’t play out like they imagines it would play out and be, but my surprise in the nations will shock them and shock so many as I turn things in the direction that I intend for them to do, declares the Lord!


8-4-2022 Word Of Knowledge: They said, “If it is the last thing that I do,” concerning you, but the Lord says, I will never allow what they said to come to pass against you. I have you shielded, covered, and protected, says the Lord!


8-4-2022 Prophetic Dream: We were called to a church somewhere by the elders of that church, but they did not tell us specifically why they wanted us to come there. When we got there, we were taken to a larger room in the back where there were about one hundred black elders and bishops standing around a table with a dead man laying on the table covered up by a white sheet. They pulled the sheet back so we could see his face, and they said we need you guys to raise our former pastor up from the dead. He was not deteriorated or decayed, but I could tell that this man did not die any time recently, so the Spirit of God prompted me to ask them how long was this man dead. With a little hesitation, the chief bishop and current overseer told me that he was dead for 18 years. They were not going to tell me that upfront, because naturally I would have said that I am not doing it because this man has been dead for too long. Anyhow, the two of us laid hands on the forehead of this man and his spirit and life came back into his body and he sat up in his right mind and lived again. His skin began to renew, and he became like a young man again of thirty years of age. He was an old man on the table, and it was like his body aged with the time without decomposing, but the moment he came back to life he was taken back to how he looked at the age when he had died, and he was a very light skinned black man. Come to find out, this man was never buried, but they keep him above the ground and his body was preserved and he was never embalmed, because they were given a promise from God about this man and his destiny and so they held out hope that he would one day come back to life. This man was supposed to be a bishop, and he had a special destiny, but he died without fulfilling his destiny. The next day at the revival service as we began to minister the Word of the Lord, that same pastor that we had raised back to life after 18 years was at the service and looked as young and as fine as ever in a gray suit. You could not tell that he was ever dead, and we held a special part of the service to ordain him to become a bishop, and he immediately got to work doing the Lord’s work and will and fulfilling the vision. He had a lot of big things to build for the Lord from housing to schools to corporations that was designed to help many people that otherwise would be in a less fortunate position in life. While dreams are mostly prophetic in nature and symbolic, which I will give you what the Lord told me concerning this dream, there is a very strong possibility that this kind of thing could happen somewhere in the world literally as a prophetic sign from the Lord. The elders and the bishops that were surrounding him when he was dead kept saying that it was time. It was time for the promise to be fulfilled. This man was called to be a bishop and a prophet. Partial Interpretation: Situations and circumstances, as well as promises and prophecies that have appeared to be dead in your life for many years are getting ready to come back to life and to be resurrected. In this, the Lord says that the prophetic flow and revival is getting ready to be resurrected in many places and houses of God where it was dead or had died out. Healing miracles and all sorts of other miracles are coming back into those places, because the Lord is about to visit those places and bring resurrection, restoration, restitution, and resuscitation to those places that were struggling to breathe, to live, and to survive. You will see extraordinary miracles that were never seen or experienced before in those places or in any modern day times, even on a level that was not seen in the times of Smith Wigglesworth or Brownsville Revival or the Azusa Street Revival or at any other time. This time will be different and much greater, says the Lord! We are entering a season where nothing will be impossible, literally. From this dream the Lord is saying to a lot of the older ones that he is renewing your youth and your strength as the eagles, and your skin will come again to be renewed as a young child. I see spots, wrinkles, blemishes, and bags under the eyes disappearing permanently as skin restoration takes place in a clear, visible, and lasting manner where it won’t be people telling you that a miracle has happened internally that you may not be able to clearly see, but these will be miracles taking place that can be seen physically, visibly, and instantly. You will see amputated body parts grow back instantly for some people, because the level of the Kingly Anointing has shifted to produce greater results for these End Times. I hear the Lord saying, I will show you better than I can tell you. The Lord is going to make believers out of many of you, even some of you that are struggling to even believe this word. You shall see, is what I hear the Lord saying to you. See Habakkuk 1:5 and Acts 13:41. This is a part of the renewal and restoral of Zion, his beautiful bride that had been stripped, but is now being redressed. Another Part Of That Same Dream: There was a deacon that tried to pull aside the minister’s wife to sell her a Bible the church was giving away freely to everyone to try to hustle some money from her for his own selfish gain and purposes. From this, the Lord is saying, be careful and beware of those that would try to kill off the revival by evil deeds in which those ones will be mixed in with the crowds with another agenda that does not coincide with my agenda of revival, renewal, and restoration for my people and for My Houses of Prayer and Worship, declares the Lord! Also from this dream, I could see all the gifts of the Spirit in operation, but the gift of faith, the working of miracles, a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge, the gifts of healing, and the gift of prophecy were the strongest ones in operation above the others. However, they were all working in sync with one another. The man in this dream that was raised from the dead was named “Samuel.” The name Samuel means “His name is El. El means “God” or “Name of God”. It can also mean “God has heard” or “asked of God.” Jesus was God and he was resurrected in 3 days time. In the Bible, Samuel was a judge and a prophet that ruled in Israel before the first king of Israel, Saul, was appointed to rule as a king. Before this dream ended, I also heard a second name called out, which was the name, “Frank.” The name Frank means “Free one.” It also has a meaning of “Frenchmen.” It means “Free” in Latin. It means “Honest” in English, so that would refer to as a time of truth and honesty and coming clean, which is not what you have seen in a lot of bigger English speaking nations as of lately, including UK and America. In German, it means “Javelin.” In 1 Samuel 18:10-11, King Saul had a javelin in his hand and he threw it at David to try to kill him out of jealousy, because he was already anointed to take his place and the next king that God had chosen, which you see that same spirit in quite a few nations where an old leader or an old administration has been trying to kill off or overthrow a new leader or a new administration to stop it and its kind from taking root in the land, because they view them as a threat that would expose them as being darkness, corrupt, evil, and wicked. All of these names and key points helps to draw some parallels and some additional conclusions of what you can additionally interpret and draw from this dream, because there are some more interpretations to be extracted from it by myself and others other than the part that the Lord clearly said it represented by way of prophecy and understanding and insight.


8-3-2022 The Lord says, your key to these times now were given to you already in times past by way of wisdom and prophecy and knowledge and counsel. Think back on what you were told and were given and that which was imparted to you back then, and you will find the answers to dealing with your now and present situation, declares the Lord!


8-2-2022 The Lord says, everyone is not your enemy, but it has been hard for you to trust too many people because of the betrayals, manipulations, and backstabbing lately, but in this season I will show you who you can trust and to what degree concerning various matters. I will make it very clear to you who to trust and who not to trust, who to cling to and who to shun. My discernment in your life will be sharp and very keen, and you will both know and see the truth, says the Spirit of the Living God as I make all things clear in this season of your life, says God!


8-1-2022 The Lord says, your time of elevation is now even as the nations are realigning and being shaken. Do not go by what you see, but go only by what my Spirit is telling you and move in the Spirit how I am leading you, declares the Lord! You will overcome and come out on top. Watch as I cause you to progress in a new way as you continue to follow the path that I have laid out for you, says the Lord!


7-31-2022 The Lord says, your portion is not defeat, but it is victory and triumph. I will cause you to triumph over everything that has been trying to triumph over you, and the process has already started, says the Lord! Your victory is guaranteed and assured, says the Lord! The oil that I have placed on your life cannot be tampered with, says the Lord God!


7-30-2022 The Lord says, in this season you will do things differently as I navigate you around those that have eyes on you in a wrongful way with wrongful intentions. There are some that has made you their target in allegiance with other people without any regards for me, and they do not fear me, but I will take you around the hidden dangers and the traps they set to the place of safety and refuge in me that is way beyond reproach and the reach of the enemy. That place is my Holy Mountain where I dwell to protect you and shield you under the shadows of my wings. It is a safe place for you that is filled with my presence and the anointing, and in this place you will hear my voice clearly. It is not about what all the other voices around you are saying at this time and in this season. The greatest voice for you to hear is my voice so that you can make my choice and follow my lead and what I tell you to do. I have greater in store for you and you will need to hear my voice and not the opinion of other people that think they know what you need to do when I have not said so. Your life is not an experiment for them, but your life is my own precious treasure and design that is for my glory only and not for the practice and experiments of others, declares the Lord! Know that I love you, and I have great things in store for you, says the Lord!


7-29-2022 The Lord says, I will uncover and expose the evil plots that will send shock waves throughout all of the nations of this world. The magnitude of the depth of the evil that was plotted and acted on will shock and utterly astound many, because it will be too hard to believe, but I allowed this thing to draw the people back to me and closer to me, says the Lord! Now is the season of the overturning of evil works and a lawless spirit that has long plagued and infested the land, declares the Almighty Highest God!


7-28-2022 The Lord says, how I will come in in this season will astound men and many people will be astonished and caught off guard, but I am moving throughout the land to implement my plan, declares the Lord! I will arise to some for their good, and I will arise to others as a judge to take away their lampstand and to put their light out as I judge them swiftly and quickly in this season. My sword is in the land, and it is going forth throughout the nations, declares the Mighty God!


7-27-2022 Not trying to put fear in your heart, but the Lord says we have entered into a season that is called the final chapter in the earth which is a process of several years. This will lead into another time called the final stages, which will be a time frame lasting through the great time of tribulation leading to the return of Christ before he sets up his millennium reign upon the earth. The Lord says, this is a time of judgment upon the earth where the final warning preluding this event has already gone out. To the wicked, the Lord is saying, I will not tell them again nor warn them anymore. See Revelation 22:11. This season represent many different things, even the part where the Lord judges his people in which he will rule or judge in their favor against oppression and unrighteousness of men in the earth, but he will be judging his house to root out the wicked ones planted in among his righteous ones. In this time, he will also bring restoration among his people and those that have been longing for it and in need of it. See 1 Peter 4:17 and Zephaniah 1:9. For those of you that are righteous and obedient to the Lord, I hear the Lord saying, shame shall not be your portion. This will be a time of rewards for the faithful ones that have endured and have stood the test of times, declares the Lord! In these two time frames, there will be a lot of surprising events to take place, to include the rapture or the catching away of his people as according to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.


7-26-2022 The Lord says, you can’t be lazy when it comes to contending for the faith, but you stand fast in the faith when you put on the whole armor of God and be consistent and persistent in your faith. You indeed have been given every weapon that you need to defeat the enemy, but don’t lose your morale and your hope in the process, because it is by those means that you will overcome every adversarial force of wickedness in your life and in your land, declares the Lord!


7-25-2022 The Lord says, you will enter a season of my fulfillment in your life, and you will discover that it is not a dream, but it is a reality that you will never wake up from. I will reward you for your service and your diligence, and I will reward your faithfulness to my Kingdom even in the midst of great persecution, various trials, afflictions, and tests. You still chose to bear my name boldly through all of those things, and in this season you will come into your time of great rewards, says the Lord God!


7-24-2022 The Lord says, I called you to see what others cannot see, and in the realms of the Spirit, you can see a lot further than most others can see, even though they see to some degree. I have called you to break and to overthrow systems of evil, oppression, darkness, deception, lies, and bondage. The sword that I have placed in your hands is not in vain, but it is a sword of judgment. As I send my mighty sword upon the nations, the wicked of the earth will give an account of the evil, the wickedness, the deception, and the blood that they have shed upon the earth, and they will not escape and will no longer be able to escape as their evil systems fail, fall, and collapse, says the Lord! Look at 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.


7-23-2022 The Lord says, things change when you allow me to work through you, move through you, heal through you, deliver through you, and transform things through you. I want to use you for the greater works ahead, says the Lord!


7-22-2022 The Lord says, in this my season of cleansing and purging you will think that I am mean towards that of the wicked as I wipe them out, but you have no worries as my own, and as my chosen, because I will shield you and continue to protect you as I have always done from that of a child in your life. You are still standing today, because of my hedge of protection and fortification that is around your life and all that appertains to you, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will send an east wind on the enemies of your soul and they will be fed with my wrath to the full, says God! (The east wind of God is a judgment wind. It is a scattering wind. It is a breaking wind. It is a wind that blows back the great and the mighty waters to bring deliverance to his own people by causing them to walk on the dry ground to the other side, but it is the same wind that will drown and take out your enemies, that Egyptian spirit and that Pharaoh spirit. The east wind is a rough wind. It brings a sudden transformation in the lives of the enemies of your soul. It is a destroying wind. It is a withering wind. It is a wind that dries up the defenses of your enemies, and it dries up their tokens, charms, and evil protections so they can be judged by the fire of the Lord that will consume them. The fire of the Lord are visiting them in this season, and the fire of the Lord is visiting the nations. That east wind of the Lord goes after their lies, their deceptions, and their trickeries. The east wind of the Lord is a wind of fire. The east wind of the Lord brings drought and dries up things, including bodies of water, but it also deals with the violence in the earth.)


7-21-2022 The Lord says, I will never let half of the things that people threaten you with or that you fear ever happen to you, because as a Father that loves you it is my duty and job to protect you and to make sure that your life is secure. As you stay anchored in me and rooted and grounded in the faith you will see and enjoy the benefits of no weapon formed against you shall proper. As my son or as my daughter, I have purposed for your life to be blessed by my hand and rewarded with my goodness, says the Lord!


7-20-2022 The cankerworm cannot destroy what I have not ordained for it to destroy no more than the caterpillar or the palmerworm or the locusts, but if I order them to do or to fulfill my will, then there will be no one that can override what I am bringing forth. When I promise to protect you from the devourer, it is your obedience to my ordinance that releases my hand to rebuke him. In this season, it will be important for you to follow my instructions, says God!


7-19-2022 The Lord says, the transition of this hour is to show my power in the midst of the darkness. You are now transitioning into my favor zone where nothing can stop it, because I am overseeing that transition. In this season, you will see my hand in your life in strange and unusual ways that will astound you and many because of the heaviness of my glory that will manifest in your life to display my will and to show my goodness to others through you, declares the Lord!


7-18-2022 The Lord says, you are entering a new season and a new phase of your life that will yield some promising results and fortunes. It is up to you to manage and properly steward what I am putting in your hands. If you will take the time to maintain my principles, then you will see your greatness shine through and spill onto others around you and that you come in contact with, says the Lord!


7-17-2022 The Lord says, things evolve, transform, and change over time, and you will have to adapt to certain and sudden changes along the way as things shift in the earth, as things shift in my Body, and as things shift in individual churches. Some changes will be good, while others maybe somewhat challenging for most, but you will get through these times and I will enable you to deal with the different transitions of life as they come. Do not hold your head down, because I am a God that always causes you to look up and to triumph. Know that I always have your very best interest at heart as I am sharpening up your defenses and are fortifying you for your future. Better things is to come to you and for you, says the Lord! Fear not!


7-16-2022 The Lord says, that threat has to be removed, so I will step in and remove that threat and all of the other threats that you did not even know about so that you can be at peace and live safely, says the Lord! This is a season where the Lord is dismantling evil networks, evil alliances, evil foundations, and evil altars that have long stood in your midst to terrorize the people and cause afflictions in the lives of countless people for many decades, generations, and even centuries in some causes. The Lord is saying even now that evil dynasties will not rule any longer, and as long as my people are in the earth before the days of the Great Tribulation and the Antichrist, there will be my long hand of judgment and reach that they will not escape from, but I have declared that my peace can have peace and stability, says the Lord!


7-15-2022 In a dream, I saw the United States had some kind of new telescope that worked with satellites that also had some kind of reversed technology attached to it where it could show you deep into outer space, and it could also from deep in space show you every part of the earth in the most unique and keen details in high definition form where it was not blurry and you could clearly make out the face of every person all the way down to what kind and color of shoes they were wearing. This dream was a part of a series of dreams, but in the next phase of the dream I distinctly saw two warships of another nation on fire in the South China Sea, and it somehow was connected to that same technology with this special dual kind of telescope with some form of satellite capabilities. I saw the actual nation which had the two warships on fire from the explosion of the laser beam that had come from that technology. Then the dream shifted to show me that same technology was able to make a whole fleet of more than fifty big, I mean huge, United States Naval warships suddenly come from far around the world from a base and be in the South China Sea in less than an hour. No doubt what I saw was fleets of Naval Warships that had hypersonic capabilities of some sort, and they could fly and float on the water. I saw ships the size of destroyers and aircraft carriers that all could fly at hypersonic speed and land in the waters of the ocean and do battle as a navy carrier group. The rest of the dreams are sealed at this point, because they are too sensitive to release publicly.


7-15-2022 A Special Word Of The Lord For Someone With A Dump Truck Business: The Lord says, you were just starting out real good, and you were trying to make things work with that one dump truck that you have, but you have been overwhelmed, because the work has become beyond you. The Lord is saying, you need two dump trucks in this season to get pass the current backlog where you are at, and I will bring the option to do so within your reach in a debt-free manner, and I will then bring you into a time to expand to an entire fleet; for I will give you favor with the people you need to make this happen and I will also give you favor with the people that you need to hire to work in your new company. The Lord says, I am doing this because I have found you faithful before me, and I am bringing you into your season of rewards, says the Lord!


7-14-2022 The Lord is saying, in this hour seats of power and thrones of iniquity will be shaken, will be exposed, will be brought down, and will be judged openly in the sight of others; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.


7-13-2022 The Lord God says, focus and be not distracted. The things that you see are designed to distract you from what I am presently doing and constructing in your life. Do not allow for those distractions, but remain focused as I work and put things back together that for a season seemed out of place in your life. I am at work, declares the Lord!


7-12-2022 The Lord is saying, I will turn your chaos into a blessing, and I will turn your mess into a stress-free life. Trust that I am able to do this in your life, and you will see an obvious turnaround, says the Lord! Some of you are even scheduled for a 24-hours turnaround breakthrough and a 24-hours turnaround miracle in your life, and this is your season to breakthrough and to cut through, says the Lord God! I am cutting away the cords that held you bound and that held you in bondage. You will go free in this season and will flourish and be nourished, says the Lord!


7-11-2022 The Lord says, I can do what others do not think that I am able to do. This is your moment to see me show up in a new way that you have not known so you see me meet you at the point of your need and bring breakthrough, says the Lord!


7-10-2022 The Lord says, trust me to see better.


7-9-2022 The Lord says, I am moving up the coasts and all strange spirits and strange worships I am removing and I will send my winds to destroy. It will then be known and clearly seen that I am the only True and Living God, says the Lord!


7-8-2022 The Lord says, it is time for a new configuration in your life. The Lord says, you have been busy trying to make the old thing work, and it has not been working for you anymore, because it is time for a new configuration. It is time for you to upgrade it to that new configuration so that you can get more out of it. You have been comfortable with the old, because you were used to it and you were familiar with it, but the Lord says the pain and frustration that you have been experiencing is because you are still trying to use an outdated, broken, and old configuration when I already have ordained for you to upgrade to the new configuration that will make things easier for you and cause things in your life to run smoothly and seamlessly again, declares the Lord! Continuing with the old is not an option for you in this season, because the new configuration has come to you. The Lord says, what you were comfortable with for a long season is what I am stripping away from you to give you the upgraded and expanded version of my goodness in store for your life, declares the Lord! The Lord says, you will be more effective working with the new configuration that I have indeed ordained for your life and are moving you into, says the Lord! The new configuration will be more secure and better for you and it will be easier for you to navigate. The Lord says, you have been comfortable with something that I have long moved away from. Do not be afraid to upgrade and to try and to step into this season of the new configuration, because the new configuration is what I declare over you in this season and even now, says the Spirit of the Living God of Glory!


PROPHETIC WARNING! A SPECIAL WORD OF THE LORD 7-8-2022: The Lord says, as I walk through the land shaking and breaking evil foundations, your place in me is sure. I am realigning some things and reordering some things and those that will oppose my will or continue to oppose my will and my plans and purposes in the earth will be smitten and broken to pieces; for this is a season of my breaking and my mighty shaking, says the Lord! In this hour I have chosen it to display my power, and men will bow to me in this hour whether they like it or not and whether they want to or not, says God! For a long season I sat back and I just watched and I held my peace, because I wanted to really see what was in the hearts of mankind. I wanted to see if they really had evil intentions in their hearts towards me, towards my Kingdom, towards my people, and towards my order, says the Lord! Anyone, any governments, any entity, and any organization that continues to oppose me, my will, and my order will be shaken to their core and will be utterly broken to pieces for despising my order and my covenant, says the Lord! In times past, I held my peace, but it will not be such any longer, and I will no longer hold my peace, but I will chastise and break men in my fury in this season, and they will be afraid at my mighty clouds, and they will be afraid at my highness, says the Lord! If you are on my side it shall be well with you, says the Lord God; for I will have respect unto those that rejoice at my highness and rejoice in my glory; for the alarm has sounded, declares The Mightest And The True And Only Living God! (A trumpet has been sounded in the land! See Isaiah 58:1-14, Jeremiah 50:22, Jeremiah 50:25, Jeremiah 50:34, Isaiah 63:4-7, Isaiah 42:13-17, Psalm 78:65-66, Isaiah 59:13-19, Nahum 1:8, Nahum 1:2-7, Ecclesiastes 12:3-5, Isaiah 2:8-21, Isaiah 2:7, Zephaniah 1:14-18, Amos 5:11-20, Zephaniah 2:1-3, Ezekiel 22:23-31, Joel 1:1-20, Joel 2:1-20, 2 Chronicles 7:13-15, then Joel 2:14-32.) The Lord says, how you pray will determine what you see and how much mercy you will receive, but where there is no prayer there will be no mercy in some areas, says the Governing Lord!


7-7-2022 The Lord says, favor is already on your life, and you will see plenty of it in this season as many things work out on your behalf in this season of a reset on life for you.


7-7-2022 Special Word For Someone: The Lord says, set not your mind on it. The contract is already signed. The business deal has already been sealed, and it is yours, says the Lord!


7-6-2022 The Lord says, I am more merciful than you may think. Many people get to know me through my mercy than by my judgment. Lean not to your own understanding, but learn to rejoice and to hope in my mercy that triumphs over my judgment, declares the Lord!


7-5-2022 The Lord says, nothing can break your will and nothing can break my works in your life, because I have planted myself inside of you, and my roots runs very deep within you. I have caused you to be anchored in me to the point that when the winds blow, they cannot shake you or blow you down, says the Lord!


7-4-2022 The Lord says, the restructuring that I am doing in your life requires your patience, your understanding, and your faith, because it will not be a way or a process that you have ever known before or previously, but I will do a new thing and take you a new way, declares the Lord! Do not get confused in the process when things look differently than what you were used to, says the Spirit of The Living God! See Isaiah 42:16 and 2 Corinthians 5:7.


7-3-2022 The Lord says, your focus must be different in this season, so new life from my Spirit can flow through you and bless your life. Your foundation in me must remain deep and strong so that I can build upon you the structure of my Kingdom that I intend for you to hold and to bless and empower others, says the Lord!


7-2-2022 The Lord says, you will not perish like the rest of them, but you live to declare my works and to do my will in the earth. When the scourge comes through, I will preserve you and keep you and keep your foot from being taken in the great deluge when it comes. In due time, you will see that you have my favor, and you will know that I have kept you alive for my purposes, says the Lord your God!


7-1-2022 The Lord says, you are getting ready to walk into places and go places that you could have never imagined to be possible. Doors will now open for you in the high places that I ordained for you to walk through those doors in this season, declares the Lord! I hear the Lord saying, access is granted for you.


6-30-2022 I saw where the enemy was going to try to bring a time of severe global upheaval and was going to try to make things worse than what they currently are, but the Lord is going to rebuke the enemy in some areas. I saw the fall of three major generals, and I saw the flags being flown at half mask for a time to honor them and others that will fall, including some world leaders of global prominence and that are popular. The Lord says, I will give you the strategies to navigate during these times as the things in the earth reset themselves, declares the Lord God!


6-29-2022 The Lord says, your next is your now. Watch in the present tense what I am enacting for your future that starts now and takes you up and into that which is actually of your future. Your future starts now, says the Lord, and it will be a process that will be unfolding daily over time. It is your now season, declares the Lord!


6-28-2022 The Lord says, I am given you another chance. I am doing it for you a second time.


6-27-2022 The Lord says, it will no longer be a guessing game, but I will manifest my greatness in your life before your very eyes. It is time for you to rise, says the Lord! Manifestation is on its way, declares the Lord!


6-26-2022 The Lord God says, I am moving even when you do not think that I am moving. Just because you can’t see everything that I am doing at every turn and point of your life does not mean that I am not moving, says the Lord God, because I am moving in your midst and in your life, and I am moving in and among the nations of the earth, says the Lord, and I am reversing a lot of evil works that has long stood in the land, says the Lord! In this season, I do a new thing, says the Lord God!


6-25-2022 The Lord says, a lot of movements that has been in the land will come to an end, some to an abrupt end as I cleanse the land and prepare a people that are ripe for the harvest; for this is a season of picking as I pick off of the tree, says God! What many people did not understand they will now come into a time and a season of understanding and clarity as their portion, declares the Spirit of the Living God!


6-24-2022 The Lord says, it is a revelation that you need to fix your current dilemma and situation. In this season, I will come to you with a revelation specifically tailored to your situation, and the power in that revelation will set you free from the things or those things that are trying to hold you in captivity and in the same situation not moving forward. I will break stagnation off of your life in this season, and I will destroy all that has been trying to sabotage and hinder your life and destiny, declares the Spirit of the Living God!


6-23-2022 The Lord says, all hope is not lost in this life if you are finding your hope in me and putting your trust in me. I have the solution for in everything as you navigate this process, says the Lord! I am a friend to my chosen ones and to all those who chooses me, says the Lord!


6-22-2022 The Lord says, do not allow fear to overcome your heart, but stay in faith; for it is in the realm of faith that you will see the mighty miracles and blessings that you desire to see. My hand is not short, but I am always at work even when you can’t see it, I am working. I have declared the end from the beginning, and that is final, says the Lord!


6-21-2022 The Lord says, be patient while I work things out. There are things behind the scenes going on that you have no knowledge of, but I see their workings, and I am now moving to dismantle the threats against your destiny. You will see my hand in due time, so just hold on and be patient, says the Lord!


6-20-2022 The Lord says, many people quote My Word, but it is only correct application of My Word that brings liberation into people’s lives, but the wrong application puts people into bondage. Seek to know and to correctly apply My Word in your life and to situations, says the Lord!


6-19-2022 The Lord God says, don’t give up. You will overcome every obstacle against you to win and to come, especially where people and things have sought to bring you down, says the Lord!


6-18-2022 The Lord says, the shake up grabs their attention and causes them to become aware. I have come down in this season to visit the earth and judge the systems of evil and wickedness that have reigned for far too long, and in this season the world will know me, and they will see my works and see my hand of judgment, but my right hand will bless my people in the midst of all these things, declares the Lord!


6-17-2022 The Lord says, they don’t know the God factor in your life and how I move for you when to them it looks like all hope is lost and there is no other way for you. By what they see at times they count you out, but in the God factor is how I move when your back is against the wall and things are against you at all odds. Sometimes I allow things to be done to come at you just so you can see me move on your behalf and just so that it can build your faith, but no weapon formed against you will prosper, declares the Lord God!


6-16-2022 The Lord says, I will shut the mouths of your mockers, and they will not be able to mock anymore. I will make you into a sharp threshing instrument that will cut away the chaff and the dross on others, and you will be used to refine a generation, says the Lord! The Lord says, I am teaching you and training you to recognize and to defeat evil. You have been in training and preparation for a while to deal with end times spirits and principalities that will try to contend against the faith in these latter days, but you are equipped to deal with what others have no experience with up until now, declares the Lord!


6-15-2022 The Lord says, do not be misled by these last days, there are finer times even in the midst of Antichrist tampering. Look for my hand, and you will see my plan, says the Lord!


6-14-2022 The Lord God says, you have nothing to fear, because I always make a way for my chosen. You have been chosen to bear my name and demonstrate great things among the people and the nations, says the Lord!


6-13-2022 The Lord says, know that I am raising you up even when men and people say that you do not qualify. I have already declared your end from your beginning. You are in your process and making progress. Your slot in the Kingdom has already been secured and ordained, says the Lord! You were not good enough for some, but I made you good enough for me, says the Lord, and I qualified you as I called you and ordained you, says the Lord!


6-12-2022 The Lord says, give it a chance and watch how it works out. Do not limit the hand of my reach, says the Lord!


6-11-2022 In a dream, I saw this big gold and black python snake, and the Lord had me fighting this thing until it was totally destroyed, because it was intimidating the people by putting fear in their hearts and minds. The Lord shows me what was the source of this evil serpent, and it was being projected from an evil altar by evil people that wanted to hold certain people captive by their witchcrafts, voodoo, black magic, etc. These were people that were heavily into the dark arts, and they use snakes in a dream to intimidate their victims and to try to kill them, but after I destroyed that evil snake, I saw many people go free from their evil spells put upon their lives, their minds, their marriages, their finances, and their families. I saw evil covenants and evil foundations in people’s lives begin to immediately break from off of them. Even certain ones of their victims that they made to be out of their minds and running mad and to become crazy got free and were back to their normal self and came back to their senses. I see many hidden and evil altars catching on fire and burning to ashes and the Lord sent out lightning to finish them and the evildoers off. See Psalm 18:7-14, 2 Samuel 22:14-15, Exodus 20:18-21, Psalm 97:1-4, Revelation 4:5, Psalm 7:13, Psalm 58:7, Job 37:3, Psalm 135:7, Jeremiah 51:16, Jeremiah 10:13, Zechariah 9:14, Luke 17:24, Revelation 11:19, and then 1 Samuel 12:15-18. The Lord says, this will be a heavy visitation upon the evildoers in this season, and they will not escape my wrath and my judgment upon them in this hour. Then will they see and know that I am the Lord!


6-10-2022 The Lord says, your process is coming to an end and your training and development and testing is coming to an end, and you will finally be launched into something new and something greater, but I will be the source of your success and not man, says the Lord! For some of you your process has been long and hard, but it produced a muscle of faith in you that cannot be easily shaken or broken, and the Lord took you through this long process to develop you and your faith, so that you could be used of him to develop and to deliver others. You have to go through many things so that you can speak from a place of experience when you speak and minister to others that will need to be set free from the chains and the captivity of the evil one and from evildoers. This is your season to advance, and the Lord says this will be a season of incredible rewards for you. Your public shame will be replaced with public praise, fame, and honor that comes from the Lord only. Look at John 5:44, Micah 4:6-13, Zephaniah 3:18-20, Psalm 126:1-6, and John 16:20-24.


6-9-2022 The Lord says, I will break up networks of evil that have been fighting against my people’s lives, and I will expose the evildoers and judge them publicly. I am a God that sits high and looks low beholding all the works of the sons of men upon the earth. I look to see if they will repent and turn away from the wickedness in their hearts, but they have not been ashamed for the evil they have done even by aligning themselves with evil and doing many things that are contrary to my will, says the Lord! That is the reason why I will turn my face away from them and turn my hand against them to vex them now on behalf of my people and for the sake of the Gospel getting out unhindered. My sword will now go forth throughout the land, says the Lord!


6-8-2022 The Lord says, wise eyes will see a long way, but a closed heart will lead to closed eyes that won’t see afar off. This is a season for you to open your eyes and to be very wise, says the Lord, and be not slow to receive and to get certain things, declares the Lord! See Luke 24:25, Amos 3:7, and Hosea 12:10 & 13. The Lord says, some situations are not as they seem, but they were a setup to make the situation that you see appear as it is. Manipulation was in the process says the Lord, and that is the very thing that I will expose and will bring down in the this season, declares the Lord! The Lord says, situations are and were being manipulated, but you will see my hand overturn those evil manipulations by the workings of evil hands and evil doings, says the Lord God! (Evil hands had hands on your matter and that is why it turned a certain way. Things have been being manipulated, but God!).


6-7-2022 The Lord God says, stay put for a moment while I dismantle some things that are designed to hurt you and take you out. Then I heard the Lord say, there will be many sweep operations.


6-6-2022 The Lord says, it is necessary for you to keep the faith as you taste of my grace that has been keeping you all this while, says the Lord!


6-5-2022 The Lord says, your break has come, and I will cause you to break through and break forth on every side. A new beginning I declare in your life now, says the Lord!


6-4-2022 The Lord says, when a strongman is fighting your life, your destiny, your ministry, your money, your family, your city, your region, your nation, then speak to that very same strongman over each of those things and command that strongman, each one of them, to fall, come down, and collapse, in Jesus name! Then bind him up, so that you can spoil his goods and conquer his territory. See Mark 3:27, Matthew 12:29, and Luke 11:21-23.


6-3-2022 The Lord says, they want to decide for you and dictate to you, but I won’t allow them to play my role in your life that only I have responsibility to lead, direct, and guide you, declares the Lord!


6-3-2022 Special Word To A Movie Producer: The Lord says, you produce your own movies, but you need to play a character role in your own films that you produce. This is the next level that I am leading you into, says the Lord!


6-2-2022 The Lord says, what you think you need to enter in is not what you need. It is much easier than how you have been looking at things and making it out to be. The Lord says, many people did not understand you and did not understand your ministry, but the Lord says, the Body of Christ is coming around in this season, and they will begin to see clearly what I have put in you and have called and purposed for you to do. They will shift and now see the purpose of everything that I have put in you, says the Lord! This is your season for clarity and for misunderstandings to be cleared up, says the Lord, and you will be cleared to go forward and do what I have instructed you to do with ease and without the constant fight and battles that you have had to endure, declares the Lord!


6-1-2022 The Lord says, be humble through the rumble. Be humble through the thunders; for you will be one that sees my signs and wonders throughout the course of your life. As you walk close to me, you will see firsthand what I can do when your heart is humble and right before me, declares the Lord God!


5-31-2022 The Lord says, if you want fame and notoriety of the world, that is not what I am doing in this season, but this is a season where I am using those that are broken and that are not looking to increase their name and their fame and trying to promote their brand. The Lord God says, the people that I will use mightily in this season will be those that have mastered the art of walking in humility before me and that fear my name and that is only looking to bring my name glory in all that they do. The Lord says, this is not a season of the famous people that seek self-glory, self-fame, and that are self-seeking, but this is a season where I am promoting the humble and pushing out those that are raised up to fear me and walk humbly with me as their God. For some, I am dethroning and with others I am re-throning them and putting them in place and in position to do my will on a much wider scale, even globally, says the Lord! For some of you, you will have to let go of fear, because you will be sent out into some uncomfortable places by the Lord as the kings and leaders in those nations call for you to hear the word of the Lord at your mouth, and God will be with you as you go in his name! In this level of heavy shaking and darkness, many nations will now open up to the Gospel that were once closed and hostile to the Gospel, and it is the darkness and the shaking that will make them cry out to the Lord and his people to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is your season to mantle up, says the Lord!


5-30-2022 The Lord says, beware of distractions, and don’t let them overcome you.


5-29-2022 The Lord says, patience is the key for what I am about to do for you in this hour. The Nay Sayers and those haters will be disappointed in this season when it comes to you, because what they expected and wanted to happen to you will never happen. Only my will shall stand and will be fulfilled in your life, says the Lord of Hosts! I will not let my investment in your life go down or go to waste, says the Lord Jehovah God!


5-28-2022 The Lord says, a renewed focus on the right things will take you forward into something new and very powerful in the days ahead, but you have to let go of the things that distract you that takes your focus and energy in a wrong direction. This season is about your focus, says the Lord! Many things will try to pull you in a wrong direction, and will try to get your attention and your focus upon them, but allow my Spirit in you to override those distractions, declares the Lord! The Lord says further, I am taking that evil garment from off of your life that has tried to disrupt and destroy your life, and I am removing every evil label that Satan, through man and evil people has tried to put on you, says the Lord! Who is he that declares a thing and it comes to pass over your life when I have spoken it, says the Lord? I am removing every negative garment and label from over your life that I did not put there nor ordained for your life, declares the Lord!


5-27-2022 The Lord says, anyone planning any kind of evil or harm against you will be exposed, and that will be their portion instead, and you will be protected, declares the Lord God!


5-26-2022 The Lord God says, I am delivering you from evil influences, even those ones that you don’t think are evil influence in and on your life, because they are so well disguised. The Lord says, this is your season to be purged and to be made clean in all areas of your life, your ministry, your business, your family, and your livelihood. I am doing a cleaning and a purging in your life, declares the Lord!


5-25-2022 The Lord says, the wicked will not prevail and not one aspect of my Word will fail. In this hour, I will show up big for those that believe in me and call upon my name, says the Lord! My name will work wonders and will work miracles among those that trust in me, says the Lord!


5-24-2022 The Lord says, the answers that you need and that you have been seeking and praying about is already there and has been in place for a while, but some things were hidden from you and kept secret from you and in some cases kept back by fraud, wickedness, and deceit, but the Lord says I will expose all of it in this season, and that which is rightfully yours will come to you and be given to you; for my hand will be in it, says the Lord! This is your season for a major turnaround victory and vindication, and evil hands will not prevail against you, says the Lord!


5-23-2022 The Lord is saying, you are fortified in me, and it is my blood that covers your life to protect you. I am He that shield you from every attack of the enemy. Anything that I allow to come your way is for you to triumph over the enemy to make an open spectacle of him as a son of God that represents me. Sometimes I need you to see just how powerful you are and how powerful I made you to be. In the beginning when I created Adam, I brought the cattle to him to see what he would call them and whatever he called them was their name. I tested him to see if he was thinking like me, like us. I allowed Job and Joseph to be tested so that the devil could see that they would not deny me, quit, turn their back on me and give up. There is a sure reward to you and to all that don’t give up and that continue to represent my name even in adversity, says the Lord!


5-22-2022 The Lord says, in this season I will put some things under your feet. For the sake of my Kingdom I will disarm those heavy works of darkness so that the Gospel can go forth without hindrances and distractions to the core mission of what I have called you and my people to do, says the Lord!


5-21-2022 The Lord says, you are being cleared up to go up. Align your expectations with that, says the Lord!


5-20-2022 The Lord says, I will astound you in this season with things that are beyond your imagination, and I will manifest crazy and unusual miracles in your midst. As you keep believing you will see things that you never even had knowledge of ever before, declares the Lord God! (Watch the unusual and crazy miracles.)


5-19-2022 In a dream, I saw several notable celebrities shooting and killing one another where certain situations and/or arguments and disputes escalated. These were places where millionaires and billionaires lived, shopped, and did business. I saw these things happening in residential areas and in commercial districts. Strangely enough, this was mostly happening among the singers, and it was not just one race either. There were some rappers and movie actors that were caught up too, but it was mostly the singers that were doing the killings and being shot. I saw both males and females where this thing happened amongst them. No doubt this is a major prayer watch. In another dream a few weeks ago, I saw a light skinned lady that looked to be about between 43 to 53 years old, and she was working for a sizeable company, and she was manipulating paperwork so that only she was getting paid, but her employees and the contractors and subcontractors was not getting paid at all. It went from them not being paid on time to them not being paid at all. She was embezzling the money, and in some cases I could see where she was using witchcraft and her eyes to change wording on the paper and to change the terms of the contract without the people’s signatures ever being changed. I was also able to see her forging several documents and contracts to manipulate things in her favor. However, she was rerouting the money to some fictitious bank accounts that had been set up for her using an alias name to get the money, but she was doing it in a manner that it was untraceable, or at least so she thought. She was eventually exposed and was caught. Both of these prophetic dreams were warning dreams that says beware and to be cautious of your surroundings and the kinds of people that you have around you. The latter one shows you that some things in the lives of others can be being manipulated by a third party so exposure has to come. Sometimes you can know something is wrong somewhere, but you cannot trace it or put your finger on it. See Numbers 12:6, Amos 3:7, and Daniel 2:28-30 & 47.


5-18-2022 The Lord says, the same methods that they used to try to take you down will be the same methods that will be used to also take them down as things boomerang and backfire on them like with Haman and Mordecai the Jew. Watch I as I turn the tides on the enemies of your soul in this season. Things will be swiftly and quickly, declares the Lord God of Hosts!


5-17-2022 The Lord says, you’ve been knocking on a door for a while that could not open for you, because I am the only one that can open that door for you. Not everyone have the key of David in their hands or at their disposal. Not everyone have access to that key, but to whom I will or have ordained to possess it and to have access. The key that you need is found in me; for I hold the key of knowledge, says the Lord! I hold the keys to life, death, and Hell, and I also hold the keys to your destiny. Do not be tricked by evil and deceit, they do not hold the keys as you suppose and as they tried to make you believe, but all things are with me, and if you seek me, I will unshackle you and unlock those necessary doors for your life and destiny. I will even unlock those prison doors for some of you that have sincere hearts and are eager to fulfill your destiny before me, says the Lord! I hold all keys, even the devil has to come through me, but I am the key holder, declares the Lord! The key that you need can only be found in me and not in darkness, says the Lord! I even hold the key to unlock that padlock of that darkness that has held your life and destiny bound and also captive, because you chose not to serve me and surrender to me, but if you will come to me I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that will unlock all the doors that you need to open for the sake of your destiny assignment and mission, declares the Almighty God! Ask me for the keys to unlock your destiny and to activate you in those things that you need to fulfill and walk in your destiny in its fullness, says the Lord God Almighty!


5-16-2022 The Lord says, things will escalate in the earth, but I will be in the midst of my people, and I will escalate my response to those that seek escalation to do evil. I will rebuke them, says the Lord!


5-15-2022 The Lord says, through righteous means things are exposed for good intentions, but through evil means things are exposed to do damage and to bring harm to other people that I did not ordain. In this season, you will know the difference, and you will be able to see and distinguish my love from the hatred, evil and vitriol that you see in the earth, says the Lord!


5-14-2022 The Lord says, keep your cool even when things don’t look cool. It is not about how things may look at a given moment in time, but it is about what I have spoken over your life and destined for you to do and to become. Your faith has to be in what I spoke to you first and not based upon the sight of your eyes nor based upon the things you see happening in this world, says the Lord!


5-13-2022 The Lord says, it is not in you to fear evil simply because I did not wire you that way, but I put it in you to be bold, very courageous, and very confident, because your confidence, your intelligence, your authority, and your power comes from me, says the Lord! See Luke 10:19 and Psalm 91:13-16.


5-12-2022 The Lord says, new ideas will take you forward. Keep an eye on some things, and you will discover some key and interesting things that you did not know what will be of value to you that will enhance your life, declares the Lord God!


5-11-2022 The Lord says, two major events that are coming will get the attention of masses of people around the world. This would be considered a type of shaking, but it will be a major signpost representing things to come, says the Lord! These two major events when they unfold won’t be able to be missed. You’ll know them when you see them, because they will be too big to miss, declares Father God!


5-10-2022 The Lord says, you will not perish, but you will fulfill your purpose. My purpose for your life is what is in motion, and it will not be stopped or hindered in your life any longer, but I will hasten my Word to perform it, says the Spirit of God!


5-9-2022 The Lord has raised you up for such a time as this, and he will use you for tasks and assignments that you would have never dreamed of or thought was even possible. As you press into the Lord, he is framing up something new for you that will carry you the distance and for the long-term. Only trust me, and you will see what I can do and will do on your behalf, says the Lord!


5-8-2022 I hear the Lord say, options and opportunities are all around you, but there is only one path that I will have you to go. Allow me to lead you by my Spirit so that you stay the course and stay on that right path that I have for you, declares the Lord!


5-7-2022 The Lord says, greater awaits you, but it is on the path that I have for you and not on the path that you chose for yourself. Realign to get what I have for you, declares the Lord!


5-6-2022 The Lord God says, the regeneration is more than you can handle right now. I have more things for you to be concerned about right now on the earth that I need to reveal to you now and in this season, because it is coming to pass quickly as I continue to do a quick work. Know that the times are accelerated and many things are sped up and will not slow back down, so I need you to get certain things quickly when I speak and reveal them to you so you can quickly move on those things while there is yet time, says the Lord; for the time is near and at hand, declares Father God!


5-5-2022 The Lord says, keep moving forward with a smile and momentum knowing that I am shifting many things in this season, and a lot of things will shift in your favor as I take down corruption, lies, and wickedness that has long plagued the land. The evil will not rule in this season, says the Lord, because I am tearing down their system and all of those systems of evil in which they have relied upon to be able to exact their wickedness. Judgment day is upon them and it will pounce upon the heads of the wicked, and they will not escape, says the Lord God of Hosts!


5-4-2022 Special Word, there is someone in which you are a teacher of some sort, and you were about to let your certification expire, but the Lord says to you, do not let your teacher’s certification expire. You were going to let it expire, because you said you won’t need it anymore, but the Lord says, don’t do it. He sees more than what you see.


5-4-2022 The Lord says, set not your mind on trivial things that distract you and get you off course, but meditate in my word heavily in this season, and you will see a reset in your life and in your walk with me that will set you free.


5-3-2022 In this season, the Lord says you will regain your stamina and strength, and you will regain your focus as I flush things out of your life and purge things from out of your system that has tried to hinder my faith in your life and has tried to stamp out my voice. Your dry bones will live again in this season, and the dry bones will be as that of which Prophet Jeremiah spoke of, because it will be as a fire shut up in your bones that will be set ablaze with the fire of my glory. This is a "Dry bones will live" season for you and for all my people, declares the Lord!


5-2-2022 In this season, the Lord is dealing with blockages and roadblocks in your life and in the lives of his people. The Lord says, that which hindered you will hinder you no more.


5-1-2022 This is your moment, says the Lord! Bright things and new things I declare over your life, says the Lord! That which you could not do you will now be able to do, and I will help you do those things, says the Lord! My will shall stand and prevail over all other things, says the Lord!


4-30-2022 The Lord says, time has run out for the wicked, and my game show is now set to begin, and I will move in a way throughout the earth that others will know that it does not pay to serve Satan. I am the only Lord and God that is worthy of the praise of mankind, and I will display myself in a new and a very high way, declares the Lord of Hosts! See Ecclesiastes 12:5-14 and Isaiah 59:19-21.


4-29-2022 The Lord says, fear not the things in these days of the Antichrist, but I will have your face to be bold and to be brave for me as these times unfold. I am strengthening my Kingdom and my people so that they will be strong, says the Lord!


4-28-2022 The Lord says, they started it first, but I will be the one to finish it for you. They started a fight with you that they can never win, but I, the Lord Your God, will fight for you. I am the one that is shielding you and protecting you. There are some that have gotten themselves into some trouble with me, because they launched an attack on you, and I will shut down their operations in this season and my wrath will shake some things up in your life. The mantle that is on your life came from me and not from mere men. I put my holy oil on your life, because I chose you and I was the one that anointed you and chose you to conquer, and you will conquer those that have once tried to conquer you, because I will subdue them under your feet as the serpents they are, says the Lord! Night and day, it will be a constant terror for them, as I defend you and fight against them for you, because they did not fear me, so I will shake them day and night, declares the Lord!


4-27-2022 The Lord says, my favor is already on you to go through the door, so go through the door so that you can get all that I have for you, declares Father God!


4-26-2022 A Special Word for some particular ones that has been laboring nonstop and very diligently before the Lord; The Lord does not want you to think in the box. Sometimes you are offended by if you see certain people show up or don’t show up for you, even on your live, but the Lord says, it is those ones that you do not see and may or may not ever see that I have ordained to connect with you and to be a part of your life and what I have you doing from a distance. Those ones are still of me and have love for you, but they obey me in secret, and I have them set to get their rewards publicly by what they do in secret for me, says the Lord! See Numbers 11:24-30, mainly Verses 26-27 and Matthew 6:1-6 & 16-18. The Lord says, you too have some liken unto Medad and Eldad in the camp, and it is written of them in Heaven, but you always want know everything and see every detail, but does not my Word say, “For we walk by faith, not by sight?” That which you cannot see is much stronger than that which you can see, declares the Lord God; for I have ordained for there to be an invisible army around you and to stand with you, says the Lord! The Lord would say further to you that you take the time out to pour into so many selflessly and tirelessly so that I thought it not robbery to make my servant speak this Word to pour back into you. I am well pleased with you, says the Lord Your God! Take a look at Hebrews 6:10 and 2 Chronicles 15:7-8. This is a season of great rewards for you and a time of greater elevation and expansion for you for your faithfulness, says the Lord!


4-25-2022 The Lord says, I want you to work on those key areas of your life that I am pinpointing to you in this season and be not afraid of my healing hand and my guiding hand in your life. Those problems in your life will be solved in this season as you connect with my Spirit in a new way, says the Lord!


4-24-2022 The Lord God is saying, my voice has to be the loudest voice in your life. If you will hear my voice and do as I say, you will fair very well in life, but if you will not listen, then shame will be your portion, declares the Lord! See Isaiah 1:19-20 and Job 36:11-12.


4-23-2022 The Lord says, you will win every battle against you and every battle you face no matter how it looks, but you will win them through me and by my strength and by my hand, declares the Lord, so don’t be afraid!


4-22-2022 The Lord says, they are saying you could be this or you could be that, because they see your gifting, but what they are saying you could be, I already made you that, so watch in the strength and the power of that thing that I have already called you to be and activated you in, says the Lord!


4-21-2022 The Lord says, your chances are not slim if you are in me, but your chances are unlimited in me and knows your limits when you trust me and put your faith in me. I have many new things and many new doors to open before you. There are yet many more things that I have to show you in this season and in this hour that you have not seen previously and have not heard, says the Lord!


4-20-2022 The Lord says, those that feel like they have to crush you to get on top and to get ahead in life will never get ahead, but they just have to watch you climb, because their hearts are not right. I will cause you to climb and to rise, says the Lord!


4-19-2022 The Lord says, don’t get in a rush and do not be anxious, but wait patiently, and give me time to readjust some things and to get things back on track and into proper alignment.


4-18-2022 The Lord says, shift or get left behind.


4-18-2022 Ponder the path of where your feet tread upon in this season, and do not follow the crowd, and you will be safe as you be sensitive to my Spirit, says the Lord!


4-17-2022 The Lord says, this is a season of divine and new connections that will be used to shift you forward into those new things I have for you. As I connect the dots, you will see a new flow of momentum in what I am now doing in your midst and in your life, says the Lord!


4-16-2022 The Lord God says, keep smiling, because I have already fixed the fight in your favor, and you will win.


4-15-2022 The Lord says, filter pass all of the noise, the chatter, and the distractions to hear my voice. Hearing my voice will save you from any impending dangers if you yield to what I am telling you. There is major danger on the horizon, but if you follow my Spirit you will be shielded from it, says the Lord!


4-14-2022 The Lord says, don’t worry about the part that you can’t see. Leave that part up to me, and trust me to bring something beautiful out of what looked like a piece that was too broken to fix and put back together again. Me, I specialize in those things, says the Lord!


4-13-2022 The Lord God says, trying times are ahead for the nations, but in my mercy I will cover all that put their trust in me so they will have peace in the midst of those things that lies ahead, declares the Lord!


4-12-2022 The Lord says, don’t stretch yourself too thin, but allow me to guide you to show how to best direct your energy, focus, and attention in this season so that you can be more effective at what I need you to do so that you can bear more fruit, says the Lord!


4-11-2022 The Lord God is saying, as the world transitions in certain aspects and things, a crash course on economics and cryptocurrency would not do too bad for you. These are days that requires you not to be thinking too slow and get left behind, but stay up on things and get ahead of things by listening to my Spirit and allowing me to lead you and even direct you even on the smallest of things. What you think is too small for me are not always small things, but they are actually a big deal and it could position you for the greater things that I have put in you and set before you, says the Lord! See Isaiah 48:17, Isaiah 48:15, Genesis 26:12-14, Deuteronomy 8:18, Ecclesiastes 5:18-20, Proverbs 8:12 & 17-21, Proverbs 3:9-10, Deuteronomy 8:13, Jeremiah 3:15-16, Jeremiah 23:3-4, and 2 Corinthians 8:9.


4-10-2022 The Lord says, press even when you don’t feel like it, and you will see the breakthrough like that. I will show you my hand and the cards that I am holding on your behalf when you press in, declares the Lord!


4-9-2022 The Lord says, turn neither to the left or to the right hand, but stay the course and press in even deeper, and you will see what is waiting on the other side of your obedience, declares Father Lord!


4-8-2022 The Lord says, the winds are about to pick up in the land, but these are no ordinary winds, but they are the winds that will blow in change. The great plague has begun where the Lord is targeting evil leadership and oppressors within the nations, and the Lord has said, "Clean Sweep." There will be a clean sweep of those that have done evil and have their hands to evil and wickedness and chose not to fear him. The Lord is saying, I will have my way in this season, and I will silence the mouth of those that have spoken and are speaking against my will trying to silence my chosen ones and trying to undo my plans. I will fight against them with the breath of my mouth and with my mighty sword, says the Lord! The Lord is saying, this is an unprecedented season of me clearing the house and even cleaning up the evil. For I have seen their heart, and I have seen their works of evil, and they have chosen to stay upon the path of evil so I will have judgment upon them without mercy, because they have shown no mercy, says the Lord! My sword and my mighty winds will not return until it has accomplished that which I please, says the Lord! The Lord God is cutting off witchcraft from out of their hands and those sorceries that they have been relying on and doing in the dark. The power of their hands is going to dry up and those evil hands are going to be cut off in this season, and it is going to be a quick work. See Micah 5:12-15, Ezekiel 13:17-23, mainly Verse 21, Nahum 3:4-6, and Nahum 1:3-8. This will not be a lightweight thing, but this will be a mighty shaking of the Land. The power of his winds, the size and the magnitude of his shakings, and the size of the floods will get men's attention and put the fear of God back in their hearts. The shakings will show up politically, economically, physically, and geographically. I heard the Lord say, warning season is up. The Lord has been holding back some of these major things, because he was giving men time to repent and turn from their wickedness, but now......... Read Exodus 20:18-26, then Exodus 20:1-17. The Lord says, they ain't seen nothing yet, but I will shield and protect my own and those that fear me, declares the High and Holy Lord!


4-7-2022 The Lord says, let them disagree with what you said on my behalf, but it is my word that will stand, says the Lord! Watch me as I walk through the nations, and watch as I set things in order and set other things back in order in a way that the nations will know and see that it is me, says the Lord! In this season, I will be seen in a very visible way as I walk through the land, says the Lord! (That Big Man is coming through! He is walking through the land, and he is not too happy about the corruption, the evil, the fraud, the oppression, and the subverting of his will in this nation and in the earth.)


4-6-2022 The Lord is saying that my sword is in the land, and the sword of the Lord will not depart from out of the land until it has accomplished its purposes. That which they think will save them and protect them will collapse, and that which they have been hiding behind all this while will break before them. Then I heard the Lord say, there will be a clean sweep, and the sword of the Lord will not depart out of the land until some things has been atoned for, made right, reversed, and even confessed. Until then, my wrath and my indignation will be poured out. My words will not be called back until it has accomplished that which I have pleased, says the Lord! See Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 31:2, and Ezekiel 22:29-31.


4-5-2022 The Lord says, I will make sure that you have peace, and you won’t lose any sleep over any adversarial threats against you, declares the Lord!


4-4-2022 The Lord says, that which I gave you to manage, manage it well, because it will determine what I will give you next to manage in terms of promotion and in terms of advancement, declares the Lord


4-3-2022 The enemy will try to steal your testimony, but the Lord says I will not allow him to do that, but I will add more to it for everything that he tries to tear down, steal, distort, milk down, or water down, declares the Lord!


4-2-2022 The Lord says, there will be a great shaking in the land and the corruption and the planned plots will now be exposed and will be made known as the hand of the Lord and his wrath bear down upon the nations.


4-1-2022 The Lord says, don’t take that situation to heart, because it was for your own good so that you would not be hurt continually. Allow my healing hand in your life to set your heart in my hands and heal it and give it back to you to begin again being healed, declares the Lord!


3-31-2022 The Lord says, I have made you different and I have wired you differently for a reason. I have even chosen you to think differently so that you can manifest something different and new for my Kingdom that has never been and has never existed before, says the Lord! I have chosen you to bring forth something new and powerful that will bring much glory to my name, declares the Lord!


3-30-2022 There is something that needs to be exposed and revealed to you that if that thing is not known to you it could really continue to do damage to you behind your back is what the Lord is saying. He is going to expose this thing to you, but do not overreact when he does.


3-29-2022 The Lord says, look and you will see the light and the path that you are to enter and to walk down. The darkness around you does not necessarily mean that I am not there and not with you. The world is dark, but I created you to be a witness and a light for me in that dark place so that others can see the light and have hope. In this season, they will see a big God at work in your life, and they will gain hope and be drawn to me, says the Lord of Hosts! It is okay if you don’t have all the answers for everyone simply because I am the answer that they need, and what they are searching for is only found in me. I am what they need, says the Lord!


3-28-2022 The Lord says, no conflict is greater than my hand, and there is no earthly power that is greater than my power. My power will be seen mightily in the nations in this hour, says the Lord!


3-27-2022 The Lord says, the transition of the nations will be great, but I am in the midst thereof to be a power to the powerless, says the Lord! This is your change season, and something positive will come out of it for you, declares the Lord! See Nahum 1:9 and Zephaniah 3:15.


3-26-2022 As I look in the Spirit, there is a dark cloud moving to cover the nations, but at the same time there is a dark cloud moving from over people, individuals, and from over God’s people that has sought him, persevered, and have hung in there. This is your season for some major and heavy breakthrough as the way forward is opening up wide before you in this season. In the darkness coming over the world, you will see your purpose as the light. The Lord says, it is not for you to worry or to fret, declares Father God!


3-25-2022 The Lord says, your portion is not to be defeated or depleted, but I will pour out on you, to you, through you, and around you, and people that come in contact with you will be blessed by my glory that I have placed upon your life. Sick bodies will be healed, and people will receive new life and a new energy just being in your presence. You are one that I have chosen to carry my presence and my glory, says the Spirit of the Living God!


3-24-2022 This is a season of divine recovery in the midst of all the shaking, the turmoil, the wars, and the fights. This is a season of a great shift and a season of heavy transition for many people and for many nations. The Lord says, I will be in the midst of the shaking and the great shake-up, and you will also see people removed out of their place and position, declares the Lord!


3-23-2022 The Lord says, I have given you the anointing of recovery to bounce back from any and everything so let it work for you once again, and bounce back from that thing and recover yourself, says the Lord!


3-22-2022 The Lord says, I am peeling back the layers. Do not be afraid or offended at what you see, but know that I am in the details as things come to a place to heal, declares the Lord!


3-21-2022 The Lord says, new works I decree are coming to you and you will be placed in a totally new assignment in this season. Keep the right attitude, because you don’t know what I am working on in this season and time in your life. It is the part that you can’t see that will make all the difference when you do see it come forth, says the Lord!


3-20-2022 The Lord says, the reinforcements are coming heavily to help you, but it will be by my hand and not by your own efforts, says the Lord!


3-19-2022 The Lord says, you are favored for the part. Go and do it, and then watch how I open the other doors that are behind that for you.


3-18-2022 The Word of the Lord to many nations is, watch who and what is coming across your border. You will need to shore up things pretty quickly, because he showed me terrorists and enemy forces pouring across many borders if the watchmen on the wall at the borders are not vigilant and if Governments are not swift to take heed to the warnings.


3-17-2022 The Lord says, I am prying into those inner parts of your life that needs healing, and I purpose to bring both healing and restoration to your life, says the Lord! Only trust me and get to see my hand of healing, restoration, and power, says the Lord God!


3-16-2022 Rest easy knowing that I got your back, says the Lord! I will make the mockers turn their back to you in this season, declares the Lord!


3-15-2022 The Lord says, be at peace knowing that I am protecting you and shielding you from many things, and in this season all men will know and see that my hand is upon your life, says the Lord! I will not be mocked, declares the Lord God!


3-14-2022 1) The Lord says, the extortioner is coming to his end. See Isaiah 16:4 and Ezekiel 22:12. 2) The Lord says, when a leader no longer cares about the well being of their own people, then their reign will not continue, but it will surely collapse. 3) The Lord says, fear not the shaking and how I shake the nations in this season, because in the midst of all that shaking I am creating a troop and forming up a righteous remnant and army that will serve and obey me, and flow with the marching orders they are given from me, says the Lord! 4) The Lord says, stop, listen, do you hear it? There is a sound of trumpets blowing all over the land, and the trumpets are blowing all over the nations. The trumpets and the thunders are announcing something in this season, something major and something mighty, declares the Lord! 5) The Lord says, they will not be able to kill you or destroy you as they once supposed. They cannot kill or destroy what I have raised up. I have made you fireproof and fools-proof in this season, and your eyes will see clearly like that of the eagle in this season, says the Lord Our God!


3-13-2022 The Lord says, know who I am and know how I move. Learn of me, so that I can teach you and activate you for a new season to take hold in your life. As I activate you, you will see a change in your status as there is a change in your posture, declares the Lord!


3-12-2022 The Lord says, get your confidence back, get up from where you are, and get back in action. I have forgiven you for the mistake, now make the best out of what I have put within you and what I am calling you into right now, declares the Lord!


3-11-2022 The Lord says, in the midst of the shakings and the wars I will yet promote you and expand you. Think not for one minute that wars and shakings will stop my plan for your life and destiny, says the Lord!


3-10-2022 The Lord says, they attacked you because they felt like they had been attacked by others all of their lives, so they took their hurt and anger out on you. They lashed out at you, because they were insecure. The Lord says, do not hold it against them. Forgive them, but do not allow them back in to keep on stabbing and hurting you. There is a healing that they need first that only comes from me, says the Lord! Give them time, says the Lord! The Lord says, when the attacks piled on, and they said, “I never liked that dude anyhow,” or “I never could stand her,” I saw it, and I heard it, says the Lord! I saw everything, but leave them to me, and leave them in my hands, and I will favor you as you guard your heart, says the Lord!


3-9-2022 The Lord says, do your business, mind your own business, and be about his business, and you will fare well.


3-8-2022 The Lord says, beware of people trying to use scare tactics to put pressure on you to try to get you to do their will. All such things are of the devil, and I am not in the midst of any such foolishness. Keep yourself pure and unspotted from the world, and you will abundantly see my blessings, says the Lord!


3-7-2022 The Lord says, move forward in spite of what you see. No war can stop my will for your life, declares the Lord!


3-6-2022 The Lord says, in this season you will go from being a victim to a victor as I give you sweet victory in this season once again, declares the Lord!


3-5-2022 The Lord says, go back over those prophecies that I gave you several months ago or several years ago, and you will see that is what is starting to be fulfilled in your life. You have been searching and seeking for a new word when you have not even realized the impact of the old and former words. That which was spoken then is now, says the Lord, and it is a season of fulfillment, declares the Lord!


3-4-2022 The Lord is saying, you will be restored when you get in the place of your assignment in this season. For  some of you, the Lord is saying I am giving you some new assignments in this season. The Lord God is saying, you are being called into your fulfillment of purpose.


3-3-2022 The Lord says, open your eyes, and be not misled or deceived. Open your eyes, says the Lord; for I am trying to show you many things in this hour and in this season, but I need you to open your eyes, both the natural and spiritual eyes that you have, says the Lord!


3-2-2022 The Lord says, fear not, help is on the way, and it will come in abundance, and it will come from some least likely unexpected sources, as well as some expected sources. This is a season where it will be known that I did not leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord! The best is yet to come, and the best is yet to come out of people, and everything in this hour will not be evil only, says the Lord! The Lord says the tides are turning for good and not for evil; for I have heard the cries of my people, even the ones that has been hunkered down in the bunkers, and I will show my great strength, says the Lord! This is the hook in the jaw season, and I will turn him back, says the Lord! You prayed, and I listened, says the Lord!


3-1-2022 The Lord says, keep your focus right in this hour, and keep your mind clear of distractions so that you do not miss what I am doing, first in the Spirit, then in the natural in your life. Do not fret yourself, and do not worry, because I got you covered, says the Lord!


2-28-2022 The Lord says, I am going to destroy that Saul spirit that has been fighting you and challenging you. You will see a notable change in the coming days as I rebuke that spirit along with others on your behalf, says the Lord!


2-27-2022 The Lord says to the Nations, pay a cost now or pay an even higher cost later. The Lord is saying, this is the hour of the moment of truth. By revelation of the Spirit of God, the Lord says a lot of what you are seeing happening is not because of the people you see, but it is because of the ones that are hiding behind the people that you see that are running things, making decisions, coercing things, and have made deals behind the scenes. The Lord says, watch for the hidden truth to come out into the open, declares the Lord!


2-26-2022 The Lord says, I will give you strategies and wisdom how to get a lot more done in a short while so that you can do even more. The Lord says, this is a season where I am realigning your focus and your priorities. Come to me for the blueprint and the strategies, says the Lord, and I will download it into you, says the Lord!


2-25-2022 The Lord says, they set a trap to try to embarrass you so they could set you up to mock you and to laugh at you, but I protected you from the trap and made you aware of it so you could avoid it. I will be the one laughing at them from Heaven, and I will cause you to laugh too in the process and when it is all said and done, says the Lord! See Psalm 37:12-13, Psalm 2:4-5, Job 41:28-29, Job 5:22, Zephaniah 3:14-20, Psalm 126:1-4, Genesis 17:15-17, Genesis 18:11-15, and then Genesis 21:1-6. The Lord is saying you will laugh again. Things might not seem too funny to you right now at the moment, but the Lord says, rest assured, you will laugh again very soon, even very soon, really soon. See John 16:20-22.


2-24-2022 The Lord says, having a listening ear will go a long way in this hour. Having hearing ears and seeing eyes will keep you from being caught by the element of surprise if you are watching at my gates and listening for the voice of my Spirit, says the Lord! What is happening in the earth only catches the people off guard that was not listening for my voice or those that ignore my voice when they do not hear my voice. Now is the time to tune in deeper to the voice of my Spirit, and let my Spirit lead and guide you to a place in me of safety and refuge, declares the Lord of Hosts!


2-23-2022 The Lord says, be careful how you prejudge matters without knowing all the facts, because it just might surprise you in the key details that you did not know.


2-22-2022 The Lord says, the intrusion will not stand, but I the sovereign God will intervene. This will be made clear in the days ahead, says the Lord!


2-21-2022 The Lord says, I am warring on your behalf in this season. I will make sure that enemy’s plans against your life and destiny does not get off the ground. Know that I have shielded you from many different things along the course of your destiny, and I have protected you, and I will continue to protect you and shower you with my love among many other things, declares the Lord!


2-20-2022 The Lord says, you have been assured victory over the nasty battles that you went, and I and the council of Heaven have determined to give you the victory, says the Lord!


2-19-2022 The Lord says, what are you worrying about and why are you really worrying? Am I not a God at hand and not a God afar off? I am near. I am very near. I am right there with you and in you, especially if you have made me your Lord! I honor my covenant, and I have predestined you to be on top in this season. Fear not the headwinds that are blowing and that has been coming against you. They are only indicators of your rise and of your promotion that I have given you. Walk in a new power and a new favor in this season. The enemy is no match for me. Therefore, he is no match for you, because I am with you, says the Lord!


2-18-2022 The Lord is saying, when I am silent through  those prophetic voices that you are used to in your life that gives you confirmation, it is because I want to speak to you directly. I am growing you up in this season and maturing you to hear my voice, says the Lord!


2-17-2022 Their words were as evil arrows piercing your heart, and it hurt you, but the Lord is saying, I am lifting you above that hurt. I am lifting you above that pain. I am lifting you above their arrows. I am lifting you far above all reproach and laughs, and you will be restored, declares the Lord!


2-16-2022 The Lord says, you are redeemed. My blood has cleansed you, and I have given you power to defeat and to repel any attack of the enemy upon your life. Fear not; for I am with you, and the battle is not yours, but it is mine’s, says the Lord! I have not called you to defeat, but I have called you to triumph and to get the victory in every aspect of your life; for I am with you. I am overseeing every battle and every attack in your life, and I have set it up for you to overpower every adversarial force of wickedness that would try to afflict you or harm you. I will make sure that you get the victory every time, says the Lord!


2-15-2022 The Lord says, the thing that has been trying to overtake you will not be able to overtake you, because I am with you to repel it and to rebuke it, says the Lord God!


2-14-2022 The Lord says, I will surprise you with the good that has long tried to elude your life, and I will pour out in your life and upon you in a way that you have never seen before. Get ready for your goodness, declares the Lord!


2-13-2022 The Lord says, in the last season I allowed you to see who was against you and were not for you, but in this season I will show your allies and who is for you, and I will even surround you with people that are for you and that have your back that cannot be manipulated, compromised, and deceived, says the Lord God! Know that all things are according to my purposes, declares the Lord!


2-12-2022 The Lord says, an enemy cannot wear a mask forever, but an enemy will be forced to show their face. In this season, some things will become clear concerning some enemies in your life, says the Lord!


2-11-2022 1) The Lord says, for those of you that minister, do not waste too much time responding to the haters, the trolls, the wicked, your enemies, and the naysayers, but continue to feed my sheep so that they suffer not while you are distracted from your assignment. Keep things balanced, and  watch me work, and let me work, says the Lord God! 2) The Lord says, trust me for the breakthrough, and trust me for the elevation. As you trust me, I will look out for you and look favorably unto you and bless you. Know that I will elevate you in due time and in your due season, says the Lord! The Lord says, your due season is upon you now. 3) The Lord says, you will not be blocked in this season, but you will go forward.


2-10-2022 The Lord is saying, watch and pray. Watch and pray concerning things to come. Keep me involved in the affairs of life and in the events of the world by your prayers being lifted up to me. I do hear and answers prayers when my people pray. I hear the cries of the innocent, and I hear the cries of the poor, says the Lord! I hear the cries of my righteous ones. I hear the prayers of the mighty and the rich when they approach in truth, integrity, and sincerity of heart too, says the Lord! In this season, there will be a major manifestation of my Spirit in the earth amidst all things, but I will be looking for your prayers so that I can intervene and bring about my will through your invitations through prayer. I am anxious and more than willing to show myself strong and mighty on behalf of all those that call upon me from a heart of truth and sincerity, says the Lord! Allow me to favor you in this season, declares the Lord!


2-9-2022 The  Lord God says, your faith is the key to these times. You will overcome all things through and by your faith, because your faith is the key and it is the access code, says the Lord!


2-8-2022 The Lord God says, do not make decisions out of desperation, haste, and emotions, because those things are the wrong counselors that can lead you astray. It is when you spend time in my presence away from all of the noise that I will come through and speak to you and make things clear and set things straight and set things in order. Never run ahead of me and try to make something happen that I am not in or that I did not tell you to do, so that it does not come back to bite you or haunt you, declares the Lord God!


2-7-2022 The Lord says, the Body of Christ is getting ready for a facelift, and a lot of changes will take place and some new leadership will come forth and will emerge at the top. The Lord says, I am realigning my body and resetting and realigning the broken bones so they can grow right, and I am resetting some other bones so they can grow straight and not crooked, because if they stay where they are and in the position that they are in, then they will grow crooked and that will in some cases create a limp. The Lord says, I am realigning the fragmented pieces and parts, and putting them all back together again. I will breathe new life into a Body that has been gasping for air. I will restructure some things and cause my new vision to come forth that has been reserved for these times. Now is the time to align with my Spirit, and keep your heart pure and get in position and also posture yourself right so that I can reposition you into that new place and position of favor and elevation that I have for you and have held back until now just for you. I could not have allowed you to run ahead of me, because you would have messed things up, so I blocked you into that uncomfortable season to preserve what I was doing and building inside of you. Now is the time for that thing, that treasure, that beautiful diamond in you to come forth and to reign and regain, says the Lord God! This is your hour of restoration, says the Lord! (The Lord has just promoted you!)


2-6-2022 The Lord says, they were instructed and coached, but I instructed you and coached you on what it is that I want you to do for me, says God! What has been trumped up and overblown out of proportion has been overridden by me, says the Lord of Hosts! The Lord is saying, do not be intimidated by the Antichrist tactics in the earth that you see.


2-5-2022 The Lord says, in a season where I am testing you or allowing you to be tested, do not lose heart, but take heart. You cannot be promoted without a test. Every test brings promotion, and you are promoted when you pass them, says the Lord! You have to trust that I know what I am doing in your life, not just in this season, but every day that you live and experience life, says the Lord! You were used to experiencing life one way and on your terms, but I have been constantly teaching you new ways and showing you something better. I’ve been steadily showing you ways around demonic blockages so you can elevate, prosper, and expand even in the midst of a war, says the Lord! Know that I am with you guiding you, leading you, instructing you, teaching you, and disciplining you, declares the Lord!


2-4-2022 The Lord God says, they threw everything at you, including the kitchen sink, but nothing they do against you will stop what I am doing in your life, and because their motives and foundations were wrong, I am not in anything that they are doing although they will claim that I am in it, says the Lord! Stay focused, and allow my Spirit to flood your soul. Keep your mind stayed on me, and watch how I maneuver in your life and shut the mouths of the naysayers in your life, says the Lord!


2-3-2022 The Lord says, the clouds will clear when the storm is over, but while the storm is raging sit at my feet and hear what I am saying to you by my Spirit and do not make light of it, says the Lord! Many of you will be cleared to go up in this season, and many of you will be promoted even while the storm is brewing, says the Lord!


2-2-2022 The Lord says, it is very important that you stay focused on what I told you and what I am telling you, and do not focus on those things that are only designed to try to block you, hinder you, and stop you. I am backing you up, and making everything in your life possible so that my will can be done and fulfilled through you, says the Lord! Do not allow any kind of setbacks or past failures deter you from what I am leading you into and down the path that I have you on, says the Lord; for I know what I am doing even when man do not know what I am doing, and I have given you orders, so let go of any twisted views you may have or any second guessing me, and take no other thought, says the Lord God!


2-1-2022 The Lord says, I remaking you in this season, so bear with me through the process. I have been shaving off the old things from your life that do not fit where I am now taking you, and I have been strengthening the things that should remain in your life. Do not take for granted those things that I am doing in you and what I am bringing to you in this hour, but know that nothing I do or don’t do is for a purpose and is with purpose on purpose, says the Lord! This is your now season to advance and move forward in that new thing that I am setting before you in this hour, says the Lord!


1-31-2022 The Lord says, I will expose and I will expose the corruption and fraud in the high places, and I will cause my justice to prevail in the earth. I am watching all Nations, says the Lord!


1-30-2022 The Lord says, do not go there with them, and do not allow the devil to bait you. It is in his nature, their nature, to try to lure you into a fight and a distraction, but be wiser than their evil maneuvers, says the Lord!


1-29-2022 The Lord says, you have to be able to multitask in this season and still remain focused on the overall mission, goal, and purpose of what I am calling you to do, declares the Lord!


1-28-2022 The Lord says, this is a season for you to pivot. You have been through the seasons of battles, now I am shifting you into a season of victories and blessing. You are pivoting in your assignment to something new, says the Lord! You will pivot, says the Lord!


1-27-2022 The Lord is saying, break yourself free from all of those things, those things that hurt you and lie to you and trip you up. Break yourself free from all of the bondages and those things that makes your heart sad when I have not made it sad. Let your face shine with my glory, because I have filled your heart with joy and have poured my oil upon you. This is your season for shining in the dark places of the earth to show them my glory and to reveal my story to them, says the Lord! I will be with you, and I am with you now and always, declares the Lord!


1-26-2022 The Lord says, just because a door is not opened does not mean that it is locked, and even if it is locked, that is the reason why I gave you the key. You have the keys to the doors that are closed and locked, and if the keys does not work, then that is a door that I want you to stay away from. It is now time that you see things my way and go the way that I have planned and have purposed for you, says the Lord!


1-25-2022 The Lord says, break free from the mindset that has limited you and hindered you from moving forward in the way that I intend for you to move forward. The Lord says, I have so much more for you in store, but you will need my guidance and my wisdom to see your way ahead in the way that I intend. There is a way forward for you that is safe, but allow my Spirit to guide you into that, says the Lord!


1-24-2022 The Lord says, do not eat from certain trees and from certain Gardens, because they will make you unfruitful and will kill off your faith and zeal in me. There will be certain forces trying to get you to eat from certain trees and eat out of certain gardens like what you saw with Eve in Genesis Chapter 3, but when things goes against my will, then it is a poison pill that is waiting to bring death in your life so do not sign up for it. Learn to wait on me to expose hidden things and bring those hidden things to the light. Then a snake will be revealed as a snake and a fake that had an evil task to deceive you and trick you and lie to you boldly to your face. I am not in everything, says the Lord, and if a tree is not bearing my fruit, it is a tree that I am soon to cut down, so watch your lane and pray, declares the Lord God, our Father!


1-23-2022 1) The Lord says, in this season you are going to have to know the power of my right hand, and my ability to deliver you and to bless you not by your own natural means. I want to go beyond your natural means in this season, and I want to show you something new. I want you to experience me in a new way as I cause you to see the power of my right hand in a new way. 2) The Lord shows you the future, and he gets you fully established in the future in your now. In other words, when the Lord started launching online ministries like this one to feed his sheep, it is simply because he knew that the day would come when there would be Covid, unsafe communing conditions, wars, disasters, hazards, calamities in the earth, and a host of many other things that would be happening where the Saints of the Lord God would not always be able to meet safely and securely in a public setting in the sanctuary, but online would be how he would need to establish the prototype for the future of his church. A lot of people taught hard on forsaking the assembling of themselves together in a building and some still teach that blindly to mean assembling in a church building as the only way to fulfill that mandate. They railed against online platforms and online ministries, but a lot of them were and are forced to do it now. Tornadoes have torn up some church buildings, snow storms, ice storms, floods, and even earthquakes in some areas destroyed some churches or prevented people from coming to a physical building. Terrorists in some African and Asian nations have bombed churches and in some locations they have killed Christians all in a well coordinated effort to persecute and attack the Churches of God. Some Christians in Nigeria in the Northern parts and in other places have been repeatedly attacked and abducted by bandits and terrorists, and it has not been safe for the people of God in those areas to meet in peace. A lot of times you have insensitive Christians that live in nations where there is peace, but they are always beating the people up about a physical building. However, a true shepherd of God has to be able to hear God when it is not safe to do so, because the time is coming and approaching where it will not be safe or wise to do so in every nation. That is why it is important to teach the people of God how to have their own relationship with the Lord Jesus and to have his word in their hearts for themselves, so they would be able to survive and stand even when they do not have the support and physical strength of a church family. That is one reason why the Lord created online fellowships and his online feeding brooks. He was doing it for the sakes of the scattered sheep and church, and he was also doing it for the outcasts that are rejected and wide scale not accepted by the Church for various reasons. See Proverbs 22:3 and Proverbs 27:12. The Lord sees the future of how things will go. He knows what is coming even now that many leaders and Christians are not prepared for at all. These are days and times wherein you must trust the Lord and follow the leading of his voice so that you can avoid the lurking danger that is monitoring you and the Saints of the Most High. If you listen to the Lord like Joseph did in Matthew Chapter 2:13-23, then you’ll avoid the fate of what happened to Apostle James in Acts 12:1-2. If you are wise, you will listen to the voice of wisdom that has nothing to do with fear like some would foolishly suppose, but it has everything to do with prepping the Body of Christ for things to come and what the Lord has shown me that lies ahead. If you are wise, you will listen. If you are unwise and full of pride, then you won’t hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you by his Spirit. He sees what is right in front of you and us as Kingdom people. Our safety works with our obedience to him in times of distress and trouble. If Joseph did not obey the Lord after being warned in a dream to take Jesus as a child and his mother Mary into Egypt, then Jesus would have been killed just like the rest of those little children in that day when Herod gave the order to slay them. This is a type of “Herod day” in the earth now. Sometimes the Lord has to move you to protect you. If Lot did not go out of Sodom and Gomorrah as the two angels had warned him, then he and his family would have perished in its destruction, judgment, overthrow, and demise just like everyone else. Lot’s wife did not take the instructions of the Lord through the angels seriously, but defied God and broke the rules by looking back, and she was then turned into a pillar of salt because of her own disobedience. If Noah did not build that Ark in obedience to God, then he would have drowned just like the rest of those fools that did not listen, because they thought they knew it all. They thought that the prophet, the preacher, was wrong and had lost his mind, but he was warning them that a great rain and a flood was coming. Even now the Lord is warning that a great storm in the earth is coming that will have an effect on all nations to some degree. Now is the time to pray like never before and not be in fear and faithless.


1-22-2022 The Lord is breaking the evil powers of ancient witchcraft that has been in your family that has been manipulating things and situations in your life. They were determined that they were not going down without a fight, but the fire of the Lord will increase upon them, and he will overturn their dark works against your life, in your family, and in the churches, and he will even expose it in the world, and in the high places. He will expose those secret witches that were practicing and those evil powers that has been around you, and they will melt like ice in the presence of the Lord as his fire comes heavily upon them in this season, and he will trouble them night and day, until they are wiped out and totally finished. Some were planted in your family and some came into your family by marriage, but they will be exposed and dealt with in this season through the judgment of the Lord! The Lord says, witchcraft will not be found among you in this season; for I will do a complete purge, and those that were made to go mad that had good sense and no problems before the evil works, the magic, and the witchcrafts of the witches and those wizard powers will be broken off of them, and they will come back to their senses and be in their right minds again before your eyes, says the Spirit of the Living God!


1-21-2022 The Lord says, Eli was warned before now. Eli represents the old order of the priesthood before Prophet Samuel was raised up to take over the helms of the House of God. See 1 Samuel 2:27-36, 1 Samuel 2:22-26, 1 Samuel 3:19-21, and 1 Samuel 4:1-22. I heard the Lord say, they will start dropping like fireflies, and only a small remnant will be left. Some won’t even know it until it is suddenly upon them. Also read 1 Kings 13:11 & 18. I heard the Lord say, out with the old and in with the new. (It does not mean that everybody that is old of age or of an old order will be wiped out, but those that are set against his will and his order and resisting his will. Joshua and Caleb was of Moses’ generation, but they still went into the promise land, because their hearts and minds were in sync with what the Lord was doing in the moment. They had a spirit that was different. See Numbers 13:30 and then Numbers 14:6-9.)


1-20-2022 The Lord says, just because it don’t look like it is going to come to pass does not mean that it won’t come to pass. Anything that is according to my will in life will always come to pass, says the Lord!


1-19-2022 When a road is not traveled and when it is not maintained it becomes overgrown or grown over with weeds, grass, trees, and bushes to the point you can no longer tell that a road was ever there. When a building is abandoned it will begin to decay if it remains unoccupied long enough. When is not lived in, it begins to rot and the roof begins to collapse and fall in from the weakness, because there is no life in it. Whenever a human body is not exercised it goes down very similar to that abandoned building or that house that is not lived in. When a community becomes unimportant to government or a municipality, it becomes blighted and run down, and the gangs move in and spray paint graffiti all over the place. Then the drug dealers move in and gets those places drug infested, and they become a haven for crime, demons, murders, deaths, and overdoses. Whenever the churches and the prophets leave an area, the life of God, which is a form of the breath of God, goes out of an area with them, and the bones of that area, community, or region begins to get dry or to dry rot, because the lifeblood and the backbone and the strength of a community has perished, and a candle has gone out. When the light of the world has gone out in a community, then utter darkness comes in and quickly replaces it and holds that community in bondage and in a state of hopelessness. Then you have a situation like in Ezekiel Chapter 37 where new life has to be spoken into that area by a prophet so that those dry bones can live again and so that dead things can come back to life again and so that life can return and things can be revitalized, renovated, renewed, repaired, rebuilt, refreshed, restored, and re-nourished. “Re” means again, meaning it once was at some point in life. When churches don’t recruit or go after the young people through and by the efforts of evangelism, or if they chase off the new expressions of God through a younger generation, then all of the old members die out and the church dies out with them. It is because the elders did not have a vision for the future and they tried to kill off what God was doing through the youths, because it was not what they were used to, and it was not accepted by them but was instead rejected, but that was the answer to their crime rate problems, drug problems, and a host of other problems plaguing their areas, which are only growing worse, and you can’t lockup your way out of those problems. The wrong approach by the older ones has caused an entire generation of elders to fail God and to fail communities, and if a nation is full of failed communities, then it creates a failed and broken nation that is ran by failed, dysfunctional, and selfish leaders that have failed God and their destiny mission. In many of these areas and nations, there is an indictment by God against its elders and leaders for failing to make sure the next generation takes root in the land in him. That has led to the judgment of God and the shaking of the nations. The Lord God has plans to remove many of these leaders if they do not shift course quickly and get in line with his policies, the policies of Heaven. Many hate the prophets that the Lord has raised up to speak to them on his behalf concerning his heart and his will, but these chase them off and seek to totally destroy and annihilate them. Albeit, they have the answers from him for them. See Luke 4:23-32, Matthew 10:23, Luke 11:46-52, mainly Verse 49, and then Matthew 21:23-46, mainly Verses 33-39. Prophets are like the roads less traveled, because it is not the popular way with people that do not want to hear what you have to say. Look at Isaiah 30:8-17, Matthew 7:12-14, Deuteronomy 18:18-19, and Hebrews 13:17. When the real are driven out, then that leaves way for the false and the fake to come in and takeover and to wreak havoc in nations and communities and to spoil the people without end. See Matthew 7:15 and Acts 20:26-31. Then all you are left with is false hopes and fake confirmations that leaves your hearts sad and broken. See Ezekiel 13:6-13, and Ezekiel 13:22-23, and then Daniel 9:9-19. This whole season has been about the indictments from Heaven against evil and corrupt systems in the nations that has filled our lands and society. Not everybody accept the call that they have been given from the Lord. Look at Proverbs 1:24-33 and Matthew 22:14. The chosen ones are the ones that are called that answers the call when it comes to them. See 1 Samuel 3:1-21. The Lord does not stand to call forever, but he will move away from you if he is rejected and refused like with Vashti and Saul. Queen Esther replaced Vashti and King David replaced Saul as the king. See 1 Samuel 16:13-15, Esther 2:15-17, and then Esther 1:17-19. This season will be all about the replacing and the changing of the guards. The Lord says, what once was will be no more.


1-18-2022 The Lord God says, all things will be fulfilled in a matter of my timing. The Lord says further, that this is season and timing that a lot of the prophecies that were given five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty, and even 50 years or more ago will come to pass in this season, because it is the set time for many of them to come to pass, and a lot of the prophecies over your life will be fulfilled suddenly and rapidly at this time. The Lord says, do not allow things to distract you, but watch for the fulfillment of things at my hand, says the Lord!


1-17-2022 The Lord says, I will not warn them anymore, but they will know and see that I am the Lord, declares Father God!


1-16-2022 The Lord says, the nations are entering a breaking point, but I will shield my people from the worst of the things to come. If you listen to my Spirit, you will not be affected by most of the things that are affecting everyone else, declares the Lord!


1-15-2022 The Lord says, do not be deceived! Do not be deceived, says the Lord! Their works are done in the dark. Do not be deceived, says the Lord!


1-14-2022 The Lord says, because of your faith and your resolve, I will keep you and sustain you even when others can’t explain you. They can’t explain what they can’t understand that I have not made them privy to be able to comprehend, says the Spirit of God!


1-13-2022 The Lord says, set your mind not on the things that do not matter, but put them on the things that do matter in this season. I will cause my will to arise in your hearts and minds so that my heart can be fulfilled through you as my will gains traction in the earth, says the Lord!


1-12-2022 The Lord God says, this season has been and is about you posturing yourself so I can position you in the center of my will. For a long time now, you have been pursuing your own will, and you have been pursing your own course, but I will shake some things up to get you in alignment with what I have for you so that you don’t miss out on what I am doing in this hour, says the Lord!


1-11-2022 The Lord says, trust me that I know and see everything, and I am moving even when you can’t see how I am moving. Remember that I am God, and all things serves a purpose during its timing, declares the Lord! The Lord says, I move in my timing, not yours.


1-10-2022 The Lord says, prayer can turn things around if you trust me and diligently believe as you pray. The Lord says, everything you need is found in my Word (Bible) and the Rhema Word if you to believe it, apply it, and act on it, then it will come to pass in your life, declares the Lord!


1-9-2022 The Lord God says, I will stabilize those areas of your life that has been rocky, and will cause you to reach a new plateau in me, and it will be done by my Spirit and not by your own hands, declares the Lord!


1-8-2022 The greater the fire, the higher you go. The greater the show, the higher you go. There is no amount of warfare that can take you up when God has determined to take you up. He ordained for you to go up higher in this season and Hell did not like it and immediately tried to stop it and tried to paint another picture other than the one that God painted of you, but the Lord is saying my picture and painting of you is what will stand and not that fake one that man has tried to paint of you that I did not sanction them to paint. In this season, I will be your vindicator and the lifter of your head and cause my face to shine upon you in order to show you the way forward safely, because the way that you would have taken would have taken you out, because it was and still is unsafe and booby-trapped, declares the Lord! My way is safe for you to travel and is safe for you to advance, says the Lord!


1-7-2022 The Spirit of God says, the platform that I gave you is not for your own glory, but it is to be used for my glory, not yours. Be careful to be a wise steward of what I gave you, says the Lord!


1-6-2022 The Lord says, the time that you have lost and spent on foolish things will be redeemed in this hour, and I will cause you to make up for lost time, declares the Lord! See Ephesians 5:15-17, mainly Verse 16. (Even in US Congress, they will say, “Reclaiming my time” when they want to recoup some time and move on to another issue or subject. In other words, they are saying that it is enough time wasted talking about that thing. It is time to redeem the time now to discuss other matters that need our attention. An old proverb in the South would say, “There is no need in beating a dead horse.” Simply put, it means we are not getting anywhere so there is no sense in wasting anymore precious and valuable time on a “not worth the fight” matter.) See Psalm 105:21-22.


1-5-2022 The Lord says, not everyone is going to celebrate your rising, but I have ordained for you to rise in this hour. You have heard in this hour that many false prophets and false Christs would arise, but I need your voice to rise and to be that standard that I have raised up to counteract the evil in the land and within the nations. The Lord says, this is your time to rise, so rise, says the Lord! See Matthew 24:11-12, Matthew 24:24-25 and Psalm 94:16. You are my standard bearer, says the Lord!


1-4-2022 The Lord says, for those of you that know my name, I will give you what you want, and I will answer you because you know my name, says the Lord!


1-3-2022 The Lord says, do not drop the ball in this season, but dribble down the court and shoot the ball from the 3 point line. In this season, you do not need to always get close to the rim, but you can launch the ball from afar and still hit the shot through the nets. It is not always for you to try to drive in to the goals, but from a distance you can still reach the goal, those goals that I gave you, says the Lord! You don’t need to run all the way down the field to score points, but I can cause you to kick a field goal and cause you to score the winning points for the team. In this season, I will cause you to work well with others as a team effort to accomplish my Kingdom goals in the earth, says the Lord!


1-2-2022 The Lord says, the creative wisdom and creative abilities in you will increase this year. You will find out that you will know how to do many things that no one ever showed you or taught you how to do before and that you had no previous knowledge of or training on. The Lord says, don’t be overly surprised or overly shocked, because it is just my creative wisdom and ability flowing through you, says the Lord! The Lord says, this is how you will prosper and come up this year. Read Proverbs 8:12, Deuteronomy 8:18, and then Proverbs 10:22.


1-1-2022 The Lord God says, the favor that I have bestowed upon you will be seen mightily upon your life in this season and in this hour. Watch for my glory to manifest in your life in a new and a strong way, says the Lord!